Emery will communicate his priorities in next phase of season

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Get in people, we made it to 11 years old! 3,955 posts, 2.1million comments praising my words every day, A TOPPLED DICTATOR, A NEW BEGINNING, new internet friends, new real-life friends (yeah, I went on a man-date last night with a Gooner)… this site has been the absolute best, and I want to say a great big huge thank you to everyone who logs on to read the articles everyday, and I want to thank those who listen to the podcast (and those who come on the show). You make the internet worth living for, you also give me knowledge everyday I can steal and repurpose as my own.

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Onto football news, Mesut Ozil is back in the press, this time it’s Per bloody Mertesacker weighing in on the conversation about whether his ex-teammate said the German team were racist. Apparently, Der Spiegel ran a story in the print edition that basically confirmed the bling bling gang, but they used potatoes as a reference because of some negative connotation it has with immigrants. This is what Big Per said.

“I never heard anything about ‘potatoes’ or ‘kanaken’ during my time in the national team,”

“However I have been called ‘potato’, too.

“It should be understood that it is just a bit of fun, however. There were separate groups within the team during my time, too.

“You simply have to be careful that this does not lead to division, like: ‘you are one team, we are the other’.”

After Per cleared up that he’d been called a potato once or twice, he weighed in on Mesut’s overall accusation that the national setup was a big racist.

“Everything is possible,”

“I am curious as to how the DFB is going to approach the building of a new team.

“I never experienced racism or discrimination during my time, so I was surprised by Mesut’s allegations and that they were so harsh.

I for one was very surprised to hear that a 6ft6 blonde German hadn’t experienced the harshness of racism from his national team. He looks like exactly the sort of person who’d have the right wing throwing potatoes at him. That aside, this really is the neverending story.

What I guess is working in Mesut’s favour is the German players have focused on the fact that they personally are not racist, which is not what he’d claimed. The real story is Ozil stood tall with a wannabe dictator just before a World Cup for propaganda purposes, then kicked out at the way DFB, media and his partners handled the photo/issue afterwards. I’d still say that overall, the lesson for Ozil is don’t stand tall with dictators, because that really has fuck all to do with your ancestry. Just my opinion, of course.

Still, at least he has a pal in Nacho Monreal.

“People have been a bit unfair with him,”

“He is a very famous player and obviously people love talking about him. Recently, it is always bad things. Like last time, he was sick and that’s why he didn’t play.

“People started to invent that he had a problem with the manager. It wasn’t like that. He got a cold, he was sick, that’s it. That’s why he didn’t play.”

You go girlfriend.

Matty G landed Arsenal player of the month at his first attempt, well played that lad. I think he’s a very exciting talent and I pray we develop him, opposed to going down the path of overplaying him, breaking his confidence, injuring him, then sending him out on loan to Cheltenham.

Who said that I’m negative?

Next three games in the Premier League after the break are Newcastle, Everton and Watford. On paper, those should bring home 9 points, but all of those teams are capable of an upset. It’s super tough to come back from an international break and go away to Geordieland – home of the greatest fans ever known in the universe – so that’ll be a big test of Emery’s planning skills. I think out of those three games, the Watford game will pose the greatest threat. They’ve started extremely well this season, and it’s exactly the sort of game we’d lose under Wenger. Let’s see what’s changed.

The manager is also going to have to deal with the complications of a trip to Ukraine before the Everton game which lands three days later on a Sunday. I can’t wait to see what sort of team the manager takes for the Europa League, because really, that’s a great chance for us to make CL through the back door. We then have Brentford, who play some sexy football, 3 days later in the league cup. Does Emery go for all the trophies this year? We’ll find out after the break!

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  1. Victorious

    Poor Joey
    thought you got stuck whilst neck deep into the Oasis B Team asses and soiling the nappies

    what a relief that could have been for the blog

    Really disappointing to see you have your head pulled out again already.

  2. Joe

    Comparing Coldplay to Oasis is liking comparing wenger to a an elite manager

    It’s no

    Oasis are great band, one of the best ever

    Coldplay and wenger? Hahahahaha

  3. Joe

    I would love to go for a beer some of the keyboard warrior on here.

    Like Victorious etc.

    Bet they wouldn’t be so mouthy and tough in person.

