Wenger hangover excuse will suffice for now, but Emery needs wins

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Quick post from me, namely because I feel like Arsenal needed to get through the first two games pointless so the real season can kick off. Remember, Chelsea > Champions of 2 seasons ago, City > Champions of last season. Those were the two toughest games of the season (first half), now they’re done and we’ve learned a bit.

Unfair Advantage:

Nothing triggers wounded AKBs quite like me reminding them that the reason the job of Emery is so tough this season is because Wenger neglected the squad and its education so badly over the last ten years. Our boys are like 13-year-olds who’ve been homeschooled in the woods. There’s a lot of talent in our squad, but they’re not educated tactically and they’re a long way off mentally. You do not shake the Wenger out of that squad in two games. Those opening 20 minutes are a byproduct of yesteryear.

Chelsea, on the other hand, has far fewer challenges. I know Sarri inherited a club in chaos, but at the same time, he picked up players who’d been managed by Mourinho, then fine-tuned by Conte. They are winners who lost their way last season. The whole squad is slammed full of exceptional players. The whole club is built around success. It’s going to be far easier for Sarri to make things happen.

Now, that’s not to say Emery is going to get away with this for long. The defence is a mess, his starting 11 was a mistake, and the team looked like they were caught between systems. Nothing looked particularly cohesive. Bielsa at Leeds has been at the club the same amount of time as Emery and he has them playing an exceptional style of football already. You don’t need 3 months to make progress. Remember, Leeds finished 13th last season.

So how about some postive talk?

The response:

We failed hard conceding two goals in the opening 20 minutes. That would normally be the start of a humiliation, but to Emery’s credit the team found the spirit to fight back. By the end of the first half, we’d not only pulled two goals back courtesy of Iwobi and Mikhi, we’d also managed to spurn three open goals (and an easy chance). Ozil missed early on, Iwobi fired over and Auba had an uncharacteristic disaster in front of the target. We should have been 5-3 up.

Petr Cech:

Arsenal fans are crowing over the glorious failure of losing on the technicality of conceding more goals than the opposition, but having the better chances… but the reality is, Chelsea’s keeper wasn’t anywhere near the MoM (he was shite), but Cech was. The Czech had and OUTSTANDING game. Incredible what a bit of competition can do for the spirits. Time and time again, when he was called upon, he made the right decision.

The Subs:

Again, you have to temper your praise for the new manager sometimes because Wenger was just that bad, but fuck it, Emery made BOLD subs.

He took Xhaka off at halftime again for Torreira, my question was: Why did he make the same mistake twice? He also yanked Ozil off on 70minutes after his typical top 6 #DisasterClass. I know making logical changes shouldn’t be a big deal, but at least subs are now chess moves, rather than the click of a switch in an entirely predictable process.


He had a poor game against City. You can’t paint a game positive just because a professional doesn’t hide (I know I was guilty of this). However, yesterday he really came into his own. I love his aggression and quick passing. He’s showing up Xhaka and I love it. He’s a real player in the making.

The worry:

Emery has to shape up. It’s clear he’s struggling to get across his ideas and he looks like he’s making some very odd decisions that could add up to issues further down the line. He’s hitting players with double sessions, he’ll no doubt be pulling them in for a video analysis slamming tomorrow, and he’s making big moves on big players before he’s proved anything.

Benching Aaron Ramsey was a big move. Pulling Xhaka off early was embarrassing for the Swiss. Pulling Ozil off after a terrible game was brave. These things can start to add up when things go wrong. Expensive personalities have big opinions. Emery could quickly alienate himself at a club he doesn’t really understand or control at this moment.

Also, what a fucking scenario… our worst performers all have new deals.

Anyway, my point with this Emery shake up is that he doesn’t have the luxuries Wenger had.

1. Emotional Connection

He’s not the charismatic leader we’d hoped for. He struggles to communicate in press conferences and he doesn’t have the swagger of any of the managers in the top 7. That might seem like a minor observation, but remember, he’s dealing with footballers. He’s also dealing with a very aggressive press core. He was destroyed by the French, and they’re children compared to the monsters that run the rags here.

I know you think this point is weak, but look at how much Mourinho gets away because he’s a sound bite. Jurgen Klopp is a darling of the media because of his smile and charisma. Nearly all the modern managers in the game are good in front of the camera, and great for the soundbites. We don’t have that. Though Emery is more of a football student than Wenger, he’s certainly not the charmer the Frenchman was. That is costing him after one game, the press have already lined him up as the next David Moyes. Once the narrative about you is set, it’s hard to shake it.

2. Player power

This is not Sevilla. This is Arsenal. We are a major club. You have to treat the players a certain way, or you’ll have the players down tools. We’re a long way off that, but Arsenal players couldn’t get Wenger fired, they could easily get Emery moved on.

Remember, Emery tanked a one horse race in his first year at PSG because the players didn’t get him. He cannot afford the same mistakes again.

Also, remember what Ivan Gazidis passed on when making his decision.

He didn’t opt for prodigious talent

He didn’t opt for a manager who is the talk of the elite managers’ fraternity

He didn’t opt for wild charisma

He didn’t opt for ‘proven winner’

He went for safe because he’s weak.

The players know that, and if our next ten games don’t pan out well, the club is in big, big trouble… and where will Ivan be? Milan, working on a new project for a hedge fund.

There are 24 points to play for before the Liverpool game. The run is fairly easy. We need to bring home at least 21 points.

Emery needs to start making it happen, because the press, the pundits and the fans won’t tolerate Wenger 2.0 for long.

There are positives for sure, but don’t pretend glorious failure is something we haven’t seen before.

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  1. Guns of Hackney

    Good, strong post Peter. One of your best.

    A great summing up of what I’ve been trying to educate the posters on here about. Emery is beige and not the man to see in a new era.

    If we wanted a caretaker…why not go for Ancelotti? The best middleman our there.

    Arsenal and Gazidis have basically painted over Magnolia with Magnolia.

  2. englandsbest

    There is a world of difference between ‘talented’ and ‘exceptional’. Think Hazard in yesterday’s game. Emery didn’t have a single player who came anywhere near him.

    Just a reminder: Wenger inherited Dennis, Ian, Paul and the best defence in the country.

    It wouldn’t matter a great deal if Arsenal were, say, West Ham or Southampton. They know their rightful place is mid-table.

    A return to the elite demands exceptional players. Chelsea have them, Man City have them, Man U have them, Liverpool have them, Spurs have them. We don’t.
    It’s hard to see a better PL finish than sixth.

    Okay, perhaps we ought to settle for that in Emery’s first season as head coach. And hope that he gets (or creates) those ‘exceptionals’ by next season.

