Season starts again

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The real season starts here people. We had a nightmare opener, the worst in 20 years, and don’t kid yourself, Wenger wouldn’t have come away with anything more impressive than Emery.

We now have 8 games to find our stride. Work out who can do what. Find the best 11. Search out missing form. Rack up 24 points. Go into the Liverpool game living our best damn lives.

Well, that’s the plan. If we can achieve 21-24 points, that’ll have us within spitting distance of the top 2 or 3 teams and it’ll give us a tremendous platform to push through into the dark months of November and December.

Emery has a few very important jobs to do in the next few months.

Firstly, he needs to establish who is first choice centre midfield. I appreciate he’s mixing up his formations, but I feel like we need to find a bit of consistency. If the problem you’re seeing is the problem that’s been at Arsenal for the last 3 years, just nix it. I think LT and MG are going to be a solid choice. I also think Emery has to give up the idea that Ozil is going to be able to do the defensive side of playing as a modern #10. He can’t do it for Germany, he won’t be able to do it for Arsenal. Put him out on the right.

Up front, it seems like he’s settled on Auba. Lacazette is a lethal finisher, but he doesn’t allow us to stretch teams because of his lack of pace.

I’d imagine he’ll continue to play Petr Cech who has done nothing to suggest he’d be dropped tomorrow. I also think the defence is settled until Koscielny comes back. Under any normal circumstances, Bellerin would be dropped, but I struggle to see how the manager can roll with a 34-year-old in the Premier League. We’ll see though.

It’s a big game tomorrow. West Ham have a very good manager, he’ll have made the right changes in the week and they’ll come all guns blazing tomorrow.

Hopefully we tear them a new one!

Right, last chance on the podcast. See you on the other side.

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  1. Marko

    What’s the agenda exactly?I rate Laca ahead of Auba centrally because of his ability to do……..exactly what he demonstrated in MAKING our second goal. That’s not an agenda you melon, it’s stating the evidence for why I prefer a player. go home

    Right so the agenda is you focusing on that one bit of hold up play and forgetting about the rest of his average play and holding it up as an example of why he’s better than Aubameyang. It’s not too dissimilar to the Man City game where Paulinho was trying to justify Ramsey by mentioning one good bit of play he done even though the rest of his play was awful. Aubameyang is having a hard time scoring he’s getting a bit desperate but he’s not playing awful. Lacazette on the flip side when he comes on is doing alright but not an obvious upgrade. If he was scoring it’d be different.

  2. champagne charlie


    I think Emery has gone with the ‘old guard’ approach and essentially said to the new guys that you’ll play when they rent at the level I want – hence the rotation in midfield as we’ve struggled at times early on.

    It’s harder to juggle GKs, but personally I dont like what Cech offers when in possession. Yea he can use his hands, but so can Leno. I’d sooner see us go with the guy that can also use the ball better with both feet. But I take your point that it won’t be until Cech has a poor game, and he’s been fine to date in general terms.

  3. Ishola70

    I can see posters fading away from here as the reality dawns that Emery is not the best thing since sliced bread that some were portraying on here during the summer.

    Whe the reality hits home that Arsenal are firmly a Europa League team now and will be for some years yet.

    We will see who the faint hearted are who will slink away.

  4. champagne charlie


    I’m not focusing on one moment in the game, thats just a fruitful moment from a type of input he’s capable of that Auba isn’t. Not sure what you’re missing about that, just looking for an argument because thats how you operate.

    Auba is a better goalscorer, but he’s not been scoring and what else does he offer? Not a massive amount bar potential to roast a CB when in behind. Laca by comparison is better back to goal, better in possession, and much more of creative midfielders mind which can be seen with him dropping off 6 yards and playing behind the ball (where Auba would/does occupy the 6 yard box more).

    He’s better suited for our needs frankly, and 3 games in I think thats clear as day.

  5. Marko

    Whe the reality hits home that Arsenal are firmly a Europa League team now and will be for some years yet.We will see who the faint hearted are who will slink away.

    You’re not going anywhere Ishola that’s for sure. An I told you so type if ever I saw

  6. Guns of Hackney

    So did Emery pick the same side again?


    Three games in a row…Wenger style.

    Arsenal were fucking lucky. This game stank.

    At best Europa league every year now for the next decade or, £400m and a better manager.

    Emery is the guy who doesn’t rock the boat and eats vanilla ice cream. A bit of a bore.

    Hey, at least we’re off the bottom!

  7. mano'gunner

    There was a formation change in second half and the team played quicker and better.
    I haven’t read the comments so I’m not sure if it’s already discussed but did it look like Emery set the team to play slow and conserve energy in the first half so they can blitz the opponent in the second? He could be going for the long game here as this will help fitnesswise for the later parts of the season.

