Emery looks for first win

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So I had to miss two days of a stag do because of work. I’ve arrived at what I ‘think’ is the destination, but no one is awake. I’ve let myself into a house with no number. So this could be the last you read of me if I’ve made a mistake and I’m camping out in some random MAGA fanatics house in Nevada.

Buuuut, while I’m here, why not pen a post?

Arsenal take on the mighty Chavs who were going to build a new stadium until their owner had his visa revoked. I mean, not that we can brag, our owner is currently prying shares away from Arsenal fans as he prepares to take the club offline as we move into the Silent Arsenal era.

I digress.

Big things to look out for today.

Cech: the manager stated he believes in his number one after a slightly erratic display on the opening day where he was pushed into taking the most touches of any keeper in the league (54 I think). Rumours are buzzing around the web that the club aren’t impressed with Leno, which is quite a sorry situation considering it was very well known he’d had a shite season. Anyway, it’s Pete at #1 again, let’s see how he rolls.

Midfield: Xhaka was pony against City, so were most of the midfield. Will Emery double down on his faith in that 11 or will we see some change? Torreira should come in, but who would move away? Guendouzi who we all forgave for school boy mistakes, or Xhaka who is absolute toilet?

There will also be questions around Ramsey, who was very ineffective outside leading the press. He was yanked on 54, will he get another chance tomorrow? If he does, will the manager rethink the role?

Strikers: Auba has tended to look a touch average against top teams. He’s easily nullified and he doesn’t have much of a hold up game. Will Emery persist with his vision of counter attacking football with one striker leading the line, or will he give us all Lacazette and Auba in an iteration of 4-1–2-1-2? We certainly looked more dangerous with two strikers than we did with one. We also probably look more dangerous with Ozil in at 10.

For me, anything above zero points would be nice. It’s too early in this project to feel hopeful of toppling an excellent Chelsea squad with a very good manager. Our main focus is how we take 24 points from the next 8 games. That’s our build up to a massive against Liverpool in November. By then we’ll have a realistic view of how good or bad our season is going to be.

It’s kind of odd how underwhelmed everyone is so early on in the season. The Wenger hangover is a three day one without doubt. That can either work really well for Emery, because expectations are so low, or it could go badly, because we’ll turn quickly. After reading around the web, it’s pretty clear that the one thing Emery lacks with the fans is an emotional connection. If results go badly, no one is going to fight the managers corner, which is why it’s incredibly important he gets some small wins in early and racks up a run. That might not come today, but it’s going to have to soon because the honeymoon feels like it finished at the airport.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. London gunner

    Chelsea making us look like a pub team.

    Very odd team selection from emery.

    Why didn’t we buy a pacy cb if we are going to be playing a suicidal high line.

    Very odd transfer strategy as well.

  2. LeMassiveCoq


    Just took the words out of my mouth. Its like hes got lead in his boots. Alonso is skinning him for pace…

    We are fucked.

  3. Bamford10

    Pressing is great unless you aren’t doing it properly — in which case it’s massively problematic. I think that’s where we are at the moment.

  4. Dissenter

    ‘I don’t get Bellerin, he was elite at 20 ”

    He was never elite at 20.
    We tend to overrate our players

  5. useroz

    Cc. The 100k wenger offered completely corrupted the ‘elite kid’. Iwobi also said he wasn’t motivated ffs back in 16/17!!

    The undeserved wage level corrupts our players. Or socialist wage structure whatever people prefer to call it

    Fuck off Auba. This is fuckin shite at play. I probably can fucking score from there

  6. Sancho Monzorla

    Fucking hilarious, even that shit striker Morata scored a ball over the top. That fucker is molasses.

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    And that’s what happens when you don’t take your chances. We switched off and now it could be a cricket score.

  8. Bamford10

    Morata has been poor since arriving at Chelsea, but that was a nice finish. We look a mess. Playing a high line with Sokratis & Mustafi?

  9. Ishola70

    Fantastic miss from Auba.

    Criminal. Should be jailed for it.

    Great ball from the kiddie and Bellerin did everything right.

    One ball again and killed again.

    You’ve got problems when Morata turns you inside out.

    In fact the team have big problems.

    To conceded so easily straight after having chances to score yourself.

  10. gonsterous

    oh my lord. this is laughable. pea focks up and then morata of all people scores. This team is massively missing a cazorla in the side…

  11. mysticleaves

    comical defending. Imagine keeping off side in the opposition half lol.

    Nice pass, nice run and awful finish by Auba earlier

  12. Bishop

    We all saw the line up …we all knew he’s picked rubbish…whats he trying to do for crying out loud???

    High line shit with Mustafi.

  13. InsideRight

    Even I’m doubting Emery. Everyone knew defence was the priority. I can’t see any improvement from last season.

    Our passing has got worse. We have no answer to wide attacks. I don’t know what they are doing in training, but if Xhaka is the stand out player on the training ground when he’s utter shite in a match, then we can’t be preparing for opponents.

    I’m really concerned this was a case of the board choosing a man who talked a great game but since his last Europa League win hasn’t convinced anyone – even with the players at his disposal at PSG.

  14. Dissenter

    If you’re going top play such a suicidal high line then yon need a very good sweeper keeper
    Poor decisions from Emery. It’s Kamikaze stuff.

  15. LeMassiveCoq

    Still here. Just.

    The last time we played a high line like this, we were beat 8-2 by Man Utd.

    Just sayin.

  16. mysticleaves

    We seemed to be getting a foothold on the game and then Chelsea score. Now they are back on top.

