Emery looks for first win

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So I had to miss two days of a stag do because of work. I’ve arrived at what I ‘think’ is the destination, but no one is awake. I’ve let myself into a house with no number. So this could be the last you read of me if I’ve made a mistake and I’m camping out in some random MAGA fanatics house in Nevada.

Buuuut, while I’m here, why not pen a post?

Arsenal take on the mighty Chavs who were going to build a new stadium until their owner had his visa revoked. I mean, not that we can brag, our owner is currently prying shares away from Arsenal fans as he prepares to take the club offline as we move into the Silent Arsenal era.

I digress.

Big things to look out for today.

Cech: the manager stated he believes in his number one after a slightly erratic display on the opening day where he was pushed into taking the most touches of any keeper in the league (54 I think). Rumours are buzzing around the web that the club aren’t impressed with Leno, which is quite a sorry situation considering it was very well known he’d had a shite season. Anyway, it’s Pete at #1 again, let’s see how he rolls.

Midfield: Xhaka was pony against City, so were most of the midfield. Will Emery double down on his faith in that 11 or will we see some change? Torreira should come in, but who would move away? Guendouzi who we all forgave for school boy mistakes, or Xhaka who is absolute toilet?

There will also be questions around Ramsey, who was very ineffective outside leading the press. He was yanked on 54, will he get another chance tomorrow? If he does, will the manager rethink the role?

Strikers: Auba has tended to look a touch average against top teams. He’s easily nullified and he doesn’t have much of a hold up game. Will Emery persist with his vision of counter attacking football with one striker leading the line, or will he give us all Lacazette and Auba in an iteration of 4-1–2-1-2? We certainly looked more dangerous with two strikers than we did with one. We also probably look more dangerous with Ozil in at 10.

For me, anything above zero points would be nice. It’s too early in this project to feel hopeful of toppling an excellent Chelsea squad with a very good manager. Our main focus is how we take 24 points from the next 8 games. That’s our build up to a massive against Liverpool in November. By then we’ll have a realistic view of how good or bad our season is going to be.

It’s kind of odd how underwhelmed everyone is so early on in the season. The Wenger hangover is a three day one without doubt. That can either work really well for Emery, because expectations are so low, or it could go badly, because we’ll turn quickly. After reading around the web, it’s pretty clear that the one thing Emery lacks with the fans is an emotional connection. If results go badly, no one is going to fight the managers corner, which is why it’s incredibly important he gets some small wins in early and racks up a run. That might not come today, but it’s going to have to soon because the honeymoon feels like it finished at the airport.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Marko

    Good finish to the half. Chelsea defending like Arsenal being cut open. Defence is still a problem especially with Hazard likely to come on later. My question given how well we’re attacking Chelsea from the wings is why didn’t we actually sign wingers. We’d be flying if we did

  2. Champagne charlie

    You can see the confidence/mentality ebb and flow with the two sides.

    Both unsure about their systems defensively, then get a buzz when they crest something.

    Chelsea were like peacocks at 2-0 and then we scored. They’re fucking brittle

  3. Bob N16

    If you slag our defence, what about Chelski !

    We’ve scored and we’ve created loads of chances. Second half should be fun. We’re going to get a cricket score against WHam.

  4. Paulinho

    What a game to watch.

    Definitely more freedom under Emery. More variety in our play going forward, as well as more purpose.

    Still as fragile as fuck, but refreshing to watch.

    No surprise Ozil is the only clown not raising his game with the rest of them going forward.

  5. gonsterous

    the high line was suicidal.emery wasn’t kidding when he said he preferred to win a game 5-4 rather than 1-0

  6. Dissenter

    We won’t keep missing chances to be honest
    We will beat Chelsea with lots of goals in the second half

    Problem is they can bring on Kovacic and Hazard.

    We have Ramsey and Lacazette along with Torriera.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    Right now Mkhitaryan looks like the more effective CAM, so make a choice and then play someone wide who will actually track back.

    You cannot play both Ozil and Mkhitaryan.

    Might be an idea to take Ozil off and put Welbeck on if it stays this way and shift Mkhitaryan to CAM, then bring Torreira on as well.

  8. Paulinho

    David Luiz in a back four. Jesus christ what a disaster.

    To think there were quite a few here hoping we would sign him,.

