Arsenal has 5 captains: Petr Cech the man for Sunday

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Here we are folks, the even of the most exciting season to hit these shores in over a decade. New manager, new philosophy, new players, new thinking and new hope for a fanbase that’s had a bland old ride.

The two opening games are against arguably two of the most exciting managers on the planet. Guardiola is the king, Sarri is a disciple, both are going to play expansive, direct, exhilarating football with players that are levels above ours. Unai Emery has a shite record against Pep, losing 6 and drawing 4 of ten appearances. Sure, he’s not exactly been blessed with the funds or quality the opposing manager has had for those games, but it’s still shabby.

The big question we have ahead of Sunday’s late game is whether he’s had enough time to instil any sort of rigour into the back 5, and the starting 11 overall.

“Defensively: first it is to be organised, recover the ball quickly. But in these two moments in the match we need to work.

“To say it here is easier than doing it on the pitch. We also need time, but now I am happy because I think the players are improving.

“We need two things: quality players, which we have, and then organisation. Together I think we can improve, to win in our way. I repeat: organised, then play.

“When we are thinking in an attacking moment, I want the goalkeeper thinking for that, he is the first.

“The same when we are thinking defensively, I want our strikers to be thinking: ‘We need to protect the goalkeepers.’ I want those two moments to feel the same for all players.

It’s great to hear a manager talk about the defensive as a collective issue, tomorrow will give us an insight into how good Emery thinks we are this season, and how he plans to make up the 10 points or more he’s going to need to to break into the CL. Are we going to be pragmatic tomorrow, accept we can’t play City off the park, and look for an attacking angle, or are we going to go another route?

“Our style with the ball is to be protagonists, to do things with combinations, to control the match with the positioning of the ball,”

“And then when we have the space, to be aggressive going forward.

You can be a protagonist like Wenger, where you go all guns blazing, or you can be a bit more strategic about it and invite pressure to hit with the counter punch. Our core strength in tomorrows game moving forward is going to be speed and finishing. We have enough players in our midfield who can find Aubamayeng if City overextends themselves, the question really though, will be whether we have the discipline and will to keep a rampant team at bay for 90minutes.

Who knows… what we do know if Petr Cech is captain this weekend. Apparently, number 1 is going to be Kos, number 3 Rambo, with Ozil and Xhaka filling the remaining slots. Seems odd that we’d blow so much on a new keeper only to have Cech as a captain.

For me, 5 captains is a bit of a cop-out. It’s confusing, it’s idealistic and it puts us in the same place we were with Wenger. Notable that all of the captains are from the last era. Interesting that you’d sign in Licht and Sokratis as leaders and opt for old guard? I think having lots of captains sounds good on paper, but like anyone who has worked in a flat hierarchy, it’s generall carnage. Humans need a leader. They’re not good at working with 5. Just my opinion, but hey, we’ll see how it pans out.

Right, that’s me done, see you in the comments!

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  1. Emiratesstroller

    I was at the Emirates today and here is my take on the game.

    1. I think that Emery should have selected to start both Torreira and Lacazette.
    Torreira showed some very positive signs of his performances for Uruguay
    in his brief appearance not least his pace, positional sense and focus.
    Aubameyang struggled to break down Man City’s defence in absence of
    Lacazette, but once he came on we did start to turn the game around.

    2.Arsenal were of course outplayed and frankly Man City outplayed us in all
    departments of the game.

    3. I was infuriated by the constant back passing to Cech. We seemed to expect
    him at age of 35 to change his game and become our eleventh outfield
    player which frankly he is not.

    4. There are concerns still about our defence, but one positive which many
    posters will no doubt disagree with is that Mustafi looked a better player
    than last season.

    5. However, our midfield was completely outclassed. Guendouzi did not play
    badly, but I would personally not have selected him for this game and sadly
    Messrs Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil and Mkhitaryan are simply not good enough
    against this level of opposition.

    The only positive from this game is that we conceded only two goals and conceivably might have scored one.

    We will need to improve rapidly if we are not to drop further down the pecking order.

  2. Pierre

    I am not even going to try to explain tactics and system to you as you obviously have a problem in that department

  3. Michael24

    Many things came out of today’s game.

    1. City will win the league. That’s a definite.
    2. Top 4 will be very difficult, but not impossible.
    3. Playing Ramsey, Mkhitaryan and Ozil together is too risky.
    4. Lichtsteiner looked very good. Sokratis solid.
    5. Auba and Lacazette should play together.
    6. Cech remains a liability, even though he made some good saves.
    7. Guendouzi is a real bonus.
    8. Emirates fans remain an embarrassment.

  4. Pierre

    “Michael 24
    “Can someone please tell me what the fans were chanting in the second half in respect to Wenger.”

    City fans were chanting” arsene wenger, He’s left you with shit ”

    Arsenal fans retorted” arsene wenger, He’s won more than you “

  5. Marko

    Pierre and I quote “Create and score and not have to be overly concerned with tracking back”. And you don’t want to talk tactics with me because it’s over my head? You are an absolute idiot if you think players like Mhiki and Ozil can get away with not tracking back or putting in any defensive effort. What’s all the more idiotic with you is that you give Ozil in particular a pass for the things you criticize Ramsey for. It’s all very good

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Pre-season can only tell you so much, today Emery saw the issues he has with this team. In fairness he probably knew a lot of them but we just don’t have the money to make them right.

