Will Ozil embrace the new ideas?

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I am x-rayed up and the good news is I am now at 80% recovery. That means I can do light weights and high-fives. I cannot do downward dogs, no idea what they are, but apparently, it’s harsh on my centrifugal forces.

In other news, Mikhi, is going hard at the doubters.

“Everyone has their own opinion. We know very well what we are playing for and how we have to play.

“If we are just going to kick the ball up front and wait for God to give us a chance to score, it’s not necessary.

“The only thing we have to do is to work hard, believe in ourselves and use the chances we create to score goals.”

I like his mindset. It’s interesting how many people are questioning whether he can play in the same side as Ozil. Matt on the pod went hard on this one. I’ve heard people say the same about Ozil and Ramsey as well. Then you start thinking about how sensitive the Ozil ecosystem has to be to function.

Remember last season when we were all purring over Ozil feeding Lacazette? Then that didn’t work out. Then we were all purring over Ozil and Auba, and that didn’t work out. I’m kind of getting a little bit worried about the German and his ability to function at Arsenal.

I see this season going one of two ways, he’s either going to click and make the magic happen, or he’s going to fade away like Wayne Bridge and Winston Bogarde did. The scene is set for a tap out. His rep has been soiled in Germany, he’s just landed a mega contract at Arsenal, his new manager is asking him to do things he’d rather not do. I hope I’m wrong and he comes back in from the cold, but it’s not looking good at this second.

Mustafi has given Bernd Leno the dreaded vote of confidence.

‘I know Bernd very well because we played together since the Under-15s German team, so I have known him for a long time,’ said the centre-back. ‘He is a brilliant goalkeeper. He has everything a modern keeper needs: good feet, good hands and he has personality.’

I really hope we haven’t made a shoddy signing there. To be honest, I’m more than happy to have Petr Cech creating absolute magic between the sticks at the minute. That’s a player who has fully embraced a new system, if he can do it at 36, Ozil can do some tracking at 29.

Jack Wilshere is saying Jack Wilshere things in the press.

“It’s down to me to prove a point to Arsenal that they were wrong to get rid of me,”

Think he’s said that at the start of the season for the last 5 years and never proved it out. The West Ham game isn’t about him, it’s about Arsenal dishing out a thumping and Emery proving out his methods. I really hope it’s a Pelligrini #disasterclass.

Right, that’s all I have for you today, make sure you tune into our podcast below. We’re back in business.


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  1. englandsbest

    I am not sure you can usefully apply the word ‘tactics’ when talking about Wenger. A better description might be ‘method’. I don’t recall him ever using the word himself. No doubt he did, if only to answer a direct question on tactics, but I don’t recall him ever doing so.

    It’s rather like asking a writer about the letters of the alphabet. He uses them naturally, instinctively, they are the tools of his trade, but it’s the words and sentences that mater.

    Of course he knew all there was to know about tactics, there hasn’t been anything fresh since Herbert Chapman apart from the effect of rule changes. But he stuck pretty rigidly to the method he believed would pay off.

    And when it did pay off, most of us thought of him the way we now think of Pep.

  2. NW9 gooner

    Whatever one says, he can’t dispute the fact that Arsene kept the club in CL for 20 years. His last year was the worst and we are reaping the sh-t now. He was the one who made Arsenal a great brand worldwide. His problem was he was too arrogant a-l-a Mourinho and that brought about his downfall

  3. champagne charlie


    “I ignored it because Charlie was resorting there to what is called a straw-man argument. He does this a lot. No one ever said that all Wenger did was pick an XI”

    It was simply an alternate view of how your version of events sounds given widespread belief of another figure within football.

    Your god-awful attempt to discredit Wenger in his formative spell at Arsenal also discredits the competition he faced. Which when considered, is fucking laughable.

    As I stated, in your scenario Ferguson was bested to the championship on multiple occasions by a manager with no clue on tactics. So that’d be the best manager ever getting beat by a nobody 3 times? Yea, totally plausible.

    Enjoyed the ‘dishonest’ quip about me for ‘those that pay attention’ (apparently). Have you already erased from memory your claims of what I said about Lacazette the summer he signed, only for me to copy/paste the quote that showed you comically lying? Dishonesty isn’t my bag, I leave that to you. Tweet tweet.

  4. AFC Nemesis

    “Guardiola is simply a better manager.Still not perfect though, as I’ve criticised him a lot myself for the way his philosophy and methods leave his teams vulnerable in the knockout scenarios.”

    You’ve criticised Pep a lot yourself? Sorry but you got me there, I found that very funny, no offence intended.

  5. China

    Wenger absolutely did beat Ferguson without having a serious clue about tactics. He built a setup which was already beastly without the need for much tactically from the manager. Full credit to him for managing that.

    If wenger has been good on tactics as well however he’d have won more titles than he did and would have at least competed for the CL one or more times before the final campaign.

    I refuse to believe wenger magically changed from smart tactically to absolutely clueless in a few short years. He never was a tactically organized or smart coach. He built his amazing years on world class players, experienced players and superior fitness. The fitness part was also far more meaningful in those days when we were light years faster and fitter than any other team outside Utd

  6. China

    If he had been smart tactically we would have seen him change plans mid match.

