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So I had to miss two days of a stag do because of work. I’ve arrived at what I ‘think’ is the destination, but no one is awake. I’ve let myself into a house with no number. So this could be the last you read of me if I’ve made a mistake and I’m camping out in some random MAGA fanatics house in Nevada.

Buuuut, while I’m here, why not pen a post?

Arsenal take on the mighty Chavs who were going to build a new stadium until their owner had his visa revoked. I mean, not that we can brag, our owner is currently prying shares away from Arsenal fans as he prepares to take the club offline as we move into the Silent Arsenal era.

I digress.

Big things to look out for today.

Cech: the manager stated he believes in his number one after a slightly erratic display on the opening day where he was pushed into taking the most touches of any keeper in the league (54 I think). Rumours are buzzing around the web that the club aren’t impressed with Leno, which is quite a sorry situation considering it was very well known he’d had a shite season. Anyway, it’s Pete at #1 again, let’s see how he rolls.

Midfield: Xhaka was pony against City, so were most of the midfield. Will Emery double down on his faith in that 11 or will we see some change? Torreira should come in, but who would move away? Guendouzi who we all forgave for school boy mistakes, or Xhaka who is absolute toilet?

There will also be questions around Ramsey, who was very ineffective outside leading the press. He was yanked on 54, will he get another chance tomorrow? If he does, will the manager rethink the role?

Strikers: Auba has tended to look a touch average against top teams. He’s easily nullified and he doesn’t have much of a hold up game. Will Emery persist with his vision of counter attacking football with one striker leading the line, or will he give us all Lacazette and Auba in an iteration of 4-1–2-1-2? We certainly looked more dangerous with two strikers than we did with one. We also probably look more dangerous with Ozil in at 10.

For me, anything above zero points would be nice. It’s too early in this project to feel hopeful of toppling an excellent Chelsea squad with a very good manager. Our main focus is how we take 24 points from the next 8 games. That’s our build up to a massive against Liverpool in November. By then we’ll have a realistic view of how good or bad our season is going to be.

It’s kind of odd how underwhelmed everyone is so early on in the season. The Wenger hangover is a three day one without doubt. That can either work really well for Emery, because expectations are so low, or it could go badly, because we’ll turn quickly. After reading around the web, it’s pretty clear that the one thing Emery lacks with the fans is an emotional connection. If results go badly, no one is going to fight the managers corner, which is why it’s incredibly important he gets some small wins in early and racks up a run. That might not come today, but it’s going to have to soon because the honeymoon feels like it finished at the airport.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Michael24

    The reason that Emery lacks an “emotional connection” with the fans, is that the majority of them( at the Emirates) still pine after a certain Frenchman.

    Where was the passion and electricity against MC?

    The only time they raised their voices was when defending Wenger.

    Unfortunately, we are stuck with them.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    If Emery is going with Cech, you can bet your arse he’ll go with the same shite that ranked against city. This was a Wenger trademark…lose five, win one and completely dismiss the five and concentrate on the one. It’s the gamblers way. They only tell you how much they win, not what they lose.

    I’d love to see Emery throw caution to the wind and attack Chelsea. Go with our two average forwards. Drop Ozil and Xhaka and play Gued and Torreira. Get Ramsay the fuck away from CF and start with Lichsteiner.

    Also, if Leno can’t dislodge Cech, you absolutely have to question Emerys decision making. I’d never heard of Leno before we signed him. What was our superstar scout doing? Terrible all around.

    Emery will go again with the team that lost to city and hope that Chelsea aren’t as good. They aren’t. But they are still better than us and I fancy Chelsea winning this fairly easily. 3-0.

    If Emery is here for two seasons, he’ll have done well.

  3. leftsidesanch

    Our record at the bridge in the last decade or so is woeful, but this chelsea squad isn’t as scary as their premium sides. I don’t fancy us to win though because I have a feeling as I said previously that Emery will go with the same squad as last week (maybe Torreira for Guen).

  4. Guns of Hackney

    Hazard will run our creaking defence ragged. We need the energy of Gued and Torriera to protect the back line.

    We’re not set up for the counter attack though…I guess we’ll go out and try and keep the score down.

  5. englandsbest

    Today we focus on the Chelsea game, for me always a pointer to what is likely to come. Do well in this game and we will do well in the season.

    I feel sorry for Emery. Poor soul. he steps out hampered, hands tied, by what his predecessor left behind.

    But one never knows. Chelsea have their problems too.

    It will be interesting to see whether our ‘new’ defence can withstand a battering from OG.

    He was sold to Chelsea, not because he wanted to go, but as a makeweight to get Wenger out of the hole he dug himself over Sanchez. How ironic if the World Cup winner turns up with a match-winning display.

