Internet gaff has us with #WelcomeRamsey at the ready

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Chelsea lost their collective minds dropping £70m on a Bilbao keeper of great potential. Lunacy.

Is that the going rate for someone who might be good these days? Unreal sums.

Arsenal hasn’t done much in the way of anything. There was a bit of a ridiculous carry-on going off on Twitter, where people were tracking Vida coming to London or some shite like that. It amounted to nothing because he’s clearly not elite levels if he’s slumming it in Turkey at 29.

I was a little sad to see 22-year-old centre back Çağlar Söyüncü go to Leicester. I thought we’d be taking more chances on interesting youth with a couple of seasons under the belt. The midlanders have a very good scouting setup over there, so maybe we’ll see him at a later date if he makes it work with them.

Sooooo… it looks like Ramsey is signing.


Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 22.02.53


Bit of a dim move to release his images on Getty, twitter folk are all over that shit. It looks like Arsenal are planning to make a big deal of him putting pen to paper for the big weekend game. Ramsey reading his own negative press whilst hawking some club merchandise. Wonderful. I like the BTS of the gif making. Real classy.

Anyway, a lot of Gooners deleting their tweets of the last 24 hours. Jezza Wilson reckons £225k a week, which is a lot of cash, but about market rate for a guy who should probably be our captain this season.

A nice way to cap off a shite week… what would be nicer is a tasty little deal for Dembele who probably doesn’t want to sit on the bench for the fancier Malcolm this season. Amirite? Damn right I’m right.

James, who writes for the blog sometimes, is dropping in with an EXCLUSIVE (kind of) behind the scenes look at Arsenal’s fancy performance centre. I am VERY excited to read what he has to share. The club has made HUGE strides over the last few years, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing how our fitness is handled now we have a manager who is hopefully more into the data side of things.

Darren Burgess has dropped a beast of an interview with Fox Sports. Here’s a snippet.

‘Darren, what do you think of Unai Emery?’


Just political jokes fellas… here’s a real snippet.

‘It’s been a huge change, maybe not as dramatic for me because I’ve only been there for a year but it’s certainly been different in a number of ways. Firstly, we’ve got a whole new coaching team considering Unai has brought in five new assistants all with different skill sets but also in the medical and performance departments as well, so yeah it’s been a real summer of change and very different with differing philosophies on training and how to work and how to prepare. It’s been a real challenge to learn a new way of doing things especially for me having just learnt Arsene’s way and now being in the process of learning Unai’s way of doing things. A lot of people have commented on how different it feels, even visually around the place there’s been change. But it’s been good so far, pre-season has finished so now all roads lead to Manchester City and that first game.’

Right, short post today, see you a bit later for the write up about Darren’s team that James hasn’t even told me about.


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  1. Dissenter


    You’ll shout until you drown in your own spittle.
    He’s not going anywhere.
    Not even a wealthier billionaire could dislodge him.

  2. S Asoa

    Peres cost us £17 million two years ago and is leaving for £4 million. The likelihood is that Ospina will land up leaving on a loan just to get him off the payroll.
    This is a seasoned international who participated in the World Cup!!!He may not be worth as much as new Chelsea or Liverpool goalkeepers, but
    surely he must be worth at least £5 million.Someone needs to start answering questions why other clubs achieve top dollar for their players but we are always underselling ours.

    Ask Wenger
    Somewhere behind a bottle cogitation on whether he should join Real or PSG
    – realisation of a Fraudster’s Worth

  3. Marko

    And I’m calling it now game of the season will be Arsenal Wolves at the Emirates it’ll end 10-8 Arsenal. Man of the match Leno with two assists and a penalty save.

  4. CaliGooner

    The reason our players are being sold for less is that they got worse here, Ospina, or were flat out ignored, Perez. Neither is good for a players value. On top of that they are being paid salaries that no one else wants to pay them. All of that equals players we can hardly give away or flat out can’t in Jenkinson.

  5. CaliGooner

    I don’t think kroenke would ever sell. Even with a gun to his head. So you can save your energy on that cause.

  6. Steiner

    It’s like an estrogen bath in here, a load of whining bitches who sit down to pee. All losing their minds because we didn’t sign some ageing never was with a pony tail who plays in some league where they use coats for goalposts.

    Get a grip, the hen clucking in here is off the scale.
    You’re meant to be men and fans, grow a set, have some faith and get behind the team!

  7. Akilan

    I get that Martial deserved some flak for his “lack of progress”. Let’s put it this way. He was arguably their POTS up until January, won 3 POTM.

    So, Alexis comes in & he couldn’t buy a game anymore?

    For all the talk of his “stagnation”, he has hardly played from January onwards.

    Some people expect him to put his head down & work, whereas Martial sees it as ” no matter what I do, I’ll never be a starter ahead of Alexis & Lukaku under Mou.

    To his credit, his agent told in the media that he wants out of the club. So he’s not sitting on the bench idolly.

    Also manure board are keeping a want away player that their manager simply won’t play. Makes for nice theater though.

  8. Akilan

    Also assuming Martial doesn’t sign a new deal mid season, he’ll be a free agent next season?

    Toby will have a 25m buyout clause as he WONT sign a new deal.