    Christ even the substitutes were demonstrably preplanned regardless of what was happening on the field.

  7. mano'gunner

    Tactics were never Wenger’s biggest forte but he did implement a revolutionary 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 style during his successful years. There are many articles that talk about this.
    Where he dropped the ball is when he became a purist somewhere down the line and doubled down when it was failing. The criticism only made him hold on stronger and led to his downfall.
    His arrogance at the end where he was challenging critics and fans who have ‘never managed a game’ was sickening.

  8. NW9 gooner

    Mano agreed plus people saying he should have won more titles . We started dropping back once Roman came- Arsenal have never been major spenders and then the stadium came and we went back. Unfortunately during this time Arsene starting getting obstinate and trying to win things with average players.

  9. NW9 gooner

    One great flaw of Arsene has been his French socialist policy on wages – this has been his biggest defect that probably has forced us to retain players who we would have otherwise sold last and this year

  10. gonsterous

    well here’s me adding my though to last night’s debate.

    Wenger could have won the title or two after 2006. Only problem, he became more money/profit obsessed. He should not have sold Nasri to city, or hleb to barca, or RVP to man utd or even adebayor when he was on song. The thing is wenger himself dismantled the invincibles, that was his decision and he had a strategy, push youngsters and attempt to win the league with them. His post 2006 team got dismantled by money, he didn’t want to dismantle it but it did and this effected him. He couldn’t go about getting more youngsters with good potential, that would require time and the other teams in Europe had caught on to that scheme. Instead he opted for cheaper alternatives without the quality of their predecessors. This made the team weaker and we fell into the trap of making top 4. Finally when wenger couldn’t do that he splashed the cash to bring ozil, sanchez, xhaka, mustafi, Laca, Auba. Breaking the club’s record while doing the following. But his team now had to rely on these players. And from the above, Auba and Laca were relatively new. We relied on sanchez a LOT. Ozil didn’t deliver not did xhaka or mustafi. leading to his sacking..
    Had wenger stuck to his guns and kept nasri, toure, adebayor, cesc, we would have won a title.

  11. Black Hei


    I think the more plausible logic is that Wenger understood tactics but his strategy was never about forming repetitive formulas.

    I don’t think it is remotely feasible, even during the early years, that players just ran around randomly as part of their “training”. Or that the players held their own training while Wenger reads a book under the shade, occasionally standing up for the cameras.

  12. Unai

    @gonsterous, add that the famous Wenger ‘nearly signed’ again, all about money.

    Strange that all the other top managers don’t suffer mass exodous of squads but players regularly rush to leave Arsenal.

    They say people don’t leave company’s, they leave managers.

  13. Black Hei


    No, the one we were truly reliant upon was Cazorla. Things went down hill after his injury.

    A perfect picture of the “what-might-have-been” years would be a midfield trio of Cazorla-Diaby double pivot and Rosicky at point. All supremely talented, all of the same generation but none fulfilling their promise.

    Wenger’s reliance on gifted players means that once they go, there is nothing to fall back on. The gap is too great for the fillers to stand in.

    We only needed to look at the Athletico friendly to see the worth in a drilled system was. Even the academy players looked good.

  14. gonsterous


    yes wenger is gone and the past can’t be changed. What’s that saying, if my aunt had balls, my uncle was a homo or something ?

  15. TheLegendaryDB10

    The other mystery with AW and his players were thst they became more and more broken (due to his training methods?). Black Hi, you point at Diaby and Rosicky (a player that I really loved!) and I really agree with the what it could have been. Had they not been perennially injured they both would have been amazing to watch.

    As for Cazorla, I also agree. The moment he became permanently crocked, we lost one hell of a player.

    It is a shame that under AW, so many players would end up being injured so frequently

  16. TallestTiz


    The incessant discussion of Wenger-years always throw an air of pessimism.

    Let’s be optimistic for the future, and support the new team in place.

  17. TitsMcGee

    When Fergie can write in his book that Wenger was easy to game-plan against then you know Wenger was not a tactical manager.

  18. VicVic

    In Ozil’s defence.

    It occured to me that it’s hopeless to expect to get it both way with Ozil.
    If you ask him to run at guys across the front spaces in a pressing game, he will do it,he actually did it against Chelsea.
    But doing it will unsettle him so horribly that he might not find the calm to see a single pass in 90 minutes.

    Ozil was never delivering the Christmas packages, but he was our best man in finding a pass through defenders, if he can’t do that, he can’t be Ozil. And he can’t do that when asked to press!

    Looking at it from that angle, wouldn’t you say it’s better to play to our players’ strength, rather than expecting our players to be forced to play the manager’s prefered ball.

    Our defenders can’t run……not fit for a pressing game.
    Xhaka is slow…….not fit for a pressing game.
    And then Ozil is not a fighter who can run at guys and still keep the cool to produce what he’s known for and maybe Auba!

  19. TitsMcGee

    Another notion that shiiites all over “tactical Genius” Wenger was that did his tactics just disappear overnight? He just woke up one day and all of a sudden his “tactical nous” just vanished?

