Pundits and explayers thrust forward with Emery attacks

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Big thanks to James for that cracking post about the Arsenal performance team. Very insightful, then he went and ruined it with his Xhaka fanboying. Jokes aside, do check out the post, suuuuper interesting. <LINK> Also, big thanks to Arsenal for inviting us in. It’s always a risk with muppet bloggers, but we appreciate the insight and the hard work going on to make our club great again.

Tony Adams and Jens Lehmann didn’t take long to sink their teeth into the Arsenal’s new manager. This is one of our greatest captains getting frank about the new regime.

“I don’t know what he has been doing for the last five or six weeks,”

“He has rotated all his players and given them all a game basically and they’ve got some good results but it’s pre-season.

“From minute one, I would’ve picked my own goalkeeper, my back four and put the two lads in that I want to screen those, and get a firm base that’s been missing for the last ten years.”

“You’ve had six weeks of pre-season – go on, get on with it.”

Come on Tone, give it a rest, he’s only just landed and he took a spanking from the most expensively assembled team in England. 14 years of decline cannot be solved in 10 minutes.

Big Jens Lehmann, bitter from being shunted out of the club this summer went for a stealthy gut punch as well.

‘I don’t consider it a re-build, the new manager has taken over a club in almost a perfect environment,””The players have a good attitude. I expected a little more on Saturday, they had a big change, and after 22 years it’s different if something is new, of course”Perfect environment? Yeah, for a holiday. A cruise type of holiday. Amirite?I know full well Jens knows what a shit-tip of flatulence Arsenal had become under Wenger, so he’s being very cheeky there. He’s rightfully pissed he was pushed out without a chance. He also had thoughts on the keeping issues, particularly the feet issues Cech has suffered.

“I was a bit surprised that every time he tried to play out, which is not possible, nobody can dictate to you when to play out. He is very intelligent so he knows when to play out and when not to.

“Petr has played hundreds of games and I think sometimes he would have kicked it long before, now he is under pressure this year. The game dictates what to do and not a certain style you have to play.

“Even at the age of 36 you can practice and improve, but it’s the amount of passes you have to do.

“Also, sometimes it is better to not to do what the coaches ask because at that moment you understand the game better than anybody else.”

Does anyone else get the sense that Emery is being teed up for a massive slap down when things go wrong? The press don’t rate him, the explayers aren’t fancying him, and it feels a little like people want it to go a bit David Moyes. Unfair. I find it especially uncomfortable when the barbs come from people who haven’t had an opinion for 10 years.

Also, isn’t it sad how our media react like they just found a foreign burglar in their house when a coach they have little knowledge of lands. Open your minds chaps, admit you never watched Sevilla and be real about the fact you didn’t buy BT Sports for the PSG games over the last two years.

I thought this was an excellent summary of the work Ramsey and the team overall did utilising the press against one of the most intense teams in world football. What I found particularly interesting is how the effectiveness of Aaron Ramsey was greatly limited when he’s put in a system where he has a very specific role to undertake. Hopefully, he’ll be more potent against lesser teams, but it is one of the challenges Emery faces… how does he extract the best-attacking instincts of this team without sacrificing the teams’ defensive solidity.

It’s also fun to see people making comps of Arsenal. We haven’t done anything of interest over the last ten years to merit that sort of treatment.

There’s been some chatter about fans clubbing together to block the Stan K takeover so we can land another AGM. I can appreciate the endeavor, but like a few others out there, I think it’s a waste of time. Firstly, let’s not pretend the fans have had any real power with the club. Ivan G has been the master of saying absolutely nothing for an hour for years. I’ve spent enough time at those AGMs to know they don’t give a fuck about us, and it’s actually a challenge for the board to be professional enough not to say mean things to fans. Fan involvement is just a PR stunt. I’m not sure antagonising the new owner is the way forward…

Anyway, that’s me done. Listen to the pod if you love free content.


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  1. Carts

    Irrespective of whether Emery should or shouldn’t have been appointed, fact of the matter is this: he should be afforded at least 3 transfer windows, and the necessary financial backing.

    The performance against City was quite frankly disappointing. Anyone with a basic grasp of football will agree that his team selection was destined to fail. I think he took the bait of having fielding the…more high profile players knowing it would make for a disjointed performance.

    Emery needs to find his testicles like yesterday and really make a statement against Chelsea.

  2. Dissenter

    Leno isn’t ready to be number one at Arsenal????
    It says a lot that it is only gunnerblog that heard those rumors.
    The lad had played over 300 competitive games for Leverkursen in the Bundesliga, CL and Europa league before coming to Arsenal.
    Emery is the one that’s causing the silly uncertainty that become fodder for rumor mills. . When you bring in a new expensive keeper, you start with him, end of.

