Stan K destroys Arsenal fan morale, here’s why it’s utter bulls**t

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Arsenal fans picking up their attitude in the background

Jurassic Park x Arsenal Summer Collab

John Hammond: Dr. Grant, if there’s one person here who could appreciate what I’m trying to do…

Dr. Alan Grant: The world has just changed so radically, and we’re all running to catch up. I don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but look… Dinosaurs and man, two species separated by 65 million years of evolution have just been suddenly thrown back into the mix together. How can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect?

John Hammond: [laughing] I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it! You’re meant to come down here and defend me against these characters, and the only one I’ve got on my side is the blood-sucking lawyer!

SO FITTING. Someone is putting actual dinosaurs in front of us after millions of years, and we’re crying into our salt beef bagel like something truly significant has changed and we’re about to be asset stripped by BlackRock.


Arsenal fans have driven themselves into a pity hole over a symbolic shift in shares that has changed absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of the direction of Arsenal.

We have so much else going on this season that is more important than an impotent majority shareholder fucking off to Everton. Stan Kroenke took root in our club 11 years ago, as soon as he secured Fiszman’s share while the man was dying, the game was up. Ok, a bit unfair, Lady BS tipped the advantage even further selling her shares (15.9%), the absolute fucking cheek she has stating yesterday was a dark day for Arsenal is beyond the fucking pale. Hard to play the hindsight is 20-20 card with super-mega-rich people because they have the funds to hire smart people to help them not make bad decisions. But whatever, it’s clear Dein, Fizzer and Lady BS sold us down the river regardless of intention (plus a lot of minority shareholders along the way).

Anyway, nothing I’ve read convinces me that impending doom is upon us, and look, what can we do about the doom if it is coming? Protest? Burn an effigy? Start an online petition?

Simply put, you can’t run someone out of a house they don’t live in. That’s why local mafia struggled to racketeer when big corporates replaced the local business folk of way-back-when.

‘Tell Ronald McDonald I’ll be waiting for him at 6’, lost its edge.

Stan is here to stay, we’ve known this for years, let’s not let this rumour rattle our summer of potential because someone wrote in the Daily Granola the yanks could sell us for a bag of crystal at a Croydon car boot sale.

There’s our second challenge, this summer is what it is, it’s been action-oriented, but hardly elite. I read that our defence has conceded a whopping 1.6xG per game. I know the xG stuff is nerd talk, but fuck it, it illustrates a broader issue (that suits my agenda) that our defence is kind of shite on the eve of our opening game against the most potent attacking force in Premier League history.

It doesn’t mean this summer is in vain, it doesn’t make the decision to fire Wenger incorrect, but it does mean that it’s likely going to be a very challenging year ahead.

I still don’t think that’s cause to be miserable. We’re going to witness first hand what it’s like to have a coach that preps for games (it was kind of exciting to see Emery sitting in the stands at the CS this weekend). It’s going to be unreal to see us attempt to nullify opposition, change tactics mid game, release a sub earlier than the 70th minute, attempt to repair issues through the season (rather than at the end of season through a fake inquiry that might throw up the possibility it was the snorting of Regain that done it).

Getting bogged down in misery because fans have to sell shares that were worth fuck all and are now worth £29k really shouldn’t be bothering people as much as it has been. It’s like feeling sorry for a rich friend who has to sell a 3rd house they didn’t need for a premium… and please, I’m not missing the point, that’s my fu*king dad. He’s selling a share for a fortune that he bought for fuck all. All that piece of paper gave him was bragging rights, outside that, it was fu*king useless (he never sold his share, as an FYI).

Half the ‘influencers’ kicking up a fuss about the Stan K news only plucked up the courage to half-heartedly drop their support for Wenger this February. Where were the ‘THIS IS DOOM’ OpEds 5 years ago when Wenger was revamping the squad using the quality filter of average, selling us Project Youth, British Core and Totally Fucking Pony. Nowhere. These folk don’t want to put the hard opinions out there when they’re needed. Like when the club is slinking out the CL as the PL strengthens. But they are here when there’s a cute ‘football should just be jumpers and goal posts’ narrative to be had.

