Arsenal Frankenstein squad hindering Emery

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Firstly, what an absolute pain in the arse watching an away game in London is these days. I went to three pubs trying to find the game and it was a f*cking struggle. I eventually found one in deepest darkest, but what an ordeal. I can’t believe with the pub trade struggling up and down the country, SKY or the ruling bodies can’t weigh in to give landlords a bone and some extra business. Craziness. It’s so greedy. When I’m in America, I can watch whatever game I want, whenever I want. UK customers should be afforded the same privilege considering how much they pay all 32 of the companies you have to subscribe to these days to find the game you want.

Anyway, onto the game.

Emery is slipping into a familiar pattern. He picks the wrong starting 11, makes some bold decisions at halftime, then we go onto make the game look a little easier.

The big mistake yesterday for Emery was once again not realising that the team ticks a lot better when Torreira plays. The base of midfield contained Xhaka and Guendouzi and it just didn’t work. Add into the mix a keeper who really isn’t ever going to adapt to being a sweeper, Aaron Ramsey clunking away like peak Alex Song in a #10 role, and Mesut Ozil mostly silenced in the right of midfield (right-central-central midfield)… and you have a mess of a side.

The first half was a painful watch. The team couldn’t string a move together, Petr Cech managed to pass behind himself again, and we were letting a very poor Newcastle make a nuisance of themselves.

I think the really difficult part about watching Emeryball is the lack of pace in the play. We’re insistent on slowing the speed of the game down, we look to draw teams out, then I guess the plan is to move the ball up the pitch and make chances. It’s not really working for a number of reasons, the main one being we don’t’ seem to have the staff on hand to make it out the back.

The whole defence is at pains to move the ball forward, they look incredibly uncomfortable under pressure. There’s so little agression in the way we move forward, the opposition has time to reset and close off the angles. Things seem to get even worse when the ball does make it into midfield. The players really struggle to transition the ball into attack, no one seems to know what they’re doing and play just goes around in circles as we recycle the ball back through defence, quite often all the way back to the keeper. Another problem we have is the length of pass we play, we play lots of dangerous balls through midfield that are cut out or put the receiving player under pressure. The aggressive movement I’d hoped for isn’t really there yet, players often look lost as to where to move the ball to next.

The second half saw the introduction of Torriera, and once again the side came to life. Newcaslte lost a lot of their first half dicipline and Arsenal found their grip on the game. We created more chances and moved the ball a lot faster. Our opener was a little bit special, Xhaka stepped up to a 30 yard freekick and placed it high and to the right of the Newcastle keeper. A real dream striker for the under fire Swiss.

We struggled to make much count after that, though we never really looked under any pressure, you get the impression Newcastle know they’re shit. There was very little belief in their play considering they were only one goal down.

Mesut Ozil stepped up to put us two goals ahead when he made simple work of a Torriera rebound. Granit Xhaka the key man in a move when Monreal found his run in behind.

We still had time to give up our clean sheet. A long ball over the top missed by Mikhi, the offside ignored by the lino, a looping ball to the back post, Bellerin no where to be seen. A silly goal and a real shame.

I think the only way to look at the game, despite my annoyance at the time, is that we’re racking up points. Emery needs to win hearts and minds and the best way to do that is to sit on the same points as Spurs at this stage of the season and win three games on the bounce. That game was only our third away win of 2018, which is a stunning stat in how miserable it is, but you have to take it.

Staying on the positives, we’re working with a manager who can admit mistakes, he once again pulled Guendouzi off at half time so we could take control of a midfield that was all over the place. Torreira freed up Xhaka and he also brought everyone into the game. He’s mobile, quick witted and he speeds up the play in a team that can really lack urgency at times.

There are still quite a lot of issues at hand and there’s a lot that needs to get fixed. Cardiff, West Ham and Newcastle really aren’t the sort of games you can write things like ‘X player proved the doubters wrong.’ That Newcastle team is shite, it’s underinvested in, and it’ll likely get relegated this season. We shouldn’t be that close, and we shouldn’t be having halves of football as poor as that.

