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Going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, last night, I was caught dream cheating by my girlfriend. She’s mad. I told her it didn’t mean anything, but she’s not having it. If anyone has been through this, please let me know how you battle out of the hole and win back trust.

You know who I don’t trust?

Ivan Gazidis.

Really looks like he’s off. The man is a C-suite masochist. He’s The Yellow Bastard in Sin City, he can only survive if he’s in corporate hell, rebranding being skint, selling dreams off FFP compliance, fixing a shit tip of a club.

What a bizarre decision.

I mean, I get it, Milan is a fucking cool city and the club is one of the true greats… but seriously, what an odd move. Hire in a bunch of new people, then bin them off as soon as something fancy comes your way. Weak.

Onto the Chelsea game. I only caught sporadic parts of the match and both teams had interesting players. Chelsea’s Hudson-Odoi had the best of Hector most of the night, his turn of pace reminded me of early days Anelka and his trickery was something special. Arsenal’s young superstar Guendouzi continued to impress at the base of midfield. He patrols the back 4 with great discipline, he breaks up play, he distributes quickly, he can take the ball around people, he really does look the real deal and it’s a struggle to see how he doesn’t start our first game of the season.

I can’t remember a player we were this excited about since Cesc broke onto the scene. He looks a class act, a player for the now, a player who is going to push Torreira really hard.

It’s tough to read too much into the game, we’re in preseason. Our defence still looks troubling. Petr Cech making some solid interventions yesterday kept the game respectable. Sokratis looks quite a bit off the pace as does Mustafi and Bellerin. Still, they’re tired, they’re absorbing a lot of new ideas and you can’t get too worried until we start playing.

The most important thing is it looks like the team are progressing.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Leftsidesanch

    I don’t think Aubas dad would post that if there was even a slight chance of it coming to fruition.

  2. Dissenter

    Dembele isn’t coming to Arsenal
    Unless Barca are willing to sell him for half of what they paid for him last summer, he isn’t going anywhere.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    I can foresee one of those deadline day phantom bids coming, you know – just to say we tried in true Arsenal style.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    You’re Irish just call Liam Neeson and tell him Dembele is someone’s daughter who has been kidnapped and needs to be returned to Colney for reasons you don’t have time to go into.

  5. WengerEagle


    Old Liamo’s a Northy, he’s one of yours hehe.

    Same goes for McIlroy, you can have him.

    Just don’t touch McGregor, he’s ours. Cheek of some of your journos claiming he’s English.

  6. raptora

    No way that he comes. No… way… Yes?!

    Fk me why is he such a troll.

    On another note, they’re all wearing short sleeves, but our pretty boy Matteo.

    Dembele adds everything we need in attack. The perfect player for us. It’s a close call between him and Martial but I’d pick Dembele if I had the chance. In a season for us, he’d be considered top 3 offensive player in the EPL.

    Q: You guys think Auba would have made a successful career playing for France instead of Gabon? I think he would have been their main striker for years now. His dad is an ex captain of the NT of Gabon so don’t think he had much of a choice but yeah.

  7. BacaryisGod

    First, I just love that we picked out another mostly unknown player from Lorient (for about the same price as Kozzer (but after the massive transfer fee increases). If Guendouzi works out anywhere near as well as our captain then we’ll have a huge success on our hands.

    The only misstep from Emery so far is the 5 captains nonsense. It’s quite simple. He should keep Kozzer as Captain. Kozzer was injured giving his all to the team and should not have it removed. Give Ramsey the vice-captain role. If he goes, then perhaps Sokratis would be an easy fit. He naturally commands respect.

  8. Charlie nick

    Pedro, Whose name were you calling out? if you were calling out a generic celebrity who is fit ( Jenna Coleman, Lady Kitty Spencer) you may be able to brazen it out. If it’ s her Mum, you might need all you PR talents to claw your way out of that hole!

  9. Cesc Appeal


    You’re still closer to him than I am, have a word.

    Don’t worry, McGregor is all yours, no interest there.

  10. BacaryisGod

    Btw, how much do you love the pic of Auba, Mikki, Laca, Guendouzi and Dembele? Not just for the Dembele potential but for how quickly the boys have welcomed Guendouzi to the team.

  11. WengerEagle


    Haha you more of a Darren Till man? ;P

    I mean Dembele is full on blue-balling us with that photo, you think it MAY have crossed any of their minds during their civilised evening in to discuss football matters and Arsenal’s lack of widemen?

  12. Cesc Appeal


    More of a Floyd Mayweather man 😉

    I just Googled Darren Till, not really a UFC man myself I get a bit bored with the ground grappling stuff, really more into boxing to be honest and we have AJ in that department.

    They must have done surely and they must have known what that would do posting that especially after the whole Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang thing and then Sokratis as well.

  13. WengerEagle


    Funny that was a boxing man myself many years, started losing interest when the talent died out a bit/was disillusioned by the Mayweather-Pacman shitshow, Ward retiring, etc and became hooked on MMA about 3 years ago been avidly following it since.