  6. VicVic

    Emery don’t have the Wenger luxury. No ‘Unai knows best’. If he fucks around like Wenger, he will be out in the cold before winter, not sacked, of course, just out in the cold.
    I don’t see the guy fucking around, he is a bit desperate to turn good, after being unfit at PSG.
    So, he will soon grow the balls to drop Ozil and really play with eleven players.
    If you play Ozil, you get your beautiful passes once in a while, but you will effectively play with ten men most of the game.
    Sticking with Ozil unconditionally was an obsesssion with Wenger, one of many obsessions of the man.
    Emery will not risk his neck with such.
    If he plays Ozil, it will be because he thinks Ozil can help. But he will soon think again!

  7. Up 4 grabs now

    Damn i cant believe I just sat watching highlander 2 the last few hours, now I know why I haven’t watched it in 25 years.

    Onto better things, 2-1 to us today. That record at the bridge is awful so time to bag the points, unless of course we play xhaka ,ozil and miki.
    In which case we lose horribly.

    Emery, do us all a favour and show you learnt from last week.
    Thor Welbz and laca please.

  8. Rob The Goon

    Mustafi fires shots at Wenger…

    ‘He [Emery] told me the positives in my game and what to work on. I’m happy because it’s difficult when you never know what to work on because no one tells you.

  9. VicVic

    If Arsenal goes down again today and wins next week against a little team, the belief against top six will be low until Liverpool.
    If Liverpool wins, the season is done. Emery too.

  10. Rob The Goon

    Fans need to have faith in Emery, it’s just ONE game. Even if we lose to Chelsea, so what. People forget that Unai had inherited a poor squad and it will take TIME to improve it.

    I think we’ll be alright today, I’ll take a draw

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Ozil is NOT a player you can have in a tough away fixture. Mesut is for the Dog and Duck in round 3 of the FA Cup where he can fuck about looking great. Same goes for that piece of shit, Xhaka.

    Emery will bottle this game too. I just know it. Then we’ll get the “focus on West Ham” bullshit.

    I don’t rate Emery. There’s something about him that doesn’t create a buzz. Going back to 1996…Wenger gave us that “what the fuck” moment. Emery is all a bit “meh”.

    Hey, at least we now know what it’s like to be a Newcastle or Everton. They must get this every season. Although once Usmanov turns Everton into the new city, we’ll have to compare ourselves to Aston Villa or Middlesbrough.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    Emery made last week a couple of errors in his team selections and as you quite correctly suggest playing Aubemayang on his own up front was a serious mistake. He was easily neutered by Man City who played 3 at back in this game.

    Similarly our midfield with both Ozil and Mkhitaryan playing in starting lineup was easily outplayed by Man City’s midfield and wing play.

    The only positives in this game came when both Torreira and Lacazette entered the fray. Torreira brought some stability to our midfield and Lacazette
    produced a threat up front playing alongside Aubameyang.

    We did not score goals in this game, but we did put the ball twice in the net from marginal offsides. That threat did not exist in first 60 minutes.

    Personally I would play the same team as we finished in today’s starting lineup
    minus perhaps Cech who I would replace with Leno.

  13. Jay

    Vivic… Agreed, wenger was bulletproof for so long , he could pick underperforming players week in week out. Emery doesn’t have that luxury, he will drop them.

  14. gonsterous

    I’m surprised some of you are arsenal fans. the constant bashing of the club from owner to players to even fans and maybe even the lad who guards the place at night…

  15. Jay

    Does he have ‘the minerals’ , yes we will find out later.
    I think/hope he will make a statement. Xhaka def dropped and one of ramsey/ozil/mik dropped.
    We will see.

  16. Danny

    Don’t forget lads, Chelsea have a new manager too and Fabregas is injured . If we can a nick an early goal then we could be in for decent match.

  17. Guns of Hackney


    Xhaka seems like that guy who cannot be dropped regardless of the shit he produces. Every team seems to have one but we have lots.


    Poor players for 90% of games but because our squad is so weak, they have to play. Our youth team is producing zero so why not close it down and save a few quid.

  18. Jacky

    the whole thing is spoiled whenever you kiss up to Ramsey as if Arsenal revolves around him. It’s in fact the opposite: Arsenal gel well without him. It’s not too late to sell him

  19. Marko

    Hazard is likely starting and he had a great world cup and a good cameo in the first game. It’s going to be tough

  20. grooveydaddy

    I think we might nick a point here.

    Chelsea are far from settled, although slightly more confident than us right now.

    We’ve got enough to cause them problems…

  21. Indiepete

    Get behind the team!

    The guy has played one game against possibly the best team in Europe.
    Let’s give the guy a chance. It’s way to early in his tenure to judge him and the team. Furthermore, he needs the boards backing financially, as things will only get better by moving players in and out of the club.
    Let’s see where we are at the end of the season.

  22. leon

    I feel we need high energy players who can cover allot ground and have disciplin. I would not play Ramsey as I do t think he has the discipline and Xhaka is too slow and lacks the mobility needed. . For that reason I would play Teira, Gwendose and Elaine. I would also start Iowbi instead of Ozil, I just think there is any room for luxury players away from home

  23. Victorious

    We can get the 3points IF the manager plays the right players in the right formation,simple.