My guess? Fans will still get exactly the same access they had last season. We’ll still retain absolutely no power like we have done for 10 years. Nothing will really change. We’ll still get to see training. We’ll still get to grill the new CEO. We’ll still get to earn some small wins for our suggestions about the perfect temp to serve Bovril. There’s just no way Stan will want to lose fan trust over a placation strategy that costs his team no more than 5 days a year.


Kovacic possibly to Chelsea, which I’d imagine might rule out Ramsey for them. That leaves Liverpool and City as potential destinations because suuuurely, we’re not going to let him run down his deal?

There’s news that Arsenal might be letting Ospina, WELBZ and Elneny leave. All three are very likeable, but they’re not at the levels needed for ELITE Arsenal players.

Dembele is STILL being linked. If that doesn’t make you firm and damp at the same time, I don’t know what will. If that is the cost of a lifetime of Stan K blandness, then inject it into my veins right now and let’s be done.

Calum C moved to Fulham for the year, an odd decision, but I guess that means Holding and Mavrapanos made the cut ahead of him. GOOD NEWS FOR THEM.

Outside that bundle of joy, I have NOTHING.

See you in the comments where I shall slay you all with my razor sharp typing skillz.

Also, podcasting starts up VERY soon. Yes, we’re back, bigger than ever. Well, actually, maybe the same size BUT AWESOME.


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  1. Marko

    Dissenter he was bright enough that when Madrid couldn’t get DDG they went for him. Obviously Zidane kiboshed the deal for whatever reason maybe mid season had something to do with it and then Bilbao extended his deal and release clause and they went for Courtois because he’s been refusing a new deal at Chelsea. I mean the lad is in the same conversation with those two keepers and they’re top 5 in the world

  2. nepGunner


    You’ve had better days. Aside some cheeky Hollywood style one liners this has to be one of the worst post you’ve done in your illustrious blogging career so far.

    You could have easily written that Arsenal fans should not have bothered when Wenger was renewing his contracts in the last decade when most of us here felt it was a bad move for the club… Well, only time will tell

  3. Marko

    Stagnation can come from just staying somewhere for too long

    That’s what I was getting at. Am I not being clear I like the signing of Leno I think he’s a good signing. I think him and Torreira are good signings that will improve the starting 11 I think Guendouzi looks like a good prospect… and that’s it. Should have added more to the starting 11 but this is Arsenal and we never do anything easy

  4. KAY Boss

    Jeremy Wilson saying no more in comings. only outs.
    Watford bidding €60m for Guedes?
    Does that mean if a ‘big player’ isn’t from Dortmund, we ain’t signing. So much a diamond eye…haaaaa

  5. UTarse

    Unless you are in finance or company law or large business ownership, you too are opining as a non expert. He is just as entitled as you, whilst you may disagree with him, it doesn’t mean he should stick to football punditry. He loves Arsenal just like the majority of us here, I understand where he is coming from and for now ,at best, the jury is out on silent stan.

  6. nepGunner

    Leno and Torreira are the only meaningful signing of this TW.. And even those two are OK players with potential to become solid players but never world beaters… Rest all are stop gaps and ” for the future”

    I still maintain the best signing of this summer is Mr Emery. Only he improves on the position he is taking (on the on-field matters) remarkably than the personnel he is replacing.

  7. nepGunner

    Yes, there is improvement on the club management / recruitment fronts as well.. But that results to nothing if the owner doesn’t have the ambition to become the #1 club in PL or Europe.. We are still in the same self sustaining “4th is a trophy” purgatory. Please spare me this Stan “could change” BS.

  8. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I agree that as a supporter you are emotional about the club.

    However, all football clubs are now run as businesses and how well they do is
    not about emotion, but the calibre of the professional management and players who are recruited.