    I actually find boxing boring in comparison, too many decisions and fighters are too restricted with knockdowns, etc. Just find MMA much more dynamic to watch, better skillset and the nearest thing youre getting to replicating actual fighting rather than just sport.

    Having said that I love Golovkin, Lomachenko and I’m a big Tyson Fury fan, rate him as a boxer and a bloke.

  14. WengerEagle

    Also find it ridiculous the ducking and weaving that goes on in Boxing and all the politics involved. They stat pad and hype/build fighters up into stars fighting absolute bums.

    Mayweather Pac should have happened literally a decade before it finally did with Pacman a shell of the fighter he was.

    Have similar scepticism that Joshua-Wilder will happen or Fury-Wilder if Fury fights AJ which I think will happen.

    In UFC the best fight the best barring the odd freak show like CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

  15. Slade

    Stay in your little Disney world nyc ….all the energy of a past it shitty martini.
    You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in LA….
    You too cosmo for the plebs, right?

  16. mysticleaves


    Auba was pants earlier on. Atleast they were way much bigger better names then. Wouldn’t have made it with France.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    The problem is the promoters in boxing quite often and often the politics, when you get two stars neither wants to be the B side either.

    Not that big a fan of Pacquiao to be honest and I am one of those who thinks there may be some truth to the doping allegations.

    I did like Canelo but he went down in my estimations a bit after Golovkin and then the whole failed drug test thing.

    I like Golovkin but his time has arrived a bit late, 36 now and although he is really something physically I don’t know if he will have the boxing skills to still be taking people on at 40 like Mayweather.

    I mean Mayweather taking on Canelo when he was 36 and Canelo was 23 is still something out of this world for me. Canelo was a big, young, strong fighter, great counter puncher and can punch big as well and Mayweather took him to school.

    As a Mayweather fan that was the only fight he took where I thought he might lose going in. I said for years he would bitch slap Pacquiao.

    Fury vs Wilder will be interesting, I do think Wilder is avoiding AJ.

  18. raptora

    He was at St. Etienne and at the age of 23 he had two seasons in a row with big success – 16 and 19 goals in Ligue 1 alone. That’s pretty good no? Then first year with Borussia he scored 13 in the league and 16 in total, then it becomes a massacre – 25, 39, 40 and 21+10 for Arsenal last season. For the last how many – 6 to 7 years he’s been a widely known name and since his second season at Borussia he’s been a superstar. Arguably there could be better suited players in the French team with the way that Deschamps sets his team, but he should have been right up there when picking the starting 11. Possibly first reserve imo at worst. I mean scoring 39 and 40 goals in the Bundesliga is not the same as doing the same in France.

  19. raptora

    Read as “scoring in the Bundesliga + Europe (32 games, 15 goals in UCL, and 14 games, 11 goals in Europa) is not the same as making it in Ligue 1 alone.”

  20. Elmo

    Add Higuain and Bonucci to the list of 30+ yo big money moves this summer.

    If Milan take the option to buy after this year’s loan, the transfer fee for Higuain would effectively be £48m.

    Bonucci and Caldara swap valued at £31m.

  21. raptora

    Lol at Juve bringing Bonuci back just a season after the supposed drama between him and Allegri. Must be the best thing in the word being 31 yo and signing a 5-year contract with the top in the country.

  22. Marko

    Someone explain to me that photo? Why is Dembele in that photo with all those Arsenal players? Like that’s trolling on a whole nother level. Also Guendouzi must have some serious banter on him he’s fit in almost straight away with some heavy hitters at the club

  23. Carts

    Vidal fee is alleged to be €20m. If so, then I Think barcelona have done ok, there.

    Looks like they’re covering all their bases before a massive sale ensues with the likes of: Mina, Turan, Digne, Vidal, Gomes, Vermaelen, Munir and Alcacer

  24. China

    Marc, yeah maybe

    I’m just so tired of the Ramsey circus. A circus is what happens when an elite player leaves you in limbo. Ramsey is not elite. He’s not Henry to Barca, Vieira’s endless Madrid rumblings, cesc missing home, rvp’s little boy inside of him.

    He’s just a decent player who has somehow been catapulted way beyond his actual level into being considered a star. There’s no need for the circus around him. He should’ve been given a deadline to sign long ago and whether the offer is huge or not, he should be sold at the first sign of a bit of green.

  25. China

    Guendouzi needs chances to play this season. He already looks ready and better than any of our CMs from the last couple of years

    It’s only preseason so we can’t be sure if it’s just a purple patch of form in some meaningless friendlies, but if what we’ve seen is his actual typical level he should be accommodated in the first team immediately

  26. McLovin’

    Guendozi. Love that kid. Looks like Kenny G’s love child except without the sucking a** part (and lame clarinet). I am excited about all the change this season. Onward and upward!

  27. Goobergooner

    Also I love everyone getting behind guendouzi. He has looked top notch for a youngster and fits right into his role. But he still is a bit raw. His passing is great and also ball recovery and defensive discipline is awesome for someone so young, but he dwindles on the ball a little and I feel like he needs to be blooded in rather than just chucked in the deep end against city.