    Coincidentally as soon as more competition entered the league? 😉

  20. TitsMcGee

    TR7 never rated Pep so you have to take what he says with a grain of salt. The ironic part is he trashes Mou for negative football but then also says Pep is overrated. lol

  21. alexanderhenry


    ‘It is a shame that under AW, so many players would end up being injured so frequently’.

    To be fair, that had a lot to do with us being in the CL every year with a comparatively thin squad.
    Going away to play a team like spartak Moscow during the week followed by an away game at Stoke on the weekend.
    You need to rotate.

  22. Ishola70

    Regarding Cazorla I always associate him with when Arsenal had already declined from a team capable of winning the league or having a chance to at least contest a CL final.

    I associate Cazorla with FA Cups on the level down from EPL and CL .

    Cazorla joined too late. The rot had already set in by the time he was signed.

    The team had to win one of the big trophies from 2007-2009. Eduardo leg break to mess up EPL title chance, capitulating to Liverpool at Anfield in the CL the following season after leading in that match.

    Then Man City started to flex their muscles. Having one big hitter team at the time in Chelsea was a irritant enough. To have another was one too many for Arsenal. The sale of Adebayor to Man City was the first sign that they had arrived and there would be trouble for Arsenal however much you rated that player individually.

    Season 2011/12 Wenger was done and dusted at Arsenal. The embarrassing and humiliating defeat at Old Trafford, poor panic buy signings, Man City coming in yet again for Nasri and Clichy and Fabregas having enough and leaving his mentor.

    Those that wanted Wenger sacked just on the back of that humiliating 8-2 defeat to Man United in 2011 in hindsight were not far off at all.

    Arsenal were done, cooked by 2011.

    Never been a team since even threatening the big trophies.

  23. Ishola70

    Cazorla joined the same season Persie left for Man Utd.

    That really was the last insult and dagger in the heart for Arsenal Persie gone.

    It topped off all that had gone on in recent previous seasons.

  24. HighburyLegend

    “Manchester United fans have paid for a plane to fly an anti-Ed Woodward banner over Old Trafford.”


  25. Black Hei


    Actually, we had 1 good roll of the dice. The 2014/2015 FA Cup final team was a title contender.

    Unfortunately, in the most infuriating Arsene Wenger Arsenal way, they top the charts only for the CALENDAR year. and not the season.

  26. Up 4 grabs now

    Wenger did tactics, unfortunately he never changed them for certain opposition.
    Eventually tactics evolve over time like formations. And they were outdated in the end.
    Wenger played almost the same way in year 1 as he did in year 22. Don’t worry about the opposition just play your game.
    He started at 352 moved onto 442 then it was 433 and from there it never changed constantly trying to be Barcelona.

    As the years moved on, tactics, formations assistants, stayed the same.
    Saf adapted every few years to remain ahead of the curve.
    Two horse race became three then a four horse race for the title, unfortunately we ain’t one of the four at present.

    Money plays its part as well but we still had enough to compete at least.
    Wenger stubbornness and shortsighted views are what cost us.

    I appreciate everything he did for this club but in my view once he sold van persie his time was up.

    It will take a lot of money and maybe 3 seasons before we can compete for the title again.
    The first aim is to get back into the champions league anyway possible.
    If that means finishing 5th 6th 7th or 8th but Winning the europa league then so be it.

  27. Ishola70

    Black Hei

    “Actually, we had 1 good roll of the dice. The 2014/2015 FA Cup final team was a title contender.”

    Any Arsenal side from 2009 onwards didn’t have the same level as the team did in that period 2007-2009.

    The competitors themselves may have fluctuated though.

    Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool in the Champions League in 2008 was very damaging to the club. Not just the defeat but also the manner of it and Man City were just around the corner to emerge.

  28. Ishola70

    All real belief had gone by the time Adebayor, Nasri and Clichy were sold to Man City and Fabregas and Persie left.

    This coupled with some very bad psychological results on the football field.

    There was hope of course but the real belief had gone.

    Fans had seen too many setbacks by then however much Wenger looked to rally at times.

    Too many kicks in the bollocks and it takes time to recover and get up from this.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    I have been reflecting about Arsenal’s record over the last 5 years under Wenger’s stewardship of the club and also the correlation between our spending power and that of other major clubs in EPL.

    There is no question that Arsenal’s overall performance in the League has been in decline initially because of a lack of staying power after Xmas, but in last two years a lack of balance in midfield and shoddy defending.

    Yet when you analyse our performance and compare it with other 5 clubs in
    top 6 in League you have to ask the question are we really as bad as some of the posters on Le Grove suggest?

    Here is an analysis of domestic trophy winners:
    Man City EPL 2 LC3 CS1 Total 6
    Arsenal FAC3 CS3 Total 6
    Chelsea EPL 2 FAC1 LC1 Total 4
    Man Utd FAC 1 LC1 CS1 Total 3

    Both Liverpool and Spurs have yet to win a trophy despite their improvement
    in EPL.

    I know that many posters devalue always the ‘minor’ trophies, but at the end of
    the day there is only one winner of the League and increasingly the spending
    power of Man City is forcing other clubs to accept that they are fighting for
    second to fourth best.