  3. Michael24


    Whispers were also heard on Sanogo.

    Apparently he was sensational in training.


    Some players are crap in training, that’s a fact of life.

    Let’s just give Emery a chance.

  4. zeus

    I’m all for patience with Emery.

    I’m frankly shocked at the backlash. Did people really think Emery was some sort of magician?

    Pep finished almost 20 points behind Chelsea in his first season. He required 3 transfer windows and unlimited funds to turn this around. this will take time.

    We won’t make it to the top until our playmaking has evolved. Ramsay has NEVER displayed the required consistency, in form or fitness, to try to build a team around him.

    At this stage, lets call a spade a spade, Ozil is a luxury player. If he has to stay then fine, but the team should not be built around his fragile mentality either.

    But I’ll be patient. If Wenger got us into this mess over 14 years, Emery won’t fix it in one.

  5. Wenker-wanger

    I’ve said it b4 and to repeat; this shit-fest of a wenger-styled squad isnt going to be sorted in an instant.
    Let’s be patient. Let’s see where we finish in the prem, or more accurately how many points we achieve. Let’s see if we manage to beat a notts forest type team in the cups.
    My money is on emery to do better than Wenger’s last 2 seasons.
    After this season is over, we can then expect to mount some kind of challenge to the top teams.

  6. Marko

    Didn’t a bunch of actual journalists comment on how Leno looked good in training during the summer? Might just be some Cech fans saying it

  7. Marko

    I personally thought it was a good thing. Say Leno started against City and we got smashed he’d be crucified before he even got started. He’d be compared to Karius unfairly. At least now he plays against Chelsea or West Ham he’s got a chance to look good

  8. Marko

    Seems people would rather lose Xhaka than Elneny in what remains of the transfer window. I personally think if he does leave that we’re taking a risk with Xhaka. We should seriously consider Yaya Toure

  9. Champagne charlie

    “Absolutely shocking manager” who “got it wrong 21 summers in a row”

    Markos expert take on the most successful manager Arsenal has seen.


  10. WengerEagle

    Na fuck Yaya, guy’s a certified prick.

    Might be a different story if he was 31 and still in his prime but he’s a washed up and bitter 35 year old shadow of his prime- hard pass on that.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    When is this dick head, Milinstat going to get blasted???

    Leno, the £22m keeper not ready?
    That’s his man, right?

    What about Sokratis and Mavropanos? They are his guys.

    Are we honestly going to believe that you spend money on a GK with all the attributes to play Emerys chosen way, and leave him on the bench?

    Do talented people just stop ‘talenting’ when they join Arsenal?

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Or…£22m gets you a shit keeper and £70m gets you a world class one. Arsenal doing it cheap again.

  13. WengerEagle

    Eased out slowly? Fuck that if it comes at the expense of points dropped.

    Not saying that Leno saves us any points vs Citeh but it sets a dangerous precedent cause now you have to wait until Cech fucks up to drop him which will cost us points on the board.

  14. gambon

    Ospina signing for Napoli

    Campbell signing for Jossys Giants, or whatever theyre called.

    Emery is draining the swamp.

    Come next summer we can start shipping out the under performers from the first team squad.

  15. englandsbest

    How long will Emery stay? Was he misled by Ivan? Was he told that he would be forced to trim the squad to reduce the wage bill? I don’t think so.

    Of course we are pleased to see some of the deadwood go, we wish there were more departures. But in certain areas we seem dangerously stretched.
    Where are the replacements?

    What was eager anticipation is becoming dire foreboding. And it’s not because we lost to Man C. That is on the cards for every PL club.

    It goes far deeper. Instinctively we know that Arsenal has lost its core values. And we suspect that the owner’s major intent is moneymaking. And with the huge TV pay-outs, you can do that without the need to win trophies and titles.

    We all hope that Emery is a miracle-worker, because that is what he’ll need to be to stay in touch at the top. And if he isn’t, what happens in the Jan window? He is bound to demand a number of quality players.

    Turn that down, and Emery will realize his desperate situation. Fans who expect so much and an owner who gives nothing. Why bother to stay. With his CV he can find another Club, no problem.

  16. raptora

    Good material about Guendouzi: https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/matteo-guendouzi-profile-who-is-he-arsenal-signing-transfer-lorient-story-behind-him-a8492171.html
    Few parts of it:
    “We were all very impressed by how he plays with his head up,” remembers Fery. “Very much in the style of what Lorient had been historically playing, our passing game. That is what characterises him. I know he plays in front of the defence, but he is more of an offensive midfielder than a defensive midfielder. He is always looking for the impossible pass, the pass to make the difference.”