    But everything with him looks promising and I can’t wait to see what he can do!

    Also AMN at Lb over kola any day of the week haha.

    Mustafi I still cannot believe is an arsenal player. Same with Xhaka. But hopefully a well drilled system will get more out of them. Time will tell.

  28. Black Hei

    I think Ivan leaving is him making a point about the Emery appointment.

    I think he wanted Arteta and was overruled, probably by Josh.

    Forced to say stupid liners about who knows what, I think he had enough of someone above him telling him what to do and pretending he is cool about it.

  29. Goobergooner

    Hahaha black hei,
    If that is the case, I say good bye and good riddance to old Ivan. If he seriously wanted Arteta, he is more useless than we all thought!

  30. Dissenter

    Had we signed Arteta;
    -our manager would have the admirable record of managing four senior preseason-games (including Boreham).
    -Pedro will be waxing lyrical.
    -Arteta will be the focus of the media
    -The fanbase will be decided as to the choice of manager. This doesn’t matter because us wretched fans are always divided about one thing or the other.

    I agree with that sentiment that Gazidis is stil feeling butt-hurt about being overruled on Arteta, along with the quest for more money.

  31. mysticleaves

    “I mean scoring 39 and 40 goals in the Bundesliga is not the same as doing the same in France.”

    Yea, well starts shocked he wasn’t exactly pants. But still they were better strikers them before him and I am not sure he seriously considered France at all. It could be a combination of things but I think he eventually made the right choice. France don’t have space for poachers anyway, never have.

  32. raptora

    Pretty sure that he’d be getting the nod ahead of Andre-Pierre Gignac though. Guy managed to achieve 36 France NT apps. Auba’s been a 15+ goals a domestic league for 7 seasons straight. Including scoring versus Real Madrid on the regular. Fkin Loic Remy got 30 caps including qualification games and World Cup games. Tell me again how France would not have a place for poacher Auba. Ridiculous.

  33. raptora

    Latter years? 39 goals in 2 seasons for St Ettienne at 24 yo? 41 goals in 2 seasons for Dormund at 26 yo? What do you mean he was pants earlier on? I mean does it really matter when he makes the big step? Gignac and Loic Remy are not worthy to tie Auba’s shoes. 66 France NT caps between them. As CFs. That’s a gigantic number.

  34. HighburyLegend

    “I think he wanted Arteta and was overruled, probably by Josh.”
    “If he seriously wanted Arteta, he is more useless than we all thought!”

    So Pedro will has been overruled, him too ?

  35. raptora

    Real talk, I’d be wwaaaaaay, waaaaawawawayyy more worried if we were entering the season with fkin Arteta instead of Unai. I don’t really have a good feeling about us doing well, but if it was with fkin Arteta, I’d be 100% sure we wouldn’t make it to top 4 or to winning Europa. I don’t mind people praising him, but that’s my opinion on it. I wouldn’t have slept well with Mikel fkin Arteta in charge. Not that I think that he won’t make it in the coaching scene – he might, but no way that I’d be good about us being his first gig. No way.

  36. Owen Calleja

    Money talks in these situations, no matter what the ‘project’ is. Gazidis is a business man. He has finally given Arsenal a new life, and now will go to another sleeping giant. If he fails, no one will blame him, if he brings progress, he’s hailed as a hero.

    Looking forward to seeing the youngsters this year ply their trade. I hope they get the opportunity, not just in the League Cup and Europa league but also in the Prem.

  37. raptora

    Regardless of Voldemort accepting or not Milan’s offer, it’s a fact that under him Arsenal regressed tremendously in every aspect possible. His job was to be in charge of a sporting business and make sure this business is doing well, and more importantly – is evolving in the right direction. He’s had a serious football brand in his hands and for those 10 years, that brand has dropped lower and lower by the year. Not even his last year can be marked as successful because 1. we don’t know how the club will do after the changes; and 2. no one knows if it was his vision in play or someone else’s.

    I won’t miss him for sure. Guy looks like the bad character from a comic book. I’d be happy to see his back going out of Ashburton Grove.

  38. raptora

    Besiktas have reportedly pulled out of a deal to sign David Ospina, who has become surplus to requirements following Bernd Leno’s arrival in north London.
    The club’s manager, Senol Gunes, told Fotomac he has no intention of paying the Colombian’s €5m price tag, or wage demands reportedly totalling around €53k a week.

    Red will be one happy man.

  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Last of the big three A s to go

    Re,ember a few years ago they were gonna be the future ,

  40. Emiratesstroller

    The possible departure of Gazidis may not be particularly convenient in the
    short term with all the other changes taking place at the club.

    However, Gazidis has been at the club now almost 10 years and sometimes a
    change is best for all parties. Gazidis is not required really in dealing with football matters, because we have now a lawyer handling contracts and Sanhelli,
    Mislintat, Burgess and Emery dealing with football matters.

    So replacing Gazidis with a new CEO will allow us to recruit someone with fresh eyes to handle Sponsorship and Commercial deals. That may not be
    so disastrous considering that Arsenal has not proven particularly competitive with other clubs in the past.

