Dembele rumours will not die

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Well, the new boys have started to drip into the club. Torriera has LANDED which is magnificent. This is him pointing.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 20.59.14


In other news, the stories about us landing Dembele get hotter and hotter. The French wideman has an admirer in Sven M. Barca oddly looking to bin off the magical winger after just one season. I have no idea why they’d consider moving on talent like that, all I know if I LOVE him deeply as a player and think he’d be a fabulous addition to our quite scary attack. Kike Marin, the Spanish God of transfers reckons this could happen… very exciting.

Also, if Barca are offering up a £135m player who is 20 in exchange for Ramsey… well, I don’t want to pack anyone’s bags but come on, that’d be a tasty offer. Ramsey would be on the train to Emanuel Petitville in a season anyway.

OBVIOUSLY I’d like to keep Ramsey, but be real, it’s not looking good.

The Ozil drama carried on into its 16th week, fans in Germany protested on the theme of #IamOzil. Bit dramatic, don’t you think? Guy hung out with the civil rights abuser basket player Enes Kanter called “the Hitler of our century”, now people are protesting his treatment in Germany (the irony), a country that’s lambasted by the hard right the world over for being too kind to immigrants? Please.

Freddi Boban is having NONE OF IT.

“I think that’s a bit cowardly,”

“Ozil’s criticism of social media, especially in the direction of the German Football Association (DFB), is unbearable.

“This blanket charge of racism simply does not correspond to reality. He could have given an interview somewhere, live on TV.

“For us footballers, the rule is ‘be a man and stand up.'”

Freddi, what does it mean to be a man? Why are you leaning on dated stereotypes of masculinity to make a shallow point about racism?

You disgust me.

Anyway, time to sweep this German nonsense under the rug. There’s only one nationality that counts and that’s GOONER. Amirite? Yes. Yes I am.

Right, not a lot to go on today. See you tomorrow!


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  1. Mr Serge

    Please let the rumours be true and we can get him. Think we would also need to replace Ramsey if this happens unless Mikki takes his place in that position

  2. Wallace

    only way Barcelona are swapping Dembele for Ramsey is if they’ve recently hired Bobby Pires and put him in charge of transfers.

  3. Michael24


    From previous post.

    Obviously you’ve never been to Qatar.

    You do realise that the domestic calendar of every footballing country will have to be altered, which is fundamentally crazy.

    I’m all for globalization and the modernization of the game but not at the expense of moral and ethical guidelines.

    Hundreds of thousands of fans descending on a tiny country that, to all intents and purposes, doesn’t want them to be there, is going to be make interesting viewing.

    As for Blatter…………!!

  4. Biggles

    Obviously if we can have Dembele, I’ll take him.

    But I’m not quite sure where we would play him, or in what formation. We seem to be overloaded with players that I can’t quite figure out where to stick them. I think my first choice formation about now would be this:


    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love for us to have the strength in depth to have a striker like Lacazette on the bench, but honestly, I think he’d be wasted there. I’d rather be playing him and Auba together and smashing 5 past Cardiff even if we lose a goal, than keep a clean sheet and only score once. Goals are entertaining. Goal difference matters.

    The other thing is that playing a diamond probably makes the best use of Ozil by giving him two outlets, but it doesn’t really give us much width. And Ozil is useless in a press. However, if you drop Ozil and play Mikki in his place, you get a bit more pressing and can shove someone else in to the middle.

    Funny thing… I’ve toyed with a bunch of formations and the only thing I can be certain of is that I can’t figure out a use for Xhaka.

  5. HighburyLegend

    Lol Torreira will get fachion lessons from Bellerin…

    No one answered, so I ask to Pedro, because he nose best : we play the chavs twice in the ICC, one game on august 1th, the other on august 4th…

    Why playing them twice ?? One time would clearly be enough…

  6. mysticleaves

    “Hundreds of thousands of fans descending on a tiny country that, to all intents and purposes, doesn’t want them to be there, is going to be make interesting viewing.”

    So Qatar wants a fan less world cup I guess.

