Banananananana kit please + Wenger job opening? + distasteful rumours

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Well good morning to you all.

Big thanks to Jonathan for the guest post yesterday, hopefully, more from him soon!

Also, I hope you tuned into our podcast yesterday, big thanks to Ash and Matt for that.

So what’s news?

Reiss Nelson is apparently going to sign a new deal with Arsenal then go off to continue his education in the Bundesliga with Hoffenheim. The English attacker has clearly been getting good intel from Jadon Sancho over at Dortmund and I’d imagine minutes at a high-level is exactly what he needs at this time. Great thing about this story is I think it tells you how much better English kids are getting these days. Championship loan moves are no longer viable, they want to give it a crack in a top league against great players. That’s a positive for the national team. Also interesting that Real Madrid is eyeing a move for Raheem Sterling. English galacticos finally a thing again.

The BIG news is that Arsenal is close to agreeing a mega-deal with Adidas to take on the shirt sponsorship for next season. They’re rumoured to be ploughing £60m a season into Arsenal, giving us another £20m to squander on Dortmund players next summer.

I don’t mean to bang on about this, but there will be HELL to pay if Adidas don’t give us the modern take on the bruised banana kit. I remember going to a Futureheads gig once, only for them NOT to play the Kate Bush cover. Who do bands think they are not playing their classics?

Adidas, I know you’re all fucking urban-b-boy-hip-hop-street-art-vinyl-mod-scene-street-wear’d up to your eyeballs… but be real with the fans, give us the hit songs we’ve been praying for, and maybe I’ll hand over £90 (don’t make it too skin tight).

I really hope Adidas signs off a new era. Puma felt like the nearly kit, it was ok, it had promise, but up close it just didn’t really deliver. We need to rock a shirt that speaks to the future, whilst having some respect for the past. I really, really hope our new kit is good.

I have to say, when watching Mourinho crash to Spurs the other night, I was taken by both teams kits. Very nice.

Also, look at me coming through with the goods on Jose. Who told you he’d be shite at United? I did. Apparently, he has 10 games to save his career. Then its for him.

I have to say, I was having this dark thought the other day… wouldn’t it be incredible if Arsene Wenger took over the reins for the rest of the season before Pochettino ducked out of the Spurs rebuild to takeover next summer? That’d be so fucking grand. The job is perfect for Wenger. Low expectations, a group of players who’ve been disciplined, shouted at and called fat c*nts… the club is ready for some of that fatherly love. Some of that sweet, sweet tactical freedom. He could possibly be a force. Similar to when he took over from GG (be real, it was GG). The tough work had been done, he just need to sprinkle expression and love on the side.

I would LOVE that because you know Mourinho would DETEST it.

Amusing that publications are running with ‘ARSENAL HIERARCHY BACK EMERY’ over the decision to not play Ozil. What the fuck else are they going to do, pick the team for him?

It’s also pretty clear that the issue is that Ozil has fallen out over being asked to play wide right. Just as he gets the number 10 shirt, Rambo gets put in his position. Must be a stinger. A real wet towel to the cold arse. Ralgex in the eye.

Also, word to Oziltoligists who have more excuses for their messiah than anyone… it’s really fucking distasteful to spread rumours that the reason for his sick days are centred around depression. I appreciate that it’s a positive that it’s now acceptable to talk about mental health in sport, because who hasn’t had to deal with issues themselves or with loved ones. However, it’s not cool to self-diagnose a player from your computer just to shut down the conversation. It is not an argument to say, ‘hey, imagine if he was really depressed, maybe just don’t criticise him’. It’s the 2018 version of ‘Arsene knows’… super grim. Shame on you if you’re saying it.

Happy to revisit the issue if there is one, but it’s unfair on the player to start hawking that theory around unsubstantiated.

Anyway, that’s me done, catch you tomorrow


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  1. Joe

    What are prices for west ham? Tottenham? CP? Etc.