  9. Dissenter

    We were too hard on Emery in retrospect
    Those defensive errors will be dealt with easily because they are s fundamental.

  10. Un na naai

    Let’s not all start waxing lyrical about emery just yet
    We have a big 45 coming up with literally the worst arsenal side since Brice Rioch
    Please god let’s out these chavs to the sword
    Convert me UNAI

  11. raptora

    Yeah, Guendouzi deffo a player. I’m excited that we got someone like him at such a young age. Might shape up to becoming a world class player for us. Would be a sight and a half.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    It was quite something how the game suddenly turned and Arsenal just looked totally superior.

    We cannot give them anything at the start of the second half and we have to be ready for Hazard and Giroud, because they will just look to whip in for a header to goal or a knock down to Hazard, Willian, Barkley etc on the edge of the box, that is where Xhaka will be a problem.

  13. DaleDaGooner

    Let’s not all start waxing lyrical about emery just yet
    We have a big 45 coming up with literally the worst arsenal side since Brice Rioch
    Please god let’s out these chavs to the sword
    Convert me UNAI


  14. Paulinho

    Mikhi is an absolute gun when it comes to the final pass or shot. Lacking in deeper areas but arguably should be ahead of Ozil on final third efficiency.

  15. Dissenter

    “We have a big 45 coming up with literally the worst arsenal side since Brice Rioch”

    That’s nonsense along with your Trump babble
    Where were you when we had Chamakh leading the line with Almunia in goal.

  16. raptora

    Yeah, Kepa for so much money should have saved Mikki’s shot and if he does it’s a different game.

    We could have been leading by 3 goals though. Electric in attack. We could shred the lower teams to pieces if we attack this well. Can’t remember the last time we had this many chances not for a half but for a whole game vs a top team.

  17. Dissenter

    ‘Must’ve missed something because that was clearly Iwobi who missed that most recent sitter before half.’

    Did you miss his goal earlier on?

  18. useroz

    Frankly both defence looks inadequate. Who can grab the half chances would kill the game! We missed 2 sure goals and 2 should be. Can this repeat in the 2h. Hope so but doubt it.

    Will see Hazard on for Pedro or Jorhinho.

    Don’t want Ramsey on the pitch at all.

    Ozil and Xhara off. Laxa and Torreira on asap.

    Laca grabs chances better I feel.

  19. Guns of Brixton

    “You just know Giroud is gonna score”




  20. Dream10

    Positive is we’ve created multiple clear cut chances away from home against decent opposition. Probably hasn’t happened since Liverpool away (3-3) in Jan 2016.
    Lacazette, Ramsey & Welbeck should be warming up

  21. Paulinho

    We are open under Emery but it’s that’s what happens with high risk high reward football.

    He backs his teams to land the punch first.

    Only ignorant pundits thought he was going to turn us into a George Graham side.

  22. zimmie2652

    Bring Torr on for Xhaka (if fit enough) was there an injury concern or just fatigue lingering from the Cup? Swap Ramsey for Ozil and slide Mikhi inside, last but not least Lich for Bell.

  23. gonsterous

    never liked mhiki but he looks like his old self here. like back in the Dortmund days.looking forward to the next 45 mins…

  24. Danny

    @london gooner

    your mad if you think xhaka has been good today. He is bypassed so easily even a ghpst wpuld put up a better fight than him. a bit of dribbling or 1 pass and he is out of the game. torreira and lichsteiner should have started. throw in lacazette aswell instead of ozil!

  25. DaleDaGooner

    I feel we’re making the same mistake as Mou when he had Mhki, asking him to track back on the wings. Remove Ozil and put Laca on, Auba on the wing

  26. zimmie2652

    I was referring to the people complaining about that missed hit from around the pk spot by Iwobi. Sounded like they were blaming Auba again.

  27. raptora

    Emery’s teams have always been rising from the dead.

    I think that Emery is a freaking Vampire. His skin is pale, he’s tall, his hair is just what you’d expect of a Vampire also. His teeth look sharp. Guy is immortal.

    Sevilla turned the Europa league final vs Pool on it’s toes, barely surviving in the first half at 1:0 for Liverpool,which could have been 5:0. Second half was a different team and DESTROYED pool to bits. Emery has the wild card in him. Just like when his PSG destroyed Barca and then lost miserably at Nou Camp.

  28. qna

    You cannot play Ozil and Mkhitariyan 100% agree. But add Auba to that and it’s even worse.