    Or the next season…or the next season,…..or the next season…………

  3. marcos

    I ask was it wenger that taught auba miki iwobi to miss glaring chances.was it wenger that changed tactics 2end half.iit was all emeery.his tinkering is too much.why sit deef 2nd half?xhaka leaving made us lose control of midfield.Torreira not yet ready besides his is a different formation to that of yesterday.he let alonso a free run to the winning goal.that’s not on wenger.so move on from wenger.bielsas system is crazier and maddest than what emery brrings yet leeds took no time to show it.bielsa is learning english as well

  4. Guns of Hackney

    GK £70m
    CB £250m
    MF £350m
    CF £200m


    I’d say that is a fair example of what it would cost to rebuild an entire side from scratch. Obviously on the very top end of recruitment.

    I wonder how Stan would feel about that.

  5. gonsterous

    I said it before and I’ll say it again, this team needs a cazorla. someone who can take the ball from the defence in the middle of the park and not lose possession under pressure. Quick feet, quick turn and an eye for a pass. Cazorla, iniesta, busquets. every good team needs one….

  6. Pierre

    “. The Czech had and OUTSTANDING game”

    Are you sure?

    He made some decent saves admittedly but one has to ask why he fell (I won’t say dived) to the right for chelsea’s 2nd goal.

    A very soft goal that was avoidable because if he had just stood up the ball Would have gently rolled into his arms… Poor decision making and goalkeeping is all about making the correct decisions..

  7. marcos

    England’s best arsenal have more than talented lads.hazard shows most against arsenal cos we let him.he struggles against oda big boys

  8. gonsterous

    as bad as xhaka was yesterday, his cross field balls to our fullbacks stretched chelsea and gave us an attacking outlet from the flanks, which we didn’t have in the second half…

  9. Guns of Hackney

    After city “Emery won’t make the same mistake again picking Xhaka, Ozil and Cech”

    After Chelsea “Emery won’t make the same mistake again picking Xhaka, Ozil and Cech”

    Wenger MKII.

    Spanish waiter…and ironically the original Spanish Waiter has won the CL. Something Emery will never do.

  10. Biggus

    Good post Pedro.

    Emery needs to really step up in the next few games cos our team looks unbalanced.

    I think Iwobi played well yesterday and I think he should have a run of games. I know this might sound weird but I fancy Welbeck in that wide position as he’s strong, fast and tracks back. I know he can be a donkey up front but playing him in this system might actually work.

    As for the marcos dude that claims taking Xhaka out was a mistake, he’s either trolling or watching a totally different match. Xhaka and Ozil were woeful. I can’t understand how Xhaka is able to hide in a congested midfield!

    Ozil, I am slowing losing respect for. It’s like he doesn’t even know what he is supposed to be doing.

    Finally, let’s put things into perspective. We finally managed to get rid of a manager that held us back in the last decade, no other team would rebuild with £70mill in this current market. We might have gotten rid of Wenger and his lack of tactics but the scouting, lack of top players purchase remains within the club. Again I hate to say this but spurs will do much better than us with this stadium build cos they have a coach that actually improves players. That is depressing just thinking about it.

  11. Un na naai

    Pierre & gunsWe were better than Chelsea
    Had our forwards taken the sitters they were presented with then we would have won those points
    Emery cannot rub onto the pitch and covert them but it’s obviously his game plan (with the amount of cutbacks we made) that created those openings and our supposedly top forwards couldn’t hit the target from 8 yards with open goals.Regarding signings. Tell me guns, who were we meant to sign? Realistically. Which centre half would have joined arsenal and made us better

  12. Un na naai

    England is best

    Wenger inherited a side that finished 7th and 5th before his arrival with a defence all the wrong side of 30 and and Ian and Paul both north of 30
    He sold both within a year or two of joining and brought in Anelka and Vieira as replacements for less than he got for Merson. Let’s keep some perspective.

  13. gonsterous


    did you watch the game? I think we’ll have no problem winning the next few fixtures till we face liverpool.
    cech did have a very good game. He dived the wrong way cause mustafi was supposed to have the left side of the post covered with his tackle, resulting in cech having to cover the right side and the ball unfortunately went through the middle…

  14. Un na naai

    You talk about these players as though Wenger was the only coach who’d ever worked with them

    Ozil worked with Mourinho and Lowe
    Auba with Klopp and tuchel
    Same as papa
    Miki worked with Jose and Klopp
    Many of these players have only been around Wenger for 3 years or less of their careers.

  15. englandsbest

    Bellerin, Xhaka and Ozil should never play for Arsenal again: three rotten apples that spoil the barrel. If Emery is the man I hope he is, the two opening games were last chance saloon for them.

    He should take Ramsey aside and tell him: “No more games until you sign a contract.” I believe we would all understand and respect him for that.

    Emery is limited in choice, the transfer money stretched to a couple of experienced defenders, a GK who plays the way he wants, an impressive DM, a promising youngster. We sympathise with him, he has a tough task.

    But there are alternatives to them: Elneny, Danny, Iwobi, to name a few.

    It is not too late to get rid of the rotten apples, the continental clubs are still open for business. And maybe a Turkish club would take Ozil on a free.

    What a blessing it would be never to see them in Arsenal shirts again.

  16. Drey

    Emery should better start making bold decisions because he is fast losing goodwill with the Arsenal fans. for the life of me I can’t pinpoint what Xhaka brings to the table in the midfield. To think that he was bought for £30m+ boggles the mind. It gets depressing when you remember that he just signed a new contract and he is a joint captain with the likes of Ozil and Ramsey.
    Ozil… how he manages to collect 350k a week is the 8th wonder of the world to me. Case closed.

    whisper it but I’m having an uneasy feeling about Aubemeyang.
    was never really his fan but he better start raking up the goals.

    Also watching the game I can’t help but notice the gulf in terms of quality players between the two teams.
    I mean, you have Xhaka, Ozil and Mikki contesting with Kante, Willian and Hazard. shocking

  17. Ishola70

    Emery has a big conundrum here.

    The game settled down in the second half compared to the first because Arsenal sat deeper. Chelsea bossed the quieter second half and really they were the better team as well in the mad first half despite Arsenal missing great chances.

    The conundrum is regarding the press. Arsenal had a few players previously that were seen as defensive worries these being Bellerin, Xjaka and Mustafi. If Emery continues with the high press tactics then we can add another additional new recruit that will join the others already mentioned as defensive liabilities for the team that being Sokratis.

    A press is not effective unless the backline pushes up. Sokratis in a high back line is an accident waiting to happen again and again. He’ll be out of the game time and time again with opponents looking for the ball over the top and the team will end up with having one CB that will be capable of defending or getting back attempting to defend which we saw yesterday with the Morata goal when he beat Mustafi. Sokratis was nowhere in the picture. Sokratis looked more comfortable with the team sitting deeper in the second half. He’s not an absolute hopeless case because he shows good play on occasions due to his experience but in a high line defence forget it. He will be a huge problem. Opposition managers will have taken note from that first half yesterday regarding the problem of Sokratis and the high line.

    The problems of dropping the high press is that the team become less of a threat offensively as we saw in the second half. Not winning possession of the opponents high up enough.