Emery is struggling with the same issue Arsene did. He has all these wonderful jigsaw pieces, but they simply don’t work if they’re all in the same box. He’s putting square pegs in round holes, and the output is clunky. Auba is not a very good winger. Lacazette through the middle is limited. Aaron Ramsey has been attrocious this season when he’s been given a specific role (shocker). Mesut Ozil really struggles to take hold of a game from the right of midfield.

There’s simply too much going on. We seem to be over complicating every single decision. When you change too many things at one time, things come to a grind.

Emery needs to work out what the most important items in his transformation are, then build around the vision of what he’s trying to do.

If your philosophy is focused around creating space and making the pitch bigger, and a core component of making that work is to have a keeper that can play with the ball at his feet, you need to play the best keeper at that job. Petr Cech has been excellent with his hands, but if the first 20 minutes of every game is the defence with their hearts in their mouths, you have to change something.

In midfield, we keep on persisting with a Guendouzi and Xhaka. It doesn’t work. There’s not enough urgency in the two of them and they get overrun easily. Make it easy on yourself, start with the best man for the job. Start with Lucas Torreira. Fitness can’t be an issue. We can’t keep trying something that clearly doesn’t work.

Moving onto the forward players is a little more difficult. The system needed a Malcolm like being this summer. Auba isn’t the guy to play out wide, and the challenge is he’s also not built for a system that doesn’t play incisive counter attacking football. We really need a striker with the hold up skills of Lacazette, but with the height, physique and power of Lukaku. I mean, let’s be honest, a Giroud with pace would be ideal right now, but that name doesn’t exist.

If you don’t have any wingers, and you don’t have strikers that can do it alone, do you opt for two strikers? Lacazette seems more than capable of doing the grunt work of dropping into midfield when needed.

The players baked around them make life even tougher. Aaron Ramsey isn’t skillful enough to be a pure #10. Mesut doesn’t want to do the dogs body work there. Mesut is limited out wide right, and he stunts Bellerin’s freedom moving forward because he spends the whole game creeping inside to get some of that central action.

What a shambles, right?

I really hope Sven has been working hard to address the issues. We’re still in an Arsene Wenger squad hangover. But it’s apparent there needs to be some brutal decisions this January because we’re not equipped to compete with the players we have moving forward. However, we could make life a lot easier by simply making the easy decisions in every game, versus having a flap at half time to make things right.

OK, that’s me done, see you in the comments.

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  1. Joe

    Hey N5

    Been well mate. Had a good summer. Lots of mtn biking until I put a hole in my arm
    Down to the bone and had to have surgery the next day to clean out the dirt and rocks! Other than that the kids are driving me crazy!

    How you been?

    Jose? Not sure. Read somewhere Dybala for Pogba??? He seems to be imploding but I don’t think he gets the sack that season.

  2. N5

    Shit Joe, hope you’re on the mend and not in to much pain.

    I think Jose will walk this year. Apparently he has a pattern of leaving in his 3rd season and he looks tired/frustrated at the moment. So interested to see where he ends up or if they give him more transfer control to keep him.

  3. TitsMcGee

    It’s amazing how difficult it is to find these games on TV. You have a Sky package that should include the EPL but then you don’t see EPL games lol

  4. Edd

    I still cant understand why Ramsey despite the shit shows he has served since the beginning of the season still gets picked every game.

  5. Leedsgunner

    Someone needs to have a stern word with Bellerin, because he was nowhere to be found in the dying minutes of the Newcastle game which gave Ciaran Clarck a freeheader when the cross came in. There’s was no one to challenge him. As a defender, you would have thought his priority would have been to preserve the clean sheet…

    If the position for the Champion’s League comes down to goal difference, we’ll be at a disadvantage having conceded so many goals. We need to tighten up at the back by first and foremost keeping our discipline and and mindset.

    Bellerin is playing like a winger at the moment and not a wingback.

  6. VicVic

    Morning Joe. Hope your arm heals.

    Be well, Mr.
    You will need your health this season when Emery’s truth becomes clearer.

    Because you will soon see that Emery is just more than making Cech play passes across his own goal.

  7. N5

    Agree Leeds, Bellerin has been headless.