    Kroenke’s weakness is that he trusted Wenger and gave him a free reign. In
    view of what happened last season I doubt that is likely to be repeated again.
    Somehow I think that Josh Kroenke will have a more hands on approach to
    the club.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    MarkoAugust 8, 2018 18:53:51
    If Leno had a 65 million release clause we wouldn’t be buying him. I actually wanted him signed back when we signed Cech. He had a reasonable release clause that summer of something like 20 or 24 million but shock horror we went with the 10 million pound back up keeper

    Very interesting………

  10. UTarse

    It wasn’t weakness that Stan trusted wenger, it was carelessness. He didn’t give a flying fuck because during that period he made circa £600mm on his investment. So please spare me the “success” angle that this businessman will prioritise. He wants and has always wanted to grow his wealth and he knows we don’t need to be winning nor competing for titles of prem and champs league…. we just need to make up the numbers. He’ll be happy as a pig in shit once we regain that mantle of the 4th place trophy and that will be our lot.

  11. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Jeremy Wilson saying no more in comings. only outs.
    Watford bidding €60m for Guedes?
    Does that mean if a ‘big player’ isn’t from Dortmund, we ain’t signing. So much a diamond eye…haaaaa’

    We don’t have any money.

    It’s that simple. We’ve spent £70 Million and that is it. There is no want in the discussion only can’t.

    No doubt at all if we had been able to sell our dross for some decent fees we probably would have bought more but our standing is so low right now and for a variety of other reasons we just cannot sell them or can only sell them for peanuts.

    Vida would likely have arrived but apparently he does not want to move which is pretty much fair enough on his end, 30 in April and quite happy where he is. A move to Arsenal has the potential to humiliate him and end with him being offered to anyone who will take him in a year or two.

    Next summer should be much more comfortable with new commercials and fingers crossed UCL money.

  12. Marko

    Wolves are going mental have Neves and Moutinho and are trying to sign Dendoncker and Clucas have already signed Jota, Cavaleiro and Adama and are trying to sign up Zinchenko. Isn’t Helder Costa supposed to be a good winger too.

  13. Guns of SF

    Fuck I knew it. We are done
    Our owner just got richer and could have thrown us a 50M or more but No no no

    Same shit same story different year

  14. Cesc Appeal

    This club has done things this year I never though it was going to do.

    I want to see improvement this year and I want to see Emery’s plan start to take shape but I reserve any final judgement until this time next summer in terms of ambition and direction.

  15. englandsbest

    There could be more bad news for Arsenal: WHU might nose ahead in the top six race.

    No, I am not joking. For a start they have an excellent manager in Pellegrino. The signings made by him are impressive, amongst them Jack Wilshere. And now they have added a little magician named Bernard.

    For the past five seasons the little fellow was swallowed up in the vortex of Ukraine. I fancy he may be this season’s Mo Sallah

  16. Dissenter

    “Next summer should be much more comfortable with new commercials and fingers crossed UCL money”

    That’s a pollyanna statement.
    Kroenke has to service the 500 million loan he’e taken, about 15 million yearly.
    Where do you think that’s coming from. He may resume his consultation fees again.
    The truth is that we just don’t know if this is the new normal at Arsenal.

  17. LINP

    All I can say is that a few years ago, Stan K told out a few millions from the club and was faced a lot of criticism. Now he can use the money from the club to pay for the shares that he bought and no one can say anything. What a smart businessman.

  18. Jacko

    So if the pot really is dry and our incoming business is complete, there’s only one thing left to do………. predictions!


    If Emery can work some magic and get more out of the squad, maybe we can push on a little bit between 6th and 4th, although probably wishful thinking.

  19. Sancho Monzorla

    Need to remind myself that this is probably a 3 year plan at minimum.

    Basically the fact that most of our squad is either shit overpaid or both is what is the largest hurdle in being more active in the market.

    It’s a bit upsetting but trying not to lay the blame on the new regime just yet. Still hard not to think that renewing Ramsey at a salary he would have trouble getting even if he was on a free is the exact kind of problem they are repeating.