    We cannot have a situation again where 4 of our 5 midfield players all play like total s**t. It has to be Torreira and Guendouzi as a midfield base right now and then who knows after that. Ramsey was total s**t today, Ozil was his usual self in a big game and Mkhitaryan was total s**t as well.

    I would imagine there will be a lot of experimenting within this team by Emery.

  7. PessimisticPat

    At least Mikki tried defensively today. Ozil made 1 tackle and 3 crosses. Miscontrolled it 5 times. Barely tracked back. I understand his strengths are delivering that killer final ball. However if you are unwilling to even try to do any other job on the pitch other than what you “like to do” then you deserve all the criticism you get. Fuck ozil. Done with that cunt.

  8. PessimisticPat


    Agree on torreira guendonzi. Kicking ourselves we didn’t sell Ramsey this summer. Got three players in Mikki ozil Ramsey who all want to play the same position.look at the average position map you could throw a blanket over those 3 and PEA. No width whatsoever.
    Only positive was seeing underperforming players getting subbed for once

  9. Cesc Appeal

    The problem we have as well is that our supposed creative talent in Ozil and Mkhitaryan are both flowery players who make cameo appearances in game and try to their damage in those cameos.

    They aren’t like Fabregas use to be for us, a creative and controlling force, or when you look at someone like De Bruyne for City. Ramsey is more about the physical and athleticism as opposed to technical ability and so we have a real problem there.

  10. Michael24

    Patience is the virtue.

    We all have to sit back and allow Emery time.

    The shit left floating around the club by Wenger will take months, if not longer, to clear up.

    I predicted 2-2, but was way off the mark.

    However, it’s not all doom and gloom.

    I fancy away from home we will be far more effective.

  11. Pierre

    Here is my comment earlier… Self explanatory I would say..

    “Prior to the game I thought we would play 4-3-3 with Ramsey, guendouzi and xhaka strung across the middle offering protection to the defence.
    This would have allowed ozil, mhkitaryan and aubamayang to do what they do best… Create and score and not have to be overly concerned with tracking back into their own box.
    However, because ramsey was deployed so far forward, ozil and mhkitaryan were continually needed to track back whilst ramsey basically sat on the half way line…”

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Seeing Ramsey and then Xhaka being taken off was great, Emery cannot afford to have half his team under performing.

    There is a lot of work to be done, we likely need another CB, another CM, at least one winger and a LB for this team.

  13. Marko

    So again Pierre you think Mhiki and Ozil don’t have to track back and do any defensive work? In a 4-2-3-1 only one of the three behind the striker has to do any defensive work is that right? Pretty stupid. Especially if you consider Walker was bombing forward all game with Mahrez getting at the LB and Mendy had two assists today

  14. Michael24

    Emery’s first official game.

    10-15 mins from time fans started to file out in large numbers.

    What does this say to you?

  15. Pierre

    And here is your retort to my comment
    “Pierre and I quote “Create and score and not have to be overly concerned with tracking back”. And you don’t want to talk tactics with me because it’s over my head? You are an absolute idiot if you think players like Mhiki and Ozil can get away with not tracking back or putting in any defensive effort. ”

    Now tell me who is the” absolute idiot “

  16. PieAFC

    We had to wait a decade for Wenger, so we’ve had to grasp patience as an Arsenal fan.

    End of the day, new set up tactics, methods, nothing is built in a day. Second half was better, subs brought on quick to change a game.

    Xhaka, fucking useless as per usual. Guendouzi for his age wasn’t afraid to get stuck in and put himself about, clearly Emery fancies him. Second half set up wasn’t as bad. Totally outplayed.

    We will see so many different formations this year before we are stick to one.

    Oh well, shame it was City first game and no one else.

    I expect the week to focus on what and who works than what we saw today.

  17. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    I would say 2 wide players.

    We saw today that with Emerys system we have no wide players whatsoever in the squad.

    Also, as a bare minimum a world class CM (sell Xhaka) and a whole new defence.

    Looking at the way Emery wants to play there is clearly no future for over half the players that started today.

    Have to say….I’m a bit confused as to our transfers this summer.

  18. Michael24

    Tracking back and pressing has to to done as a collective unit.

    Every player should show this work ethic.

    Those that don’t, bin them!

  19. PessimisticPat

    Yep totally agree on signings. A lack of width was killer today. I would say a winger is most needed. Add to that the players we are saddled with on huge wages we are in for a rough couple of years.
    If the Ramsey contract rumours are true and he has signed they should announce it asap. He can be forgiven a bad game,but imagine he stinks the place out for the next month and then they announce it. Another likelihood is he’ll get a long term injury and then they’ll announce it. Lolz ahead for sure. But I hope at least we’ll see some progression through the season and lazy shit cunts’ll keep getting benched.

  20. Pierre

    “So again Pierre you think Mhiki and Ozil don’t have to track back and do any defensive work? In a 4-2-3-1 only one of the three behind the striker has to do any defensive work is that right? Pretty stupid”

    Are you being deliberately thick…..