    Let’s be clear Man United supposedly the wealthiest football club in the World
    have not won the League since the retirement of Ferguson and indeed like ourselves have failed to finish in top 4 in two of last 5 seasons.

    So the real question is what is Arsenal’s horizon both this season and in the future if we are not able to compete financially with spending power of Man City?

  30. Ishola70

    Why would anyone put Charity Shields in trophy count to try to make or prove a point.

    We hear football managers continually say their teams are not really ready for the season until a month or so into the proper season.

    The Charity Shield is a glorified friendly.

    Why not put in Emirates Cup wins as well.

  31. Black Hei


    Lol, he is buffing United’s numbers.

    But I disagree with your earlier post, slightly.

    The 2014/2015 team had a peak Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla oil machine humming really well. You don’t beat Man City, United at OT etc by being fluky. It was good, just stupid timing.

    Personally for this AKB, it all fell apart at the very end when the same 2016/2017 FA Cup team that smashed Chelsea 2-1 for the final, got hammered 6-0 by Liverpool on the opening day.

    That performance was just so bland. The only personnel change was Mustafi for Big Per.

    It was like the players finally just gave up.

  32. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Do you believe seriously that Man City and Guardiola did not want to win the
    Community Shield and beat Chelsea?

    It is a Domestic Trophy between EPL Title Holders and FA Cup Winners!!!

  33. Ishola70


    Whether they wanted to win it is irrelevant.

    Teams are not up to scratch when the Charity Shield games are played.

    No serious team is going to beat themselves up for failing to win a Charity Shield. Man City will be beating themselves up though if they fail to retain their EPL title.

  34. Emiratesstroller

    What I am trying to point out is that Manchester United are in the same boat as

    Chelsea, Spurs and Liverpool may have better teams than us at the moment but
    for all the optimism about their prospects at start of this season I am willing to
    wager that they will not win the Title.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Clearly you did not see how Man City outplayed Chelsea in that match.

    As I said the result was important to Guardiola even if it was not so to you.

  36. Bob N16

    A Charity Shield should never be included in honours. Only two teams ever compete so it’s a one off match where two teams who have already won something get to go again.
    To argue that just because a team want to win the match means that it is an ‘honour’ is a very weak argument.

  37. Ishola70

    Same with the European Super Cup even if that has more prestige than a Charity Shield.

    There have been results in that cup where the EL winners turn over the CL winners. The underdog team wins.

    Do we see the favs in a European Super Cup match who get beaten slump on the floor at the final whistle followed by tears? No. Never. It’s a shrug of the shoulders because they recognise that the match and when it is played in the calendar is not life or death at all. Again they may want to win it but there is no soul searching in why they lost the game.

  38. Ishola70

    “What I am trying to point out is that Manchester United are in the same boat as

    Yes Man Utd are not in a good spot just like Arsenal are not and they haven’t been for a good few years now.

    But I always say on here just because a big club are failing this means that it’s ok that Arsenal are off the pace as well?

    Should never be the case.

  39. China

    Counting CS as a trophy is fine by me but when we then see trophy counts including it we have to remember that all that glitters isn’t gold.

    The CL is just one trophy too but it’s worth 10 FA cups in my book but both are valued the same on a total trophies count

  40. China

    Black hei I do like the imagery you conjure up of wenger lying in a hammock with a Long Island ice tea and a copy of pride and prejudice gently swaying in the Colney breeze

    You know I’d actually forgive wenger for everything if he’d been ballsy enough to do it that way LOL

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Discount the Community Shield. It still does not alter the point I am making which is that only 2 of the top 4 major clubs have won the EPL Title in last 5 years and just 4 clubs have won a domestic trophy of any description.

    Even in absence of De Bruyne for several months Man City are still well ahead
    of the rest of field. Can you see Liverpool and Spurs dominating League in absence of Salah and Kane?

  42. Ishola70

    Also Emirates Arsenal at this time are not in a position to bemoan that the EPL is a one horse race. That’s for other clubs to complain about atm.

    Let’s close the gap or get into top four again first before whinging that the EPL title is a one team show.

    Otherwise it looks like unwarranted big talk at this point.

  43. China

    I don’t really sympathize with british teams struggling due to the Christmas period or playing on the CL.

    As you said Alexander Henry you have to rotate – but every year managers across the land bottle it and rinse their best players when push comes to shove

    The ironic thing is that we’d have maybe won a league back in the early 2010s if we’d been more strategic about using our squad fully. Players were beasted into injuries and then rushed back before they were ready over and over for years.

    For teams like Utd Chelsea and city as well I have even less sympathy considering they traditionally had hugely expensive squads including bench players. Pep, Sarri, Mou and Klopp will have no excuse for beasting their players imo. Our squad is far worse so we may end up doing it anyway – but it’s more costly in the long run when your lads are crooked

  44. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    In my original post I highlighted the reasons for Arsenal’s decline in recent seasons specifically inability to maintain performance after Christmas and then over last two seasons lack of balance in midfield and shoddy defence.

    These are areas that the new Manager needs to address if we are to close gap
    with clubs above us.

    Whether he can do so with our current squad is debatable.