    Bellerin was playing as a wingback yesterday in that first half in a back four and was dreadful defensively and so narrow when defending. Emery may make him better offensively but he looks even worse defensively than last season so far and that is going some.

    Bellerin and Xjaka will always be a defensive liability in any system. Sokratis was though a bigger worry in that first half than Xjaka was but still Jorginho was getting far too much time on the ball but that was down to having Ozil in there as well.

    The kid Guendouzi did well and deserves to keep his place in the team.

    The keeper sweeper system was not really an issue yesterday as it was in the Man City match so those pining for Leno looks like they will have to keep waiting for change there.

    Having Bellerin and Xjaka in the same team coupled with Sokratis in a high line is asking for big trouble defensively. Having Sokratis full stop in a team that want to press in a high back line is big trouble regardless of Xjaka and Bellerin.

    Emery has to decide which player(s) he drops out of those three. Mustafi so far has not looked as big a problem as he did last season compared to those other three. So far.

    As for Chelsea they will play some good football but will be vulnerable defensively because Sarri has the regista in there and has instructed Kante to be more offensive minded. Arsenal highlighted this vulnerability of theirs yesterday. If Sarri is serious about Chelsea making some sort of challenge then he has to rein Kante in more or if he just wants to have fun as he told the press in his first interview then he continues as he has so far and looks for more offensive play from Kante. They will be involved in more high scoring matches.

  18. Un na naai

    DreyAugust 19, 2018 10:33:21
    Emery should better start making bold decisions because he is fast losing goodwill with the Arsenal fans.


    No he isn’t. Just the childish millennial arsenal fans. We were never going to win those games but we performed better than we would have last season.
    The new man needs time
    And you can’t compare him to Leeds where you’re up against players nowhere near the amount of quality we faced against city and Chelsea
    The last two leave winners in the best league in this country.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    I agree with Pedro as I wrote yesterday Cech was our MOM. However, I still don’t like the way that Emery is forcing Cech to play with the ball. There is still too much back and square passing. He is not naturally suited to that type of game.

    Our defence is shambolic. Watching this morning’s repeat on BBC you can see
    the problem with the CBs too far upfield and frequently too wide apart to support each other. That is primarily due to the fullbacks leaving them too exposed.

    Bellerin has had two shocking games at start of season. I wonder whether his
    Vegan Diet is making him lightheaded, because his defending is sure awful.

    We can analyse every position in the team and the formation we should be
    playing, but my view is that playing both Ozil and Mkhitaryan does not work for me and the team needs to find a solution to play both Aubameyang and
    Lacazette in same team.

    Personally I would go with a 4-4-2 formation with a diamond midfield. There
    needs to be more defensive cover at back whilst at the same time better goalscoring options up front.

    The fact of the matter is that our midfield looks at the moment disjointed and
    that is impacting on both defence and attack.

  20. steve

    August 18, 2018 16:30:12
    1 more hour. I’m off work exactly when the game starts.. easy win 2-0 for the arse .



  21. Ishola70

    Again the glaring problem with this team is defensively.

    Emery has lots of work and thoughts to do regarding the defence because it doesn’t look any better than a Wenger team in this department and even worse.

    We were all told that Emery would tighten this team up. That this would be a benefit and he was the man to do it.

    Well he has a long way to prove this is the case so far.

  22. SilentReader

    Interesting article. Way off the mark on issues of charm and ability of the manager. There’s a lot of assumptions made in the post about the manager failing to get his ideas across. Big players need to be dealt with. We need a coach who has concrete ideas on how he wants his players to play. A coach who understands the game at a very high level. I think we have one. Players know that things have changed. Ozil is struggling to last 90 minutes. He is being worked hard, and it seems the coaches have a plan for every player. No one can deny we need major surgery. That’s Emery’s way of doing it!

  23. Ishola70

    Auba didn’t cover himself with glory yesterday with those two bad misses.

    You would fancy Laca would have taken at least one of those chances.

    Then we see Laca come in and he was culpable for the conceding of the third goal with his loose pass coupled with shit defending yet again in this match from Bellerin.

  24. Guns of Hackney

    Two games in and our rather expensive frontline look a bit silly.

    Emery has to pick his best side.
    He also has to play the way that balances HIS vision and the talent he has available. Now that might mean compromising something.

    Holy fuck. I mean we had to watch Arsene stink up the place trying to play like Barcelona. He didn’t seem to understand you need Barcelona players to play like fucking Barca fucking lona.

    Now we have Emery trying to implement a style that the players simply can’t manage. Too shit. Too dumb or too lazy. Pick two.

    Also, to suggest our next few games are easily winnable is pure folly. We are 0-2 and apart from Guedenzi, who else has looked okay. This squad will fold faster than superman on laundry day.

  25. Un na naai

    This from August 2016 from this site about the signing of xakha…..

    Well, we have quite a lot of interesting options here. I think the two players we’ve lacked for years are Elneny and Xhaka. We’ve gone from quite weak defensively, to WOAH WE ARE STRONG. Elneny is a tireless work horse with some serious class. Xhaka is beast, a leader and pinpoint accurate with his passing. He also has far better technique than Coquelin.

    Yeah. Take the assessments of players with a pinch of salt on le grove

  26. SUGA3

    We could and should have won this game, if it was not for the shocking misses. Not one, not two, but four. This being said, our midfield still looks all over the place and there are still problems with the likes of Bellerin getting out of position way too often. That, and the defence leaving too much space for the strikers to have a pop.

    I think we need to give Emery time and *cough* judge him in May. Barring some sort of a disaster like 9 points to our name in October.

  27. Paul

    Wonderful to see Xakha taken off at half time.
    Fantastic to see Ozil hauled off.
    Thought the manager played a blinder with all his substitutions.
    If we had nicked a draw then the whole mood would have been different.
    Looking forward to new era of accountability.
    Agree with others on Bellerin…not up to it.

  28. Un na naai

    Silent reader

    I agree
    The problem with the petulant frequenters of or grove is that if arsenal do not bring in the people they want then they throw tantrums. They have zero patience and very little understanding of football

    They crow about every new signing like the new messiah then claim they knew they were shit all along when that player fails to deliver within the tactical frame work (or lack thereof) set out for them
    Xakaha was never going to succeed under Wenger. He should never have been signed but I still feel he will fare better under emery in a 3 man midfield. I like the fact that emery is hooking players if the under perform. For me the next scalp has to be ozil and I’d start any of our youngsters over Mustafi with leichester (however you spell his name) at right back until Bellerin learns to defend under his tutelage.

    It going to take time for his new system to sink in and be applied properly during game time. And it certainly wasn’t going to work to full effect in our first two games against city and Chelsea. I thought we did well under the circumstances. My biggest disappointment is sticking with ozil in the side and the fact we have been so utterly appalling in front of goal.
    Don’t forget ozil had glorious chances against city too along with the plethora of sitters we missed last night.
    We are heading in the right direction but I do feel that the big earners are or dead would now. Not the likes of iwobi and welbeck who I fell are young and talented enough to flourish under new ideas.