    No, haven’t been to Qatar but I suspect their weather is close to that of UAE and the wider sub Saharan deserts of Africa. See, if players and fans especially ones in Europe didn’t feel the need to be mollycoddled, the games would have gone on in the summer maybe towards the evening, with some considerations of water breaks like in Brazil. Like I said, it’s 30 days not 30months.

    As for Sepp, legend. Left for me, he would have continued. Europe was against him majorly because he decentralized their autonomy.

  7. mysticleaves

    Highbury, you were answered in the last post. the 4th game is against Lazio not chavs.

    As for Dembele, if we get him on a swap for Ramsey we won’t need to replace Ramsey and anything he does. He will be an outlet on the wings as Ramsey was through the centre.

  8. Marko

    People must realize that Leno is going to be number one going forward. Until he fucks up he’s number one. With what we paid and apparently he’s impressing in training too.

  9. englandsbest

    Barca? There’d be a whole queue of top clubs lining up for Ramsay. He is ridiculously under-rated by a lot of people on here.

    Emery thinks he will stay, and he should know.

  10. mysticleaves

    Valverde in his last interview said he wouldnt mind another midfielder and one that gives them the option of attacking the box. Could have sworn he was talking about Ramsey…

  11. HighburyLegend

    All right, in fact those idiots thinks that we could be able to play 2 different games at the same time…
    Or maybe it is the ladies team playing ?? lol

  12. Leftsidesanch

    The window closes in 9 days, there’s nothing concrete to suggest that Dembele comes apart from people adding 2 and 2 and getting 5 based off his social media interactions with a few of our squad. I can’t see it happening, or any wide player.

  13. mysticleaves

    Highbury, it’s not on the dot com. So who to believe? Sky or Arsenal? I believe it was a scheduling mistake that was later corrected by us but neglected by sky

  14. TitsMcGee

    reddi Boban is having NONE OF IT.

    “I think that’s a bit cowardly,”

    “Ozil’s criticism of social media, especially in the direction of the German Football Association (DFB), is unbearable.

    “This blanket charge of racism simply does not correspond to reality. He could have given an interview somewhere, live on TV.

    “For us footballers, the rule is ‘be a man and stand up.’”

    Been saying it since day 1. Ozil crying racism was a “get out of jail free” tactic. He was getting his share of the criticism for WC 2018(in addition to others as well) and he hit back with the only thing that would get people to back off of him.

  15. Pierre

    Tonyd was in bed with his thai bride and she was stroking his cock.
    Tony was so happy that his thai bride was given his cock so much attention and asked her “do you really like my cock so much”
    She replies “No, not really….. I just miss mine”

  16. UTarse

    “Hundreds of thousands of fans descending on a tiny country that, to all intents and purposes, doesn’t want them to be there, is going to be make interesting viewing.”

    Doesn’t want them to be there ? I mean I’m all for your opinion but then you say something like that and it makes you sound like a fool my friend.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Whilst I realise Dembele is a fantastic young talent I would question the price
    paid and valuation of him.

    A close examination of his stats reveal that he was just one season at Borussia Dortmund and also one further season at Barcelona. On both occasions he played between 50-60 minutes per game.

    That does not suggest to me that he is necessarily going to be able to play on a
    regular basis 80-90 minutes per game for us.

    Clearly at 20 he is going to improve, but I do still have concern about spending
    potentially £100 million for that level of performance.

    He is still a project in progress and frankly not at the same level as Mbappe.

  18. qna

    It’s insane to think that Barca would want Ramsey. He is actually not that good.

    Would drive him to Barcelona myself if it gets us Dembele. Maybe they could take Ozil off our hands too.

    Ozil+Ramsey+cash for Dembele

    Giddy up.

  19. raptora

    I value Dembele times more than say Lemar. Atleti just paid 70m euro for Lemar coming from a seriously average season. Dembele is top 3 young talent in the world probably. If Mbappe is first, Dembele is second. I rest my case again that the kid in 10 years could be looked as our greatest ever winger if he decides to join us.

