Wenger hangover excuse will suffice for now, but Emery needs wins

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Quick post from me, namely because I feel like Arsenal needed to get through the first two games pointless so the real season can kick off. Remember, Chelsea > Champions of 2 seasons ago, City > Champions of last season. Those were the two toughest games of the season (first half), now they’re done and we’ve learned a bit.

Unfair Advantage:

Nothing triggers wounded AKBs quite like me reminding them that the reason the job of Emery is so tough this season is because Wenger neglected the squad and its education so badly over the last ten years. Our boys are like 13-year-olds who’ve been homeschooled in the woods. There’s a lot of talent in our squad, but they’re not educated tactically and they’re a long way off mentally. You do not shake the Wenger out of that squad in two games. Those opening 20 minutes are a byproduct of yesteryear.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has far fewer challenges. I know Sarri inherited a club in chaos, but at the same time, he picked up players who’d been managed by Mourinho, then fine-tuned by Conte. They are winners who lost their way last season. The whole squad is slammed full of exceptional players. The whole club is built around success. It’s going to be far easier for Sarri to make things happen.

Now, that’s not to say Emery is going to get away with this for long. The defence is a mess, his starting 11 was a mistake, and the team looked like they were caught between systems. Nothing looked particularly cohesive. Bielsa at Leeds has been at the club the same amount of time as Emery and he has them playing an exceptional style of football already. You don’t need 3 months to make progress. Remember, Leeds finished 13th last season.

So how about some postive talk?

The response:

We failed hard conceding two goals in the opening 20 minutes. That would normally be the start of a humiliation, but to Emery’s credit the team found the spirit to fight back. By the end of the first half, we’d not only pulled two goals back courtesy of Iwobi and Mikhi, we’d also managed to spurn three open goals (and an easy chance). Ozil missed early on, Iwobi fired over and Auba had an uncharacteristic disaster in front of the target. We should have been 5-3 up.

Petr Cech:

Arsenal fans are crowing over the glorious failure of losing on the technicality of conceding more goals than the opposition, but having the better chances… but the reality is, Chelsea’s keeper wasn’t anywhere near the MoM (he was shite), but Cech was. The Czech had and OUTSTANDING game. Incredible what a bit of competition can do for the spirits. Time and time again, when he was called upon, he made the right decision.

The Subs:

Again, you have to temper your praise for the new manager sometimes because Wenger was just that bad, but fuck it, Emery made BOLD subs.

He took Xhaka off at halftime again for Torreira, my question was: Why did he make the same mistake twice? He also yanked Ozil off on 70minutes after his typical top 6 #DisasterClass. I know making logical changes shouldn’t be a big deal, but at least subs are now chess moves, rather than the click of a switch in an entirely predictable process.


He had a poor game against City. You can’t paint a game positive just because a professional doesn’t hide (I know I was guilty of this). However, yesterday he really came into his own. I love his aggression and quick passing. He’s showing up Xhaka and I love it. He’s a real player in the making.

The worry:

Emery has to shape up. It’s clear he’s struggling to get across his ideas and he looks like he’s making some very odd decisions that could add up to issues further down the line. He’s hitting players with double sessions, he’ll no doubt be pulling them in for a video analysis slamming tomorrow, and he’s making big moves on big players before he’s proved anything.

Benching Aaron Ramsey was a big move. Pulling Xhaka off early was embarrassing for the Swiss. Pulling Ozil off after a terrible game was brave. These things can start to add up when things go wrong. Expensive personalities have big opinions. Emery could quickly alienate himself at a club he doesn’t really understand or control at this moment.

Also, what a fucking scenario… our worst performers all have new deals.

Anyway, my point with this Emery shake up is that he doesn’t have the luxuries Wenger had.

1. Emotional Connection

He’s not the charismatic leader we’d hoped for. He struggles to communicate in press conferences and he doesn’t have the swagger of any of the managers in the top 7. That might seem like a minor observation, but remember, he’s dealing with footballers. He’s also dealing with a very aggressive press core. He was destroyed by the French, and they’re children compared to the monsters that run the rags here.

I know you think this point is weak, but look at how much Mourinho gets away because he’s a sound bite. Jurgen Klopp is a darling of the media because of his smile and charisma. Nearly all the modern managers in the game are good in front of the camera, and great for the soundbites. We don’t have that. Though Emery is more of a football student than Wenger, he’s certainly not the charmer the Frenchman was. That is costing him after one game, the press have already lined him up as the next David Moyes. Once the narrative about you is set, it’s hard to shake it.

2. Player power

This is not Sevilla. This is Arsenal. We are a major club. You have to treat the players a certain way, or you’ll have the players down tools. We’re a long way off that, but Arsenal players couldn’t get Wenger fired, they could easily get Emery moved on.

Remember, Emery tanked a one horse race in his first year at PSG because the players didn’t get him. He cannot afford the same mistakes again.

Also, remember what Ivan Gazidis passed on when making his decision.

He didn’t opt for prodigious talent

He didn’t opt for a manager who is the talk of the elite managers’ fraternity

He didn’t opt for wild charisma

He didn’t opt for ‘proven winner’

He went for safe because he’s weak.

The players know that, and if our next ten games don’t pan out well, the club is in big, big trouble… and where will Ivan be? Milan, working on a new project for a hedge fund.

There are 24 points to play for before the Liverpool game. The run is fairly easy. We need to bring home at least 21 points.

Emery needs to start making it happen, because the press, the pundits and the fans won’t tolerate Wenger 2.0 for long.

There are positives for sure, but don’t pretend glorious failure is something we haven’t seen before.

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  1. Marko

    Dale you are the quintessential AKB. Any negative sort of comment about him and you’re in there. Guy was absolutely shocking the last two seasons done a real number on the club left a bag of shit on its doorstep was duly sacked and two games into a new season lo and behold the crap he left us with is underperforming but no he’s gone and any criticism shouldn’t be levied at him. It doesn’t work like that he’s not exempt just because he’s fucked off now. It’s gonna take a couple hundred million and a few years before we move on from Arsene Wenger.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    All the video and assessment, we still need to checkout Xhaka, Bellerin, Ozil and Mustafi?? Add Ramsey?? I mean during Wenger era, a lot of you already knew this, why would Emery not know that they may not be good enough….it’s not like we don’t have replacements for them. Leno for Cech, Ramsey doesn’t need to be in as we have loads of 10s, ditto Ozil, Lichtsteiner is in, Papas, Mavropanos, are there, Guendouzi, Torreira over Xhaka even Elneny over Xhaka if you insist on playing pressing game.

  3. Alex Cutter

    ” Don’t you get tired of using the now tired label on everyone”

    It’s understandable that you would consider the term “tired”, and want to move on. Considering you and your ilks complicity in the shitstain that remains after your hero has slunk off into irrelevancy.