    I know we are the most expensive ticket but be interesting to compare single
    Day ticket prices

  2. Pierre

    I think there are 3 different ranges for tickets.

    Top 6 …cheapest probably £50+

    Middle..cheapest probably £42

    Low …cheapest probably £32

    I am going to the Everton game and that’s £42..

    My brothers and their kids are all ST holders and it’s about 2 grand or thereabouts for a season ticket….

    I’m sure I will be corrected on some of those figures but they are approximate.

  3. NW9 gooner

    This season we have the most expensive single ticket at £97 slightly more than Sp’urs (93) but our season tickets also includes matches in the cup, FA cup and the EL so don’t think they will be the most expensive tickets if you take these matches into account

  4. Joe

    It sounds inline for most top tier sporting events.

    Most nfl games are 100 plus USD.

    NHL games in Vancouver are 70 plus

    Guess sports isn’t for the average fan anymore. People will make it happen though.

    Seahawks tickets from scalpers are in the $200 range

  5. Pierre

    Emiratesstroller will probably give you an exact figure but my brother’s tickets are upper tier ,North Bank ,front row…

  6. Bob N16

    Block 6 Lower Tier, where I go, cheapest ticket I believe £900 – All PL + 7 Cup ties…around £36 a game.

    I know Chelsea & Spurs ST don’t include cup ties so would on average cost more.

    Most expensive expensive ST – I have no idea.

  7. Joe

    2 grand gets me a very good car…

    Ha. That about the cost of my rims on my mtn bike.

    Where are you buying this very good car? Haha

  8. mysticleaves

    Joe, Nigeria. Obviously not brand new nor newest model but still very good. You actually can get for less.

    2grand is over 1 million here Last time I checked the exchange rate

  9. Michael24


    Popping along to watch Brighton or Fulham would have been far more appealing than watching Arsenal’s continued destruction under Wenger.

    Infact going along to watch Worthing Town( my local local team) would have been more rewarding.


    Stop trying to be a clever dick.

    It’s just not you.

    “0h come on guys, let’s talk about Ozil and Ramsey and what’s going to happen this weekend”

    Jeppers creepers, you’re 60 but still come across as an immature teenager.


    The parrot of le-grove.

    Always repeating phrases and input used by other posters to put his points across.

    The “glory hunters” episode was earlier on in the day.

    Keep up, there’s a good lad.

  10. Moe

    Got to say I really missed Joe. Good to see someone make the usual suspectts run into the woods…….lol. They were bossing this place with their constant pro Wenger /anti Emery nonsense till Joe arrived. Am loving it.

    If only Charlie and Joe can get along, like them both.

  11. tee


    Don’t you think you sound a little like a coward? You should have been brave enough to name these “usual suspects”.

    I can see objectivity returning to the comment section. even Joe and Pierre are getting along well discussing the match formation and tickets instead of the usuall Wenger, Ramsey, ozil, Xhaka e.t.c. arguement.

    I know it won’t last long before people like you creep in to cause the divide again. we can all discuss (NOTE – discuss instead of argue) a lot of issues without sounding bitter or looking for partners to pull other commenters down.

    It’s the internet and a faceless forum. so, stop acting like a p***

  12. tee

    discussion is based on what is right while arguement, on who is right.

    that’s why you see commenter like Bamford goes the extra length to prove he is right even when wrong instead of admitting he made a mistake, correct himself and move on.

    I learned a lot from CC because of the way he presents his stance without getting intimidated.

    a commenter with shallow knowledge on a particular topic will always result to using abusive or derogatory words on others to save his/her ass.

  13. Michael24

    Auba and Lacazette have to start together.

    Both should be given a roving role.

    Torreira also to start.

    No Ozil.

    Lichtsteiner ahead of Bellerin.

    One hopes that Mr Emery starts now to make a few more of the obvious changes.

  14. TonyD

    Just caught up with some of your posts.

    Spot on and highly amusing

    Let’s hope UTD beat Burnley so JM keeps his job for the season. We need him there screwing things up as only He can do.