  8. Ishola70

    “I haven’t read the comments so I’m not sure if it’s already discussed but did it look like Emery set the team to play slow and conserve energy in the first half so they can blitz the opponent in the second? ”

    lol if that’s a tactic then it’s the daftest ever conceived.

    West Ham could have been 4-1 up at half time with this “tactic”

  9. Marko

    Not sure what you’re missing about that, just looking for an argument because thats how you operate.

    Not arguing again Aubameyang’s not been awful. Lacazette’s not been such an obvious improvement. They’re both struggling. Also I love how by your estimation all Auba does is score and not much else but Lacazette does all these other things. So Auba does not much else and Laca does so much more. That’s where the agenda driven stuff comes out. But look like I said that’s the least of our problems. If he starts Laca over Auba or starts them both or starts neither I do not care as long as we start defending better

  10. Radio Raheem


    We get picked apart with or without Xhaka. If we can’t get a new set of players might be sensible to tweak how we play don’t you think?


    See what you mean. Although Guendouzi, and to a lesser extent Sokratis, have played their way in.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    £130m forward line and it takes a never been capped Spaniard and an OG to beat a relegation definite West Ham.

    Remind me how Wolves did today against the “best team in premiership history”?

    Joke club.

  12. Marko

    One of the biggest reasons I was so happy when we were linked to the likes of Lukas Klostermann was that we desperately need our full backs to be defensively better and a defender first and foremost. I could not give two shits if going forward this team had a RB who never went past the halfway line. That’s what we need

  13. mano'gunner


    It isn’t the best but that’s what Unai might be trying to implement and where the players are struggling with.
    I didn’t like it but there is hope if the players eventually adapt.

  14. TheBayingMob

    Untidy win, but it buys U-Nye some time and eases the pressure. There’s work to be done especially at the back. We look clueless and ragged. If West Ham had taken their chances it would have been a different story today.

  15. Olumide

    Guns of Hackneyq
    £130m forward line and it takes a never been capped Spaniard and an OG to beat a relegation definite West Ham. Remind me how Wolves did today against the “best team in premiership history”? Joke club.
    What are you if you keep watching a joke club?

  16. Marko

    £130m forward line and it takes a never been capped Spaniard and an OG to beat a relegation definite West Ham

    He’s been capped

  17. Michael24


    Have you ever heard the saying,”sometimes you have to take a step back in order to move forward”

    The paranoia amongst some on here, that things are worse, is abnormal.

    Ffs, 3 games played.

    Lacazette has to start, of that there is no doubt.

    Remember we are witnessing only a fraction of the shite that Emery has to deal with on a daily basis.

    All the crap left behind by Wenger is having to be shoveled up and disposed of little by little.

    It’s going to take months to fumigate the place.

    I love the fact though that some are so anti- Emery already.

    Fudging awesome!!

    Never mind, bearing in mind I was anti-Wenger for more than 3650 days, you’ve still got a bit of catching up to do.

  18. Elmo

    Haven’t read the thread yet, but 5Live were just reporting that there was a bust up in the tunnel between Ozil and the coaching staff.

    Is he trying to force a situation where the club agree to compensate him to leave, then he goes to finish his career in Turkey?

  19. Ishola70

    Radio Raheem

    “We get picked apart with or without Xhaka. If we can’t get a new set of players might be sensible to tweak how we play don’t you think?”


    We definitely get picked apart with Xjaka in the mix this has proved conclusive over several years now.

    But Torreira? You can’t say right now that Torreira will be as much a defensive non-entity as Xjaka has been.

    In fact he shouldn’t be as much a defensive non-entity as Xjaka.

    One is a DM that can play central the other is a regista.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Is he trying to force a situation where the club agree to compensate him to leave, then he goes to finish his career in Turkey?’

    Fingers crossed.

    AFTV says that Ozil had an argument with Lichtsteiner over a challenge in training and then on another day an argument with Emery. I would imagine not being mollycoddled anymore is not going down well with him.

    Get rid.

  21. TheBayingMob

    I’m sure there will still be a lot of Wenger’s groupies giving it the biggun hankering after their favorite grandpa and the days of banter, but I haven’t got a big problem with the issues at the moment even tho there are quite a few. Even if we’d lost today I would never take Arsene back in a million years or want it any other way. I’m still over the moon the senile old cunt has gone. Under Wenger what we’ve seen in these opening three games would have been what we got dished up all season with no hope of change. Under Emery there’s an abundance of hope and evidence that players wil be dropped, systems changed and improvements made to fix the problems. I still think we will have a good season even tho the start hasn’t even electric …

  22. Radio Raheem


    I’m not one for pointless debate so it’s fine you can hold to that belief, however senseless it is.