  4. Marko

    Charles it always seems to be a Bamford comment you respond to and it’s usually followed up with an insult almost like clockwork so yeah it is tedious. And you weren’t even there at the time it wasn’t even directed at you but you came back later to address it. Basically the whole dickhead towards Bamford routine is a bit boring at this stage. Move on with your life otherwise you’re a twat

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Alex you clearly don’t know who I am, what I stand or stood for, so why don’t you slide back into the slit you crawled out of to address me? In “real life” and even on here, I definitely was done with Wenger at least 7 years ago. I turned my anger towards the ownership, and I’m still turning my anger there…..do us a favor, fuck off my d’ck and go chart to the other 12 year olds

  6. DaleDaGooner

    The obsession drives some of us nuts, it’s so tired. It’s like you latch onto the Wenger boob and can’t let go. We’ve got new problems you fools!

  7. Marko

    Good Dale I don’t care to engage with you you’re the most transparent AKB that ever existed. Oh now all of a sudden you have criticism for the likes of Mustafi and Xhaka and Ramsey and Ozil.

  8. Marko

    why don’t you slide back into the slit you crawled out of to address me?

    Oh that’s tough sounding you definitely got that from a movie. Good one very good one

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Ha ha again Marko, you’re tedious. Check my post over the years, I’ve always had criticism for Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey especially. And I’ve always had issues with Wenger playing them over and over, what I can’t understand is why Emery has faith in them too but yeah, it’s all the dead horses fault now. He’s still running the team.

  10. Michael24


    He has spoken more sense about Arsenal these past few seasons than most.

    What channel are you watching?

    Is it because he’s ex-Spud?

  11. Marko

    it’s all the dead horses fault now. He’s still running the team.

    He’s not dead yet. And to be fair to Emery the problem players now the players who are real dogshit at the moment (Bellerin, Mustafi, Ozil, Ramsey and Xhaka) are Wenger purchases and players who significantly got worse under his “management”. Emery’s signings are fine they’re not the problem it’s the squad Arsene left him that’s the problem and the budget also that he left him after pissing away a couple hundred million the last few years and two Europa League place finishes under the self sufficient model Emery wasn’t left with much. He’s finding it hard to offload the turds too because in the last two years they got so bad no one wants them. Ramsey with a year left on his contract and Chelsea would rather play Barkley and bring in a player on loan and United would rather spend 60 million on Fred and keep Perreira. No one wants Ozil or Xhaka.

  12. Marc


    Being a Spud doesn’t help but he also shows bais to the Scouse filth, for the most part it’s just because he’s a dickhead

  13. Michael24

    Who’s the best pundit on TV?

    Gary Neville?

    Cesc was pretty good during the WC.

    Sense he’ll make a great coach.

  14. Dissenter

    Why do you people take everything so personal when Wenger is mentioned.
    It’s not like Wenger left the club in prime position
    Wenger was in charge for 7887 days, Its been only 88 days sinceEmery was appointed so why shouldn’t we still mention Wenger.
    He left the club in the Europa league with under-coached and over paid dross.
    We will never stop talking about him, for better for worse.

  15. Wenker-wanger

    Is the great Wenger working yet? Or doesn’t any club want a complete tosser?
    ……just a comment for the akb s ( arsene knew best)

  16. Dissenter

    Our summer transfer business wasn’t bad at all, could have been better had we gotten a winger.
    We could have also moved players on the last year of their contract out- Welbeck and Ramsey.

    The problem is we can’t replace Wenger’s dross in one transfer window. It will take 3-4 windows to meaningfully address some of the problems.

  17. Bob N16

    Nobody is coming up with anything new about Wenger. We know he was incompetent, we know Emery has inherited a shite, unbalanced squad of players.

    Stating the bleeding obvious is neither interesting or insightful. I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the whole AKB/ WOB a load of regurgitated bollocks.

    Anybody using these terms should self flagellate for a few days to purge themselves of being boring. Nothing new comes out of these terms.

    I scroll down but it’s like a trigger for some of you. I’m pleading now.

  18. Wenker-wanger

    Please on….the site doesn’t exist for your selfish benefit…….I don’t take notice of opinionated bollocks complaints.

  19. Alex Cutter

    “I’m sure I’m not alone in finding the whole AKB/ WOB a load of regurgitated bollocks.”

    Yes. I’m sure you share the same opinion as other AKBs who would rather forget their complicity in Wenger’s reign of terror, and its stinky aftermath.


  20. Marko

    Yeah no offense Bob but this only started because Dale was so appalled by the article. Wenger’s gone and the second that happens any criticism isn’t valid anymore apparently. One transfer window 6 weeks of preseason and two games isn’t that enough for Emery to completely turn things around

  21. Dissenter

    I agree that the AKB terms is meaningless
    I do disagree that one shouldn’t mention that Emery inherited a shit pot.
    It does seem that the bad decisions didn’t stop with Wenger’s exit. I don’t understand for the life of me why the contracts of Xhaka, El Neny and Chambers were renewed.
    I didn’t understand why Welbeck and Ramsey weren’t sold since they are on the last year of their contracts and will leave for nothing next May.

  22. MGooner

    I am not a Wenger fan, in fact I wanted him out 10 years ago when some on here were waxing lyrical about him.

    But his project youth maintained us in the CL for 2 decades. We slipped when we bought mercenaries like Sanchez and Ozil. Without these 2 in the side we would have qualified for the CL no problem.

    Now, we were also told that there was a shit load of money and Wenger was not spending it. It was written time and time again on this blog. So I do not understand now why we are buying average players and not those who can take us to the PL title.

    Because let;s say things as they are. We were bored with the yop 4 is a title thing and wanted better.

    So what is the new deal now? s it the Yank CEO stuff of everybody needs 2.3 years to deliver and keep buying time?

    Why did we not sign Enrique as gaffer? Because he wanted a proper budget to make us compete for the title against City and we said we could not afford 200M?

    If that is the case, we have been lied to. There has never been money to expend on stars which could take us to the next level. We can never compete financially against Manure. Chelsea, City.

    If you did your homework, you would know that Wenger was a polidor in France, always second but not first, that why I said 10 years ago, we will not win anything now that Dein has left and he has full control.

    But to put our current worries on the back of Wenger is a bit rich. Spend the money and show us the title now! I am not interested in the top 4 trophy as its boring, we won that for 20 years!

  23. Dissenter

    Wenger Wanker
    “Boris Johnson? Goon or maverick? Discuss”
    Boris is a Trumpian gas bag.
    If he can’t even solve a simple stadium situation in favor of the tax payer how he negotiate your Brexit better.
    He gave Westham that stadium for virtually nothing. Horrible deal for the tax payer.

  24. Dissenter

    ‘Why did we not sign Enrique as gaffer?”

