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Going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, last night, I was caught dream cheating by my girlfriend. She’s mad. I told her it didn’t mean anything, but she’s not having it. If anyone has been through this, please let me know how you battle out of the hole and win back trust.

You know who I don’t trust?

Ivan Gazidis.

Really looks like he’s off. The man is a C-suite masochist. He’s The Yellow Bastard in Sin City, he can only survive if he’s in corporate hell, rebranding being skint, selling dreams off FFP compliance, fixing a shit tip of a club.

What a bizarre decision.

I mean, I get it, Milan is a fucking cool city and the club is one of the true greats… but seriously, what an odd move. Hire in a bunch of new people, then bin them off as soon as something fancy comes your way. Weak.

Onto the Chelsea game. I only caught sporadic parts of the match and both teams had interesting players. Chelsea’s Hudson-Odoi had the best of Hector most of the night, his turn of pace reminded me of early days Anelka and his trickery was something special. Arsenal’s young superstar Guendouzi continued to impress at the base of midfield. He patrols the back 4 with great discipline, he breaks up play, he distributes quickly, he can take the ball around people, he really does look the real deal and it’s a struggle to see how he doesn’t start our first game of the season.

I can’t remember a player we were this excited about since Cesc broke onto the scene. He looks a class act, a player for the now, a player who is going to push Torreira really hard.

It’s tough to read too much into the game, we’re in preseason. Our defence still looks troubling. Petr Cech making some solid interventions yesterday kept the game respectable. Sokratis looks quite a bit off the pace as does Mustafi and Bellerin. Still, they’re tired, they’re absorbing a lot of new ideas and you can’t get too worried until we start playing.

The most important thing is it looks like the team are progressing.

Right, see you in the comments.

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  1. Marc


    Whilst I’m about the last person on earth to offer advice on relationships I think sharing your relationship troubles with the crowd on here is probably as close to Bobbitt territory as you can get!

  2. S Asoa

    Raats.. me too suspect DM is aka Pedro le Pietra the Rock n Roll artist.
    Anyway let him have some fun too. After all we enjoy his efforts on Le Grove so much , he too needs some our cost

  3. azed

    How can I convince you that I’m not Pedro

    Need you and Pedro in the same place holding up the current day’s newspaper.

    We also need the system that you use to visit Le grove. It must show that you are the owner of the system or it was assigned to you.

  4. S Asoa

    Tell them you are married and only careful to have sweet dreams about your wife.
    Anyway advice to Pedro:
    1- tell your gf not to be so immature about a dream most probably you never had and was God’s way of testing her to see if she is a mature girl or a hyper nag. ( Important to say this in front of her girl friends so they bug her )
    2- After this succeeds please inform so I can tell how not to be stupid again

  5. David Smith

    Pretty easy about whatever Ivan does or doesnt do.
    But, the main worry, despite where they are now, Ivan might believe AC actually have more ambition than Stan

  6. Guns of Hackney

    It’s like dream masterbating…but then you wake up…on the bus…and you realise you weren’t sleeping or dreaming. No one wants to see that.

    I’ll say it again. I don’t think Arsenal will miss a beat when Ivan goes to Milan. And why should they? I’d say 99% of the players probably don’t even know who he is.

    Let’s see him stink Milan up.

  7. Mark S

    Pedro-Is your girlfriend an American? You really can’t just win her over/soothe her fears by just opening your mouth, and letting your British accents do its magic?

    As a “Yank”, I’ve always wondered if British women “swoon” over American accents like American women do over British accents?

    At the end of the day though…bitches be cray man…bitches be cray. (This coming from a man who is happily married and has three children.)

    On Gazidis, do you think he could be moving on because he can’t stand Stan K anymore? I was talking to a fellow Gooner yesterday, and we were wondering if he’s moving on because he doesn’t like how Josh K is becoming more involved with the club. Maybe he sees the writing on the wall, and he’s jumping ship before he’s forced out by Stan’s son. Just a thought. His “value” on the market has never been higher…ie he just did a major overhaul of a “big club”, and he’s going to another “big club” that needs to be overhauled desperately.