  41. alexanderhenry


    Josh not Stan. He already runs the denver nuggets. The arsenal job is a bigger proposition – higher profile etc.
    Why wouldn’t he want to run arsenal?

  42. Emiratesstroller

    Looking at our current squad it is clear to me that Arsenal’s real weaknesses
    continues to be defence. Many of our problems are “ingrained” through poor
    practice adopted by Wenger and his coaching staff.

    Turning around a ship particularly when many of the players have been at club a long time will not be easy. My personal view is that Emery should be given a year to try and resolve problem within the current squad, but if that proves unsuccessful the club may well need to cull a large percentage of

    Messrs Cech, Koscielny and Monreal are in final year of contract and also in
    30s. So removing them from payroll is easy.

    Bellerin, Mustafi, Chambers and Kolasinac should be allowed a year to prove
    themselves. If they fail to adapt and deliver they should be sold.

    Finding the right players will be difficult and expensive, but not impossible.

  43. salparadisenyc

    SladeAugust 3, 2018 00:00:25
    Stay in your little Disney world nyc ….all the energy of a past it shitty martini.
    You wouldn’t last 10 minutes in LA….
    You too cosmo for the plebs, right?

    For the record Slade, I lived in LA for nearly a decade off and on. Taking on aspiring everyone’s two at a time. When I was bored with the West I headed east of Sunset Junction before it was filled with hipsters and still quite mi vida loca.

    Eventually I realized I needed to be within a quick night flight of my Arsenal and a later last call was critical for survival.


  44. alexanderhenry


    Regarding commercial deals, they reflect success on the pitch. Therefore I don’t blame Gazidis for arsenal getting less sponsorship money then other more success clubs.

    What I dislike about Gazidis is the way he mislead arsenal fans during austerity and his belief in ffp. Remember the Bayern Munich prediction?

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Would Rambo really want to go to Spain ?

    He has a young family…

    I’m not sure 5his swap deal is a runner.

    I think he’s running down the clock.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    I disagree Arsenal were not particularly unsuccessful on the pitch until the last 2 seasons. From a Commercial Sponsorship perspective qualifying for Champions League was more important than winning trophies.

    However, if you see a club building a mega bank balance which incidentally since 2016 was a diminishing asset you need to ask the question why throw
    money at club which is not investing in team and shows so little ambition.

    Reducing the bank balance is for me critical and if Dembele were to become
    available I would use half of it to buy him.

    Take a look at Liverpool’s finances. They have one of the smallest bank balances in EPL plus a whopping £100 million overdraft facility. They still manage
    to outspend us in transfer market.

    Kroenke should have insisted that the club showed more ambition in its transfer business and not allowed Wenger to ride rough shod over the decision making.

  47. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    Kroenke may not be interested in football, but he is sure interested in making
    money and Gazidis and not Wenger should have therefore been the influential
    person at club long before Wenger’s departure.

  48. Marko

    If Gazidis goes, my money’s on Josh for the CEO position.

    This could be a good thing. It’d mean a Kroenke being more hands on possibly caring more and asking his dad to do the same thing

  49. HighburyLegend

    “Arsenal will sell Shkodran Mustafi this summer if a team pays £22.3m for the Germany defender”

    Do we must lower the price ??

  50. Dissenter

    “Josh Kroenke as CEO? I thought the same but does he have any serious experience”

    He has more experience in sports management than Gazidis had when he came to Arsenal. His brief as deputy MLS commissioner wasn’t that stellar.

    With Josh Kroenke, you get direct access to the majority share holder. The club ‘s history sells itself and the technocrats stay the same.

  51. alexanderhenry


    ‘I disagree Arsenal were not particularly unsuccessful on the pitch until the last 2 seasons. From a Commercial Sponsorship perspective qualifying for Champions League was more important than winning trophies.’

    My point is that Gazidis was criticised for securing commercial deals that lagged behind clubs that were more successful. That seems unfair.

    I agree with you that the club should show more ambition and spend more in relation to what it can spend- like Liverpool.

    ‘Kroenke should have insisted that the club showed more ambition in its transfer business and not allowed Wenger to ride rough shod over the decision making.’

    You seem to be suggesting that kroenke had no part in ‘decion making’. This is untrue. It’s his club after all.

  52. alexanderhenry

    Marko and dissenter

    Sorry, but I think having Josh in charge would be very bad. Add to that the prospect of Usmanov selling up and arsenal will belong to the kroenkes lock, stock and barrell. Arsenal have always had shared ownership and it’s worked pretty well for the past 130 years.

    I’m no fan of nepotism and Josh is very much a chip off the old block. He’s been running a very mediocre denver nuggets for years and like his father appears content to muddle along as long as whichever club’s running makes a profit.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Whatever happens with the CEO it needs to be done quickly because we have to negotiate a new kit deal this season and we will want to bring in as much money from Nike or Adidas as possible.