  23. Guns of Hackney


    Monreal is one of our better players and has been for a few years. But he’s no Ashley Cole or Winterburn.

    It’s the same with carzorla. A lot of revisionist history going on. “Great player this, amazing feet etc”. That chump wouldn’t have made the bench in our best teams.

    By all means be positive but do not tell me that shit tastes like a tornado of beef served with a wine jus.

    I’m vegetarian so even writing the word beef has upset me. Meat is murder.

  24. TheBayingMob

    “Must be frightening see Ozil in a bust-up.”

    I wonder if his eyes bulge even more when he’s hot under the collar?

  25. Guns of Hackney


    I am a absolute jerk, make no mistake. But a jerk that is always right which makes me even more unappealing. I am a total delight.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    When in a fight, Ozil’s eyes open up and devour anything in a 30m radius.

    Lichtensteiner, if true, has just become an arsenal legend.

    Ozil our. Lichtensteiner in as manager.

  27. Ishola70

    Oh my goodness.

    The mention that Torriera may make this team better defensively rather than having Xjaka in it is seeing Radio Raheem all dismissive.

    No way. No chance. lol

    You can’t make it up.

  28. KAY Boss

    Good to have a win. Whether nice or ugly.
    Some just can’t stop moaning.

    Elmo, the media are there to report anything so long as it gets an audience.
    Whether u believe or not is according to one’s interpretation.

  29. Ishola70

    tbf Licht wants to fight every single living person so wouldn’t read much into his “bust-up” with Ozil.

    lol Licht. Shame we won’t see much of him in an Arsenal shirt.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    Lichtensteiner for Manager!

    He looks like an angry Hleb.

    Emery is like Wenger’s protege and that scares me.

  31. Michael24

    I wonder how many players are coming into Emery’s office complaining that they can’t get the WENGER WAY out of their system.

    “Boss, I keep waking up in a cold sweat because I’m not used to someone telling me what I should do”

    “Don’t worry son, it will take time. It’s called LEARNING”

    “Learning? Will it hurt”?

    “Only a little. Just be patient and the pain will soon go away”.

  32. Ivan

    Same drivel here in spite we won today.

    We are way of level we should and probably will be till end of this season.

    If u lack positives from this game heres food for thought.

    Last season, this situation at half time? We would either draw or lost. How this game pan out in second period?

  33. Radio Raheem


    It’s your comprehension or lack of that has got me dismissive not your unsubstantiated point. Though dull it is.

  34. Up 4 grabs now

    We won, we wasn’t great although we were better second half.
    Does make me laugh seeing people slating emery because it half time and we’re drawing with the hammers.
    We need to get used to this. If we’re winning playing like that I’m all for it, as long as we gradually improve.

    See where we are after ten games.

  35. Guns of Hackney

    Up 4 grabs

    Well funny you say that but since going vegetarian (not vegan. Too extreme) I have started dressing like a homosexual and wearing my balding head in a “what I can grab hold of pony tail”. My wife loves it. My imaginary wife…I have a sex doll. Which is actually a sock and old tire.

  36. Up 4 grabs now

    Everyone played average today, guendouzi ran around a lot and tried to hold the midfield on his own since xhaka was piss poor as usual.
    Thor had the same problem when he came on, xhaka is just a younger arteta even his hair is starting to look like Lego, sorry guns!

  37. raptora

    3 points on the table is all that matters.

    Jacky boy losing the ball for our third goal trying to be clever between 4 of our players was a joyful sight.

    Happy for Emery. Every begining is hard. I trust that he and his crew are smart hardworking chaps and that soon we’ll see their work give results. Still not positive for top 4 but winning EL should be achievable.

  38. gonsterous

    At best Europa league every year now for the next decade or, £400m and a better manager.

    jahahhahaha I had to laugh at this comment. Give emery 70m and create a miracle. not working ? fine get in another guy but give him 400m.. yup, makes sense.

  39. Guns of Hackney


    For all of my so called “anger” towards Arsenal, Wenger or the world at heart, it’s all in good spirits. I don’t take Arsenal seriously anymore. Used too! Not now.

    Just trying to have a laugh. Too many serious cars on here trying to put threaten each other. Remember this:

    If you are a genuine tough guy, your not online. You’re out actually kicking arse somewhere and not masterbating in a darkened room while fiddling to Le Grove.