    4-2-3-1 might do the trick

    Torr-Guen at the base.. Ramsey,Ozil,Iwobi supporting Auba….
    Bring in Lac in the second half if we’re struggling for goals

    chavs are nothing special really , Hazard is their major threat ,mark him out of the game and we’re halfway there,Licth has to be that man capable of neutralizing him, Morata is porous,Giroud is worse and their defense is no more better than ours.IF Emery can’t get us competing with the top6 then I cant honestly see what the fuss was all about .

  24. TR7

    Mustafi : ‘He [Emery] told me the positives in my game and what to work on. I’m happy because it’s difficult when you never know what to work on because no one tells you.’

    How about putting in a few good performances before taking a potshot at Wenger? Perhaps the weakest link in our team along with Xhaka but like Xhaka, he is all talk and fake gestures, little action.

  25. Waz

    Your Comment Hereanyone know what Martinez is like with his feet? He looks good in training, big and strong.

    Has to be a 433 for me with lots of mobility, power and pace. I’d have Torreira, Guen and Ramsey in mid with auba, laca and poss Danny up top to hit on break and press from the front. We will lack technical build up but could do well im transitions and quick counters

  26. Bamford10

    Our squad is quite weak, so it is important that Emery identify the best XI and the best formation sooner rather than later.

    We also may need to be busy in January.

    For today I would go 4-4-2, as I think this is the best way to use our two strikers, and the best way to solidify our central midfield.

    If he stays with 4-3-3, I’d start Welbeck wide right, Aubameyang wide left and Lacazette through the center. Torreira, Ramsey and Ozil in central midfield.

    And no Pierre, that doesn’t place Ramsey in a “two-man midfield,” as I would be asking Ozil to play as a central midfielder.

  27. Victorious

    Mustafi is an idiot, actually thought Sokratis made him somewhat decent against City, at least we didn’t c his customary diving tackles, sprawling on the ground like a toddler,really a bad timing coming out with that SHIT when the team just lost against city, wish his abilities to defend is as huge as his mouth, then maybe he could be taken serious .

  28. Dissenter

    Oliver Giroud is back for Chelsea.
    Hazard is back for Chelsea
    Kovacic is going to feature.
    Cech is there to give his former team the traditional gifts.

    Expecting another difficult week after this game.

  29. Bamford10

    Mustafi may be a poor defender — we’ve said this many times here — but this doesn’t change the fact that Wenger likely gave him zero instruction regarding his shortcomings and how he might improve.

  30. Dissenter

    People going after Mustafi because he said the truth about the great one.

    Wouldn’t you want to know that the coaching was so abject that players weren’t getting proper communication to address obvious problems?

    Mustafi was by far the better central defender against City.

  31. TR7

    Guendouzi has to start, no doubt about it. Torriera should be up to speed now, so I am expecting he will start as well. I am no fan of Ozil but when it comes to CAM position, Ramsey is no match for him. So, Matteo, Torreira and Ozil midfield for me.

    Danny Welbeck has a knack of putting in good performances against Chelsea, he hustles up Chelsea defense. He would be my pick for right wing position. Laca through the middle and Auba on the left.

  32. Victorious

    Bam,whilst I like your idea re the midfield, not sure about your attack, looks unbalanced and not enough playing ability, we’ll need to keep possession of the ball,also Wellbeck didn’t get a kick in preseason and so might look painfully rusty for a game of such magnitude

  33. Dissenter

    I’m waiting to see if Emery has the balls to drop Xhaka.
    That decision will define the game from the beginning. I suspect he will try to play Xhaka and Torriera which will be his undoing.

    Cech will also be harassed every time he has the ball to his feet. That’s going to cause problems over 90 minutes. I recall he gave away one free gift last season at the bridge. Expecting another gift for Chelsea today.

  34. Victorious

    Dissenter its less about saying the truth and more about getting the head down for the task ahead, Mustafi doesn’t get the right to be mouthing off when he’s been gash for majority of his time here.
    and this again:
    ‘Mustafi was by far the better central defender against City.’
    really he wasn’t, Sokratis was that man

  35. Bob N16

    Michael 24 …9.46

    How many errors can one person make in a few lines? None of your points make sense or for that matter are based on any sort of informed opinion.

    Were you at the game? I heard no chants referring to our old manager. To suggest the support is still fixated on him so can’t offer proper encouragement to Emery is creative fiction at best, and is simply tiresome, outdated thinking.

    A theory a friend has to spin Xhaka’s selection, is that it effectively gives Emery a chance to show how ineffective he is, so his future omissions are more easily justified to the rest of the squad. Straw clutching possibly. Feel Torreira, Xhaka should be given a chance but I wouldn’t be picking Xhaka for any PL games. We need pace and work rate to accommodate our attacking players who are poor defensively.

  36. useroz

    Auba is a worry if he couldn’t do more than the occasional sprints. You’d hope that with Laca, it becomes a 1 + 1 = 3 situation. We almost can’t afford not to play Laca in bigger games.

    As ready or not Guendozi is, he needs to play. Who else? Elneny? Don’t make me laugh. The Terrier an Guendozi, plus one. Would have preferred AMN… could try Mikki?

