Emery goes to war with Ozil, here’s how he wins

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As you know, I’ve been quite interested in Unai Emery’s attack on some of the entitlement that goes on at Arsenal. We all knew there were a few areas he was going to have address this season. Ramsey’s lack of discipline, Xhaka’s ineptitude, the overall lack of giving a fuck at Arsenal… then there was Mesut.

A sublime talent that no one in Europe would take a punt on last season, even when he was in the last year of his deal. A player who takes sick days like he’s being bullied at school. A player who floats in and out of relevance. A player who divided fan opinion at a club that was desperate for a megastar.

Yet we still gave him the mother of all contracts to avoid losing him for nothing last summer.

Whether that was CEO ego, or football strategy, one thing is for sure… right now, the deal doesn’t look like good value for money.

The big question I have sits around his power in the dressing room.

How big a personality is a bonified member of the Bling Bling Gang when it comes to the Arsenal dressing room?

I ask, because Emery really is biting off a lot of meat this season. He’s gunning for anyone who can’t work out his system, and he’s taking no prisoners. He’s imposing himself in the club at a rapid pace in order to make sure there can be no excuses for failure this season. The big question is how will the rest of the squad react?

Has Emery hedged his bets that most of the squad find his salary repugnant? Does he gather that most of the boys think he’s a bit of a passenger? Is he guessing that this sort of equality of expectations is going to stand him on good footing?

I hope so. The simple fact of football management is there is a hierarchy. There is no such thing as equality in sport. The way your position is defined in football is usually through talent. You can have a big personality, but if you’re shite, no one is going to pay attention to you. So that begs the question, how much sway does Mesut have with a dressing room that must know he’s a vital part of them getting back in the Champions League this summer? An achievement inextricably linked to their bonuses?

Mourinho is a big fan of rolling into a club and dominating a favourite. He did it to Juan Mata at Chelsea, Rooney at United, Cassilas at Madrid and a little bit of Joe Cole when he was at Chelsea the other time. He goes in, swings his dick, shows the rest of the players unequivocally who is the boss. It works when you’re Jose, because the reality is, he IS the biggest persona in the dressing room and that’s the way he rolls. Not just that, he has the titles to back his credentials.

Emery is a different breed of manager. He tried similar things at PSG in his first year, working his hardest to control big names like Neymar, and it failed. He tanked the one-horse race, then spent the second season being a bitch to the big names. He even said as much in his GFFN interview where he spoke about just letting genius be genius.

Tell that line to Guardiola who will laugh at you.

So here’s the thing, it sounds like Emery is going to war with Mesut Ozil. If he wants to make this work, he has to pray to the footballing gods the football backs up playing hardball with the number one chance creator, space maker, shadow defender the world has ever seen. Because if it goes wrong, it will impact the managers judgement.

Arsenal players knew they couldn’t oust Wenger, so working on a go-slow was never an option, but these players know there’s little connection between Emery, the fans and the board. If they want to end the manager, they can do that now.

It’s also a tough spot to be in. How much of a protest can you make with a player who costs you £1.5m a month? That sort of carryon can only go on so long, because it’ll piss off sponsors and it’ll embarrass the CEO and the new backroom team. Targetting Ozil is absolutely the correct thing to do, but it’s also the most politically charged when you think about it.

Most fans will respond like the players. I’m happy to see the manager throw his weight about, but really, the hope for me is that he inspires people like Mesut to play for him. Reality is the German was NEVER going to be able to track Jorginho, because he’s just not built that way. We’re going to have to find a role for him that he can thrive in, and one that comes with less defensive duties. It’s a chance for Emery to get creative.

Ivan Gazidis and Raul made a cataclysmic mistake spending £350k a week on a player we all knew had commitment issues… but now it’s done and we have to make the most out of it. Motivating a player who doesn’t give a fuck about Arsenal is Emery’s biggest challenge. Making him fall back in love with a game that rejected him so brutally over the last year could cement his legend early on and it’ll go a long way to helping us crack the top 4.

Let’s see where this lands…

See you in the comment, and we’ll be back tomorrow with a podcast. x

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  1. Samesong

    And The Sun report that Emery specifically told Ozil he would be playing a different position against West Ham, with the German ‘pulling a sickie’ shortly after the chat. Despite feeling ill, he was well enough to report to the Emirates on Saturday and spent time with the players in the changing room. When asked if he had intended to play Ozil in a new position, Emery smiled and simply said ‘maybe’, with some suggestions that Ozil reacted badly to being told he would not be lining up in the No.10 role.

    Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/08/27/mesut-ozil-pulled-a-sickie-after-unai-emery-revealed-he-would-be-playing-a-new-position-7885236/?ito=cbshare
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  2. Pierre

    The easy solution is stick ozil in.the hole between midfield and attack, tell him to conserve his energy and find space for when we have the ball ,tell him not to worry about tracking back and tell him that as long he makes bundles of assists /chances then nothing will change……… Similar to what barca do with Messi(and no I am not comparing ozil with Messi)

    If not then sell him as he will always be a weak link in a high press team and to be effective at the high press there must be no weak links.

  3. Gunner2301


    Great post. Why didnt you explore the options for getting rid of him? Sure we will need to lower his price, but im sure getting rid must be an easier option than trying to make someone with his attutude fit Emerys system. It would also get rid of the feeling no doubt that the other players have that hes overpaid and doesnt contribute. Added bonus his wages isnt in everyones face come contract renewal time. For me tolerate him for now try to get the best out of him and sell next Summer. How long does he have on his contract? 3 years or something? Thats a long time to try keep someone happy in the hope he doesnt cause any disruptions.