  29. Ishola70

    Seems crazy to fixate on Mustafi at this time when you have Sokratis in there as well.

    Emery has told us he wants his team to press and press.

    An effective press means a high back line.

    Sokratis is going to be a huge problem in a high backline.

  30. leon

    This never occurd to me but the squad is very short in centre backs, if Sukritis where to get injured we would have three centre true backs , so I feel no matter what more defenders will have to,brought in January

  31. Guns of Hackney


    Exactly. So why did Emery recruit slower than sin players? The man has already made some bizarre decisions.

    Arsenal is too much of a big project for him…he’s been set up to fail by Arsenal.

  32. gonsterous


    you don’t make predictions before a game ? You don’t get it wrong ? What’s with all the hate on arsenal? Most fans are happiest when we lose…

  33. Un na naai


    You’ve already been told
    Minislat recruits
    It’s not like we area high attraction for the worlds fastest and best centre halves at the moment
    We needed an experienced addition to our back line after losing mertersacker and Koscielny

  34. marcos

    Ishola agree that socratis a bigger issue. Maybe still lacking undstandin with mustafi.mavrofanos could come in.emerys tactics in 2nd half made us lose the game as well as missed sitters.why is no one commenting that Torreira ddnt track alonso for the 3rd goal.if it were xhaka it would be mentioned and he would be killed alive. Torreira isn’t a fit in a 2man mid.hes base in 352 or 442 diamond

  35. Ishola70

    “Exactly. So why did Emery recruit slower than sin players? The man has already made some bizarre decisions.”

    Yep Sokratis is a poor purchase for a team that want to press because high back line is needed for proper team press.

    He may go back on his word regarding the press or fudge it. Either way he is going to look silly.

    If he continues with the notion of the press then he will have to drop Sokratis from the starting eleven sooner rather than later because Big Papa will die many deaths in a high back line.

  36. gonsterous


    don’t worry if emery fails, I’ll tell the whole world you got it right first. That was what you wanted to achieve wasn’t it ?? if not, stop repeating the same thing you have been saying for the past 12 hours…

  37. Un na naai


    Because the modern arsenal fan likes it’s shiny new toys rather than the idea of coaching and training and improving certain facets of a players game.

  38. Un na naai

    Funny how all these fans seem to think that every new signing is the answer to our prayers like they know these players inside out then decry them when their deficiencies shine through
    A cursory glance through the comments sections of yesteryear exposes the utter hypocrisy of these people.

  39. marcos

    Did you all know that after the game carcedo screamed at Torreira for not tracking alonso.he’s defensive yet he let alonso go free on goal.he’s not ready yet.

  40. leon

    In my opinion you don’t have to have pace if you know how to read the game and are not caught out of position and you have a good centre back pairing and you have good protection from midfield, however what I saw was the defence did not much protection and it’s not a good centre back partnership and is the real problem. If you look,back to the best defenders we have ever had in Bould Adams and Kweon none of these defenders where blessed with pace but they had great chemistry and they could read the game really well and so well drilled.

  41. Un na naai

    Guns of HackneyAugust 19, 2018 10:57:42
    Emery can’t handle big players. This much was proven at his short shift at PSG.

    Haha. Guns. He handled them pretty well I’d say. Until their Saudi owners handed that little wanker Neymar the keys to the kingdom

    Look at the players they had and how well they fitted in to the system.
    In fact they revolted at first as they didn’t like his rigorous style and tactics and he pulled some into line. Won others over. And went onto win the tile. It was only Neymar who truly threw a spanner in the works
    I hope his career fails miserably. Can’t stand that little creep

  42. Un na naai


    I whole heartedly agree with you but I just point out that with Adams Keown and Bould we didn’t play a high back line

  43. leon


    That’s very true but you need players in midfield with high energy levels and cover allot ground and Xhaka doesn’t help

  44. Ishola70

    “Did you all know that after the game carcedo screamed at Torreira for not tracking alonso.he’s defensive yet he let alonso go free on goal.he’s not ready yet.”

    Looked to be a complete combo fuck up that goal.

    Laca giving the ball away cheaply. Then he compounds that by picking up the wrong man. Alonso started his run off Laca. Laca should have gone with him and followed his run. This is what Emery wants to see the whole team defend attackers as well as defenders. Laca didn’t follow Alonso. He made a wrong decision and closed on another player.

    But not to worry. Alonso is clear of Laca but we have Bellerin closest to Alonso now. Bellerin will pick up his run now. Bellerin didn’t pick up Alonso’s run. He didn’t pick up Alonso’s run because he was shit defensively all match. But still there is one mote chance to halt Alonso. Torreira. Torreira is the last chance saloon now to stop Alonso. But last man Torreira could not halt him either.

    Combo fuck up.

  45. steve


    If I were to predict a result it wouldn’t be an ‘easy 2-0 win’ away to Chelsea seeing the state the team is in.

  46. G8

    We all know about the usual sudpects..
    The real worry to me is Auba ..
    He supposed to be our saviour..
    He was big pony in the last 2 games..

  47. SUGA3


    Quite honestly, I am expecting nothing less than a string of wins, until we play Everton, by which time the team should have more cohesion and understanding of the system we are expected to play.

    Seems like they are sort of neither here nor there between Wenger’s ‘system’ of going out and expressing themselves and the more rigid wy Emery wants this team set up. Old habits die hard. We need to allow UE some time to get them players into the habit of analysing their own mistakes and working on these.

  48. SUGA3


    I can’t help but think that Bellerin is a bit dim. He was nowhere near the wide man for their first goal either.

    This being said, Sokratis also left his man unchecked and free for an easy shot and goal.

  49. Countryboy

    Yep Sokratis is a poor purchase for a team that want to press because high back line is needed for proper team press.

    You really don’t need blazing fast center backs to implement a high press game/high line defence. As a matter of fact most CBs are slower than the forwards they face every game.

    What we needed yesterday was a player to sit on Jorginho to prevent him from spraying those passes over our defence. Sir Alex famously played Danny Welbeck against one these top European sides as a 10 to negate the deep lying mid of the other side.

    Unfortunately, Ozil failed to do so and it’s an indictment of the Coach not fully committing to the tactic by utilizing appropriate players.

    That Ozil is shit is a given

  50. Ishola70

    The worry is that you don’t need to be a clever or good team to play the ball over the top looking for the runner onto it. Any team can put this play in.

    And the simple ball over the top is going to be a big problem for Arsenal with Sokratis in it and to a lesser extent Mustafi.

    Also as that article said the pressing in midfield to try to stop the supply is still far off from being in any way effective.

  51. Emiratesstroller

    There is too much negativity about Xhaka, Ramsey and Ozil and that does not
    help find solutions to our current midfield problems.