    Why didn’t any other club sign Enrique?
    He wanted a £15 million salary after tax.

    The players we bought have already improved the team. Its just that we can’t replace the overpaid dross easily because no one else will match their wages.

  25. Nelson

    I think the whole affair with the German national team hurt Ozil more than we realize. We are not the one who was attacked by so many of your countrymen. I think Ozil’s mental state hasn’t completely recovered yet.
    He needs to clear up his mind and refocus on football. I would suggest benching him for a couple of games and let him watch the game by his teammates.

  26. Marc

    Why weren’t Ramsey and Welbeck sold? No one made an offer.

    Why did we extend the contracts of Xhaka, Chamber’s, Elneny etc? So we didn’t repeat the same mistakes of getting ourselves in a position of Wilshere leaving on a free or having players down to a year left on their contracts.

    It’s not that difficult.

  27. Marc

    Project youth kept us in the CL for 2 decades? Please enlighten me the starting date of project youth and when it finished / was abandoned?

  28. Champagne charlie

    “Charles it always seems to be a Bamford comment you respond to and it’s usually followed up with an insult almost like clockwork so yeah it is tedious“

    I respond against opinions I totally disagree with, period. Kind of how this whole thing works if you read.

    Banford has long held a special hard on for Stan, I simply picked up on another defensive leap at a time where it’s totally front and centre in fan consciousness.

    Of course you can’t get that, just about your level to create faux enemies on here and the like.

  29. Guns of SF

    I don’t know if ozil has anything more to offer. He doesn’t suit our new system and had peaked physically and is jaded mentally. As China said in here who cares about his 350k. We paid it but are also not obligated to play him if he doesn’t give us what we need.

    Our team is in flux with a new coach system and players who are able to fit in. Some clearly cannot adapt

    Time will reveal who stays and who goes

  30. Bamford10


    “Bamford’s comment, brushing the owner’s involvement ‘under the carpet’ was facile at best, brainless at worst.”

    Kroenke doesn’t determine what is available to spend; the self-sustaining model does. And the self-sustaining model was adopted by the Arsenal board prior to Kroenke becoming majority owner.

    Could Kroenke pour some of his own money in? Sure. But that’s not the model we have, that’s not the owner we have, and money is not our principal problem.

    Going on and on about Kroenke was, during the Wenger era, a disingenuous way of deflecting blame from Wenger. Going on and on about Kroenke today is simply a diversion and a waste of time on a subject that is totally and completely beside the point. We aren’t where we are because of a lack of money. Just look at what Wenger spent over the past 4-5 years.

    We have the model we have; we have the owner we have. If you want the board to adopt a different model or if you want a new owner who will pour his own money in, organize a protest.

    Otherwise, accommodate yourself to the reality that whatever we accomplish as a club will have to be accomplished from within a budget determined by our operating revenues. Other clubs do this successfully; there is no reason that we cannot.

  31. MGooner

    Dissenter, 15M to someone who makes you fight for the title is a no brainer.

    No club wanted him because they did not have a proper transfer budget maybe and maybe he was selective.

    Players like Gwen are good but perspective please he was playing in French D2 last year. You will not win titles with him.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    ‘I think the whole affair with the German national team hurt Ozil more than we realize. We are not the one who was attacked by so many of your countrymen. I think Ozil’s mental state hasn’t completely recovered yet.’

    I was waiting for this to drop this season as soon as it happened in the summer.

  33. Receding hairline

    McGooner why should Kroenke bring his own personal funds for Arsenal to compete for the title? Do you have any proof that he has stopped us spending self generated money in the past? Why didn’t Chelsea give Enrique his war chest if he was such a guaranteed winner? Why didn’t PSG go for him but opted for a man with a single German cup to his name?

    The disrespect some posters on here have for Emery is a bit weird ..this man has done enough to command more respect than he seems to be getting .

  34. Bamford10


    “it always seems to be a Bamford comment you respond to and it’s usually followed up with an insult almost like clockwork so yeah it is tedious”

    Glad you noticed this, Marko. I don’t really care anymore — I have better things to do with my time — but this guy’s annoying and petty harassment of me has been going on for a very long time. It’s one of the reasons I no longer spend much time here.

    Note too that in his little rant he referred to my commentary re Kroenke as “one dumb yank supporting another,” which means there is a xenophobic and anti-American component of Charlie’s hostility, something I have pointed out many times.

    And for the record, I have never said a single positive thing about Stan Kroenke. Not once. All I have ever done is argue that he is not the principal problem at Arsenal and not the problem that some here make him out to be, an argument that a number of English supporters here, including gambon, have also made. So this has nothing to do with one’s nationality; it has to with one’s ability to reason through the existing situation at Arsenal.


  35. Champagne charlie


    Xenophobia and harassment….

    Good lord, you’re a real centre of the universe type. You’re not special mate, you just say dumb things that require a response.

    Oh and you know exactly zero about me, so the fact you even begin to talk about anti-American sentiment is fucking hilarious. It’s you that’s brought up these fixations previously, I’m pointing out there seems to be a classic case of defending your own going on regarding Kroenke.

    Spare everyone the ‘I haven’t praised him’ shit. You continually state how finances the adequate blah blah in stark defence. Just look at your response above where you defend him by saying ‘he could invest but we have a self sustaining model’. Absolute rubbish as per.

    Yea yea I know, harassment by the anti-American poster (who was educated there). Special breed

  36. Bob N16

    Marko, it’s not that Wenger isn’t culpable. Everybody knows he is.

    That’s the point, it doesn’t need to be constantly repeated.

    I’m not saying that because I’m a blind supporter of Wenger, which is a tiresome ‘argument’ that some seem to want to push. I am saying it because it’s so obvious that it’s boring.

  37. Frost

    Mattéo Guendouzi’s stats against Chelsea according to Squawka:
    • Most tackles (4)
    • Most interceptions (4)
    • Joint-most fouls won (3)
    • Joint-most take-ons (2)
    • Highest pass accuracy
    ( 93.9% )

    This is a 19yr old ffs doing what our senior players should be doing.

  38. Cesc Appeal


    That is seriously impressive.

    What a find.

    We need to develop him now, could have a star on our hands.

  39. Bob N16


    You push this self-sustaining model like it’s set in stone. Only a Kroenke sycophant would use this as a defence against investment.

    ‘Kroenke doesn’t determine what is available to spend’ – are you f@@king joking! He is the majority shareholder. He can do the f**k he wants which at the moment is f**k all. I suspect Wenger going was his son’s involvement not him.
    Why are such an apologist for Kroenke- seriously ask yourself that question.

    He has made a massive (book) profit investing in Arsenal -fact.
    His ownership has overseen a decline in Arsenal’s success on the pitch – fact.
    He has not invested any of his money to enhance Arsenal’s transfer budget – fact.