    PS. what happened to my avatar?

  4. Pierre

    With all respect,it is impossible to know the reason why he didn’t play…the newspapers have as much idea as you and I……no idea.

  5. Biggles

    Nobody would buy Ozil.

    Or rather, there’s probably quite a few teams that would be interested in signing him for £10-15m, but they’d only be prepared to pay him £100-150k a week. He is never going to accept that, hence why nobody came in for him last year.

    Keeping him was a mistake and I hope he’s on Statutory Sick Pay when he’s “sick”.

  6. Pierre

    Personally,I wouldn’t want to see him go but I’m sure clubs would pay his wages if they bought him on the cheap…

    the problem is that If he really has got health problems then he will be no use to anyone.

  7. Chop-Suey

    We all have to pull together to make Mesut happy and fall in love with playing football again. CEO, manager, physios and – most importantly – the fans!

    The football world has been brutal with him the last few years and he needs all our affection. So pls stop being dicks to him in the bowl and on social media and give the poor guy some moral support..

  8. Pierre

    Chop when
    moral support for an Arsenal player on le grove…Good luck with that

    There’s more chance of that lot down the road getting moral support for their manager and players in Le Grove…..seriously

  9. gonsterous


    See you in the comment, and we’ll be back tomorrow with a podcast. x

    lies, you never see me in the comments…

  10. Gunner2301


    Hes probably a 40mill player when hes on song. Say we sell him for 10mill so the fans see we got something for him. Buying club pays him 250k we pay 100k pw. Over 3 yrs. Basically wed be 5mill down per season for 3 yrs. Given the dross we have in wages if we tighten up in other areas we could carry that. Something like that and were rid of him or were talking about his lack of effort for the next 3 years and it will get worse as he ages. He has no international career won world cup and CL theres nothing at Arsenal to motivate him he’ll be a passenger until he leaves.

    Maybe if Emery keeps applying the pressure he might accept somewhere like china they no doubt would pay him more. At this point money is probably his only motivation.

  11. gonsterous

    We all have to pull together to make Mesut happy and fall in love with playing football again. CEO, manager, physios and – most importantly – the fans!The football world has been brutal with him the last few years and he needs all our affection. So pls stop being dicks to him in the bowl and on social media and give the poor guy some moral support..

    should I also give him my monthly salary ? poor sod, have to play football for a living. omg, the agony…

  12. Gunner2301

    Chop Suey

    All we ask as fans is that the players put a shift in abd represent the shirt? Mesut has the stats but has he done that? Clearly not.

    Until then he can kiss my arse for sympathy. A lot of what he is suffering now is of his own making. So maybe you understand why im not gonna rock him to sleep and sing him a lullaby every night.

  13. SUGA3

    Football world has been brutal with Ozil. Jesus Hitler Christ.

    Ozil is just a big baby. Played like shit, got rightly canned for it in Germany, spat his dummy out and ended his national career at his supposed prime age. The whole Erdogan situation just happened to occur at an opportune time. I mean, sure. there is no obligation to play for the national team. Playing for the club which pays you obscene amounts of money is a whole different matter. Fucker thinks he is Neymar and will do a PSG Neymar on Emery. Fuck him, terminate his contract, go to court with him if need be.

  14. James.wood

    Probably a walk in the country in his Barbour.?
    And a rant at the Sheep in his own version of broken cockney.?

    The sheep love it and they can’t answer back.?

    Bah Bah Bah.

  15. Gunner2301


    I think the fans will give him a chance any sane person understands the position hes in its gonna take him a good 2 seasons to get in the players he needs to play his system. I would expect the majority here now would not be here or be bench warmers thats changing almost a full team. As long as we dont get any worse in terms of position and show improvements in our play fans are likely to stay on board whether the hierarchy will see it that way i dont know. I think to be in the top 4 in 2 seasons and challenging for the league in 3 is doable. I wouldnt put too much expectation on this season ie challenging for 4th this is an experimental season.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    …and Arsenal, after being duped into the Ozil contract are about to do the same thing again with the woeful Ramsay.

    Frankly, Arsenal are getting what they deserve for the years of neglect at the highest level.

    Wenger dragged the club down and the board happily watched it happen. He rewarded his boys with monster contracts and bred apathy within the squad and fanbase.

    But, the real villains…are the docile fans who sat back and watched.

  17. Black Hei

    “Reality is the German was NEVER going to be able to track Jorginho, because he’s just not built that way.”

    That hits the nail on the head dead centre.

    Kind of like asking Mustafi to be a great defender, Welbeck to score goals like Augero, Aubameyang to play like Henry or Lacazette to run as fast as Auba.

    Its not going to happen, so Emery will just have to work with the talent he got and not just stick to a rigid plan.

  18. Chop-Suey

    Re Ozil, I was just being sarcastic..
    The prick should be hounded out, I hope Emery goes medieval on his ass.

    And yeah chances are very few of current players and manager will still be at the club two years from now.. Broken club, Wenger’s legacy

  19. Moe

    I was rooting for him at the beginning of the season not withstanding my reservations on his attitude and effort. A fit and firing Ozil helps Arsenal, which is all I care about. However, if he did pull a sickie after being told of the manager’s new plans, I say sell him asap or condemn him to the bench till Europa. We can’t be held hostage again by the same player, after the fiasco with his contract renegotiation.

