#10 issue about to be resolved + You won’t believe what LA thinks of Stan K

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courtesy @allthatchas

Big game today, Arsenal face Neil Warnock’s Cardiff City away from home. For the Bluebirds, it kicks off a trio of nightmare games for them, with Chelsea and City following our visit. It could be a gloomy run for them if Arsenal bring some of that destruction football we’ve yet to see land season.

Unai Emery has his own batch of issues to deal with. Firstly, he hasn’t won a single game away from home. No big deal, he’s only played one, but when you put the issue against the backdrop of our woeful away record in 2018 (we’ve lost 8 of our last 9), it could be a problem if he doesn’t bag three points today.

The main theme of the day will no doubt be Mesut Ozil and the drama he’s faced over the past few weeks. The manager has gone to bat for the German, stating he was in fact, very ill. It took a week to concoct an excuse deeper than just ill, then when it landed, it was stated that he had a highly contagious disease (with the club curiously allowing him into the dressing room). Our manager had this to say on the matter.

“For me that is one thing; I don’t stop during my career for everything that the news says about me or the players. But in this situation with Mesut Ozil it is clear, he is OK, he has the commitment we want, he is a very important player for us and we want to help him to give us the best performance in each match and each moment.”

Regardless of what the real story is, this is a chance to see what Emery does with a fully fit Ramsey and a fully fit Ozil.

Does the Welshman continue to play as a number 10? Does Ozil find himself moved out wide right like he is for Germany? I’d hazard a guess and predict yes to both questions. The modern #10 needs to work hard for the team, and in Emery’s 11, you have to be able to deal with the tasks that you’re handed. Admittedly, Ozil isn’t going to be tracking the sublime Jorginho today, but he’ll still have to do a job. If the future is Rambo at #10, let’s start building muscle memory by positioning him where he’ll play for the Liverpool game in a 7 games time.

Additionally, Emery needs to settle on a midfield he can keep on the pitch past 45minutes. We should see a start from Torreira, and I’d say he’ll likely continue with Xhaka in the starting 11. The Swiss isn’t my favourite player, but it can’t be denied that he looked far more effective  when he had a real DM sitting behind him doing the dirty work.

We’ll also have some interesting decisions up top. Does the manager continue with Auba through the middle? Does he bring the sparky Lacazette back into the fold? Or does he just admit he made a huge mistake with his strikers and go with Danny Welbeck.

The dream for tomorrow is that the defensive methodologies start to sink in. We haven’t looked comfortable at the back since preseason began, and it’s unnerving quite how poor we’ve been, even against West Ham. No team has conceded more shots on target than us, clocking an incredible 24 thus far. Cardiff hasn’t managed a single goal so far this season, meaning we’re absolutely ripe to go a goal down after 9 minutes. We’ve conceded 4 goals this season before 30minutes has played out, we need to make amends today and start building confidence. Emery just need to go classic Sunday league…

‘Lads, keep it fucking tight for the first 30, then let’s build from there. Tommy, stop smoking, and please don’t call the ref a fat c*nt today.’

Finally, before you go. How’s this article for making you feel a little ill.

The signing of Aaron Donald to the richest defensive contract in NFL history Friday was a triumph of the Rams’ greatest force.

That force is the guy who will pay him.

In capping off a wallet-purging offseason that has cemented the team’s championship hopes, Donald was guaranteed $87 million as part of a $135-million deal that celebrated the Rams’ most valuable player.

That MVP is owner Stan Kroenke.

In his three years since moving the Rams back to town, Kroenke has made an impact larger than the giant defensive tackle himself, larger than all the stars he has made rich, as big as any Los Angeles sports business leader since Phil Anschutz stuck a shovel in the ground that Staples Center sits atop. Kroenke has not only been the Rams’ biggest force, but a force on the entire local sports landscape, spending, building, growing, committing.

He gets Los Angeles. He understands its fans. He knows what works, and, man, he’s been working it.