    Pierre are you not willing to allow the manager a little time to settle?

    I’m not digging it just seems you keep jumping on him like you expected an instant change or it’s proves he’s not a better option than Wenger?

    I may be misreading your comments. I just wanted clarity really.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Mesut Özil’s Arsenal career by numbers:

    • 200 games
    • 66 assists
    • 38 goals
    • 3 trophies

    Let’s hope under Emery we can add an European trophy this season (Europa League) and a couple of domestic cups the FA Cup and the League Cup). 😉

    If we did, I think we could call it a successful season don’t you? 😉

    PS: Of course I would love for us to win the EPL but with the defence we have it is going to be a tall tall order. Liverpool and Man City, I think have too much strength in depth.

  9. Pierre

    If you read my comments through you will see that they are no different to 50% of the posters on here and probably also you yourself has shown some reservations of Emerys tactics ,formation and personnel.

    Personally I would have thought that defence and defensive midfield would have been the priority but for some reason Emery has neglected that area and we are making the same mistakes as in the wenger era (which is a criticism of wenger’s tactics).

    I am sure you must have been baffled by some of his selections and tactics.

    We have a quality front 4:that is the best we have had in years and I fully expect that Emery will get it right because the answer to his problems is staring him in the face

    Start Lacazette
    Start torriera
    Start lichsteiner
    Play ozil or Mhkitaryan at no. 10
    Forget about using cech for playing out from the back .

    I’m not looking for instant change but I ,as many others ,expected the team to improve defensively and in our discipline …….we are still not doing the basics correctly which I believe is a priority.

  10. Leedsgunner

    Good to see you back N5, enjoying the Arsenal again? What’s the mood in the stands like among season ticket holders like yourself?

  11. Danny

    Let’s hope under Emery we can add an European trophy this season (Europa League)
    You’ve forgotten that Chelsea are in it this season like last season there was Atlético Madrid.

  12. Leedsgunner


    Who should have the stern word with Bellerin?

    Emery should… even in Spanish if he would like… so there’s no misunderstanding whatsoever. 😉 Along with Emery, I would also invite Lee Dixon, Sagna and Lauren to come back and hold a few clinics with Bellerin to inform him what he’s doing right and wrong and how teach him and take him down a few pegs…

    Bellerin, after making a fantastic start to his career after he filled in for Debuchy, has gradually levelled into to an average player; which is areal shame because if he was to put the hard work into the defensive side of his game, with his pace he would be an amazing player… he’s gone lazy and unfocussed.

    He thinks he’s made it when footballing wise compared to the RBs I’ve mentioned he’s nothing special at the moment.

  13. N5

    @Pierre. I share concerns of course. I just couldn’t get a read on if you were just winding certain posters up or if you really were doubting Emery to the point that you thought Wenger may have been a better option this year (I know that’s a heck of a lot of reading between lines, hence me asking). Thanks for your reply though and I agree with it for the record.

    @Leeds, long time my friend. How are you. I’ve been busy with new home and job but it’s all back to regular boring life now, so I can spend time annoying you lot. Hope you are yours are well.

    @gonsterous, I can’t think of his name but I could be the new fella with the water bottle but being an EKB rather than AKB.

  14. Emiratesstroller

    Alex Cutter

    Regarding your misleading and facetious post yesterday I did not state that the manager appointment would be made from personnel within the club.

    What I said was that the preference within the club was for a managerial
    appointment to be made from candidates with close links to the club.

    For the record only two managers post Chapman and pre Wenger did not follow that pattern. They were Billy Wright [4 years] and Rioch [1 year].For record both were complete disasters.

    Let’s judge Emery after completing one season and not now.

  15. Leedsgunner

    N5, the new Emery Ty… complete with a Arsenal FC emblazoned paella pot, poncho and bullfighter cape… even if you had one of those items you would end up on camera… go for it. 😉

  16. Leftsidesanch

    Tys a very angry aggressive little fella the times I’ve bumped into him in the ground. He’s kind of what I picture that idiot Pierre or his shadow Vic to behave like.