  20. Guns of Hackney


    As Peter said, the fans and players have no connection with Emery. This will be his downfall.

    It’s not his fault but he will be a victim of Arsenal’s utter contempt for its fans and common sense.

  21. Frankie Coffeecakes

    The easy solution would have never been to re-sign Ozil. That one lies completely with the CEO, Pedro’s buddy. Why hasn’t he moved on to AC Milan already, he’s done enough damage at AFC.

  22. SUGA3

    I think I have had enough of weak minded players who turn out half arsed efforts. This is a result business and they are paid a lot of money for a very good reason. Sure, it is hard to expect accountability from players bred in the environment where it was like a curse word.

    Fucking snowflakes. Fans turned on me, boohoo, cry me a fucking river. One would think that with his international career done, Ozil would at least have the spine to show DFB what they are missing.

  23. Chop-Suey

    Pierre mate, maybe put things into perspective for a change:

    Many of us are doing demanding jobs for a living wage and I don’t imagine my boss will take it upon himself to ‘make me fall in love again with my work’ should I start to produce absolute garbage day in day out.

    Everything about Ozil’s character and attitude reeks to high heaven and many people have trouble to relate to him on a human level, let alone show any sympathy for his ‘performance’ on the pitch as of late..

  24. Biggles

    August 27, 2018 09:42:56

    Personally,I wouldn’t want to see him go but I’m sure clubs would pay his wages if they bought him on the cheap…

    Why are you sure of that? He was able to sign a pre-contract agreement with any club he wanted before he signed the extension, so he could have been had for nothing. And yet nobody else came along to offer the megabucks.

    So it doesn’t stand to reason that they would now pay a transfer fee that they never had to in the beginning AND pay him the ridiculous wages.

    Of course if he gets frozen out and decides he wants to play more than he wants money, or if Arsenal were to give him some kind of pay-off, then perhaps he’d move. But realistically I think we’re stuck with him until a career ending injury, retirement through boredom or end of contract.

  25. Black Hei


    I think more often than not, creative staff are like that.

    The employer will have to be smart about wringing the best out of human resource.

    You don’t go into Silicon Valley and bring Japanese work culture with you.

    “Guys, you all need to put long hours in the office since you are highly paid, no working from home…..”

  26. SUGA3

    Black Hei,

    But then again, he is not a IT nerd, he is an athlete. All he needs to do is to run around a bit and kick the ball. Not exactly rocket science, all he needs to do is stop sulking and apply his talent.

    Can I not apply my own policies whilst running my own business? Of course I can. If an employee does not like it, he has no reason to be there.

  27. Pierre

    Chop suey..

    I spent my life watching Arsenal being a sucker for the skilful ,sublime player …starting with George Eastham.

    The Stewart Robson,brian talbot,John Jenson ‘s of this world never really did it for me though Peter Storey will always have a place in my heart after his 2 goals v stoke up at Hillsborough in the semi …..plus he used to kick anything that moved.

    Running around on a football pitch like a headless chicken does not mean you love your job on the pitch more than someone who plays with his brain and oozes class..

    Of course ,that is just my opinion.

  28. Gunner2301


    I see what youre saying. Emery isnt the best in the world but hes about our level right now hes replaceable if were not showing our true potential quite a novel idea.

  29. Pierre

    You have no evidence that no other club came in for him so it’s pointless going down that road .

    He could have signed because he enjoyed playing for wenger ..simple as that…and the money helped of course

  30. SUGA3

    Not too sure what is so classy about Ozil’s play in about the last year or so. Sure, he does have the occasional glimpse. So did Walcott.

  31. alexanderhenry


    It’s certainly become the number one issue at arsenal. This story will run and run.

    In terms of his worth as a footballer I think you over estimate him. He most certainly is not::

    ‘ the number one chance creator, space maker, shadow defender the world has ever seen’.

    Ozil’s a luxury. He’s like the final dessert course on a three star Michelin taster menu.

    The problem is that arsenal are a bit cod ‘n’ chips at the moment.

    Ozil is not the player who can push this current team to the next level. . He’s the player you add after you’ve got there.

    Therefore, I’m 100% behind Emery and I think most fans are.
    Also I suspect he’s not as popular in the dress room as some people might think.

    Ozil has to prove himself to Emery which he won’t do.
    I’d be happy to see him gone in January jf we can get anything for him.

  32. Guns of Hackney


    Arsenal are further than 10 years behind.

    I say it every post: without hundreds of millions invested , this club is going nowhere. We are not producing any academy talent, so that’s a cheap resource for players out of the question. The current squad is weak.

    You only have to look at what it takes to build a title winning side. Aside from the freak show that was Leicester, it takes hundreds of millions to have a team capable of winning the league/CL.

    Emery was given £50m. This guy is on a hiding to nothing.

  33. Guns of Hackney


    I think it was clear when Emery was hired he must have basically gave the board what they needed to hear…he’s not a boat rocker. He came from the humiliation at PSG and got £6m from Arsenal.

    Make no mistake, Emery would have said anything to get the Arsenal gig.

  34. Pierre

    This time last year , until after Christmas,ozil was creating chances for fun …the most in Europe ..

    Whatever the problems he is having now ,began about February.

  35. Chop-Suey

    No one said this is about ‘running’

    But I guess when you put your signature on a multi-million contract there is an implicit clause in there that you are ‘motivated’ to perform tasks that you’re paid handsomely for.