    Trust Monreal’s match fit? I’d rather Lich than Bellerin tbh.

    And fuck Ramsey.

  37. Nelson

    Hearing what Mustafi said it shows that Emery is working hard trying to improve his players. He also openly talks about what Ozil needs to do to help the team. He must have talked to each individual player. Up to now, I like Emery’s work rate. I wish him good luck.

  38. Paulinho

    You can talk about Ozil in the number ten all you like but he will still drift wide like the flange he is, and hardly spend in any time in the number ten position unless we are countering, so I can’t see how he is better than Ramsey.

    Last season Ramsey was our only player at Stamford Bridge who appeared to realise the idea of game is to score a goal or two.

  39. VicVic

    I woudn’t hate on Mustafi for that talk. Guy needed help, he didn’t get it. Now he is getting it, he is happy to say it.
    That does not sound to me like a guy mouthing off or shifting blames.
    If Mustafi is shit again this season, then maybe he is shit.
    But he just told us he failed exams because no one lectured him, and that now he is being lectured. So wait for the grades.
    I have a feeling the man will get better…..much so.

  40. Coach 15

    Guendouzi comes from France
    Unai Emery said give him a chance
    He’s got the same barnet as David Luiz
    He plays for the Arsenal

    Sorry about that little ditty,bit bored.
    Second half looked a little more promising last week,I agree with some posts,stick with the team that finished the citeh game.

  41. TR7

    Well not that I don’t recognize what Ramsey brings to the table. He is an instinctive player in the opposition box who can take a shot ,score goals, backheel, make runs etc. but still you need someone who can supply you the ball in the box for all the things Ramsey can do. Again I myself have been very very critical of Ozil but unfortunately he is the only one who can supply either from no 10 position or from wide areas. Who else?

  42. Dissenter

    Mustafi is not the first play to talk about zero communication from Wenger or lack own preparation to applybajy tactical approaches to games.
    Lets wait and see how he does all season.
    We can also disagree about the better central defender last Sunday. Papa was okay but some of he was partially at fault forthe second goal we conceded.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    I agree with TR7.

    I think the best way forward today is a 4-3-3 with a triangle middle with a base of Torreira and Guendouzi and then Ozil at the point in the CAM role, I’m not a fan of Ozil but because of our squad composition it is probably the best option we have there, with Ramsey I just worry we will become too physical focused but my concern with Ozil in there is that Torreira and Guendouzi are going to be tested severely and will receive no help from the CAM.

    The forward line would then just all be about pace and industry with Welbeck, Lacazette, Aubameyang leading the attack. This gives Ozil a passing gallery basically, two of the three are serious goal threats and Welbeck can provide dribbling and work rate to help out against Hazard.

  44. Dissenter

    I’ve been watching the amazon.com documentary about City’s league winning season.
    Pep is intense and very detailed in his planning.
    The oil sheik has built an extraordinary infrastructure for that club regardless of who the manager may be.
    The sheik is available for meetings with the Dir of football and the CEO. The knows the name of the players and is aware of the targets for the next window.
    That’s what we will never have with Stan Kroenke; the day-to-day involvement with how the club is run. We are like an off-shore account for him. I doubt Kroenke knows the name of any player without a print out in front of him.
    Sheik Mansour can tell you in what sentence what his goal is for Man Chester city; To be the best in the world and compete for the best honors.

    Kroenke may not be guilty of not spending enough but he has allowed to club to be mismanaged for the better part of the last decade by letting employees have inordinate powers
    He doesn’t have any footballing goal for the club – He just wants to keep it so long as it keeps appreciating.

  45. Dissenter

    Emery has been making some good public pronouncements about what he expects from Mesut Ozil.
    From Sky sports.
    “When asked about the defensive duties placed on Ozil during the defeat to City, Emery replied: “Every player needs to [defend] in the true moment of a match.

    “There are defensive moments and attacking moments. Every player each needs this commitment. For me, we need to start together, whether we are attacking or defending. I want that from every player.

    “The position, [Ozil] is playing all his career like a number 10-player, like a right-winger going inside to receive the ball.

    “It’s clear he needs the ball more to give more options in the attacking moments. He needs to do [it] in each match, be demanding for us but defensive moments are for each and every player.”

  46. useroz

    Stories that Unai has a dossier on every player was just more sensational than practical. In 2 days, we’d have put together the dossiers on Le Grove! It’s so bloody obvious to most the strengths and weaknesses, and thus areas to work on for development for each player!

  47. loyika

    @ VicVic

    Balderdash!! Mustafi is shyte because he is shyte, simple as. Was Arsenal the first club or Wenger the first Manager he ever played for throughout his career?

    Arsene’s and Arsenal FC’s fault lies in the fact that they bought him in the first place. He will have some good games for us (as he always does) but will still have his rubbish games at key moments of the season.

    By the same Token if Neymar Jr came out to say he learnt nothing under Emery or Dani Alves says Emery taught him nothing (Like how Big Tone said about Arsene which was true) Does that now take anything away from Emery as a Coach? If he was this “Wonder Coach”why did he fail to reach the heights at PSG?