  45. Ishola70

    Man United did actually finish nearly 20 points ahead of Arsenal last season so however much people think Man Utd are failing and they are for that certain club Arsenal have plenty of catching up to do with them.

  46. Terraloon


    Claiming that the CS should be counted as a domestic trophy is crazy
    Why not count the PL trophy or indeed the ICC. ?

    The CS is a game you want to win but even the FA whose competition it is acknowledge it’s a friendly for bookings and sending offs don’t count as it’s not considered a competitive game.

    This years CS came way too early to draw any conclusions for Chelsea didn’t have the likes of Hazard, Kante, and Willian available to start.
    Hazard a and Kante are probably Chelsea’s two star players and when they play everything for them changes. Reflect on how Saturdays game played out when Hazard came on.

  47. Ishola70


    “These are areas that the new Manager needs to address if we are to close gap
    with clubs above us.Whether he can do so with our current squad is debatable.”

    I’d say it is unlikely if Emery wants to continue with the team press and high back line with Sokratis, Mustafi , Xjaka and Bellerin still knocking about in the first team.

    I’m going to be interested in Arsenal’s goals conceded column by the end of the season.

    This was an obvious weakness from the past and we were told Emery would improve upon this certain aspect.

  48. gonsterous

    the selling was damaging but what hurt the squad most was the 8-2 against utd and then we got a couple of very average players when wenger panick bought arteta, per, Korean ST, podolski and then to add insult to injury, Sanogoal…

  49. Emiratesstroller


    The stats are exactly the same without inclusion of Community Shield.

    Only Man City and Chelsea of top six have won EPL in last five years. Only
    four of top six have won a trophy in that period.

    Liverpool and Spurs despite their improvements have won nothing.

  50. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Our defence continues to be fragile. We have conceded already 5 goals in first
    two games of season. Until that problem is resolved we are not a top 4 team let
    alone challenger for title.

  51. Ishola70


    And yet despite these teams winning no second tier domestic trophies fans of both these clubs are happier with their lot than Arsenal atm but Spurs of course will be easily pleased.

    Not just fans. Media and pundits talk more positive about Liverpool and Spurs now in comparison to Arsenal.

    There are obvious reasons for this.

    What is your actual point here? That Arsenal fans should be content with their lot because Wenger bagged a couple of FA Cup wins.

    That Arsenal are sitting prettier than Spurs and Liverpool at this time because of those FA Cup wins?

  52. Patriot blood

    Wow I am shocked you were allowed to criticize another person in the UK, I mean with your free speech basically removed due to the influx of Muslims especially in Londonstan.

  53. NW9 gooner

    A really interesting article on Shortfuse on the next 8 matches. 20 points and more and we will be in the mix

  54. Elmo

    Shows the extent to which the club has regressed when the third game of the season, against West Ham, is seen as ‘the start of our season,’ and games against City and Chelsea (who should be our rivals) are written off as fixtures where “it would be a bonus to get anything from.”

    That is pure small club / mid-table and below mentality. As a club we have to drag ourselves out of this.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Happy I am not, but realistic I am.

    The current team/squad is not good enough to win league title and most probably not to compete for top 4 place.

    As I have said many times in the past I have been an Arsenal Supporter since
    mid 50s and in that time I have seen good, bad and indifferent teams represent
    the club.

    At the moment we operate a very average side which is more in decline than
    on the way up.

    Hopefully that will change in the not too distant future.

  56. Ishola70

    Cultural Appropriation.

    That was what Jamie Oliver was accused of with his Jerk rice.

    That and it being a bit shit as well.

    Apparently the Spanish were up in arms when Jamie put out his paella dish a few years back. We don’t have chirizo sausage in our paella they said. Now I like a bit of paella but all I mostly see in UK shops is paella with chirizo suasage in it just like Jamies’ one. We don’t like chirizo in paella. Sort it.

    Jamie is a bit of an irritating individual though himself all said and done.

  57. Ishola70

    I would think this throwing in of the chirizo is an Italian influence. South Italian.

    So the packaging should read Mediterranean paella not Spanish.

    Seafood only if you please when Spanish is mentioned.

  58. Dream10

    West Ham at home is the type of match we usually win with a comfortable scoreline.

    Let’s see how Emery sets us up against an inferior side. Want to see us dominate play and create a constant stream of chances. Hope they play Wilsh and Noble in a two


    Bellerin Mustafi Sokratis Monreal

    Torreira Ramsey

    Mkhi Özil Iwobi


  59. Ishola70

    The game should be won to nil against West Ham.

    No good seeing a 5-2.

    We were told Emery was going to tighten this team up.

    If he doesn’t there was no point in hiring him.

    May as well have carried on with the old fella until he dropped.

  60. Dream10


    We’re definitely conceding with this high line Emery is adamant in playing. Don’t think he’ll adjust until one of Sokratis/Mustafi get injured or we allow five or six to a top side.

  61. Ishola70

    “We’re definitely conceding with this high line Emery is adamant in playing. Don’t think he’ll adjust until one of Sokratis/Mustafi get injured or we allow five or six to a top side.”