    That’s the ridiculous part: that an adult that entered a contract which makes him earn more than 99.999% of the earth’s population needs to have his feelings protected and encouraged to ‘fall in love’ with his work.

    Ridiculous if put into perspective…

  36. Bamford10

    The one thing we actually have at the moment — aside from Torreira, whom I already quite like — is two quality strikers. Neither is world class, but both are very good and complement one another, if played together.

    Therefore we should be playing in one of two systems: 4-4-2 or 3-5-2. Emery (and Le Grove) should be thinking about how we can use the January window to acquire the appropriate personnel for such a set-up.

    At the moment, all of our players are more or less expendable, IMO, except for:


    There are genuine questions about nearly everyone else, though I would add Ramsey, Mustafi and Bellerin to the list above if each tightens up his game as he needs to. And Guendouzi is, of course, a keeper. Nketiah too.

  37. SUGA3


    I totally agree. Whilst Arsenal has gained market value, it could and should have been done better, given the outlay. We actually spent a shit ton of money during Wenger’s last 10 years. Granted, we had no money for transfers due to the Highbury Square fiasco, but we were paying silly money to players worth about a third of it. This was due to the need to invest a proportion of profits into the squad under the stadium loan agreement.

    We have squandered the decade where we had the advantage of the new stadium. With the right investments in the playing squad, a club global TV channel, etc, we would have been out of sight for the likes of Liverpool and Spuds. Are we? Of course not.

    I have been saying for years that this club has been lacking a ballsy visionary like Dein. Him being ousted and the club declining is no weird coincidence.

  38. Paddy got bored

    Ozil is a total waste of space.
    A bloke who don’t give a flying fuck as he knows he’s laughing fo the next 4 years..
    What gets me is the mug fans who sing the cunts name….
    Arsenal fans who attend games now are the weirdest bunch ever, almost cult like..
    A day at the spacebowl is about as enjoyable as constipation…..
    Only saving grace is that it looks like the vermin are about to do the exact same

  39. Guns of Hackney


    Dein was important but let’s not forget he took the money and ran. His absence had a bigger impact on Wenger than arsenal per se…he was Wenger’s bodyguard.

    I just think it’s sad that Arsenal have allowed this to happen.

    Arsenal are totally irrelevant now.

  40. Pierre

    Chop suey
    ” needs to have his feelings protected and encouraged to ‘fall in love’ with his work.Ridiculous if put into perspective…

    What’s all this “fall in love” bollocks…..who are you quoting..

  41. Guns of Hackney


    Miki can’t fit into normal shoes because he’s so fat. He has to have reinforced football boots to support his near 400lb weight.

  42. SUGA3

    And the best thing is that they had simply dismantled the team which with the right additions had the potential to wipe the floor with virtually any team on their day after the 07/08 season. Fuck me, they were good to watch.

    And for what? For a lousy few grand for Flamini and dithering over buying Nasri to rotate with Hleb. Then we proceeded to spend millions of kids as if the people were about to stop breeding.

  43. Chop-Suey

    It’s in today blog pal.

    ‘Making him fall back in love with a game that rejected him so brutally over the last year could cement his legend early on and it’ll go a long way to helping us crack the top 4.’

    Probably tongue in cheek from Pedro but you never know..

  44. Guns of Hackney

    “Then we proceeded to spend millions of kids as if the people were about to stop breeding“

    Good one.

  45. Guns of Hackney

    Losing Ashley Cole for £5,000 was a good move too I thought.

    The £40m and £1 for Suarez.

    Passing on Hazard for Predator.

    Giroud as our main frontman.

    Arsenal are the best type of comedy.

  46. SUGA3


    Dein knew each and every single player, including the academy players by their first names. Do you think Sir Chips does?

    He was ousted, he had no seat on board and thus no influence over his investment. Also, with not enough muscle to arm wrestle SK. Not really about the money, he’d have waited until now to get double.

  47. Paddy got bored

    We should start a crowd funding appeal to buy fat Mikki some new shoes…
    Loads on here would donate

  48. Dissenter

    “We’re going to have to find a role for him that he can thrive in, and one that comes with less defensive duties. It’s a chance for Emery to get creative.”

    Hell NO
    That’s how managers fail
    He backs off now and he loses the team.
    If Ozil is our way back to the CL then we are fucked becaus anyteam or manager that depends on Ozil will fail.

  49. Receding Hairline

    With regards the list of players not expendable posted above by Bamford, i will like to point out again that Emery starting Cech ahead of Leno does not prove that Cech is better than Leno.

    You talk about losing the dressing room, Emery is already fighting multiple battles with work rate and hooking non performing players, dropping the most experienced player in the squad with regards to the premier league for no other reason than because you bough someone else is a decision he does not need to make yet, he needs a reason to drop Cech.

    So this Leno is not starting because he is bad thing is a bit weird. At least let him make an appearance first before jumping on him.

  50. Danny

    Correct that Simpson never played for England but he was in the squad that went to Mexico ’70 even though he never played.

  51. Bob N16

    Makes for pretty miserable reading on here today:
    Blaming the board, previous manager, individual player, supporters for the ‘depths of despair’ we find ourselves in.

    We all know to compete again will take time but sometimes reading this blog would suggest we’re doomed to insignificance for eternity. This Adidas deal that seems likely to happen should be just one indicator that we are not in such a terrible position. Our fanbase is worldwide, we still do have the basis of a decent squad (which needs sorting out obviously and we’re London’s premier club(f**k Spurs and Chelsea).

