Dembele rumours will not die

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Well, the new boys have started to drip into the club. Torriera has LANDED which is magnificent. This is him pointing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 20.59.14


In other news, the stories about us landing Dembele get hotter and hotter. The French wideman has an admirer in Sven M. Barca oddly looking to bin off the magical winger after just one season. I have no idea why they’d consider moving on talent like that, all I know if I LOVE him deeply as a player and think he’d be a fabulous addition to our quite scary attack. Kike Marin, the Spanish God of transfers reckons this could happen… very exciting.

Also, if Barca are offering up a £135m player who is 20 in exchange for Ramsey… well, I don’t want to pack anyone’s bags but come on, that’d be a tasty offer. Ramsey would be on the train to Emanuel Petitville in a season anyway.

OBVIOUSLY I’d like to keep Ramsey, but be real, it’s not looking good.

The Ozil drama carried on into its 16th week, fans in Germany protested on the theme of #IamOzil. Bit dramatic, don’t you think? Guy hung out with the civil rights abuser basket player Enes Kanter called “the Hitler of our century”, now people are protesting his treatment in Germany (the irony), a country that’s lambasted by the hard right the world over for being too kind to immigrants? Please.

Freddi Boban is having NONE OF IT.

“I think that’s a bit cowardly,”

“Ozil’s criticism of social media, especially in the direction of the German Football Association (DFB), is unbearable.

“This blanket charge of racism simply does not correspond to reality. He could have given an interview somewhere, live on TV.

“For us footballers, the rule is ‘be a man and stand up.'”

Freddi, what does it mean to be a man? Why are you leaning on dated stereotypes of masculinity to make a shallow point about racism?

You disgust me.

Anyway, time to sweep this German nonsense under the rug. There’s only one nationality that counts and that’s GOONER. Amirite? Yes. Yes I am.

Right, not a lot to go on today. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Bamford10

    If we don’t have genuine wide players — we don’t — and we have a number of good central midfielders — we do — we really should play 4-4-2, IMO.

    Like so:


  2. Cesc Appeal

    Smith Rowe at fault for the first goal, shoddy marking again by Smith Rowe with Rudiger again there.

    Has to learn from it.

  3. LegendMax

    Also it’s getting quite clear now that kolasinac’s inability to perform last season wasn’t wenger’s fault. He’s just a poor footballer period.
    same with bellerin and most of our ‘deadwood’

  4. DaleDaGooner

    22 years of Wengerball will take more than a few weeks to get rid off.

    Right………cause all these players played under Wenger for 22 years….right

  5. DaleDaGooner

    Mikhi and Ozil is not going to work. We need to replace one of them with a consistently goal thinking Striker or CAM

  6. Radio Raheem


    Don’t be a thicko all your life.

    There’s an instilled culture of which most of the those playing at the moment are part of.

  7. Akilan

    Guendouzi has been excellent but he always gets caught on the ball at least once. I guess that’s the leap in quality from French league 2 to EPL. Can easily iron it out of his game in time.

    His passing has been flawless, can easily be better than Xhaka with time. Baller for sure.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    Should give Nelson some time, if he cannot go out there fired up having watched the Chelsea youngster then there’s something wrong with him

  9. Akilan

    Also Ozil looked really sharp. Playing from the left flank, he did what he could do with his skill set. Would rather have him on the other flank. He will have a better season than the last two.

    AMN on. Expect him to do more in remaining mins than what Kolasinac and Bellerin has done together in the whole match.

  10. Frost


    “Mikhi and Ozil is
    not going to
    work. We need to
    replace one of
    them with a
    consistently goal
    thinking Striker or

    If only we had one of those on the bench.

    Sort of hoping it’s evident now that unless we get a top class winger, Laca & Auba have to start.

  11. LegendMax

    @cesc appeal wouldn’t blame Rowe for the 1st goal. he had no business marking ruediger in the 1st place. whoever set them up didn’t do his job well

  12. DaleDaGooner

    Lacazette is still the better option in the CF for me, all this Aubameyang talk, he’s good on the wing in place of Mikhi

  13. Bishop

    Good thing so far this window….

