Dembele rumours will not die

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Well, the new boys have started to drip into the club. Torriera has LANDED which is magnificent. This is him pointing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 20.59.14


In other news, the stories about us landing Dembele get hotter and hotter. The French wideman has an admirer in Sven M. Barca oddly looking to bin off the magical winger after just one season. I have no idea why they’d consider moving on talent like that, all I know if I LOVE him deeply as a player and think he’d be a fabulous addition to our quite scary attack. Kike Marin, the Spanish God of transfers reckons this could happen… very exciting.

Also, if Barca are offering up a £135m player who is 20 in exchange for Ramsey… well, I don’t want to pack anyone’s bags but come on, that’d be a tasty offer. Ramsey would be on the train to Emanuel Petitville in a season anyway.

OBVIOUSLY I’d like to keep Ramsey, but be real, it’s not looking good.

The Ozil drama carried on into its 16th week, fans in Germany protested on the theme of #IamOzil. Bit dramatic, don’t you think? Guy hung out with the civil rights abuser basket player Enes Kanter called “the Hitler of our century”, now people are protesting his treatment in Germany (the irony), a country that’s lambasted by the hard right the world over for being too kind to immigrants? Please.

Freddi Boban is having NONE OF IT.

“I think that’s a bit cowardly,”

“Ozil’s criticism of social media, especially in the direction of the German Football Association (DFB), is unbearable.

“This blanket charge of racism simply does not correspond to reality. He could have given an interview somewhere, live on TV.

“For us footballers, the rule is ‘be a man and stand up.'”

Freddi, what does it mean to be a man? Why are you leaning on dated stereotypes of masculinity to make a shallow point about racism?

You disgust me.

Anyway, time to sweep this German nonsense under the rug. There’s only one nationality that counts and that’s GOONER. Amirite? Yes. Yes I am.

Right, not a lot to go on today. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Mr Serge

    At least at halftime emery addressed the situation with the old boss we would have played the same way and did a sub after 70 mins and hope we would win

  2. raptora

    “Their front 3 is the best in Europe.”
    Not remotely true. The biggest reason behind Madrid’s UCL success was their CM, that was/is the best by some margin. After that, yes Ronaldo is the best player in the history of UCL, but Benzema, Bale, Asensio etc haven’t really done all that much. So it was their CM + Ronaldo that gave them the biggest edge. You could never say that “holy balls Madrid have a scary front three” or “scary attack”. It’s been all about Ronaldo up front. Adding Ronaldo to Dybala, Douglas Costa and Mandzukic makes them stronger for sure. But as a whole front attacking three RM’s front three was not as scary as Messi, Suarez, Neymar or now Messi, Suarez, Coutinho. Or to Neymar, Cavani, Mbappe. With all due respect to Costa and Dybala individually they are nowhere near as good as Suarez, Neymar and Mbappe.

    Bonucci was all in all out of Juventus for 1 season – last one, and been there for as long as I can remember. So not really an eye opening move.

  3. Michael24

    Never played on a PlayStation or been slightly interested in Premier Manager.

    I sense I’m in the minority on here.

    Some of you are living in your own fantasy worlds.

  4. raptora

    Black Hei: “I am so used to defending Wenger, I instinctively go for my UKB hat.”


    About the 2 corners, not sure about the rest of the setting up, but it was surely personal marking at the far post where it was Guendouzi vs Luiz/Christensen and Smith-Rowe vs Rudiger. For the goal you can see Guendouzi’s look towards Smith-Rowe as in “you done fked mate”, and for the second corner Papa went mad.

  5. doyindav

    I feel like Laca has to play.

    Put Auba against two good defenders and he goes missing. Lacazette still tries to conjure up something.

    I’d put Auba on the left wing and see how things go first.

  6. raptora

    Don’t know who to put in my Fantasy League team. Auba at 11.0m who I consider the better striker and I think would bring me more points than Laca, but will probably start the season not as a CF, or Lacazette at 9.5m who although the lesser striker, will be used as a CF. Auba would probably not bring me the same amount of points from the wing as he would have if he was played as a center forward. Should I not pick any of the two? Fk me.

  7. raptora

    “Manchester United are set to miss out on Real Madrid midfielder Mateo Kovacic, rated at £54million — because he doesn’t want to play under Jose Mourinho.”
    “You don’t know the way to play, Jose”

  8. raptora

    “Try and look at the wider picture.”