    Fact is everyone is starting with a clean slate and will live and die by what happens now and in the future. As some have said, Mustafi should get his head down and focus on the task at hand and spare us all the “”jibba jabba”nonsense.

    If we see improvements in his performance during games that will be evidence enough tht he is improving and as they say – His talking should be on the pitch!!

    As for Chelsea…. I really hope we get our acts together today, they are beatable and we should go for the win, will still take a draw though (a loss will be a cop out as they are also going through a transition themselves, so we really have no excuse apart from the fact that its an away fixture and SB has not really been a good ground for us of late, but no reason we can’t get a positive result there if we believe we can and play to our strenght)


  48. Dissenter

    I think Emery just wants to give the senior players a chance to swim or sink. He doesn’t have that many options though.
    The squad is like a shi* sandwich, we have very few game changers.

  49. Jim Lahey

    The standard of refereeing in the league is diabolical. Kenedy straight up kicks one of the Cardiff players 5 yards in front of the ref and nothing given, straight red all day. Cardiff should be playing against 10 men for the last 60 minutes..

    Good thing there is no VAR ….

  50. Dissenter

    Yes Mustafa is shyte blah blah blah
    It doesn’t change the fact that he wasn’t getting any coaching to improve himself last season, if you believe his utterances.
    What’s the point of paying the coaching team 10-15 million yearly if the can’t improve players. The entire club is filled with players who have stagnated and in many cases regressed.

  51. Dissenter

    Kennedy will get a retrospective 3-game ban.’
    No way he dodges that.

    I don’t understand why the refs were against VAR. VAR would have easily whispered into his ear 10 secs after that foul to give the red card.

  52. Jim Lahey

    @Dissenter –

    Exactly, the ref gets a whisper in his ear, next time the ball goes out of play he sends Kenedy off. What good does a 3 match ban do Cardiff today?!

    Another problem I have always had is when refs stop the taking of a quick free kick… I mean, why? The advantage should be to the team that has been fouled right? Why allow the opposition get into position to defend it? You see it a lot when a team is breaking and a player is brought down, gets up and tries to play a quick ball to keep momentum going only to be called back to wait on the refs whistle.

  53. loyika

    @ Dissenter?

    Was Arsenal Mustafi’s first professional club?

    So if Mustafi is still shyte this season who do we put the blame on? Mustafi or Emery?

    The club and Wenger’s fault lies in not cashing in and getting a better defensive player.

    Managers like Pep, Klopp and co have coached and got rid of players all the time and certain players have been managed and left certain Managers as well.

    If KDB or Salah say they didn’t learn anything under Jose while they were at Chelsea would they be wrong? Or would the onus have been on them to have stuck it out and fought under Jose?

    Once again Mustafi should focus on doing well this season and let his football do his talking for him on his pitch.

  54. Paulinho

    TR7 – I understand your point in theory but it’s simply never borne out in reality against decent sides on the road.

    Remember that pass Ramsey played in behind to Bellerin at Stamford Bridge last year? He zig-zagged across the pitch, and waited for Bellerin to make a run in behind and then played a perfect pass into his path. It was a ‘number ten’ passage of play I’m yet to see Ozil ever produce at any tough away ground.

  55. Uwot?

    I’m with gunz on this one.no Ozil today .cant afford passengers.no Xhaka.cant afford any slip ups or gifts.no bellend.cant afford to have him getting roasted.& ideally no Czech.cant afford chavs closing him down instantly leading to proverbial f**k ups.at best need a team of tireless workers & harriers today.not pretty but that where we’re at.if we take a pasting the knives will already be sharpening for emery which is not fair on the mess he’s inherited.

  56. Champagne charlie

    Paulinho out whoring abstract memories of Ramsey, mainly to eradicate recent lamentable performances that get a quick sweep under the nearest rug.

    Must be the weekend.

  57. Paulinho

    I think we have plenty that can easily replicate what Ozil brings in these type of games. Mikhi, Torreira, Ramsey, Lacazette, Guendouzi. They would all play with more conviction and clarity than Ozil in the final third.

    Ozil will do a nice turn in the first ten minutes today, and apart from that he will do sweet f-all for the rest of the game apart from send in a few set-pieces.

  58. Dissenter

    You’re missing the point though
    No one is disputing that Mustafi was shyte lats season. That’s not being contended.
    Even shyte players need clear instructions and appropriate feedback. They need coaching to rectify their faults. That certainly hasn’t been happening at Arsenal.
    You also seem to be forgetting that Mustafi tried to leave for inter in the summer of 2017. He hasn’t been happy at the club for a while. We chose to sell Gabriel instead.

    Your approach to the players seems to be “shut up and play” .
    Mustafi has a duty to inform the fans that he wasn’t getting good coaching and the fans have a right to know that as well.

  59. Guns of Hackney


    And one other twat.

    Guaranteed this will be the team that gets mauled today.

    Emery is toothless.