    Come on you Reds!

    (I’ll probably get accused of being a mindless supporter who is part of the problem. It’s revealing that those people who have stopped attending matches(if they ever did) are the most likely to have a go at supporters who still go to games.)

  52. Receding Hairline

    By the way Courtouis has not started at Madrid yet, and for a club who have been in a market for a goal keeper for like four transfer windows now i guess that means Courtouis is rubbish will soon be replaced

  53. Bob N16

    RH, agree totally with your comment on Leno. With all the changes, sorting out combinations, challenging of the players to commit to his ways, Leno can surely wait. To judge him negatively before he’s started a meaningful match is a complete joke.

  54. Pierre


    Peter Simpson ,quality defender ,loved him …..Bobby Moore was the main reason he didn’t play for England ,then I think Norman Hunter came along .

  55. Pierre

    Chop suey
    Why quote pedro….his views hold as much substance as fireman j.oe ..you must remember him ..don’t you…..

  56. Dissenter

    “This time last year , until after Christmas,ozil was creating chances for fun …the most in Europe .
    Whatever the problems he is having now ,began about February”

    Clueless Pierre
    Whatever happened to Pzil,in February?
    We all know he signed his mega wage deal on January 31st.
    Thanks for connecting the dots.

  57. Danny

    Actually during the 60s and 70s we had hardly any players in the England teams. George Eastham played but was only in the squad for the ’66 WC. I think Radford, Charlie George and Rimmer played once. Peter Storey and Alan Ball played a bit but thats it.

  58. Paddy got bored

    I’ve no idea when you started going fella and I truly support you if you can stomach that place every week I truly do.
    But my point is place is like a fucking morgue and then they sing the name of the biggest fraud we’ve ever had

  59. Champagne charlie


    Spot on about Leno/Cech. How anyone can claim Cech is indispensable is beyond a joke. Especially to then try and rationalise hmthat with ABC logic from Leno not yet featuring.

  60. Micheal

    Good post Pedro.
    Seems clear that Ozil is the ultimate luxury player. However Emery’s style does not accommodate anyone who cannot pull their weight. It is high action, high press.
    The only way that Ozil stays is by pulling his weight. But of course that isn’t going to happen. I cannot see Ozil changing and I cannot see Emery changing is apporoach to accommodate one player.
    Personally, I sense the only way forward is to sell him in the next three days or send him on loan. If it means paying part of his wages to lubricate the deal, I suggest taking the money out of Ivan Gazidis’s grossly inflated salary – as CEO he is the fucking idiot who approved £350,000 a week for a passenger !

  61. T

    The answer for the best position for ozil in current Arsenal is both simple and painfull.

    There is no question in my mind that he should start as nr. 9

    Search for throughballs and bag them in.

    Slip into the pockets from the defenders blind spots and give deft onetouch passes to unlock busses.

    Oh and of course sit out the defence part mostly 😀

    Being a proud striker would suit him much better than being an anonymous playmaker

  62. Dissenter

    Theo is off his Wenger (and Alladyce) shackles.
    The lad can’t stop scoring while Auba can’t bury sitters.

  63. Jamie

    The only way we get rid of Ozil is if we let other clubs approach him like he’s a free and subsidise his wages at his next club.

    He’ll cost us between 100k a week and 350k a week for the next three years any way you cut it. His contract renewal was truly one of the club’s worst moves.

    “Put him behind the striker(s) and tell him he doesn’t need to defend, ever.” Great plan. Now we have Ozil, Auba, and Laca (along with Mikki) who can’t, won’t or don’t have to defend. What’s left of our midfield will be overrun, our defenders (none of whom are top drawer defenders to begin with) will be left exposed and we’ll continue to leak in embarrassing goals.

    Same with playing a conventional 4-4-2. Our midfield will be overrun. We don’t play counter-attacking football, and we don’t have any wingers.

    Without losing control of the midfield, 3-5-2 is the only way to shoehorn both Auba and Laca into the starting 11 with Bellerin/Nacho as WBs, and Mikki Torr Xhaka Guend Elneny Iwobi fighting it out for the 3 midfield positions. Sell Ozil and Ramsey. Except that we don’t have enough CBs for that formation to work.

  64. englandsbest

    It pains me to say this, but Arsenal are the laughing stock of the PL. Sanchez, Ramsay, Chambers, Xhaka – I could go on and on. But let’s stick to Ozil.

    Buying him was a matter of Wenger ego: he’d lost Suarez because of a stupid £40 mill +1 offer. Paying the guy £300,000+ per week is crazy. It makes him unsaleable. He should have been given away in the summer. A Turkish club might have taken him.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    Hold on, this article says that Emery tried to be hard a PSG and then ended up just letting Neymar and the big players do what they want and that was a mistake.

    You then say we should just let Ozil do what he wants. That he cannot work hard, cannot track back etc so just find a role that allows him to do what he wants?

    That makes no sense.

    How on earth can Emery then go to Ramsey, Guendouzi, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Torreira, Xhaka, Bellerin, Monreal etc and ask them to press for all their worth when they see that pussy earning 7 times what they do in some cases just strolling about?

    You said yourself last year and the year before and there were reports in the press that the Arsenal players were pissed that Ozil was undroppable and was lazy.

    Now in front of all them you want Emery to give Ozil a special position and special treatment precisely because he sulked and because we pay him £350 000 a week?