    Welcome back

  15. tee


    I’m with you on that. It’s high time Emery came out with a proper selection. I think he should by now have known that torrreira should start and also find a way of playing lacazette and abaumayang (forgive my spelling) together.

    I will love it if lecheistener starts our next Match. I will also lijs9himnto try the 3-5-2 formation to solve the wreckages associated with our high line

  16. TonyD

    They weren’t bossing the place, as most posters couldn’t be bothered with them.

    Marko love a punch up and Bamford….. well he’s just Bamford ..Bless him!

    Pierre’s been working hard to save up his £42 for his Everton ticket so he can add to his superior football knowledge.

    Ditto Charlie who, as he stated is; ‘by and large a team leader’ Now he’s going for it to be a full time team leader. Management at 50 I assume.

    Valentin sounds like he’s been off his meds for too long.

  17. TonyD

    He was beyond saving when he was Northern Goon. Problem with these multiple personality disorder types they can’t keep up with who they really are.

    Shame he was such a colourful chappy

  18. Moe

    Tony D,

    I agree that some posters, myself included, couldn’t be bothered with them
    I used “bossing” tongue in cheek btw. They were more annoying than bossing, but of late they were getting emboldened probably due to our early results.

    Let’s go on a 6 or more games winning streak now, allow Emery to drill his system into the lads, instill confidence, identity his best 11, and hopefully get reinforcements in January so we can do away with some of Wenger’s Prima Donas. (Looking at Ozil, Ramsey & Xhaka)

  19. Leftsidesanch

    Those who stayed to support the team in those lean years are the real fans of the club

    – except that, most of those you are referring to are united in their support of one man, not the club. Never should one individual have been put on such a pedestal that your personal feelings to him should come before the benefit of Arsenal football club.

  20. Leftsidesanch

    I like the ideas that Emery is bringing to the club and what he’s trying to get the team to do but I’m so underwhelmed by his team selections on match day. That’s the one negative I can call out currently.

  21. Black Hei


    I think it is wistful thinking trying to sell Xhaka and Ozil who are on long term contracts.

    Emery can do it, at a loss because if they are as broken as you suggest, you will need to subsidize their wages to get them off.

    So really, I think Emery will just have to make do and work with these players.

    Also, I need to point out that Ramsey, despite his contractual issues, is working as hard as ever.

  22. raptora

    If it happens as it should and all the big teams progress, Napoli looks like the only team that could come in and become favorites in the Europa League. So it’s not all doom and gloom.
    Chelsea are the big favorites at the moment of course. But we will be right in there.

  23. Patriot blood

    @Bob N16 get ready for Sharia in Londonstan, I will keep my AR-15 you can defend with your pencil, LOL muppet

  24. kc

    “Arsene Wenger was a manager that left a lot of inspiration with the players. He gave you a lot of freedom and now Unai Emery is a bit more tactical, more organised on the pitch.” So what the hell did Wenger do then if not coach the players? Throw daily pizza parties? They paid that greedy geezer all that money to leave the inspiration to the players??

  25. Cesc Appeal

    Nketiah training well by the looks of things.

    Emery stopped Smith Rowe from going out on loan and had played Guendouzi a lot, would be nice to see Nketiah get a real go this season, especially in cups and Europa League.

    The fans don’t expect much outside of UCL qualification so this would be the season to see what he’s got.

  26. Moe

    Black Hei,

    Agree it would be very hard to move Ozil, Xhaka though can be moved relatively easily.

    Ramsey may be working hard, but is he really good enough? How many big teams are after him?

    I’ve also been slightly disappointed with Emery’s team selection tbh. That’s why am hopefully wishing that he would quickly identify his best 11 soon.

  27. Michael24

    No Wenger trilogies today, I promise.

    Tomorrow, Cardiff 1 Arsenal 4.

    Mourinho to have another meltdown………. Yippee!!


    UEFA having another madhatters tea-party with their ludicrous idea to have a third European competition. Who are these fudging idiots?