    What good as he done for Arsenal?

    Please explain.

  40. Dissenter

    “It’s not that difficult”

    Wrong words spoken with such blissful ignorance

    So we renew their contract with generous wage increases so that it’s difficult to sell them on later because no one else can match their wages. That’s what happened to Jenkinson.

    You’re also wrong about not getting an offer for Welbeck. it depends on the asking price. He’s an England international who trained at United under Ferguson . It’s silly to even suggest there was no offer.

    If there are no takers for Ramsey then he’s not worth what he is asking for. The market value should dictate the wages.

  41. Frost


    He’s been putting up some weird stats alright.

    Saw a post yesterday (not sure where) about him having the most tackles & interceptions of any midfielder in the league so far. That is just nuts if true.

    I see stats like that & I’m amazed how Xhaka for example still has fans saying he should be a starter. A 19yr old rookie is showing him up here.

  42. Dissenter

    ” You push this self-sustaining model like it’s set in stone. Only a Kroenke sycophant would use this as a defence against investment.”

    You’re being hard on Bamford.

    The self-sustaining model is not a creation of Kroenke. It existed long before Kroenke and was a source of price for many gooners at the time.
    What investment?
    Kroneke never promised to use his money and he really doesn’t have to. We just need to go back to the basics and start running the club properly.
    What is with you people and free gifts?
    There’s a stadium paid halfway, there are excellent training facilities and the club has money in the bank. What investments are you talking about?
    Kroenke is not some Russian baron or oil sheik.
    There’s NOTHING wrong with self-sustainability so long as we spend money wisely and avoid situations like the Sanchez/Ozil losses. We are also repeating the same this year [on a smaller scale] with Ramsey and Welbeck]

  43. Cesc Appeal


    A 19 year old with half a season of Ligue 2 football, this is him inexperienced as well putting seasoned professionals like Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey to shame.

    Really like Guendouzi, really enjoyed him losing it when Aubameyang missed that sitter and his interaction with Hazard.

  44. Marko

    That’s the point, it doesn’t need to be constantly repeated. I’m not saying that because I’m a blind supporter of Wenger, which is a tiresome ‘argument’ that some seem to want to push. I am saying it because it’s so obvious that it’s boring

    And then

    His ownership has overseen a decline in Arsenal’s success on the pitch – fact

    Right…so criticism of Wenger is tiresome and boring and doesn’t need to be constantly repeated but criticism of Kroenke is…

    Worth pointing out though Bob Stan Kroenke only started to invest in Arsenal in 07′ our last league title was 03/04 and then an FA Cup in 04/05 before a barren 8 years without a trophy. We also decided to build the new stadium in 2000 and it was finished in 06. Point is this decline was kind of happening before he got his claws into Arsenal. Some might say this decline you were referring to was down to Arsene Wenger. But of course it’s obvious and boring and doesn’t need to be repeated.

  45. Bob N16


    I have no problem with a self sustaining model- in fact I would prefer it. However mismanagement, a misplaced loyalty that Kroenke has overseen has got us to where we are now- 6th best club in England,

    Do you think Kroenke is happy with how things are going?
    Do you you think our squad is in a good place?
    Do you think that a significant cash investment would benefit the club?

    What would you suggest- continued passivity from Kroenke or a proactive involvement?

  46. Marko

    I have no problem with a self sustaining model- in fact I would prefer it.
    He has not invested any of his money to enhance Arsenal’s transfer budget – fact.What good as he done for Arsenal?

    You’re kind of all over the place Bob. That first paragraph alone you were so close to mentioning Wenger but no…

  47. Bob N16

    Marko are your serious?

    Wenger has gone – so criticism of him is now yesterday’s news. Kroenke is still around.The owner let him stay on too long, probably because his investment in Arsenal has blossomed .

    Are you suggesting that the owner of Arsenal has no influence?

  48. Marko

    Wenger has gone – so criticism of him is now yesterday’s news.

    Oh that’s how it works. Wenger does a poor job for about 8 years abysmal the last two but because he’s gone now all the blame gets past on. That’s very convenient for fans of his still around

  49. Frost


    “this is him
    inexperienced as well
    putting seasoned
    professionals like
    Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey
    to shame”

    Really puts things into perspective when you think of it this way. Really need more of his type from sven. A Guen that plays as a winger would be a good start. (Hello Bailey)

    Feel this could be another way to raise funds too. What chelsea do basically – buy a bunch of youngsters, send em out on loans, (think they have over 30 players out on loan atm) if they turn out to be a loftus cheek you put em in the first team, if they don’t you sell a couple of em for 20M & beef up your budget for world class players.

  50. Bob N16

    Marko, explain’ the blame gets past on’.

    For years, rightly Wenger was blamed for the state of our club. As we all know, he has now gone. Discussing the future of our club, after acknowledging the shit sandwich that he has left us with, does not now involve Wenger.

    How difficult is that for you to understand?

    It’s such a lazy, shite assumption that somebody who wants to put Wenger in the past is assumed as a Wenger acolyte. This has been going on for so long.

    ‘You don’t agree with me, you must be a Wenger lover.’ What sort of bullshit logic is that?
    Do you not realise how pathetic an argument that comes across as?

    Marko, if you’re not careful people will start assuming that you and Redruth are two peas in a pod, how f**king embarrassing.

  51. Dissenter

    I agree with your last post.
    Kroenke’s problem is a lack of oversight and disinterest.
    He has no footballing vision for the club other that just an investment. Arsenal is like a second home a middle class family mat have as an investment.
    He left too much to Wenger and the BoD. He doesn’t care so long as it doesnt show up on the ledgers.

  52. Dissenter

    Bob’It’s very difficult to just disengage from our recent history. We can’t just let the mistakes stand by blissfully refusing to talk about them.
    You have a situation where some posters here who were excessively endeared to Monsieur Wenger are going after the new manager after two games even though it is clear that all Emery is doing currently is a repair job.
    Why is a repair job necessary if the last guy did his work.

  53. Bob N16

    I’m optimistically hoping Dissenter that Josh takes Arsenal on as a vanity project.
    ‘I’ll show you Dad what I can do.’
    ‘ Alright son, don’t spend more than $180m.’
    ‘Thanks Dad, I’ll make you proud.’

  54. Michael24



    Criticism of Wenger is totally justified and will always be relevant news.

    It is only those who feel guilt who feel it is irrelevant or, as you put it, “yesterday’s news”.

  55. Bob N16

    Sure Dissenter, that maybe the case but those posters who are fervently anti Wenger find it suits their purposes to throw out the ‘akb’ accusation regardless of fact.

    The Wenger regardless and the anti Wenger regardless are equally boring. It just winds me up when I’m labelled as a Wenger supporter when I know that it’s not the case. To me that just shows up the weakness of the antagonist’s argument. ‘You don’t agree with me, you must be an AKB.