  40. gonsterous

    look at the team, it’s about 90% wenger team. No manager was going to come in here and get rid of 6-8 players and replace them with an upgrade. if u think that was going to happen in one summer, you must be the guy who ran around shouting “we are going to win the league” when wenger left 2 months ago… people forget what a rebuild job is, or they seem to forget how arsenal fc is run.

  41. Receding hairline

    400m and a better manager

    Why not let the better manager work wonders with this lot.

    If Emery told Sven he will be playing a high line and his answer to that is Sokratis I prefer not to talk

  42. TR7

    I have been saying all along Laca is a better striker than Auba. Reasonably certain he will force Auba out wide in a couple of months.

    Emery needs to be a bit ruthless and play the likes of Laca, Welbeck, Torreira, Mavrapanos who are far more effective than overhyped prima donnas Ozil, Ramsey, Mustafi, Bellerin, Xhaka etc.

  43. Bamford10

    Wait, no one noticed that the starting XI & formation Champagne recommended (on the previous page) was a 4-4-3?

    I like that, Charlie: we’ll compete by fielding 12 players!

  44. Champagne charlie

    How is there an agenda by stating how two players differ? Do you know what agenda means?

    I rate Laca higher centrally because he can take the ball back to goal, and is better at linking. When he displays that and I point it out it’s to give an example of my POV. An agenda would be to make something up to suit. Amazing

    Clearly you’re the only one who missed where it was a typo, one that I addressed. Good input though 🙂

  45. Champagne charlie


    Remember when you quipped about me nipping at Banford and he himself moaned in self-pity about “harassment”?

    The above is him in a nutshell, and it shows you up. Truly comical the persona he tries to put across hahah

  46. Sanmi

    Liverpool lacks that creative midfielder. They will come empty as the season progress. Unlike many city, plethora of creativity.
    An injury to Salah or van Dijk and pool will be in trouble.
    Plus a typical mane, had a off game today. And Firminho is yet to score as well.
    If man utd loses to spurs, we will be level on point

  47. Sanmi

    Aside the Chelsea game, aubameyang hasn’t really had clear cut chances. He’s a poacher, can’t play up top alone with attention of 2 CBs. The goals will come never mind

  48. Countryboy

    I remember before the season started, some on here were going on and on about not starting your best striker wide when I and a couple of others felt Laca had to start from the middle. They said it was Wengers way. As if everything Wenger did was bad.

    Well guess what? I still stand by it. Laca starts from the middle. Wenger tried Auba alone up top and he quickly discovered it didn’t work. Sometimes I wonder if people just like shiny new things so bad that they forget to objectively analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

    The way they were talking in absolute terms about Auba and Laca as if one is so good he doesn’t have a weakness and the other being bad he doesn’t have strengths was funny to me.

    Now I see them eating their words.

    Auba in our current setup doesn’t work as a lone striker. He will score goals but the team will lack balance.

  49. Santino

    Ramsey almost injured monreal twise by his shit passing today. Xhaka gundozi torreria should be our cms. Gun shoulx

  50. Michael24

    For me, Lacazette is the better striker.

    Auba will score lots of goals, but Lacazette has to be on the pitch with him.

    Together, these two can create problems for any defence.

  51. VicVic

    (A)Everytime we dished out poor stuffs under Wenger, we lost. Today we won. Positive.

    (B)Emery does not seem to know shit about control, so why was he even talking about it? Wenger rarely had such poor control. Negative.

    (C)Emery seems to be speaking to his players with this body language: You perform, you stay on playing; you suck, you are subbed. Positive.

    (D)Emery rode in on a big reputation for tactics. I have not seen much of that, none today actually. Negative.

  52. Michael24

    If it’s true there was a bust up between Emery and Ozil, we should all be shouting from the rooftops.


    About fudging time.

  53. Michael24


    Ah yes, but remember one simple thing.

    Emery inherited a squad who are totally clueless when it comes to tactics.

    Time will solve that problem.

    Therefore, a POSITIVE!

  54. Pierre

    Obviously we missed ozil today ,he brings a calmness to our play in these type of games…

    Let’s hope we can go on a nice little run of victories.

    I suppose quite a few on here will be disappointed to hear Emery refute the suggestion that there was a bust up in training.

    Well,you know what they say, “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”

  55. Guns of SF

    Ozil wants out this is his way of paving the path. Fight with teammates and manager. Agent sells that it’s the system that is at fault and shops ozil. Please let’s sell this head case.

    Wish we had kept Alexis over ozil
    We could use that extra in the attack

  56. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Ozil wants out this is his way of paving the path. Fight with teammates and manager. Agent sells that it’s the system that is at fault and shops ozil. Please let’s sell this head case’

    Do not care how they sell it as long as it is true, they can make out he’s a victim etc if they want, as long as we get rid and start building a team around Emery’s ideas for what our system should be.