    I never mentioned a 4-2-3-1, I said 4-3-3 with the 3 midfielders protecting the defence allowing the 3 attacking players to do what they do best… Why would you want mhkitaryan and ozil in their own box…

  21. Michael24



    If I had been, I would have stayed to the end, irrespective of beating the crush/ getting connections/ getting home early.

    It’s called respect.

    I’m afraid it’s in my blood.

  22. Redtruth

    Too much emphasis was put on Wenger being a shit coach and not enough on certain players being shit ….this is the reason why the Xhaka’s Ramsey’s etc remain at the club.

  23. Marko

    I said 4-3-3 with the 3 midfielders protecting the defence allowing the 3 attacking players to do what they do best… Why would you want mhkitaryan and ozil in their own box…

    I’m sorry but are you being thick. It wasn’t 4-3-3 it was clearly 4-2-3-1 Emery’s preferred formation with Ramsey clearly as a CAM (though he was more of a CF). But even if it was a 4-3-3 do you think Mhiki and Ozil get away with doing no defensive work? Just let Walker and Mendy go unchecked? You sir are as shameless as you are dumb. Try holding Özil and Mhiki to the same standards you judge Ramsey yeah otherwise you’re just another fanboy dickhead

  24. Pierre

    Put it this way…

    Liverpool play 4-3-3 with salah, firmino and salah up front..

    How often do you see those players in their own box…. You don’t.

    Why… Because the 3 in midfield are there to protect and cover the gaps in midfield.

  25. Marko

    How often do you see those players in their own box…. You don’t.

    First off defending doesn’t necessarily mean being in ones own penalty area stop being stupid and secondly if Ozil and Mhiki were like Salah and Mane that’d be something different entirely because you’d get full backs thinking twice because they’re so good on the counter and so fast. No worries with our two. They also press very well high up the pitch. Awful comparison really

  26. Pierre

    “I’m sorry but are you being thick. It wasn’t 4-3-3 it was clearly 4-2-3-1 formation”

    Stop now, as you are just embarrassing yourself.

  27. gambon

    David Smith

    I think 99% of fans will be patient, but I’m really co fused as to our pre-season strategy.

    Cech made the most mistakes leading to goals in Europe last season, and is the worst sweeper keeper in the PL….yet is our number one. So why sign Leno?

    We are playing a high line yet have not added any pace in defence. Why?

    We are still short of quality in central MF and are playing a 19 year old with no top level experience. Why?

    We have no wide players and are playing 2 physically poor central AMs on the wing. Our back up wide players are another central AM and a rubbish CF. Why?

    I understand we have a limited budget….but if so why are Chambers, Mustafi, Holding, Elneny, Xhaka, Ozil, Mykhitaryan, Iwobi and Welbeck still here?

    None of them are suited to the system we saw today.

  28. Guns of SF

    3-5-2 might be the way to create width. we also get auba and pea on at the same time

    Mustafi Sok Holding/Mavro
    Bell __Guen/ Ramsey __ Tor___ Ozil ___Iwobi
    Laca ___Auba

  29. Cesc Appeal


    It was a struggle for them this summer I think, relatively limited budget and a club that was at rock bottom in terms of standings and with its players meaning no revenue could be generated from sales.

    Maybe some more difficult choices should have been made because we badly needed a winger, perhaps two as you say.

    In terms of a CM what we need now is a Fabregas type CAM/CM, if I could put anyone in our midfield right now it would be Pjanic as a dream pick.

    Walker and Mendy showed us what we’re lacking in terms of full backs as well. In fact I remember City playing Spurs in pre-season last summer when they had added Walker and you could see the difference right away when a team lands a good full back. I don’t know what has happened to Bellerin but he seems to have lost a lot of pace and with Monreal getting on in years and Kolasinac not looking good we’re going to need a LB and are going to need Bellerin to wake the f**k up.

    I would say we also need a big buy at CB.

    This is about 2 transfer windows worth of stuff if we manage to land UCL football.

    Hard times ahead, but at least its interesting.

    What we’re suffering right now though is because the club waited far too long to sack Wenger.

  30. Guns of SF

    I mean fuck it. We have no true winger on the team.
    Iwobi gives me the chills…. cannot finish and is a headless chicken in the final third

  31. Pierre

    Pess pat
    “Pierre I would suggest that if you think you can play man city with 3 outfield players not needing to defend then the question as to who’s thick is pretty obvious.”

    I think you need to Refer to my original comment to realise that I never said that…

  32. David Smith

    Gambon, cannot answer the questions you pose.
    I suspect Emery and his team have been overwhelmed by the deficiencies left to them. What Wenger has been allowed to sink the club to is beyond unbelievable.
    Gary Nev is saying it will take Emery 3 or 4 windows to address what he has been landed with, for once, I agree with Neville to an extent, though he may be underestimating things.
    Seems muddled at the moment, but it would, wouldn’t it.
    Still think Emery is the right man to take the club forward from this shambles though

  33. Guns of SF

    Im already thinking of January
    hard to snag a real great winger….. mid season
    Unless a gem pops up, Dem has a shit season thus far, we get a south american no one has really heard of
    We cannot go all season with a lack of width- that much is certain

    Anyhow I can forsee Granit losing his place really quick and also Guen starting really quick despite the shaky start today. He was our most active player and kept a steady output all game. He will improve

  34. Dissenter

    We didn’t show enough courage in the window and Emery is still yet to know these players.
    You’re asking too much of your left back and right back when you’re starting with Ozil and Mykhi against a team that uses width excellently.
    How in the world did Leno not start. What’s the point of a new top rated Keeper. Kepa just joined Chelsea and he started an away game.
    Emery has to share part of the blame. He got the selection very wrong.