    And again…bitches be cray.

  8. Vintage Gun

    Bellerin doesn’t look right. I mean he almost seems mechanical in his movements, rigid like.
    I’m not saying this because of yesterday’s performance alone, but i’m really starting to have reservations over his development.

    Even his pace seems to have evaporated.

  9. Mark S

    HighburyLegend-I didn’t mean for it to describe Ivan….more just emphasizing my earlier remarks about Pedro’s love life, however I could also see it applying to Ivan!

    Why does he want to go? It appears that he finally has everything that he’s wanted, yet now he wants to leave…..

  10. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone thought that Ivan wants a change? Milan is spectacular. He might be getting more cash and his family might fancy it.

    Seriously, Arsenal are not the bollocks. They aren’t in the top 10 of European clubs.

  11. Ishola70

    Could have easily gone in with a battering at half time in that Chelsea match if it wasn’t for Cech.

    Cech will probably get the nod to start over Leno in the first Premier League match off the back of that.

    Guendozi only real bright spark again. Could have a few problems defensively though.

    Elneny was poor off the ball.

    Big chance that Hudson-Odoi will be picked for Chelsea in the upcoming league match to be up against Bellerin again.

    Morata is still rank.

    Not surprised that there were some posts of some concern about this friendly.

  12. Ishola70

    And Jorginho looks a tidy signing for them.

    Looks like a real marshal player in the middle.

    Bakayoko who was signed for 36 mil just last season is going to get used to that bench.

  13. Jamie

    Honestly, if anyone here has traveled around Italy, you’ll know that Milan is not a beautiful city. If fact, it’s one of the most ugly and industrialized in Italy.

    They must’ve put together a great financial package for Ivan’s head to be turned. No great loss, though. He was happy to be Wenger’s cuck for years. Shouldn’t be too hard to find a football CEO who wants to live in London and rake in 4m a year.

  14. Receding Hairline

    “But, the main worry, despite where they are now, Ivan might believe AC actually have more ambition than Stan”

    Ivan is a CEO not a top striker or a manager. I don’t think trophy counts bother him that much. He was one of the highest paid CEO’s in Europe despite achieving very little on the commercial side.

  15. alexanderhenry


    Bad luck there with the ‘dream cheating’. Looking at it reasonably , we are not oursleves when in the world of our own unconscious. Maybe try and explain it from a psychological perspective.

    On Gazidis, I’ll still be surprised if he leaves. If he does, it points to a behind the scene shake up at arsenal which might be a good thing- too many cooks perhaps?
    We now have a coach who just coaches and a lot of other members of a completely new and restructured back room that include some of Emery’s men. Also Josh seems to have taken an interest.

    The club seems to have gone from one extreme to the other. Is it a bit muddled at Arsenal HQ? Maybe there’s no room for Gazidis or maybe he’s clashing with Josh.

    Whatever the reason, I won’t shed a tear if and when Gazidis leaves. He was always just Stan’s mouthpiece and despite the rumours I think he always backed wenger, up until the last couple of seasons anyway.

    Regarding the game against Chelsea, I don’t attach too much importance to preseason games but it looked like a typical arsenal performance to me.
    We still look weak at the back and I only hope Emery knows what he’s doing if he decides to keep Bellerin. I think there’s lots of work to be done on the training ground.
    I expect another significant signing because of all the dead wood.
    Also, over a season I’m still not happy with the Laca and/or Auba option up front and the lack of a genuine wide player with pace.

  16. alexanderhenry

    Surely there wil be a clear out before the season starts.
    Who Emery decides to keep will be as important as who he sells.

  17. Wallace

    provided Ramsey stays I think it’ll be Xhaka/Torreira/Ramsey. Guendouzi might dislodge one of them at some point, but would be pretty ballsy to start him from the off, I think.

