Dembele rumours will not die

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Well, the new boys have started to drip into the club. Torriera has LANDED which is magnificent. This is him pointing.

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In other news, the stories about us landing Dembele get hotter and hotter. The French wideman has an admirer in Sven M. Barca oddly looking to bin off the magical winger after just one season. I have no idea why they’d consider moving on talent like that, all I know if I LOVE him deeply as a player and think he’d be a fabulous addition to our quite scary attack. Kike Marin, the Spanish God of transfers reckons this could happen… very exciting.

Also, if Barca are offering up a £135m player who is 20 in exchange for Ramsey… well, I don’t want to pack anyone’s bags but come on, that’d be a tasty offer. Ramsey would be on the train to Emanuel Petitville in a season anyway.

OBVIOUSLY I’d like to keep Ramsey, but be real, it’s not looking good.

The Ozil drama carried on into its 16th week, fans in Germany protested on the theme of #IamOzil. Bit dramatic, don’t you think? Guy hung out with the civil rights abuser basket player Enes Kanter called “the Hitler of our century”, now people are protesting his treatment in Germany (the irony), a country that’s lambasted by the hard right the world over for being too kind to immigrants? Please.

Freddi Boban is having NONE OF IT.

“I think that’s a bit cowardly,”

“Ozil’s criticism of social media, especially in the direction of the German Football Association (DFB), is unbearable.

“This blanket charge of racism simply does not correspond to reality. He could have given an interview somewhere, live on TV.

“For us footballers, the rule is ‘be a man and stand up.'”

Freddi, what does it mean to be a man? Why are you leaning on dated stereotypes of masculinity to make a shallow point about racism?

You disgust me.

Anyway, time to sweep this German nonsense under the rug. There’s only one nationality that counts and that’s GOONER. Amirite? Yes. Yes I am.

Right, not a lot to go on today. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Ishola70

    lol @ Dissenter who kept on saying the goalkeeper position was the most pressing and needed of all positions in the side.

  2. Ishola70

    Did someone on here say Jorginho was nothing in the match.

    He was cleaning up frequently in midfield for them.

    Looks like he will be a good signing for them.

  3. Steve Hamblen

    Dembele could come on loan, that is a possibility and I do think that Ramsey’s “injury problem” ironically against Chelsea, is the beginning of the end it seems. It could be a coincidence but things are looking ominous, if he was staying he would’ve signed by now, surely….
    Another fucking Judas, just like all the others..