  35. Dissenter

    Why is Ramsey still starting when he hasn’t signed an extension?
    The fans need to start booing him until he signs.

  36. Guns of SF

    Ramsey will not help us win the title
    That is for sure. He needs to be sold January- our only hope of recouping some $ and getting that winger. Enough is enough. No more games. He has to go.

  37. PessimisticPat


    “Prior to the game I thought we would play 4-3-3 with Ramsey, guendouzi and xhaka strung across the middle offering protection to the defence.
    This would have allowed ozil, mhkitaryan and aubamayang to do what they do best… Create and score and not have to be overly concerned with tracking back into their own box.”


  38. Dissenter

    That’s the whole idea.
    He hasn’t signed and he’s getting a very generous role in the starting eleven. It was almost as if he got the “keys to Islington” from the mayor. He was given complete freedom to do as he pleases.
    We were playing the best team in recent premier league history with 2-3 passengers ; Ozil, Mykhi and Ramsey”.
    The only times Guardiola left his seat was to yell at Sterling and Mahrez to hug the lines. We had no width and they overloaded the lines.

  39. Guns of SF

    At times today, Ramsey was the lone striker- ahead of PEA.

    Dude might be wanting to add to his highlight reel for a bigger payday or a nice transfer….

    I think that Emery needs to play him against easy teams so he stands out. Against tougher teams he will try and be rambo the hero again and again.

  40. Kayciey

    Lets face it

    Ederson £35 million
    Kyle Walker £45 million
    Aymeric Laporte, £57 million
    John Stones £52 million
    Benjamin Mendy £52 million
    Bernardo Silva £43 million
    Fernandinho £30 million + £4 million
    Gündogan £21 million
    Mahrez £60 million
    Sterling £49 million
    Agüero £38 million

    Total £538 million

    Sane £37 million
    De Bruyne £55 million

    Cech £10 million
    Bellerin Academy
    Socratis £17.7 million
    Mustafi £35 million
    AMN Academy
    Guendouzi £7 million
    Xhaka £30 million
    Ramsey Academy
    Ozil £42 million
    Aubameyang £56 million
    Mkitaryan £15 million

    Total 212.8 million

    £538 million >>>212.8 million

    Its nothing like coaching. Its the money spent and until we match Man C, Man U, Chelsea and Liverpool in their spending, we will forever remain their shadow. Pep is not as great as he’s purported to be.

  41. Elmo


    Then ask yourself the question how Arsenal have been paying so much on wages?

    Why have we had a similar wage bill to Liverpool and Chelsea in recent years, and why is City’s wage bill only a third more than ours when they are loaded with world-class talent and our team is full of literally average to slightly above average PL players?

    Based on the talent level of the players, our wage bill should probably be at around £150m.

    (FWIW Ramsey was bought in from Cardiff for £6m, having made senior appearances for them, and Mkhi’s straight swap with Sanchez was apparently valued at £35m)

  42. Dissenter

    There were a couple of muppets here who sneered when I stated earlier this summer that Raheem Sterling is a better player that Mahrez.
    Sterling was the better player today, Mahrez didn’t trouble us that much.
    Over the course of the season, it is Sterling that will command the starting position when all there big guns at City are back

  43. NW9 gooner

    The passing of MC is just outstanding. Any position and they find their players. No shame on losing to them-great team of elite players , we have plenty to do to catch up

  44. NW9 gooner

    WE agreed – Sterling is a very good player opens up space for others – not world class but very good TR

  45. WengerEagle


    You get people on here slating him as if he were the second coming of Gervinho.

    Sure he doesn’t strike the ball all that well but he dribbles and passes extremely well, has a good footy brain on his shoulders in terms of his decision making/timing of runs and combinations and is fast and agile as hell which is a nightmare for most defenders in 1 vs 1s.

    He’s never going to hit Arjen Robben/Ribery wide forward worldie levels but he’s the very next best thing and will be a staple of that City side for years. Bizarrely underrated/underappreciated after being overrated for a while when he was a lot younger, reminds me of Rooney in that respect.

  46. Champagne charlie


    I’ll happily sneer at the idea Sterling is better than Mahrez, he’s not even close. I rate Sterling byw, was one of about three that adamantly wanted Alexis and Sterling swapped.

    That was Mahrez’s debut the you’re comparing to Sterling in his best form for City. Let’s see how the season pans out before the cringeworthy I told you so’s ehh?