  18. alexanderhenry

    David Smith

    Oh , I’m sure they do (Milan).

    As you know, Arsenal fc have to function in spite of Stan.

  19. Receding Hairline

    So after training sessions and 4 preseason games some were expecting to see a new Arsenal….you amaze me.

    Almost as funny as the Chelsea fans who convinced themselves that what they played yesterday was Sarri ball.

    Ishola i don’t know why you are picking out Jorginho..he did not look all that to me yesterday. Guy is actually a regista and he needs Kante covering ASAP.

  20. Ishola70

    Gazidis can toddle off.

    And with it his infamous past prediction that Arsenal by this stage would be on Bayern Munich levels on the playing front.

  21. rick chamberlain

    If Ivan G goes re-hire Aw as chief exec on condition he doesn’t change any of the existing set up. he’s too old to manage a club but could fill a void. Unique solution.

  22. Ishola70


    This is a regista that has a defensive head and can clean up in midfield.

    A partnership of Kante-Jorginho looks promising for them.

    Bakayoko may as well pack his bags now if he wants regular first team football.

    As for Morata stil shit. Giroud will be leading that Chelsea line for the most part.

  23. Danny

    “Dream Cheating”?
    Sounds like something out of a Spielberg movie with Tom Cruise……
    Pedro, just tell her all blokes do it.

  24. Receding Hairline

    “This is a regista that has a defensive head and can clean up in midfield.”

    Honestly this is not me being a c*nt but i did not notice him doing much clearing up yesterday, he can pass the ball though i give him that.

  25. Michael24

    Gazidis is, and always has been, an utter slimeball.

    Money aside ( I know, £4m a year), anyone who sits by and let things manifest, as they have done over this past decade, deserves no respect or gratitude from ourselves.

    If he goes and I sincerely hope he does go, good fudging riddance.

    Dun dun dun, another one bites the dust!

  26. Marko

    Going through a bit of a tough time at the moment, last night, I was caught dream cheating by my girlfriend.

    You know who I don’t trust?

    Ivan Gazidis.

    Coincidence I think not

  27. InsideRight

    @ Pedro

    Dreams like that are often a misrepresentation of stimuli by the mind. A combination of tiredness or low self esteem, watching TV where a plot line has featured someone cheating, combined with being in a challenging work situation, facing significant pressures, all gets jumbled up in your head and manifests as something absurd that you have no control over.

    Dreams about cheating are usually not about sexual relations, but the subconscious processing some other form of cheating, such as ripping off a colleague or producing a shite campaign for a client. It could even be upset at someone wronging you, like Ivan G for example. It’s all meaningless. Hell, I dreamed I was doing Olivia Munn, and that didn’t come to anything.

    Dr Right

  28. Ishola70

    It is because you are blinkered RH.

    You hate to give credit to any rival players.

    Sign of a super fan of course.

  29. Guns of Hackney



    All of these clubs have regularly outperformed us in the Champions League.

    If we’re a top seven club in our own league…we are not and never were European heavyweights.

  30. Receding Hairline

    If Ivan G goes re-hire Aw as chief exec on condition he doesn’t change any of the existing set up. he’s too old to manage a club but could fill a void. Unique solution.


    E hold you well Oga.

    Wenger should not be allowed back in any capacity. at least not just months after being sacked. Come on people

  31. Terraloon

    I would be interested to know how manny thought that going into last nights friendly the well documented advantages held by Arsenal should have led to a convincing victory?
    Was that, bar a couple of changes the team that will be starting against Man City,? If that back four starts against City , even a weakened , City they quite simply will have far too much pace .
    Hudson Odi drew a panicked tackle inside the box from Bellerin and whilst Torreira will add a little bit more defensive nous any team that decides to target the space vacated by the advanced full backs probably will have untold success.
    Chelsea goal was simply as that and truth they should have scored their second from a very similar situation. Was that just a short term issue or is it something that other teams will identify as a weakness and target?
    In honesty is was a bit of a getting out of jail last night the result to a large degree was irrelevant but as we saw still a lot of work to do

  32. Receding Hairline

    “It is because you are blinkered RH.You hate to give credit to any rival players.Sign of a super fan of course.”