    Wider picture is that at this top level of football, coaches/managers get obsessed about correcting the problem as it happens. It’s either you are obsessed about it or you start making mistakes, which in the long run cost your job.

    I won’t write Emery off of course. Not yet. But the notion that he should not get critiqued because 1. Wenger has stunk the place; 2. It’s just a friendly game; I don’t agree with those. Our first official game is in a week time. He just put Smith-Rowe or Ramsey if he didn’t injure himself in the warmup, and Guendouzi vs their 2 CBs. We conceded a goal because of it. And later in the game, we should have conceded another one. Am I to close my eyes at it? What is a bigger picture than this?

  9. HighburyLegend

    Funny how Cech was focused and motivated last night…

    One could tell that he knows that he will be in competition with Leno this season.
    Of course he wasn’t that focused or that motivated last season… what a jerk.

  10. Michael24

    A bit of competitive ratatat and the brainless idiot comes on the scene.

    Nothing but a vile and abnoxious character.

    Piss off!

  11. Sanmi

    Rowe was matched against Rudiger cos of height.
    With Torreira in the side, the defense will be ok. Our left back is good enough. Our RB is the issue except lichtensteiner is the 1st choice

  12. UTarse

    Nothing like waking up to an espresso and the usual frustrated and vile abuse that the northern turnip types out with his paws…. morning turnip x

  13. Victorious

    We need to get rid of Elneny. It’s not even funny anymore.”

    Are you kidding me? I mean In what world Elneny is an issue when that vegan Bellend is still stinking the place out? Get real

  14. Sanmi

    For those who think my comments about lacazette are knee-jerk, you need to pay attention to my post.
    I have consistently said he turns up in big matches. Have never seen him missing in one. Aubermayang can be kept quiet by defenders. Lacazette is a busy bee

  15. raptora

    “Wider picture is that at this top level of football, coaches/managers get obsessed about correcting the problem as it happens.”

    A follow up to my thought – top coaches/managers are obsessed about failure prevention so they analyze the situation in their effort to register possible mistakes and try to prevent the error before it even happens. In this situation we had the error happen, we got punished, no correction, error happened again, we didn’t get punished. Guendouzi vs Luiz would have been a problem as well.

    Hopefully Emery fixes the way we defend at set-pieces. I mean our two youngest CM players 2v2 vs their two biggest threat aerially CBs… Doesn’t make any sense. I could argue that the whole setup at defending at corners was wrong because there was always free space between the two defending players in the far post and the bunch of other players, leaving space for the opponent to run at the empty space and make a contact with the ball at high speed. It’s disturbing.

    As we all know in the EPL if you don’t defend properly at set-pieces you can lose all day long vs every team in the league.

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Come on Pedro

    We need more than this if drip drip in the build up for the season…

    So kolsanic out…

    How did papa play .?

  17. Victorious


    Nothing like waking up to an espresso and the usual frustrated and vile abuse that the northern turnip types out with his paws…. morning turnip x”

    Says the plastic fraud who contributes absolutely NOTHING to the blog,
    at least pitbull is a fan and as well gives his fair share of opinions albeit forcefully while you on the other hand…..

  18. Sanmi

    Aubermayang has to be shunted to the wings, to play like a wide forward. That way he won’t be team marked. Lacazette will occupy the cbs.
    Ozil will start from the right but always end up in the CAM role.
    2 CMs, xhaka and Ramsey with passing abilities rotates behind ozil and launch early attacks with long range passes.
    Torreira destroys behind them.
    That leaves Bellerin as the issue, he’s got the pace but the end product is troubling, I’m imagining AMN has a better option there

  19. raptora

    “I have consistently said he turns up in big matches. Have never seen him missing in one. Aubermayang can be kept quiet by defenders. Lacazette is a busy bee”

    1 goal in 13 games including 0 goals vs Liverpool and 3 times vs Chelsea (2 of them in Carabooboo cup). 3 months of playing every game or 933 minutes with 1 goal scored. Busy bee indeed.

  20. Victorious

    I’m more inclined to start Auba over Lacazzete, but we were better up top when the Frenchman came on. He missed a glorious opportunity to equalise, and it was his stinging effort which led to the corner that brought about the goal. Whether you consider it an either/or option or not, the fact is we have two very good strikers at our disposal and how Emery chooses to deploy them remains one of the most interesting aspects of his job.

