Milan deal on the rocks + Hector back in the press

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Gooooood morning, apologies for the lack of posting, I’m back in the UK, there was next to no news, so I took a little break.

I’m back now, trying to make Lucozade from water and it’s tough, there’s a real news crunch. I actually thought this break we’d see Ivan G step out of the club and make his big move to Milan. That’s not looking like it’s going to happen. Italian sites are saying the move for the South African is looking difficult.

Gazidis had been linked with Milan throughout the summer, but Corriere dello Sport warns Arsenal have yet to place the Greek-South African in gardening leave.

Furthermore, while the Rossoneri are thought to have offered him a €4m salary, the executive would have also asked for ‘a series of expensive clauses’.

The newspaper concludes ‘the road is increasingly steep’ for the 53-year-old to leave the Gunners for San Siro and that the Diavolo are already ‘evaluating other applications’.

Such an odd debacle if this doesn’t go through. We’ve had no statement from Ivan since August, we’ve read leaks from inside the club stating that people are getting pissed off, I mean, how is it going to be for him after that? Now people like Emery, Sven and Raul are all going to know he’s not as committed as he made out. I’m not sure how shit like that goes down when you know the CEO has been flirting… but I guess we’ll see when he’s given a new deal. Honestly, fuck taking on a notice period of a YEAR.

Still, I guess it’s best case scenario, at least the architect of the new Arsenal looks like he might see out the deal. Just a bit of a shame he had to ruin the taste of the summer by letting the gossip get out of hand.

Matthew Syed, a journalist I have a lot of time for unless he’s writing about advertising, dropped a solid interview starring Hector Bellerin. They covered many topics, including homosexuality in the game and the abuse he gets from the home fans.

“Some of it can get very abusive,” he says. “Most of the abuse is online, but you hear it in the stadium too. People have called me ‘lesbian’ for growing my hair. There are other kinds of homophobic insults. I have learnt to grow a thick skin but it can affect you. Every now and again, you get a bit of self-doubt.”

Sad part about the above is that it won’t be coming from the kids, because they can’t afford to go to the ground. That sort of nonsense is coming from men old enough to know better. I really hope that now Wenger has gone and the shadow has been lifted from the club, we can start getting away from this sort of shitty behaviour. Abusing your own players isn’t on. It’s embarrassing. But it does go on unchecked. I’m not sure it’s helped by some of the online celebrity around the club either. Also, calling a player a lesbian is all for the laughs, and the really sad part is that type of behaviour only goes on because people around it laugh.

There’s a nice piece where he pays respect to those who’ve left and whilst doubling down on the excitement of the new manager.

“It feels like a new club,”

“We have so many new staff. It’s a shame for those who have gone, and I am grateful to them all. Some had been at the club for many years. But you can understand why a new person would like to put their own stamp on the club.

“I am impressed with Emery. We lost our first two games but we were very close both times. After the match, the players could feel that things were coming together. With Arsène, he wanted us to play in the same way regardless of the opponents. The idea was that we could play in our way and beat anyone. But Emery is very focused on preparing a plan for our next opponents, whoever they may be. It is very detailed and very professional. The next few months are going to be very exciting for all of us. We will reach a higher level.”

It’s still amazing to think that Arsene’s ways over the last 10 years were still completely dependent on having the best players in the world. So much of his vision and approach, even in the good times, could only operate if the most exquisite talent in the world played under him. That’s why he couldn’t operate in Europe, because the best clubs there operated at a high technical level, but meshed that in with astute tactical ideas and stratagems.

Back to Hector Bellerin. I do love to read his thoughts and watch him grow as a human in public. It’s great that there’s a footballer out there who will wear what the fuck he wants, hang with artists, wear his hair in provocative ways that trigger the gammon-class, whilst veering away from full-on celebrity behaviour.

I think he makes himself a bit of a target when he talks to the press. Part of me thinks he should maybe keep a low profile as he battles to break into form, part of me thinks that it’s hilarious that he triggers a certain type of man because he refuses to conform to modern stereotypes of what a footballer should be. I’ll take his sort of interview over sort of bland on toast we’ve been served over the years from players like Rooney who can barely express what they want for breakfast. Hector causes no harm, he’s well behaved and he’s having fun. The perfect role model, but just needs to stop getting caught in behind.