  47. Guns of SF

    The ease of which City forwards were getting into our box is alarming especially in the first half. They did that almost at will.
    Sterling has fast and close control. Always a danger when near or in the box. Of course he also scored one.
    We need that type of fast skillful dribbler and finisher. IF not Dembele, then we need to find the man

  48. raptora

    Been saying that Sterling is a much, much better than people on here say he is. Especially the hundreds of people saying how shit he is in the England NT games. Guy is literally the only one in the NT’s attack that can unlock defenses and play top football.

    A real testament of his skills is that in the highest points EPL team of all time, he was arguably the player with the biggest contribution, probably out of all of them, or at worse ecplipsed only by KdB and KdB alone. No Aguero, no Jesus, no Sane, David Silva was close but he missed quite a few games for family reasons. Second best player last season for the arguably best team in the EPL ever.

  49. Marko

    Bernardo Silva is better than Sterling and Mahrez imo. Him and Sane are the go to guys but certainly Sterling is having a great last season and a half I think

  50. Guns of SF

    anyone here notice Papas move out of the way on the second goal? I swear on the replay it shows him turning to make himself smaller when the shot is going right at him. No one mentioned this on the air here in the US but anyone else notice that???

    Just thought it peculiar

  51. Black Hei


    No, having Pep just bump that entire net spend up by 200m.

    So to catch City with an average coach, you need an additional 200m. Which is impossible since we can only put 11 on the pitch.

    When it comes to Pep and his coaching team, they makes the good, awesome.

    Honestly the only time we can win is when Pep inadvertently burn out.

  52. China

    Let’s be serious, sterling for England and city is a different animal. That’s not the same player who was wearing an England shirt. He was literally Danny welbeck with more pace for England, no exaggeration.

    Yes his running for England was a valuable outlet but in reality he was absolutely wank. No quality whatsoever. Regardless he magically transformed back into Pep’s version yesterday and terrorized us, especially in the first half

  53. Thorough

    Told you so
    This team has no space for Xhaka, Ozil
    and Ramsey. They are too sloppy. I still would have gone with Elneny, Torreira and Guendozi.
    They’ve got little to no creativity but they wouldn’t be ballwatching while Sterling tries to shoot.
    Funk it, we don’t need to wait for December.
    Sign Nasri and Ben Arfa on snort deals till the summer. They can’t be worse than what we presently have. If they don’t measure up let them go in 9 months time.
    Go compact from now on.
    Make Ozil and Ramsey late subs.
    Send Xhaka to play with the juniors.
    Go 4-3-3 or 4-2-1-3.
    Licht Mavro/Papa Mustafi/Kos Monreal
    Torreira Guendozi
    Arfa lacazette Auba

    That can’t be worse than the shite I watched yesterday. They schooled us without breaking a sweat.

  54. Unai

    The way some people are talking on here it seems they were expecting us to win the league this year.

    Reality check I guess but surprised by the short memories. Peps had 5 transfer windows to build that city team.

    Chelsea will be tough next but after that so really winnable games.

  55. Receding hairline

    A truck load of conclusions being drawn after one game against the best team in the land.

    Even down to where we are finishing. I was obviously mistaken when I thought the game was only worth three points.

  56. gonsterous

    Leno 4 International Caps
    Ospina 90 International Caps

    hahahahahahahahaha, this is the worst defence of Ospina, even he must be embarrassed that his no. 1 fan bought it up…

  57. gonsterous

    emery wouldn’t have lost much sleep after that city game. there was a below 10% chance that we would win. Being optimistic for the new season is good. but expecting miracles is just plane lunacy. As I keep saying we’ll know how The season has gone by the time January comes..

  58. Guns of Hackney

    After sleeping on that pile of dog shit, my conclusion is thus…that was shit!

    Arsenal will win a few games.
    They’ll lose more.
    They will roll a few teams.
    Get hammered by the best.

    Which leads me to this…why does anyone think Emery will be any better than Arsene? I know it’s one game, but that one game is a microcosm of the season. The formation was bizarre, the players on the pitch were ultimately the same as last season, the forwards were laughable, the “new” defense was tragic and the lack of width was a shambles.

    Maybe Emery isn’t a bad manager but let’s be honest, he couldn’t quite make PSG tick and they have a billion pound team. Sure they won the league but so what?

    The club, players, fans and everyone connected to Arsenal have no idea what Arsenal is anymore.

    You an call this knee jerk all you want but one has to call a spade a spade. It was poor and I don’t really see how things will improve.

    Chelsea will beat us. The scousers will beat us. Tottenham and the mancs will beat us. City have already beaten us. There are a few mid table teams that will beat us.

    If we get 70 points this season, I’ll eat my hat.

  59. Bishop

    Chelsea knew Bakayoo wont cut it after signing him over 40.After a season,he’s gone on loan with a 35m buy option.

    Xhaka came and has been rubbish for 2 seasons plus yesterday. Wenger persisted and eve the new Man made him one of his captains.

    This are the sort of changes the new man ought to make from scratch.That alone was part of what cost him yesterday’s game.

    A new manager should be playing his own signings straight,NO DRAMA OF HE’S FIT ,HE’S NOT FIT.
    Xhaka also came back late.why was Cech in goal?? when u signed an 22mill Keeper??
    I just hope he was pained yesterday and he starts been ruthless with the likes of Xhaka, Ozil and Ramsey and Micki.