    I’m not sure what system Ozil fits into aside from the Ozil system.

  57. Marko

    The above is him in a nutshell, and it shows you up. Truly comical the persona he tries to put across hahah

    I noticed. Me up?

  58. London gunner

    Ozil is such a pathetic Nancy boy.

    One of the mentally weakest players we have had in this team.

    Like an emo teenager who complains about how hard and bad their life is despite being paid350k a week and having super model girlfriends.

    Bizarre guy. Have we ever had anyone like him at Arsenal before? Surely one of The worst characters we’ve had.

  59. Marko

    People refute things all the time that are true. He should have said fake news like a certain individual who lies.

  60. Marko

    You know Pierre otherwise he was out with “illness” and if he had illness he’s just acting the gimp again

  61. loyika

    All this Emery inherited this and that is flipping boring. You think if he doesn’t meet up with the KPIs Stan set for him that he will trot out that excuse?

    Secondly you would think he was the only new Manager employed by clubs this season? Every flipping manager (old or new) have thier own issues to deal with.

    Only a Lazy Sod will keep blaming his tools (regardless of who used them previously).

    His mandate was to access the squad and work with it to achieve a reasonable target, adding some players to augument what he had (which he did in defence)

    This “we have a shyte squad” is wrong and defeatist. The players we have can do a job, might not be Top 4 material but definately not shyte players (well not all of them)

    As Ishola said, most have bigged up Emery into what he is not, fair enough if some feel he is a brilliant tactician or if he is better than Arsene as a Coach or not (each one to his own) but lets not pretend that he is nothing more than a “Stop Gap” Mamager.

    If we got a bigger name as Manager do you believe Ivan would want to jump ship so quickly after ushering someone that he felt would rock the Em and League with his “Big name presence?”

    Once again, Emery was not on many Gooners top 5 list for a replacement, but he is our Gaffer now and should get our support, likewise he will get criticised when he fcuks up (regardless of if Arsene got 22 years or not) Thats how things work in real life.

    When you get a new job, your Boss or Line Manager judges you on your performance (only a Silly Manager will keep bringing up comparism with whomever you replaced) and your job is to do the best you can with what you have orelse you should not have taken the job because you were initially hired due to the fact that you said you could work with what you met regardless of what came before you.

    The team now have 3 points on the board and will have to work from that platform going forward. Emery needs to know what his priorities are for the season, if its to maintain a Top 10 position and use the “Ropa” as a way to get back in the UCL then so be it.

    Whatever it is, the sooner he gets his shyte together in what he wants to achieve with this set of players right now beyond game day tactics the better for him in the long run.

  62. Bamford10

    Champagne to Marko

    “The above is him in a nutshell, and it shows you up. Truly comical the persona he tries to put across.”

    Huh? What I said above was little more than good-natured ribbing of you for a silly error on your part. It wasn’t the hostile and unfriendly invective you’re constantly aiming at me and others.

    You’re a joke, mate.

    And by the way, I love the notion that your mistakenly building a 4-4-3 on here was a “typo”. That wasn’t a typo, guy; it was a brain failure.

    Of course this kind of thing happens to everyone, but you’re so full of yourself, you can’t bear to acknowledge it. It’s a bit like the time that you misused the word “prescribe” — you used it where you should have used the word “subscribe” — and rather than simply acknowledging that you got it wrong, you insisted (idiotically) that you had used the word “prescribe” correctly.

    Poor Charlie.

  63. Dissenter

    You’re doing you’re watering carrying duties as usual.
    Thanks to you we now know that there were no extenuating circumstances that preceded Emery’s entry into Arsenal.
    It was all honky dory with Arsenal.

    Tell me what else don’t we know?

  64. Wallace

    while I wasn’t all that enthused about us signing Aubameyang he won me over with his performances last season. yes, he’s pretty limited outside the box, but his speed and finishing are top level. once he breaks his duck he’ll score a shedload.

  65. Bamford10


    “Wenger tried Auba alone up top and he quickly discovered it didn’t work.”

    Right, but we also tried Lacazette alone up top for a stretch of time and that didn’t work that well either.

    I agree that Aubameyang doesn’t have enough to his game to play the lone central striker role, and I agree that Lacazette is better at hold-up play and better at showing to the ball. That much is fairly clear now.

    But Lacazette can’t get in behind and is no threat to get in behind, which is precisely why we should be playing two through the center, as this would allow Lacazette to show to the ball and Aubameyang to make runs along and in behind the back four.

