Wenger hangover excuse will suffice for now, but Emery needs wins

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Quick post from me, namely because I feel like Arsenal needed to get through the first two games pointless so the real season can kick off. Remember, Chelsea > Champions of 2 seasons ago, City > Champions of last season. Those were the two toughest games of the season (first half), now they’re done and we’ve learned a bit.

Unfair Advantage:

Nothing triggers wounded AKBs quite like me reminding them that the reason the job of Emery is so tough this season is because Wenger neglected the squad and its education so badly over the last ten years. Our boys are like 13-year-olds who’ve been homeschooled in the woods. There’s a lot of talent in our squad, but they’re not educated tactically and they’re a long way off mentally. You do not shake the Wenger out of that squad in two games. Those opening 20 minutes are a byproduct of yesteryear.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has far fewer challenges. I know Sarri inherited a club in chaos, but at the same time, he picked up players who’d been managed by Mourinho, then fine-tuned by Conte. They are winners who lost their way last season. The whole squad is slammed full of exceptional players. The whole club is built around success. It’s going to be far easier for Sarri to make things happen.

Now, that’s not to say Emery is going to get away with this for long. The defence is a mess, his starting 11 was a mistake, and the team looked like they were caught between systems. Nothing looked particularly cohesive. Bielsa at Leeds has been at the club the same amount of time as Emery and he has them playing an exceptional style of football already. You don’t need 3 months to make progress. Remember, Leeds finished 13th last season.

So how about some postive talk?

The response:

We failed hard conceding two goals in the opening 20 minutes. That would normally be the start of a humiliation, but to Emery’s credit the team found the spirit to fight back. By the end of the first half, we’d not only pulled two goals back courtesy of Iwobi and Mikhi, we’d also managed to spurn three open goals (and an easy chance). Ozil missed early on, Iwobi fired over and Auba had an uncharacteristic disaster in front of the target. We should have been 5-3 up.

Petr Cech:

Arsenal fans are crowing over the glorious failure of losing on the technicality of conceding more goals than the opposition, but having the better chances… but the reality is, Chelsea’s keeper wasn’t anywhere near the MoM (he was shite), but Cech was. The Czech had and OUTSTANDING game. Incredible what a bit of competition can do for the spirits. Time and time again, when he was called upon, he made the right decision.

The Subs:

Again, you have to temper your praise for the new manager sometimes because Wenger was just that bad, but fuck it, Emery made BOLD subs.

He took Xhaka off at halftime again for Torreira, my question was: Why did he make the same mistake twice? He also yanked Ozil off on 70minutes after his typical top 6 #DisasterClass. I know making logical changes shouldn’t be a big deal, but at least subs are now chess moves, rather than the click of a switch in an entirely predictable process.


He had a poor game against City. You can’t paint a game positive just because a professional doesn’t hide (I know I was guilty of this). However, yesterday he really came into his own. I love his aggression and quick passing. He’s showing up Xhaka and I love it. He’s a real player in the making.

The worry:

Emery has to shape up. It’s clear he’s struggling to get across his ideas and he looks like he’s making some very odd decisions that could add up to issues further down the line. He’s hitting players with double sessions, he’ll no doubt be pulling them in for a video analysis slamming tomorrow, and he’s making big moves on big players before he’s proved anything.

Benching Aaron Ramsey was a big move. Pulling Xhaka off early was embarrassing for the Swiss. Pulling Ozil off after a terrible game was brave. These things can start to add up when things go wrong. Expensive personalities have big opinions. Emery could quickly alienate himself at a club he doesn’t really understand or control at this moment.

Also, what a fucking scenario… our worst performers all have new deals.

Anyway, my point with this Emery shake up is that he doesn’t have the luxuries Wenger had.

1. Emotional Connection

He’s not the charismatic leader we’d hoped for. He struggles to communicate in press conferences and he doesn’t have the swagger of any of the managers in the top 7. That might seem like a minor observation, but remember, he’s dealing with footballers. He’s also dealing with a very aggressive press core. He was destroyed by the French, and they’re children compared to the monsters that run the rags here.