    “He loves football, he eats football, drinks football, sleeps football,” he says. “He would be frustrated when training ended, even after two hours. If he has one more hour, he will be practicing with the ball, right foot, left foot, right foot, left foot.” “He has a big personality, and that is a rare personality for a young player.”

    “He believes so much in himself that he is outraged with anyone who doesn’t place him on the same pedestal that he believes he should be placed on,” Hayes says. “He has real issues with that side of his temperament. He is not a bad kid, he’s not nasty, he’s just got an innate, deep belief in himself.”

  17. WengerEagle

    Yeah well the personality part definitely appears to have truth to it, guy is already besties with Aubameyang and Lacazette who are two of our best players and most outgoing characters, impressive for a 19 year old new to the club.

  18. Dissenter

    “£22m gets you a shit keeper and £70m gets you a world class one.”

    Guns, I have to admit your rantings are getting more bizzare
    What evidence do you have that Kepa is better than Leno.
    We can always wire another 50 million to Leverkursen reassure your bent ego.

  19. champagne charlie

    “£22m gets you a shit keeper and £70m gets you a world class”

    Where’s this been evidenced exactly?

  20. WengerEagle

    Kepa no doubt is talented and could well turn out to be a worthy successor to Courtois/prime Cech but there’s no question that he was a panic purchase and not a planned one.

    I think that Chelsea were really banking on Courtois extending and were taken by surprise when he decided he wanted to fuck off.

  21. gambon

    I would say the fact Leno didnt play after signing for £22m, and has fallen off the radar for Germany, definitely raises question marks about his quality.

  22. WengerEagle

    Athletic Bilbao must have been rubbing their greasy mitts together when Chelsea raced over to replace Courtois once it became apparent he was Real Madrid bound, they had mere days to do it or would have been staring starting Rob Green in the face which must have been a terrifying prospect for Sarri.

  23. karim

    KDB out for 2 months apparently, well it’s not like they don’t have world-class depth but still, they’ll certainly miss him.

  24. Arse&Nose©

    I don’t believe that Leno not starting is an indication that he is a poor keeper. We have to realise that Cech is a big character in the dressing room and is well respected by senior members at the club, one can not simply drop him. Leno will get his chance.

  25. gambon

    Apparently Ospina is a loan with option to buy.

    Fuck me, Arsene left this squad in a mess.

    The recruitment both in and out in recent years has been absolutely shocking.

    Cant sell Ospina, cant get rid of Jenkinson, took a 75% loss on Perez, had to cancel Debuchys contract to get rid of him. £70m for Xhaka & Mustafi who are worth £30m even in todays inflated market.

    Its incredible how bad things have got

  26. Guns of Hackney


    My comments are misunderstood. I am not saying that paying more guarantees you quality (although that’s mostly the case)…that’s silly. But as Gambon just pointed out, this guy didn’t make Germany’s squad. Didn’t his stats also come into question? I’m sure they did.

    Along with Emerys bizarre starting lineup, the Leno one really bugged me. Wasn’t he meant to be the sweeper keeper that we were crying out for? The catalyst for our new style?

    Odd, odd, odd.

  27. gambon

    Liverpool sold their 3rd choice GK to Leicester for £14m this summer.

    Arsenal have made less than £10m from selling 4 players, and cant sell our second choice GK.

  28. Guns of Hackney

    Chelsea is the game. Win it and win it well, I’ll hold fire.

    Lose or draw and I will start making black magic dolls of Emery for the masses to hurl abuse at.

  29. WengerEagle

    I haven’t watched Leno extensively myself. Whenever I did watch him thought that he was a very good shot-stopper, was quick off his line and very agile with excellent reflexes.

    Has mistakes in him though and loses concentration in games.

    Having said that, to make over 300 apps for a team like Bayer Leverkusen that are no mugs and are regularly in the CL is impressive at age 26.

  30. Guns of Hackney

    “Arsenal have made less than £10m from selling 4 players, and cant sell our second choice GK.”

    Doesn’t even cover Ozils wages for a season. Just about gets halfway.

  31. Guns of Hackney

    If Leno changes his name to something cool like Flameboy and adds £30m to his transfer fee…I would feel better. Much better.

  32. WengerEagle

    Lol Guns, beating the Chavs at the Bridge will be a tall order. They’ll be full-strength as well with Hazard and Kovacic likely starting.

    The performance at this stage of where we’re at it is more important than the actual result for me. I’d be more encouraged by outplaying Chelsea even at the expense of dropping points than simply pulling off a Tottenham at WHL smash and grab 1-0 job being battered for most of the 90.

  33. zeus

    Gunnerblog is always apart of the press core though. Over the years he must’ve developed some relationships with people on the inside. Hope the whispers aren’t true though.,

  34. Guns of Hackney


    Six points down after two games is weak.