Also, those trousers his wearing in Mundial this month are a bit special


Fitness wise, I’ve not read much, but I did see that Torriera picked up an injury/knock/something that could make him a doubt for the Newcastle game. Not great news, though it’s hugely debatable whether he’d be starting anyway!

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments!


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  1. grooveydaddy

    Haven’t seen any updates on Torreira’s injury.

    I thought it wasn’t serious, but I could be wrong…

    Anyone else heard anything?

  2. Micheal

    Hecotgr Bellerin:

    The reason that Hector B appears so much in interviews is that he can string a setence together. He has opinions which, whether people like them or not, are worth hearing. Journalists will always go to people who can respond in a lucid, meaningful way – even if we may nto agree with the sentiments expressed.

    It is the reason why the same old faces crop up on TV and radio offering comments or observations on all sorts of subjects. Journalists invariably turn to people who can deliver. At the risk of invoking an outburst from some, it was the reason that Arsene Wenger received so much coverage on all media platforms.

    Maybe Hector is making himself a target. But we should get used to it because he will continue to appear regularly.

  3. Northbanker

    I couldn’t care less whether Hector has long or short hair (although it does make him easy to recognise on the pitch) whether he is homo or hetero, whether he hangs round with artists or Donald Trump. What I do care about is how long it’s going to take for him to cross a ball effectively and properly guard the right side of defence!! Those are my concerns – nothing else

  4. Eduardo

    Great, so now Bellerin is jumping on the victimhood bandwagon. If he’s upset by a few idiots making throwing insults then he needs to grow a thick skin. That’s all. Or stop drawing attention to himself by outlandish fashion choices. This is football and most football fans are MEN after all.

    Sure, he has the right to do whatever he wants, but we live in the real world, not the fantasy of a 13-year old girl. If he wants to dress up like one he should expect to get ribbed about it by football fans. Some will go too far, but that’s life.

    “I do love to read his thoughts and watch him grow as a human in public.”

    Bellerin doesn’t know anything and doesn’t have thoughts worth hearing. He should shut his mouth and focus on what makes anyone give two sh1ts about him – being a good footballer. If it wasn’t for being a promising right-back, nobody would want to listen to him, nobody would care about what he wears. He’s turned into an attention-seeking, overgrown kid and he needs to grow up and focus on his football. I’m sick and tired of this prima donna routine.

  5. gonsterous

    I don’t think hector (epic name) meant to disrespect Wenger. He was just sharing the differences between playing under wenger and playing under the new manager. It just so happened to be a diss cause it was the truth.

  6. Leftsidesanch

    Not really too fussed about what Bellerin dresses like, he looks no different to what I’d see if I was in Shoreditch High Street or Camden.

    Hopefully LT is fit for the weekend, not like he would be starting anyway. I’m just glad that the real football is back, I haven’t watched a minute of international football over this break. It’s all so tedious.

  7. Leftsidesanch

    *I say too fussed, I’m not fussed at all about what he wears, who he dates, what he eats. Who gives a damn. Just make sure your performances for Arsenal are to a good standard and I’m easy.

  8. Michael24


    Totally agree.

    Maybe if Bellerin showed the same passion and commitment on the field of play, as he does when promoting his self image, we’d all be a lot happier.


    Some of your points are also relevant.

    Makes me think that Hector Bellerins true passion lies away from Football.

  9. kc

    Poor poor Hector Bellerin. What an awful life he must have. Jesus H Christ Everyone wants to play the victim card when scrutiny starts coming there way. It’s pathetic. Play better football. Nobody gives a toss about the rest.

  10. Gunner2301

    Like others have said i dont really care what he wears, he cant out Beckham Beckham and am not that interested in what he has to say its not like hes some philosophical sage now is it. Hed have to go a long way to converse with Cantona. Stick to the football thats what your getting paid handsomely for.

    Pedro im surprised you had no comment on him throwing Wenger under the bus you chose to insert the part about emery only. It goes a long way to revealing how easy a lot of players had it under Wenger and why they are so shit at adapting to nee methods or hos good players turned shit under Arsene. The picture has been filled in by many sources so that argument can be put to bed now.

  11. Michael24

    “With Arsene, he wanted us to play in the same way regardless of the opponents”

    So why, I ask, could a bunch of twelve year olds see this and not our gullible fanbase?

    What a cop out from your responsibilities.

    That goes for both Wenger and our fanbase.