I know you think this point is weak, but look at how much Mourinho gets away because he’s a sound bite. Jurgen Klopp is a darling of the media because of his smile and charisma. Nearly all the modern managers in the game are good in front of the camera, and great for the soundbites. We don’t have that. Though Emery is more of a football student than Wenger, he’s certainly not the charmer the Frenchman was. That is costing him after one game, the press have already lined him up as the next David Moyes. Once the narrative about you is set, it’s hard to shake it.

2. Player power

This is not Sevilla. This is Arsenal. We are a major club. You have to treat the players a certain way, or you’ll have the players down tools. We’re a long way off that, but Arsenal players couldn’t get Wenger fired, they could easily get Emery moved on.

Remember, Emery tanked a one horse race in his first year at PSG because the players didn’t get him. He cannot afford the same mistakes again.

Also, remember what Ivan Gazidis passed on when making his decision.

He didn’t opt for prodigious talent

He didn’t opt for a manager who is the talk of the elite managers’ fraternity

He didn’t opt for wild charisma

He didn’t opt for ‘proven winner’

He went for safe because he’s weak.

The players know that, and if our next ten games don’t pan out well, the club is in big, big trouble… and where will Ivan be? Milan, working on a new project for a hedge fund.

There are 24 points to play for before the Liverpool game. The run is fairly easy. We need to bring home at least 21 points.

Emery needs to start making it happen, because the press, the pundits and the fans won’t tolerate Wenger 2.0 for long.

There are positives for sure, but don’t pretend glorious failure is something we haven’t seen before.

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  1. Guns of Hackney


    Emery has a £120m frontline that doesn’t look like it could score in a brothel.

    He bought some players that would look out of place in a pub team.

  2. Marko

    I moan because I can see how this is going to play out. Look, I along with a few others saw signs way back in 2008/9 that Wenger was done.

    So you saw signs Wenger was finished over 10 years into the job and you can tell Emery is finished two games into the job? Is that right? A troll or not that’s pretty fucking ridiculous

  3. Guns of Hackney


    Actually after losing the CL final to Barca there was a few warning signs. So yes, actually I did think that Wenger was done.

    Also, if we disagree with each other it doesn’t mean I am a troll. It means we just disagree. Okay.

  4. Bamford10


    “Emery has a £120m frontline that doesn’t look like it could score in a brothel.”

    Another silly comment. You need to settle down, mate. You’re frustrated and talking nonsense. Yes, Aubameyang missed a couple of good chances; it happens. However, his record of goal-scoring and Laca’s record of goal-scoring are beyond question. Neither is world class, but both are very, very good. We simply need to use them properly.

  5. gonsterous


    I refuse to accept that you were Wenger out back in 08/09. Only one person here was wenger out from a long time ago, that guy is gambon. Most people saw the light around the 10/11 season. are you seriously telling me you weren’t one of the blokes shouting “we would have won the league had eduardo not broken his leg”.

    But on the plus side when emery fails you can say you called it before gambon. I’m sure you have your fingers crossed and are kneeling at your bedside at night praying for it to happen…

  6. Receding hairline

    At least Redtruth doesn’t keep posting on and on. This Guns of Hackney character just keeps going on and on. Lots of nonsense too.

    The ones that keep referring to Arteta really leaves me astonished. If an actual manager is finding the job difficult after a mere 70m spent I wonder how an assistant who learnt among other things how to spend 100’s of millions would have fared.

    Arteta should never be made Arsenal manager until he has proven himself to be an actual first team manager

  7. Bamford10


    Actually, some of the things you’re saying are so ridiculous that you do sound a bit of a troll. Calm down. Try to be reasonable.

  8. Marko

    Hackney you must realize there’s a difference in saying someone is finished after 10 years in a job and saying someone is finished after two games. You do realize that.

  9. Wenker-wanger

    Wenger bought strikers that are useful against average teams but not lethal and top quality like Costa, Kane, aguero,Salah.
    Emery. Apparently given £50 million seems to have bought wisely within that budget and has an absolute gem in guendouzi.

  10. Bamford10

    One thing about pressing vs. sitting: while I am recommending we sit instead of press — at least for the near future — if you replaced Sokratis with, say, Mavropanos, and if neither Ozil nor Xhaka was in the XI, I do actually think we could press effectively.

    As long as Sokratis, Ozil and Xhaka are in the XI, though, I don’t think pressing makes sense.

  11. Guns of Hackney


    You have my word that I will keep quiet about the dreamboat, Arteta and the Vanilla man, Emery.