    Let’s just go back to straight k/o for CL. Winners and Runners up only from each country. UEFA Cup for teams finishing 3-6, again k/o.

    Cup Winners Cup for all domestic cup winners and yes, you’ve guessed it, straight knockout.

    All ties two legs, except finals.

    Life is so complicated these days.

    Will be more exciting and improve standards. Qualifiers for all lower ranked teams. FC Tossers will therefore have to play Red Star Bellends before playing Real Madrid.

    Disband UEFA and FIFA and get real Football lovers to promote the game.

    Maybe a Nurse/ Milkman/ Plumber/ Refuge Collector on the executive boards. Real people, with logical brains, for Christ’s sake.

    Fudge!, How has it come to this?

  28. Michael24

    Football supporters should unite to put an end to all this garbage created by the governing bodies.

    Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.

  29. Danny

    After being in this crap competition last year, hopefully we wont go through to the next round, rather this year we only concentrate on league matches with the new manager.

  30. InsideRight

    So away days to…

    Lisbon, Portugal
    Baku, Azerbaijan
    Poltava, Ukraine

    If nothing else the Europa League is good for geography revision.

  31. raptora

    Oh well, we got one of the better pot 2 teams along with 2 far away teams. Normal stuff. Doesn’t matter anyways. We’ve got what it takes to stroll this group with our reserves.

  32. China

    The interesting point is that lots of these guys who claim they respect wenger but wanted him to league but we’re against doing anything about it

    And yet it was when fans stopped showing up to games that wenger finally got sacked

    So how about that? They thought it was time for wenger to go but thought it was wrong to protest. The moment fans stopped coming thy got ‘what they wanted’ and he lost his job. Then they criticize those guys who stopped coming

    How does that work?

    They claim they wanted wenger out but he was on a life time contract until other fans stepped up and walked out. Then he lost his job and these same guys talk of those who walked out not being real fans. Ridiculous logic which underlined where their real loyalties lay.

    At the end of the day they only claim they think wenger’s time was up was because it had literally been accepted by the entire footballing universe and they were being laughed at. Gotta save face and all

  33. Danny

    This competition is so irrelevant I honestly can’t remember any of last seasons matches.
    Actually most of last season I’m trying to forget!

  34. Michael24


    Blast you!!

    Why did you have to write so much truth and logic?

    I promised myself no anti-W posts today and now you’ve ruined it.

    Of course, everything you say is 100% correct, but try explaining that to those who flatly refuse to accept it or confess their guilt.

    I know, it just beggars belief.

  35. China

    I didn’t plan to raise this point today but seeing criticism of those fans who walked out these days is really irritating

  36. China

    At least I’m honest enough to admit my own hypocrisy

    The one opportunity I’ve had to see arsenal in years was a friendly va Chelsea in Beijing last year and despite being totally pro protest and boycott I forked our 100£ a ticket (2x) to watch us get absolutely spanked by Chelsea. I almost got attacked by pro wenger fans for shouting wenger out after we conceded our 3rd goal on about the 30tj minute

    So those guys who went a step further and stopped coming I have a lot of respect for.

  37. Michael24


    I genuinely believe that most of these loyal supporters you talk about, have never kicked a ball in their life and only relate to the game when they play on their Xbox.

    Maybe they were the ones that never got the opportunity to play the game at school because they had two left feet, or because they were always the last to be picked in the playground kickabouts.

    What do you think?

  38. grooveydaddy

    Our away record in Portugal isn’t great.

    We’ve never won in Ukraine (5 games).

    Qarabag drew twice w/ Atletico last year, so they can be tricky on their day as well.

    I don’t think we can afford to take any of these teams lightly. 9 pts at home is must, for a start…

  39. Michael24

    Maybe that just had money to burn.

    You know what they say, too much money but little or no sense.

    It could have all boiled down to a fear of losing their season tickets.

    I just don’t know.

  40. grooveydaddy

    Apparently Mhiki will have miss Qarabag away because Armenian citizens are not permitted to enter Azerbaijan??