    Love the half time move by Unai.

    Hopefully we see Ozil come off soon too.

  29. Goonah

    We absolutely can not keep playing a high line and play out of the back with our inferior personnel in this department!!! play more safe ffs….direct..hoof it and start pressing!!!

    yes…Torreira on the way atleast

  30. TR7

    Good to see Torreira on and Xhaka going off again. Charlie was saying Emery subbed him off in the last game to save him for the next match

  31. useroz

    Btw Guendozi is doing well in

    Torreira on for Xhara who can leave for the airport Find a club in Europe and don’t come back.

  32. InsideRight

    Xhaka off. Thank fuck. Now perhaps that fucking idiocy about him being a captain can go back down the drain it came from.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Nice proactive changes being made by Emery, we go down to 10 men and it’d have been unforgivable.

    Would give Ozil 15 mins before sending Ramsey on, he’s been quiet

  34. london gunner


    Bro its just my opinion.

    Xhaka shit player who I want out of the squad but he has played well.

    Hasn’t really been bypassed as Chelsea have carved us from the wing positions. It’s bellerin and Mkhi who have been bypassed tbh.

  35. mysticleaves

    Xhaka has been very bad defensively but let’s hope we don’t miss his sweeping paases to the full backs.

  36. Jay

    For the last 10 years defence has been nothing more than an afterthought. You can’t change that overnight. Give it time!
    Torreira on for xhaka. Nice. Xhaka’s days are numbered.

  37. Champagne charlie

    “Charlie was saying Emery subbed him off in the last game to save him for the next match“

    I said nothing of the sort you melt. Said he was poor AND on a yellow. Wtf are you talking about?

  38. ARgooner

    This keeps up gonna be heart attack season every game depending on which half which team shows…shit defence..welbeck shots..then brilliance…

  39. useroz

    Auba did well to cross but Ozil and Mikki didn’t sprint into the box for a tap in…Auba waited tbh…

    C’mon boys!

  40. LegendMax

    It’s obvious xhaka and ozil are wrong fits for this system. I think with time, we’ll see them eased out of the starting xi

  41. Goonah

    with Jorginho they play Kante as a box to box..almost a cam…must be fcking hard with his instincts to defend and snuff out dangers

  42. London gunner

    It’s not really playing out the back.

    Its more like playing it around athe back, inviting pressure and press from Chelsea then launching a longball over the top.


  43. TR7

    You said Guendouzi let us down against City to which I said it was Xhaka who was taken off not Guendouzi meaning Emery recognized Xhaka was shit and not Matteo.

    Then you argued the match was anyway over, so Matteo was kept on just to help him get up to the speed whereas Xhaka was preserved to start against Chelsea. Funny he has been taken off again.

  44. qna

    Dale agree Gwen is absolutely bargain at 7m. This is what we should be doing now. Letting Sven find us this type of player and building a real team.

  45. leon

    Mustafi no real positional sense and he clearly doesn’t read the game very well. You really have to wonder what the scouts saw in him

  46. Claver

    “with Jorginho they play Kante as a box to box..almost a cam…must be fcking hard with his instincts to defend and snuff out dangers”

    Yeah, but he’s already had 2 maybe 3 goal-scoring opportunities.

  47. useroz

    V v close offside Auba

    Iwobi and Ozil still a waste of space and do fuck all by and large

    Put Laxa on for Iwobi at least. C’mon

  48. Champagne charlie


    I said absolutely nothing about keeping Xhaka for Chelsea, that’s a blatant lie. Quote me or shut up.

    I stated we were 2-0 down against City and Xhaka was on a yellow. Guendouzi DID cost us against them but at that point it’s irrelevant and you’d be as well giving all the new faces minutes. So again, you’re talking rubbish.

  49. useroz

    If Emery wanted to win it, do the subs early.

    Hazard would take cheksli to th infamous next level, not to mention Giroud coming on the 85 min …

  50. InsideRight

    Ozil again. Ball breaks clear and instead of chasing it down and applying pressure he slows up as if he’s crossing the finish line at the London Marathon. Absolutely minimal effort every time. Lazy twat.

  51. InsideRight

    Ozil mouths ‘fuck off’ at being subbed.

    I’m mouthing ‘fuck off’ for doing fuck all today. Oxygen stealing waste of fucking space.