  20. US


    Wilshere a good signing? Do oyu think he is better than anyone of our starting midfielders? Xhaka-Torreira-Ozil

    Would you rather have Wilshere or Guendouzi right now btw?

  21. LINP

    One thing I like about Emery is he studies the other teams a lot. A few weeks ago, he thinks that his team is complete. After he has time watching the other top six teams play, he suddenly realizes that his CB’s are so shit compared to the other top teams and he starts to panic. Wenger used to think that his players are good and just need to express themselves freely on the pitch.

  22. Michael24

    What exactly has Unai Emery(The Romans) done for us?

    He has given us –

    A release from the monotonous boredom and predictability of our previous manager.

    Ok, apart from this, what has he done for us?

    Let’s rejoice in a new AFC.

  23. raptora

    This guy englandsbest… You are a troll and a half aren’t you… The muppet reckons that Stan K might move us to his new LA stadium… Now West Ham are going to finish ahead of us in the league, courtesy of the impressive signing Jack Wilshere and their manager Pellegrino who is actually the manager of Leganes… And beware – they’ve added Bernard, the new Mo Salah, with 14 goals in 96 games over 5 years in Ukraine’s league… Who’s actually all but done to become Everton player…

  24. US


    Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny (Holding) – Kolasinac (Niles)

    Torreira – Xhaka


    Mkhitaryan – Lacazette – Aubameyang

    Our best 11 imo. Any arguements?


  25. Pierre

    “Maybe no other centre back is coming in because maybe koscielny will be back sooner then expected”

    Now there’s a sensible comment.

    Kosielny and monreal could still be very important players for Arsenal this season.
    Lichsteiner will be the right back (Hopefully)… Kosielny is being written off way too early.. If his achilles heals well he could come back fitter and stronger than he has been for a year or 2 due to him having to manage his achilles problem.

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Koncelny an Monreal 50 per cent of a defence that conceded 73 goals. Last time out

    An they are important to this coming season


  27. Zfree

    Do you know what a busted Achilles recovery is like? I’d be rather surprised if we see Koscielny before March or April.

  28. Marko

    Kosielny is being written off way too early.. If his achilles heals well

    He’s had issues with his Achilles since the previous world cup and this injury has him ruled out for 6 months. Also he’s been kinda shit for a while and he’s 33 next month. He is absolutely in no way dependable for this season

  29. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    My high hopes for the season are evoprated already
    Loaning our chambers weaken an already weak back line.

  30. Cesc Appeal

    Courtois to Madrid confirmed, interested to see how Kovacic gets on at Chelsea. He is one I would have liked here.

  31. Sussexgooner

    Pierre people do rabbit on about nonsense on here ,although I still feel we need a winger we’ve been linked with a guy from Belgium from club brugge the name escapes me.

  32. Sussexgooner

    Not sure Marko it just flashed up on my mobile earlier didn’t really pay too much attention if I’m honest although going into a new season with just 4 centraldefenders is bad in my eyes

  33. Pierre

    “He’s had issues with his Achilles since the previous world cup and this injury has him ruled out for 6 months. Also he’s been kinda shit for a while and he’s 33 next month.”

    1) if the injury ruled him out for 6 months then he will be back in 2 months.

    2)maybe he’s been” kinda shit “because he has had to play with an achilles problem since the previous world cup.

    3)33 is not old for a centre back.

    I repeat… He is being written off too early, he is still our best defender.

  34. London gunner


    Bellerin – Mustafi – Koscielny (Holding) – Kolasinac (Niles)

    Torreira – Xhaka


    Mkhitaryan – Lacazette – Aubameyang

    Our best 11 imo. Any arguements?


    Jheeeeez this is a very mediocre squad.

    Only highlight is auba no other superstar players.