  17. N5

    Ha Ha Leeds! I saw the big presenter fella at the West Ham game and the man thinks he’s a celeb. Walking into a shop head high, like a meerkat and if anyone said hi he’d give big high 5s and shout loudly hey man! so everyone would take notice.

    What a massive pillock. He’s massive in person though so I just muttered it. 😀

    PS I love the idea of a poncho and cape!!

  18. Pierre

    Of course I can’t help winding Joe up ….just think it’s funny that he has gone from one extreme to the other …..

  19. Leedsgunner


    Wish you all the best in your new job and home… wait a minute… you’re not Unai Emery are you?… lol 😉

    Has Romford Pele been back since the change of manager? Would love to know what he makes of Emery…

  20. Emiratesstroller

    There are as usual far too many personalised attacks on other posters and sadly
    far too little constructive discussion about the club, team and football in general.

  21. Pierre

    When bellerin was twice caught out of position in the last ten minutes v Newcastle I would have expected cech or mustafi to have a word with him on the pitch but going by the tv pictures they said nothing …..

    Off the pitch it is Emery job and he should let him know in no uncertain terms that he will be out of the side if his positioning doesn’t improve.

  22. Guns of Hackney

    When your challenger for position is a 34 year old angry man, I hardy think bellerin is looking over his shoulder.

    The battle for a starting place was always Man Yoos secret weapon. Not ours.

  23. Leedsgunner


    “When bellerin was twice caught out of position in the last ten minutes v Newcastle I would have expected cech or mustafi to have a word with him on the pitch but going by the tv pictures they said nothing …..”

    Agreed, but the problem is neither of those two players are gaffe prone at the moment, and Bellerin, I suspect, would take umbrage and tell them to sort out their mistakes before they lecture him. From that perspective Monreal should have the word and tell him to sort it out. Calm and steady, he hardly puts a foot wrong game after game.

    In my opinion, Monreal is the real unsung hero of our defence and I thought he was the consistent outstanding player of the season last campaign… he was robbed by Ramsey there.

  24. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote on previous thread I think that Arsenal have a problem with right
    side of defence.

    Bellerin is playing like a winger rather than as a wing/full back. He is developing similar faults to Gibbs and leaving us far too often exposed on flank.

    Mustafi is also posing problems both in his positional sense and decision making. He was at fault for the goal scored by Clark at Newcastle.

    He was poorly positioned for the cross and missed the flight of ball.

  25. Leedsgunner

    “Agreed, but the problem is neither of those two players are gaffe prone at the moment, and Bellerin, I suspect, would take umbrage and tell them to sort out their mistakes before they lecture him. ”

    Can you imagine Adams putting up with Bellerin and his mouth? It wouldn’t be a pretty sight.

  26. Pierre

    I’m convinced that the 34 year old angry man will do a good job and hopefully will get angry at some of his team mates who are not pulling their weight ….

  27. Pierre

    in my opinion both chances towards the end of the game would have been avoided if bellerin was correctly positioned.
    There was no reason for him to be 5 yards ahead of the back line.

  28. N5

    Leeds, my secret is out. I’m Emery!! All of you leave me alone, I’m trying my hardest!! Give me a season please. EKB EKB EKB

    PS thanks for the well wishes.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    The major problem at Arsenal at the moment is that the team are incapable of
    keeping a clean sheet against even modest opposition.

    We have already conceded 9 goals in first 5 games. That is unacceptable for a
    team aspiring to finish in top four.

    Most of the goals conceded were defensive errors rather than opponents brilliance.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    Yes Bellerin should have been positioned better but the Clark goal was the
    result of Mustafi missing the flight of cross.

    A top class centre back would have headed the ball away before it reached Clark.

  31. gonsterous


    We should just sip our bottles when someone questions us on emery from now on. Just keep saying the phrase “give the man time ” or “show some respect ” to anything any one says. It May feel nice to play the AKB card for a while..

  32. N5

    @gonsterous, ha ha, it’s going to be a strange one to be on this side of the fence. I don’t want people to think I’m just a contrarian though or I’ll smother them with my poncho.