    Looking around at our rivals we should be looking for £60-70 Million a year which would be a rise form our current £30 Million a year. Rumours of a £40 Million deal with Adidas just is not good enough when Chelsea are already on £60 Million a year, I get we’ve been ruined as a club but our fan base is still one of the largest going and commercially we have to be seen as an asset to these companies especially now we’ve got this revolution going.

    A new deal with Emirates starts as of 2019 which will bring in an extra £20 Million a year as well.

    Adding £30 Million from the kit deal, £20 Million from the Emirates deal, £13 Million from the Rwanda deal and UCL money will give Emery a good boost in the market.

  54. Emiratesstroller

    Alexander Henry

    Gazidis was almost 10 years at club.

    He must have known the problem long before he finally acted.

    If you are CEO in any company your are the Executive Titular Head of the business. If you are in that position and are being paid a mega salary far in
    excess of what most businesses of that size are paying then you are expected
    to be professional in the job.

    Gazidis failed to do his job until last 12 months. That was the long term problem at Arsenal. There was Board and Senior Management inaction.

    Kroenke is of course at fault, because he was the controlling investor in club and he must have seen what was going on. In the final analysis he has allowed
    other clubs to overtake Arsenal in pecking order two of whom Liverpool and
    Spurs should not be remotely on same planet as us.

  55. Marko

    Sorry, but I think having Josh in charge would be very bad

    I mean no one knows if it would be and again I’ve said before you can’t really judge them off their franchises in America. Besides and this is very important they’re not going anywhere anytime soon so best come to terms with that

  56. alexanderhenry


    I know. We’re stuck with them.
    The one thing that acts as check is Usmanov’s share. I hope he doesn’t sell up.

  57. Michael24


    “Serious experience”

    Let’s have a think about that one for a few seconds.

    As long as he has the equivalent of a high school diploma in maths and economics, is capable of showing some balls when needed and is able to liaise with our manager and supporters in a proactive manner, I reckon that’s all the experience he needs.

    Do we actually have any Ivan sympathisers on here?

  58. alexanderhenry


    I assume by ‘the problem ‘ you mean wenger.
    The fact that Stan flew in personally and awarded wenger a new contract without any consultation with the board, indicates that sacking wenger was never something that Gazidis could have done himself.
    It was always in the end, down to Stan.

  59. Marko

    Usmanov doesn’t keep anything in check. He does and has done nothing. Thing is as far back as I can remember I’ve always thought that ownership of the club has seen little difference from what I can tell. From when George Graham was manager to Rioch to Wenger to the stadium move to the stagnation we’ve always seemed to be a step back from really good commercial deals always seem like we could and should be doing more. Have always seemed to be willing to sell a star player and not necessarily sign up a star player always again behind others in the transfer market. It seems to me Alex you kind of want a sugar daddy type owner which again is fair enough but certainly it’s worth I think that prior to Kroenke owning us the previous state of ownership is nothing to go back to you know.

  60. Michael24

    Commercial deals were hindered because of Arsene Wenger.

    Would you be prepared to invest millions into a club that had such a negative reputation.

    A new manager and a progressive image and the dosh will soon be rolling in.

  61. Marko

    And given all that shite I just said the best possible scenario going forward might be if Josh comes in and gets more hands on more invested in the club as a CEO

  62. alexanderhenry


    No. If we get back into the CL and start winning things, our commercial deals and revenue will improve. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge.

  63. Michael24

    Yes, our clubs image and reputation nosedived over the past decade.

    Those of you who don’t agree are, imo, in denial.

  64. Marko

    Commercial deals were absolutely hampered by Wenger. The club showed zero ambition for years under under him and being successful on the pitch usually means successful commercial deals

  65. Marko

    Obviously we stand to make more money when we get back into the champions league but we stand to make even more when we actually win one or contend for the league title on a consistent basis.

  66. alexanderhenry


    Usmanov’s share does act as a check.
    Here’s a list of what kroenke will be able to do if he aquires it: (taken from the blog, Angry of Islington)

    total control – he can force the remaining small shareholders to sell to him and de-list the shares

    the ability to take as many fees or dividends as he fancies with no one able to raise any legal objection

    the ability to easily leverage Arsenal’s value to assist in making other business deals

    no need for an annual public meeting where the plebs can question his activities

    full benefit (rather than two-thirds) of any further increase in the club’s value.

  67. raptora

    Honestly Josh as CEO won’t be bad at all. If club keeps disappointing, there won’t be anyone that Kroenke’s can hide behind anymore. We saw that Arsenal fans are patient but did make protests, best of which was not showing up for games. If Josh is our CEO even more of the blame will be on them, so fans will one day overthrown them. If we keep disappointing that is.

  68. Michael24


    That goes without saying.

    The thing is, if Wenger was still in charge, sponsors would still have serious doubts as they know we wouldn’t be winning, or competing for, the serious stuff.

    Whatever way you look at things, Wenger, over the past decade, helped to create a dysfunctional product

  69. alexanderhenry


    You seem to be suggesting that just having a new manager will lead directly to an increase in commercial and sponsorship revenue.

    I disagree. Only an improvement on the pitch will do this.

  70. Michael24

    Top sponsors want their products to be associated with a winning mentality.