  66. Champagne charlie


    Yes you up, when you foolishly proclaim I’m always gunning for Banford despite the present ankle biting being exactly the type of interaction he has with me.

    He’s still going, waffling on and stating what is or was because he says so. He cooled his jets and threw up a Twitter handle because he finally realised he gets crushed on here when he starts this shit.

    Obviously he’s dimmer than given credit for because he’s starting the same habits that reduced him to a hissy previously. Watch this space…

  67. Champagne charlie


    Agreed. No worries about Auba and what he’ll bring, we’re simply more potent with Laca through the middle and him wide imo. But that says nothing about Auba’s potential input, he’ll get plenty

  68. Wallace

    Champagne charlie

    “No worries about Auba and what he’ll bring, we’re simply more potent with Laca through the middle and him wide imo.”

    yeah, I thought it was the right decision when Wenger settled on it last season, and still think it’s the case. but understand Emery wanting to establish a better foothold in games before he experiments with them both.

  69. Marko

    Yes you up, when you foolishly proclaim I’m always gunning for Banford despite the present ankle biting being exactly the type of interaction he has with me.

    Oh… yeah that has nothing to do with me and you’re just as bad if not worse.

  70. Champagne charlie


    Unless you spend an inordinate amount of time measuring input between people on here you’re talking hot air. Fact remains that your quips about me pestering Banford are proven daft when you see the nature of his anklebiting dialogue. Only reason I’m addressing you about it is because of your willingness to comment about me, so don’t act dumb.

  71. Marko

    Charlie I’m not acting dumb you’re right he’s nipping at your heels but let’s be honest here the way you are with him sometimes it’s like piranha the movie and you’ve devoured his legs. Get what I’m saying. Also I don’t care

  72. PessimisticPat

    Ozil gets I’ll a lot

    20th April 18. illness misses 3 games before the club decide he now has a back injury misses a further 3.

    18th Feb 2018. 2 weeks off,ill again

    25th Nov 2017 rested from Europa league game has 11 days off ill too afterwards.

    1st mar 2017 misses 2 games around Munich ties through “illness”

    26th Dec 2016 misses 3 games,has 2 and a half weeks Xmas holidays, I mean he’s ill,very ill. Soooo sick.

    Gave up looking after that.

  73. alexanderhenry

    Big rumours of a training ground bust up between ozil and Emery on MOTD – if it gets on the BBC there are probably legs on it.
    Apparently ozil walked out of training when Emery told him he was dropping him.

  74. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Apparently ozil walked out of training when Emery told him he was dropping him’


    Ultimate show of disrespect to your manager and also your teammates, shows what you think of them. Especially bad considering he spent half of last season not showing up and may as well not have played the first two games.

    I don’t get why he has supporters, he’s a stain.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    If it is true that is class of Emery to deny it without even hinting that there is a problem. Not all managers would do that, especially one who is new in the job and cannot have his authority undermined.

    Good on Emery for dropping the little brat though.

  76. alexanderhenry

    Walcott scored a cracker today. I was kind of ambivalent to us selling him but we needed to replace with someone similar.

    Same goes for Giroud.

  77. Champagne charlie


    Walcott could’ve been better at arsenal, but he lacked/s a lot. Whilst we miss his speed and ability to devastate, we need that but better.

  78. PessimisticPat

    Walcott is a counter attacking teams dream. Don’t forget how beyond useless he was with back to goal or even in one on ones. Shite in the air and one footed too. He is rapid but I really do not miss him.

  79. alexanderhenry


    Agreed, but since losing him and oxlade our threat from wide is bellerin and monreal bombing forward. That’s it. It’s the old overlapping full back routine.

  80. Leedsgunner

    A win is a win but we got out of jail because West Ham had a forward line which were nowhere clinical enough and a back line who were even more disorganised than us.

    Our fullbacks should hang their heads in shame. Honestly they left our centre backs so exposed!

    It’s all well and good trying to press but we need a DM who will support the centre backs! Torreira is that guy… he should started in place of Xhaka.

  81. Champagne charlie


    You’re not wrong, have found our lack of dynamic recruiting a little peculiar so far. Got my tongue wagging in Jan when we got Auba and were apparently a ball hair from Malcom.

    We need a few types like that imo. Rapid off the mark and deadly. Douglas Costa types are sorely missed in our squad. Iwobi is the closest to it which basically says it all.

  82. Michael24

    If Ozil walked out of training after finding he was being dropped, then the solution is simple.

    Get rid asap.

  83. Danny M.O

    @bamford 10

    we should be using Laca as a focal 9 and Auba in the walcott role as a right forward/wing.

    a better team would have put us to the sword.

  84. loyika

    @ Dissenter and Receding

    Unlike both of you I don’t suffer from “WDS!!”