    We need to find the best solution and balance in midfield with the current resources that we have got on our books, because one thing is for sure Arsenal are unlikely to enter market in January and buy more new midfielders.

    My view is that we play with four in the middle and find the correct balance
    between attack and defence in that department of game. Emery is quite correct when he says that Ozil needs to defend better, but that also applies to quite a few others who played yesterday.

    The reality is that we are stuck with Ozil whether you like him or not because he is unsaleable and it is even debatable whether you could offload him on a
    freebie or loan because realistically there are few clubs willing to spend £17
    million pa for next three years of his current contract.

    If we don’t find a solution the only options are to put him on the bench, out to
    grass or pay someone else to take him.

    Somehow I don’t see that happening even if we made an expensive mistake.

  52. gonsterous


    that prediction was more tongue in cheek being positive. what’s sad though is that you’ve seen that yesterday, remembered the comment, then gone back there today to copy that just so you can go “I told u so”. or are you going to try to persuade us that u stumbled upon it ? goes to show most fans are happiest when we lose, not cause they have any thing against the team but more so they can point to the other supporters and call them dicks for supporting the side….

  53. Countryboy

    Xhaka sitting with guen Ramsey Torreira ahead in midfield could be best in big games.

    What can Xhaka do that Torreira can’t do? Other than being a card magnet. Xhaka shouldn’t be anywhere near the team

  54. Terraloon

    Play a high line like that against teams that are set up to defend and whose out ball is into the space behind the back four and the problems will stack up

  55. Un na naai


    Hmm. I’m not sure I agree fully there. I think at the very minimum you need at least one midfielder to sit if the other goes and you need to drill those players on positioning. I still think xakha could turn into a a very good player in the right system and with the right coaching. The issue with most modern players is that they need to be micro managed
    They don’t seem to possess the ability to read a game any more like the leaders of old. No In game awareness. A sad indictment of the modern man

  56. Ishola70

    Country Boy

    Big Papa’s lack of pace was noticeable in the first goal conceded as well.

    Sure Bellerin was a huge culprit in going AWOL from his position but Pedro easily ran off Sokratis to score. Left him standing.

    Also it is unrealistic to think that over the top balls can be snuffed out. They can’t. You can stop some but plenty will be launched especially if the opposition are using it as a weapon in what they see as a weakness in Arsenal.

    Over the top balls can be launched from anywhere and plenty of players are capable to put in an over the top ball for a player to run onto.

  57. Un na naai

    We should never ever have offered ozil that contract. Utter insanity. Why oh why we didn’t offer that money to Sanchez after we beat chavs in the cup final I’ll never know.
    If we kept a hold of him we had a fighting chance going forward. He’d have flourished in this set up too as opposed to ozil who doesn’t seem to flourish in any set up

  58. Ishola70

    “Play a high line like that against teams that are set up to defend and whose out ball is into the space behind the back four and the problems will stack up”


    Sucker counter attacking goals and seen it all before under Wenger.

    Scarily it could get worse under Emery though unless he thinks a few things through here,

  59. Barney75

    Doesn’t matter how good you are, it’s very hard to defend against when the ball keeps coming back at you every other minute. Keep Iwobi on the left and bring in Welbeck on the right – that might help stem the tide. He may not be the best but he’ll put a shift in. Push Mkhitaryan into the middle – he’s lazy but at least the guy can strike a ball unlike Ozil who doesn’t have the energy to do anything. Agree that unless Ramsey signs he should be kept out of the squad, don’t even have him on the bench.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    Can’t we just start leaving a load of brochures for Los Angeles or China around Ozil’s house or in his locker?

    Playing Ozil purely because he earns £350 000 a week is something I feared would happen, he strikes me as a backroom bitch as well who will put more effort into crying and moaning to the board than he does anything on the pitch as well.

    Useless player going forward, all well and good him looking sublime against Huddersfield at home etc but we know he has a very low ceiling when it comes to tough games particularly away from home.

    Huge challenge for Sanellhi and Mislintat but they need to find a way to get him out of the club because the s**t has already given up on football and so will happily take £350 000 a week sitting on the bench or some massive payout.

    Torreira, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan is the midfield we should go with, we need them to form a good understanding. It doesn’t matter we’re playing a nice run of games now, Ozil cannot play.

  61. Un na naai


    Agree completely

    Don’t want to see Ramsey or ozil anywhere near this arsenal team. We should have sold them both this summer or let ozil walk and kept JW.

  62. Ishola70

    Agreed about Ozil though country boy.

    Jorginho was doing as he wished in that first half.

    But as you said no-one is expecting Ozil to harry their regista in any consistent way so question marks in why Emery picked him to play there in that position because he must have known about the influence Jorginho would have if given time and space on the ball from deep.

  63. Un na naai

    Cesc Appeal

    What are your thoughts on iwobi playing cm in place of Ramsey? How do you feel Wilshere would have faired in that position in this set up?

  64. Countryboy

    Over the top balls can be launched from anywhere and plenty of players are capable to put in an over the top ball for a player to run onto.


    My point is that based on Chelsea’s game plan, Jorginho was going to be doing that all game long. You need to snuff out the MAIN source of the balls.

    Secondly. If you prep your team not to conceed from a corner by marking out all the usual suspects, does it mean another player cannot come up with a goal from a corner?
    My point is no tactic is perfect or unbeatable. What matters is to commit to it and not engage in half measures.

    Look at the last goal that Chelsea scored, we were quite deep. In fact we were deep and on the back foot throughout the second half. Which I think was a mistake.

    Don’t get me wrong, I agree Sokratis lacks pace, but if Emery had fully committed to the tactic, he would have found a way to make sure it didn’t get exploited

  65. Kay

    If anyone needs to be blamed for yesterdays mess then it has to be Auba.

    Chelsea had 4 clear cut chances and scored 4.
    We had 5 clear cut chances anf we scored 2.

    Having said that we started playing long balls and were waiting for chances to counter which never came.
    Ideally we should have picked up from where we left the 1st half.

  66. Countryboy

    Having said that we started playing long balls and were waiting for chances to counter which never came.
    Ideally we should have picked up from where we left the 1st half.

    I know this is going to be unpopular and I am by no means saying he is a bad player but that period of the game coincided with Torreira being on the pitch

  67. Bob N16


    if you’re not careful nobody will be able to tell the difference between your posts and Redruth’s!

    Just a thought, against top 6 sides would playing Bellerin in front of Lichtsteiner not provide a more solid set up? I know Bellerin is very disappointing right now but could he be ‘converted’ to being RM/winger in the Parlour mould?

  68. Ishola70

    “I can’t help but think that Bellerin is a bit dim. He was nowhere near the wide man for their first goal either. This being said, Sokratis also left his man unchecked and free for an easy shot and goal.”

    Woeful wasn’t he Bellerin defensively.

    Funny thing is I think Emery could make him better offensively than Wenger did more brave offensively and we saw little glimpses of that yesterday. But if it means he becomes even worse defensively as a consequence it kind of defeats the real objective.