  12. HighburyLegend

    “”With Arsène, he wanted us to play in the same way regardless of the opponents. But Emery is very focused on preparing a plan for our next opponents…”

    I’m not really sure that we witness that so far…

  13. Leftsidesanch

    I can’t see what Hector says that is disrespectful to Wenger either, the quotes are damning on Arsene’s part but the veracity in them can’t be questioned by anyone. It’s almost as if nothings allowed to be said unless it can cause offence to someone.

  14. Dissenter

    If Wenger had done his job properly, he would have given Dubuchy the platform to properly challenge Bellerin for the starting spot.
    Instead, he let Bellerin get away with sloppiness and rewarded home with a six figure weekly wage way too early.
    It is disrespectful to Wenger, even though everyone knew it is true. He didn’t have to say it that way. He’s supposed to be articulate one, so he should have found a way to be more nuanced.
    This kid owes Wenger big time. He was promoted very early and given an established position that exceeded his ability at the time. I’ve lost count of the number of times he cost the team and yet Wenger kept him on.

  15. Joe

    It is also easier for pep to implement his philosophy more successfully as he has players of a higher quality to choose from in all the teams.he has managed.Wenger’s philosophy worked when he had the top players to choose from but as the quality reduced so did the success and that was the time he needed to be more tactically astute.Even comparing pep and wenger in the slightest is a joke. Basically wenger was successful when he had players who could manage themselves. Leaders all over the pitch starting with GGs back 5 and then DB10,viera, petit, Henry etc. Pep is an actual coach who coaches the players at practice and shouts instructions the whole match. Wenger is a fraud who luckily fell into gag back 5 and DB10 and the French’s golden generation. If it was all about spending money to win, Man U would be winning every year. You still have to manage to win. And I can guarantee pep does a lot more and a lot different than wengers “ to express yourself “ bollocks. Klopp, Diego, Raineri have shown it’s not just about the quality of player but the quality of manager too. They managed their teams to win with tactics ,planning ,in game management Wenger won the lottery

  16. Joe

    Wenger got caught up in his own hype. He thought he wa sa great manager. Thought he could break up the invincibles and win with his “ managerial excellence” with kids and cheap buysHaha he got found the fuck out for the last dozen years. The only ones to perform
    Were the true superstars. Cesc, nasri, RVPThe ones who could manage themselves.

  17. Guns of Hackney

    A couple of things.

    1. I don’t have an issue with any player being “stoke on Trent” or wearing a distinctive style, be it clothing or his haircut. What I do have a problem with is his (Bellerin) shitness! This chump has one job and for the past three years, he has been utter pants at it.

    2. Players getting abuse. Mmnnn. Peter is either being naive or just fucking lying but I bet he’s given the business to lots of players over the years.

    Or is it just our own team we can’t shout at? I’m confused. Is it okay to blast Spurs and Man Yoo but not our own team?

    Now, I agree that some abuse should not be acceptable: racism, children and family, illness and religion. This is a no no. But pretty much everything else is fair game.

    If Bellerin doesn’t like being called a lesbian, play fucking better. Or get out of sport and work in an office. Millennial bastard.

    Footballers are on a different planet and they wonder why we, the fans don’t relate to them? Sheesh.

    I’m no fan but the abuse Froome and Team Sky have been getting over the past three years has been horrific. Piss and excrement thrown on them, being punched while going up a mountain etc…and they just get on with it.

    Bellerin needs to stop being a dyke, butch up and start playing better. When you play well…no one gives a shit about your silly hair and fashion pants.

  18. James wood

    Must be a sign of the times Bellerin is what he is.?

    I remember Peter Marinello coming to the club longer hair
    than Georgie Best a snappy snappy dresser yet no comments about
    him or his sexuality.?
    As I say a sign of the times

  19. englandsbest

    It’s interesting how we approach the same issue (or problem) from different angles.

    Absolutely right, Pedro. Wenger decided early what style of football was winning football, and at the same time, was entertaining to watch, and he stuck to the style rigidly until the end. Tactics was meaningless jargon to him.

    But the most important component by far is the personnel. So yes, Wenger did very well when he had players like Vieira, Henry, Adams, etc, etc and very badly when he had players like the current squad.

    Thus my angle is (and always has been) why did Wenger end up with such a poor bunch? And more to the point, can Emery – with all his tactical expertise – do much better?