  20. InsideRight

    “What does it mean to be a man”
    “dated stereotypes of masculinity”
    “shallow point about racism”

    Pete. WTF? Seriously mate if I want New York democrat progressive claptrap I’ll read the Guardian. You’ve got more than enough great stuff in your head to stick to football and leave the political sideshow to others.

    Ozil has been criticised because he had a poor World Cup, again looking lazy and disinterested. Others got less criticism because while they were poor they are not consistently lazy and disinterested. With Ozil it’s a clear and ongoing pattern. Don’t you think the Germans have seen when he’s mailed in at the Emirates?
    Ozil exhibited appalling judgement by having a photocall with a Erdogan. It wasn’t a ‘just bumped into each other’ gladhand, but a planned one where he brought a shirt to hand over as he fawned over a man who has jailed tens of thousands of opponents, civil servants, judges, and anyone who could stand against him electorally.
    Ozil brought nationality into all this. German, Turk, German-Turk, Turkish-German… It isn’t racism for people to question whether he has his heart in his German nationality when he speaks and behaves as if his heart longs to be elsewhere. Savvy people would have avoided these multiple meetings with Erdogan.

    At the end of the day it’s about opinions. Fine. Mine is that Ozil is ridiculously overpaid, too often underperforms, doesn’t do enough when on the pitch and whines when he isn’t subjected to universal fawning adoration. I couldn’t give a toss about his nationality, race, orientation, gender, or anything else. I do give a toss about him being a lightweight passenger in our team. I would say he should man-up, but I can’t be bothered with suffering a dogmatic deconstruction of inoffensive colloquialism. Rant over. Can we stick to footy please mate?

  21. GoonerDave

    Being a man is the definition of masculinity. And we want men to behave like men when playing football. This modern craze of denying men their masculinity – while encouraging women to behave like men – seems very silly.
    Smacks of militant, left wing emotional crap.

  22. Chika

    Like Biggles above, I think a 4-1-2-1-2 would be the most ideal formation presently. In the absence of a winger, I’d prefer to see a front two of Auba and Laca.

    Ramsey + $$ for Dembele would be super awesome!

  23. raptora

    Dembele is the missing link in my eyes. Get him and we will be a top team again. The excitement will be back. Guy is a baller and a half and we will give him all the tools to succeed. It’s a pipe dream. No doubt about it. But it was to happen I’d be enthused about our team again. Atm no one in our team makes me go WOAW. I’ll kill myself the moment we are all full of physical players and no flair ones. Spud like. Dembele would make us exciting again.

  24. InsideRight

    @ raptora

    Dembele would be an amazing addition. But it wouldn’t solve our problem as I still think we lack a proper leader in midfield. I just don’t think Ramsey is the answer. I would love to be proved wrong though.

  25. mysticleaves

    IMO opinion, Dembele is more talented than Mbappe. Of course he’s two years older but once the wow factor of Mbappe clears in two years and he earns a move to a big club I would like to see how he gets on.

  26. InsideRight

    @ mystic


    Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Thanks mate, that’s cheered me right up. It’s been a shitty morning.

  27. DM

    All this “Pedro is DM” stuff really is the biggest compliment to my tr4phy-hunting prowess you could give me 😀

    Must be annoying as hell for Pedro though!

  28. shaun ellis

    Ramsey is a good player when being a disciplined CM and no more than that, if Chelsea offer 35-40 take the money, if Barca want a swap do the swap . let’s be done with the Wenger sympathizers , don’t think any of us can be bothered with this contract crap any longer “oh i don’t know whats going on but I need £300 000 and a signing on fee ” offer him 200,000 a week and if he don’t except sell him or just leave him in the reserves and let him go on a free at the end of the season but just be done with this last year contract crap that is le cunts final legacy

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Dembele as I said is a talented footballer, but someone who plays on average
    50-60 minutes per game is not worth £100 Million + Transfer fee.

    Also I read constantly criticisms about both Ozil and Ramsey. Yet their goalscoring + assists is superior to Dembele.