    You picked up on Big Papa and letting Pedro run off him all too easily for the first goal.

    Well the second goal as well of course Mustafi gets highlighted because he was the man that got beaten by Morata. But at least Mustafi got himself in a position to try to attempt to prevent the goal. Where was Big Papa in that play? In another county.

  69. Terraloon

    Country boy

    Not quite sure I agree that Jorginho would as matter of course look to play the long ball but the way Unai set the team up it is just far too attractive a proposition to ignore.
    Ironically I remember when AVB was at Chelsea and he tried to play high back line and RVP ripped Terry a new one. It doesn’t matter how good a defender is if they haven’t got pace then before a ball is kicked a high line gets turbo paced forwards licking their lips.
    Most teams that make up the top ten won’t allow the space on the flanks that Chelsea did but I can’t see the guile in midfield that will restrict the long ball over the top of the back four .

  70. Un na naai


    I agree. I would love to have seen what emery would have done with Walcott and the ox had we kept hold of them
    Sanchez left
    Walcott right
    Ox player by number 8 alongside Torreira and JW.
    I do rate jack. I hope he proves everyone wrong at West Ham.
    If we talk about players conning a living why is our reserve (never fit) left back earning £110k a week?
    Why is our utterly useless number 10 coining £350k a week? That’s £460k a week wasted. That could be the wages of four very good players.
    I don’t think we should have let Wilshere go. He had a great start to last season and only petered our once Ramsey was out back into the midfield with him. You can’t olay the two together.

  71. Ishola70

    Yeah Jorginho was their man main but who launched the over the top ball for the Morata goal? It wasn’t Jorginho was it? Azicatapult?

    Just goes to show these type of balls can be played any time by plenty of players.

    btw Jorginho has three times plus the influence of Xjaka on the ball.

    Maybe we would put up with Xjaka if he had so much influence on the ball.

    Jorginho though will cost Chelsea goals conceding just like our Xjaka.

  72. Countryboy


    Any team with pretensions of always being on the front foot will almost always play with a high line. That’s because you don’t want to have spaces between your midfield and defence. The key IMO is to have a team of runners in attack and midfield which puts pressure on the ball always.

    Per AVB. I think his tactics were unjustiably highlighted because Chelsea had been steeped in a Park-The-Bus culture by Mourinho which the owner didn’t like. Unfortunately the players didn’t know how to play any other way.

    Why do top teams like Bayern have keeper-sweepers? Because they are always on the front foot and opponents will always try to exploit. I remember a situation or two when Cecch had to be one yesterday.

    Like I said in one of my posts, nothing wrong with the tactic, we just need to commit to it.

  73. Micheal

    We need to re-think the tactic of trying – and failing badly – to play possession football and nothing else with defenders who are totally incapable of playing possession football. We spend far too much time playing ping-pong across the back four/keeper while the opposition gets into defensive positions. By then options are limited.

    Last night we were still playing ping-pong across the back four with a few minutes left on the clock and chasing an equaliser. A total waste of time.

    And Cech is a disaster waiting to happen as a sweeper-keeper – if you exclude the disaster against City. He is a good keeper – not a sweeper. For fucks sake adapt your playing style to the available resources – not the other way around. All teams can see the obvious weakness and will close down Cech and our defenders with totally a predictable outcome.

    I am not advocating the long ball game. But what is wrong with the occasional long ball into space beyond the defenders. Make the defenders turn occasionally. Chelsea scored twice yesterday by playing into space behind our ponderous defenders.

    Mix up the tactics. Don’t play a predictable game like Wenger.

  74. Ishola70

    Country Boy

    “Like I said in one of my posts, nothing wrong with the tactic, we just need to commit to it.”

    Commit to it with Sokratis involved?

    He’s not just slow he’s snail slow.

    That is a problem.

  75. Countryboy

    19 – Alex Iwobi’s goal for @Arsenal yesterday ended a sequence of 19 passes and involved 10 of their players (all except Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang); the longest move for a goal so far in the 2018-19 Premier League. Encouraging. https://t.co/Z5q8UgyYd7

  76. Ishola70

    Michael the sweeper keeper system was not a real issue yesterday.

    It was a big issue against Man City but not yesterday.

  77. Countryboy

    Commit to it with Sokratis involved?

    In the long run, if it’s something he truly believes in and not just a fad like Wenger trying to play tiki-taka, committing to it might mean removing Sokratis from the lineup or if there is no one better, wait for the transfer window for a player with a better recovery rate

  78. Micheal

    ” Michael the sweeper keeper system was not a real issue yesterday.
    It was a big issue against Man City but not yesterday.”

    It is a problem if we continue to play ponderous, one-paced balls across the back four/keeper with players who do not have the basic football ability. Look back at how the Chavs closed down on our defenders at goal-kicks and how many times Cech was unable to get the ball out of the 18-yard box.

    It is the basic tactic which is wrong.

  79. Bob N16

    Michael, agree with your concerns about Cech. Emery and his coaches need to work on that. Is he waiting for a Cech cock up to justify giving Leno a chance? If you expect your keeper to control and pass well with his feet then Cech is not your man. He’s made some excellent saves in our first two games but would Leno have faired better. I’ve never seen Leno play so I haven’t a clue. – I assume he’s a better footballer.

  80. englandsbest

    barney 75


    I thought Emery had twigged how useless Bellerin is when he mentioned Danny at RB.

    No Bellerin, no Ozil, and no Xhaka in defensive mode.

  81. Countryboy

    Mix up the tactics. Don’t play a predictable game like Wenger.

    With a caveat, getting a group of players to understand your philosophy often means insisting on playing a particular way CONSISTENTLY. Something akin to developing muscle memory

  82. Kay

    I am not saying playing long balls is wrong per se.
    However we were cruising at the end of 1st half and had an advantage. We should have carried on with playing our way at the start of 2nd half rather than waiting for chelsea to force the issue as Hazard change was always on cards.

  83. Countryboy


    It is a problem if we continue to play ponderous, one-paced balls across the back four/keeper with players who do not have the basic football ability. Look back at how the Chavs closed down on our defenders at goal-kicks and how many times Cech was unable to get the ball out of the 18-yard box. It is the basic tactic which is wrong.

    I think you are confusing playing out the back with the notion of the keeper-sweeper

  84. Ishola70

    ”It is a problem if we continue to play ponderous, one-paced balls across the back four/keeper with players who do not have the basic football ability”

    So this problem will see even more of this with Leno in the team no?

    We keep on being told that Leno is a good sweeper keeper.

    But you seem to be against the concept of sweeper keeper itself.

    I saw the team struggling at the back with it with Leno in the team in a friendly and made the point it’s all well and good sweeper keeper but you need to know who to pass the ball to. Leno passed the ball twice short to Rob Holding and he was straight away uncomfortable with it and Arsenal as a consequence found themselves under pressure from the opposition in front of the penalty area.

