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Going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, last night, I was caught dream cheating by my girlfriend. She’s mad. I told her it didn’t mean anything, but she’s not having it. If anyone has been through this, please let me know how you battle out of the hole and win back trust.

You know who I don’t trust?

Ivan Gazidis.

Really looks like he’s off. The man is a C-suite masochist. He’s The Yellow Bastard in Sin City, he can only survive if he’s in corporate hell, rebranding being skint, selling dreams off FFP compliance, fixing a shit tip of a club.

What a bizarre decision.

I mean, I get it, Milan is a fucking cool city and the club is one of the true greats… but seriously, what an odd move. Hire in a bunch of new people, then bin them off as soon as something fancy comes your way. Weak.

Onto the Chelsea game. I only caught sporadic parts of the match and both teams had interesting players. Chelsea’s Hudson-Odoi had the best of Hector most of the night, his turn of pace reminded me of early days Anelka and his trickery was something special. Arsenal’s young superstar Guendouzi continued to impress at the base of midfield. He patrols the back 4 with great discipline, he breaks up play, he distributes quickly, he can take the ball around people, he really does look the real deal and it’s a struggle to see how he doesn’t start our first game of the season.

I can’t remember a player we were this excited about since Cesc broke onto the scene. He looks a class act, a player for the now, a player who is going to push Torreira really hard.

It’s tough to read too much into the game, we’re in preseason. Our defence still looks troubling. Petr Cech making some solid interventions yesterday kept the game respectable. Sokratis looks quite a bit off the pace as does Mustafi and Bellerin. Still, they’re tired, they’re absorbing a lot of new ideas and you can’t get too worried until we start playing.

The most important thing is it looks like the team are progressing.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. NW9 gooner

    Pierre when you don’t talk shit you are a good poster. How can you speak for ubull. Has he posted anything about the club, any opinions on anything on the team, anything apart from raging against others irrationally. He is not a supporter just a racist troll

  2. Sammy


    This is my first post on your blog, but I have to say you seem to be a very vindictive and vicious person who is hard to please.

    I thought you would be very happy since realising your wish to get rid of Wenger. I do think it was the right decision to let him go. But I do think some of the vitriol against him for past decade was over the top and he achieved a lot more then people gave him credit for given the financial realities he faced, and he truly had two bad seasons.

    Regardless, I thought you would be pleased and happy with him gone. But now you’ve found a new person to spew your hatred on – Gazidis.

    I have been pretty impressed with the way he managed out Wenger and put in a more modern structure.

    There are only rumours of him leaving. The fact that these rumours abound shows that he is valued in the world of football management (off the field kind). Its not surprising if he uses these rumours to extract a bigger paycheque from the owners. Everyone days it from the players to the managers, so why not him. Equally I am sure that he would leave the project incomplete as it woudn’t be good for his own reputation.

    If he does leave, then he deserves all the criticism you can musters. But until that happens, do get behind the club and stop spewing hatred and help propagate the baseless rubbish that comes out of the football media 99% of the time.

    I know this is my first comment so will go into moderation. But I dare you to post an alternative point of view and let the other commentators decide on my argument.