    We live in a time where people throw out labels to suit their specious arguments.

  56. Bob N16

    Michael, show some imagination, insight, something.

    I am not an apologist for Wenger, your insistence that I must be because I’m bored with boring shite that has been regurgitated, unimaginatively is a ridiculous way of arguing. The fact that you assume I don’t want to discuss Wenger because I’m too sore at his departure is simply not true.

    Why do you assume that? Is it a lack of imagination, intelligence? I am mystified.

  57. Champagne charlie

    Bob n16

    It’s futile with some on here mate, Marko being prime example.

    He takes what you say and repeats it with a different analysis, he’s stale milk. Literally good for nothing.

    You’re spot on, but some cannot for the life of them look beyond Wenger. This despite the club literally moving on without him. Instead of addressing everyone still here, that was complicit in the decline, his cronies prefer to sweep under the nearest rug and blame the Frenchman.

    2nd time Marko has been likened to Red, absolute scenes 😀

  58. englandsbest


    You are absolutely right. Criticism of Kroenke was interpreted by some as subversive support for Wenger. They wanted the focus to be entirely on Wenger. Understandable then. but utterly daft now with Wenger gone.

  59. Bob N16

    CC, England.., I know it’s pretty futile arguing with some of the posters on here but after a couple of glasses of wine I get a little confrontational.
    Appreciate the solidarity though.

    Sweet dreams.

  60. loyika

    The fact remains that Emery will be judged on his own merits.

    Folks can spend their time yapping shyte on “Wenger this and Wenger that” all they want, the proof will be for the match going fans.

    If the team start to push on (which we hope) then things will get better, if they don’t the match going fans will tune out and stop going…Simple as. Now they have a taste of voting with their feet it will be difficult to curb.

    Also the Press and pundits (as Pedders mentioned) won’t be as lienient with Emery (which might be unfair to him, but thats how the cookie will crumble sadly)

    So pro-anti Wenger won’t matter in the end if results don’t start going his way.

  61. loyika

    Funny enough Emery was no where in the list of Top 5 Managers 80% of Arsenal supporters wanted to take over from Arsene.

    So I wonder the surprise by some that many a few (including some match going die hard anti – Arsene guys) are not impressed with him.

    Maybe their expectations are too high, but sadly it is what it is.

    What I do know is that come saturday (by hook or crook) he and the team need to get a result against West Ham.

    No arguements on tactics or team selection will mitigate us losing 3 games on the bounce.

  62. Nelson

    I watched Xhaka’s yesterday game again. In the first 30 minutes, he rushed to made a few short passes. Even some of the short passes were off the mark. In the final 25 minutes, our team suddenly had lots of room to attack. Xhaka suddenly controlled the game and sent in some nice passes to both franks.
    Seeing that, I would play Xhaka against weaker teams and in the Europe league.

  63. Marko

    You’re spot on, but some cannot for the life of them look beyond Wenger. This despite the club literally moving on without him. Instead of addressing everyone still here, that was complicit in the decline, his cronies prefer to sweep under the nearest rug and blame the Frenchman.

    Speaking of cronies Charles. I was merely addressing how Bob was literally all over the place. He wants us self sufficient rightly so he says but then says he wants Josh to spend a 180 million. Blames Kroenke for our declining years (no mention of Arsene) even though we started the declining before Stan even started to invest. Can’t blame Stan on the old self sustainability shite because we’ve always been that way it’s probably why he invested. Just addressing the way certain types try to rewrite history Charles.

    Appreciate the solidarity though. Sweet dreams.

    This was nice though. Hey you guys got to stick together

  64. Champagne charlie


    You’re not doing anything except foam about a man who’s left the building. Really ought to take a good look in the mirror when you’re back from signing on.

    Bob addressed someone who was part of that decline and who still resides in a position of power. Really wasn’t a tough one, but you continue to stagger all

  65. China

    The reason wenger still gets dragged into every critical conversation right now is because our situation is still plastered with his dirty finger prints. This is precisely the problem in allowing him (or anyone else) to build the entire club in his image. The same way when Ferguson left utd, they are literally still shaking off the constant comparisons even now. Some of fergie’s players are still there and until a new manager wins then the league he will always be a constant and direct comparison that’s made

    As with wenger. Imagine a construction company goes bankrupt midway through a building project and a new company is brought in and tries to continue it. When the new company finds not just that it will need a few touches to improve it and then to just continue with the original plan. No, the foundations were laid using low quality concrete and the steel support beams are already bent. This company is on a position where they can’t afford to demolish the whole building and start again but will be criticized for the lack of quality whilst continuing to build on a piss poor foundation.

    Emery needs to start picking up points and drag us up the table for sure but the scale of mess he has inherited is insane. We should be critical of mistakes emery makes but at least be mindful that he’s a man trying to get us up shit creek without a paddle.

  66. China

    Wenger left the building but his legacy has not lol. It’s a ridiculous thing to say

    That’s like someone leaves their hotel room a filthy mess. There’s shit on the walls, there’s piss on lamp and the cleaner who comes in is told to shut up and get on with it because the culprit already left the room.

    ‘He already left the building’ is simply farcical

  67. Marko

    You’re struggling Charlie. Bob was all over the place like I said and he blamed Kroenke for our decline but we were declining before he got involved with us. What aren’t you getting? He also wants to see Kroenke invest in the side but prefers the self sustaining model. I addressed this. No one asked you to butt in at the hint of criticism of Arsene Wenger might I add. You are becoming predictable Charles. Things that get Charlie commenting 1. What Bamford says. 2. What gambon says. 3. Any sort of criticism of Wenger and 4. People saying Xhaka is shit.

  68. China

    The fact of the matter is that we have a good handful of guys on here who want the last decade of filth to be swept under the carpet so we can focus entirely on what’s in front of us.

    Nobody with a backbone is going to forget who is culpable for this shit show and how we got here. Until we have genuine progress in a new direction and are no longer in that man’s image then I’m afraid all roads lead to KJW

  69. gnarleygeorge9

    Who is The Arsenal Captain?

    Until the right man is given the honour, the team will remain a rudderless ship.

  70. TonyD

    Interesting from the DM this morning with objective review of Emery:

    “Arsenal may not have got the result they wanted against Chelsea but there were some genuine positives for Unai Emery to take from the contest.

    Matteo Guendouzi, at 19, was his side’s best midfielder. When he hooked one at half-time, it was Granit Xhaka.

    When he wanted to get Aaron Ramsey on the pitch to force Chelsea back as wave after wave of attack crashed against the Arsenal box, he took off Mesut Ozil.