  85. Cesc Appeal

    One of the big problems that was really noticeable yesterday was that playing out from the back doesn’t work because both Xhaka and Guendouzi drop deep for the ball playing a matter of feet away from the CBs when they turn around there is literally no one in the midfield because Ozil is off hiding somewhere which means it becomes predictable where the ball is going, either wide or back.

    As we don’t have actually wingers with pace who can beat a man pressing the wide areas becomes easy and playing it back to CBs and a GK who don’t like the ball also becomes easier. Bellerin is playing like shit as well so basically every option you have to play it out is shit, Bellerin is crap, we don’t have wingers and Ozil is hiding.

    Guendouzi should collect the ball, Torreira should hang back and give him an option then you need the CAM to be providing a further option and each one to move after the ball is played.

    That is why City are so good, one of the reasons anyway, the central midfielders will all want the ball and pass and move, they can switch it wide to actually wingers or to actual full backs who have the pace to beat their man to change up their approach.

    So far unfortunately Emery has played very Wenger like teams, one paced and playing favourites.

  86. Marko

    Look we can talk all day and night about tactics this and formation that I think we’re finally coming to the realization that it’s certain players not being good enough that’s the problem and until they are addressed in the transfer market we’re going to go through ups and downs all season. The only hope we can have now is to get as much points as we can until the new year hopefully make a couple purchases that can help us get over the line for the champions league places and then go again in the summer only this time actually replace the problematic players in the starting 11. Which is Bellerin, Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey. Sure you can make an argument for other players but these players in particular are considered vital to the team and these players continue to disappoint not just in big games and they’re holding us back. I like Emery and I like the back room appointments but more should have been done to replace these players from the team. These players are letting the club down

  87. HighburyLegend

    “There’s a lot of talent in our squad, but they’re not educated tactically and they’re a long way off mentally. You do not shake the Wenger out of that squad in two games. ”
    Amen to that – and good luck to Emery, he’s gonna need some.

    Especially with some fans like DDG or GoH…

  88. Terraloon

    Country boy

    .Like I said in one of my posts, nothing wrong with the tactic, we just need to commit to it.

    Nothing wrong with a lot of tactics but you have to have the players to enable that tactic to be deployed and that back 4 aren’t equipped to play high.

  89. Marko

    There’s a lot of talent in our squad, but they’re not educated tactically and they’re a long way off mentally. You do not shake the Wenger out of that squad in two games. ”
    Amen to that – and good luck to Emery, he’s gonna need some

    I agree in part with that but a bad defender is a bad defender and I don’t know if there’s a manager in world football who can get Ozil at 29 to start giving a shit. There was always going to be a big worry defensively because there’s little evidence that simply hiring someone like Emery would be enough. We simply need better players and ones that will fit what the hell it is he’s trying to do

  90. Cesc Appeal


    Without doubt.

    This team has no future going forward but Emery has to get what he can out of them.

    In January I think we need to make buys that help the system he wants to play but are not necessarily the quality of player we will want to see in the team in 3 or 4 years time, stepping stone players like Liverpool have bought and then replaced.

    Emery is going to have to have some balls though, because there are some tough choices coming up in terms of who he sells, or tries to.

    I would be trying to get Xhaka and Ozil sold in January, Ramsey as well but if he signs a contract with someone I would try and get a loan fee for him until the end of the season.

    We cannot give him £225 000 a week, we’re seeing the cost of our stupidity with Ozil.

  91. Marko

    I would be trying to get Xhaka and Ozil sold in January, Ramsey as well but if he signs a contract with someone I would try and get a loan fee for him until the end of the season.

    Maybe loan with a buy option for Ozil I’d use Xhaka to try to sign another midfielder. Dahoud from Dortmund or Sanson from Marseille. I think we’ll be stuck with Ramsey

  92. Cesc Appeal


    Swaps are the way forward I think, can get a bit more value for each of the players.

    Ozil I really have no idea how we would even begin to get rid of him unless he wants to go China or the MLS.

  93. Marko

    CA in a world where midfielders are going for 40-50 million and we’re worried about trying to get back the 35 million we paid for Xhaka we might be better off looking for swaps. Only issue is whether the player wants to be difficult

  94. Guns of Hackney

    So everyone agrees that Emery needs time and money…he won’t get both anytime soon.

    What exactly is the point then?

  95. Jim Lahey

    “he won’t get both anytime soon.”

    Why won’t he?

    The man needs to bring in his own players instead of dealing with the dreck that was left by Wenger.

  96. englandsbest

    What must it be like for Wenger’s spoilt pets? Poor things, no more hugs and kisses, sympathetic shrugs, languid run-abouts, and no longer plenty of time-off for the least niggle.

    No wonder then that Ozil is so sullen and that Ramsey is deliberately intransigent. Nor is it surprising that Bellerin resents being told he is a right back when he knows(because Uncle Arsene told him) that he is really a right winger or that Xhaka thinks it unfair to expect him to defend because (as Uncle Arsene explained) he was there to make distance passes and shoot from long range.

    Okay, I exaggerate somewhat. But that’s the way it looks.

  97. Wenker-wanger

    For those soppy fools even mentioning Wenger and the early(miniscule) comparison with Emery:; I say this :the defense is a Wenger construct. It’s disorganised, has no leader, is soft, lacks physicality and has a player (bellerin) that cannot be classed as a defender whatsoever.

  98. Danny M.O

    im starting to lose faith in Emery. How do you persist with xhaka and topknot (bellerinend) for 2 games vs 2 of the best teams in the prem.

    I predicted that xhaka and bellerin would cost us the game. Bellerin being dragged out of position and xhaka bypassed time and time again.

    one of the main issue is the lac of protections for our wingers ;). Topknot is already suspect yet mikhitaryan is made to cover for him who was notoriously benched due to his lack of defensive game by mourinho.

    i think we need to do an athletico madrid and have 2 banks of 4. i would go for a back four of mon, sok, mus and lichsteiner who is a great defender. the next back 4 would have to be iwobi, gouen, tor and welbeck.

    yes welbeck. atleast he can trackback has real pace and the fitness to get up and down that wing.

    we cannot play ozil, mihki or ramsey together if we want any sort of defensive shield. either play 1 of them at full pelt and switch or play laca and auba together.

    We cannot accommodate 2 players who play for themselves and not the team in ozil and ramsey. atleast with mihki in the 10 role we have someone who can pass or shoot with left and right.

    Its true that Ivan wnt with the easy option. Unlike chelsea who went for the smoking maverick in sarri.

  99. Bamford10

    Emery is in a bad spot for two principal reasons: one, he has a relatively weak and unbalanced squad; two, the approach he is trying to implement isn’t well-suited to our current personnel.

    However, there are a number of simple things he can do to improve the situation immediately. These include:

    1. Drop the high press and switch to a deep-sit and counter-attacking approach. The latter suits our personnel better, suits both our shortcomings and our strengths better.