    The top four is already going to be taking shape. I can see us in a dog fight with Burnley, Palace and West Ham.

    Christ, it’s like 1983 again. But without the Smiths.

  35. WengerEagle

    Incredible isn’t it Jamie that Ozil walks away pocketing 350,000 from a ‘performance’ like he ‘put in’ vs Citeh?

    You genuinely could have hooked an 18-30 year old at random from the crowd that would have put in a better showing.

  36. WengerEagle


    I don’t see us picking up much points in the matches vs the other big boys and certainly not on the road vs them, look up Emery’s stint at Sevilla for context.

    I’d gladly take a draw at Stamford Bridge and build on that.

  37. jwl

    Didn’t Cech get shirt number 1 before Leno arrived?

    I assumed Leno was going to replace Cech gradually during the season and Cech won’t have his contract renewed next summer. Give Leno a couple of months to acclimatize to hurly burly of England football and then by Christmas time he should replace Cech.

  38. champagne charlie

    “I would say the fact Leno didnt play after signing for £22m, and has fallen off the radar for Germany”

    Leno was in the preliminary World Cup squad with Germany, just how is that being off the radar you muppet?

    Throw me the ‘he never made the 23-man squad’, go on…because neither did Sane.

  39. Up 4 grabs now

    You would think we’re bottom of the league with ten games gone on zero points with the way the knives are out for Emery already.

    We played one game against the champions who have blown about double what we have on transfers fee over the last five years.
    We played ok, and had a few half chances, we were never going to win with our team compared to there’s at the moment.
    They have a top manager who took a year to get a well equipped city team to win the title, but emerys struggling after one game.
    Wenger left this team and club in a mess that will take years to undo, but emery hasn’t sorted it out in six weeks!

    The pundits need to lay off, not many teams will be beating city this season.
    Once Chelsea is out of the way we have a run of 8 games where we should do well until we play the bindippers.

    If we’re struggling in tenth by then, then you can start to criticize.
    And finally, being mugged off by fat I managed England for one game Sam alladyce, lol.

  40. champagne charlie

    Find the Ospina move a queer one, of the two he’s far better suited to life under Emery. Cech is so clearly the odd man out of our three GK’s at present.

    Cech should’ve been ushered out and Ospina replaced next season. Suppose it’s of little consequence ultimately, but just a bit weird we’re going with a. guy that literally cannot function adequately in the role asked.

  41. Up 4 grabs now

    Cc I think all the eggs are in one basket with leno,
    Cech will eventually be second choice as back up.
    Ospina has had his chances & isn’t good enough.

    I’d be astounded if cech is number one by the time xmas comes.

  42. champagne charlie


    Oh I’m aware neither were the answer, but as a number two to Leno at least Ospina would’ve been competent with his feet and married well with the Emery system in place.

    Cech looks like a dinosaur by comparison, and we’re unnecessarily fucked if we have to continue to watch him try and establish competency with his feet.

  43. Up 4 grabs now


    I would be more inclined to see Martinez back up Leno if we’re going the sweeper keeper route.I just think the team’s been neglected for so long that it could be awhile before we get back to the level we were a few years ago, and that wasn’t good enough back then.

  44. Michael24

    Up 4 grabs now.

    Who really gives a shite what the pundits say?

    Our own legends like Ian Wright, Nigel Winterburn, Martin Keown, David Seaman, Alan Smith, Ray Parlour, Perry Groves have all acted with their own self interests at heart over these past ten years.

    Hospitality benefits and fringe benefits can work wonders.

    Lee Dixon tends to be more forceful and direct, which I like, whilst Paul Merson just says it as it is.

    Then we have Stewart Robson.

  45. champagne charlie


    Never seen anything with Martinez that tells me he could even perform as number 2 for us. Ospina isn’t best suited, but at least he’s got experience and proven ability to some extent.

  46. Michael24

    Ian Wright had a severe case of ADHD when it came to Arsenal.

    No offense intended to those of you who may suffer from this behavioural disorder.

  47. Up 4 grabs now


    No one wants to see our team criticized, I’m all for it, if it’s justified, but one game in!
    Come on, it’s the media kicking arsenal and its fans to try and generate headlines.

    It still pisses me off.

  48. Up 4 grabs now

    Cc that’s the point with Martinez if he never gets a chance we will never know.
    Ospina has had some good games for us and a lot of bad ones. We know he isn’t number one material, if Martinez doesn’t get a shot then he should be moved on.

  49. Michael24

    Up 4 grabs now

    What pisses me off even more is the so called fans jumping on the bandwagon.

    The same fans who sat back, day in day out for ten years, watching our club sink slowly into the abyss.

    To be honest, even though we have a few of them on here, their opinions and perspectives are rather hollow and insignificant.

