A lack of juice for the Europa mileage?

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Happy Friday my darlings, how are you?


I see.

Well, let’s be honest, does anyone really care about the first 4 months of the Europa League? It’s a chance to run out the b-team and enjoy a steady flow of fairly straightforward victories. I don’t really have concerns about our ability to deal with a Sporting that has been having an awful summer. Qarabag play to a stadium of 5,800 in Azerbaijan, not that I would ever denigrate a team without watching them play, but outside rampant complacency, you’d hope we’d be ok there. Then there’s FC Vorskla Poltava, who ply their trade in the Ukrainian league, which let’s be fair, has produced some good players, but again, a team the size of Arsenal should be fine.

The major burner with going to Ukraine and Azerbaijan is the distance. Google Maps won’t even give you a flight time it’s so remote. No doubt we’ll go the Netjets route, but the point is you’re going to a different timezone, you’re playing on shite pitches, staying in less than ideal hotels and getting a rough nights sleep heading back to England with next to no prep for your Premier League game. Emery made the point that he respected the team, then made the point about the physical challenges that come with long flights.

When you play two matches in one week it is physically different. It is more hard with less time to prepare for the match or to complete physical work. But we want to do that, we want to play in a lot of matches. After the international break we will play a lot of matches. I can ensure we are willing to use a lot of players.

Conquering the Europa League is all about great planning, or a lot of luck. This trophy is Arsenal’s to lose this year, and it’ll be a great way to sidestep top 4, and win our first European trophy since the Cup Winners Cup final in 1994.

ESPN are running with a story that Ozil and Emery are fine, the German picked up a severe cold that degraded into laryngitis. Interesting it’s taken over a week to give the illness a name and that the club would let someone with a highly contagious illness anywhere near the dressing room. But hey ho, we’ll need Mesut at his absolute best if we’re to make inroads this season, so let’s pray whatever he has had it cured and that he drops an absolute hero performance this weekend against the MIGHTY Cardiff this Sunday.

Let’s start with the gripping news that Emery has banned fruit juice from his players because of the high sugar loads contained within. I personally didn’t realise how much sugar they slinked into those cartons until I worked on a pitch last year. Like, did you know they put corn syrup in a lot of the brands? Unreal, I didn’t. Farm to table my arse!

Anyway, broader point here is that taking sugar away from football players is like you asking the McDonald’s cashier to remove two crispy french fries from your extra large box because you’re running the Hackney quarter marathon. He’s the Crouch End mum banning the kids from Easter Eggs, offering up little Rupert and his friends baked vegan moxarella disappointment sticks as a fun alternative. It’s not going to impact the performance of players who crush through thousands of calories a day because they’re running 80miles a week. Always amusing when coaches try and take away the little things from players who have so little joy in their boxed-in lives.

Now we’ve got that important snippet out the way, can we just find out of LT is going to start?

‘I am very happy with the player. The players are working hard every day and making demands of me to start with their work rate. The possibility of him playing with the starting XI is okay, but I am happy with all of the players and how they are working, not just Lucas.’

The coach hasn’t mastered the English language yet, but he’s learning the politics like a pro.

I hope he can get to grips with the starting 11 he’s settled on, particularly midfield, where I think he’s struggled to find a flavour he likes the taste of (obviously not Sunny D). I’d love to think the future is MG and LT, but I can’t help but think the manager is captivated by Xhaka. The midfield looked far more balanced when he played a little in front of LT in the second half against West Ham last week, so maybe we’ll see that as a starting offering.

Outside that, give me a clean sheet, a solid defensive performance and an Aubameyang hattrick!

That’s me done.



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what bust up ? I’m talking about forgiving him for the shit show he put up against city and chelsea. The reason why he was going to be dropped for west ham but called in sick. That’s what shouldn’t be forgiven. If I was emery, I would tell him, he’ll get to play the second half and see if he calls in sick again.
We keep talking about not giving anyone special treatment, and ozil hasn’t done anything to earn special treatment.


the truth is wenger WAS a great manager for arsenal. He Did wonderful things. But that didn’t give him the right to be above the club. The last 15 years of his reign was a disaster. Which other top club persists with a manager who hasn’t won any thing for 10 years ? He gave us his best years and for that we tolerated his worst. He had to go so that arsenal could rise again. Thanks but now your watch has ended.

