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Aaron Ramsey has a calf injury… read into that how you like, but not before I give you a sweet hot take.

1. If he’s faking an injury, that’s bad news, because it means he’s leaving. Arsenal surely can’t keep him beyond the deadline day that’s looming.

2. If he’s reacted badly to double sessions and he’s injured already after not having a World Cup, that’s pretty much the standard way his career has gone for us.

We had a solid start to our summer, but we might end it losing last seasons star man and our CEO.

I mean, Ivan leaving isn’t a big deal. Part of me feels like that’s the sort of move you make after you realise that your grand plan might be a shite one. What sort of person bottles out of a project this early? If he’d gone when 90% of his job was being a propaganda machine for Wenger and FFP dreams, I’d get it. He had no power. But leaving just after he’s implemented an incredibly expensive plan is absolute jokes.

That’s the measure of the man.

Incredibly poor leadership. Bottled the managerial decision for self preservation (they wanted Arteta). Bottled controlling the new manager’s entourage (letting him have 5 staff). Bottled seeing it through (All but confirmed Milan is his new club).

Hopefully, Stan hires a football CEO for the next round. Let’s find someone who has grown a club to elite status. Little bit like the work being done over at Juventus. Smart branding, a focus on winning, new stadium, immense wheeler dealer-ing.


Auba snuck out the below on his father’s Instagram.


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I remember being told the RVP used to tap up his mates and try and sell them to Arsene Wenger back in the day. Can’t help but think Auba is a recruitment specialist. Dembele is a superstar, he would be the icing on the cake this summer and I’d throw myself under a bus to see him in red and white.

Let’s see how that plays out. The players know what they’re doing there. Let’s hope the smoke is a roaring fire.

Right, my arm is hurting. See you in the comments.


YES via @EditsByRonan

YES via @EditsByRonan

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  1. alexanderhenry


    Agreed on Wilshire.
    Played in the right way as a deep lying midfielder with a good range of passing as opposed to the bull in a china shop- no pun intended -role he played before, I still think he can be effective. Not for us sadly.

    Is Xhaka a better bet? I hope so.

  2. G8

    I think it’s fair to say that the whole of le grove agree on Bellend is a shit player and shouldn’t be near the starting 11..
    and rightly so..

  3. Marc


    Just out of interest how many teams in the major European leagues can you name who aren’t “self sustaining”?

    I think of 2 and an argument can be made for 3 or 4.

  4. alexanderhenry


    If you look at the period when arsenal first moved stadium, the club was actually making large profits in transfers, effectively flogging off all its best players or unable to keep them.
    I think this was unnecessary and hugely damaging.
    Also, at the time all we heard from Gazidis was ‘self sustainability’ and the promise that in the near future we’d be like bayern munich.

  5. Marc


    Not what I asked but I’ll bite anyway. Firstly there was a period after the stadium move where we had to sell to generate funds. No one was “pocketing” this money. As for what Gazidis talking about competing at a higher level – isn’t that what we should be doing?

    Over the last 5 years we’ve had the 3rd highest net spend but haven’t looked anywhere near being value for money in the league.

    Every comment you make always has this underlying tone of it’s all Kroenke’s fault because he didn’t give Wenger enough money. We’ve spent enough it’s just not been spent very well on far too many occasions.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Interested to see what happens with Xhaka this year and how he responds to Emery and having Torreira in the midfield.

    His assists return was not bad last year at 7, but he needs to improve on scoring with just 1 goal in the EPL.

    Now that his defensive duties will be limited somewhat and he shouldn’t be exposed that much anymore he is one that has nothing to hide behind, we need him to be a CM playmaker for us now.

  7. Marc


    If Everton are interested in Welbeck then we should be able to get more than £5 million out of them.

    In the current circumstances clubs need to have to different prices for players. One for going to another PL club or a Barca etc and another if your selling to everyone else.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah unless Xhaka can make himself central to that midfield in a CM playmaker type role I can see us moving him on now we have Torreira and if Guendouzi continues to develop.

    You really want more of a Fabregas, Pjanic, Thiago type CM now that you would still do CM work but would create and make the attack work.

    Gives us a year to try and find that player unless we’re going to go bit which we could well do with UCL money, new commercials and selling players whose values we’ve increased.

  9. Marc


    If all goes to plan (it’s what I assume the plan is before anyone jumps all over me) I think we’ll see a mixture of Sven picking up gems plus a marquee signing on a regular basis – maybe one a summer maybe one every other year. It’s as much about attracting the sponsors as anything else.

  10. mysticleaves

    It’s really hard for left footers to playmakers and be comfortable on it. You’d try to name many of the top of your head. They often look imbalanced and one paced.

  11. gonsterous

    ramsey is a good player but we can get so many better players. just don’t think we have the budget to do it. we need a winger as well. if ramsey stays but we get dembele, I’ll be very happy. If ramsey comes and no one comes in, I will be very unhappy…

  12. gonsterous

    I meant if ramsey leaves and dembele comes in, I’ll be happy but if he leaves and no one comes in, we are in trouble…