    I’ll only post racist jokes and right wing propaganda from now on.

  12. Bob N16

    I think you’re wrong when you discount the importance of the ownership.

    He’s responsible for hiring Chief Exec and therefore indirectly the manager. He is also the person to decide if an injection of finances would be beneficial to re establish the club as a force. The concept of self contained financing is fine if the acquisition and development of players is successful. For a few years( under Kroenke’s ownership) this has patently failed which has left us with a squad which is weak by anybody’s judgement.

    Silent Stan is one thing, passive (my investment is fine so I’m going to do fuck all because I don’t care that much in my billionaire bubble world) Stan is another.

    At a time when we are falling behind, it’s pretty galling to think that he’s sitting on hundreds of millions of (book) profit. Surely he can spare $150 m to kick start our renaissance, he’d still be 100s of millions up and by seeing an upturn on the field of play, commercial deals would be chunkier.

  13. Receding hairline

    A dream boat that apparently can only manage Arsenal. A prodigious talent that no one else is scrambling for. I remember a certain Paul Clement was regarded as such too simply because he sat beside Ancelloti.

  14. salparadisenyc

    2 competitive matches against top opposition and some are righting Emery off as a catastrophic hire. He definitely wasn’t my top choice but after enduring the back half of the Wenger years I think we can give this fella a bit latitude to achieve this season. Made some decisions yesterday we’ve been in dire need of, notably substitutions. He’s clearly in process of making this side his, signs all there to be seen.

    And if it doesn’t turn, now have a team in place with enough ruthlessness to move on if it gets really messy. But thats surely well down road, ridiculous to think less.

  15. David Smith

    Wenger wilfully squandered our competitive advantage with the new stadium, he dismantled the Invincibles with undue bordering on obscene haste, he recognised Stan had no ambition other than financial, so he mirrored Stan for reasons of unlimited power at the club and survival. Wenger perennially lied to fans and I would imagine players as well, he promised success that he had no intention of fulfilling, he kept his powder dry to wait to. sign Chamakh, he refused to learn from the most humbling of defeats, he dithered when action was required, he refused to cede power, delegate or modernise. At the very end , he was refusing to depart gracefully so had to be sacked.
    Whether he succeeds, fails or something in between, Unai Emery is no Arsene Wenger, not by a long shot.

  16. James.wood

    I commented re Arteta some months back
    Why would he even consider leaving MC.
    Ambition or not he new exactly what was going on
    at Arsenal.
    And what it would take to rebuild this side of ours.
    Did Arteta have a Steve Bould face on today “Did he fuck”.

  17. Receding hairline

    Pep Guardiola is still City manager Guns.

    Unless of course you are suggesting Arteta runs things there, that would actually sound better when compared to most of the stuff you come out with.

  18. Samesong

    Gambon defintely wasn’t the only one on hear shouting Wenger out that 2008/9 season!

    Guns is call

    I noticed guns changed since Pedro was bugging up Gazidis a few years back. Guns hasn’t been the same since.

  19. gonsterous


    I’ll only post racist jokes and right wing propaganda from now on.

    finally, some thing we can respect… lol

  20. Wenker-wanger

    @david Smith,
    Probably the best summation of Wenger I’ve ever read. Succinct yet comprehensive. Amber( or whatever these people are now called), should read your post.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    Ha ha…I’m still good. I’m just trying to keep things frothy.


    I am no longer making comments about Emery or Arteta. The ship has sailed.

    I guess in May, we will have our answer.

    And for the record, I absolutely do not want Emery to fail but I want Arsenal to be the best and I’m not sure Emery is that guy…I’ll be happy to be proved wrong.

  22. Nelson

    Just finished watching MC vs Huddsfield. MC uses a formation 3 5 2 with two strikers leading the line. Someone should advise Emery to study this game.
    Also I found out that when MC builds up the play from the back, even the strikers come back and offers an outlet. Our players are just not trained to play like that. I am afraid that the transition is going to be long and painful. We need to lower our expectation.

  23. Guns of Hackney


    I thought racism and abuse was the prerequisite to post on here!

    Anyway, I have taken my meds and agreed not to give Emery a tough time.

  24. Unai

    I’m interested to see Stand reaction if by Christmas were still shit.