    Is that all you can come up with Ishola

    Well i watched the game with two Chelsea friends of mine, they noted the same thing. He isn’t really that strong defensively as you like to make out and we will see that as the season progresses.

    I am sure the Bakayoko you are asking to pack his bags was hailed last season by your type (see Marko, i know types too).

  33. Ishola70

    And what type are you RH?

    Yes we will see re: Jorginho as the season progresses and I expect him to show that he is the marshal player I talked about.

    You are obviously trying to put him down at this stage.

    We will see how he is rated soon enough.

  34. Ishola70

    RH is implying that Jorginho is only useful in passing the ball.

    I expect to see this notion seen as very wrong regarding Jorginho.

  35. Ishola70

    No I didn’t hail the Bakayoko signing myself.

    In fact I slated him right from the off when seeing him in a Chelsea.

    Others were making excuses for him.

    He can’t expect to see much serious football time with Chelsea now with Jorginho and Kante available for midfield.

  36. Ishola70

    That’s what I like to see RH.

    Sticking your neck out regarding Jorginho.

    Only useful for passing the ball.

    Fair play.

  37. Terraloon


    Have to agree with Ishola . Jorginho will probably become the fulcrum for Chelsea’s play. As for his defensive capabilities I doubt that will become his main responsibility irrespective prior to the last minute winner how often did Arsenal get in on goal when he was on the pitch?

  38. Marc

    More rumours re Pogba this time going back to Juve. We must not allow ManU to look to sign Ramsey at the last minute – you just know that Mourinho would love to screw us over. If they want him they can play well over the odds and do it soon.

  39. Sancho Monzorla

    Any deal with United that doesn’t involve Martial coming back in return would be sheer incompetence.

  40. Guns of SF


    Try and let it ride man. Deny you even know who the girl is.
    Then keep track, and accuse her of the same in a few months.
    Level the playing field.

  41. China

    Who cares if Ramsey joins utd? Firstly, he’s not the difference maker in their squad if it happens and secondly they just doubled money on Sanchez who has been a flop so far despite being far better than Ramsey as well. Lastly, Mourinho is the king of destroying his own players will to live. I don’t see him extracting the best out of him

    Take the money already. This game of contract stalling is both tedious and damaging to the club. The next club to offer 35+ mil just take it and give him the boot. We don’t have time o lot energy for this Ramsey circus when he’s not actually good enough to warrant it

  42. China

    Aaron Ramsey looking for mega bucks or an elite club is like Jennifer Aniston pushing for a role in the next Victoria’s Secret lineup

    Not worthy. Take what we can get already

  43. mysticleaves

    So there can be a regista with a defensive head. Oh well. I thought only one club plays with a regista in the whole of Europe.

  44. WengerEagle

    That Barcelona seduction, first Malcolm spurning Roma and now Vidal turning down Inter Milan for them.

    Good short-term signing, surprised Bayern are getting rid as he was one of their top performers. Short-term could be interesting but the hope is for Arthur Melo to be their long-term midfield successor.

  45. mysticleaves

    “Then keep track, and accuse her of the same in a few months.
    Level the playing field.”

    You’d probably be looking for a new girlfriend very soon. A girls reasons for doing things can’t be wrong at all. Dont you have respect for her womanhood?

  46. Receding Hairline

    So there can be a regista with a defensive head. Oh well. I thought only one club plays with a regista in the whole of Europe.

    Mystic glad to see that did not escape u.

    We were lectured all summer that only Barca still played with a regista

    Now we are told Jorginho is a regista …but the good kind..not the evil sought like Xjaka and Busquets

  47. WengerEagle

    ‘I have a Utd supporter pal who had a dream he was banging a female version of Cristiano Rolando. Swears he’s straight, but..’

    Lol, never trust a Manc.