  21. Victorious

    Really felt bad for Bellerin yesterday, if an 18yo chav kid could toy with him like that,i shudder at the thought of him facing a well rested and recharged Sane

    Emery better get Licht up to speed for city else we are in for another horror show against them

  22. raptora

    Hate to ruin the Laca appraisal, but he kind of got introduced when 1. Chelsea had subbed most of their team including Christensen for Luiz, Ampadu for Rudiger, Zappacosta for Azpilicueta and Emerson for Alonso; and more importantly 2. we had Kolasinac, Mikki, Vegerin – aka the 3 worst performers in the whole preseason and Rowe subbed off.

  23. Paulinho

    Both Aubameyang and Lacazette are more or less the same level overall. Auba more pace but Lacazette with the better touch and more engaged in general when it comes to ball control and combination play.

    As I said when he joined, Auba is just basic, Plays a very simple game, and lacks the layers of a real top striker, but I still give him the edge centrally to start the season.

    The limitations of both is why I’m in favour of having Lacazette as a second striker just behind Auba. Our wide players aren’t good enough so we may as well use main strength, which is in central areas.

  24. Dream10

    Liverpool selling Danny Ings to Palace for 24m pounds?!?!

    We got less than 20m pounds each for both Giroud and Theo who are least twice the players Ings is. We’re horrible in the market.

  25. Dream10


    Nope. We still are in comparison to other PL sides. Rojo of Man Utd is linked to Everyone for 30m pounds. Gazidis would not be able sell prime Henry or Vieira for that price.

  26. InsideRight

    Just out of curiosity I looked to see what Aaron Ramsey’s injury count looks like from the start of the 2015/16 season.

    Since that date he’s been injured for 221 calendar days missing 44 games, down to a thigh injury, 4 hamstrings injuries, 2 calf injuries and a groin strain. Last season he missed 11 games and was injured for 48 days.

    Are we missing an opportunity to move him on now and find someone who can put in more game time?

  27. Gunnershabz

    Aaron Ramsey injury record is not that great at all

    but can we afford to lose him??

    who is better then aaron ramsey in his role in the premier league?

    dele ali, paul pogba, naby keita,

  28. Gunnershabz

    Max Mayer, I did rate him but he wants a big pay packet and apparently he is getting £170k pw at palace

    no wonder a lot of big euro teams have bulked at this

    I do like him but that wage demand is huge but he will be a coup for palace though

    I can see him doing well and palace selling at good profit

  29. Dream10

    With his injury history, wonder if Ramsey will risk waiting for a free transfer to rake in the cash. There’s seems to be an Arsenal tax in the market at the moment. Won’t be surprised if he moves to China in the next couple of years.

  30. InsideRight

    @ Gunnershabz
    I guess the question is, can we afford to stick him on a big money contract is he is going to be unavailable through injury for up to a quarter of every season.

  31. gambon

    Not going to bother analysing the game really, as its a pre-season game, which really doesnt mean much.

    Im actually shocked how seriously people are taking last nights game, im shocked the BBC were providing live updates on a pre-season run out.

    One thing I will say though is Guendouzi looks a real player. Its too early to tell, but he kind of highlights what I was saying about AMN and his lack of “special” ability.

    I read that Guendouzi had the following stats last night

    93% pass completion
    4 dribbles won
    7 tackles
    6 interceptions
    6 clearances

    Now I dont know if thats true, but if it is they are phenomenal numbers. Im not sure a CM would have put those kind of numbers up against CHelsea in PL history, they really are that far out of the norm.

  32. E54_

    This isn’t about Emery, Gazidis, the coaches or even the board. There are ‘Wengerized’ players still in the squad who are not good enough. Wengerized doesn’t mean ‘Wenger bought you’. No, it simply means a player that has been heavily influenced by Wengers philosophy (Mental) and training methods (Physical).
    Some players were more effected than others.
    For example, Cesc was Wengerized but still had enough ‘La masia’ in him to know, this philosophy isn’t winning the major trophies and my injuries are becoming more frequent, I need to get out, I want to go home.
    But then you have players like Jack (I know he’s a fan favourite but we got to call a spade a spade) his natural ability and potential completely wiped out by the philosophy but more so the training methods. They destroyed his body to where every tackle or slight collision resulted in an injury.
    All the heavily Wengerized players need to go. All the remaining ones are passengers. Either due to them being mentally fucked (bellerin) or physically unreliable like Welbeck and Ramsey.
    This new era will take time.