    And for Arsenal fans who have been decrying a lack of passion, his reaction to Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s early miss is telling. He screamed, pounded the floor in frustration, but then got up and tried to encourage his team-mate.
    Elsewhere, Arsenal’s attacking movement can only be regarded as an early plus from Emery’s reign.

    They looked under-coached going forward under Arsene Wenger. The veteran did not seem to subscribe to the more modern notion of pre-planned passing moves.

    Emery, on the other hand, exploited a flaw in Chelsea’s system. He repeatedly had his side cut the ball back into areas behind the midfield, because Jorginho struggled to keep up with the pace of the game going backwards.

    And, as questioned as the stat is, Arsenal ended the game with 2.15 expected goals to Chelsea’s 1.65. If only they had finished their chances off.”

  71. kc

    TonyD great find. Missed chances is what cost us that game yesterday. Aubameyang looks complete shite the first two games and all everyone wants to talk about is Emery. Missed two gimme chances right in front of net. Then add Iwobi and Mhiki’s misses and it’s pretty easy to see why we lost.

  72. Black Hei

    Could we all put this AKB vs WO thing behind us?

    I am very much AKB, still am. But I am also camp Emery. We can’t continue to moan about things we don’t get (Arteta anyone? I see Ped’s arm up)

    Remember AVB for Chelsea? Maybe something so drastic in approach means that the coach needs more time. AVB isn’t a bad coach by any stretch of the imagination; not elite but not toilet either.

    As for Emery on paper, it might seem simple, since Arsenal players historically under Wenger plays out from the back too. And like it or not, guys like Mustafi, Holding, Bellerin and Monreal are all technically competent. No Jenks in the picture.

    But perhaps how it is done will take the team time to get used to.

  73. Black Hei

    “Sure Dissenter, that maybe the case but those posters who are fervently anti Wenger find it suits their purposes to throw out the ‘akb’ accusation regardless of fact.”

    I don’t hide, I am AKB forever!

    Except after a terrible result. You can find me in the nuclear bunker after something like 6-0.

  74. China

    Whilst I think we have a huge rebuild job on our hands, I don’t buy it that we necessarily need to spend a fortune to make it happen

    It’s ewrly days for Guendouzi but he appears to be a pretty good upgrade on xhaka already and cost pennies. The question is can we make this kind of business more of our bread and butter and can we follow the Chelsea model of getting loads of talented kids, loaning then out and flogging those who aren’t quite there for very useful money?

    Chelsea made something like 30m in profit from sales of random youth prospects last season. Unreal business

  75. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal are clearly not in great shape when you look at the playing side of the

    Our resources when compared with those of Man City and Chelsea are clearly
    below par for a club with so-called ambition to qualify for Champions League despite revenues that exceed those of Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs.

    The salaries we pay many of our squad players are grossly inflated and do not reflect their true worth.

    It was abundantly clear over the last two years from outgoing departures that
    most of our players are not top quality reflected by poor transfer revenues and
    more importantly their destinations. Only Sanchez and Oxlade-Chamberlain were in demand by top clubs.

    This year there have been attempts to renew contracts of most of the players,
    but in so doing we have managed to inflate wages further just to hold onto them.

    At the moment the club is clearly on a downward spiral and that is only likely
    to be reversed by material changes in squad. Bluntly we need “hungry and ambitious” players who are willing to fight for the cause and not worry so much
    about their expensive lifestyle, houses and cars.

    Life at Arsenal has become far too comfortable for many players who would never get close to a major club in Europe.

    How the club resolves this problem is a major corundum and not helped by the current ownership and board who lack the ruthlessness and ambition to
    make the material changes which are clearly needed.

    Personally I don’t see high expectation following arrival of Emery. He may be a
    decent manager, but I doubt that he would rate as a top one who is likely to pull in top calibre players who want to play for him like coaches at Man City and Liverpool do. At best he may just keep us below the top level at worst we
    are in a downward spiral.

    Sadly I don’t see changes happening any time soon.

  76. TitsMcGee

    But his project youth maintained us in the CL for 2 decades. We slipped when we bought mercenaries like Sanchez and Ozil. Without these 2 in the side we would have qualified for the CL no problem.”


  77. TitsMcGee

    Everyone acts so shocked that we lost our first two matches.

    This squad finished 37 points behind 1st a few months ago. This club was built around Ozil by the previous manager. Let that sink in.

  78. Pierre

    Of course our resourses are not comparable to city, chelsea or united. This has been ongoing for the last 14 years when chelsea first came on the scene and then city even surpassed chelsea’s spending…
    We are paupers in comparison to these clubs, we cannot compete for the same players unless we get a huge financial injection.. 300 mil at least.

    Some posters say that we have spent more than chelsea so we should be competing with them and actually we are about the same level atm… . The difference is, because chelsea have fallen a level they can then go out and spend a couple of hundred million.. We can’t.

    Though I was critical of Emery and his approach to the opening game v city I believe it is too early to make judgement on the current set up.

    The defensive aspect of the team is the most concerning… Lets see how torriera gets on alongside matteo.. I have said before, we needed a tall, athletic, commanding defensive midfielder (nzonzi) but for whatever reason (probably money) we didn’t get him.
    Lichsteiner needs to be brought in and I Would like to see mavropanos get a run as he is a commanding defender.

    The attack showed at the weekend that they can open up defences and that was without any real input from ozil.

    The season starts now..

  79. kc

    So much doom and gloom after only two games. Two matches we most likely lose later in the season anyway. I still think we finish better off than last season. Highly doubt we’re in worse shape than United. They’ve got some major issues.

  80. Confidentgoner


    We are not the only sides looking for bargain on the cheap. Most top sides are.

    Was an unfortunate loss against Chelsea. Had we taken our chances, we would be having a different discussion.

    We all need to give Emery a chance. Against City, we created chances as well. This team will get better. We must be patient. The fixtures have been unkind to Emery. We can only learn from the defeats.

    What have we learnt?

    A) Defense has issues. Consider bringing Mavroponous in the mix

    B) Xhaka is trouble and Lucas has not settled in. Play Lucas in front of defense.

    C) Ozil, Ramsey, ineffective against top teams. Yea, we knew that before. Use them from the bench, and against relegation fodder.

    D) Our weakness is our right back, who is often targeted. Play a genuine winger who runs back to help him, not Mikki. Mikki is a 10, just like Ramsey, Ozil , Iwobi and Xhaka.
    We have so many 10s in our squad. Who did that recruitment? Wenger! But we have Nelson, we have Wellbeck. We should have energetic players to cover our wings. Lazy players can’t do it.o It is hard work!

  81. TonyD

    I said when Emery was first appointed that I’d give it 10 games before posting any thoughts and observations. I also meant this to be on the players, too.

    That said, it’s difficult not to cast aspersions on certain players’ performances but I’ll stick to what I said and see what gives.