    Can’t take them seriously.

  50. Michael24

    Up 4 grabs now

    You know, the ones who feel we should be giving Wenger our utmost respect and also feel that that “big Per” was an excellent defender and leader.


  51. Up 4 grabs now

    When you hear fans coming out of the ground on Sunday saying Wenger wouldn’t have lost that game you know there’s no helping some people.

    If we can shift some more dead wood abroad in the next fortnight, we can see where we are In January for a few more recruits.
    Wingers, another centreback, as I can’t see koscielny coming back brand new, and probably a left back to long-term replace monreal.
    What a bloody mess!

  52. Kwame

    Can’t understand why people are complaining contracts of some players have been extended. When a player has a few years to the end of his contract the wisest thing is for you to tie him up so he could be sold for at least something in future. Nobody made an offer for Iwobi, Welbeck, El-Neny et al. On this same platform I’m hearing people whining about having let Alexis, Ozil, Ramsey run out their contracts to the very last year. The real problem is the wages that they are earning at Arsenal making it difficult to move them on. Let’s be consistent here. On a different note, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Ozil, Ramsey, Bellerin, Xhaka lent credence to this adage on Sunday. Thumbs up to Guendouzi, Torreira, Lichsteiner. Rome was not build in a day (though Roma was). Let’s give Unai time. He’d get it right. Even the great Pep did not it right in his first year.

  53. Confidentgoner

    Many teams will give City tough games this season. CP, last season nearly beat them. Pool, United beat them. Shutting down their wing overloads, pressing and counter attacking at pace will beat City.

    We must all realize that Emery played with the wrong personnel. No way Mikki and Ozil will patrol the wings to achieve a stifling of City wing overload. Wellbeck and Nelson are best for those roles.

    Emery may be his own worst enemy. Playing Xhaka, not starting Lucas and Leno! What was he thinking!

    So, I beg to differ, he fucked up and needs now to win or draw against Chelsea to redeem himself.

  54. Pierre

    Confident goner
    Good job u said that as I would have been slaughtered for daring to say it as it is.

    As I look through the comments it appears that most on here are in agreement that the manager messed it up big time and are hoping, like me, that he rectifies the glaring mistakes that were made.

    City, I believe, were there for the taking on sunday if we had been set up properly with the correct personnel, formation and tactics and this is not being wise after the event as it was obvious we couldn’t afford to fanny around with it at the back against city’s high press.

    Despite all this, we could still have got something from the game if ozil didn’t have such a poor game especially his final ball.

  55. Antidote

    Let’s just let things work themselves out and update our songs.

    We’ve got Ozil, Mesut Ozil
    I just don’t think you understand
    He met with Ergodan
    And now he’s not German
    We’ve got Mesut Ozil

  56. gambon


    Leno played the confed cup for Germany….he’s now 4th choice.

    That’s the definition of falling off the radar.

    He was £22m and teams are preferring to pay £65-70m for other keepers. Both of these teams have proven far better than Arsenal in the transfer market in the last few years.

    Obviously I know it’s your duty to come on here and cheerlead every single player then scratch your head when we finish 6th on 63 points but anyone with half a brain would be a little sceptical if Leno as a ling term solution with the quality of keepers our rivals have.

  57. gambon


    Man City….the best team in PL history, that have won 33 of their last 39 games were “there for the taking” apparently.

  58. Dissenter

    I remember vividly what Pierre was saying when City beat us 3-0 twice over three ays in the spring.
    I recall he wasn’t moaning like he is now, Back then he was neck deep in running interference for Wenger.
    The new manager is going to make mistakes because he’s only had the squad for 6 weeks and Sunday’s was his first competitive game in England. He had to give the established big name players a change to swim or sink.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    It would be difficult for Emery to just drop people like Xhaka, Ozil, Mkhitaryan etc right away. Can you imagine some fans if we had lost after he did that?

    I’m just keeping my fingers crossed he has the balls to drop them if they keep under performing, we all know how it use to be and that is part of the reason we’re in this mess.

    This is going to be a longer and more difficult task than I thought when Emery took over, the squad is in a worse state than it seemed and it showed in the transfer market in terms of our lack of any sort of meaningful sales.

    Arsenal players are not valued outside of Arsenal.

  60. Dissenter

    Most of the confed cup didn’t play in the world cup.
    Have a look at the players that were picked ahead of Leno for the world cup, shall you.
    Why don’t we wire another 40-50 million to Leverkursen to assuage your feelings about the Leno fee?
    You don’t think we may have just caught a lucky break with the transfer. Had we not triggered the clause in Leno’s contract it may have gone up to match the market.
    I blame Emery for creating this cloud over Leno’s head though. Not playing his has caused all this negative talk.