  33. Pierre

    A bit harsh on mustafi..I just watched the 2 chances again in case I was mistaken and both were good far post crosses that fell into the full back position …Moreno less identical….both times bellerin was woefully out of position and would have contested the ball if he had been positioned correctly.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    Mustafi made two poor decisions against Newcastle.

    The first was the pass back to Cech which resulted in a corner and the second was my view of Clark’s goal where he missed flight of ball. Clark was centrally
    positioned when he scored goal.

  35. gonsterous

    didn’t watch the game. can’t believe 4 sports channel were broadcasting the same cricket match. And these channels come with the package so it’s not like any one could complain about them not being able to watch the cricket match.

  36. Leedsgunner

    Calum Chambers

    “Arsenal’s young defender has found himself out of the Fulham starting XI in recent weeks.

    Chambers started the first two Premier League games for Slavisa Jokanovic’s side, but has had to make do with substitute appearances in each of the last two – although he did start in the Carabao Cup win against Exeter which was sandwiched in between.”

    Was it Chambers that pushed for the move or the club?

    If he continues being sidelines I rather have him back in January so we can play him in our Cup games and Europa League games. Mustafi is a threat from set pieces but for me that’s about it. Positionally he’s all over the place… at his age he should at least know how to anticipate danger should he not? If we could get good money for him, I would and get a decent centreback, someone to complement Sokratis.

    There’s a good player in Calum, and he has pace to burn too. I would like to think Emery, with his track record of developing players could bring it out of him.

  37. Stefano14


    ‘Agreed, but the problem is neither of those two players are gaffe prone at the moment, and Bellerin, I suspect, would take umbrage and tell them to sort out their mistakes before they lecture him’

    Football and life doesn’t work like that. If your mate next to use is caught out of position fucking tell him, regardless of whether you miss kicked earlier in the game.

    No offence Leeds by the way you talk about football it’s evident you’ve never okayed football at any level whatsoever.

  38. Pierre


    Taken into consideration that not much has changed performance wise on the pitch ,I think we can all agree(and yes I know it’s early days)……..Joe has gone from hating everything Arsenal to living everything Arsenal….

    I could understand it if things were different but the season has started as any season under Wenger ….badly prepared and then pick up A few results against easier teams.

    Hence one extreme to the other .

  39. Guns of Hackney

    I’d like to talk about goal keepers for a bit.

    What the f is so wrong with Leno that he can’t buy a game for this shitty team? I’d never heard of the guy before we signed him but £22m isn’t a small amount for a GK. He didn’t make the national side though and obviously isn’t rated at Arsenal.

    So, what’s up? Anyone know anything about this chump?

  40. N5

    “No offence Leeds by the way you talk about football it’s evident you’ve never okayed football at any level whatsoever.”

    You’re incorrect there Stefano, I think Leeds is just of a different generation. I’m not going to spoil who he is as he may wish to stay anonymous, but lets just say Leeds real name rhymes with Vinehall Smessy 😀

  41. Leedsgunner

    “No offence Leeds by the way you talk about football it’s evident you’ve never okayed football at any level whatsoever.”

    That’s a sweeping statement about someone you know very little about. Fair enough, you don’t agree with me… that’s ok. I didn’t realise you needed first team or coaching badges to comment on a blog… each to their own.

    Wishing you the very best.

  42. Stefano14


    ‘I’m 63 – 175cm with 33 inch waist and 80kg with 11% body fat’

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Tiny by name tiny by nature.

    Little penis syndrome supplemented by little man syndrome what a treat.

    5’8 but thinks marrying (buying) a Thai bride and boasting on the internet to strangers about his apparent wealth makes him a big man.

    It doesn’t. Back to the drawing board loser. Ever thought of platforms or discreet heels to combat your vertical issues?

  43. N5

    GoH, bloody good question. Before we bought him, he was touted as the next German #1, then we completed and suddenly silence on that front.

    I bet their is salesman laughing as they get their next unheard of keeper out of their car boot and recycle that ‘next #1 sign’ on him to flog down the market.

    If a keeper can’t dislodge an aging Cech then I have to ask just how good he is.

  44. Guns of Hackney


    Exactly. I know GKs are going for £70m now but they are anomalies. £22m is still a big sum for a player that doesn’t play.