    We got Torriera and Guendouzi looks top notch.Hoping Leno proves himself too.The other 2 older acquisitions will add more value off the field than on it they way am seeing it.They are off peak levels now.

  14. Receding hairline

    JamesH you really should concentrate on pleasuring Gambon.

    Its a preseason warm up game you waste of space. It does not lend any credence to your hope Emery gets sacked by Christmas so you win your bet

  15. DaleDaGooner

    Radio take your own advise……when you come on here EVERYDAY spouting the same rhetoric, can’t go on all your life a thicko

  16. DaleDaGooner

    Lacazette and Aubameyang have to start anytime available. Don’t get why managers have to stick to some formation they fancy with old teams they managed. Shouldn’t one be adjusting to what personnel the clubs have??

  17. LegendMax

    Still think mkhitaryan and ozil can play together…. in a 4-2-3-1. Just put a pacty winger on the other flank

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Some positives to see but the press is still inconsistent and really was not helped by a weak midfield which Chelsea could easily move through, Guendouzi aside.

    Really need to see Torreira against Lazio, get that midfield working together.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    ‘The chelsea subs look like they are wearing table cloth’


    It’s really quite something, isn’t it?

  20. Samesong

    Cesc looking at the play you can see that Chelsea can be hurt badly on the wings we desperately need a winger that can dribble?

  21. Dissenter

    Youngsters ought to take the few chances that come their way.
    Reiss Nelson needs to go and watch videos of the Chelsea winger

  22. DaleDaGooner

    Effin Hell Redtruth, Wenger is no longer the manager! Chelsea sacked managers and won th league, some of you love Wenger more than you realize

  23. Radio Raheem


    I come on here every day spouting the same rhetoric? Are you feeling ok mate?

    This is boring already. Enjoy what’s left of the match.

  24. Carts

    Chelsea probably should’ve been 3 up in the first 30 mins. Morata missing a pen and a one on one as well as Odoi.

    We need to utilise proper winger. Trying to blag it with Mhk and Ozil in the front 3 isn’t going to cut it.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    It is painfully obvious that we need to buy a winger.

    The problem, looking at this game, is we don’t really have the funds to do everything needed.

    You could easily make the case we need a another great CB, a LB, another CM and a winger.

    Coming out of this game I have a real worry our full backs will badly let us down this season which will both inhibit our attack and expose us defensively and as you say our lack of a winger is painfully evident.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    Lacazette should be given the chance to always start, I don’t care! Play him and Aubameyang as the two CF. The midfielders are not priority in terms of where our goals will come from.

  27. Dissenter

    If we end up losing Theon it would be a useful loss, if there’s anything like that.
    Chelsea should have been 3 goals ahead in the first 15 mind but we’ve had lots of chances to score as well.

    Bellerin will have to be moved out eventually. Hs not good enough. Hopefully lichsteiner still has some game left in those old limbs.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Lichtsteiner should start based on what Bellerin has shown in the last 2 years. Mikhi is proving Mourinho right, he doesn’t look like a starter.

  29. Danny

    Frustrating match. Did we learn anything that we didn’t know before? No, except maybe regarding Ramsey if he’s not really injured that he must be off.

  30. gnarleygeorge9

    Endured 90+ minutes of Chav TV commentary that totally ridiculed The Arse for the entire game, then whinged whinged whinged about the equaliser. Ain’t Karma a bitch Ha Ha fuck’n ha!!!!

  31. Marko

    Admittingly was a cute pass from Ozil to Reiss Nelson to cross for the goal. Improved as the game went on and clearly a work in progress but I worry defensively. Bellerin’s a big problem dare I say the much maligned Chambers could be a better option at RB. Hector is that wank

  32. Zimmie2652

    Carts- Chelsea probably should’ve been up 3-0 in the first 30. You may be correct but this game could’ve easily been 3-3 or 4-3 good guys. Auba missed that relative sitter, then those 2 great saves by the young keeper and of course Laca’s goal.