    I work in a field where you are taught to first deal with “the situation” at hand and worry about the mitigating circumstances (or what led to that situation) afterwards and I take that same approach to life.

    I don’t blame past events or outside forces for my failures to adapt to any circumstance and if I fail I take full responsibility for my actions/work.

    Emery was hired to do a job, he had an idea of what he was walking into and as said the Squad isn’t as shyte as its made out to be and the Club is not as doomed as we sometimes make it out to be. In the end Emery is not some novice Manager (neither is he a Genius) My thoughts would be that his remit was to steady the ship and then take it up from there (and he had pre-season to get some things in place)

    Arsenal are in a results business and he has to start getting some results (which we were able to do yesterday) I hope he focuses on the task at hand and not buy into the “I am handicap” mantra you all seem to adopt.

    Arsene is our past, same way he had to hit the ground running after taking over to get the fans behind him and put closure to GG’s reign, Emery has to do the same and push forward to put closure to Arsene’s orelse he will just be a “Don Howe/Stop Gap” (which is how I personally see this going at the moment).

    You will say – Ahh but AW inherited GG’s Defence and had a platform to build on, same way UE inherited a good forward line (not the best I admit but good enough to build on) So what he has to focus on is the Defence (harder I know) I would think that was why He was eventually hired as Head Coach and Bouldy was also retained.

    And he now has a team above him that will handle other matters like player recruitment and contracts.

    So let him get on with it!

  85. Zeus

    This City documentary is really good. I really appreciate the little nuggets from txiki and AL Mubarak too. The Pep stuff is great too.

  86. China

    I’ve never been ill enough to miss 2 and a half weeks of work/school in my life.

    Sounds like ozil had a serious bout of malaria or something. You know it goes around a lot around Christmas time,m. Doesn’t it?

  87. Emiratesstroller

    Quite a lot of empty seats at game.

    First half was dreadful with usual schoolboy defending.

    The only player in that period who showed much “commitment and enthusiasm” was Guendouzi. Aubameyang like in previous games completely isolated up front.

    Dynamic of game changed slightly in second half when Emery replaced Iwobi
    with Lacazette. It is blindingly obvious that we need at least two forwards in
    team who offer a goal threat.

    Lacazette is an entirely different goal scorer to Aubameyang. He is much better at playing in tightly marked areas of pitch whilst Aubameyang needs space
    to play his runs.

    Welbeck scored a decent goal and probably made game more comfortable than it really was.

    Overall the difference between two teams was down to goalscoring, but at times West Ham looked better than us.

    Arsenal based on first three games of season look like a mid table team at best
    with the same brittle defence and a very average midfield.

    No high expectations for this season.

  88. Wallace


    “Our fullbacks should hang their heads in shame. Honestly they left our centre backs so exposed!”

    they’re obviously playing so high under orders from Emery. City’s FBs are the same. the difference is City press the ball far, far better than we do at the minute.

  89. Buckhurst Gun

    “Obviously we missed ozil today ,he brings a calmness to our play in these type of games…”

    And what ‘type’ of game was this ?

    Please , he would have been as ineffective as he was in the first 2 games

  90. TonyD

    You are way wide of the mark comparing this squad with the squad inherited. You conveniently omitted, Parlour, Bergkamp, Wrighty and many others.

    None of this squad measures up to those guys.

    Before preaching about management try starting and building a successful business yourself first before speaking from just employee experience: I assure the difference is immeasurable, as is consulting to rebuild and repair various operational flaws with under performing management and their minions.

    Emery has a very flawed Squad of under performers with poor skill sets Wenger left us with who all lack leadership, which were the opposite for Wenger’s inheritance.

    I’d agree that Emery is in no mans land right now, and I think he totally underestimated the job at hand. Also £70 million was a joke to inject a few decent players for the defense, , midfield and at least one winger.

    8 more game will give us a better view, but still not a complete perspective to judge him.

    No idea if he’ll make it but he’s what we have, so we have to get behind him.

  91. useroz

    The west ham game tells us a lot actually.

    * the season didn’t start yesterday -. No excuses yesterday; WHU isn’t city nor chelsea! But W played quite poorly.