  33. Gunnershabz


    yeah I understand that, I guess its arsenal messing up giving ozil that wage he will want something similar

    on his day he can be a match winner

    the thing is ramsey agent knows he will be getting a good pay day like alexis sanchez if he goes for free next summer

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Looks as if Guendouzi is the first real Mislintat find.

    Have to give him time, he’s going to make mistakes and have patchy form being so young and inexperienced, but he looks areal prospect.

  35. Gunnershabz

    which players are wengerized



    I think these players are missing the wenger training era

  36. Gunnershabz

    I really do hope Guendouzi develops into a great player this season, he has it in him to becoming a household name next summer

    he has those long range passing and short passing but he does get caught dwelling on the ball sometimes from quick pressing

    if he can iron that out and he will be great, I do think he does need to strengthen up a little but he has does have the height

  37. Radio Raheem


    You’re mixing up your metaphors there. You clearly haven’t tried KFC lately – horrible.

  38. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You’re mixing up your metaphors there. You clearly haven’t tried KFC lately – horrible’

    Fight me.

  39. TitsMcGee

    KFC’s chicken isn’t bad. It’s that the KFC store is usually a dump. Once you get the chicken it’s fine lol

  40. Receding Hairline

    During last night’s friendly a Nigerian International John Ogu ( Plays for Hapoel Be’er Sheva) wrote on twitter that Guendozi at 19 had no business playing the way he was last night.

    He could not stop drooling over him. Even Chelsea fans.

    If managed right we have a very good player on our hands

  41. Marko

    I very much like him but we should go easy on the lad as good as he is looking in preseason he’s still not ready to start for us and let’s be honest it wouldn’t be that hard to impress in that midfield considering the shite we’ve witnessed the last couple years. I mean perpetually moving and still getting back into position is enough to make us drool. It’s Torreira I can’t wait to see

  42. Guns of Hackney

    True story. I got myself a new car yesterday from Bury, Manchester. Some of you may know that I detest mancs…virulently so. Yesterday was a dark day for me having to deal with a Manchester scumbag. It was a good deal though.

    I’m not religious but feel like I should be bathed in the fountain and or at least, go and confess.

  43. Marko

    Your sins are forgiven hackney as long as you underpaid on the fucker and got some free dice for that little mirror

  44. Bamford10

    Guendouzi looks great, but last night was worrying to me. We looked very weak in a number of ways, and I’m not convinced we’re as strong as we need to be personnel-wise going into the season.

    Getting Monreal back into the XI will improve the back four, but is anyone all that taken with Sokratis and Mustafi? I remain unconvinced.

    Bellerin was awful. Just awful. And awful on both sides of the ball. Maybe Lichsteiner steps in and has a good season at 34 — let’s hope — but Bellerin is clearly not the solution at RB.

    Our lack of genuine wide play was also exposed last night, I thought. While I prefer seeing Aubameyang through the center, if Emery is going to stick with 4-3-3, I think he’ll need to play Auba wide — simply because our other options aren’t adequate and it does look like we’re better with Lacazette on the field.

    Central midfield will be stronger with Torreira, no doubt, but Ramsey’s injury reminds us of his frailty, and neither Torreira-Guendouzi-Xhaka nor Torreira-Xhaka-Ozil will be good enough.

    As I mentioned last night, barring additional signings, I think we’re better off playing 4-4-2, something Emery has mentioned. We have two genuine strikers and a bunch of central midfielders: the logical thing to do, in my mind, is to play 4-4-2.

    Anyways, I had been full of optimism, but last night has dimmed that optimism a little.

  45. Guns of Hackney


    Yeah, I seriously deliberated about the deal but it was a good one.

    And check this…my fucking sat nav took me through Stockport and Manchester City centre!!! I couldn’t do the windows up tight enough.

    I went through Rusholme and Hulme. Wow. Seriously wow…I imagine this is what Syria looks like but I guess Syria might be a tad nicer.

  46. Carts

    We need to assist Ramsey out the door.

    I think we could structure a far more balanced midfield without him in it.