    2. Start Lacazette and Aubameyang together in a 4-4-2. We have two good central strikers and no real wide players; we have a million CMs of one sort or another. We should switch to 4-4-2; it’s obvious.

    3. Start Lichtsteiner and Torreira.

  100. Marko

    So everyone agrees that Emery needs time and money…he won’t get both anytime soon. What exactly is the point then?

    I mean he won’t get much time if people like yourself won’t shut up criticizing him every 5 mins. Look the Arteta boat has sailed move on. What exactly is the point… what does that mean what do you suggest then?

  101. Paddy got bored

    For the first time in ages I’ve read all the comments and there’s a lot if sense being talked. I think the realisation of what a shit show we are is slowly dawning on people.
    Our club is a mess simple as..
    Dick Emery is doing his best but Jesus look at the players he’s got for fuck sake!!
    The debate today is whether Iwobi could be the answer or Wellbeck out wide)??
    Simply the answer is NO but we have have to go with it..
    Also this Sven bloke is culpable. All he’s done is raid Dortmund and spunk our cash on their players who wanted out.. Leno he wanted at Dortmund also so that was an easy move.
    I’m hoping of good things of Toreira and The boy with the hair but that’s Emerys input surely?
    Kroenke hasn’t and won’t put a farthing into the club. Gazides the patsy is fucking off as he knows how this tune is gonna play out..
    Forget about the manager and get your arses together as we ain’t seen fuck all yet.
    Kroenke could make us challengers tomorrow if he cares but he don’t.
    And how does he get away with it??? Because arsenal fans let him.
    The fall of Wenger was achievable the fall of Stan is also buy only if we act now

  102. Cesc Appeal

    Elneny apparently surplus but we might as well keep him, play in Europa and then again try to use him to raise funds in January or as part of a swap deal.

    If we send him out on loan, I just don’t get it.

  103. Guns of Hackney


    I moan because I can see how this is going to play out. Look, I along with a few others saw signs way back in 2008/9 that Wenger was done. Remind me how long it took to finally rid the club of that leech?

    I’m not an idiot who thinks for a moment we could challenge for anything and I appreciate that without £400m we can’t really change the personnel en masse. However, what I can’t and refuse to accept that a manager who is getting £6m a year can’t see what armchair fans have seen for over two years: Ozil and Xhaka are not good enough or have the right attitude to be at the club. And that’s just those two. I could go on.

    Not only has Emery picked these two oxygen thieves twice! He fucking gives Xhaka a new contract! Are you kidding me!!!

    Spends £22m on a GK and benches him for a keeper whose best days were 5 years ago.

    So yes, I moan because I am sick of my club fucking themselves up. Emery is a Wenger clone. Simple. He was hired because he was probably the only candidate that wouldn’t rock the boat.

    By all means, sit back for another decade while the club burns…not me though.

  104. Bamford10

    Actually, not everyone is talking sense, as some people are still talking about Kroenke being the problem.

    We have a self-sustaining model which allows the manager, DoF and head scout a reasonable amount of money to spend. They have been handed a poor squad and they didn’t have a good enough first summer. So be it. They have some work to do and they’ll have to make some smarter decisions going forward.

    Kroenke is beside the point.

  105. Dissenter

    I really think there’s a lot of hysterical OVER-REACTION to Emery
    We’ve lost to the team’s that win the last two league titles

    He has to develop his own ideas about the team by playing people.
    It seems Mislintat and the back room are working at odds from the manger because they have managed ti renew the contract of every player we need to get away from.
    Emery doesn’t rate El Neny yet he got an extension
    Xhaka will need to go, yet someone renewed his contract
    They let the Ramsey situation onto a place where he will gonflr free next summer, lets be honest.
    They let Welbeck crawl over the line; I was told he feigned injury and wouldn’t have been able to pass a medical for a transfer.
    We quietly let £40-45 million slip away last summer by not resolving the Ramsey and Welbeck situation.

    There are bigger issues that Emery. I see the improvements already. We will get a more favorable run. The bigger issues are that the club is still being badly run.

  106. Cesc Appeal

    If some people had been as critical as quickly of Wenger as they have Emery we wouldn’t be as deep in the shit as we are right now.

  107. Bob N16

    Guns, ‘not me though’ does that mean you’ll distance yourself from all things Arsenal including posting on here or continue to moan relentlessly?

  108. Countryboy

    It_ is a problem if we continue to play i think we need to do an athletico madrid and have 2 banks of 4. i would go for a back four of mon, sok, mus and lichsteiner who is a great defender. the next back 4 would have to be iwobi, gouen, tor and welbeck. yes welbeck. atleast he can trackback has real pace and the fitness to get up and down that wing.

  109. Guns of Hackney

    Arsenal. A real professional outfit.


    For years we mocked other clubs’ policies and sniffed our noses at them…well, well, well.

    There’s an old saying “be careful what you say to the people on the way up as you might see them again on the way down”

  110. Dissenter

    Hackney is talking a lot of trash.
    I have to say it’s annoying because he would have placed the club in the hands of a novice.
    Pedro is in the same boat. Deep down he’s still smarting that Arteta wasn’t appointed.
    Can you imagine is a novice football manger was then one trying to sort out Wenger’s mess right now.
    All that talk about emery lacking charisma??? To blazes with that nonsense.

  111. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Maybe emery should just say fuck it an play the team he wants to play…

    Something like


    Bel sok manavoups Monreal

    Matty Torriera


    Nelson laca Aubameyang

  112. Guns of Hackney


    I agree, I do a lot of trash talking but I am right.

    I get that Arteta would have been a gamble, totally! But, it would have been something different. Peter is right…Emery is a bit bland.

    Two games in and Sarri is already creating a bit of a cult.

    Emery is no Charles Manson.

  113. Dissenter

    I wonder if there’;s too ouch duplicity in the way there club is managed.
    Sometimes it’s better to have one individual responsible for transfers and not the multi-layered system we have.
    Why did they let Ramsey and Welbeck go over the transfer deadline. They will most likely leave for free next sunmer- that’s 40-45 million lost. That’s a lot of money for a club being run on a self-sufficiency principle.

  114. Dissenter

    Emery is bland because we lost to two clubs who have won three of the last four league titles?
    Poch is more bland and is doing well after a tough first season with spuds.
    You’re a wrong…and dead wrong.
    You do have a way of moaning that makes people agree jest in or to help you through your sorrow.

    Why is Arteta still an assistant is he was so good?

  115. Guns of Hackney


    I’m so glad I garner pity for my obvious mental anquish from a bunch of online masterbators and creeps…

    Let’s see where we are in May. I promise to keep my Arteta obsession under wraps.

  116. Wenker-wanger

    There is nothing comparable to Wenger. That fraud wasn’t fit to manage in the last 8 years.
    There are parrallels with Emery and Wenger re the inheritance of the defense. One inherited the finest defense ever seen in the prem , the other one of the worst in the current prem.