Shame when he bought Arsenal, he did nothing of the sort. He let us flounder in the mud with zero investment. In the U.S., it seems he’s found his mojo, inking massive contracts whilst dealing with the $3billion the Inglewood stadium cost him to build.

Listen to this carry-on.

He said he would build the Rams into a team that will compete for championships. That is also happening. With Kevin Demoff, the chief operating officer and vice president of football operations, and general manager Les Snead working the controls, they have put together a team favored by some to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

“It all starts with Stan, he has the vision,” said Snead. “He empowers us. He expects us to bring that vision to fruition. Then he steps back and lets you do your job.”

Donald was only the finale of a string of big contracts and acquisitions that filled the summer. Not only do the Rams now have the highest-paid defensive player in history, they also have the highest-paid running back in Todd Gurley. When you throw in the signings of receiver Brandin Cooks and tackle Rob Havenstein, Kroenke agreed to pay $198.7 million in guaranteed contracts that could wind up being a $306-million payout.

Stan empowered absolutely NOBODY at Arsenal for 10 years as he fawned over Arsene Wenger like a teenager put in a room with peak Thierry Henry. Absolutely disgusting that finally, Stan has realised how to become a ‘franchise owner’ and the club he’s dishing out the 20/20 vision to is based in L.A.

Fuck NFL. It’s going down the toilet anyway. Who the fuck is going to put their kids, as young as 8, on the path serious injury, and maybe even death? Real football is the future, and that’s a fact I just made up.

Imagine if Stan had the same passion for making Arsenal great 10 years ago? What a different story our football lives would have been…

Right, enjoy the game, I’ll see you all in the comments.


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  1. Wallace


    “Shame because he’s(Koscielny) been a good servant for the club, never elite level but decent for many seasons.”

    depends what you mean by ‘elite’. he was the best CB in the league along with Kompany for about 5 seasons.

  2. Terraloon

    Be under no illusions Cardiff were by far the worse of the four opponents played to date and again be under no illusions a win was earned but just.
    Cech is clearly struggling with the demands on him but you have to question why he keeps his place. I can’t help but think there’s the classic player brought to the club over the head of the coach and the coach just doesn’t fancy him. If not that then it really is because Cech is the better keeper and that is a concern
    Cardiff were terrible yet they scored two and intruth could easily have scored at least one more.
    Individual ability was key yesterday and in reality the price of Arsenal’s starting eleven v Cardiff’s an indication of the gap player v player in terms of talent there was but for me Arsenal seem to be a group of players thrown together and whilst many will claim the day to day work will make things better but I just see any improvement

  3. TitsMcGee

    Because someone took a Valium with whiskey before they went into work that morning, or Ozil has compromising pictures of them.”

    I wonder if that decision was made before Wenger was spoken to about leaving.

    To me the club probably felt that they couldn’t be seen to lose Ozil shortly after they sold Sanchez. It was more of a PR thing.

  4. Pierre

    We could have solved a lot of our defensive midfield problems and defending set pieces for the next 3 years if we had the bottle to pay the asking price for nzonzi.
    But no ,we are stuck with a defensive set up that is still lacking in discipline and lacking in height …Naomi would give you both of these plus he is a decent footballer.

    Against big,strong,physical, attacking teams we will struggle unless we quickly fine a way to stop the stream of crosses that come into the box.

    Mustafi and sokratis are on a hiding to nothing and I think they are doing a decent job without any protection…..we also need a keeper who is brave enough to come for crosses ..having a keeper who stays on his line and a small defence is a recipe for disaster.

  5. gonsterous

    people still beating the nzonzi drum. He’s a squad player at best. He would have been on the bench. and 3 seasons is a stretch, May be in the French or Italian league, but no way would he contribute anything after one season in the PL.

  6. Pierre

    Ok Gonsterous let’s stick with what we have …a defence lacking in height and a midfield without discipline.