    Guendouzi—Torreria—Xhaka Is what i’d try and effectively implement

  47. Paulinho

    Really quite incredible and puzzling Guendouzi is managing to keep out the ‘special’ and supposedly far superior player in Maitland-Niles.

  48. Dissenter

    Crystal Palace just signed Meyer for a staggering170k weekly (by their standards), that is if you believe the tabloids

    Sometimes not right with this !eyer lad. All that hype and he settles for a perpetual relegation slugging club.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    One of the big problems last night was inconsistent pressing as well that when coupled with our shit midfield meant Chelsea could move through the field easily.

    Elneny is poor and Smith Rowe had a poor game and was largely anonymous which meant only Guendouzi was really doing anything.

    The defence was not great, I thought Sokratis and Mustafi got better as the game went on but I still feel like Chambers will end up being the CB with Sokratis.

    Bellerin was total s**t, looks weak and slow as well which is surprising. Cannot cross, cannot pass and cannot defend very well. Emery has got a job on there to try and build him back up again otherwise Lichtsteiner might end up playing way more than we thought he would.

    Kolasinac was poor as well. It basically means we’re reliant on a 34 year old and 32 year old to hold down the full back roles which, if we’re going to go with two up front, is a disaster.

    But I don’t think we have the money to correct everything this summer so it might be a case of this is good enough for a top four challenge then next summer we build again with a £150 Million budget not a £70 Million budget.

    We’re very similar to Liverpool when Klopp took over I think. I expect a massive CB signing over the next year if Chambers and Mavropanos don’t develop.

    Unfortunately people underestimate what a shit position we’re in on the field and financially after Wenger, it is going to take 2 or 3 years to correct what is a broken squad.

  50. TonyD

    Good to see Ozil putting in a decent shift yesterday. Here’s hoping He can continue to improve to the level we know he’s capable of and then maintains consistency throughout the next season against all levels of opposition.

    I don’t subscribe to the point of view that Mikhi has been good since joining us.

    Against Everton yes but he was poor in several other games and average in the rest.

    Mikhi has to improve dramatically to dissuade me from still seeing the botched Sanchez deal as a continuation of us being a clearing house for United’s dross. At £180k a week Mikhi cannot be deemed a bench player, which some are alluding to at the moment.

    Bellerin and Kolasinac warrant noting good to be said about them and I hope Emery knows now he can’t improve either.

    Emery continues to say he wants Ramsey but it is up to the club and player. Then Ramsey who had nothing to do in the summer but to stay in reasonable condition can’t manage 2 games in a row.

    So we have RB and LB replacements in Lich and Nacho both superior, but not durable for the whole season.

    I just can’t se how the club can justify paying Ramsey more than he’s getting now. The same way as Mikhi doesn’t deserve £180k a week.

  51. Paulinho

    Bamford – I think we suit the Christmas Tree formation.

    Garbage back four with midfield and attack of:




  52. Paulinho

    What’s worrying is that there is very little pace or athleticism in the side.

    Why I would be very reluctant to part with Sir Daniel of Welbeck. Just defensively having someone that can drop back like he does, and intercept, is very useful.

    Ozil, Mikhi are an absolute state physically. Two cripples roaming around.

  53. Radio Raheem

    I think it’s worth re-trying the 4-2-3-1 we finished with yesterday with the following line-up


    Licht Chambers Sokratis Monreal




  54. Bamford10


    If we don’t shift to 4-4-2, I think I’d go with:


    Solid midfield base. Some actual wide play (from Auba). Ramsey can join the front three in attack.

    But we could use another attacking player and the defense is a real concern.

  55. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    KFC chickens eat there own heads. FACT.

    I think it depends on the individual KFC. We stopped doing it as our local KFC was always swimming in more grease than Kolasinac’s hair.

  56. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    On recent performances Lichtsteiner has to start ahead of Bellerin – and I’m not convinced by Lichtsteiner.

  57. Guns of Hackney

    No adult should ever consider eating at a “chicken outlet” of any description. Unless they think Lynx is a good antiperspirant.

  58. gambon

    Guns of

    Mancs are so difficult.

    I sold a watch to a friend of a friend a few years back. He turned up thinking he was the Manc Jordan Belfort, tried to knock £2k off the price. I walked away and he called me a week later apologising.

    Everyone North of Oxford is so cheap. Scots even worse.