    Did you see the little heated debate between Neville and Carragher regarding sticking to your original principles or adapting to the players you have in your team?

    Neville wants Emery to stick to the high line and press come what may. No adaptability. But he would wouldn’t he. He’ll be laughing down his sleeve when the goals roll in the Arsenal net.

  62. Guns of Hackney

    I don’t think Arsenal will beat West Ham. This is a relegation battle and we’re only three games in. A six pointer.

    Pellegrini will school Emery. Wilshere with a brace and a Barca esqe performance.

  63. Marko

    Jesus h christ the charity shield is a friendly nothing more. It goes straight to penalties and you’re allowed more than 3 subs.

  64. T


    It is great to see cech doing better this year and im happy for him. But lets be real here.

    Go through the preseason and league games so far.

    Leno has conseded much less goals. And the teams buildup play has been lightyears better with him between the sticks.

    I cant honestly understand why he isnt starting ahead of cech based on the performances he put in at preseason.

    It feels almoust as irrational as ozil being asked to lead the pressing up front 🙁

    Please somebody explain this to me..

  65. Receding Hairline

    “Jack Wilshere thinks this is a good time for West Ham to play Arsenal?

    Rubbish, Jack! You and Mark Noble are two old men who didn’t have the legs to compete with Bournemouth. You won’t get within five yards of Guendouzi.”

    I was reading the rantings of that old bore on ANR this morning and i actually chuckled at the above.

  66. Dream10


    Yeah saw their debate. We need to mix up the press with possession. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t play good football on Saturday. Especially at home. We were
    15-2-2 at the Emirates last year and averaged three goals per match. I expect us to be shaky defensively because of personnel , but goals would be welcomed.

  67. Danny

    Wilshere with a brace and a Barca esqe performance.
    Plus Lucas to score a hat trick and Flappianski to save a penalty.

  68. Dream10

    Guns of Hackney

    Love Pelligrini. He’s a good footballing man. But if we lose to West Ham and Wilshere plays like peak Maradona, Emery should be sacked at the final whistle. Jack destroying us is a catastrophe.

    Have a feeling the pace of Anderson and Antonio will trouble us.

  69. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote you can discount the Community Shield and it does not alter the stats.

    The bottom line is that there are plenty of posters on Le Grove who discount any trophy apart from EPL and Champions League.

    For years we were also critical of a top four finish as well albeit many other
    clubs and their supporters are more than happy with that outcome.

    Far too many posters on Le Grove want to criticise just for the sake of it with very low patience threshold.

  70. Ishola70


    “Please somebody explain this to me..”

    Yes you are looking through rose tinted glasses if you think Leno had a real noteworthy pre-season.

    Cech did more of note in one half against Chelsea in that friendly than Leno did put together in his appearances in pre-season.

    That’s why Cech got the nod over Leno to start against Manchester City.

    The case is now Leno has to take the first team spot away from Cech. Not difficult you would think as some label Cech the worst and weakest link in the team and that’s something I have never agreed with. Realise he should be replaced but to me he is down the list of worries when you have Xjaka, Mustafi and Sokratis in a high line pressing team and I would even put Bellerin now as a bigger worry. He’s been awful for quite a time now Bellerin.

  71. Ishola70

    What are you telling us Charlie?

    That Big Papa is not slow as CB in a high line?

    Or are you telling us that Big Papa is not that slow in comparison to other Arsenal players?

  72. Marko

    The bottom line is that there are plenty of posters on Le Grove who discount any trophy apart from EPL and Champions League

    The bottom line is that you brought up the community shield and tried to pass it off as a serious cup. Ridiculous commentary. Again straight to pens and I believe 6 subs. Stop that

  73. Receding Hairline

    “Yes you are looking through rose tinted glasses if you think Leno had a real noteworthy pre-season.Cech did more of note in one half against Chelsea in that friendly than Leno did put together in his appearances in pre-season.”

    Rose-tinted glasses? Ehhmm..they are both Arsenal players

    What did Leno do wrong in preseason might i ask?

  74. Ishola70

    You heard it here first.

    Big Papa is not a worry as CB in a high line. He is not slow.

    This despite most of the footballing fraternity noting Big Papa running on treacle for the first two Chelsea goals.

    So why did he look so slow against Chelsea?

    Maybe nerves slowed him down. Too nervous to run any faster.

  75. Champagne charlie


    Pretty sure I just stated the speed tests at Arsenal are in, then posted a link to the numbers. What are you struggling with?

  76. Ishola70


    “What did Leno do wrong in preseason might i ask?”

    He didn’t do anything wrong. But he didn’t really stand out and do anything of great note either.

    Cech on the other hand had a very noteworthy first half in the Chelsea friendly match.

    Cech is No.1. Leno is sub and has to wait for his chance.

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Would like to see Mkhitaryan at CAM for West Ham, start trying to build a midfield with Torreira and Guendouzi at the base of the midfield.

    Iwobi should definitely get another start, I thought he was good against Chelsea and brings a pace and directness we completely lack otherwise. He seems to be enjoying Emery being manager and has joined the list of people claiming that there are massive benefits to the change in manager.

    The choice then is whether you start Aubameyang and Lacazette together?