    What a great message to send to the rest of the team. Just don’t do what I say, be really shit at it, sulk and I will let you do what you want like a f*****g child.

    No, Emery needs to keep on at this pussy. Drive him out of the club if you need to.

    What good is a player who does one thing, who needs a great midfield behind him and a great attack in front of him to be effective, needs the team to play well to be effective and needs everyone else to work hard when he won’t? F**k him off out of the club.

    He’s already stacking his excuses up about how he is all hurt and sad etc and clearly it’s worked on some.

  66. Marko

    the problem is that If he really has got health problems then he will be no use to anyone.

    I thought this was brilliant good one Pierre

  67. Bob N16


    First game 1972. ST since Highbury went all-seater.

    I don’t suffer at all the stadium. Am in Block 6, relatively speaking the noisiest part of the stadium. Guy in front of me starts a fair few of the chants. Not sure which fraud you are talking about but if you mean our ex-manager, his name was only sung in the last two or three home games…not so far this season..certainly not in my area of the ground.

    I guess my acceptance of the current state is coupled with my unrelenting support of Arsenal, it’s part of my life and I can’t conceive a time that it won’t be. Having said that, I’m not suggesting I am in some way a super supporter, just that I’ve supported Arsenal relentlessly for 46 years and it won’t ever stop- I have no choice in the matter!

  68. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Whatever the problems he is having now ,began about February.”

    Yeah, right about the time he signed that ridiculous contract that put him on got it made easy street, Pierre. He’s not the first one that signed on to a secure retirement and wont be the last. Fault lies entirely with the CEO.

  69. Dissenter

    “Dissenter, Do you think Walcott will finish on more goals than Auba come the end of the season?”

    If Theo stays healthy he will score more goals than Auba
    The Everton team’s attacking is built in pace, his pace and Richarlison’s.

  70. Marko

    We played City Chelsea and West Ham they played Wolves Southampton and Bournemouth and Walcott scored two goals and now the shackles are off and he’s going to outscore Aubameyang… come on man talk about the definition of knee jerk

  71. Dissenter

    There were unsubstantiated rumors that Ozil’s new contract allowed him to choose the games he played in.
    Crazy rumors all right but such is the excempions and special treatment he got from Wenger.
    I bristled every time Wenger called,him a “perfect” player.

    We needed a replacement for Van Persia and defensive midfielders in the summer of 2013.
    Wenger bungled Higuian and Suarez that summer.
    He failed to get a defensive midfielder even though there were atleast 10 quality DMs moving that summer.
    He then signed Ozil and Flamini.

    If you listen to the Wenger water carriers, they’ll tell us to never mention Wenger again.

    ….it’s all Emery, all Emery.

  72. englandsbest

    For a number of years there was a civil war going on between Arsenal fans. On the one hand there were those who believed that Wenger could do no wrong, and on the other hand, those who blamed Wenger for every wrong.

    Kroenke somehow got overlooked.

    The Wenger Out brigade were so focused on getting rid of him that any negativity about Kroenke was taken to be an effort to dilute the blame.

    Now that Wenger is gone we can be more dispassionate, more reasoned.

    There was an illusion that Wenger had as much money as he wanted, but refused to spend any. Utter rubbish. During the austerity period he had to sell to buy. A kind of defence of Wenger, but not much of one because when ultimately he did have money, he spent it unwisely.

    But now Wenger is gone, and we can focus on the current problems. For me the biggest is the owner, now sole owner.

    Arsenal are in the desperate situation of having a squad that does not match up to those of at least five other Clubs in PL. Arsenal are well capable of becoming self-sustaining and elite. But not with the squad they have. A minimum of three players of the highest quality are required: a CB, a RB, a winger at the very least.

    A spend of, say, £200 million. Will Kroenke okay that? Not a chance. He is more likely to load his own debt on the Club.

  73. Champagne charlie

    Theo more goals than Auba?

    Huh…you lost me here. Auba has averaged more than 30 a season for how long? Theo has never gotten them in a season.

    Weird statement

  74. Valentin

    I said before that Unai Emery was a mediocre coach who will be find out tactically and will lose the dressing room within 3 months. That has already started.
    Cech is so afraid to lose his place that he continue to idiotically play from the back even when it is not on. Wellbeck was frozen out to force him until somebody realised that even if we were to sell him we could not buy another player in January, unless he was an English trained one. Özil has the hump because he is asked to play in a role that he cannot play.
    The first two losses were excused because of who we played. However against West Ham, we could have conceded 5 goals if their strikers have had the shooting boots on. Playing a 4-1-4-1 is suicidal. Especially if none of the four attacking midfields close down opponents. Even more if you keep asking your fullback to bomb forward.
    People can blame Bellerin for leaving space behind him, but he does exactly what the coach ask him to do. During the open training session in Singapore, Emery has special exercises where Bellerin was running on the right before cutting back the ball. Midfield players and defenders were supposed to pin the ball to him.
    Ramsey, Montreal, Sokratis, Guendouzi all said that we played badly defensively. The problem is the not just the players, it is the system.

  75. Dissenter

    If Theo stays healthy he will score more goals than AubaMan you funny”

    Based on what?
    Where’s the humor from?

    Auba scored goals in the Bundesliga, so damn what?
    Mykhi bested that league as best player of one season, Xhaka beasted it as a central midfielder and Kolasinac was in the team of the year.

    I wondered why no one else contested Auba with us. I thought it was an attitude problem but not it’s becoming obvious he’s not as good as we all thought.
    I scaled down my expectations of him a while ago and just regarded him as a poached.