  59. raptora

    I might as well start Welbeck then Mikki. It’s so infuriating that Cech has visibly done so much to be in the best shape he can be, while Mikki with free summer, had to be almost in peak form for the beginning of the season. Yet he looks worse and worse. Seriously wondering what the problem is there. Obviously a talented player. Emery has to find a way to revive his career else I fear for the Armenian. He’s looked extremely bad.

  60. Bamford10


    You are brave to bring Welbeck back into the discussion. But like you, I still have a little soft spot for him (on account of his length, pace & dribbling).

    We could deploy him wide right and Aubameyang wide left (as follows):


    While Welbeck would likely miss a thousand chances, his movement and pace could make our front 3-4 pacier and harder to deal with.

  61. gambon

    Zinger Tower meal with Popcorn Chicken on the side is the best meal I had in July.

    And I went to a 2 Michelin star restaurant in July.

  62. Paulinho

    “Solid midfield base. Some actual wide play (from Auba). Ramsey can join the front three in attack.”

    I just don’t think you’re going to see a whole lot of quality wide play from him.

    Rather him start centrally and let him drift wide.

  63. Guns of Hackney


    It’s not the cheapness per se…it’s the sense of entitlement that the Mancs and Scouse schleppers have in abundance that grinds my gears.

    What was the watch if you don’t mind me asking? I do like a good timepiece. I had my eye on a Glasshutte original senator square a few years back…but went for something a bit more everyday instead.

  64. Akilan

    Suarez has been on the decline since their treble winning season. Messi carried them to the double last season.

    I don’t think Cavani will stay at PSG. Even if he does there’s still something a miss with them. Don’t think Tuchel will win them the CL. They’ll walk the league and will put up some ridiculous numbers though.

    Real’s midfield is the best in Europe but they didn’t win 3 CLs on their own. People underestimate the mentality instilled by Zidane + CR7. There was a sense of inevitability with their last 2 campaigns.

  65. Paulinho

    Bamford – He has the unique combination of pace, strength, work rate, decent football brain, and endurance to put in the shift out there and also impact ala Moscow away.

    Aubameyang is lazy, listless, doesn’t really work hard. Much prefer to indulge him centrally and let him pick his moments.

  66. Bamford10


    BTW, I’m pretty sure there are people here who receive email alerts any time Welbeck is mentioned in a comment or post.

    Just wait till London Gunner arrives. 😉

  67. gambon


    It was a Rolex Sub. Wanted to like it but just didnt, managed to get back full retail price after 6 months though.

    Glashutte Original are ridiculous quality. Im half interested in the Senator Chronograph, its as well made as JLC,Breguet & A Lange & Sohne watches that cost £30k.

  68. Guns of Hackney


    Class act. Well played. Very nice brands.

    I also like AP and PP but unless you get them right…dare I say it, one could look like a footballer!

  69. gambon

    Yeah, Im getting an AP Royal Oak, no doubt.

    Once Ive got that im done. Wont ever make another purchase again.

  70. Paulinho

    Bamford – Brainless mongs.

    Don’t pay any attention to them. Over time, without game time, players like Ozil get better and better in the mind of fans, and players like Welbeck get worse, until once again he puts in all-round quality performance and they act all surprised like it is the first time he’s done it.

    Obviously if we can bring in a Dembele or top wide player that has star potential then we move move him on, but the physical profile of a lot of our players is horrible and it would stupid to just bin him with that in mind. He’s good for Aubameyang and Lacazette as well; helps offset their little flaws.

    Love Guendouzi but can see him struggling for legs at times, and only really Torreira in the whole squad that has that pace to cover the spaces that open up.

  71. Guns of Hackney


    In Rose gold with black leather strap I hope!

    I dig the Nautilus.

    Did you ever read Watch Snob?

  72. gambon

    Have a feeling Welbeck is being sold.

    Last night Emery spoke about his strikers Laca, Auba and Nektiah. Noticable that he didnt mention Welbeck or Perez.

    Agree that Welbeck should stay if there are no plans to buy a wide player. Perfect squad player for CF/AM positions, even if he is shit.

  73. Guns of Hackney


    Watch snob was a guy who did a gig for Ask Men a few years back. He was unapologeticly wealthy and a snob…he did a weekly destruction of people’s watch choices (they wrote in asking his opinion) and then proceeded to tell you what you should buy and why.