    Keep yapping behind your computer screen!

  4. Joe



    Sex pistols.

    The clash.

    The who.

    The smiths



    Black sabbath.

    Best British bands of all time

    Coldplay doesn’t even make the top 40

  5. Pierre

    “Bet they wouldn’t be so mouthy and tough in person”

    Ever heard of “the pot calling the kettle black”….and no Joe ,that is not the name of a song …….. Or is it !!!

  6. Joe

    Ever heard of “the pot calling the kettle black”….and no Joe ,that is not the name of a song …….. Or is it !!!


    Are you really 60 plus years old?

  7. Michael24


    What’s your problem?

    You’re coming across as a bit of a tosser.

    I’ve been anti-Wenger for a decade and prefer Coldplay to Oasis.

    What do you advise?

  8. China

    Bob I couldn’t care less if Bellerin has long hair, or likes fashion – that’s the least interesting thing about a person imaginable

    As for vegan, that doesn’t make someone interesting or intelligent. My dad and brother are both vegans. Who cares???

    He specifically insulted the fans who were not behind the team last season. He singled out AFTV for being a platform to say things which were not positive

    Now, specifically because fans were willing to stop being silent and highlight they’d had enough of wenger the guy gets sacked

    And here he is in the media chatting shit about wenger. Even if it’s true what he said about wenger (obviously is) there’s nothing positive about this and it makes wenger look like a bit of a tool.

    So no, I won’t respect Bellerin for critiquing the fans then being a snake about wenger after he’s gone due to said fans, because he has long hair, likes fashion and is a fucking vegan lol

    Whatever next?

    Also lol @ stefano. I don’t give a shit about England friendlies, why would I waste my energy talking about those? You say it’s a football blog and we’re talking about music. Based on 99% of the published content and the name of the blog, it’s primarily an arsenal blog. If seeing people talking about other topics you don’t understand upsets your little mind I’m sure there’s a fabulous blog about England matches you’d enjoy.

  9. Joe

    Bellerin has taken a swipe at old boss Arsene Wenger – claiming he would send out his team with no plan on how to beat opponents.
    The Gunners full-back went even further and said life at the Emirates under new coach Unai Emery feels like he is at a “new club”.

    With Arsene, he wanted us to play in the same way regardless of the opponents.

    “The idea was that we could play in our way and beat anyone.

    “But Emery is very focused on preparing a plan for our next opponents, whoever they may be.

    “It is very detailed and very professional. The next few months are going to be very exciting for all of us. “We will reach a higher level.”

    Hahahaha love it

  10. Pierre

    Actually, if you look at pep’s philosophy on how his teams play in regard to his team playing a certain way irrespective of the opposition, it is very similar to wenger’s philosophy.

    Pep has said he will never changes his style of play as he has 100% belief in what he is doing is correct and sometimes this has been his downfall .

    Of course I am not putting wenger on the same level as pep but there are similarities in the way they approach the game but obviously pep is more tactically astute and is a far better coach.

    It is also easier for pep to implement his philosophy more successfully as he has players of a higher quality to choose from in all the teams.he has managed.

    Wenger’s philosophy worked when he had the top players to choose from but as the quality reduced so did the success and that was the time he needed to be more tactically astute.

  11. China

    Pierre agreed which is why I credit wenger for building his early teams in a way that didn’t need a tactical master class or detailed game plan

    Wenger was a genius at identifying quality, affordable players who could work in a broadly free system from the get go.

    But as you say the quality of our team dropped substantially over the years but he didn’t take the necessary steps to either bring us back up or mitigate the weaker players with a more suitable system

    A big shame

  12. gonsterous


    Pep has the ability to coach tactics in his locker, Wenger never had that. He’s go out and express your self attitude was good when he had world class players but as soon as the quality dropped and it was clear they needed instructions, the tower came tumbling down.
    Pep does many things that Wenger thought redundant, like video analysis, playing the right players in the right positions and being aware when to get rid of a player. The ruthless style that Ferguson had that kept at the top till the day he retired.