  60. Dissenter

    “I think we have plenty that can easily replicate what Ozil brings in these type of games. Mikhi, Torreira, Ramsey, Lacazette, Guendouzi. They would all play with more conviction and clarity than Ozil in the final third.”

    You can make thew same case about Ramsey.
    We have more than enough to replicate what he brings.
    He shouldn’t be starting games since he is yet to sign an extension and is taking the club for a nice ride to a Bosman exit.

  61. loyika

    Whoever Emery puts out, they just need to get their acts together for this game.

    Chelsea will want to build on their win openinig weekend and this is their first home game and Sarri will want them to give a performance for his first home game infront of the Chavs.

    They will come out all guns blazing and the team will have to be on point from the whistle and ride out their early wave.

    We also need to take our chances when they present themselves.

    Hope the lads get their game face on.

  62. loyika

    @ Dissenter

    I ask again, If Mustafi is still shyte this season who gets the blame?

    For our sake i hope he isn’t though.

  63. Dissenter

    Emery has bottled another selection.
    I knew he was going to start with Xhaka – trying to play it safe. He’s put too much work on Torriera who has to cover for Ramsey and Ozil. Xhaka and Cech will give away gifts all through the game.

    He doesn’t have the nine lives of Wenger and no one is really emotionally attached to him. He’s making things too hard for himself.

  64. Victorious

    Dunno about folks looking to drop Ramsey and start Ozil in a match against the cunts at Stamford,is either you not Arsenal fans or just trolling,

    it’s a tough fixture and we need players with physical attributes, graft, fight, mental fortitude, engine, and the odd eye for goal, it’s an away game with tense atmosphere, Ozil who strives in a less pressured environment and regardless of his creativity is a luxury player and ain’t made for such games..I like Iwobi for these kind of games

    Welbeck should also start but I worry about his fitness

  65. VicVic


    City can always afford the best players…..but they seemed more concerned about getting the best head coach…..hence, Pep.
    There must be a reason.

    I will say a defender can lose it if not properly coached and fed good analysis of his own game. Like where to improve, what went wrong with his last game and other little stuffs that produce great improvements.

    Mustafi might have been shit last season, but so is Bellerin, same goes for many of our ballers.
    Many of those would have flourished under a good coach.
    You will agree Chamberlain improved under Kloop.

    So guy said good coaching is now here, you can not say that is trash until you see what he does with the good coaching.

  66. Paulinho

    Dissenter – Considering none of our other midfielders I mentioned can make runs from deep then no, he or what he does can’t easily be replicated.

  67. Dissenter

    Obviously we are talking at each other.
    You forget that I wrote that he tried to leave Arsenal for Inter. Wenger blocked his exit and chose to keep him, Gabriel was sold instead to Valencia.
    Mustafi isn’t just whining- he actually tried to exit the club because he hasn’t been happy for a while with the level of preparation for games.
    You’re glossing over his criticism because it involves Wenger, which is what you always do.
    Have a good day my friend.

  68. Champagne charlie

    We’ve won 2 games in 10 years at the Bridge I read somewhere. Arsenal should start with a view to being solid, and the midfield should reflect that. Ramsey doesn’t offer this unless he’s chucked in wide where it’s less necessary.

    I’d go 4-1-4-1 of sorts.

    Guendouzi ahead of the Cb with Xhaka and Torreira sitting in CM, spread narrow with a view to Jorginho getting clamped by one of them. Auba left, Mikki/Ozil right, and Laca through the middle.

  69. Emmanuel Nwaneri

    From what he saw in the Man city game I believe an intelligent man like Unai would now have a much better understanding of his players character. Most of them clearly don’t give a shit. If your most hardworking player was young Guendonzi who only came yesterday, then you have major problems.
    The so called ‘big players’ of the team like AUB, Miki, Ozil just don’t care about the team. Ozil is a bum. Has always been. Will always be. He hides when the going gets tough. You only see his ‘special’ skills against the likes of Stoke, Crystal Palace, etc.
    Emery would sooner or later start to wield the stick and deal with the cross in the team – no matter how expensive they are. Or else, it will be his head on the block sooner or later. He is no Wenger and surely there will be no job-for-life for him here. No fantastic 22year journey.
    So if Emery is serious about achieving things here, he needs to deal with – even get rid of – the so called big players.
    Their hearts are not innit. Wenger signed them out of desperation to save his skin. He inadvertently created an albatross for the next manager.

  70. Champagne charlie

    Paulinho, nothing wrong with rating his characteristics as many do. But you can’t separate that and instead turn a blind eye to his wank performances/offerings in certain roles.

    Take a pop at me rating aspects of Xhaka, but I’ve said on numerous occasions when he’s been shit.

    Ramsey’s not a CM, he only goes one way – and it’s the wrong one for Chelsea away imo.

  71. Dissenter

    “Dissenter – Considering none of our other midfielders I mentioned can make runs from deep then no, he or what he does can’t easily be replicated.”

    Actually Torriera can play that role as well and hold his defensive shape for the team. He need not go as high as Ramsey and is more defensively aware.