    After 10 games the signs will be there as to what the future holds. Equally, the squad will have had the time to prove their worth or show that they were never going to add value to the team due to mentality or just lack of craft and football nous.

    Another critical point in this season and the club’s rebuilding/evolving under Emery, Sven & Raul will be the January window.

    This will also be telling in Kroenke’s future as being the full owner of the club.

    The immediate positions needing to be filled are there for all to see; it’s not rocket science.

    A decent winger in January and improved MF on what we have (Xhaka, Ramsey and Elneny) will go a long way to improving many fans’ perceptions of the Kroenke family and give Emery a fighting chance.

    In my companies and companies I’ve consulted to, I’ve always found new people (workers and management) always adapt and add value quicker than existing employees who have adopted bad habits and attitudes.

    Football is no different.

    Question is in January will Josh and Stan show ambition or are they just in it for the profits/bottom line.

    If it’s the latter, I doubt any manager we have will be able to consistently challenge for titles and CL trophies and Emery will be on a hiding to nothing.

    I always maintained it will take at least 3 seasons to have us competing to Wenger’s best levels of His early years of success.

    That should be the benchmark from where we should grow imo.

  82. TonyD

    To be clear that benchmark is where Wenger should have taken us into CL trophy success and further league titles from 2007.

    Sadly he didn’t and the rest is history!

  83. Terraloon

    The defensive aspect of the team is the most concerning… Lets see how torriera gets on alongside matteo.. I have said before, we needed a tall, athletic, commanding defensive midfielder (nzonzi) but for whatever reason (probably money) we didn’t get him.
    Lichsteiner needs to be brought in and I Would like to see mavropanos get a run as he is a commanding defender.

    I too wonder about Torreiras input. On Saturday once he came on the whole dynamic of Arsenal’s approach changed to point when in reality there was only going to be one winner. It really is looking again at Chelsea’s third for Alonsos power and movement was quite simply too much for Torreira.

    Every time I think of a post following the game on Saturday I reflect back to pre season where so many were of the opinion that the late appointment of Sarri, the early return from the WC of the Arsenal squad ,the rumours of Hazard departing etc would play into Arsenal’s hand and yes it’s still early but I can’t see how that defence will improve and if you play Torreira I think that will detract significantly from Arsenal’s forward play

  84. Victorious

    One thing I noticed from Emery that I love to see in managers is how he reacted after the unbelievable misses by Auba and Mikki, I mean instead of letting the head dropped he was still applauding them and urging them to pull it together. The finishing will improve but what was so refreshing was the ability to carve through the chavs at will,How did we not finish that first half with a healthy lead mystifies the mind, encouraging signs there
    Was indeed shameful to see fvckin Morata roll big mouth Mustafi for their second goal, he just can’t stay on his feet, can he? awful defender sprawling on the floor yet again also noticed the introduction of Torreira in the second half culminated in us turning over possession and sitting deep thereby inviting pressure,just knew it was a matter of time before they get the goal
    Why did we come out for the second half looking dejected and uninterested? something was clearly wrong, we looked a completely different team and just sat back, Torreira don’t seem ready enough to start, Bellerin should be benched, Sokratis is a welcome relief, Mustafi is pony, our 2 ‘world class ‘ strikers cost us the game,the West Ham game is a MUST WIN now, no excuse.

  85. Guns of Hackney

    If Emery doesn’t play Leno against West Ham, when will he?

    Throw in mavro, Holding and Lichtensteiner. Play Gued and Torriera. Nothing to lose.

    We definitely aren’t finishing top four so experiment and at least blood these players. You learn nothing from playing these chumps in the Rumbelows Cup.

    We’ll finish probably around 7th or 8th and just hope that Stan ponies up some cash…£400m should do it.

  86. Ishola70


    “Sokratis is a welcome relief”

    Still banging the Sokratis drum eh when it was obvious he was a big problem due to lack of pace in the high line employed in the first half.

  87. Victorious

    We definitely aren’t finishing top four so experiment and at least blood these players.’

    We can absolutely finish top4, Did you miss Boringho and his boys shitting themselves against mighty Brighton?
    Lindelof was shocking, he was tormented by a pensioner all match, lol

    City looks world apart, other than that the other 3 positions are up for grab, I like our chances.

  88. Ishola70

    “Lindelof was shocking”

    Was he now?

    Dissenter was very defensive about him last week.

    Good player he said.

  89. Guns of Hackney


    Come on. Even if United tank, there’s still four clubs significantly better than us. United, as poor as they are still have enough to finish fifth and Everton don’t have a bad team. Their manager is also pretty savvy.


    At best, we finish 6th but currently I don’t see us picking up any points against the top five clubs. Home or away.

  90. Victorious


    You’re pinning a tactical error on big papa,I mean usein bolt will struggle in our defense, watch their second goal again we had the offside trap in their half, no way even the fastest defenders in the world get comfortable in such defensive passage

  91. Ishola70

    Emery needs to beat West Ham but he also needs to beat them not conceding.

    Beat them to nil.

    Everyone said Emery would tighten up this team and it was obvious what the real weakness of this team was and is in the past = defensive.

    Emery has to start showing that he is going to improve on this obvious weakness.

    If not it was not worth employing him.

    A win is a win but beating West Ham 4-2 may be good for the neutrals and the past Arsenal fans that parroted Wenger about entertainment but it is not going to show that this team will improve in the long run.

  92. Pierre

    It is impossible to say if the change of torriera for xhaka made a difference to our forward play… Personally I don’t think so and to be honest it is immaterial.

    His job is not to improve our forward play, his job is to protect the defence and if he can plug the holes and play a role similar to kante (of the last 3 seasons) then as far as I am concerned that’ll do for me…
    He is Obviously tidy enough on the ball, his technique is good and looks comfortable on the ball.

    We had a 15 minute spell in the first half we’re we looked top quality. The second half was disappointing..
    This was more to do with our lack of intensity in our play. Maybe the manager can take part of the blame for our failure to build on the first half performance.

    We seem to settle for what we had whereas I believe we should have imposed ourselves on chelsea.. Maybe the manager asked the team not to be so open defensively and consequently we failed to create the dangerous situations of the first half.

    There is also the possibility that by asking the team to press and close down all over the field that the team ran out of gas.. We have seen it happen often to liverpool.

    City can close down without expanding too much energy as they often win the ball back in the oppositions half..previously barca were the masters of this method.

  93. Victorious

    The last 20minutes of the first half against chavd was encouraging

    We will blow away enough teams with such attacking brilliancy ,Auba won’t tank again in other fixtures

    Emery has the boys going to the byline for the cut back, that was a masterclass.

  94. Ishola70

    “You’re pinning a tactical error on big papa”

    Tactical error? This is the way Emery mostly wants to play apparently.

    Press as a team meaning high backline.