  48. Marc


    I wasn’t suggesting we shouldn’t sell just that we need to have time to reinvest the money.

    As for your comment the “next” club to offer £35 million plus don’t you mean the “first” club to make an offer.

  49. Freddie Ljungberg

    So Barca signed Vidal because they have a shaky relationship with PSG after the Neymar deal and couldn’t get Rabiot.

    Sell Ramsey if he doesn’t sign with reasonable wages this weekend, get Rabiot for that money and we’ve gone from an unbalanced midfield to a potentially great one.

    Still need a winger though.

  50. KAY Boss

    Vidal to Barca @ 27m. if he were linked to arsenal now, comment such as
    “he’s old”
    “are we building a pensioners association” will be read here!
    Vidal’s a solid player and has the bite missing in us for a long time.
    Gazidis is free to go and even why the fuss about his departure?

  51. Ishola70

    Your points are throw in the air when Arsenal had a regista that can’t defend for toffee.

    If you would prefer to say Arsenal were the only club in Europe playing with a defensively poor regista well there just said it.

    If this is your defence of the regista regarding Arsenal it’s not a convincing one.

  52. Elmo

    “What a bizarre decision.”

    Not really. He’s obviously been offered a cut of any uplift in share price by his hedge fund buddies who now own Milan. That has the potential to make his £2.7m salary + £900k bonus look relatively trivial.

    The American hedge funders clearly have no interest in owning a football club long-term (they took possession of it when one of their creditors defaulted on a high-interest loan), so they want to quickly make it a saleable asset (self-sustaining brand-name club in CL), crystallise their profit, and get well clear of a ridiculous industry where most owners lose money.

    They know no-one in football, but the buddy of the hedge fund bosses son is CEO of Arsenal, a self-sustaining club with an estimated $2bn value, and he’s a corporate lawyer who worked in the US, so he’s one of “their people.”

    Gazidis will think with the re-emerging profile of Serie A (CR9; bigger TV deal; 4 CL group places guaranteed with UEFA changes), that he can put in a little work and get that tasty slice of the future club sale proceeds.

    From our point of view, I don’t think it really matters if he goes. I find it funny that he’s running a modest size business (in the bigger scheme of things) with £400m revenue, yet he’s being paid more than many FTSE100 CEOs with billions of revenue and demanding shareholders.

  53. Guns of SF


    I was accused of the same thing. I denied it, as the persons name is someone I didnt even know…. it went away but was stressful at the time, as its an accusation you dont have much room to stand on. Kinda unfair if you think about it.

  54. Sanmi


    Did you just praise Jorginho? He did nada yesterday. Guendouzi easily outplayed him. A midfield of Guendouzi, Rowe and Elneny controlled the game. That’s an indictment.

  55. Guns of SF

    Love Vidal what a fucking warrior. A beast when he plays for Chile at least. too bad La roja did not make the WC

  56. Elmo

    Interesting, isn’t it.

    33.5 yo Ronaldo to Juve for £105m.
    30 yo Nainngolan to Inter for £34m.
    31 yo Vidal to Barca for £27m.
    30 yo Sokratis to Arsenal for £18m.

    30 yo (30 in 7 days) Willian having Barca bid £60m for, and the offer being snubbed.

    A decade ago it would be extremely rare to see any clubs consider paying huge money for 30+ year olds. Arsene, for years, even had his ‘only one year contracts for 30+ players’ rule. Not so long ago (15 years?) that a cruciate ligament tear would be considered career-ending in most sports, regardless of the money thrown at it.

  57. Danny S

    I get a good couple of hours of stink eye after I dream cheat. I catch suspicious glances for the rest of the day. But what can I say, those bitches be cray.

    As for Ivan, in my line of business I see a lot of managers who come in and are very good at sorting out a mess and working under stress and pressure where they have a lot of excuses for not doing brilliantly, but doing well with what they have. Once that ship stedies they have to then take it up to ‘the next level is the next level’, and they can’t. So they move on the the next shit show and the cycle continues.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    To clarify the dream cheating, are you saying you cheated in your dream and were talking in your sleep etc or that you treated in your girlfriend’s subconscious and now your girlfriend in mad at you?