    With all the missed sitters, I’m wondering if he’s really a poacher. What does Auba really do, his pressing is just as good as Theo, his speed is like Theo’s, maybe he has more awareness around the goal but his finishing is no better than Theo’s

    If Theo stays healthy, Theo will score more than Auba.

    If that’s funny then I have a future as a stand up artiste.

  76. Frankie Coffeecakes

    And let us not forget this about Ozil, this is a guy that even Carlo Ancelotti didnt want (Ancelotti will work with pretty much anyone). Jose Mourinho called him out previously as being essentially lazy. And yet along came Arsenal’s resident doofusses, Wenger and Gazidis to scoop him off the scrap surplus heap.

    Should have let him go on a free, he’d be playing in Turkey right now to the adoration of his leaders and living the life of anonymity, to which he most certainly would love to have today. In the end Ozil is his own worst enemy.

  77. Receding Hairline

    If Theo stays healthy he will score more goals than Auba

    You will undoubtedly be singing a different tune is say three weeks. You are a great poster Dissenter but you have this habit of making statements in the heat of the moment and then a few weeks along the line you are saying an entirely different thing

    its actually amusing. Theo was not under shackles, he is just a poor all round footballer who can finish off chances

  78. Marko

    If Theo stays healthy, Theo will score more than Auba.If that’s funny then I have a future as a stand up artiste.

    Or the village idiot :-). Jokes just jokes. No but seriously Walcott scored 7 in 30 appearences last season while Aubameyang for Arsenal alone scored 10 in 14 not even mentioning his 21 goals for Dortmund prior to joining. It’s an absurd statement to make

  79. Dissenter

    I made the same point about Sokratis and pushed back against the so called “e perience” from the Bundesliga. Scoring 30 goals in the Bundesliga doesn’t translate to doing the same in the premier league. Experience in one league does not always translate to other leagues.
    Auba goes just as missing as Theo in games.
    He’s a ghost in big games and gets brushed off by defenders with ease.

    Should have bought a winger with that 55 million in January.
    I would have kept Giroud 🙂 as well
    Giroud, Lacazette and an elite winger.with wellbeck as well as Nketiah.

    Maybe Thie should have learned to play with a big smile on his face.

  80. Michael24

    Irrespective of Mesut Ozils physical and mental state, he needs to be taught a lesson or two.

    Look, I sincerely want him to succeed at Arsenal and always have done. I want him to enjoy playing for a wonderful club and embrace what Emery is trying to do to eradicate all the negativity that Wenger created and left behind.

    Most of all though, I want him to realise that if he continues to show this lackidasical attitude when attempting to fulfill his well rewarded duties, he will continue to feel the wrath of the Arsenal fans.

    Show some respect to the Manager, the team and the fans. That’s all we ask.

    Otherwise, suffer the consequences.

  81. Pierre

    ” just that I’ve supported Arsenal relentlessly for 46 years and it won’t ever stop- I have no choice in the matter! ”

    Exactly…this lot on here don’t get do they…

    Had some of the best years of my life when I was a kid seeing Arsenal win the fairs cup at Highbury and winning the league on the last day of the season at white Hart lane.

    I have to remind my boys how lucky they were to grow up in the bergkamp,Henry era….that’s as good as it gets for the next 50 years I’m afraid ….and who was the manager ..oh yeah ,the clueless one who doesn’t do tactics…respect

  82. Pierre

    “Show some respect to the Manager, the team and the fans. That’s all we ask.”

    Pity you didn’t follow your own advice ,don’t you think.

  83. Receding Hairline

    I love all the revisionism that goes on when we sell players that were regularly lambasted on here previously

    One of such being Giroud. Now someone would rather have kept Giroud than buy Aubameyang, I wonder if that would have been the statement if Auba moved to say Chelsea or Liverpool, we would have been harping on about our slow center forward needing to be replaced.

    Aubameyang has had a poor three games granted, but he did score 10 in his first 14, and his record for years now sets him out as an elite goal scorer , poacher or no poacher.

  84. Dissenter


    I’m just expressing what I’ve always said before.
    I wondered too loudly at the time why no one else contested the signing of Auba, it was strangely quiet at the time.
    Everyone said he was undoubtedly world class in January.
    How many can still say that now with any seriousness ?

    Does anyone remember the first goal Auba scored for Arsenal?
    It was 100% offside at home against Everton, he went on to have a run of goals many of which he didn’t know that much about.
    Had that first goal being properly called offside, I’m not so sure he would have gotten the momentum.

    Just thinking aloud.
    I like his Island spirit with the big smile on his face but I’m not convinced about his class.
    Now I’m the target of the day and I really do not care.

  85. Michael24


    I’ll have a bet with you now Dissenter.

    Auba will outscore Walcott this season.

    I like Theo and feel he was wasted at Arsenal.

    He will score many goals for Everton but Auba will score a few more for Arsenal.

  86. Radio Raheem

    No comparison between Leno and Coutois situation. One moved in July having a full pre-season, the other moved at the dearth of transfer deadline day.

    I think there was a unanimous agreement among fans that Cech had to be replaced last season. So, I doubt anyone finds him indispensable.

    Normally, a club will sign a player that suit its playing style. And you’d expect a manager will pick players he believes will win him matches. There’s no incentive for the manager to hinder his own success under normal circumstances.