    Not saying we have a shit team but jheeez the majority of those names are average. Most of our first team players wouldn’t make the bench at City let alone RM bayern or Barca

  35. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Bel pap mus amn

    Torr xhara


    Oxil aubs Mikki

    That’s my team who I think dick will start with

  36. Marko

    maybe he’s been” kinda shit “because he has had to play with an achilles problem since the previous world cup.

    Right… and you think 6 months out with a ruptured tendon fixes these issues? He’s shit anyway Monreal has been our best defender moving on

  37. Pierre

    “right… and you think 6 months out with a ruptured tendon fixes these issues?”

    Not difficult to work out is it…

    If he comes back then the achilles issue will be fixed… If doesn’t come back then he’s knackered….simple.

  38. azed

    “Surprised nobody has made a bid for Cesc”

    Cesc is a squad player now except he goes to a Westham or Crystal Palace.

  39. Dissenter

    “If he comes back then the achilles issue will be fixed… If doesn’t come back then he’s knackered….simple.”

    You’re a genius Pierre
    Damn, why didn’t I think og that.

  40. Marko

    If he comes back then the achilles issue will be fixed… If doesn’t come back then he’s knackered….simple.

    Should have said it was Achilles issues on both feet.

  41. Gooner63

    sorry guys but the only thing that would be good this season

    liverpool win league
    city win champions league
    spurs win fa and league cup


    Then we can at least not have to listen to those go on about what have pool n spurs ever won

    those fans who think we are gonna win the league with the crap we have will get off the wenger gone cloud

    seriously guys look at our first team to that of pool and city

    the Kroenke take over will really not mean much, other than the measley amounts we will have for transfers

    fans will keep going and paying the highest fees, for midtable football and stan will keep raking it in

    wonder how long it will take to pay back the loan for the shares, 20 yrs of little transfer budgets lol

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Interesting listening to the agent on Arsenal Fan TV who is a friend of Gazidis saying the reason he is going to Milan, or may be, is because an American firm has taken possession of Milan after the Chinese owners defaulted and that likely they will want to sell and see Gazidis as a great corporate custodian. They will give him equity in the club and so when the sale happens in a year or two he will make a fortune where right now he earns £1.7 Million a year with no shares in Arsenal.

    Can’t really blame him if that is the case.

  43. KAY Boss

    With how wolves and Fulham are doing their transfer business, I wonder whether ‘home grown’ quota comes in .

    Wolves have sign almost 11 players and Fulham around 7.

    We needed to sign quality players irrespective of the number, but some posters keep repeating home grown quota. And mind u most of the player they’ve signed are of quality esp Wolves.

  44. Carts

    So effectively, Chelsea spent £35m on Kepa? Got to do what you’ve got to do, I suppose.

    Ridiculous money for a GK, nonetheless when looking at the fee in isolation.

    Pinching Kovacic on a loan was a nice move. I suppose that was essentially the difference between Real having to pay £40m instead of £32m.

    Their midfield options look spicy, I can’t lie. Jorginho, Kante, Barkley, Kova & Cesc, (RLC & Bakayoko will likely leave on loan, now)

  45. englandsbest


    Too early to say on Torriera or Gendouzou – but I’d rather Jack than Ozil or Xhaka

    Oh, and I made a mistake – the little magician was signed by Everton, not WHU.
    So pencil in Everton as another serious contender for a top 6 spot

  46. Marko

    Chelsea have gone from bad to a pretty decent window. Kept Hazard and Willian and their midfield is pretty formidable. Only worry would be in the striker department but at least one of Morata, Giroud and Michy should come good right

  47. Carts


    Yeah up top it’s a tad underwhelming. I think Sarri has to go with Giroud.

    Sadly, Morata looks totally shot to pieces right now. Michy isn’t getting a sniff for some reason, either.

    If they’d managed to pinch Higuain then I think they’d have had a good shout and mounting a sustained challenge.

  48. Pierre

    “Sadly, Morata looks totally shot to pieces right now. Michy isn’t getting a sniff for some reason, either.”

    And you support who?