  61. Dissenter

    ***Most of the confed cup players for Germany didn’t play in the world cup.
    The will probably have gone further than the team that was picked.

  62. Pierre

    No De Bruyne, no silva, no company, no otamendi, no sane….

    Half of their first choice team not in the starting line up…

    Walker, stones and sterling only just back from the world cup.. good time to play them I would say.

  63. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Sort of agree the press are jabbing hi for a big KO…

    Comparing to moyes is ludicrous as moyes ha£ won fuck all…

    Give him a chance

    An you Pierre

    I expect better
    I thought you would get behind him…or is wenger still close to your heart…

  64. Pierre

    “The new manager is going to make mistakes because he’s only had the squad for 6 weeks and Sunday’s was his first competitive game in England. He had to give the established big name players a change to swim or sink.”

    So I presume you was happy with the elementary mistakes that were made in selections, formation and tactics.

    If I had been at the club for 6 minutes I would have known not to fanny about at the back with cech in goal, not to play with Ramsey up front, not to have ozil and mhkitaryan defending in their own area… I could go on and on….

  65. gambon


    How many times in one day are you gonna say “maybe we should send them £40m more” ?

    I don’t care how much we spend on a player….I just don’t think Leno is a great keeper.

    Ok with you?

  66. gambon


    There are a number on here who are still so hurt by Wenger being sacked that they can’t bring themselves to back Emery.

  67. Cesc Appeal


    That is quite a turnaround.

    You still deflected and defended Wenger after years of making repetitive errors on and off the field.

    You’re laying the boot into Emery like you never did Wenger after 90 minutes of football.

    Can you now then admit you were bias and far from objective in your appraisals of Wenger?

    Having gone about the moaning and groaning on here for years you are one of the most negative voices today.

  68. Pierre

    I am 100% behind Emery but that was a tactical shambles which ever way you look at it…I expect changes or we are in for another day of head shaking.

  69. Dissenter

    ‘So I presume you was happy with the elementary mistakes that were made in selections, formation and tactics.”

    I’m not happy with the mistakes but they are teething errors.
    He can’t start his first game by benching the high earning “stars” on the team. Either way we would have last that game but the defeat can serve a bigger purpose i.e. to show that certain players aren’t up to it.

  70. Dissenter

    Sharpen your Emery daggers some more because we are going to lose to Chelsea.
    They have better players who have won two league title s in the last 4 seasons . They will bale out Sarri when push comes to shove.

  71. Dissenter

    Would you rate Kepa is he had been bought for the pre-release clause fee of 17 million that Madrid almost signed him for?
    Just asking…and I do understand you don’t quite fancy Leno.

  72. Pierre

    Nothing to do with him benching anyone, more about the tactics and formation though he could easily have played Lichsteiner, torriera and lacazette.

  73. gambon

    Not to mention Emery only had 4 x 90 minute games against good teams to implement his ideas.

    This was the first competitive game he’s played with Arsenal.

    The idea that he was going to solve 9 years of poor recruitment, tactical naivety and managerial neglect in 4 friendlies is ludicrous.

    Even from that 90 minutes I would bet we will see notable improvement from last year.

  74. nepGunner

    Man City….the best team in PL history, that have won 33 of their last 39 games were “there for the taking” apparently.”


    I almost choked. Loving this AKB meltdown (it it ain’t a troll laying bait.. In which case i fell hook, line, & sinker)

    If Wenger was in charge vs City last Sunday, we would have “taken” city.. Yea right.

  75. Dissenter

    Emery may have taken a pragmatic view of the game on Sunday and felt that it was better to start conditioning the team to his tactical methods that to seek a short term gain.
    He needs to get them to understand when he is seeking and deviating from his approach would have confused the team more.
    Had he deviated from his long term goals and we still lost then he won’t have learned much about how his team can play or react to a loss.
    I just think either way, city would have beaten us. The would have beaten EVERY team [maybe not Liverpool] on Sunday- that’s how good they have gotten.

  76. NW9 gooner

    Pierre you are being naive here. You expected us to beat MC in Emery’s first match after being with the team for a few days? Even without some first teamers the replacements are as good as them. That is the difference between them and other teams . Liverpool has addressed this problem and have now a good squad. Just because Emery did not start the players you wanted , he is shit now .

  77. Marko

    I am 100% behind Emery but that was a tactical shambles which ever way you look at it

    So last two times we played and got hammered by City we had Ozil and Mhiki/Iwobi on the wings and had Ramsey playing in midfield and though it may say 4-3-3 it wasn’t because Ramsey never really played in a 4-3-3 it’s a 4-2-3-1. So basically the personnel and the formation has been the same. Emery perhaps was mistaken for playing the same formation but it is his preferred formation and the personnel was obviously wrong because let’s be honest Ozil and Xhaka are shite these days but it’s a bit rich coming from you Pierre considering Wenger was making the same mistakes last season and you were quiet as a lamb. In fact for years his record against the better sides in the league and Europe has been embarrassing but again you were silent. Get behind the team and the manager I’m sure you said. What happened to you Pierre.