  41. Michael24

    If UEFA go ahead and add a third European competition, what should they call it?

    How about The European Rejects and Also Rans Competition.

    Only open to teams who finish between 7-17 in their respective leagues.

    Answers on a postcard please.

    More money in the coffers for all the leeches at UEFA.

  42. Michael24


    As far as I’m concerned, your 12:56 wins post of the week/ month/year.

    Stating the bleeding obvious works works for me.

    Three cheers to China.

    Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

  43. Marko

    Great we play poltava and a balrog from the Lord of the rings. Can’t wait until we’re back in the champions league

  44. China

    ‘Shuttup and support the team’
    ‘Perhaps if the fans weren’t so negative the team might be achieving more with a more supportive atmosphere’

    Emery comes in

    ‘Emery made at least 2 major mistakes today. If things don’t improve we’ll be in trouble’

    I’m sorry what…?

  45. Michael24


    Can I guess who made these remarks?

    Oh, go on then, tell me.

    Maybe we should get all Football supporters to undergo an intelligence test to prove their loyalty.

    Arsenal’s fanbase would have been obliterated long ago.

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Those types of fans are so transparent I honestly don’t know why you give them the attention, that’s all they want. They’ve lost everything and look stupid, now they just want to provoke, be contrary and hypocritical for the sake of attention

  47. China

    Well after I mentioned getting threatened and almost attacked for shouting wenger out one time, a few people on here suggested that I deserved it

    New guy comes in and everyone’s critical faculties suddenly return. Fucking cretins

  48. Michael24

    Someone out there should seriously consider writing a book or making a film on all of this.

    The confessions of a deluded fanbase.
    Dumb and dumber and dumber and………
    The good, the bad and the mentally insane.
    60000 Fans under the sea.
    Me, myself,Irene and 59997 clowns.

  49. Bob N16

    I think by going on and on about other posters and calling into question their intelligence, some people might wonder whether this is diverting away from your own clarity of thought.
    As soon as somebody else appears to support your viewpoint you appear to try to turn the subject back to previous arguments. It may not be the case but it might suggest a degree of insecurity about your ‘remit’.

  50. Michael24


    You’re looking into things in far too much detail.

    Life is too short to do in-depth analysis on things.

    Just enjoying myself.

    Too many posters take themselves far too seriously on here.

    Oh yeh, that’s right, they’re the so called loyal ones.


  51. Marko

    Dream none of it adds up. He was training Thursday informed of being dropped/change of position/argument or whatever and then Friday informed the club of his “illness” and then showed up match day? Severe cold my dick if you were sick and on antibiotics you don’t show up and spend time with your teammates

  52. Dream10

    We’re going need to be patient in possession on Sunday as Cardiff will be happy to sit back. Before Huddersfield had a man sent off, Cardiff only had 28% possession.
    Don’t think have scored a league goal yet
    We do have an outstanding habit of kick-starting goal scoring form of profligate teams and goal starved opposition players though.

    Want to see both Lacazette and Torreira start tomorrow. But, Emery probably won’t oblige.

    Bellerin Mustafi Sokratis Monreal
    Torreira Xhaka
    Mkhi Ramsey Özil

    The cutbacks worked well last week. Hector was excellent offensively and got into great positions. Need Özil or Iwobi can do the same in the left channel as Nacho doesn’t do the same as Bellerin on the opposite flank. Hope Monreal looks better physically on Sunday. Despite scoring a crucial goal, he was well off the pace overall. Not a fan of Kolasinac, but we need him to return for the Europa soon, as Nacho can’t do two games a week at full back/wingback anymore I think.

  53. Michael24

    If Ozil was ill, then I hope he is feeling much better.

    Can’t have him going to work with a sore throat.

    I don’t buy any of it.

    Whatever way you look at things he is causing a massive headache for the manager, the team and the supporters.

    If this continues, we have to offload him asap.

    Detremental to the club.