    I don’t understand why there are so many Negative Nancies on this board. Not a knock at you Carts, just a general observation. Unai has the team looking much different than Arsene ever did in his last few years.

    The lads are still playing relatively attractive football while implementing the new press (which will obviously take time to adjust to), not giving up as soon as a shot tickles the twine and doing a great job keeping their wits about em when they have gone down. Unai is absolutely holding everybody accountable and it’s refrshing to see.

  33. Redtruth

    The board are guilty of dereliction of duty.
    £200m is the bare minimum these days for any manager worth his salt to build a team fit for purpose.

  34. Cesc Appeal

    Cech certainly looked sharp throughout the game, passing was still a bit off, but in terms of GK performance very good

  35. G8

    Based on all those preseason games, Lacazette has been a better striker option than Auba ..
    But it’s early days. .
    Curtains for ballerina..he is never going to improve imo..he ain’t that quick either

  36. Cesc Appeal

    Fingers crossed we get to see Torriera against Lazio.

    Guendouzi on merit should start again but in terms of fitness will likely be on the bench for Xhaka I would guess.

    Someone needs to get hold of Bellerin though, so much promise when he first arrived in the first team. Looks a shower of s**t right now offensively and defensively.

    If two up top is what Emery is thinking then our full backs will be absolutely critical.

  37. Jeff

    Enjoyed that and enjoying watching Arsenal again. I know it’s only preseason and maybe the wish is father to the thought but I can sense a difference already. I see us as a football team comfortable in our own skin and confident. Well done to the lads, great to watch.

  38. Sanmi

    Here’s what was confirmed by this game that I already thought prior to now:
    1. Bellerin is average and so is kolasinac.
    2. Elneny is too negative with his passes
    3. Nelson will never make it
    4. Mkhi is a backup for ozil not a starter.

    1. Guendouzi is the real deal
    2. Lacazette is a 1st 11 player. He has to play.
    3. Aubermayang will be played alongside lacazette.
    4. Ozil is the main man
    5. Aubermayang is the best winger we have, followed by iwobi. Mkhi will warm the bench.
    6. With Torreira, that midfield is solid enough..

    Our defence is our problem

  39. LINP

    Just finished watching the game. Here are my observations:
    – I am feed up with Sead Kolasinac. He just kept passing the ball back. The attack becomes so boring.
    – Mohamed Elneny’s skill is so limited. To make things worst, in the first 30 minutes he tried to press high up and opened up our midfield completely. His positioning improved in the second half.
    – Ramsey is still too injury phone.
    – Héctor Bellerín is lively. But he doesn’t have a final pass.
    – Emile Smith Rowe is not ready.

    Here are some positives:
    – Cech is not finished yet. He is the man of the match.
    – Ozil’s passes are still world class. I wish he can also score goals.
    – The two CB’s are solid. But we didn’t defend corners well. Auba should help out vs those high balls.
    – I like Laca’s work rate and his positioning. But it looks like we’ll be playing only one striker.
    – Calum Chambers has a lot of confidence with the ball. He helped out the attack much more than Sead Kolasinac. On the other hand, may be we could use Sead Kolasinac as a destroyer. He is strong fighting for the ball.

  40. Sanmi

    I keep reading we need a CM, are those folks high? We have enough midfielders.
    I want to see lichteiner b4 I exclaim we need a RB

  41. Sanmi

    With a DM like Torreira in this game and Bellerin with sense, Chelsea will have no hope.

    Jorginho didn’t impress me

  42. Sanmi

    One more opposition, if Mustafi and sokratis perform competently, I’d say we are ok in that department.
    RB Is my concern. I trust monreal @ LB

  43. Majesticgooner

    Micky seems to have lost speed of thought , he was never quick but had that in his head, he now seems sluggish, making the wrong decisions time after time. We desperately need that winger.

  44. Bishop

    Mourinho destroyed Micky..and we pay him 180k…no wonder Ramsey woudnt sign 180k..Micky cant be starting games for us with his form.Infaxt he hasn’t been really good since we bought him.