    Leno and Cech have trained and competed against each other in training the last 4 or more weeks. Yet the manager and his technical team, with input from the goalkeeping expert you’d expect, have settled on Cech. This, despite Leno, presumably, being a signing that suits Emery’s playing style.

    Cech hasn’t made a mistake so he continues. He seems to have one the battle with Leno. It’s the only sensible deduction you can make given the length of time both have had to impress the manager. He may yet usurp Cech but until then surmising anything else is illogical.

  87. Michael24


    Ok, I’ll do that.

    You’re an embarrassment and probably the most deluded poster and fan on this blog.

    Respectful enough?

  88. Jamie

    Theo revisionism at its best. Scores a few then inevitably succumbs to injury. He’s as useful as Sturridge to any squad. “If only he was fit for a season, he’d score 30 league goals.”

    He won’t be, and he won’t.

    Let’s not forget Theo usurping Auba as a top goal-scorer is a a result of him scoring 2 goals in 3 games so far this season, 1 against Southampton, 1 against Bournemouth. Hard not to laugh.

  89. Bob N16


    Supporters of 30 and under have only experienced the Wenger years, 3 titles, 7 Fa cups, almost never out of the top 4. Where we are now is the worst position we’ve been in during the last 22 years.

    In the 22 years before Wenger we won the 2 titles, maybe five cups and on occasion finished mid table or lower. Different times but when you’ve experienced mid table mediocrity, finishing 6th and starting the season with a new manager and fresh ideas does allow room for a degree of optimism, obviously coupled with the realism of an unbalanced squad and a messed up Ozil to deal with!

  90. Receding Hairline

    Now I’m the target of the day and I really do not care.

    No you are not a target, you just made one of your statements you will pretend you did not make a few weeks along the line.

    The no one else was in for him argument is kind of a funny one because that is not exactly an endorsement of a player, and your breakdown of Aubameyang’s goals last season and the length you went to discredit them is kind of pathetic

    But that is just classic you on this forum, you pick up a particular thing and you run with it till it begins to bore you so knock yourself out.

    You are patting yourself on the back with regards to Sokratis, why not ait till he actually turns out to be a dud. Your premier league experience nonsense is just that, nonsense, if that was sane logic then players will only make moves within the league in which they play.

  91. Radio Raheem

    But yes it’s possible Navas wins the battle against Courtois or is winning the battle at the moment. Who knows? Doesn’t make either shit.

  92. Michael24


    You’re continuous use of the phrase “this lot” should register a simple message in that confused brain of yours.

    The vast majority of posters on le-grove (ie a “lot” of people) ,see and feel where all the problems lie.

    On the other hand, you and a few of your friends (the operative word being “few”) continue to hold onto things that are/were the cause of all these problems.

    Why is this?


  93. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I would like Bel to be given a chance at rw with lichstein behind him.

    Best way to teach him on the pitch.

  94. Marko

    Scoring 30 goals in the Bundesliga doesn’t translate to doing the same in the premier league

    Right but the absurdity in your statement for me is Walcott who from 2006-2018 has only hit double figures 4 times across all comps hit 21 goals one solitary time. In fact if you just looked at his league goals it looks like 14 and 10 were the best he could do. So again Walcott outscoring Aubameyang… good one

  95. Marko

    Everyone said he was undoubtedly world class in January.
    How many can still say that now with any seriousness ?

    Is there something wrong with you honestly? He scored 31 goals last season and 10 in 14 since joining us but because he hasn’t scored in the 3 games this season you’re coming up with some ridiculous shite mate. Let’s just wait a bit before throwing in the towel yeah still 10 in 17 games for Arsenal behave

  96. Pierre

    “This lot” are nearly as bad as “that lot”. down the road.

    I may be in the minority on here but my superior knowledge of the game will always keep me one step ahead of the obsessives.

  97. Frankie Coffeecakes

    “Supporters of 30 and under have only experienced the Wenger years, 3 titles, 7 Fa cups, almost never out of the top 4. Where we are now is the worst position we’ve been in during the last 22 years.”

    Get a grip on yourself already, its only been three games!

  98. Pierre

    “I’ve supported Arsenal for 50 years.”

    then you should know better considering the pile of crap that has been served up over the years.

    There should be a vote on the worst player in the last 50 years (not including sanogo or bentner)

    It has to be lee Chapman for me, ,2nd probably John jenson..

  99. Marko

    I may be in the minority on here but my superior knowledge of the game will always keep me one step ahead of the obsessives.

    Yeah sure

  100. gonsterous

    Make no mistake, Emery would have said anything to get the Arsenal gig.

    lol, I’m sure arteta or eddie howe would demand a lot, m I rite? I’m sure they would have sat with stan and said “look, I need 400m so we can get back into the top 4”. I wonder how long that interview would have lasted ??

  101. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    How much money did Ivan an Raul think they were gonna have in January ?

    I mean did they ghinlnthebpot was gonna be bigger ?
    Pumping out on ozil like days to me they think there was money ….

  102. Bob N16


    Do you seriously need me to simplify my post, giving a context to the experience of supporting Arsenal for longer than just the Wenger years?

    You can’t be that stupid….surely?

  103. Bob N16

    Danny, I don’t think Allen ever played….

    A Willie Young back pass that hit the corner flag comes to mind, although tripping Allen and making him cry in the 1980 Cup Final is a redeeming factor admittedly.

  104. gonsterous

    since the English league started in 19something I think we have won it only 4 times. which is saying a lot as to where our level is…