    If we continue to fall away from the top 4 his investment will start to lose value so will he change his ways and speculate to accumulate?

    If he sits on his hands, who will the fans blame?

    If he fires Emery who will come without the promise of funding?

    How bad does this have to get before he has no choice but to put some money in?


    Can Emery turn this round?

    Could we look like a top 4 team by the end of the year?

    It looks to me if Emery fails and Stan doesn’t invest the value of the club could drop significantly.

  25. Pierre

    ” i think we need to do an athletico madrid and have 2 banks of 4. i would go for a back four of mon, sok, mus and lichsteiner who is a great defender. the next back 4 would have to be iwobi, gouen, tor and welbeck”

    2 games too late mate… We dont need work horses in midfield for the next ten games as we will /should have more possesion of the football… At least for the home games anyway.

  26. SUGA3


    I became a staunch Wenger-outer since the 08/09 season. It is pretty simple: Wenger is/was nothing without David Dein in the wings. His failure to grab the team by the neck after Eduardo’s leg break and the way we failed to keep the team together in the summer thereafter were two sackable offences in my book.

    Dein was ousted in April 2007. Granted, we made a couple of good buys in the summer of 2007 (Eduardo, Sagna), but the next summer was a complete clusterfuck. And no, I don’t believe for one second that we could not give Flamini these extra few grand a week for his hard work. Also, given how much money we ended up spending on all these ‘wonderkids’ and made huge loss on them, I don’t believe we could not afford to buy Nasri to give Hleb a bit of a breather and strengthen the team.

    Also, Almunia in goal? Jesus Christ Ass Titties Motherfuck.

  27. Un na naai

    MarkoAugust 19, 2018 14:19:20
    So everyone agrees that Emery needs time and money…he won’t get both anytime soon. What exactly is the point then?I mean he won’t get much time if people like yourself won’t shut up criticizing him every 5 mins. Look the Arteta boat has sailed move on. What exactly is the point… what does that mean what do you suggest then?

    Exactly marko
    The man has taken over a team beset with issues ingrained throughout the culture at the club.
    He’s played two games against the two richest teams in the country with two of the best squads on paper.
    We were never Kirky to win either game so why have the hatchet out already? Give the man a chance. I was a massive fan of Wenger and never wanted to get drawn into the spiteful personal attacks but I’m honest enough to admit that he caused massive issues throughout the club by stating on to long and being handed far too much say over so many aspects of the running of arsenal
    I’m prepared to defend this manager too if I feel it’s agaisnt unwarranted criticism and so far it has been just that

    Give the man a chance to untangle the knots created by the previous establishment

  28. Pierre

    Mhkitarayan, I believe, should be our cam .. Yesterday he showed that if you give him the ball in the right areas he can damage the opposition.. He also showed that if you put him in the wrong areas, he can be a liability..

    He showed last season his ability to pick out a team mate from the by line and is also capable of scoring 10/15 goals a season if played in the right position.

  29. Un na naai

    RedtruthAugust 19, 2018 15:52:21
    Guardiola has spent a fortune which gives him a big advantage over every manager.

    Red truth
    Every now and then ou produce a nugget of truth
    Well done son

  30. salparadisenyc

    Many whom became disillusioned with Wenger round 08/09 came and found Le Grove. It was the only space speaking of the obvious cracks appearing in Wengers armor at that time.

    Credit to Geoff and Pedro for writing about it, having long family history with supporting club, not some Wenger upstarts creating a fanboy blog like others that knew nothing else.

  31. zaco

    “Remember, Emery tanked a one horse race in his first year at PSG because the players didn’t get him. He cannot afford the same mistakes again.”

    it was that same Monaco team that sent Pep and his team out of champions league that year, but you keep using not winning the lig1 that season against Emery knowing that apart from the fact that it was his first season there, that monaco team had player that sold for over 100 million (Mbape) and several others for 50 million pounds at the end of that season which should tell you how good they really were, so it wasn’t a one horse race as you want the world to believe.

  32. Michael24

    It is clear, after two competitive games, that we have several players who, no matter how hard you drill them, are incapable of taking personal responsibility.

    Hector Bellerin, Mesut Ozil, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and, to a degree, PEA need constructive personal attention, or should I say some tough love.

    Neither one of these players has self awareness, which, in a team environment, is detremental to the collective unit.