    It seems to me that there are posters who will always want the latest fashion model at the expense of players who have been with us 5-10 years.

  30. Northbanker

    Is it really likely that Barca will suffer a €100m loss in just 1 year by letting Dembele go?

    I am incredulous that this can happen but it would need a loss of that magnitude for us to be in the races for him

  31. Wallace

    Q: And just quickly, fans love knowing this because they don’t get to watch EPL training ever – who are the best trainers both with the ball and also physically?

    Darren Burgess: I remember watching Mesut Ozil against Australia in South Africa on that fateful day against Germany and I thought he was unbelievable. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves because he looks so laconic. I liken him a bit to Mark Waugh who I watched growing up. I’m yet to see him dispossessed in training even by bigger players and more physical players he’s just unbelievable. And the best thing about him, and I’d teach this to my son if I get the chance – he just keeps it simple. Watching him has been a real pleasure. In terms of the hardest trainers guys like Aaron Ramsey, Granit Xhaka and Danny Welbeck are unbelievable with what they do and the numbers they put out every day. The one who excites me the most at the moment is Aubameyang – his speed and acceleration, I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s an interesting character he’s got a different car for a different day of the week and the clothes to match but watching him has been eye-catching.

  32. Carts


    re: MLS

    I don’t bet on MLS, but when I have, I usually do over 2.5 goals.

    What’s funny about MLS, is that simply looking at team form usually informs how many goals will be scored during the 90mins.

    Also, is there a reason why the winners of the MLS don’t get considered for the FIFA World Club cup?

  33. Emiratesstroller


    This is of course something that the armchair tv viewers never see when they watch games.

    Those who criticise Ozil never watch his movement around the pitch. They only see him when he is actually on the ball.

  34. raptora

    Dembele, at club level, has 67 starts in which he has 24 goals and 29 assists. That’s a a goal or assist per 0.80 game. So in 5 starts he will score or assist 4 times.

    In 13 starts at Barca he’s got 4 goals and 6 assists. Which is in correlation of the above trend. Got 2 MotM for them as well which is not that easy to achieve at Barca.

    We’re talking for a superstar in the making.

    I think that there’s no chance that Barca sells him. Why would they? Going for who? Hazard? He wants Madrid, Madrid wants him so if Chelsea is willing to give him away at all no doubt it will be Madrid. Grizz said he’s staying. Who else would they go for with the money they would cash in?

  35. Akilan

    Dembele is fantastic and would actually be a coup even if we spend 100m for him. He was already excellent in France before BVB(on Sven’s recommendation) spent 17m on him. When barca came knocking with Neymar’s money, BVB milked every penny they could as barca cut their nose off to spite face.

    He put up ridiculous numbers two seasons straight. If he were to come, we will have the scariest attack in the country.

  36. KAY Boss

    Dream Dembele, Dream!
    Can we just offer a take it or leave it offer to Ramsey? A good player he is but to hold the club by the throat is becoming boring and irritating.
    I see another midfielder and a winger coming in.
    Ornstein’s reputation will but questioned. just as last season.

  37. KAY Boss

    Lemar went for less than what we were ready to pay for last season.
    speaks volume about the kind of administration we were in. It’s all for good.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry what you posted is not reflected in stats published on Transfermarkt in
    games played in Bundesliga, La Liga or Champions League

    Played 32 6 goals 13 assists 340 mins per goal 2,040 mins played
    La Liga
    Played 17 3 goals 7 assists 310 mins per goal 1,940 mins played
    Champions League
    Played 13 3 goals 6 assists 304 mins per goal 930 mins played

    Decent performance for player of his age but hardly mega.

  39. Josip Skoblar

    “Also, if Barca are offering up a £135m player who is 20 in exchange for Ramsey… well.”
    Barca would be barking mad!!!

  40. Emiratesstroller

    If you want to make comparison take a look at stats of Mbappe.

    Ligue 1 68 games 29 goals 19 assists 137 mins per goal 3,959 mins played
    CL 17 games 10 goals 3 assists 119 mins per goal 1,194 mins played

  41. mysticleaves

    Number games lol. That every player should be judged on goals and assists these days is the worst thing that has happened to football.