  45. Paul

    If Ramsey goes then that clears out the last of Wengers “British core” f@ck up…bring it on…I hope we show him the door.our Comment Here

  46. mysticleaves

    It’s becoming clearer there was no objectivity in people saying Auba had to be played through the middle in place of Laca because Laca has actually been the better striker through the middle even when he didn’t score.

  47. Sancho Monzorla

    Agree Lichtsteiner is still good at 34. He looked sharp in the World Cup. Can’t expect him to play a full season of 90 minute matches at that age though.

    Bellerin got significantly worse over the summer.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    Mkhitaryan has been disappointing in preseason.

    Did well enough for us last season in his short time and I’ve had high hopes for him. He’s a player I like so I hope he can pull his finger out.

    Wonder if Emery will have been a bit concerned watching that in terms of full backs, lack of a winger and placing a lot of reliance in Torreira to be great.

  49. Kayciey

    My take on Chelsea – Arsenal

    – Guendozi is ready for first XI
    – Bellerin & Kolasinac should both be benched
    – Lacazette is quality
    – Cech should be starting this season unless he does something very wrong
    – Ozil is a gem
    -Our defense is still poor
    -Mikhitaryan is not quality
    – We need a speedy winger
    – Ramsey had a calf injury
    – Elneny ……….no way.

  50. Akilan

    Really happy with Cech. Very committed and gutsy performance considering it was a pre season game. I think he doesn’t want to be No 2. At worst this will keep Leno on his toes and he has a fight on his hands.

  51. Sanmi

    I hear u on the full backs, but we have alternatives.

    2. Aubermayang is best coming from the wings as he doesn’t get man marked. Lacazette on the other hand is comfortable holding the ball in crowded place.

    3. Ozil will play behind the strikers from the right wing
    4. Our midfield will be Torreira, xhaka and Ramsey

  52. Paul

    Whatever happens…can’t wait for the post Wenger era to start.We have had 10 years of NOTHING and now we are back…bring it on , let’s unite behind the team, beat City, beat Chelsea and let’s see where that takes us.
    I can’t wait.

  53. Michael24

    Said it last season, am saying it again now, Lacazette is key for Arsenal moving forward.

    25 goals or more guaranteed, if given the right service.

  54. Sanmi

    For those claiming Aubermayang shouldn’t be shafted to the wings, any justification?
    Lacazette is gonna start 1st match as the Cf, guaranteed

  55. gnarleygeorge9

    It was live commentary on Chelsea TV, on Fox, not telecast, so my eyes were 2 Chav loving muppets who savaged The Arse for 90 minutes. Then when the equaliser went in they whinged like an American Democrat

  56. Uwot?

    Thanks should have stuck earplugs in!still…we had the last laugh & as you know he who laughs last laughs longest! He he he ha ha ha ho ho ho!

  57. Akilan

    Kolasinac is just not good enough. You can’t polish a turd. Proper physical player that lacks the technique and intelligence to play for us. Would fit in well at west broms and stokes of the league.

    You know you’re bad when Arsene picks a youngster over you after 3 months.

  58. Sancho Monzorla

    For fuck’s sake. Why do people feel the need to change the argument to fit their narrative?

    Everyone who said Auba shouldn’t play wide was simply saying buying another genuine wide player was the best option, everyone fucking knows what the best option with our current squad is.

  59. mysticleaves

    Lacazette is gonna start 1st match as the Cf, guaranteed

    Don’t make statements like this bro.

    Sancho, it’s more like they wanted Auba through the middle because “he is just the better striker”. They don’t rate Laca

  60. Kayciey

    Will we ever find a Lauren Etame Mayer……….an Ashley Cole, a Pirez….an Overmas. If we can get four players near these guys …..we would challenge on all fronts.

  61. Akilan

    Lol. Calm it down people. Laca scored a tap in against Chelsea kids.

    Laca has always been the more rounded player. And I do want him to start through the centre. But make no mistakes, Auba will always be the superior striker. Even today he could’ve had a hat trick. He missed a tap in and a couple of times Bellerin fucked up a standard cross, when he pulled away from the defense. Guess what, its a friendly and you can miss.