    I’m not going to make excuses for Wenger – he’s gone, he is ancient history – but I will say this: his biggest crime was to kow-tow to the austerity programme, which reached its lowest point when he sold RVP to Man U. He handed the PL title to him.

    Much more relevant is whether Emery will be given the money to bring in the players he needs. Without that he will never return Arsenal to the elite, never steer Arsenal to a major title, never seriously contend for one.

    What Kroenke intends for Arsenal is a matter of conjecture, for Emery as well as ourselves. The January window will be a pointer for him, as well as us. Let’s hope he is not a guylike Wenger, who hangs on as a ‘matter of principle’.

  20. Alexanderhenry


    This article is utterly bemusing.

    Bellerin has been the shit in arsenal’s shit sandwich this season.

    Still our main attacking option out wide depressingly, and still getting caught out and leaving gaps in the arsenal defence as wide as the grand canyon.

  21. China

    when Bellerin plays properly he can chat as much shit as he wants. In the mean time he should spend less time worrying about trousers and more time practicing defending, crossing and shooting

    Homophobia is bs regardless tho

  22. China


    Saying your manager doesn’t prepare the team for games is like a teacher who doesn’t plan any lessons before walking in the room and just wings it, whether it’s a chemistry class for 16 year olds or an English class for 12 year olds

    It’s damning as hell. As true as it is, I don’t think he needs to say that publicly about the guy who has basically been his enabler to play shit and get paid a fortune the last 2 years

    If this was Sanchez, rvp or a cesc type then you can’t complain because these guys were quality but Bellerin hasn’t been. I think he should be nicer to the guy who has given him everything he hasn’t earned in his professional career to date

  23. China

    I hope when Bellerin drove home from that interview in his Bugatti he remembers that uncle Arsène paid for those wheels…

  24. Pierre

    England best
    “can Emery – with all his tactical expertise – do much better?”

    Maybe Emery is keeping his cards close to his chest…
    Maybe it’s a ploy to fool us all.
    Maybe he is trying to give the impression that he is tactically inept.

    Let’s hope so ,because as yet ,I have seen no evidence of tactical expertise…

    Can anyone can give me evidence to the contrary or are we all praying that he’s not a dud..

  25. China

    I have no sympathy for this guy being abused as well

    Let me say this, if the worst thing that ever happens to him is some people (who usually cheer him every week) get angry and shout a few horrible words at him when he does a piss poor job of his work and still collects his 70 odd k per week, then he will have a fucking wonderful life

    Never mind his suffering. How many of the fans in the stadium are breaking their backs financially to be there when they can’t really afford this, some have real problems on their lives, serious illnesses, a messy divorce, depressingly shit lives and they pay for the privilege of watching him

    So whilst homophobia is complete bs, which I never condone, I will continue to reserve the world’s tiniest violin for Bellerin and his woes

  26. China

    Pierre I’m praying but I also think his resume is surely not that of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing

    He’s not a random unknown quantity. He’s a guy who has won titles, domestic and european with multiple teams of multiple sizes and in multiple leagues

    Emery may or may not settle and do a good job. He hasn’t yet. But he is obviously a capable guy so I don’t think we have a reason to panic yet

  27. China

    Apart from perhaps Mourinho (lol) I’m not sure there are many managers with a resume like emery’s who Don’t know what they’re doing

  28. Joe

    Praying he’s not a dud?

    I haven’t thought that once

    It’s been 4 matches , a few months into his reign.

    Fuck me. Irrational much?

  29. Goongoonergone

    Latest news is that Wengersauras has sent his scouts to find him a top top club to manage.
    When asked to comment Wengo, with that sly grin, water bottle in hand and loosened zip on his jacket, replied: “For a while I was searching for a team with my handbrakes on but I have re-discovered my mental speerit and can definitely win a Europa or European Cup in the next three years. Look, a man like me who turned down Real Madrid knows what he is capable of.”

  30. Pierre

    We need to see some evidence or the fan base will quickly lose faith in him.

    Most of it is pretty basic ..

    Play Lacazette
    Play torriera
    Forget about piss arsing about with it at the back for the time being.
    Stop both full backs bombing forward at the same time .
    Forget about playing the high press for the time being as we don’t have the players to implement it effectively.

    For me personally……I would like to see lichsteiner drafted in .
    Would like to see Emery get the best out of ozil .
    Would like to see us play with ozil,Mhkitaryan,aubamayang and Lacazette with a solid midfield protecting the defence and a solid back 4{full backs playing like full backs).