    I think you can still find articles if you google watch snob. If you enjoy reading someone destroy another individual for their taste, you can’t go wrong with this guy.

  74. Gunnergetyou

    I would rather keep Welbeck over Perez. Don’t think either of them are good enough but at least Welbeck gives us power and athleticism out wide. And he tracks back which helps when you’ve poor fullbacks.

  75. Redtruth

    “Real’s midfield is the best in Europe but they didn’t win 3 CLs on their own. People underestimate the mentality instilled by Zidane + CR7. There was a sense of inevitability with their last 2 campaigns.”

    They were being overrun 3-0 at home and only a dodgy last minute penalty saved them.

  76. Wallace

    “Love Guendouzi but can see him struggling for legs at times, and only really Torreira in the whole squad that has that pace to cover the spaces that open up.”

    outside of Auba, and with Hector looking curiously leggy, AM-N is probably the fastest player in the squad. certainly faster than Torreira.

  77. Akilan

    I’m with you. If you’re good enough, you’re old enough.

    If you compare the Guendouzi’s performance with that of Jorginho, you wouldn’t guess that Jorginho was the 60m player. Jorginho was alright, he did more than what was asked of him, but Guendouzi was special.

    I’m actually more excited about the prospect of watching Guendouzi than I’m with Torreira. There I said it.

  78. Gunnershabz

    it will be interesting to see torriera and guendouzi play together

    I think xhaka and quendouzi will shine next to torriera

  79. salparadisenyc

    Mid 70s Rolex Daytona, watch of kings.

    Feel Sven has one more trick up sleeve, surely a wide man with a few goals in him. With that, Welbz being sold.

    Then theres Ramsay rocking about like a cut from Combat Rock, Should I stay or should I go.

  80. Radio Raheem

    Seeing how we kept possession second half we might just get away with not having that many pacey players.

    Of course, pace gives us an added threat on the break/transition. This is obvious. But a lot of these stodgy looking European sides have beaten pacey English sides more times than I’ll care to remember.

    Listening to Emery after the match, he seemed pleased with our possession, maneuvering of the ball, movement and positioning off the ball. This might be his solution to our profile of players. It’s a different way of playing, one that flies in the face of the ‘pace’ cliche but with a lot of supporting evidence that it works. We are far away from perfecting it though. So we’ll have to wait and see this season. Exciting!

  81. Carts

    One of the only scotman I know, makes tonnes of money but he’s (and his sister are cheap as fuck)

    He used to pester me to help him get the classic Burberyy trench from Harrods when I used to work there. Back then, and probably now, it was about £1300. Even after managing to get a discount of 20% he’d flip and flop about it.

    This was about 5 years ago. Last year he asked me about the coat again. Still indecisive as ever. I told him to go to a fucking sample sale or something cos he’ll never get the coat cheaper

  82. Dissenter

    “BTW, I’m pretty sure there are people here who receive email alerts any time Welbeck is mentioned in a comment or post”

    Count me in anytime Welbeck is praised flamboyantly by posters who think Auba is lazy and listless but Welbeck is quality.
    I’m happy to be one of the “brainless mongs” who thinks Welbeck is one of the worst attacking players that has donned an Arsenal shirt.

    Do some people even understand that Welbeck has only one year left in his contract?

  83. UTarse

    “Yeah, Im getting an AP Royal Oak, no doubt.”

    You big swinging dick you…. any era Roley Daytona is the perfect timepiece.

  84. Carts

    Speaking of watches, my missus used to work in AP (fine jewellery in Harrods).

    Back then, a classic stainless steel AP royal oak was about £11k. Today, brand new, it’ll run you £15k. It’s funny cos I remember her saying it’ll go up in price and I was tempted to buy one using my savings and a loan just so I could sit on it and never wear it.

    Mind you, Rolex are nice classic watches. Settled for a Panerai Luminor Marina cos every cunt and his dog with a Rolex thought they had made it large. The watch I wanted, GMT Master, was slightly out of my price range (regret it now cos it’s gone up), and the standard Date Just, blue face, and fluted bezel wasn’t as appealing the more I looked at it.