    Auba’s movement,finishing and pace is superior to Laca. Laca is stronger and is the better baller. If they’re both on form, the difference is probably 5 goals. But Auba is a genuine 15-20 goals winger. So, going Auba wide is the more sensible option considering the alternative is playing Mkhi on the wing, who is probably reaching the Arshavin stage of his career.

  62. E54_

    Hmmm, lets call a spade a spade.

    It’s not looking good. We’re probably going to have to write this season off. This season will be about the deadwood. Emery seems to be giving the remaining deadwood a chance. Unfortunately this will be his downfall. Not that he’d get fired, just that his own personal targets for this season won’t be met. They will be sabotaged by the dross. By the end of the season he won’t have any patience with them. I just hoped he’d realize this early on. They ALL need to go. But as i said it seems he’s going to give some of them one last chance to prove themselves.

    Ramsey, Welbeck, bellerin, and the rest. Need all of them out by start of next season. I’ll enjoy just watching the new wave without any expectations though, so it ain’t all doom and gloom.

  63. LegendMax

    So laca’s now the better striker because of one match? This same lacazette I watched struggle last season?
    Such reactionary views.
    Auba better than laca any day or time.
    Pace, movement, finishing even dribbling.

  64. China

    I’m concerned about our penny pinching for a wide player

    I don’t want us to put our finances in trouble but this is piss poor financial planning to not free up money for a proper winger now. A 40-50m player this window will be a 60-80m player next summer. It’s the same old story of dreaming that prices are magically going to stay the same or that we’re magically going to become unrealistically richer.

    We should be rushing to complete our squad now so that either it fires us to success or it doesn’t but we can get better returns on any flops next year. We should’ve had a deadline to sell Ramsey, welbeck, Perez and co 1-2 weeks ago if they’re really gonna be this right with money. Get what we can for them move on and reinvest the money. This umming and erring is just arsing around now.

    We’re gonna end up either keeping an unremarkable but financially valuable player in Ramsey and weakening both our team and our finances or we’re gonna sell him too late and struggle to buy the winger that we need at the last minute.

    Bad planning from those in charge. Stop fucking around and be decisive. Sell Ramsey and les move on already

  65. LINP

    I watched the Chelsea’s goal again. You can see that Rowe let the Chelsea player run away from him and scored. But Auba disappointed me more. He just stood outside the 18 yard box and watched. As the striker, you have to cover the CB of the opposing team.

    I also agree that Nelson is fast enough to be developed as a winger. If we still have funding, I would rather sign a tall and fast defender. I heard Manu wants to sign a 6 foot 6 defender.

  66. raptora

    I know it’s just a friendly but dear me do we look vulnerable at set pieces. It’s a bit worrying that Smith-Rowe was put to defend vs the Rudiger. Even if it was Ramsey, the one who was supposed to play instead of the youngster, it would’ve been a bad match up still. So Rudiger scores one, then second half Emery didn’t change anything, and Smith-Rowe again misses Rudiger who gets another absolutely as FREE as it gets header. Very worrying.

    1. Emery didn’t fix the problem even though he got punished for it once, he almost got punished twice. With no response.
    2. Probably why it’s never bad to have tall players in your team. Someone like Nzonzi makes sense in that regard. Defending at set pieces is an undervalued strength.

    Just when I thought that our left flank is absolutely gash – both Kolasinac and Mikki are seriously bad atm. Like seriously. Then I looked at our right flank and I saw vegan Bellerin getting r@ped time and time again by a dude born in 2000. A minor that I’ve heard his name once! Would be hilarious if it wasn’t sad.

    Several players played well but we kind of know them by now.

    It’s pretty obvious how far we are from competing with the current crop of players so it will be all about top 4. Sadly at the moment I think that we will miss out on it. No way that we have a better chance than spuds and united, while our chances are on par with Chelsea and way lower than those of Man City and Pool.

    At the moment it looks like a big part of the team would not magically improve like a lot of people thought they could. Still young days, but watching the games it looks like Bellerin, Kolasinac, Mikki should not be starting.