    Going forward Bellerin can be a potent weapon, however, his defensive capabilities are, for the most part, atrocious.

    Ozil, no matter how hard you try and defend him, is a luxury we can do without.
    Physical limitations, which we know he has, can be offset by a positive mindset when it comes to applying yourself. Regrettably, he fails here as well.

    Miki is another luxury player who, when paired with Bellerin, fails to understand the simple concept of covering and tracking back. His psyche, like Ozil, is moulded on coasting through games rather than rolling your sleeves up.

    Then we come to PEA, who basically cost us the game yesterday. Not only were the chances he scorned easy, it was the fact that he went into a shell thereafter that concerned me. Lacazette is by far the better option and would have probably buried those same chances if he had been on the pitch.

    Ideally PEA and Lacazette should start together. Lichtsteiner ahead of Bellerin.
    Ozil and Miki should not start together.

    I will take stock after 10 games, by which time we will have a far clearer idea of where we stand. If we are top 10 after 10 games, I’d take that. Top 6 after 20 games would be a bonus.

    For 20 minutes yesterday we destroyed Chelski and could and should have finished the game off. Guendouzi was fantastic, and puts all the other senior players to shame. Torreira also looks good.

    I still say be patient and give Emery the time and respect to try and sort things out.

    Remember, Wenger created this mess because of years of neglect.

    Emery can fix it.

  33. KAY Boss

    Xhaka might not be good, but honestly our wide play and forward movements were anonymous when he was subbed. I know some will vehemently disagree with me but when an opinion is made of someone by certain people is difficult for them to think other wise.

    Defensively he’s a liability but he gave us quick movement when we had to go up field and it caused a lot of problems for the chavs.

  34. Marko

    Brighton deservedly ahead against United. My god United have problems with dominating possession. A long way from the Fergie years

  35. Champagne charlie

    Apparently the Arsenal owner is “beside the point” when discussing the future of the club.

    Starting to think it’s just one dumb yank supporting his own.

  36. Champagne charlie

    Kay boss

    You’ll have some snapping at you for that. Arsenal were miles better first half than second, and Xhaka was part of the forward play. The kind that was totally absent second half.

    Far too stupid to make such simple statements, but you know fine well had we won the game second half then the usual lot would be giving it the “see what happens when…” talk.

  37. Marko

    Charlie you going to spend another day talking about Stan or commenting about what Bamford says? No way. Your input is getting tedious now. Downhill for a while now 🙂

  38. Marko

    you know fine well had we won the game second half then the usual lot would be giving it the “see what happens when…” talk

    Lost plenty of games the last two seasons when Xhaka has remained on the pitch

  39. Dissenter

    We lost yesterday’s game because of the repeated misses of tap-in by Auba, Mykhi and Iwobi. I mean this were very bad misses.
    In retrospect, we too harsh on Ozil because he put in a good shift.
    Nothing to do with Emery.

  40. Bob N16

    I’m in total agreement with CC about the ‘owner’s responsibility’. Bamford’s comment, brushing the owner’s involvement ‘under the carpet’ was facile at best, brainless at worst.

  41. Dissenter

    **We lost yesterday’s game because of the repeated misses of tap-ins by Auba, Mykhi and Iwobi. I mean those were very bad misses.

  42. Michael24

    Bellerin and Ozil are both not good enough to justify a start.

    They need to be made aware of this.

    For all the negativity surrounding Xhaka, when he went off we lost our impetus.

    Iwobi also ahead of Ozil.

    Mkhitaryan definitely ahead of Ozil.

    Where does this leave Ozil?

    On the bench with much to contemplate.

  43. Bob N16

    Dissenter, what medication are you on?

    ‘Ozil put in a good shift….’

    Of the years I’ve been reading Legrove, that comment has to be the furthest from the truth…unbelievable!

  44. Marc

    I wonder what the pro Wenger crowd want? If Emery fails Wenger isn’t coming back so enjoying Emery struggling in a very difficult transition whilst being given a harsh fixture list for the first couple of matches is stupid. It doesn’t vindicate Wenger it just shows what a mess we are in.

  45. Michael24

    I love Guendouzi already.

    The way he got back to stop Hazard was a special moment.

    His youthful chuckle and quick conversation with Hazard showed that this kid is just what we need.

    Please protect him Unai.