  31. englandsbest


    Heaven knows, Emery has made perfectly clear that he needs better players. If none arrive in January it must be that no money is made available.

    Stop riding Emery, he’s just started out. It’s not like Wenger who went along with the owner’s low ambition for the Club.

    Like I said, if that’s the case, I hope that Emery is not the sort of guy who will stick around on the egotistical grounds that nobody can do better. We’ve had ten years of that.

  32. Pierre

    Emery has to put to one side his thoughts of adding to the squad and try and get the best of what we have.

    Offensively we are fine ,we will average at least 2 goals a game …he just needs to build a solid structure to support the attack .

    Would be nice to see some progress in how we are set up defensively. There was nothing to get too excited about in the West ham and Cardiff games from the defensive side of things .

    If Lacazette and aubamayang are not paired together at the weekend then questions will be asked …..playing Ramsey up top instead of Lacazette because he feels that Ramsey is better at pressing is a flawed tactic as I believe Lacazette shows much more intelligence when it comes to closing down defenders and nicking the ball plus he holds the ball up better and is a quality finisher…….Ramsey always looks busy but a lot of his work is wasted energy, running around in circles chasing lost causes.

  33. nepGunner

    “Much more relevant is whether Emery will be given the money to bring in the players he needs. Without that he will never return Arsenal to the elite, never steer Arsenal to a major title, never seriously contend for one.”

    Yes. Neither will any other coach in this current league fueled by oligarchs and sheikhs.

    Or maybe we should hire Ranieri..just to try our luck!

  34. Marko

    Problem with Bellerin is he can talk the talk but he can’t walk the walk. His Instagram and Twitter game is on point but unfortunately he’s a bit shit at his actual profession these days. Massive drop off in his game gone are the days of hoping to get over 50 million from Barcelona for him. Be lucky to get a loan to buy option for 20 million from AC Milan for him

  35. Danny S

    Why can’t Xhaka get injured. Not badly, just enough to keep him out long enough for Emery to see how much better the team can be.

  36. Hitman

    If Bellend don’t like it he can naff off when we Brexit. No one is forcing him today stay. If things are so bad or horrid, I do wonder what keeps someone on £100k pw like Hector determined carry on in the EPL?

  37. Hitman

    Hector, Serena….it’s the disease of modern society.
    Fail and then blame it on discrimination.
    I am happy today hear that excuse from disadvantaged kids.
    But not well paid superstars. Sexism? Purrlease.
    FU and then hide behind PC. Cowards.

  38. WengerEagle

    Agree Hitman, Serena Williams is an embarrassment to the sport.

    Ruined that Japanese girl’s moment and made it all about her, classic narcissist. And pulling the sexism and racism cards is just hilarious after being thoroughly outplayed once again.

  39. VicVic

    Bellerin can just fuck off.
    Shit footballer with shit taste for fashion.

    If you are gonna look strange, people calling you out on it should not bother you.

    Why bother with being called a lesbian if you love to give people reasons to call you that?

    He is just a cry baby who should learn how to earn what he’s being paid. No wonder Ozil told him to shut the fuck up the other time.

    In other responsible trades in life, a man doesn’t dress like a cheap whore and expect to be respected.

    Who cares about him. He plays for a club I support and that’s where it ends. I don’t give a fuck about stupidos like him.


  40. Charlie Nick

    Isn’t ‘Gammon’ a lovely, trendy new put down, aimed predominantly at white, working class people. It seems to have replaced Chav as the go to sneer when you want to have an ‘approved’ dig at an entire class of people who don’t subscribe to the Millie Tant/ Student Grant school of thought. Makes me conclude the ‘rights’ only apply to certain people and anyone else is fair game.

  41. Goobergooner

    Loving how the arsene knows best crew is now Arteta knows best.

    I really don’t get you guys at all. Call yourselves arsenal fans and can’t even get behind the new manager because he isn’t exciting enough.

    How about you take the feelings of what you have for Arteta, and maybe trying giving Emery even a small percentage of that.
    If Arteta can turn this around, why can’t Emery in your minds.

    Useless pricks

  42. China

    *if* some of those summer reports are to be believed, arteta ruled himself out of the running due to a lack of assurances about available transfer funds

    If that’s true, one has to wonder why does arteta need to spend more than emery to do better if he’s the next coming of pep?