    Arsenal are the strangest club I can think of when it comes to buying/selling and playing over the hill, shit players.

    We don’t buy well. Don’t sell well and when it comes to the playing staff, we keep playing the wrong players!

    I give Arsenal a hard time because I am genuinely shocked at how badly it’s run. It’s perplexing.

  45. Guns of Hackney

    Gazidis leaving isn’t anything that will affect…anything. However, why would a man who basically ‘won’ the fight for Arsenal leave almost immediately? Money? Maybe but I think it’s more than that. Perhaps IG has seen that Arsenal are finished as a competitive football club under Stan and wants out before the ship finally sinks.

    Ivan was a prick and won’t be missed, but his departure does say more about Arsenal than I think the layman realises.

  46. Alexanderhenry


    I’m inclined to agree regarding the reasons why gazidis is leaving.
    As I’ve been saying for a while, arsenal fc have to try and progress in spite of kroenke, as opposed to, with the backing of kroenke.
    It’s possible but very difficult.

    Perhaps gazidis is fed up with it.

    I think you’re going a bit overboard on Emery though. Give the guy a chance.

  47. Doublethink

    Pierre I think with Wenger regardless of results there was an air of inevitability about how our season will go, however with a new manager that changes whether you’re expecting him to do well or not.

    Even with the poor performances there’s still a few positives, the away wins being the most obvious, we were top of the distance covered list too which is a huge jump from last season. Are there things he could and should be doing better? Of course but as boring as our performance was Saturday, we won, so if he can keep winning while slowly moulding the team to his vision, I’ll take it.

  48. Guns of Hackney


    Only after the Liverpool game will I unleash my wrath on Wengemery ha ha.

    As for IG. For the minimal wage increase…I don’t really see this being about money. Arsenal have set their stall out as a money machine. This is no longer about football.

    I think we may all have to move on and start following other teams.

  49. Leedsgunner

    I know Emery said already he’s not going to change his team very much for the Europa League, but looking at the fixtures list, I can’t see him not doing this especially if he wants to avoid injuries to key players.

    Didn’t Emery say openly that Ramsey asked to come off due to exhaustion? Given his injury record, Ramsey is probably very close to picking up an injury. An injury to Ramsey is never short is it?

    If we go with the same formation, I would like us to line up like this


    Smith Rowe

    *Ideally I would have like to see Torreira start but it’s a tough one because of the game on Sunday. If it’s a choice between him playing even as a sub against Everton I’ll take that. When Torreira comes on he changes games for the better. I would rather see that versus Everton.

  50. HighburyLegend

    “Only after the Liverpool game will I unleash my wrath on Wengemery”

    Not nice.
    You’re choosing the easiest way.

  51. Biggles

    It’s probably nonsense, but there was a bit on the BBC gossip column yesterday saying that United were interested in Ozil.

    I’d bite their arm off for a deal, be it cash or Martial. That would let us have a proper winger on the right and play Mikhi as the number 10 in the mean time. I think we’d be a better team for that.

  52. gonsterous

    surely our second team should be good enough to beat this side we are playing on Thursday.

    I know we don’t have much depth but we still should have a good enough squad to beat that team (I don’t know the name so I’ve resorted to using “this ” or “that team” in reference to that team

  53. gonsterous


    who told you to give emery 10 games ?
    I bet you would have given arteta a season cause he’s so different (political correctness term maybe differently disabled )

  54. Bob N16

    Guns, I can only assume that Cech’s influence in the dressing room, as well as his shot-stopping, is keeping Leno out. I do feel Emery’s ‘master plan’ is very unclear at the moment. Admittedly he’s inherited the vast majority of the squad but I was hoping for a few less ‘square pegs in round holes’ that we sadly got used to under our previous manager.

    Still, I’m really looking forward to seeing Leno, Mavropanos and the rest play on Thursday – assuming that we will see a very changed starting line up.

  55. N5

    ” Cech’s influence in the dressing room, as well as his shot-stopping, is keeping Leno out.”

    This is the exact reason I thought he bought Lichtsteiner? The influence these guys provide is bigger than just the 90 minutes! However Cechs performances, like Bellerins are to the detriment of the teams overall performance. This is evident by the fact we can’t keep a clean sheet.