  13. Dissenter

    I agree with China about Bellerin
    The interview he gave makes me dislike him more that I did before.
    He’s a Boffon because Wenger’s biggest weakness is that he was too lenient on his favored players like Hector Bellerin. Wenger promoted him too soon, recommended a mega- salary for his ass and gave him him an unchallenged status – he was assured os starting every game.
    I never rated him and always wondered what the hype was about. Besides his vaunted speed, there’s nothing else. He can’t dribble past his man, can’s shoot, can’t cross and certainly cannot defend. He’s the weakest link in the squad and you can count on him to f**k all the time.

    To go after Wenger like he did was just classless. Wenger made his sorry ass.

  14. gonsterous

    4 days pedders. It’s been 4 days since the last post. Can we have some guest posts during the international break ? get to hear some views on arsenal and the new regime.

  15. China

    Yeah no chance Barca would’ve been throwing him into their first team as a teenager

    Wenger have him everything at such a young age. He’s out the door 5 mins and bellend suddenly has something to say about him

    As frustrating as wenger was and probably must’ve been to work for in the darkest days last season, when you’re a kid who’s been given everything by this guy the least you can do is eulogize him in his absence of asked. It’s not like it would cause him any trouble and would be classy at least. Even in Arsenal’s darkest days, wenger was giving him playing time and money he didn’t deserve.

    There’s a senior manager in my company who is a very flawed guy in a lot of ways but he took me under his wing when I joined and has been very good to me. I know all about his flaws but if a colleague asked me I’m not going to shit on the guy even if I wouldn’t disagree with colleagues that he’s flawed

  16. Bob N16

    China, are you being deliberately simple? I was not suggesting Bellerin’s long hair made him more interesting, I simply used that as indicative of his individualism which appears to somehow to threaten the conservatism of some posters.

    Some people clearly dislike him as a player and use his ‘outspokenness’ as an other reason to hate. I don’t accept he was talking out of turn about Wenger, if you want to take a quote out of context and use it to push your narrative, go for it. You just come across as mean-spirited.
    Have a go at the way he plays but criticising his individualism seems small minded.

  17. Childish Gambino

    To shore up our defence, I think Sokratis and Mavropanos have to start. I think he’s less error prone than Mustafi.

    Xhaka should never start in the league and only come on for Europa games.

    Its silly of us not to have bought any wide players…even on loan, cos it takes on injury to Mhki, Laca and/or Iwobi and we’re very light up top

  18. Bob N16

    Childish, agree with each of your points although maybe wishful re. Mavropanos as very few games to judge him (and he did get a red card in one of those games). Really liked the way he played against the United. Very much looking forward to seeing him ‘live’ in EL and CC. Needless to say, hope he plays so well that he gives Emery a selection headache.

  19. TitsMcGee

    With Arsene, he wanted us to play in the same way regardless of the opponents.“The idea was that we could play in our way and beat anyone.”

    Nothing that all the WOBs weren’t saying for over a decade.

    The fact that that joke stayed in control for as long as he did is a dark stain on the fans.

  20. Joe

    It is also easier for pep to implement his philosophy more successfully as he has players of a higher quality to choose from in all the teams.he has managed.Wenger’s philosophy worked when he had the top players to choose from but as the quality reduced so did the success and that was the time he needed to be more tactically astute.

    Even comparing pep and wenger in the slightest is a joke.

    Basically wenger was successful when he had players who could manage themselves. Leaders all over the pitch starting with GGs back 5 and then DB10,viera, petit, Henry etc.

    Pep is an actual coach who coaches the players at practice and shouts instructions the whole match.

    Wenger is a fraud who luckily fell into gag back 5 and DB10 and the French’s golden generation.

    If it was all about spending money to win, Man U would be winning every year.

    You still have to manage to win. And I can guarantee pep does a lot more and a lot different than wengers “ to express yourself “ bollocks. Klopp, Diego, Raineri have shown it’s not just about the quality of player but the quality of manager too. They managed their teams to win with tactics ,planning ,in game management

    Wenger won the lottery

  21. Joe

    Wenger got caught up in his own hype. He thought he wa sa great manager. Thought he could break up the invincibles and win with his “ managerial excellence” with kids and cheap buys

    Haha he got found the fuck out for the last dozen years. The only ones to perform
    Were the true superstars. Cesc, nasri, RVP

    The ones who could manage themselves.