    A rookie manager who demands a bigger transfer kitty doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence

  43. gonsterous

    actually I’m loving how the AKBs are now the master of the “where’s the tactics?” routine. Here’s some hard truth : Wenger finished 13 points from top 4. Emery in his first season will easily better that. I mean, eddie howe could better that.
    Emery is playing with a team suffering from wengerites. Basically a team that’s as laid back as Wenger with no winning mentality. I won’t name names, it’s a long list.
    Then we have the fact that he hasn’t even played half a seasons worth of games. This isn’t football manager where you can change the tactics 5 times during a game. Also in football manager when you give a certain player a position, he will play in that position and will not be In CF mode when we are defending.
    Also I’m now done defending my club cause people don’t really listen to logic here.

  44. mano'gunner

    If that’s true, one has to wonder why does arteta need to spend more than emery to do better if he’s the next coming of pep?

    Self answered question.

  45. Joe

    If that’s true, one has to wonder why does arteta need to spend more than emery to do better if he’s the next coming of pep?

    Why ask questions like that?

    Don’t you know that arteta would have been an exciting hiring?!

    I mean come on. Look how he had us excited every time he has the ball while he played for arsenal. I can just imagine how exciting it would have been to have him as manager.

  46. China

    I’m still not sure what’s exciting about arteta anyway outside of the fact he’s young

    About as exciting as bringing in Brooklyn Beckham to solve our wife play problems because his dad said he’s quality and who knows, he could be as good as his dad!

    If you are gonna pick an unproven young manager on the grounds of excitement, pick Henry, Vieira, does Campbell have coaching badges?

    Legends from their time at least carry the weight of history and charisma on their side. Alan shearer and Ryan giggs got that chance for exactly that reason and we’re legitimately exciting choices. And neither of them turned out to be Pep or Zidane interestingly enough

    Imo if you want exciting pick an exciting guy. Arteta was the most vanilla ice cream captain of wenger’s entire tenure until the captaincy recently disappeared. If excitement gets you going at least don’t go for vanilla lol

  47. China

    And yes. Amusing much to see that the burden of expectation is higher after 4 games than it was during 9 consecutive years of failure under the previous regime

    Back in those days it was ‘shut up and support the team’ ‘be careful what you wish for’ ‘glory hunter cunt go support city’

    5 minutes in and now these same guys show concern because we’re not awesome yet. It would be funny if it wasn’t a bit sad

  48. Emiratesstroller


    There is as usual too much focus on offield matters at the club whether it is the Gazidis contract or Bellerin’s views on fashion and homosexuality. These may be of media interest, but frankly will not improve the team.

    Based on what I have seen this season Arsenal are unlikely to finish in top 4 in
    EPL and indeed could well fail to qualify for Europa League as well.

    The club is still conceding far too many goals. Last season under Wenger we
    conceded over 50 and based on the evidence of the first four games where we
    have already conceded eight that number could well be exceeded this season
    as well.

    The reality is that we are playing a goalkeeper who is no longer good enough
    to play at top level and a defence, which is still very brittle.

    The starting point for me is that we need to replace Cech. Surely Leno should
    now be selected. After all we invested £20 million in this goalkeeper.

    Second I accept that our backline lacks quality and needs overhaul and investment, but even with current personnel surely we can improve its discipline.
    Too often both full-backs bomb upfield at the same time leaving us exposed to
    counterattack and wing play.

    Third I do think that we should play a diamond formation in midfield with Torreira in anchor position. We need also to decide on best combination in centre from Ramsey, Guendouzi and Xhaka. Finally I would play Ozil in attacking

    The team should play with two forwards in Lacazette and Aubameyang. Based
    on what I have seen so far they do complement each other and pose a different

    The club are likely to increase their sponsorship for next season assuming that the Adidas rumours are true. That should provide us with a net spend of
    £100 million and it should be possible to increase that amount by selling off
    unwanted players such as Chambers and Elneny.

    My view is that Arsenal do not need to make wholesale changes to the squad
    next summer, but we need to buy quality rather than quantity.

    Assuming Leno is good enough to be promoted it should be possible to bring
    in an experienced goalkeeper as second or third string either on bosman or
    for small transfer fee.

    In defence we need to find a centre back of genuine world class and if Kolasinac fails to make the grade then a new left back.

    Finally we need to find a quality central midfielder particularly if Ramsey fails
    to sign a new contract.