  46. Bob N16

    This idea Michael that we were better in the first half and because Xhaka didn’ t play the second half his absence made the difference is so contrived.
    He sprayed a few good balls to the flanks but defensively he was as wank as ever. He deserved to be substituted

  47. Dissenter

    What owners responsibilities are you lot talking about.
    Kroenke NEVER promised to spend his own money. He has always embraced self-sufficiency and most gooners were in agreement at the time.
    His main errors are a
    -failure to articulate a vision for the club
    -communicate with fans clearly
    -supervise the board
    -irrational love off the dinosaur manager
    – be more involved in the day-to-day running of the club.
    Had he been involved we would have sold both Ozil and Sanchez and put those funds back in the squad.
    His main errors was keeping Wenger for far too long.
    He’s a disinterested and distant owner. If that makes him a bad owner then sure, call him that.
    He is however a not the Mike Ashley type of manager; we wouldn’t have players n 4-5 players on 150k/week plus salaries. We have spent big money on all the wrong things and let good money walk away.

  48. Marko

    For all the negativity surrounding Xhaka, when he went off we lost our impetus.

    To be fair it’s not unjust negativity when he has played this season we’ve conceded 4 of our 5 goals. When he plays Guendouzi has to do the work of two midfielders. But sure that one game he sprayed a few passes so all is forgiven. We had a 20 minute period where we attacked well in the first half so really Xhaka was as bad as he was good first half

  49. Michael24

    There should be no one on here wishing the return of Wenger.

    All of what we see has nothing to do with Emery, that’s all down to Wenger.

    End of.

  50. Bob N16

    Marc, ‘the pro Wenger crowd’……newsflash, he isn’t our manager any more. You’re living in the past.

  51. Dissenter

    I slept over some things and watched the game a second time this morning.
    Ozil didn’t have a bad game…he didn’t have a good game either.

    It’s not like we played better when was subbed.
    Had Auba/Iwobi/Mykhi taken their chances we would n’t be in a position where people are asking for Ozil’s head.

  52. Michael24


    The fact of the matter is that Ozil never has a good game when it matters.

    Simple really.

    He is a massive liability and needs a kick up the backside.

  53. Up 4 grabs now

    The problem we have now is we are stuck with this personnel till January, and even then no guarantee that they will be money to spend.

    Defensively we are poor so go 352
    It’s gives us more protection in defence. It means bellerin and monreal can bomb forward like they do now but we have three defenders sat back.

    I’m all for the press, but when all your defenders are sat on the halfway line and your centre backs are slow you can’t play that far forwards.
    Ten yards back and they don’t score the second goal yesterday.
    You still play guendouzi and torriera and then it’s ozil or Ramsey as the most forward of the three midfielders.

    Then it’s laca and auba up top.

    That team means you don’t worry about poor defending from Bellerin or ozil/Ramsay as you have the Three centrebacks.

    You have five in midfield so you won’t get over run, and you have two strikers that can hold the ball up and gove you two targets.
    This will also split opposition centrebacks, and course more problems in the opposition box.

    Best we can do with these players that we have.

  54. VicVic

    Most of the talks here are just to deny the facts and hope for the dream.
    Results aside, When a manager comes and make people who he should be pushing through the door captains, it tells you much.
    It tells you what he sees, what he believes.
    And unless you see and believe that Xhaka and Ozil are parts of the way forward, you should trust your own beliefs and know what to expect from Emery’s season.

  55. gonsterous

    city 6. Jesus. can anyone stop them from winning the bloody thing again ? may be pool, but those guys will be insufferable if they win the title…

  56. Ishola70

    Bob N16
    “This idea Michael that we were better in the first half and because Xhaka didn’ t play the second half his absence made the difference is so contrived.
    He sprayed a few good balls to the flanks but defensively he was as wank as ever. He deserved to be substituted”

    Strange that some folks point to just personnel changes.

    It was obvious to see that Arsenal lost their attacking impetus because as well as the substitution Emery told the team to sit deeper second half.

    Sarri justs wants to have fun he says so he may have been happy with the park football and the score ending 6-6. Emery though had enough of how open the game was by half time and decided to tighten up and quieten down the game with the substitution and the team dropping back from the orginal high line.