  59. kc

    It’s not surprising that ageism is such a accepted thing amongst Wenger raised Gooners. But some teams buy players for how they can help them now in the present. Not every move is about the fucking resale value. Hell we just brought in a 34 year old RB because the 23 year old Bellerin is shite. Besides 40 is the new 30 anyway these days.

  60. englandsbest

    What do we do with Josh, honey? His sister is doing fine, she’s making it out there on her own. But the boy?

    How about I put him on the BoD for a while and then move him up to CEO?

    Sounds good to me. dear, He’ll need some help though, the boy don’t know a thing about soccer.

    No sweat, sweetie pie, I’ll tell Ivan to hire the best football people he can get.

    Won’t he be leaving?

    Sure. Afterwards.

  61. gazzza da goon


    Been reading your blog for years mate,
    love the work.
    Relationships,…… 1 question…….
    If she’s worth it!
    If so perseverance is the key, my shaolin warrior!!!

  62. Akilan

    Guendouzi outplayed Jorginho with and without the ball.

    A Torreira, Guendouzi, Ramsey midfield is a balanced midfield. Just hope he can deliver it in the PL. My excitement just got doubled to the season.

    If only something similarly miraculous happened in the defense.

  63. Tough day

    Have plenty of people in my team who have spend years hiding behind “leadership” and then crap their pants when their ideas come to the front. Talks a good game. But he’s a lawyer.

  64. salparadisenyc

    Milan is the Los Angeles of Italy, everything happens behind closed doors in sordid gardens with broodish characters thinking there all in the know.

    Give me Roma or Torino.

  65. azed


    Tell your girlfriend cheating in dreams don’t count. If she doesn’t insists, ask her if she liked the chocolate and flowers you sent to her in your next dream.

  66. raptora

    Can’t believe how many quality wingers/wide forwards that would instantly improve us were available in this window and some still are. I won’t bother to count them but fk me, they must be at least 10. It’s been clear for a while that we are not interested in not even one of them. Why? Cause we have two 50+m strikers and they have to play. Or because we are perfectly fine with Iwobi, Mikki and Welbeck… I think that this is going to be a huge problem for us during the season. Especially when a lot of the wingers have been available for the money we’d get from selling Welbeck and Elneny.

  67. Ishola70

    Guendouzi did more running around than Jorginho.

    Jorginho looks assured.

    If the narrative here now is that as the season goes on Guendouzi is going to be more influential than Jorginho then that seems a bit off. We don’t even know if Guendouzi will claim a regular starting spot yet however promising he has looked so far.

  68. Michael24


    So true.

    I’d prefer to have a team of 30-35 year olds who were quality week in week out, than a team of 20-25 year olds that had potential.

    Wenger led us down this preconceived path that accepted youth as progress.

    Kick this fudging idea into touch and let’s live for the present.

  69. Michael24

    PS: Those of you who have doubts about Lichtsteiner obviously haven’t seen him play.

    Rest assured, he will be a valuable asset.

  70. Sancho Monzorla

    We don’t really need to compare Guendouzi with Jorginho do we? A 20 yr old prospect with someone Chelsea just paid £50m+ for? Come on.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Still wanting to sell Mustafi it seems and the links to Gbamin persist.

    He is a CDM who I read can play and has played CB apparently, is the thought going to be more youth in the CB role?

    That would be Chambers at 23, Gbamin at 22, Holding at 22 and Mavropanos at 20.

    Very young for CBs, would surely mean a loan or the sale of Holding as well?