  78. Guns of Hackney

    I can’t wait until our 34 year old speed merchant with his torn achilles tendon comes back and REALLY quickens up the defence.

    Our defence has proven it’s as much use as a chocolate tea pot.

  79. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest that you take a look at the reaction of Guardiola when Man City win and lose that trophy.

    As far as he is concerned every trophy is important to win and the psychological impact in doing so on opposition.

    Bluntly it does not matter what you and others think about this trophy. What
    matters is what the coaching staff and players do and how they play in this game.

  80. Marko

    There are players slower than Xhaka? Bollox. Probably felt bad for him. Drew straws to see who was going to be slower than him

  81. Ishola70


    What are you struggling with?

    Everyone could see that Papa was in trouble with pace against Chelsea with balls over the top. Almost everybody.

    Why do you think he looked so slow? What slowed this speedster down in that match?

    What distance was this sprint chart done? Over ten yards?

    You said previously that the Licht would have no problem with speed and stamina previously but we have yet to see him starting a match yet even when there was selection problems at LB against Man City.

    The Arsenal squad overall seems very slow doesn’t it.

    Especially over ten yards.

  82. Champagne charlie


    It’s MAX speed tests, Xhaka/Papa and co are perfectly mobile in full flight. It’s their acceleration that leaves a lot to be desired. Be interesting to see their 15 yard numbers side by side.

  83. Receding Hairline

    “He didn’t do anything wrong. But he didn’t really stand out and do anything of great note either.”

    Ishola was he supposed to invite shots from opposition players or rush into midfield to play a defense splitting pass??

    I have no issues with Cech starting the season as number one because he has earned it, i however have an issue with people making put Leno has someone done something wrong.

  84. Champagne charlie


    Not sure your random hard on about certain players, and quizzing me over it. I posted the Arsenal speed numbers, that’s it. Get over yourself you numpty

  85. Marko

    Bluntly it does not matter what you and others think about this trophy. What
    matters is what the coaching staff and players do and how they play in this game.

    Bluntly speaking you’re trying to pass off the community shield as something that it isn’t in order to make yet another bullshit point. As per usual you talk a good game but ultimately it’s all pointless words behind a bullshit point. Things aren’t all that bad look at the comparable trophy haul we have with Man City. Hilarious really. I can’t stress this enough community shield is not a game to be taken seriously at all. Straight to pens 6 subs

  86. Ishola70

    Why did you post them Charlie when they are irrelevant.

    If Papa has zero acceleration capabilities much like Xjaka then their overall speed mean squat diddly.

  87. Guns of Hackney

    Max speed test. I’ve heard it all now.

    The top speed of a footballer is generally irrelevant. It’s the acceleration over the first few meters that makes the difference. For an attacker, it’s the ability to stay away from the defender once they have the initial advantage – top speed.

    However for a defender, I’d say speed of mind is more important that actual velocity. If a defender can see danger and read the game…I’d take that over speed any day.

  88. Marko

    All those speed test results tell me is that Ozil, Xhaka and Ramsey can actually run but the question then becomes why doesn’t Ozil put in the effort or Ramsey run back into position or Xhaka run and track his man more.

  89. Champagne charlie


    Let’s be really clear, just because you find them irrelevant doesn’t make them irrelevant. It’s evidence of who possesses the top speeds at the club.

    If it’s irrelevant to you don’t comment about it you fucking idiot, and bore off with your ankle biting bollocks because I happened to share some Arsenal related info (released today) on an Arsenal blog.

  90. Ishola70

    Ok Charlie

    But do you think Big Papa looked a problem pace wise against Chelsea with the balls over the top in the high line?

  91. Michael24

    Bellerin has supposedly been the fastest sprinter at Arsenal over these past couple of seasons.

    Going forward, maybe.

    Tracking back, definitely not.

  92. Ishola70

    Big Papa was very disappointing for the second goal in particular against Chelsea.

    He let Pedro run away from him too easily for the first but the second goal he was more disappointing.

    This was because he was level in line with Mustafi when the ball was played over the top for Morata and he was closest to Morata as well in comparison to Mustafi when the ball was lofted over. But he showed zero awareness of Morata in the play despite being nearest to him. Mustafi showed awareness but failed in his attempts to stop Morata. Mustafi gets slated rightly but Big Papa was a useless passenger in that play and he shouldn’t really have been,

    As for acceleration from Big Papa to try to get back to Morata it was achingly clear there was none. He was running on empty.

  93. Marko

    Ishola you’ve definitely got a chub for Sokratis. Painfully obvious you’ve given up on him and that’s that

  94. Ishola70


    I have big worries about him defensively in a team that press in a high line.

    Don’t you?

    Or do you disagree?

  95. Ishola70

    Also Marko I notice plenty like to just slate established players and don’t go after the new signings.

    I don’t go for that.

    If a new signing worries me I will say so.

    As well as dearest Xjaka.

  96. Michael24

    Speed of thought and a positive mindset is more important than “Run Forrest Run”.

    Bellerin is the quickest, but he’s utter shite at present.

  97. Cesc Appeal

    Arsenal are apparently sticking to their offer with regards to Ramsey and are way off his £220 000 a week demand.