    * our issues aren’t isolated; have glaring problems throughout – from defence, to MF, to our forwards

    * Emery hasn’t quality players to implement his ideas – assuming it’s not Emery being shit; can pity him who inherited so much poo and cleanup would take time

    * enough is enough – as experienced as Emery is, he must know some players ain’t going to/ cant change. So identify ’em asap and ship out. Has Emery seen enough in the 3 games? Apparently, most of us had

    * Xhara makes less mistakes playing higher up the pitch, judging by positive remarks say after Torriera came on and sat behind. We lack qualitee in MF and not much can be done till the next TW. Let’s get the max outta wot we got

    * has Emery tried 3 at the back? Lich, Mustafi/ Papa, Monreal. Bellerin goes up and plays in front of Lich, ‘helping’ to cut out his defensive and positional errors. Bellerin was a right wing wasn’t he?? Also saves Lich’s legs…

    * with Kolac, AMN, and Kos still out for awhile, If we get further injuries (or ILLNESS) who could step up? Eddie, Nelson to try 15 /20 min? But that’s it really. Others too young (Rowe) or offer nothing @this level.

    Mikki can take Ozil’s role if he’d play at least like yesterday. Mikki could press a bit, unlike Ozil, and I am fine if Xhara takes some of it If Mikki can do G&As. At this point, both Ozil and Ramsey are extremely unreliable on that front.

    Well, Emery knew what he’s getting into (eg dossiers on players, probably Ivan too!) so he just needs to find his many infamous moments…

  92. Wallace

    the squad’s not balanced, we need a dominating CB with good athleticism, and a genuine wide player, but there’s definitely enough talent for Emery to work with. far more than he had to work with in Valencia & Seville. I don’t think he’ll blame the tools if he can’t get the job done.

  93. gonsterous

    reading what emery said about ramsey after the game I think emerys picking order may just turn out to

    Also I think ozil is finished at Arsenal. Just a matter of if he goes to another club or he’s just going to sit here and collect his 300k a week…

  94. Michael24

    Hands up who thought this would be a straightforward transition?


    It is blindingly obvious that our “Wengerized” players need schooling in even the basics.

    They say a leopard can’t change it’s spots, but, in the case of these undrilled players, they have no choice.

    Licht/Torreira/Sokratis/ Guendouzi and even Leno, must be thinking ” Christ, we did this stuff in preschool”

    The problem is to change a philosophy and style of play affects all the teams, right down to academy and junior level.

    Coaches have to instill a way of playing that everyone can relate to.

    Of course, most of us know this philosophy inside out.

    It’s called working hard!!

  95. Emiratesstroller

    Our defending is shambolic.

    Personally I don’t think that Sokratis was a great buy on the evidence of what I
    have seen in first two games.

    Bellerin does not know how to defend. Maybe he would be better as a pure out and out winger. Also there has to be real concern how often both fullbacks were upfield at same time leaving centre backs exposed. This was a problem
    last season which remains unresolved.

    It was the same fault lines as we saw consistently last season.

    Finally Cech was at fault once again for goal conceded. We paid a lot of money
    for Leno so one has to ask why he is not being played? Cech is now a very average gk.

  96. Wallace


    “Personally I don’t think that Sokratis was a great buy on the evidence of what I
    have seen in first two games.”

    nope, his purchase only made sense if we were selling Mustafi. I like the other signings, but we’re doing baffling things at CB right now.

  97. gonsterous

    well get this, in other news a couple in China tried getting pregnant for 4 years but failed and was later discovered by doctors to be having anal sex.. What the actual fuck ? Sex education needs to be a thing in China…

  98. TonyD

    What do you like about the other signings bar rookie Guendouzi?

    Lict is about ready for his football pension and clearly Emery doesn’t fancy Leno other than for Europa and Sokratis is. MLS player at best not a top 4 side let alone title challenging club.

    The Sven and Raul show has been poor at best thus far.

    Maybe why Gazidis is fcuking off. His star team is made up of two people who were fired from their previous clubs and are living off their illustrious histories.

    In football and many businesses you are defined by present history not long past glories.

    At our rate of signings the geriatric players will no doubt be including Viagra as part of their packages.

  99. TonyD

    What’s Bould doing at the club other than banking his salary each month?

    Who do you want to replace Gazidis?

    I have other questions for you as you have an in via your journalist friend, but I’m concerned about Pedro’s server space lol.

  100. London gunner

    “‘s a much easier story to tell yourself that there’s simply nothing we could have done to compete against the riches of Chelsea etc, that fate was always set against us. It’s much harder to accept that in fact there was a window of opportunity in which we could have truly returned to the elite and cemented superclub status. We could have invested in top players, we could have won titles, we could have grown our finances with commercial deals as a result of those titles…and now that opportunity is gone. 

    It’s not like we can’t ever win titles again, it’s just a much more uphill task now. Five very strong competitors, no financial advantage whatsoever and a relatively poor squad…it’s going to take time, very good coaching and some exceptional (even fortuitous) player trading.”

    Sums up how wenger and yes ivan have been a disaster for this club