  72. Guns of Hackney

    Why do people think Emery will learn anything from last week?

    Who the fuck is this guy?

    Tanked at PSG which is virtually impossible and didn’t really kick on with Sevilla.

    I don’t get the love in for this guy. His selection last week was pure Wenger and I’m pretty sure he’ll do the same thing so what’s the point?

    Arsenal are in a vortex with no way out.

  73. Dissenter

    Guns of H
    “Arsenal are in a vortex with no way out.”

    Take a deep breath
    Out run of games after today is easily managed. We can easily go on an unbeaten run until for the next 8-20 weeks. These two weeks will be easily forgotten.

  74. VicVic

    What made Jose great those days was bold moves. Like dropping Ozil today and starting Guendouzi in 10. Ramsey and Torriera behind him.
    Guy has been described as always looking for the impossible pass, let him look for it in 10 while he defend from there. That should allow Ramsey burst forward when he fancies it.
    If Emery plays Mikki and Ozil together again as he has insisted to play Cech in goal, and tops it up with Xhaka, then Emery is Wenger’s ghost.

  75. Guns of Hackney


    8-20 games?

    Mate. You might be one of the more positive posters on here but your plain wrong.

    This team is full of jellybeans masquerading as pro sportsman.

    Where is this clubs bouncebackability?

  76. kc

    Tanked at PSG? Because he didn’t win the CL? That’s the only trophy he didn’t win in Paris last season. Get a grip.

  77. Dissenter

    Guns of H
    “Where is this clubs bouncebackability?’:
    At some point Emery decides to discard reputations and starts doing it his own way.
    We are going to play weaker opposition forth next few weeks.
    We will gain momentum after a few good results.

  78. Paulinho

    Charlie – I’ve said when Ramsey has been shit (atletico away).

    Last week he played in a daft position and he came back from missing the last two weeks with a calf injury, and I’ve been consistent in pointing how important he needs to stay fit or he is not at the level we need.

    Where will Emery play him today if he does? If his permanent role is as some false nine then he will become a predominantly off-the-ball scrapper that relies on the service and transition play behind him, and he will probably leave due to not being happy at the way he is being used.

    Ramsey played in that role last year at Chelsea and we and he coped just fine defensively. Probably in part because a certain German was benched as well.

  79. HighburyLegend

    Maybe we should agree with GoH… After all, Arteta would have probably beat city and chelsea for his 2 first games as “ze afc dna elite” manager.

  80. TR7


    ‘Where will Emery play him today if he does? If his permanent role is as some false nine then he will become a predominantly off-the-ball scrapper that relies on the service and transition play behind him, and he will probably leave due to not being happy at the way he is being used.’

    Where should he play then? Only in a diamond formation do I see a clear cut position for Ramsey, in a 4-3-3 he doesn’t make sense to me.

  81. raptora

    Not sure if you guys saw it but do you remember Xhaka’s foul in one of his first games for us when he tackled an opponent from behind with absolutely no chance to play with the ball and got red carded for it? Well Harry Arter did the EXACT same foul vs Newcastle and he got just a yellow.

  82. gonsterous


    We can get the 3points IF the manager plays the right players in the right formation,simple.

    yes so simple, wonder why your lovebug Wenger couldn’t do it. care to explain ??

  83. Paulinho

    TR7 – I’ve mentioned a few times I would play the Xmas tree formation with Torreira–Ramsey—Guendouzi in the middle. Ramsey with a license to go forward, but also same for Torreira and Guendouzi. See whether they have the intelligence and chemistry as a three to adopt a rotation system we they all know where to go, and cover each other.

    I do think he can play in a two at times, but only when he’s played four of five games in a row. He needs to be feeling 100% physically to play there and make up for his flaws with his strengths.

    It’s same argument that people head for Lampard. In a two he was flawed and could be exposed. It’s a nice problem to have, and not completely averse to Ramsey not being indispensable and used in rotation if we want to go for a more solid two in the middle. Horses for courses to some extent. No one should be guaranteed a place.

  84. Jim Lahey

    @Raptora –

    Yeah was watching that after the game, those type of tackles have been going on since Xhaka’s red and have not gotten a red. Xhaka’s was never a red at the time.

  85. Michael24



    Stopped going in 2012.

    Doesn’t take an Einstein to see and feel that things are not right, even from the comfort of my armchair.

    No disrespect CC, but whatever you say will not sway my feelings and perceptions on this.


    Er, yes there was.

    Man City fans mocked Arsenal fans.

    “Arsene Wenger left you cos you’re shit”

    The Arsenal fans responded with a passionate retort –

    “Arsene Wenger won more than you”

    Always sticking up for the master.

    I heard it and I wasn’t even there.

  86. Receding hairline

    Wengers fans already showing their fangs

    The bearers of misery likewise

    Its actually getting difficult to have a conversation about Arsenal , everyone has their own agenda.

    Be it Xhaka is shit, Ramsey is irreplaceable, Leno was cheaper than the rest so is rubbish, Auba should not play wide…..the list is endless.

    This job might be the one that finally breaks Emery.