  78. Redtruth

    “Did Emery really play ramsey as our main striker today when he had lacazette fit and ready or was it just a bad dream…”
    PierreAugust 12, 2018 19:54:59
    “Did Emery really start with bellerin and AMN as full backs when he had Lichsteiner fit and ready or was it a bad dream.”
    PierreAugust 12, 2018 19:57:06
    “Did Emery really start with Xhaka as our holding midfielder when he had Torreira fit and ready or was it just a bad dream.”

    All hindsight guff ……….lol

  79. NW9 gooner

    Give Emery some time- I am confident we will come good . Even Ozil who has been criticised tracked back and was on a few occasions tracking back to our penalty area defending. Just give it a few more matches and it will come good.

  80. leon

    I think that Emery is going to give every member of the squad a chance to prove themselves , they all have clean slate.

  81. NW9 gooner

    Agreed with Redtruth-,it’s all hindsight now. If Lacazette ‘s shot had gone in just after he had come on we would be having different arguments now

  82. Redtruth

    Not a squeak from Pierre before , during or immediately after the game.
    Posts 2 hours after the event when it was blindingly obvious mistakes were made ….
    Some foresight this clown has…lol

  83. leon

    Personally I think there certain players that won’t be able to adapt to Emery’s style of football. I feel it’s a system that requires allot of pace and width and high work rate. In the midfield, you need players who very mobile who can cover allot of ground . Now I am sorry but every time I seen Xhaka that’s one thing he is not. Now I don’t think he is shit player I just don’t think he is suited to the premier.

    Now hopefully we can get a decent cb in January or the summer because Sokritis was clearly a stop gap signing

  84. KAY Boss

    U found no error with Wenger and his consistent neglect of basic things that could have made us greater in his latter days. Yet, suddenly a game and a tactical error from emery and tour stitches are out?

    Gambon, u may not rate Leno because he didn’t cost a fortune, but in all honesty, do u think Ederson is a quality keeper just because he’s costly?

    in my opinion, I think we did a smart business by going for Leno. All keepers have a margin of error in them.

    Gambon, is Kevin Trapp better than Leno just bcos he made the German squad?

  85. Sancho Monzorla


    I like you even less today than that day you came out as an abuser. You are so biased it’s beyond fathom. You tedious flit.

  86. Pierre


    I voiced my concerns before the game about city’s high press and said we should bypass it and look to hit one of our midfielders.

  87. kc

    AKBs confirming they were always Arsene fans and not Arsenal fans. Support the club already. Judge Emery in May! You should know that slogan well.

  88. nepGunner

    These lost sheep. I pity them… Actually, I pity those people more who have to put up with these drama Queens on daily basis in real life.

  89. NW9 gooner

    Pierre just give it some time. You just expect things to change overnight. Arsene did wonderfully for us but the last two years was very bad and we have to rectify that

  90. KAY Boss

    Marko, I agree with u re Thomas Partey. He should be one of our midfield targets next summer to replace Xhaka/Ramsey, depending who leaves.

  91. Pierre

    Kay boss
    U found no error with Wenger and his consistent neglect of basic things that could have made us greater in his latter days.”

    Obviously you neglected to read my criticism of Wenger playing ramsey in a 2 man midfield and continuing to play giroud as our main striker and his refusal to buy a quality holding midfielder and a top quality striker.

  92. Pierre

    You took your time gambon… See if you can beat me with your knowledge on football instead of having to resort to childish name calling….

  93. nepGunner

    Ideally, Unai will assess the players’ caliber within the first 10 games and decide either to set out a team according to his defined way of playing or devise a system that extracts the best out the players. After that it will all boil down to rigorous/consistent trainings, positive performance based man management, and identifying the required changes to fit his vision in the next two TWs.. Which basically is a news to you sheep.

    I understand the delivery from his first match was not exactly a fairy tale stuff.. But I respect his urge to set out a team on his vision from the get go and deliver the message to all players that it is how it will be moving ahead. Yes, some personnel did not fit the role entirely, but like some fellow posters posted above, Unai is giving a fresh start to everyone before he delivers the chops. I know a few here are used to the “express yourself” style of play, but it’s the beginning of a new era at AFC, and I’m simply excited to see a substitution before 70 mins..some in-game management…the hints of collective press..a holding MF unfazed to receive the ball under pressure (although raw).. And some direct forward passes to our attackers versus Barca-lite tiki taka.. And a hilarious own goal (just kidding)..