  60. Ishola70

    Again people focusing on the result.

    It’s not about the result.

    It was about the overall team performance from Arsenal which was nowhere near good enough.

    Major work to be done on this side and doubts that some individuals are good enough.

  61. Guns of Hackney


    The result is a direct link to the performance.

    Poor performances usually result in bad results.

    Anyway one looks at it, that 90 mins was as bad a performance as it’s ever been in the last 14 years. If we had played City say 5/6 games in, that would have finished 6-0.

  62. Ishola70


    My point is those that keep saying that the result was expected.

    Of course the result was likely.

    But it’s how you lose. It’s about your teams own overall performance and individual performances, And there is lots to do to even begin to think this squad is capable of top four. It doesn’t look likely tbh.

  63. Guns of Hackney


    I am in total agreement with you. The game was terrible.

    I couldn’t find a genuine “hope” moment in the match.

    Guendouzi was okay but let’s be honest, it wasn’t great. But hopefully he’ll improve. The one good thing I saw from him was even after he made a mistake, he didn’t shy away from the game. He kept wanting the ball. That’s a good thing.

    Torreira looked good. Should have started.

    Other than that it was embarrassing.

  64. Black Hei

    Hmm let’s see;

    While Emery is known for playing the high press; I think he might have to adapt and play a more direct style.

    We got peak Xhaka in a 5-2-2-1 formation for the FA Cup 2016/2017 final. Perhaps going back to that formation might be the key.

    Plus the more detailed coaching.

    We as Arsenal are unable to write off an expensive acquisition like Xhaka.

  65. Ishola70

    One thing to take from Emery’s post match presser is that he doesn’t seem to be thinking of dropping Cech for the next match.

    Played well he said and Leno has to wait for his chance.

    If this is the case then Emery has to make a hard decision about this continual short passing out from the back from keeper because it’s obvious to everybody that Cech is just not suited to it and straight away from keeper the team has a uncomfortable feel about it.

    This is just one of several problems of course.

  66. Guns of Hackney


    If that’s true then Emery has no right being in charge of Arsenal.

    I can’t believe anyone would look at Cech and say he’s a no.1 anymore. I doubt if Cech thinks he is.

    Emery has already made some very odd decisions.

    1. Cech
    2. Ramsay as a CF
    3. Xhaka playing and a new contract
    4. Ditto Iwobi
    5. Not shifting Ozil
    6. Poor recruitment
    7. No wingers

    Forgot to mention. The other plus point was Lichtsteiner. Tough guy.

  67. Terraloon

    As usual I have to watch a game twice to get a better understanding of the game. I always find watching live you miss not just a lot of what happened.
    Having watched again it’s pretty good obvious that either a massive o mount of work needs to be done or, which is more likely the squad still needs a massive overhaul.

    So the first question then is will the money be available to not just catch up with ever improving top 6 opponents but perform at a level better than them?

    I am struggling to understand why , when funds were limited did around 25% of the available budget go on a keeper that didn’t start? Everyone knew hat you are going to get from Cech and Ospina so the only conclusions I can come to is that Leno isn’t ready or not up to it

  68. Guns of Hackney

    Here’s a prediction.

    By December, Arsenal will be firmly rooted in the bottom half of the table.

    Defo no CL again. Three years and counting.

  69. Ishola70

    As others have said looks like Emery wants to install his vision and ideas but it’s a long way from coming together and really maybe he should think of meeting halfway some of his ideas at the beginning otherwise the team may look really out of sorts like it did yesterday.

    He said the press wasn’t good enough.

    Well he surely knows and will find out that the press is never going to be good enough with certain players consistently. Also requires a high line from the CBs and whole defence to play an effective press as a team.

  70. China

    I’m sure it’s not just me who thinks the whole sweeper keeper thing is overrated

    Firstly it only has use of the keeper and defense as an entire unit are good at it or playing a team that doesn’t press (we aren’t and city press really well)

    Secondly half the time it just feels like short passing for short passings sake

    Like there are so many times when whoever was on the ball (defender or cech) had someone bearing down on them and clearly the right choice was to put it away safely but instead they’d play it back or sideways to the keeper/defender who is already under pressure and has no chance to do anything positive with it anyway

    Like what’s the point in playing a short pass on the edge of your penalty area to your cb who has someone sprinting at him and nowhere to go but backwards?

    Firstly this is an accident waiting to happen, as we did see a few times, most notably when cech almost passed it into his own net, and secondly I don’t see some genius end game from this. Even if you pass it to your cb/keeper/fb under pressure and he’s quality, if he’s under pressure he now needs to either play it to another defensive player probably in a dangerous position like himself, or he needs to try and turn the guy who is chasing him down and risk losing it around his own penalty area and handing them a goal, or he can just go long which defeats the whole purpose of the last 10 seconds of frantically passing it around in the defense

    This strategy only works if your back line are awesome at it and you’re playing against a team which doesn’t press much. Against city it’s not smart or useful

    Tbh this whole thing is nothing but a pointless tactical fad imo the same way that when Chelsea won the league with a 3 at the back and 5 in midfield suddenly everyone started playing with that formation too

    I’m glad that emery is experimenting but with this arsenal team and against this kind of opposition let’s bin this tactic now because it’s not well thought out at all

  71. China

    We do need to give emery time, but as well he needs to get us back to basics

    We shouldn’t be playing a game plan that consists of loads of risky defensive passing when we don’t have the players for this. Who in our defensive unit is particularly good on the ball or has excellent passing (especially under pressure)?