    So, if we can copy a page from the likes of Barca/Real/Bayern, we can have two ready made players we need for half of what we spent this season. Onto you Raul.

  9. Leftsidesanch

    Tim Sherwood reckons West Ham have a better squad than we do, aside from attack. Not that I’ve ever paid attention to him, just saw the article.

  10. Unai

    Sanch, lots are climbing aboard the big spending mid table club bandwagon but as Everton showed last year, cobbling together a group of slightly less than elite players usually ends badly.

    I’d be surprised if anyone brakes into the top 6 this year.

  11. Michael24

    Posted yesterday the Lucas Perez scenario.

    Bought for £17.1m, sold for £4m.

    What was he on salary wise?

    Trouble here was that if Wenger had shown more faith in Perez during all the Sanchez shite, we may not even have had to sell him.

    In any case, good luck to Perez.

    Actually feeling a sense of anticipation and excitement and there’s still 2 days to go.

    I feel alive again.

  12. Receding hairline

    Man united don’t have quality center backs but to be honest I like what I see there more than what I see here. Chambers should have stayed.. No rational explanation for letting him go out on loan.

    As for the rest of the team I am quite okay with that..never was on board with all this talk of a winger being the difference between a good and bad season

  13. TitsMcGee

    It’s gonna be a tough season but anyone with two eyes and some sense would have realized that.

    We finished miles off of 1st and half a mile off of 4th. We’ve been slipping for years but weren’t really punished because Liverpool and Spurs were too poor to punish us. Well they ceased being poor in the last few years and now we are playing catch up.

    Anyone who wasn’t wearing Arsene’s underwear on their head would have seen this coming a mile away and the WOB were saying it for years.

    Treading water and celebrating mediocrity while everyone else strived for glory was always going to end up with Arsenal crashing and burning at some point.

  14. Wallace

    season hasn’t even started and some of you are already primed to put the boot in 🙂 don’t think I’ll post much from here on out, but will drop by occasionally to see who you’re scapegoating now Wenger’s gone.

  15. TitsMcGee

    but will drop by occasionally to see who you’re scapegoating now Wenger’s gone.”

    Scapegoating huh?

    Still passive aggressively defending that joke I see.

  16. Wallace

    “”What the club is doing is showing it is so brave. Building a new training ground, finishing this summer the (player’s) lodge was a massive investment.

    “Building a stadium that is nearly £1bn. That is true, don’t believe in £400m, that is the truth. Then with Brexit it’s worse because the cost is 30 per cent more. That is a drama, I feel sorry for the English people.

    “For me [that] is to be brave. Of course maybe in the mind of everyone they will say, ‘Oh Tottenham didn’t sign (anyone)’, but to sign for the sake of signing?”

    – Poch

    kinda feel for him, but he could have gone this summer if he’d wanted to

  17. Michael24


    Great post.

    The thing is, some still have “Arsene’s underwear on their head”

    It’s as if they actually want Emery to fail to prove a point.

  18. Peter

    If it is the players high wages that makes them hard to move on, why dont Arsenal give the players a bigger sign-on bonus that motivate a lower weekly wage???

  19. Pierre

    “It’s as if they actually want Emery to fail to prove a point.”

    The supporters who wanted Wenger to leave but still wanted Arsenal to be successful and win trophies are the same supporters who will want Emery to succeed.

    The supporters who abused and disrespected wenger will be the same supporters who will abuse and disrespect Emery.

  20. Radio Raheem

    Although Martial has a year left on his contract, ManU have an option to extend by another year. You’ll expect them to.

  21. TR7


    ‘Thought they did well to finish where they did last season, and Mourinho’s negativity about the squad is merited, even though a lot seem to think they have some great squad and he’s not getting the best out of them.”

    Sorry, the entire blame lies on Jose Mourinho.

    That Pogba can’t dictate the tempo of a game and can’t sustain his concentration level for long is so blindingly obvious and the reason why I have always said he is not a quality midfielder despite all the hype surrounding him. But who bought him for what was a record breaking transfer fee then? Mourinho

    Alexis Sanchez was horribly poor in his last season at Arsenal and it wasn’t due to contract related issues only. His pattern of play had become very predictable and now any half decent defender can handle him with ease. Who bought him just to get one up on Pep -Mourinho

    Martial was player of the month twice in a row last season and was reduced to a sub role since Alexis joined. The guy hasn’t looked good ever since. He looks under tremendous pressure whenever he gets some game time. Who ruined his confidence -Jose Mourinho

    You touched upon absence of a Silva type midfielder in United midfield. When has Mourinho worked successfully with a Silva type midfielder in his career? Ozil was so entrenched in Real Madrid system for a while that even Mourinho could not push him out of starting 11. Otherwise he has always preferred off the ball midfielders rather than small sized technically gifted midfielders. Even now Fellaini is his go to man when under trouble. None of Pep, Klopp, Poch,Wenger etc. would have touched Fellaini with a barge pole whereas Mourinho just can’t do away with him. Who is to be blamed -Mourinho

  22. MadeToLoveMagic

    I’m seriously excited about the squad this season. I love that Ozil is playing behind the front two. This could be his year. I think|hope the creative potential left over from Wenger will flourish under a more tactically disclipined environment. I think it’s going to be a good year.