  56. Bob N16

    N5, don’t you think that Cech has made a lot of decent saves this season? I am not sure how many of the goals we’ve conceded this season are down to him. Admittedly his distribution may have an effect on the defenders nerves which indirectly may have led to uncertainty.

    Lichsteiner may have a growing influence but as a new player he can’t have the same influence as say Cech.

  57. N5

    Bob N16, I realise my point wasn’t clear after re-reading what I wrote. The goals I blame on the HB and co, not Cech. I don’t feel any keeper could have faired any better than he currently has.

    I’d just like to see Leno as my understanding was he’d be brought in to replace an aging Cech.

    Cech is no longer sharp, his penalty saves are all but 1 non existent and his distribution leaves a lot to be desired. If this isn’t the time for a younger keeper to be nipping at his heals I don’t know what is. I imagine we’ll see the new guy in the cups???

  58. HighburyLegend

    “I am not sure how many of the goals we’ve conceded this season are down to him.”

    A bit too many mistakes for a goalkeeper of his class.
    But considering the price we paid for him… lol

  59. Bob N16

    HL, he’s made mistakes that could have easily led to goals but I’d say he’s only let in maybe one goal that a top, top goalie might have saved.

  60. Bob N16

    Fair enough N5, I can definitely be accuse of being a little pedantic at times!

    Really hoping Leno get’s a chance to show he should be No1 in the next few games. Just hope he doesn’t screw up, then the vultures really will be circling.

  61. Leedsgunner

    Thanks Michael 24 😉 I just want to see us avoid the trap of having our strongest players injured because we’re playing the same people to exhaustion.

    Anyone see Zaha’s goal?

    Sweet. Apparently the boy is a Gooner as a youngster… how amazing would he be in our attack?

    I dread to think what Crystal Palace would ask for him though… £60m-£70m?

    We missed a trick when we didn’t nab him when he left Man United under a cloud.

  62. jwl

    I could be misremembering but Arsenal announced that Cech would wear number one jersey this season before Emery was hired or Leno was bought. If Emery is head coach, not manager, he could be following orders to play Cech.

    I expect Leno to be playing regularly by Christmas, and Cech won’t have his contract renewed, or else buying German was colossal error.

  63. jwl

    We put too much focus on Emery and don’t think about people above him who are deciding who to buy/sell. The players bought this summer were not awful but not really inspiring either. Both Torreira and Guendouzi look like excellent players but others were middling, I hope execs in charge of squad have a long term plan to make us great again. I been really impressed with Liverpool team in charge of player acquisition, Arsenal need to be as smart as the bindippers.

  64. Bob N16

    jwl, the idea that Emery is ‘following orders’ to play Cech is not believable. There is no way a coach of his experience would accept a job where he was being dictated to, by others.

  65. WengerEagle

    ‘Not awful but not inspiring’

    That’s some very middling mentality though, why weren’t we more ambitious than that?

    Defensively last season we were horrendous and we didn’t strengthen at all it can be argued.

  66. TR7


    ‘Defensively last season we were horrendous and we didn’t strengthen at all it can be argued.’

    Our defense has rather been worse so far than last season. Mavrapanos should replace Mustafi straight away in the starting line up.

  67. gonsterous

    I have a feeling we’ll see more of emerys stamp and style from the second season onwards. Not to make excuses but this was always going to be a transition period where not everything was going to fall into place.
    Maybe with a few better additions, we’ll look a decent side. Not that emery isn’t doing well atm, but we can only get better

  68. Valentin

    Leno’s aura has dimmed in Germany after a few too many high profile errors.
    He is a good shot stopper with an excellent distribution, however he is also susceptible to the not so occasional brain fart. Especially under high balls and crosses. He did not cover in glory during the pre season game when we faced our usual non-league neighbouring club.

    Emery has decided that Leno was not ready and that the downside were to big. If he were to drop a clanger on his first game, everybody would fall on him. His career could be over before it starts. Playing Cech gives him time to adapt. The issue that was anticipated is how bad would Cech be at playing from the back.