    Rant over losers

  94. Pierre

    Because as I said, I looked at the team and thought Fair enough if he plays 4-3-3 that could work but he decided to play ramsey up front which lacazette could have done a much better job…

    Plus Lichsteiner and torriera were fit

  95. Pierre

    “You didn’t voice concerns on player personnel until 2 hours after the game had finished ….woeful foresight…..lol”

    Actually if you care to check you will see that I voiced my concerns on here during the game, first half I think regarding ramsey

  96. Sancho Monzorla

    Pierre had his foresight circumcised, so he has none to speak of.

    And yes you can get foresight circumcised when the entirety of your cognitive function is a tiny dick.

  97. Pierre

    Obviously not going to get an intelligent comment from you so do yourself a favour and start a conversation with sancho and gambon.. They are about your level intellectually

  98. Sancho Monzorla


    It’s mostly banter. He knows I’m harmless.

    Pierre on the other hand is a dangerous abuser. Let us not forget.

  99. Michael24

    So, should Tottenham be punished for their stadium shambles?

    Back in October 1990, Arsenal were deducted two points following a mass brawl at Old Trafford ( Utd were deducted one).

    For not controlling our players, we had points deducted. How heavily should spuds be penalised for not controlling their business?

    Financial penalties are meaningless, as Spurs will no doubt recoup more than enough from the contractor for not getting the stadium ready on time.

    The disruption to the league is self explanatory. In this respect the only solution is to punish Spurs where it really hurts, by deducting points.

    I say a minimum of 6-10 points would equate to a fair penalty.

    What does everyone else feel.

  100. UTarse

    “See if you can beat me with your knowledge on football instead of having to resort to childish name calling….”

    So you admit you are childish ?

  101. Pierre

    “Personally I think there certain players that won’t be able to adapt to Emery’s style of football.”

    Exactly the point I made yesterday.. We brought in a manager who wants to play a certain style of football but we dont have the right players for that style and the owner will not give the manager sufficient funds to build the squad to play that style…

  102. Marko

    Pierre you completely ignored my post up top you know the one that showed Wenger doing the same tactics that you criticize Emery for and how you didn’t criticize Wenger for his appalling tactics and record in big games. Just noticed you glossed over that

  103. Marko

    For not controlling our players, we had points deducted. How heavily should spuds be penalised for not controlling their business?

    Is this a piss take or for real?

  104. Champagne charlie


    Yea mate, here I am cheerleading Leno and the like…

    Or maybe I simply prefer to see how the players in question turn out this season and let that be the deciding factor on who is or isn’t world class?

    Flip flopping bollocks from you as per, one day you’re in on the fairly simple concept that price tag doesn’t equate quality, the next you ignore that reasoning because you don’t rate someone. Quality stuff.

  105. kc

    KDB likely out 3 months with that knee injury in practice. As stacked as Citeh are, this is still going hurt. They’ve got Pool, Spuds, and United in that time.

  106. Guns of SF

    City is so deep, they will keep on doing what they do.
    That is the sign of a team that has the right talent to step in at anytime
    Unlike ahem……

  107. gonsterous

    I really couldn’t give a rats arse that we lost against city, as long as emery has learnt some thing from it. Not many teams will be at city this season and I assume we won’t beat them in the return fixture too. But some people just need some thing to moan about ( looking at the usuals ). The same fickle minded people that think they know a lot about football cause they follow all the news stories or they talk about it in the pub. Get back to window cleaning and get the pitchforks out when it matters. The same lot that couldn’t be bothered to show up for a protest against wenger. the same lot who are online gangsters.

  108. Black Hei


    I say 12 pts, just to be sure we pip them to 4th.

    That’s one hell of a lagsana for use on their toilet bowl stadium.

  109. Michael24

    Over the past decade or so Arsene Wenger bought in so many players and personnel that were specifically cloned to match and agree with his own philosophies and mindset.

    The consequences of this have been devastating.

    Dismantling a comfort zone is not as easy as some seem to think. Emery does not need anyone’s advice or input into what is needed to be done. The guy has been successful at both Sevilla and PSG and knows full well, that so many facets of the coaching structure have been neglected at Arsenal over these past few years.

    Emery has the job to reinvigorate these players into believing in a system and structure that, at this moment in time, they are still trying to adjust to.

    As a fan I am prepared to wait and be patient. If after 10 games we are still struggling, I will remain patient. At the end of the season, if we’ve failed to breech top 4, I will remain patient.

    As long as there are visible signs that we are improving and adapting, but lack the consistency, I could take that.

    By allowing Wenger to overstay his welcome we all have to accept the consequences.

    Be patient.