    Next watch will probs be a Deep Sea or IWC

  85. Dissenter

    The squad ha son,y had a few weeks of pressing drills this transfer window so any talk of inconsistency of lresssing is premature.
    I recall seeing Spurs play in the summer of 2014 after Poch just took over. Their pressing game looked like a joke at the time, now it’s more refined with the passage of time.
    It’s going to take time to get the rhythm and timin* if pressing right. It’s also going to take. 1-2 transfer windows to get the right personnel for a pressing game into the club.
    Our play off the ball isn’t going to improve so soon after a new manager just got on board.

  86. Carts

    Something about Kolasnic pisses me off.

    He comes across as a wimp who wants out when the going gets tough.

    As for Meyer, if he’s on £170k, he might have forgone his signing on fee, and Meyer breaks off some bread for his agent when ever he’s paid.

    Otherwise Crystal Palace have lost the fucking plot

  87. mysticleaves

    No need having an argument about how useless Welbeck is with anyone. We all got eyes.

    Weldone on your. I like irresistible deals. Hope you enjoy it

  88. Gunnershabz

    AMN could be a left back as well this season

    wenger did say his recovery pace is valuable and kolasnic doesn’t have that recovery ability

  89. raptora

    Arsenal v Chelsea: Four things we noticed

    Hector looks a threat

    Hector Bellerin got into advanced positions time and time again, giving Marcos Alonso a problem all night. Our right back was a regular outlet for Guendouzi’s raking passes and linked up well with Mkhitaryan. Hector’s pace and well-timed runs got him in behind Alonso, and one teasing cross was spilled by Willy Caballero into the path of Sead Kolasinac – but the Bosnian took too long.

    Is taking a piss?!

  90. Alex Cutter

    “But you’re from hackney mate. It’s like Syria’s arsehole.”

    But he has a super expensive watch!

  91. gambon


    My missus used to work for Burberry.

    Went to the outlet in Crackney once and with her discount got a trench for £300….sold it online 24h later for twice that.

    She made thousands selling all her stuff a few years back. Enough to buy an Oyster Perpetual.

  92. azed

    “My missus used to work for Burberry.”


    I thought she dumped you for some reason a while back? Just before you quit Le grove…

  93. Frank Mc

    “any era Roley Daytona is the perfect timepiece.”


    Although not keen on the bi-metal ones at all….

  94. samesong


    Funny you mentioned that I was in hatton gardens the day before it happened.

    my best pals a watch collector and dealer his watches are amazing. he had a 100k watch on cant remember what one but it was like nothing to him.

  95. azed

    “No-one dumps the mighty one Azed….NO-ONE!”


    You said her reason for dumping you was because you weren’t in touch your feelings or something like that.

    Where’s N5 and Midwest when you need them.

  96. gambon


    You must be thinking about someone else….keyser maybe.

    We did go through a rocky patch when she said she thinks Granit Xhaka should be the first name on the team sheet.

  97. Arse&Nose©

    Xhaka apologists on twitter are now throwing me ‘distance covered’ stats without games played being factored in. If he starts more games than the guy he’s being compared with then, of course, he’s going to come out top on distance covered!

  98. Carts


    haha – Crackney. I’ve never been to those sample sale places, but I can bet your missus was enjoying the perks.

    My missus’ clients used to give her gifts for fun. Recently, she was given a Boadecia perfume worth £500 quid. It’s on ebay as we speak lol

  99. HighburyLegend

    “But you’re from hackney mate. It’s like Syria’s arsehole.”
    But he has a super expensive watch!”

    So I guess every manure fans have one, them too.

  100. azed

    “We did go through a rocky patch when she said she thinks Granit Xhaka should be the first name on the team sheet.”

    Is she a wengerite?

  101. Pierre

    You said her reason for dumping you was because you weren’t in touch your feelings or something like that.”

    Ah.. That explains a lot.. That has obviously had a profound effect on gambon.

    Yesterday he was grooming James H and today it was Raheem..

  102. Arse&Nose©

    My missus’ clients used to give her gifts for fun. Recently, she was given a Boadecia perfume worth £500 quid. It’s on ebay as we speak lol

    Mate, is your missus on the game or something?

  103. salparadisenyc

    Agree Marc, news has to be coming soon. His ‘injury” pretty telling. Aaron going to get what he wants, and that salary could be at Chelsea. I like him, but no way should he be on silly money like Mesut.

    This new crew should set precedent with him below 200k per week or sell.

  104. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Just a Rolex or two and I’m yours’

    Jeez, talk about high maintenance.

    A single and coke and I’m anyone’s.