  54. Dream10


    Honigstein is pretty well connected and usually been on point with info on Per/Podolski/Gnabry/Özil since they’ve been at the club.

  55. Pierre

    Go and have a lie down for half hour.

    The excitement is getting the better of you.. Problem is, there is not too much to get excited about atm.

    God forbid if we do actually show some semblance of a football team who knows what they are doing… … Make sure you have your defib close by as I am not sure you will be able to contain your excitement.

  56. Michael24

    Ah Pierre, my favourite poster.

    Did I wake you up?

    Maybe you’ve returned home after your round of golf?

    The floor is yours.

  57. Pierre

    Dream 10
    “We’re going need to be patient in possession on Sunday as Cardiff will be happy to sit back.”

    I’m not sure if I have seen patient so far this season, it’s sort of been all or nothing.

    The all or nothing approach may work v cardiff as attacking wise they don’t have a lot to worry us.
    Will be interesting to see How we approach the game.

  58. Wallace


    “And yet it was when fans stopped showing up to games that wenger finally got sacked…”

    that was a contributory factor, as was our having our worst ever season under Wenger. isolating just one thing is kinda reductive.

  59. China

    Let’s hope we make a formality of this match. I don’t have massive expectations but I really hope 3 things –

    1) we win by 2 goals
    2) there is at least one positive selection change from the start (Torreira in please)
    3) the game isn’t made to be much harder than it should be

  60. Pierre

    Agreed.. Bit of both I reckon.

    Put it this way, if we had won the league cup final and europa league would wenger have gone, no chance…. Empty seats or no Empty seats.

    Can also ask the question, would he have gone if their there were no Empty seats but we had poor season…. I doubt it..

    So yeah, results and fan apathy were the reason in equal measure… So it Would be good to just leave it at that.

  61. Dream10


    You’re right on possession. Don’t expect us to control the match as well as we should.
    They haven’t played top opposition.
    But, Cardiff haven’t allowed as many shots on goal for a side tipped for relegation.
    A frantic end to end match puts Sokratis and Mustafi in the spotlight. not good. Last ditch tackles means more chance of conceding penalties.

    Ramsey #10 and Aubameyang #9 means two runners down the middle. The ball won’t stick. Our technical ability has decreased in recent years.

  62. Radio Raheem

    We’ve a crap record away from home and City drew away to Wolves last week.

    I don’t see this as a forgone conclusion. If we win it’ll be tight.

  63. China

    But hang on – we were blamed for causing the increasingly bad performances by creating an increasingly toxic atmosphere

    Which is it?

    Arsenal hierarchy didn’t give a fuck about our performances or league placement. They rewarded his previous season with a new co tract and a substantial pay rise to make him one of the world’s highest paid managers after coming 5th with a pants points tally and only winning the FA cup. So winning the FA cup gets him a new contract and a bumper pay packet but only 10 months later when the fans have totally given up on him he’s sacked

    Who ever knew the FA cup was such a deicihg factor????

  64. gonsterous

    on a side note guys, The last kingdom got renewed for season 3. Where are my middle age fans at ??

    And my middle age I don’t mean middle aged people I mean the middle age as in the era or time.. geez, keep up people…

  65. Champagne Charlie

    “Pierre’s been working hard to save up his £42 for his Everton ticket so he can add to his superior football knowledge. Ditto Charlie who, as he stated is; ‘by and large a team leader’ Now he’s going for it to be a full time team leader. Management at 50 I assume.”

    Do you ever make comments without the dick measuring TonyD?

    Hilariously wide of the mark about me, and typically disparaging towards Pierre over money of all things. You sound like one of these barrel chested peacock-types that carry 500 quid cash everywhere to show they’re bossing it. Probably 5’8 and waddle.

  66. Pierre

    I don’t need to brag about How many properties I have ,will leave that to Tony.

    Have always said that he models himself on the “incredibly richer than you” Harry Enfield character.

    I could Imagine tony watching it and not quite getting what a repulsive character he is.

    Now, Michael…. He would get it.