  72. Marko

    If there’s genuine links to Gbamin then that means we want him more than Nzonzi obviously. I’m for this because he’s highly rated and can play CB. We absolutely need one more defender signed the defence is obviously still a problem. Blatantly so

  73. Cesc Appeal

    As was mentioned earlier Rebic for £19 Million is one we should be interested in, badly need a winger and that is not a bad deal at all

  74. Marko

    Actually very true we’ve already adequately replaced Jack. Guendouzi in a handful of preseason games has replaced the enigma that is Jack Wilshere

  75. WengerEagle

    Probably an unpopular opinion on here but i wasn’t as enamoured with Rebic as others in the World Cup, was a weak link in the matches vs England and France.

    Lost the ball countless amount of times and lacks quick feet, solid athlete but think Sevilla is his level. Reminds me of Konoplyanka a bit.

  76. Marko

    WE he’s apparently very promising. Been doing great at Mainz. They always seem to churn out good players and good managers but I’ll be honest I haven’t seen him. But you know who probably has? Sven Millhouse…because that’s his job

  77. Marko

    Agree about Rebic and to be honest Perisic can get fucked too. Been hearing about him for years and he’s been slumming it at Inter and that says it all. And they’ve been nearly as bad as Milan these last few years. Nope I’d prefer Bailey or Lozano. Christ why hasn’t Guedes moved yet.

  78. Cesc Appeal

    Well I’m already thinking of a song for Gbamin to the tune of Jammin by Bob Marley so, Arsenal have no choice now.

  79. Marko

    Have never seen him but from a quick look at Whoscored seems he had a better season than Soyuncu

    For around the same price too. Mainz are maintaining he’s staying but come on let him go Mainz we need him more. Come on now Mainz

  80. Victorious

    Those of you who have doubts about Lichtsteiner obviously haven’t seen him play.”

    Nobody is having doubts about his abilities, he’s twice the player Bellerin is,my only concern for him is probably his recovery pace which against speedy wingers will might painfully come to the fore.

    Bellerin should be absolutely nowhere near the starting 11

    I believe Emery will Licht give him some much needed minutes against Lazio to get him up to speed against city

  81. Sancho Monzorla

    Hope you like Gbamin too.

    Just a week left in the window now, there’s obviously more stuff being explored hopefully something comes to fruition.

  82. WengerEagle


    Haha yeah strange that he refused to move to United, Mourinho openly wanted him. Must be happy in Milan, could be family reasons who knows cause it sure as shit isn’t for money or success.

    Yeah Bailey or Guedes are as good as we can hope for that’s realistic, Dembele for me is out of reach.

    Lozano is interesting, I was impressed in the WC by him but thought he looked quite raw, his end product needs a lot of work. Also sceptical of the Eredivisie for obvious reasons in that it has produced complete shite for the last decade or so.

  83. Dissenter

    “We don’t really need to compare Guendouzi with Jorginho do we? A 20 yr old prospect with someone Chelsea just paid £50m+ for? Come on.”

    Kante’s transfer to Leicester city from Caen was only £5.6 million, the rest is history.

    The transfer fee does not always equate to quality.

  84. Zfree


    Never seen Rebic outside this summer, but he’s young, relatively cheap, and an athlete. Strong, fast, willing to take people on. Seems like a great buy at that price all things considered, you could sell Welbeck and Perez and have it covered…

  85. Marko

    I see us making at least one more signing but I’ll be honest the links with actual wingers beyond tabloid shite isn’t there. But things can move very quickly in the last week of the transfer window especially if a few move on like Welbeck and Lucas and Ospina and now that Arsene is gone we may move quicker if opportunities actually open up

  86. Marko

    In fact so glad Arsene’s fucked off we’re so lucky. Could you imagine him in a short transfer window in a world cup year? We would have done fuck all

  87. WengerEagle


    I mean he’s relatively young, 25. Ozil was younger when we bought him for context.

    I mean he looked decent in the groups and vs Denmark but from the QF onwards I thought he was poor. Good player but strikes me as a tournament player type, his output over the course of a season in the Bundesliga hasn’t been at all impressive.