Un na naai

TonyD I really enjoy your posts mate but that was a terrible example. Going after Bamford makes you a flat track bully? Tosh Bamford not only draws negative attention to himself, he actively attacks other posters, normally interrupting a debate he had nothing to do with. I’d say it’s less Charlie attracting “followers” and more that Bamford is continuously forming adversaries from posters who were initially well intentioned. Similar to marko although he seems to have dialled it down recently. Simply put, if you ever defend Wenger for anything at all, certain players on these pages then you’re assigned to… Read more »


Is anyone going to even talk about today’s game ffs

I’ll start off.

I think we will start off with high press. An early goal to settle the nerves. Cardiff will be dangerous on set pieces so we need to keep that in check.

But overall 3 points.

Un na naai


3 points on the board
I reckon we will see us a bit more confident going forward today and hopefully a goal or two for one of our strikers.
Welbz already off the mark. I hope he has a good season and claims a starting spot


Sometimes when read here I wonder if Victorious, Charlie, Pierre and the likes were actually watching Arsenal over the last 5 years or so. Untold is dead as a community without it’s purpose so it seems the followers are intent on rewriting history wherever possible elsewhere on the internet. Emery under pressure, Xhaka/ Giroud top qualadee, All Kronkies fault, blaim the ref, we had no money. Boring and so so wrong. We need to move on as a fan base but these types need to accept culpability for propping up abject failure, particularly over the last 2 years. In Wenger… Read more »


nice to see Joe back, although I thought he’d be happier.


Un na naai Morning. “anti-Arsenal bitch”? Nothing could be further from the truth. Mine is purely based on being anti-Wenger, always has been and when appropriate, always will be. The reason for this is the club always comes first. Unfortunately, he set the club back years. Even more regrettably, some folk only see this as a mere inconvenience and harp on about his past achievements, which I’ve never disputed, until they’re blue in the face. Imo, loyalty shown to him after 2008, was false loyalty. Others saw the consequences of his mismanagement and pushed for change. Again, regrettably, nothing was… Read more »


where appropriate.


Cardiff 1 Arsenal 5.

Champagne Charlie


Your broad stroke assertions just out you as an WOB doing his bit to spew shit at anyone else who dares suggest anything other than the values you hold. It’s your type of intolerance that’s cancerous in all capacities, and that extends beyond football.

You’ve just lumped various people together and claimed they all believe the same things, then claimed ‘we’ need to accept culpability? What a joke you are.


@Michael24, well said.

A game…

In the years since Wengers last title win I’ve bought my first, second and third home.

I got engaged and then married and had 2 children.

I started working a counter / warehouse operative and have worked my way up through various supervisor/management positions to general manager.

Wondering what others have achieved in this time.


“Pretty much a flat track bully the way he continues to go after Bamford.”

So Bamford is Cardiff while Charlie is Arsenal. Hmm. Lets hope there’s no upset today.

Champagne Charlie

Arsenal need a comprehensive win imo, one that will serve to galvanise the group over the international break and start a bit of Emery momentum.

😀 lol Mystic


3-0 to Arsenal.

Wenger’s ghoul-like presence haunts this place. I’ve heard it said that after a relationship breaks up it takes half the length of that relationship for both parties to get over it. So another dozen years of circular debate about Wenger to endure.



As long as people always remember there are two sides to a relationship.


a win, with a more convincing defensive performance(from the team generally) and I’ll be satisfied. and if our two main strikers could get off the mark…


Lol you just knew it was Vicuntious who wrote that seismic achievement comment. Only he could write something so inane.

Getting kicked out on his ass 7 years on the trot in the last 16. Several times in embarrassing fashion. Some seismic achievement lol.



‘In the years since Wengers last title win I’ve bought my first,
second and third home.
I got engaged and then married and had 2 children.
I started working a counter / warehouse operative and have
worked my way up through various supervisor/management
positions to general manager.
Wondering what others have achieved in this time.’

Or those are just your wishes, I mean, things you would have achieved if not for the missed opportunities.

Take your silly brag and lunch on it, this is a space for something more concrete.

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