    I’m sure the CEO’s of all the major sporting manufacturers wouldn’t invest in something that was geared to just making do and balancing the books.

  71. alexanderhenry


    ‘I’m sure the CEO’s of all the major sporting manufacturers wouldn’t invest in something that was geared to just making do and balancing the books.’

    That’s pretty much what arsenal are I’m afraid.
    There is still a chance we could do something though, but it’s going to be very difficult.
    Despite that I have a feeling that Emery is very good coach so fingers crossed.

  72. Marko

    total control – he can force the remaining small shareholders to sell to him and de-list the shares

    Can he though…

    the ability to take as many fees or dividends as he fancies with no one able to raise any legal objection

    He is a billionaire who since his ownership has apparently taken out something like 6 million in whatever consultation fees are.

    the ability to easily leverage Arsenal’s value to assist in making other business deals

    I mean he can do that with his other franchises just as easily. Why would he need to leverage anyway is he going to bid for Fox?

    no need for an annual public meeting where the plebs can question his activities

    Those AGM’s are pointless anyway.

    Fact is him owning 67% to 100% will likely mean fuck all. We’ll still be self sustainable

  73. Michael24


    What I am highlighting is that because of Wenger and his methods, Arsenal’s ability to attract major commercial deals was adversely affected.

    Sponsors are not stupid, they see and feel for a product, just as we do. That’s their job afterall.

    Walking down the highstreet wearing an Arsenal shirt meant more in 2006 than it did prior to Wenger’s departure.

    Basic common sense.

    Had similar conversation several months back with CC.

    Commercial image became tarnished because of the way things were run.

  74. Michael24

    Nice conversation though.

    Half expecting Pitbull, better known as U P YOURS, to jump from his car tyre on this.


  75. Michael24

    I haven’t looked forward so much to the start of new season for years.

    Infact, since the 2007-08 season.

  76. alexanderhenry


    Regarding the other shareholders, he can i’m afraid.

    He did take £6 million out before in two separate payments but stopped due to complaints from other shareholders and resulting bad PR. With no other shareholders around I don’t even think he hasto declare it.

    On leveraging, he’s recently committed to building a $1 billion stadium for the rams and arsenal is worth more than his other teams.

    I disagree on the agms. I think they’re actually important.

    It’s all about transparency, which is especially important when you have an owner who is absent and notoriously silent.

  77. alexanderhenry


    I feel like the party pooper on here.

    I am in fact very much looking forward to this season.
    New manager, new players, new tactics.

    Let’s see what they can do

  78. Marko

    On leveraging, he’s recently committed to building a $1 billion stadium for the rams and arsenal is worth more than his other teams

    This all I can say is can you please do research on things like this because some idiot might take you on your word and granted you can come across as knowledgeable but on this you know nothing. In America when you see stadiums like that being built it’s usually at a cost to the taxpayers. Add to that the naming rights of the stadium and you’ll find the actual owners put fuck all into it.

  79. Marko

    He did take £6 million out before in two separate payments but stopped due to complaints

    Also I’m pretty sure it was 3 million twice. Not 6 million twice. And technically speaking it’s his company he can do that and that hasn’t really affected the investment in the team. We’ve actually spent alot the last 5 years just poorly under Wenger. It’s a worrying narrative that exists with you Alexander and all I’m basically saying is I hope it doesn’t keep you up at night worrying about the things rich capitalist billionaire white men do with the things they own. I mean they’re all scum at the end of the day

  80. Biggles

    August 3, 2018 10:05:08

    If Gazidis goes, my money’s on Josh for the CEO position.

    I reckon so too.

    I also think it would probably be a good thing. Ivan didn’t manage to get rid of Wenger years ago and it’s only recently we’ve brought in decent backroom guys to stop Wenger being a total king. Our commercial revenues aren’t wonderful either. I understand that they are tied somewhat to success, but I think we’ve probably undersold ourselves as well.

    I’m not sure that performance of American sports teams is particularly indicative of ability to be CEO of a European team. No relegation and no meaningful international competition after all.

  81. alexanderhenry


    ‘Also I’m pretty sure it was 3 million twice. Not 6 million twice’.
    That’s what I meant.

    Regarding kroenke, your opinion is fair enough but you and others on here know that mine differs.

    Anyway, roll on next season.

  82. Marko

    Regarding kroenke, your opinion is fair enough but you and others on here know that mine differs.

    I share some of your criticism just not the impending doom stuff

  83. leon

    I dontbknow why the club are letti g the Ramsey situation prolong like this, Ramsey ain’t that good and never fucking was. Now if this was Canti Carzola at a few years younger without the injuries, well that’s no brainer , he is worth 250k but Ramsey please he can jog on

  84. Marko

    Like if he bought all the shares I think we’d still see 70/90 million pound summers not 40 million pound summers. We’d still see vetted questions at AGM’S not no AGM’S. And he’d still take a couple million here and there out as opposed to 10’s of millions

  85. China

    Leon agreed. We should’ve set the deadline for a solid week ago. He’s not special. We don’t need to drag this out into some dramatic saga.