    Also it’s embarrassing to hear that Xjaka was instrumental in the Arsenal offensive sense in the first half. Everyone can see he is not near Jorginho in influence on the ball. He played some passes out wide. Some hit their target other were over hit and put out of play as usual.

    If fans want to see lots of goals at both ends of the pitch then how the team played in the first half will be the order of the day but this is neither sensible football nor will it ultimately be successful football.

    The main reason Arsenal lost their attacking impulse second half was because the team were instructed to sit deeper second half.

  57. zaco

    August 19, 2018 17:12:46

    “When a manager comes and make people who he should be pushing through the door captains, it tells you much.”

    do you want the manager to make Nelson and smith-rowe captains? and who says a captain can’t be sold if there is need to do so? you guys talk as if you all have more experience in football management than those that are paid millions for the job

  58. VicVic

    ‘For all the negativity surrounding Xhaka, when he went off
    we lost our impetus.’

    Exactly my point, mate.

    I was saying here last night that Torriera didn’t show the promise, and some lads took me up on it.

    Xhaka was subbed, the Xhaka…..and the replacement was weaker…….weaker than the Xhaka.
    New guy or no new guy, that was far below the line.
    Guen was good start to finish, you felt you had a guy who was blocking things off and making good passes.
    Torriera seemed to have just floated for 45 minutes.

  59. Ishola70


    “Who’s comparing Xhaka with Jorginho?”

    A poster on here said Arsenal lost their attacking impetus second half with the departure of Xjaka.

    The team really lost their attacking impetus second half because Emery instructed the side as a whole to sit deeper.

    Xjaka’s own individual performance on the ball was average. As said some hitting the target others going out of play and that has always been the argument regarding Xjaka in that does his on the ball input justify his selection when he is so obviously a handicap off the ball.

    I think the poster is clutching at straws regarding the departure of Xjaka and must have the instincts of Wenger deep in his veins because if that game had carried on the same way it did first half we would have seen more goals and not just in the Chelsea net. Like a local kick about down the local park. Jumpers for goalposts.

  60. Ishola70

    Chelsea did not need to press as much second half because the whole Arsenal side retreated back in comparison to the first half.

    Emery decided to go conservative and try to tighten the game up second half.

    That was the reason Emery took of Xjaka. There is no point in a team sitting back with Xjaka in it.

  61. DaleDaGooner

    Pedro, couldn’t get past the first paragraph. You and a lot on here are really on something that seems very pointless. Wenger’s gone! We have Cech, schooled at Chelsea not by Wenger, Aubameyang half a season under Wenger, Mkhitaryan Dortmund and other teams which include Man U, Papas, Guen, Lacazette…..a new coaching staff. This Wenger beat down has to end someday. You guys find a new agenda.

  62. zaco


    my point is, Emery just landed and he needs time to access the players before arriving at who should be made the substantive Captain, Ramsey whom we all thought would be the captain has refused to sign extension apart from the fact that he like other players is not guaranteed a spot in the first eleven considering the fact that we now have real competition in the team. so naming 5 of the most senior players as captains is the right call at the moment. remember we have always complaining of having non-playing captains (Arteta, Per) in the past, so i think Emery is taking his time before finally making the decision on who really becomes the Captain and i won’t be surprised if he arrived at Papa Sokratis this time next year.

  63. DaleDaGooner

    This talk of Wenger’s stench lingering is farcical excuse. We are what we are and will continue to be. There’s a general issue with the demands and structure the ownership has put in place. No doubt guys like Bellerin are examples of Wenger’s teachings, but why is Emery still persisting with them?

  64. VicVic

    Wenger must be muttering softly to himself…..
    ‘At least I did not lose first two league games of the season in 22 years.’

    And the AKBs say ‘aye!’

  65. DaleDaGooner

    Marc I am not sure what bids came in, but here we are again, about to bend over backwards for an average player again. Wenger’s not here for the whipping….

  66. Pierre

    Dissenter you are right.. Ozil didn’t have a bad game, it was just an average game by his high standards.(wait for it)

    At the moment he is out of Form and is lacking the quality to open up defences but then again, most on here regard creating chances as unimportant..

    Will remind you.. Form is temporary, class is permanent.

  67. Marc


    You went straight past my point – we’ve had zero bids. How do you sell a player when no one wants to pay?