  49. Zfree

    CBs on other top 6 teams:

    David luiz
    Davinson Sanchez
    Eric Bailly

    Then we enter the season with the holding, mavro, Mustafi and Sokratis. That really is comical.

    Not gonna focus on fullbacks.


    Others have the Brazil 1 and 2, the Spain 1 and 2, and we have the German 3rd or 4th choice.

    I’m trying to be optimistic but good grief it doesn’t look great on paper. More leaks than the Trump administration

  50. CaliGooner

    If we end up playing a pairing of Koscielny and Mustafi again then we have no shot.

    We need to play 10 behind the ball if we are going with those two. Paired with Bellerin and the Bosnian hulk would keep me up all night if I was Emery. Have to win every game 4-3.

  51. China

    England’s best – wilshere was nowhere near good enough for arsenal but now he’s good enough to drag west ham above us????

    What kind of logic is this?

    Lucas Perez as well has achieved nothing of note for us and is being flogged to them for peanuts for this very reason. Maybe he’s going to score 70 league goals this year and fire them to the title as well….

  52. China

    I like kos but barring a miracle he’s finished as a serious player

    Last year he was absolutely dreadful. I know the midfield and those around him were too but watching him
    In isolation last year he was dreadful in his own right. He dropped as many changers as cech and Mustafi and that’s hard to manage…

    Now he’s coming back off a serious injury as well (if he makes it) and we shouldn’t expect him to be anything other than our 3rd/4th choice CB playing as cover occasionally.

    Tbh I’m not feeling our back 5 squad at all. We now just have to pray that emery gets them to overachieve through smart organization and training. On the ability front our entire defensive unit is very lightweight

  53. Pierre

    “Sadly, Morata looks totally shot to pieces right now.”

    Not quite getting why you(being an Arsenal supporter?) would be so sad that Morata is struggling.

    Will you be walking round with the hump if It’s ten games into the season and harry kane is having a nightmare.

    Depression coming on due to the fact lukaku is not scoring.

    Aguero, who knows what Carts will do if he is struggling to find the net.

    Aubamayang or lacazette, will he be saying “Sadly they are shot to pieces”… chance.

  54. McBright is Wright

    Way back in High schooj we were taught price indicators and elasticity/ economics variations. I Still remember the basics:…”the higher the demand the higher the supply…the higher the supply, the lower the price”. So break-even and leverage profitability, create atificial scarcity. Supply chain must never meet demand rate. Thats the the Promotion/Branding initiative as part of the marketing Mix. Economics 101.
    Point is: The scarcity of talents in the TM is not limited to us. The demand for talent in the EPL is higher, because of the equilebrium here. So, to sustain that, other leagues are creating a an artificial scarcity. There are loads of young talents being nurtured accross the top clubs. Max, 3-5 years you see a ‘sudden surge of unannounced talents at ridiculous fees’
    ARsenal can not afford to be left behind. Hence, the reason we are going all out for experience, while bidding our time to grow the youth. YOU NEED TO VISIT THE HALE-END To see top facilities and top, top young talents.
    Give SK a chance

  55. mysticleaves

    It’s been reported Boateng rejected Mourinho. Pogba and Martial wants to leave too. Stinking ship that place

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s development of youth talent has been on the back burner for several
    years, although there was a glimmer of hope last season when we won U23s and reached final of FA Youth Cup albeit succumbing to Chelsea with fairly heavy defeat.

    I was advised last season by a journalist who monitors our youth programme that the standout player is Smith-Rowe and he would not be surprised if he becomes a regular in first team by end of this season.

    His assessment is that he is best midfield talent at the club since Fabregas and ahead of Wilshire. Nkietah is also highly rated with good finishing.

    If these two plus Mavropanos and Guendouzi make the grade then this is a
    massive saving on transfer fees.

    The real issue is that relying on experience to deliver results is a costly
    short term solution and if they fail to deliver at least top 4 finish we could land
    up losing our young talent to other clubs in EPL and elsewhere before we have
    the chance to reap the rewards.