    Guendouzi and Torreira look probably capable together with some practice but the entire rest of our defensive unit is either average or poor under pressure and average or poor in terms of passing.

    It’s horses for courses and we have no right to be trying playing this way with this squad.

    We should be keeping it simple at the back whilst the whole defensive and attacking units learn how the new formation and players work best together. If we can really master our current formation and tactics, then we can start to work on more advanced things.

    In the mean time, asking this backlone and keeper to arse around their own box in possession is footballing suicide. Not clever at all. We are not an elite team. We must learn to walk before we can be trying to run, especially against elite opposition

  72. Ishola70


    The thing is the keeper sweeper system will cause problems even with Leno.

    Not to the extent of Cech of course but in regards which player is receiving the ball from Leno’s short pass.

    I agree with you the whole sweeper keeper idea is over-rated and stems from total football thinking. Arsenal are far away at this time to be thinking along the lines of total football.

  73. China

    Lastly I hope that emery realizes that in the PL this is a whole new world of difficulty compared to the French league or Spanish teams with no expectations

    I will give emery a fair chance because he deserves it and we as fans need to give him that much. But if he thinks he’s gonna come here and it’s gonna be like his time in France it will be a rude awakening. The French league is hopeless in terms of quality and pressure compared to the PL. here even the shitty teams often turn up looking for blood and won’t just roll over when they see the star studded team sheet of his PSG days

  74. raptora

    A twitter opinion I agree with:

    “I understand why we’ve gone narrow, but while Özil is helping Bellerin, Mkhitaryan is not helping on the other side”
    “I can see the pressing & we’re trying hard to pressure City into mistakes. But they’re just so comfortable passing it out from the back. If we press like that against lesser teams, it’ll pay off”
    “Torreira is exactly 17 classes over Xhaka.”

  75. Guns of Hackney

    Why not play an actual sweeper?

    I’ve never been sure why such a brilliant system fell unpopular.

    1 3 4 2 system works for me. Or a
    1 3 1 3 2. Even more protection for the defence.

    We don’t have wingers so it wouldn’t really matter that we are narrow.

  76. China

    Ishola I wouldn’t trust any keeper in the world to be our sweeper keeper because our backlone frankly isn’t ready for this. They’ve not been a good defense for years now and Papa is still settling in. There’s no way Mustafi and Bellerin are ready and capable for total football in the coming 6 months, probably ever if we’re honest

    I did like to see licht though. He’s an angry bastard. I don’t know whether his quality will be a major plus or not this year but we sorely, sorely lack his kind of personality. I hope his fiery bastard personality will be channeled into pushing the players around him and won’t end up like xhaka where it’s just stupid angry fouls every time someone takes him on

  77. HighburyLegend

    @GoH : instead keep on moaning, why don’t you calls Arsène back ??

    Don’t know what happened to Cech, but he was the best Arsenal player by far yesterday.

  78. Ravi Desai

    After Wenger I can deal with 1 more shit performance at least Emery looks like he wants fix issues and change things up accordingly.

    If we start the same way against Chelsea I’ll be disappointed. If by October I don’t see improvements I will start to get very worried.

  79. China

    I’m fairly confident that licht is at least as good, probably better than Bellerin (not hard to be)

    Considering his attitude and vocal style and the fact that Bellerin needs a rocket up his ass to improve his game, I’d be dropping Bellerin for licht asap if we can accommodate the LB position without him (that’s another story)

  80. Michael24


    Your pessimism holds no bounds.

    If you’re handed a runny, gooey mess and someone says to you, make a perfect cake out of it, it will take time.

    Emery has inherited players, systems and mindsets that need completely remoulding.

    City are practically the finished article and if anything, are getting better.

    Wenger created this mess.

    Give Emery time to clean it up.

  81. Ishola70

    Appreciate players with character but have a little reservation regarding Licht that it may spill over into negativity for the team meaning he will run into trouble with the officials in going over the top.

    So him showing this passion and being Mr Angry is all well and good but he has to know when to put a lid on it at times.

    For example he would have been sent off in a competitive match for that obvious elbow in the face challenge he did to an opponent in the first few minutes of the last friendly match.

  82. Ishola70

    Still have doubts that Licht will be seen as first choice for really prolonged periods.

    Bellerin didn’t have a good pre-season and still got the nod over him to start against City.

    Some may have to come to the realisation that he is a back-up signing due to his advancing years.