  88. Marko

    WE Lozano had like 17 or 19 goals in 27 appearences for PSV he’s red hot. Granted he needs to work on his end product and decision making much like Guedes and honestly most young forwards like them at their age but you buy into them making a difference now and getting better and better and that’s what we need to do more

  89. mysticleaves

    Gbamin sounds like a typo

    Ishola it’s obvious that Guendouzi shouldn’t be compared with Jorhinho but in that particular preseason match Guendouzi has his number. Still will be shocked if he’s picked over Xhaka and Ramsey (if he stays)

    Rebic is so one dimensional, doesn’t have skills just power and acceleration(not pace per say) another Welbz

  90. WengerEagle


    The gulf between the Eredivisie and La Liga is huge, much bigger than it has been in previous years.

    Wasn’t Jahanbakhsh the top scorer last season? That’s just not at all comparable to La Liga. Produced shite top scorers/performers like the De Jong bothers, Davy Klaasen, Van Wolfswinkel, Jorgensen, Vincent Jaansen in recent seasons.

    I mean when was the last time that the Eredivisie exported somebody that went on to be a top player?

  91. Sancho Monzorla


    I wasn’t saying he can’t be good because of his price, I was saying can we temper expectations for a new, young player that hasn’t been at the club but a month?

    You keep mentioned them in the same sentence and I promise you some idiot will come along crying disappointment if Guendouzi doesn’t perform on par with Jorginho.

    Understand your point re: Kante but again, is there really a need to immediately compare to the best possible outcome?

    He’s been good in preseason. £50m+ fees and Kante shouldn’t be the ensuing discussion from those performances though.

  92. WengerEagle

    PSV had a quality team about a decade ago, knocked us out with that Alex header at the Emirates in the CL and went deep one year to the CL SF I think where they lost to Milan.

    Eredivisie since then hasn’t been a serious threat to anyone.

  93. Marko

    Very true WE but I’ll be honest I’ll be shocked if DeLigt and Donny Van de beek and Frankie DeJong of Ajax don’t go on to bigger and better things. David Neres too Onana the keeper and at least Lozano and maybe Bergwijn of PSV but yeah honestly outside of a handful of youngsters at 2 clubs the league is poor. Justin Kluivert has already gone and he’s a talent

  94. Marko

    DeLigt at 18 is already considered probably the brightest young defender in world football. Already playing for the Netherlands. At 18 these things don’t happen to defenders that young

  95. Zfree

    For some reason thought I had seen rebic was 23 yrs old. Whoops. I’m still standing by £20M being worth a bid but I was more about it when I had in my head the player was 23.

  96. Dissenter

    I hear you ,an.
    Sometimes, you can tell a special player by seeing them once or twice.
    I really think we may have struck something special with this Guendouzi, I’m reluctant to say we’ve struck gold.
    He’s a special player who will only get better if managed properly.

  97. WengerEagle


    Few names there to keep an eye on all right but I think that the Netherlands is kind of dead atm in terms of producing talent, their NT is in an absolutely sorry state. Ryan Babel is back in the side, i thought I was legit tripping when I saw his name in a friendly, granted he has played well for Besiktas. Was hailed as the next Henry just over a decade ago and I remember being sick when Liverpool snagged him with Torres.

    In terms of talent it’s hard to look past the top five leagues, in Portugal there’s still talent to be unearthed and Porto/Benfica/Sporting have consistently supplied top players for Europe’s elite.

    Outside of that, gets a bit scarce. South America probably your best bet.

  98. Leftsidesanch

    Dembele in a pic with our new boy wonder, Auba, Laca and Mikki? Will be more funny when we dont sign him

  99. WengerEagle

    Dembele is the dream not least because of his rapport with Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan, still remember watching them tear Bayer Leverkusen to shreds in their season opener a couple of years ago with Auba and Miki pure feasting.

  100. Cesc Appeal

    If the Arsenal players let him go home after that they should be fined a weeks wages.

    How sweet would it have been to get some revenge and have Aubameyang put an Arsenal shirt on him?