    No high backline no real effective team press.

    At least you concede Big Papa is a problem in the high backline that’s something.

  95. Carts


    “Said a while back there is no longer a need for Ozil in modern football, his position doesn’t exist anymore. Players like De Bruyne, Eriksen, Hazard etc they’ve all had to develop multiple traits and talents away from their preferred position and preferred role in a game“

    Spot on. Time is really running out for Ozil.

    He’ll be in the MLS next season if he isn’t careful.

  96. Emiratesstroller


    I beg to disagree.

    Manchester United are the only club with significantly larger revenues than us according to Deloittes. Man City have marginally larger revenues than us in last financial year.

    Chelsea, Liverpool and Spurs have less than us.

    The key difference between all these clubs apart from Spurs is their ambition in the transfer market and more importantly financial outcomes when they sell or trade players.

    The problem is not our net spend figures but rather our inability to sell players elsewhere and the quality of player we buy.

    As I pointed out only two of our squad have actually moved onto top teams.
    Both were in final year of contract which is a story in itself. Oxlade-Chamberlain went to Liverpool for modest transfer fee and Sanchez for a swap with
    Mkhitaryan to Man Utd.We are going to have similar problem with Ramsey.

    This summer we brought in 5 players. Lichsteiner at 35 is a freebie. Sokratis at
    30 is no better than a squad player at any top 4 club, Leno and Torreira have yet to start and Guendouzi is a good value young talent, but would not get into
    the first eleven of any of top 5 clubs.

  97. Guns of Hackney


    Our forwards aren’t blowing anyone away. They don’t give defenders enough problems. A forward needs to bother a defender for 90mins.

    We we will games this season and I’m sure we will win a few really well…but it was like that under Arsene, too.

    As Ish said, winning thrillers look great but it hides an underlying problem: you can’t defend. Against West Ham and Cardiff this is fine but against the top teams we will be locked out and crushed. Which isn’t great for morale.

    Also, West Ham won’t roll over…as they say, this is a six pointer. A battle for mid table. This is our level now.

  98. Receding Hairline

    Lindelof is a shocking defender

    Fred is exactly what i expected, a nothing footballer

    Mustafi will never learn to stay on his feet so will always remain a poor defender

    Xhaka will still be very useful in dictating play against the lesser teams, at least he uses the ball well when under no pressure, i watched three midfielders play for united yesterday that had absolutely no idea what to do with a football.

    Guendouzi won’t play every match, or ideally he shouldn’t , Torriera was okay yesterday, he is a player that sits deep and for some reason the rest of the team decided to sit deep with him, our losing control in midfield cannot be pinned solely on him, most times him and Guendouzi got the ball but no one was making any forward runs, Aubameyang was shocking.

    I was very down after the game this weekend, we should have earned the draw all things considered, then i went to a bar to watch the United game among United fans and my weekend improved considerably, that missed back heel from Lukaku is a collectors item.

  99. Victorious

    “At least you concede Big Papa is a problem in the high backline that’s something.”

    Big Papa wouldn’t pose a problem IF he’s been paired with a pacy and aggressive partner,You’ve got compliment his style of play, he is good in 1v1 and outstanding in the air

    The problem here is Mustafi whose supposed to be this pacy partner picking up runners and complimenting his style of play ,Mustafi ain’t good enough and is the bigger problem here

  100. Un na naai

    Guns of hackney

    You’re a fool. You actually are a fool. You charge in with nothing hut negative emotion. I hope you don’t have a mrs.
    Chelsea were unbelievably lucky to walk away with anything Sunday. They should have been 4-5 goals down by half time. They were torn apart too easily and they’ll be softer this year. Morata is overrated andisnt going to win any scoring competitions. They finished 5th last season and have a painfully thin squad
    Their new keeper looks a bit dodgy too. So that’s chelsea.
    Spurs need grey Kane fit and firing or they are vulnerable
    Man U appear to have taken a significant step backwards this year and please don’t give me Everton bullshit
    You want to be miserable and negative then by all means but please expect to get called on your bull shit

    Our new manager has played just two games with a new system, with a team who isn’t used to his philosophy
    You have no fucking clue where we will finish yet so stop talking shit about how great Chelsea and Everton are

  101. Receding Hairline

    Also, West Ham won’t roll over…as they say, this is a six pointer. A battle for mid table. This is our level now.

    No less in the third game of a 38 game season. I guess Watford and Bournemouth are gunning for the title. That is their level now too

  102. Un na naai

    Also, West Ham won’t roll over…as they say, this is a six pointer. A battle for mid table. This is our level now.

    What a prick

    West Ham would kill to finish 5/6th
    It’s our lowest point for 23 years you fucking simpleton

  103. Ishola70


    “Big Papa wouldn’t pose a problem IF he’s been paired with a pacy and aggressive partner”

    So basically what you are saying is that you are happy playing with one CB in a high line.

    Because that’s what will happen more than enough times with Sokratis in a high line. He will become an insignificance, a bystander watching on just like he was with the first and second goals conceded against Chelsea.

  104. Victorious

    Guns makes so many tongue in cheeks comments that you never know if he’s serious or taking the piss. lol
    I still have my doubts on Emery but what I saw against the chavs gave a little hope, then Boringho against Brighton and I’m alive again!!
    I like how will crawled our way from 0:2 down, I thought for a moment we’d capitulate
    Playing like that against midtable to relegation plodders and we’d be giving many teams some pasting this season

  105. Victorious

    ” He will become an insignificance, a bystander watching on just like he was with the first and second goals conceded against Chelsea.”

    First and second goal? come off it man, kind of like you forgot Big Papa has a partner, The first goal was the entire backline been cut out upfield because of the press, not on Sokratis, I mean i could name 3 players with a larger share of the blame before I get to the big man, second goal was on Mustafi, NO WAY should a competent defender been roll like that, he JUST HAD TO STAY ON HIS FEET as Cech was already diving the right way to block the shot, Mustafi should force him wide or something. funny enough Sokratis with such a task in that same scenario will be a different outcome

  106. tayo

    To be realistic, don’t expect much from Emery. He’s in trouble.
    * Our team is so bad and we’re having Pedro telling us some players have to be treated well ….smh
    *We don’t invest like our rivals
    * It’s a learning curve for Emery. This is the EPL and not Spain. He would have to go through “an education on this road” just like Pep too. I remember Pep beaten by Everton in his first season after spending so much money 4-1. Today he’s boss.
    For the first time, I would follow Gary Neville’s tots here. That it might take emery 3-4 transfer seasons like Pep to get a foot hold. For all those AKBs, keep laughing at Unai. At the end, we’re all arsenal fans not Wenger fans.
    Pedro keep writing funny things, you need to check Squakwa and find out if Guendouzi really had a poor game vs City.