    Good on them, we made one mistake in terms of wages because of a similar situation, don’t make it again. Sell him in January if you can, no way should we tie ourselves to Ramsey on £220 000 a week for 4 years.

    The madness has to stop somewhere.

  98. G8

    The weakest link in this arsenal squad is Hector imo .
    Bacary was good right back, though shit in crossing the ball..he did a decent job defensively with little or no help from Theo or Merts.
    We have struggled since his departure
    Expect all teams to target our right flank..

  99. Michael24

    Do you know that most serious sprinters are faster than Usain Bolt……..over 5 metres!

    I would advise not to play a high line against Usain.

  100. Marko

    Also Marko I notice plenty like to just slate established players and don’t go after the new signings.I don’t go for that

    I’ve noticed. Hey I’m dubious of Papa and Lichtsteiner but I’ll be less inclined to scrutinize every single mistake they make this early as opposed to the continuous mistakes by Xhaka, Bellerin and Mustafi. But you keep going son

  101. Paulinho

    The tests on Torreira were quite interesting though.

    Suggests he ties up over longer distances,and that’s not good if we want him to develop into a top level box-to-box midfielder.

  102. Marko

    CA I personally wouldn’t give a shit about even losing Ramsey on a free next summer. Honestly. I know we’re leaving imaginary money on the table by not selling him (I say imaginary because it doesn’t appear anyone actually wants him) but fact of the matter is that if we sign him to a new deal we ain’t getting rid of him anytime soon.

  103. Champagne charlie

    Lauren was brilliant of course, Sagan was just brilliant and more this era hence why I’m pining after someone like him.

    Hector is all aboard the hype train and little else

  104. Ishola70

    Xjaka my fav player so I like to highlight him more with more exotic spelling of his name.

    Marko I was fair I thought on Papa when he was signed. Said he had good points but weak ones as well and we had to wait and see.

    Made no comment on him against Man City because he didn’t do anything wrong even if he had a quiet match. As long as the CB is not making mistakes then you are halfway there.

    But he was disappointing against Chelsea in the first half in the high line.

    I don’t rate Mustafi at all but I don’t like to see players get solely blamed for a goal against. Papa was nearest to Morata when that ball was played over. He was in line with Mustafi. But Papa was entirely lost in that play. A passenger. At least Mustafi got back even though he failed. Easy to slate the player who gets beaten for the goal but ignore another player who failed to get in the picture at all.

    So it’s a bit wide off the mark to say I am gunning for Sokratis.

    I have concerns about him.

  105. Cesc Appeal



    We’re already wasting a massive amount of money in wages as it stands. Better to sell him if we can or just let him leave and learn from the error.


    He’s on £110 000 already I think, so maybe something like £150 000, it is all a bit arbitrary picking numbers out of the air but he certainly is not worth approaching £200 000 let alone over, neither is Ozil for that matter but we’re f****d there already.

  106. OleGunner


    Yeah I’d pay him 150k but on a shorter deal, say 2-3 years.

    Then if he crumbles we can still sell him and get a fee, cut our losses early without having crippled ourselves financially or with a bum wage deal.

  107. KAY Boss

    From Wenger tactics to their fastest or slowest player to wages of Ramsey.
    This place always brings up issues to be discussed by repeatedly also.

    Ramsey will only deserve his wages if he players deservingly consistently.

  108. Pierre

    “Suggests he ties up over longer distances,and that’s not good if we want him to develop into a top level box-to-box midfielder”

    Don’t quite get it do you.. Torriera is not a box to box midfielder… From what I saw in the world cup, he is most effective sitting in front of the defence offering protection and is tidy on the ball.
    So let’s forget about all this box to box nonsense

  109. S Asoa

    Looks good to see a live dissection of the late frog , sorry Fraud Wenger. In psychology would be self realisation, coming to terms with old psychosis and thereafter moving on to normal life. That was the atmosphere in the room with some unmentionables who can see seem to be improving from their rabid paranoia’s.
    Regarding the speed statistics, could be a mind game. But putting Big Papa up there and Xhaka respectable, has taken away the impact. To mention as well that Aubameyang is an experienced players and doubt he would post such statistics without nod from Emery

  110. S Asoa

    When the world ends the cockroach will survive, like the pest did from the days of the dinasaur.
    In other news , Arsene Wenger will receive the highest honour from the President of Liberia, apparently land of the surviving AKB

  111. Paulinho

    Pierre – You really are a clueless tit.

    Check out some of his goals for Sampdoria and you will see he can go forward and score with 20 yard shots. He has that in his locker and I hope he uses it.

    Educate yourself beyond superficial cliched ideas of how players in certain positions are supposed to play according to the little box you put them in.

  112. Dissenter

    What has Wenger done for the people or nation of Liberia?
    Why is he accepting such as a meaningless award?
    Typical Wenger stuff.

  113. tee

    if you don’t know then sink this in – George Weah is the president of Liberia and the man owes his career to him

  114. tee

    You are in no position to tell a him how he lives his life.

    if he so chooses to accept a meaningless award (as stated by you), then so be it.

    there is a reason he but not you is chosen for it.