  83. Mr Serge

    GOH is a joke he admitted he no longer really supports the club just comes on here to have a moan. Go do something less stressful maybe you will enjoy life a bit more

  84. Paddy got bored

    To me that was the same shit as I’ve watched for years. Dick bottled it and went with the same players who’ve nicked a living for last 6 years…
    Ozil a embarrassment, Ramsey just plays for himself and that Mikatarian bloke… I don’t know where to start. Overweight slow and clearly can’t be bothered.
    Same Arsenal no long coat
    I couldn’t care less about the result but I expected a plan and a system that we can take forward we got nought..
    Could be a call to big Sam by xmas

  85. Mr Serge

    I said this in the friendlies the guys on here panic unnecessarily and moan straight away it will take 3 windows minimum to sort out ten years of going backwards. Look at pool when klopp took over 3 seasons ago. Look at them now
    As we saw first matches of the season spending 100 m plus does not make you good straight away.
    Calm down and let’s see what happens

  86. Guns of Hackney

    “Calm down and let’s see what happens”

    This is what the AKBs said for 10 years.

    Perhaps I have a perception that is faster than yours, ergo, I can probably see problems quicker than you.

    If I see smoke, I assume there is or will be a fire so I deal with it. Do you wait until the whole building is engulfed before calling for someone? Metaphorically speaking of course.

    This wait and see attitude is why Arsenal are fucked.

  87. shaun ellis

    poor performance from the team , but it was the old guard playing the “i don’t give a fuck wenger way”Bellend ,Xhaka , Mustaffi , Ozil and Ramsey all rubbish and not working or concentrating or giving there all ….agree wrong selection for me . Xhaka and Mustaffi look well beyond saving to me ….. you would get more satisfaction smoking the Ozil money every week rather than watching him play and please god do not be giving ramsey 200k a week . It is gonna take time but I would get rid of those five as there is no real effort coming from them .TORREIRA should have started for Xhaka , bench bellend …just not good enough and play Lichtsteiner maybe old but is a defender and his experience showed immediately as I would much rather him on the left than the painfully inexperienced maitland- niles , some of these players just seem a bit thick , I mean you could share an IQ of 50 between Mustaffi ,Xhaka and bellend and still get change

  88. Paddy got bored

    Guns of Hackney

    Your dead right mate. I’m amazed by some people on here
    Some geezer earlier said he watches the game twice to get a better perception!!
    Fuck me once is bad enough

    Dick has no bottle and no plan. Bloke will be in the shit by September but the rest will stay faithful till 2021

  89. Dissenter

    Guns of H
    Do,you think we would be doing better had your preferred Arteta got the nod?
    I can’t take you serious now.
    All I see is you moaning and bitching after ONE game against the BEST team in premier league history (better than the invincible s in my opinion).
    I can’t believe any one takes you seriously after reading your moaning.

    It’s going to take time to clear Wenger’s mess. It’s probablu going to get wors. Enforce it gets better. The fixtures didn’t do us any favors. The players Emery got aren’t good enough to play like he wants to. Hopefully he’s a fast learner.
    Chelsea will beat us because they have better players. We are going to need to beat Westham to get any points in the board before the international break..

  90. Dissenter

    Emery needs to be bold
    H showed some by starting Guendouzi insole of his rawness.
    He should have gutted the team a lot more during the summer and brought in his own type of players. There are too many players in the team that are irredeemable and impervious to change. All the years of mollycoddling and being overpaid has crystallized.

    -Uli Hoeness was right about Ozil. When you need people to stand up consistently; can’t count on Ozil.
    -Cech needs to go back to the bench- he’s no longer good enough .
    -Leno’s confidence has to be shot to bits. Why bring him over from Leverkursen where he was undisputed number one to sit on the bench. Kepa walked into the heldea syafting position. That was pathetic from Emery.
    -Mykhi needs to take Ozil’s place as number 10 , he pressed a bit better and won a few balls.
    -Start with Laca and Auba; play Auba on the wings instead of Ozil.
    -Use any combination in the midfield that does not include Xhaka.

  91. G8

    It took manure and dippers at least 3 seasons to get back to top 4 with new managers.
    Chelsea has been a yoyo top 4 last 5 years but they won it twice..So no comparison.
    Took spuds eternity, but they got it right at the end.
    It’s strange that the media write Emery off from his 1st game, not even a full season..
    There is a lot of trash left in the club and it will take time to sort.

  92. Bishop

    -Uli Hoeness was right about Ozil. When you need people to stand up consistently; can’t count on Ozil.
    -Cech needs to go back to the bench- he’s no longer good enough .
    -Leno’s confidence has to be shot to bits. Why bring him over from Leverkursen where he was undisputed number one to sit on the bench. Kepa walked into the heldea syafting position. That was pathetic from Emery.
    -Mykhi needs to take Ozil’s place as number 10 , he pressed a bit better and won a few balls.
    -Start with Laca and Auba; play Auba on the wings instead of Ozil.
    -Use any combination in the midfield that does not include Xhaka.


    I Agree with every single point made

  93. Bishop

    It’s going to take time to clear Wenger’s mess. It’s probablu going to get wors. Enforce it gets better. The fixtures didn’t do us any favors. The players Emery got aren’t good enough to play like he wants to. Hopefully he’s a fast learner.
    Chelsea will beat us because they have better players. We are going to need to beat Westham to get any points in the board before the international break..

    We have WestHam and Cardiff b4 the internation break