  67. China

    None of those players have demonstrated that they can play at a top level over the last 18 months or so. I’m not expecting Bellerin and friends to suddenly turn from pretty shit into good any time soon.

    He’s a one trick pony (pace). But pace alone is not enough. He’s not a great passer, he doesn’t have exceptional vision, he can’t cross or shoot, he’s not great in the tackle and gets rinsed more often than any other serious rb in the PL. apart from being fast, what exactly are bellerin’s strengths?

  68. China

    I’m not sure yet how good an idea this is but with current squad personnel, perhaps a midfield base of Torreira and Guendouzi could be effective.

    We have 4 established offensive players and wing backs who push up. Imo we’d do well to dedicate two MFs to defense with one perhaps as a (defense first) player to Link well between the attack and defense

  69. China

    And I don’t want xhaka anywhere near our first 11

    He’s not the best going forwards and he’s not good defensively. He has reasonable passing but *based on what we’ve seen* he has a grand total of zero that Guendouzi doesn’t already possess and in fact the Frenchman appears to have much more about him already

    He’s only 19 but I don’t think this should be a key consideration. The real question is whether his preseason form represents his true level or just good form

  70. Black Hei



    Xhaka’s long pass is faster and more accurate.

    I love our big-hair-boy too because he is closer to Carzola. But I think this is too fast too soon.

  71. gonsterous

    I see the grove is wanking off to the new kid. the grove will be the first to disown him when he makes his first mistake. people are always pre mature with their decisions in here. the kids good but so was bellerin when the grove was wanking off to him. the kid needs experience and lucky for him Wenger isn’t around..

  72. gonsterous

    missed the game but watching the highlights, I have to say cech was really good. He May just start the season as no. 1…
    ozil had a good game as well. Nice to see the fans backing him. Laca scored a tap in, but he did create a few chances for himself…

  73. Michael24


    I’m sorry my friend and no disrespect intended, but what actually do you know or understand about Football, or any top level sport for that matter?

    You experiment. You put players in situations they may be adverse to. As a manager/coach, at this stage, the result is irrelevant, it’s all about looking at your options.

    Wenger didn’t change things for ten years(when it mattered) and you’re having a breakdown because Emery left a youngster on to see how he dealt with pressure. Nothing wrong with that.

    As you said, it was only a bloody “friendly”.

  74. raptora

    This is the sort of decisions that are supposed to earn you the salary.
    What kind of an experiment is putting a shorter 17 yo attacking midfielder vs one of the buffest and tallest players on the pitch who happens to be good in the air?! It can only go one way. Plus Emery isn’t a novice. Guy has been in the job for years. Why not fix the problem – put someone else to defend vs Rudiger, straight away after you got punished. I mean you should not even get punished because Smith-Rowe or Ramsey should not be responsible for Rudiger.

    By what you are saying no one without a coaching license should critique managers. What exactly is your problem?

    As for putting Wenger in the conversation… Come on. Let’s never say a bad word for our future managers because Wenger was fking around for 10 years with us. Okay.

  75. Michael24


    Mentioning Wenger is in my remit.

    As for criticising Emery, I have absolutely no problem with that.

    It’s your paranoia when it’s only a friendly and Emery has only been through the door 10 minutes, that is slightly concerning.

    It’s also quite amusing seeing your analysis of a game that is basically no more than a hyped up training session.

    Save your input for the MC game.

  76. Black Hei


    Maybe they do zonal marking for set pieces?

    Or it could be just too many tall blokes on Chelsea’s team. It is numerically inevitable.

    I am so used to defending Wenger, I instinctively go for my UKB hat.

  77. TitsMcGee

    Then I looked at our right flank and I saw vegan Bellerin getting r@ped time and time again by a dude born in 2000.”

    I literally choked on my IRN BRU lol

  78. TitsMcGee

    I’ve been saying it for a while but people expecting Emery to pull a 180 with these dudes after a few preseason games are nuts. A culture of hand-holding and coddling for the past two decades won’t get remedied in a few weeks. It’s going to take time to undo. Then you throw in the fact that we still have dead-weight and it’s definitely going to be some ups and downs this season.