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Why do some people still get so salty about Wenger being mentioned? Get over it for fuck sake, you were wrong, he was shit and got sacked. Yeah you look a prize t**t having nonstop defended him and deflected blame and claimed he should be able to retire when he wants and dressing success up as something but listen, we all make mistakes, put the salt down.

    This is still Wenger’s squad mostly and he has spent the last 4 or 5 years absolutely running it into the ground, the transfer budget, the wage bill, the fact this lot finished 6th having finished 5th the season before, the team’s value, the coaching up until 6 weeks ago it is all the context in which Emery exists and so it is crucial.

    Sorry for the butthurt people, the reason Wenger will keep being brought up is because we are now trying to recover from the position he put us in, the reason we were able to sink into the shit so deep with him is butthurt people like you.

  69. Alex Cutter

    “This talk of Wenger’s stench lingering is farcical excuse. ”

    The only thing farcical is that you AKBs think it will take anything less than years, an army of workers in hazmat suits, and new staff/players, to rid the club of Wenger’s residual stench.

  70. Cesc Appeal

    That’s the thing the people who spent years saying Wenger wasn’t doing a bad job don’t think we’re in a bad situation because of that or will refuse to acknowledge it.

    We’re in a terrible situation.

    In any job if your predecessor did a poor job and left a total mess you’re not expected to turn it around overnight unless you’re given an abundance of resources.

    What people want is progress. And it is going to be slow and steady unfortunately. Had we made this jump 4 or 5 years ago who knows, but go and read what you were saying 4 or 5 years ago.

  71. zaco

    “and i won’t be surprised if he arrived at Papa Sokratis this time next year.”

    Jesus be.
    Apart from Ramsey IF he can hold down a spot in the starting eleven and other factors such as age and home grown status could you please tell me 2 other players you would consider making captains based on their consistency, leadership qualities on and off the pitch?

  72. zaco


    At the moment I’m wondering how long before Mustafi is dropped for Holding or Mavropanos?
    same here, but i think sooner than later

  73. Michael24

    As previously highlighted, if Arsenal are top 10 after ten games, I would take that based on where we are now.

    If, after 20 games, we are pushing top six, that would be a bonus.

    Come January, Emery will be able to bring in a couple of new faces.

  74. Michael24

    Bellerin’s body language was appalling yesterday.

    Hobbling/strolling back/Slouched shoulders.

    So much for his vegan diet.

    It’s ironic that our two social media pinups are our biggest liability.

  75. Cesc Appeal

    United taking Pochettino would be great as it is a serious problem for Spurs when they need him most.

    At the same time backed with £200 Million a summer and a new DoF infrastructure he could turn United into a real force.

  76. Marc


    Jamie Redknapp speaks sense about 3 times a season the rest is either crazy bais or just the bleedin obvious

  77. Cesc Appeal

    Bellerin is another one who has become too obsessed with himself and thinking he’s more than a footballers, he’s not.

    Sometimes training still seems a little bit too much like they are having a laugh, fine when you’re winning, but Emery needs to remind them 2 games 2 losses and some of them like Bellerin, Xhaka, Ozil, Ramsey etc have played like total shit.

  78. Marc


    If the Poch were to leave the Spud’s who the hell would want to take over? They’re about to go through what we did – no money and having to sell players.

  79. Wenker-wanger

    I really don’t think some posters understand just how much of a difficult job Emery has. Logically he has to assess Xhaka, ozil, bellerin and mustafi. He needs to be able to decide with some degree of experienced justification whether to keep them or not. Ok we have lost, but the knowledge that these players aren’t good enough will be invaluable, surely.
    Subsequently we should see an improvement I believe.

  80. DaleDaGooner

    Again, you have folks like Alex Cutter chatting shit. Don’t you get tired of using the now tired label on everyone, I mean you use it on people who wanted Wenger out too but went about it differently than your deranged daily rhetoric. He’s gone! Get with the current program. The stench or issues are now firmly the club hierarchy and what direction Kroenke will take Arsenal. We still have average players like Ramsey holding us over a barrel and about half the players who played were brought in at the tail end of wenger’s Demise. If you think the problem are all Wenger and not the ownership, then you’re a fool.

  81. Champagne charlie

    Yea Marko, super tedious to respond to the subject matter with an opinion…

    Could always try your intellectual vacuum approach, just not sure how?