  87. Michael24


    To a degree, you’re right.

    Problem is, because there’s been so much negativity surrounding the club these past few years, it’s difficult to have a reasonable conversation with anyone.

    This is why we all need to be passionately behind Emery and the team.

  88. Champagne charlie

    Just renders your view a bit hollow is all. Perception sure, but if you don’t go to games you’re in no position to boldly state the makeup of the crowd as you’ve done. My solitary point.

    There lies my issue with him mate, I’ve no idea where he fits in the side because to date he’s shown far too little ability as a CM player. It’s him or Ozil for some guile, and Ozil beats him everyday of the week in that department for me.

  89. Nelson

    Wilshere is playing very well today. He is more mature with the ball and is not trying to beat the defender and got himself an injury. Now he is passing the ball much sooner. We should have kept him instead of Mohamed Elneny.

  90. TR7


    So I take it either Ozil doesn’t feature in your 11 or plays wide. As you know I don’t particularly rate him either but I think every team should have at least one player who has guile and vision. All good having defensively solid midfielders who can run a lot but on top of that a bit of creativity is essential.

  91. Dissenter

    “Wilshere is playing very well today. He is more mature with the ball and is not trying to beat the defender and got himself an injury. Now he is passing the ball much sooner. We should have kept him instead of Mohamed Elneny.

    Wilshere wanted guarantees that he would feature prominently, if not start.
    Emery wouldn’t give him those assurances so he left.
    Elneny is HAPPY to be 5th in contention so long as he can live in London and “kiss the logo” everyday.

  92. Victorious

    I’m afraid I can’t take you serious as you’re so obsessed with Wenger, I mean folks like you will always blame the shortcomings of Emery on the man, it tend to cloud your judgement on how you perceive things

  93. Dissenter

    You’re intentionally placing a very high hurdle for Emery before he even gets going.
    Chelsea have won five of the last six home league games against Arsenal, with the exception being the 0-0 draw last season.
    Arsenal haven’t kept a clean sheet there for 12 consecutive games, and we haven’t scored in four league visits to Stamford Bridge.

    Suggesting that’s it “simple” if “the manager plays the right players in the right formation” is laughable.

    If it were so simple, why didn’t the last manager get such results ?

  94. Paulinho

    TR7 – I actually have Ozil as part of the two( with Lacazette) in behind Auabameyang.

    I’m one of the few that think Ramsey and Ozil compliment each other very well,and in the system I’ve laid out I anticipate Ozil dropping off even deeper than his starting position and Ramsey taking his space at times. Think it would work quite well.

    Ozil irritates me immensely but he can be class in terms of seeing a picture and awareness, and do think the system suits him. If he can’t produce in that side then he well and truly is a lost cause.

  95. Up 4 grabs now

    If sarri has Chelsea playing a high line today and we’re going to try and hit them on the break, it could be a good day for Auba?

  96. TR7


    Yeah, agree with all that.

    The only downside with your formation is lack of width but then we don’t have any wide players anyway in our squad. Sort of a diamond formation.

  97. gonsterous


    you missed my point. I was making fun of the fact that you said the manager must pick the right players in the right positions, when that was the furthest thing from your mind when wenger was here. Get some perspective and stop being a Wenger arse kisser…

  98. Paulinho

    As I said last week, Richarlison could be a monster up at Goodison.

    A strong, dynamic runner to compliment their static technicians.

  99. Victorious

    Dissenter/gonsterous-I know the record up there at Stamford is shocking,but looking as both teams are ‘in transitioning’ we won’t be getting a better time to beat them, Wenger was a devil but he managed a draw there last season? Emery should at least be able to maintain or better that? we ain’t moving forward if we keep bringing up Wenger when discussing Emery and chances of progress for his current team is my point
    Moreover it wasn’t the result that was the sticking point against city but the performance, it was dire and we should honestly improved on that against chavs or people might start bringing out the pitchforks.

  100. Paulinho

    TR7 – Yeah, very narrow but the Lacazette and Ozil have the quick feet in tight congested spaces to make it work. Aubameyang has the athleticism to run the line and threaten full backs.

    Our wide options from deeper are garbage so may as well just ask the brainless Bellerin to run in a straight line and keep width and pass it inwards to the players that can play.

  101. gonsterous


    lol, quit trying to take the high road. Your deflecting skills are impeccable. learnt from the best I guess…

  102. Receding hairline

    Victorious the problem with all your points though valid is you are discussing Emery after two matches. Two matches against opposition with better balanced squads than we do. Two matches against opposition we do not regularly beat for a while now.

  103. karim

    Buffon just made a brilliant save for PSG after a great play by the son of his former teammate Thuram.

    Weah’s son also starting for Paris.

    Time flies

  104. Victorious

    Look I’m willing to give Emery as much time as you’re but we should be seeing some improvements in performance along the way, we ain’t the only one with a new manager this season, how long should the honeymoon last? I mean it shouldn’t excuse the kind of performance we witnessed against city,it would then become worry if Emery doesn’t quickly learn from his mistakes