    The offensive combination is good enough and I do think that the club should
    consider promotion of Smith-Rowe, Nkietah and perhaps Nelson to first team
    squad no later than the summer.

  49. gonsterous

    I still feel we need to sell ramsey to the highest bidder. Get in a replacement for him. No doubt ramsey will do well with a better defensive midfield alongside him, but he’s not going to do well at arsenal cause he has no positional awareness or discipline not to mention we don’t play with a disciplined DM.
    We should also get in a better CAM cause as good as ozil is, he has too many deficiencies to be playing in a team that requires all its players to contribute when not with the Ball. He also goes missing a lot in the big games so it’s hard to build a team around him and his persona.

  50. Emiratesstroller


    If you play a diamond formation in midfield you can play both Ramsey and

    Whatever negatives are being made about both these players they do offer
    qualities which will improve our offensive play.

    The key is to improve the solidity of our midfield spine. I think that Torrerira
    is a hard working and positionally sound holding midfielder and the priority
    is to bring in to starting line up another player with a similar work ethic.

    At the moment I am undecided whether to play Guendouzi or Xhaka, but my
    view is that we need ultimately an upgrade on both.

  51. Michael24

    Alex Cutter


    Lived in the Middle East for 16 years between 1984-2001.

    Qatar for six.

    Could write a book.

    It wouldn’t be called Satanic Verses though.

  52. Emiratesstroller

    If we play four players in midfield with two focussed on defence then you can play both Ramsey and Ozil in the same team.

    Ramsey is a high energy box to box player who can score goals. His weakness is decision making when to attack or defend, but if you don’t need to rely on him defensively then he can be an asset as he shows with Wales.

    Ozil may be considered a luxury and does not have an intensive work ethic, but what he offers is skill, craft and above all the type of passing ability and
    assists that can benefit our strikers.

    To play both in same team you need players around them who will patrol in
    front of defence. That has been lacking for a very long time.

  53. Goobergooner


    Genuine suggestion, and not trying to tell you how to have your blog haha; but would there be a way of changing the comments section so as It is easier to reply directly to a certain comment, kind of like other platforms use threads, so as It can keep all the bickering sort of out of the regular general comment section.
    Don’t get me wrong I’d still go through all the threads and read what most people are posting, I just think it would sort of tidy up the comments area a bit.

    Thanks for everything you do here mate! Keep up the good work.

  54. Guns of Hackney

    I would love to see how a Turkish club could afford that goggly eyed biscuit’s salary. Love it.

    Arsenal are stuck with this peice of shot for the next four years.

  55. gonsterous

    Emirates stroller

    The diamond formation is a very good formation but it needs a lot of work because unlike the 4-4-2 or the 4-2-3-1 the diamond isn’t a rigid formation. Johan Cyurrf s diamond formation was a flexible formation that responded to the oppositions style of play. Basically a player always has 2 options to pass to, but can either turn into a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2 when defending.

  56. VicVic

    A team witth a Bellerin and an Ozil as starters, how did Arsenal even get here?
    It’s a pain that a misfit like Bellerin plays for a football club that I support.

    Really angry at that stupido.

    And he dared to bring down Wenger like that. That ungrateful misfit!

  57. gonsterous

    And he dared to bring down Wenger like that. That ungrateful misfit!

    I wouldn’t mind being publicly criticised for £8m a year…

  58. VicVic


    Wenger deserves his stick and more, but that does not make it ok for Bellerin to diss him in the open like that.
    Other Arsenal players Wenger didn’t do everything for could do that but not Bellerin. That is some violent ungratefulness!

  59. E54_

    Just another Wenger baby crying. Just another Wengerized average at best, uncoached player completely relient on pace. No football knowledge, understanding or intelligence.
    One of the worst RBs we’ve ever had. Can’t lace Dixons boots, Laurens boots, Rices’s boots.. so on and so on.


  60. Alex Cutter


    Lived in the Middle East for 16 years between 1984-2001.”

    Did the info in the video jibe with your experiences?

  61. Ray in LA

    I’ve been disappointed that the defense hasn’t improved to the extent that I had expected [hoped for]. Granted it isn’t so Keystone Koppish as it was, but it still isn’t top-fourish either. I would’ve thought that drilling the defense was a higher priority than getting Petr Čech to play sweeper and putting even more pressure on the defense?