    If someone will offer 30-35m right now I’d bite their hand off. We shouldn’t be entertaining this notion that he’s some indispensable player. If he was elite a host of huge teams would be lining up to pick him off. The reality is that he’s not had much interest by all accounts which is hardly surprising. 30m is better than nothing though and he shouldn’t be integral to our plans. He shouldn’t even be in our starting 11.

    30m anyone? Going, going, gone.

  86. alexanderhenry

    Overall, shared ownership of arsenal is a model that is preferable to me.

    It limits the powers of a majority shareholder and It necessitates at least some transparency. This insures that a reckless or negligent majority shareholder can’t reck the club.

  87. China

    Re Gazidis, he’s done well over the last 12 months but he’s been here for a decade. I’m excited by his current project and performance but I don’t forgive him for his decade of absolutely wank performance.

    I don’t care if his hands were tied with wenger, he sat there and took a 3+m salary out of the club and did absolutely NOTHING for us over the last decade until 6-12 months ago.

    If he goes it’s a bit of a spammer in the works but good riddance to that snake oil salesman. Never trust a man who will take 3m a year plus company perks without doing a day’s work for a decade. Guy can fuck right off.

  88. Marko

    Overall, shared ownership of arsenal is a model that is preferable to me

    Me too. I don’t think those minority share holders that exist would be forced to sell if he bought Usmanov’s shares is what I’m getting at. I don’t think that’s a thing anymore but I may be wrong. I know there used to be a rule if you bought up 30% of shares that you could make an offer for everything but they did away with that rule

  89. Marc


    Under company law once a share holder acquires 90% of a share holding he’s obligated to buy all of the remaining shares – the smaller shareholders also have to sell.

  90. TitsMcGee

    Can’t get 60-70 million a year for the kit deal when we’ve been irrelevant for a decade and a half.

    That’s what got lost on all the promoters of Wenger and his “go express yourself “ method to running a sporting entity.

    Winning makes you attractive to sponsors.

  91. Dissenter

    “I could swear I keep hearing something”

    It’s the soft mouth of a chihuahua nipping at your heels.
    Ignore him. That’s how you deal with the moron.

  92. englandsbest

    The point made by me earlier was that if Gazidis leaves, he may well have been pushed by Stan to make way for his son. We shall see.

    There appears to be a basic misunderstanding by many on here of how Stan operates.

    Let’s make one thing clear from the start: if Stan owns more than 90% of the Arsenal shares, he can do anything he wants with the Club – and I mean ANYTHING.

    For a start he can force the remaining shareholders to sell their shares to him It’s the law of the land.

    Stan owns 66% of the shares. Buying the Uzbek’s block would take him to 96%.

    You-know-who incessantly mentioned ‘Arsenal values’ without naming them. Well, here is one: custodianship. To define it, the owners (BoD) felt duty-bound to pass the Club on to their successors in a better state than they received it. They weren’t paid, they didn’t draw dividends.

    Contrast with Stan : ALL of his sports franchises are in a worst state than he received them. Arsenal included.

    True, he may not take a salary or draw dividends. That might offend the fans of faltering Clubs, they might stay away. No, he gets his money from collateral enterprises (like charging AFC for ‘expert advice’.)

    But most of all he relies on capital growth. On that score, Arsenal has performed exceedingly well. The club’s value has increased almost threefold since he bought his first shares.

    Make no mistake, Stan sets the financial parameters. The franchise (in this case Arsenal) must be self-sustaining. Don’t dare ask him for money! Fine, except that instead of repaying the stadium debt himself (HIS debt, that’s how he got the shares on the cheap), it became part of the overheads, the running expenses.

    We can all remember seasons when, for want of a decent GK and/or CB, the team missed out on the PL title. £20 mill (annual repayment on stadium debt) would have paid for both.

    Instead, you-know-who was forced to sell to buy. (That’s right, the club’s decline was not entirely his fault.

    I could go on and on about Stan, but I won’t, he is too depressing. Instead I’ll cross my fingers and hope that Emery is some kind of genius, and that Josh (if he comes) is some kind of fan,

  93. Marko

    Under company law once a share holder acquires 90% of a share holding he’s obligated to buy all of the remaining shares – the smaller shareholders also have to sell.

    Well now I know

  94. azed

    I don’t think Stan can run Arsenal the way he runs his US franchises. For starters, if your club is not exciting, you do not get shown on TV and that means you money from TV revenues
    2) Price payouts and European price money are all up for grabs, you cannot “tank” in European sports. Once you fall down here, its hard to get back up especially if you are adverse to spending money.
    3) While its possible to relocate a team in Europe, the financial cost would be prohibitive for a club like Arsenal. No city would build a stadium for you or give you tax breaks just to move your team.

  95. Dissenter

    The deafening quietude of silence is the most powerful scream to silence the mangy chihuahua.
    Just made that up and having lots of fun.

  96. Marc


    Relocate a team? Really? Arsenal are based in London not only one of the most populous but also one of the wealthiest cities in Europe . They have a huge local fan base who pay a large some of money for ST’s. Just look at the difference between a ST for any PL club and Bayern Munich. To relocate they would have to attract 60,000 plus fans from scratch.