    What we saw yesterday at Chelsea is that they used a sledgehammer to crack a nut to solve a goalkeeper problem. Can we see Arsenal adopting the same
    strategy? Highly doubtful.

    That is the difference between two clubs. Chelsea have been investing for many years in the best youth talent as well as outspending us in transfer market.

    If Kroenke wants to reverse our view on his current performance and reputation he needs the club to show more ambition in both directions.

  57. Sanmi

    That Chelsea midfield lacks creativity without cesc.
    They don’t have a good cf either. It’s all on hazard as usual.
    Jorginho had come under heavy criticism after the community shield, Chelsea fans just realised he has zero marking skills, he’s a deep lying playmaker.

  58. Sanmi

    This is a strange arsenal blog. Where the moment you become an ex-arsenal player you start getting praises.
    Somebody wrote westham will finish ahead of us cos they signed wilshere, this is just madness.
    We are being written off for no reasonable reason.

    Someone said only Auba is a start… and Chelsea is full of stars?

    Crazy arsenal blog.. more anti than an opposition fan can be

  59. Sanmi

    Half of legrove haven’t seen keita and fabinho play, yet praise them to the moon and back but they have seem torreira mark out CR7 and for some reason keita is a better buy… lol CRAZY BLOG

  60. Redtruth

    Teams who heavily invest are rewarded on the sporting field thus generating more revenue for the club.
    This is basic economics which Arsenal have failed to adopt.

  61. Jeff

    To be perfectly honest, I had given up on Usmanov a long time ago. He was never going to buy Kroenke out so it’s worked out the other way round. But the important thing is this. What will actually change? What is the difference between Kroenke owning 70% or 97%. He still has overall control. So whatever he was doing or not doing before, will probably continue. The other thing is about Josh Kroenke who will more than likely take over and we might actually get more emphasis on winning things. Looking at it logically, I really don’t see what will change in a football context where Kroenke is concerned.

    The drain was unblocked when the previous manager was sacked so we now look forward to the new season, the new manager and a new era. Hooray that.

  62. raptora

    Balanced opinion is that it will be hard for us to fight for top 4 spot. Looking at the opponent’s teams, on paper ours looks the worst. Emery and his team will have to win a lot of points for us with his work if we are to have any chance of doing good this season. The simple way of looking at things (which is probably the right way) doing good would mean a top 4 place or Europa League cup win. But seeing the team give their all for Emery, seeing improvement in the way we defend as the season advances, seeing our team concede less “easy” goals, seeing our midfield have a balanced look to it, having bite and and never-give-up attitude. It’s all things that will be put in perspective when giving a grade to our season.

  63. Emiratesstroller


    Usmanov was never the solution to Arsenal’s problems.As was reported the other day in a National Newspaper confirming what I have posted on many occasions here he carries far too much historic baggage.

    That is widely known not just in football but the sporting and business worlds
    at large. Also I understand that he may have some health problems.

    Kroenke may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he has a solid business reputation and he has huge financial backing through his wife’s connection with
    Walmart. His wife for the record is a shareholder in the business so their
    combined wealth exceeds both Usmanov and Abromavich.

    What he needs to display as many suggest is a passion and ambition for the club. He may not have it, but perhaps his son Josh has.

  64. mysticleaves

    I don’t know much about Fabinho but Keita is a baller and I will be shocked if he doesn’t do well in the EPL. In saying that i also think Torreira will be a success in the EPL. Though between Keita and Torr the latter is the unknown quantity

  65. Redtruth

    My plan would have been wholesale changes meaning at least 10 players shown the door.
    A budget of £200m for Emery to use on the best available targets and not as is the case at present compromise on his targets.

  66. salparadisenyc

    Sanmi talking bollocks again, not hard to catch Monaco or Leipzig where both pressed far in European competition these past two seasons.

    This site been talking about Fabinho since he featured heavily in the elimination of Man City in 2017 or when they eliminated us in 2015.