    Can you give an explanation why Ramsey was playing as a striker in the last ten minutes whilst we were defending a slender lead and already had welbeck,aubamayang and Lacazette on the pitch.

  7. Michael24


    You take yourself and everything too seriously.

    Mertesacker may have given us a couple of beneficial options , however, the negatives far outweighed the positives.

    You do realise that the reason Kos game became so inconsistent in recent years was because he had to cover for the German lump too often.

    Apparently though, Mert was excellent at collecting the weekly subs of the players.

  8. Black Hei


    It was the opposite.

    Kos game became inconsistent when he no longer had Mert alongside him, same with Bellerin.

    Mertersacker was a great leader on the pitch; he was very vocal in a good way.

    Playing alongside Mustafi turned Kos and Bellerin into a nervy wrecks.

  9. gonsterous

    You take yourself and everything too seriously.

    lol, how come no one ever brings this up when there’s a debate on TV ?
    hold on there stevie G, Every thing you said was too serious. You take yourself too seriously…

  10. gonsterous


    why does it have to be one or the other ? I’m not interested in nzonzi so of course the conclusion is, I’m happy with what we have. No, there are alternatives to what we can get. Or are you telling me there is no other MF better than a 30 y old Nzonzi ?

  11. Pierre

    I say nzonzi because firstly ,I rate him and secondly he was available and thirdly he is exactly what we need to give the team stability…..does that answer your question.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry but Xhaka lacks football intelligence. An intelligent footballer does not
    make such a speculative pass with just one minute on the clock. You play “keep ball” with zero risk.

    Moving on to the goalkeeping situation which I discussed during the summer.
    Cech is no longer a starting goalkeeper. He is now a classic case of the body
    no longer capable of achieving what the brain wishes him to do. He is slow
    and his lack of mobility impacts also on his decision making.

    I made the case that Arsenal should now play Leno as first choice with Martinez as second string. Cech should only now be used as a bench player for
    Cup games a la Lukic.

    One thing is for sure and that his contract must not be renewed this summer
    and certainly not on the wages we are currently paying him.

  13. gonsterous


    he gives us stability but for how long ? for me, one season at max and then we ar back to square one. And didn’t he already bomb in the PL ? Sure he may have played well in the French league but that’s what it is, the French league.

  14. Valentin

    Nzonzi played most of his career in UK and Spain. In fact he has never played in Ligue 1. He left for England after an astounding season in Ligue2 in 2009 while aged 21.
    Moreover he did not bomb in UK, he played well for unfancied clubs which led to him joining Sevilla. There was even talk of him joining Manchester United, so far from bombing.
    The question is not whether he is a great player, but whether he is better than what we have (he is better than Xhaka and Elneny), whether he was available (he was for a not so incommensurable price) and willing to join us (he wanted it so much that he delayed his move to Roma so Arsenal could raise funds and buy him).
    Also at 29 years with a game not based on speed, he should have at least two to three years at the top. Enough time to either bed promising youngsters or buy ready made replacement/upgrade.

  15. Dissenter

    I wonder why NO ONE mentions Mohamed Elneny during these midfield conversations?

    He’s a nothing player who isn’t even considered by fans, talkless of the manager.
    There’s only one poster here who rates Elneny. He knows himself.

    It’s vexing to know that we renewed his contract with a hefty wage.

  16. Dissenter

    Stop yapping about Nzonzi.
    The player has gone to Roma on a long term contract.
    It’s like me putting Leo Messi into conversation about possible Arsenal teams selections.

  17. London gunner

    I’ve ever never known so many guys to have their periods at the same time.

    Its simple, xhaka is shit and wenger fucked the club.

    Emery is doing a fairly poor job at turning it all around, but still has the chance to rectify these mistakes.

    Ozil is wet piece of shit who needs selling and Ramsey isn’t anywhere near as good as he thinks.