    There are a million arguments about Kroenke owning Arsenal but to bring up relocation is such an irrelevance it’s a joke.

  97. azed


    Kronke just relocated the rams and US franchise owners use relocation as a bargaining cheap to get concessions from cities. I brought that up because it won’t work for Kronke and he won’t be able to run Arsenal like he runs he’s US based franchises because they are totally different.

  98. Michael24

    Pedro Pedro Pedro!

    What’s the point of having a complete and utter tosser like Pitbull coming on here spouting his vile and abusive hatred towards others?

    Just remove this moron as he serves no purpose whatsoever.

    No backstabbing here U P YOURS.

    Either show respect or fudging piss off!

  99. Pierre

    Michael 24
    Tut Tut graham… Defending scum like marko and gambon… Don’t let them fool you.. I had you down as a man who could see straight through them but you have let yourself down.
    Uruguayan Pitbull may come across as aggressive but you should be intelligent and wise enough to read between the lines and understand that he is a man of integrity compared to the scum you are defending.

  100. Michael24


    What a surprise!

    Of course you would defend such a person.

    Cowering in the corner showing your PC principles.

    Trying to blame others.

    “It was them Miss…..It was them!”

    How embarrassing.

  101. Guns of Hackney


    Where did you get that intel?

    If those dog shitters have a contract, period…Emery is a bigger piece of arse than I originally thought.

  102. Jim Lahey

    Possible set up this year if we go by Emery’s PSG team:

    —————————– Čech/Leno —————————

    Bellerín ———— Sokratis —- Mustafi ————— Kolašinac

    —————————— Torreira ———————————

    ——– Guendouzi/Ramsey ——- Xhaka ———————–

    Mkhitaryan/Özil ——– Lacazette ——————– Aubameyang

  103. Guns of Hackney

    Wow. I just read it. Iwobi. The mouth breathing cunt gets a new deal. Wow. Wow. Wow. This piece of shit is…shit. Garbage.

    Fucking hell. I was all about Arteta and now I know for a fact that Emery is a bastard. Arsenal are still arsenal. And that ain’t good.

  104. Guns of SF

    Seems like Emery is keeping everyone – at least those who we thought would not get renewed or sold

    Will we have a fire sale in January? Who knows…. Not looking good so far
    Still need a speedy winger and Nzonzi would add experience and size that we lack.

  105. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone that thinks Iwobi is worth a new deal is a cunt. Fact.

    Emery is a Spanish Wenger. This is why I detest arsenal.

  106. Guns of SF

    watch us cower and keep Ramsey and a ridiculous wage.
    If this is the trend, Rambo stays unless he sees the writing on the wall, and leaves of his own volition.

    Our team is too large…. need to sell some of this shit

  107. Chika

    Roma are really intent on getting a winger. Still being linked with Bailey and now Neres. I know a certain club that really needs a winger hmm.

  108. Marko

    Defending scum like marko and gambon

    I’ve never said anything to you little P that warrants being called scum. Also you defending pitbull who’s been banned for saying some vile speaks volumes of you.


  109. Guns of Hackney


    Relax. Who was defending Gambo and the other deuce? Who cares?

    Enjoy your

  110. leon

    Well as far I am concerned Ramsey can jog on, If that Santi Casorla it’s a different story, he was class we really missed him it’s a shame he had a such a horrific injury record. We need to sell Ramsey asap. And put Mustafi and Wellbeck or Lucas Purrs. But it depends if they are looking to buy a big name.

  111. Guns of SF

    Time is ticking…. need to sell to get $ to buy one or two more including the the goal scoring winger.

    Mikki as much as I like him is not going to cut it. Back up to Ozil
    If Matteo keeps at this pace…. he goes into the 11. Drop xhaka

    He is a big kid too… maybe around 6’2

    Anyhow, a speedy winger is what we need. We need more pace. Auba cannot do it alone

  112. Guns of SF

    I know we dont pay the full sum up front for transfers….
    Dembele- 100M?
    4 years at 25M- we can do that!

    We have done enough business with Barca- no need to feel that they would not agree to that.

    i doubt inflation would really add too much to the installments

  113. Sancho Monzorla

    Pitbull says:

    Fuck off you cuck. Got anything obvious you’d like to share with us? Waters wet maybe? Twat.

    Pierre says:
    Uruguayan Pitbull may come across as aggressive but you should be intelligent and wise enough to read between the lines and understand that he is a man of integrity.

    I mean, you can’t even make this stuff up it’s so easy.

  114. Steve Hamblen

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again… If Ramsey is playing games then he needs to Fuck Off and do one!! Emery needs to lay it on the line….. Sign a sensible deal or be sold. Personally, I’d put the young Guendouzi in his place and build the team around him. He’s young, talented and good enough to be the future of the club alongside Torerria and our other young lads.
    If we could only manage a swap deal for N’zonzi then I’d go for that, anything to get rid of him to stop him being a negative influence in the dressing room.