    Where as Keita’s been ripping the bundesliga up with his ridiculous runs opening up space not to mention his ability to pass the ball or making the all Europa league 2018 side. Klopp has officially replaced the younger version of Gerrard with quality.

  67. raptora

    I know it’s probably naive that I’m having this quiet hope that Josh Kroenke might make the difference for our team. If Gazidis is leaving, it might be just what we needed.

  68. Michael24


    You, of all people, must realise that we had sunk into the abyss under Wenger.

    Trying to resurface will take time and not all the unwanted debris will be offloaded straight away.

    Fumigation of the place would have been Emery’s first priority.

    Remember, to all intents and purposes, we are rebuilding the club.

  69. TallestTiz

    Sonyunco going for less that £20 million?

    Could we have pulled out coz he’s shit?

    Imagine we moved in and swooped the deal from Leicester, leaving then with no option than to cancel Maguire’s move to manure.

    Mourinho would ho berserk

  70. Michael24


    Seriously, do you sit in a bar all day?

    Your posts are symptomatic of someone not thinking logically.

    Another pint of the Lagos homebrew maybe?

  71. salparadisenyc


    “Could we have pulled out coz he’s shit?”

    Have to say i’d never heard of the player before being linked in May, that is a distinct possibility.

    But at 22 makes a whole lot more sense than bringing in another stop gap 30 ish defender like Vida playing in shit league who we can confirm is pretty rubbish.

    Would be gold to scupper block heads move to United.

  72. gonsterous

    the minimum we can do is win all the games against lesser opponents. But it’s a 38 game season with injuries and such. I really don’t know what to expect at the end of the season. I’m happy to wait till the end of the second season at least to see how well emery has done..

  73. Ishola70

    Sanmi is such a great fan that he was celebrating yes celebrating the contract extension of Xjaka on here.

    He slates players from other clubs after one match but has rose tinted spectacles in regards to an Arsenal player that has not been of the overall required standard for two whole seasons.

    Super fan.

  74. Victorious

    Imagine been a spud right now eh, I mean with all your so called ‘rivals’ signing players right left centre
    the spine of your squad edging for the move and refusing to sign on coupled with your Failure to close a £25M deal for Grealish all summer, loool,could really be worse

  75. Michael24

    Change of tack for a brief moment.

    Based on BJ’s undiplomatic and insensitive remarks regarding the burka, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that in so many respects it is totally wrong to wear this garment in the western world.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded.

    Freedom of speech.

  76. Victorious

    Tottenham are the only Premier League club not to sign a single player, despite manager Mauricio Pochettino saying at the end of last season they would need to “take risks” to improve.

    Puts the summer we brought in only Cech into perspective

  77. Victorious

    Don’t see spurs doing much this season to be honest,in all honesty we should easily finish above them, point is the path to getting back into top4 might not be what was envisaged from the start like an uphill task,its very much possible and Emery should be up to the task from the off

  78. Up 4 grabs now

    I don’t think we will have an idea where we are until October/ November.

    99% of fans know we aren’t winning the league, and the plan for this season is get back into the champions league, the idea will be to finish fourth or above, but don’t forget that could be done by winning the Europa league as well.

    There’s so many things up in the air at the moment, we don’t know what formation we will play, we don’t know if the New recruits will hit the ground running.

    Hell the transfer window still has seven hours to run so we might still strengthen.

    There’s no way we have a worse away record than last season, we have a manager that does tactics, changes formations, makes subs before the 68 minute mark.

    The main thing to remember is that we aren’t competing with city or probably the bindippers, it’s the spuds,Chavs, and utd for one of the last two slots.
    With defensive midfielders that will help protect the defence and auba and laca for the whole season fourth or third is possible.

  79. Victorious

    I don’t expect much from Arsenal today, certainly not in the buying department. Our main business was done long ago and maybe we’ll add Demagoj Vida, but it’s unlikely as his fee leapt from €20m to €30m overnight. I know the pound is sinking like the Titanic but that fee-inflation is ridiculous.