    Wenger was a cancer to the club. It’s going to take time to recover.

  79. mysticleaves

    Couple of bits

    Juve swapped Caldara (24 with great future) with Bonucci (32 and dwindling). They also got Higuain (30 but countries ahead all their strikers) for €18m loan fee with option to make it permanent for a further €35m.

    That’s an awesome deal anyway you look at it. Milan directors need a pay out for that.

    Say it quietly but Alexis Sanchez has been on fire for Man utd during their pre season in US. Could be about to unleash his real self.

    Martial was signed 3 years ago as a teenager and on a contract worth 90k pw based on potential.

    Why do people say Ozil can do a press?

  80. Steiner

    This is hilarious, like a bunch of old hens I a coup panicking over a pre season friendly with an unbalanced team.
    You bitches are all doom and gloom, that didn’t take long.

    Take a chill pill you fools, the team bears no resemble me to our PL starting 11…

  81. Steiner


    I’ve said it many times, athletes can’t be vegan and perform to their highest level.

    Problem with vegans is they’re convinced they’re healthier, I’ve known a lot of them, always look less healthy and lose their personality and sense of humour…

  82. Michael24


    Thanks for the amusing start to the day.

    Can’t say what you want these days without offending someone.

    Any other vegans out there?

    Lose a yard of pace and the ability to think on your feet but at least you know it’s doing you good.


  83. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal were missing from midfield Ramsey, Xhaka and Torreira and my guess is that these three are likely to play in starting eleven if fully fit most probably in diamond formation.

    The ongoing worry is as ever our defence. We conceded yesterday a goal from a corner and two penalties.

    Our defensive weakness needs somehow to be eradicated as quickly as possible.

  84. Akilan

    I did see Kolasinac getting pulled down by Rudiger in the first half. So, there you have it. “Proof” that Emery did see the mistake and corrected it.

  85. gazzap

    sometimes you are going to come up against top players who are on their game like Hudson Odoi last night. doesn’t mean you cannot defend properly against them. we defended very high up the pitch leaving tons of space for Odoi to utilise. without the space he was less potent in the second half. Chelsea on the other hand defended deep and gave us no space in the final third. the difference was clear. we didn’t make many good chances until the game was disjointed by subs.

  86. Akilan

    Juve will win the league with or without Higuain. Infact they wanted to sell Higuain to raise the funds for the Ronaldo deal.

    The question is can they win the CL with Caldara? Bonucci gives them a better chance at CL. Milan wins in the long term but Juve as of new are slight favourites for the UCL.

    Their front 3 is the best in Europe. Their defense with Allegri will always gonna be solid. That’s a deadly combination. They kinda needed a guy like Bonucci to make sure it is good enough.

    They will regret it in a couple of years when the spine of their team retires.

  87. raptora

    There’s the video:

    At 2:30 (5′ of the game) David Luiz is covering David Luiz (excuse me Guendouzi) I think, then Smith-Rowe is “taking care of” Rudiger.
    Move at 8:30 in the video (57′ of the game) and surprise, surprise – Christensen (subbed Luiz) vs Guendouzi and Smith-Rowe vs Rudiger. Exactly the same settings, exactly the same cross, exactly the same mistake. Rudiger misses.

    How is this correcting anything?

  88. OleGunner

    Just seen the highlights of game last night.
    Christ! What has happened to Bellerin? He was roasted consistently by that Chav kid. Really worrying.

    He seems to be regressing from his already poor form the last two seasons.

    Other than that, good runout I think and nice show of “mentality” at the end to grab a goal. Very excited for the start of the season.

  89. Mr Serge

    Guys chill out it’s a friendly it’s just there to get us match speed and fit for the season. To many reactionary views on here. Keep calm its taking shape and I can’t wait for the first game at the Emirates

  90. Michael24


    So vegans lose their “personality” and “sense of humour”.

    That would explain a lot on here.