    Whole team prefer to be out on the pitch with pillows

  17. Dissenter

    You see the players don’t even talk to themselves on the field.
    No one told Guendouzi his picket was about to be picked.

  18. Paulinho

    Glad to see our solid disciplined midfield is denying space to Chelsea, not giving them a second to look up and pick out a pass………..

  19. Bishop

    He isn’t teaching them the pressing properly or maybe the players don’t understand it.

    They go to press and just leave all the space in this world behind. That’s not pressing ,that’s foolishness.Pressing should be tactical ,not just to be aggressive.


  20. useroz

    The 30/40 yard slide rule pass by Guendozi to bellerin was magnificent. Ozil should be ashamed.

    Fuck off Xhara. Idiot of a player. Ditto, Mustafi right on cue. Old habits came back in a second….

  21. Sancho Monzorla

    Okay for a little perspective. Team has been shit but Auba makes that goal he normally would bury and it’s probably a 1-1 scoreline.

    But the team look horrible. It’s one thing to lose to City and Chelsea (looking likely), it’s another to look completely clueless while doing it.

    Emery needs to clean this up, or else public opinion is going to go south quickly. There’s gonna be no coming back if he’s tagged as a Moyes early on, it’ll be the entire fucking narrative surrounding the team for the entire season.

  22. Bamford10

    I said this morning that Emery needs to identify our best XI and formation sooner rather than later.

    Note: our best XI does not have Xhaka, Iwobi or Mkhitaryan in it. And it does have Ramsey & Lacazette.

    Wake up, Unai.

  23. Ishola70

    The thing is this game could be 2-2 if Arsenal had took their chances.

    But that’s not the main issue here.

    The real issue here is that the team look like it could conceded at will.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    That was the time to press and most did but Xhaka dropped off. I don’t blame him, because the team don’t seem to know quite what to do, but if you press you do it as a team or not at all.

  25. London gunner

    Our passing has got worse. We have no answer to wide attacks. 

    Agree with this carved apart like a turkey at Christmas from the wings

  26. Guns of SF

    Torreira and Licht need to start games we cannot press properly and I’m fucking tired of seeing smiling faces in practice photos. Wtf to smile about

  27. Un na naai

    Funny. Since the British core was dismantled we have just fallen apart…..
    Not a solitary british player on the field for arsenal
    What exactly ties us to this club any more?

  28. gonsterous

    defense was a problem but we Really needed a replacement for cazorla. someone who doesn’t lose the ball under pressure in the middle of the pitch. Xhaka is not that, torreira could be that. bring him and laca on at half time…

  29. Frost

    “I am better than Torreira” does his customary stupid tackle that leads to a yellow card skill.

    Start him next week Emery.

  30. DaleDaGooner

    Certain players have shown they are not good enough, Emery insists on playing them. Mhki, Cech, Xhaka and Bellerin are shit! Yet he picks them again

  31. Cesc Appeal


    They are changing the narrative, pretending that everyone is defending Emery from all criticism by blaming Wenger, in truth what she’s acting up about is because a few of them yesterday were laying into Emery and were quite rightfully called out by a lot of people for having been near silent for 4 or 5 years prior to the City game.

  32. InsideRight

    Xhaka again. Hospital pass to Monreal followed by a shit foul. Fuck’s sake. He wouldn’t even get into a Championship side on this showing. We really have been left a shitcastle by Wenger. Board to blame for sitting on their hands and giving the old twat extensions.

  33. Champagne charlie

    Arsenal play wank when Rambo is playing, gets hooked after 55mins = not his fault, Emery Emery…

    Arsenal play wank when benching Ramsey = see, arsenal shit without him, Emery Emery…

    Not transparent or anything

  34. useroz

    Too fucking easy for chekski

    Assuming most of the players are hungry enough then they are shit playing like this


    Almost incline to include Auba

  35. London gunner

    Really struggling to see a top four team out of this lot and with these tactics.

    City and Liverpool miles better.

    Spurs and Chelsea much better and man united till grind out wins and against the smaller teams and draws against the big boys

  36. qna

    “Note: our best XI does not have Xhaka, Iwobi or Mkhitaryan in it. And it does have Ramsey & Lacazette. Wake up, Unai.”

    There is no good formation with any of those players. We have a squad full of B-grade lemons. Unai’s job is to make lemonade against the weaker sides. Wenger has built this squad to do exactly that. Not to compete against good sides.

    Club has to Stop wasting money on 28+ year olds and turn over this entire squad with quality youth.

  37. Elmo

    “Emery is his own enemy
    We’re in relegation battle”

    I don’t think we can tell that until the next few weeks when we play non-top 5 sides, but from what we’ve seen so far, if we don’t improve significantly we’ll be in a real scrap against every single team.

  38. InsideRight

    You said you would press
    You said you would press
    Unai Emery
    You said you would press.

    Now we can’t shoot
    Now we can’t shoot
    What are you coaching?
    We can’t press or shoot.

  39. Alex Cutter

    “Someone on here told us Chelsea don’t press lol”

    That was sanmi. The same guy who predicted a 3-2 win last week, and is a black trump supporter.

  40. NorwegianGooner

    What’s going on? I accept that we’re shit defensively, but hose absolute sitters missed… No confidence.

  41. Ishola70

    Haven’t Chelsea scored a third yet.

    That’s what’s been happening as soon as Arsenal miss at the other end

  42. gonsterous

    I’m sure emery is wishing for the January window to be here already. how much do we miss that winger now…