  42. Guns of Hackney

    It’s not the racism against Ozil…it’s his utter shitness that people have a beef with.

    That bulbous eyed cartoon looking bastard has less backbone than a French soldier.

    Ramsay is shit.

  43. Cesc Appeal

    How much would we have to pay, Ramsey and £50-60 Million?

    Not sure what would happen to our midfield then, a 4-2-3-1 with Torreria and Xhaka in central midfield? That puts a lot of pressure on Torreira from the off unless we are looking to try and find a clever CM buy as well.

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Dembele’s stats are not bad at all for someone who supposedly struggled last season and had injuries, 17 appearances 3 goals and 6 assists.

    Goals is something we would need him to improve on but he had 12 assists in his last season at BvB playing with Aubameyang.

  45. InsideRight

    @ Wallace @ Stroller

    As many of us on here are not armchair TV viewers we can judge by what we see. It’s a shame so much of Ozil’s sheer brilliance doesn’t translate into consistently creating good scoring opportunities or trying to even chase down, let alone tackle an opponent, when he’s given away possession.

    Surely with all the scouts that watch our every minute of our games you would think this brilliance would translate into a ready market for Ozil with many clubs talking about how they plan to sign him. Maybe the scouts also fail to recognise this genius for what he is.

    Maybe under a good coach, rather than Wenger, Ozil might flourish. But based on what I’ve seen when sitting in the stadium, I don’t know where this metamorphosis is going to spring from.

  46. Carts

    I think doing away with Ramsey, getting in Dembele give us more balance.

    I’m here for that!

    If we can agree an initial loan fee, say £10m, then wrap up the signing next season for an additional £50m. Wishful, I know.

    Get rid of Welbeck and Ramsey and we could raise £50m-£60m to facilitate the deal this summer or next.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Could well be something like that.

    £10 Million and Ramsey this summer, which would be paid from the Ospina and Perez fees, then something like £40 Million next summer which could be paid from the UCL money basically.

  48. Claver

    I see a lot of folks losin their sh*t about Dembele.


    Does anyone really think we are going to spunk 100 plus million on a single player?

  49. raptora

    Guys, please give me a reason that Barca would need money at the moment? Who would they realistically go for? They would sell one of the hottest prospects in the world to fund a Rabiot/Nzonzi deal?! Come on. But, yeah would honestly want to know who would their target be if they cash on Dembele.

  50. Marko

    Worth noting what an absolute steal Torreira is gonna end up. Especially when you consider that Chelsea are apparently trying to sign Vecino for over 30 million. Ours is way better

  51. Marko

    Strollers attempt of a takedown on Dembele is cringe worthy considering his age, he’s a different player towards Ramsey and Ozil and he’s not a striker so his comparison with Mbappe is stupid.

  52. HighburyLegend

    Higuain on loan to AC Milan, due to his incompatibility with CR7 at Juve…
    lol many Napoli fans must be so pleased.

  53. KAY Boss

    Dembele isn’t a prospect at age 20 (my view). He’s a player with time on his side and could become great but as to why Barca wil sell beats my imagination.
    If we get him good but if it ain’t happening, I hope we got a plan B.
    Dembele seems to be our priority for a winger. My plan b is Bailey or Fekir (though he isn’t an out n out winger) or Cuadrado. Anyone with a different choice? Not forgetting Lozano.

  54. ww

    dembele….looks a very good player…no way worth 100million….has a few weaknesses and seems inconsistent. possibly over-hyped.
    He only managed average ratings for the france games in the wc.
    I would rate him 50m tops.
    Now perisic…..that’s a different beast….

  55. Carts


    It really is quick math.

    I mean, we’ve shown pragmatism so far, so why not crank it up a little more. We’ve got players who aren’t good enough and I’m sure with a little bit more ruthlessness we can shift them on over the next couple weeks.


  56. Carts

    I guess Ronaldo will be Juventus’ #9 this season, then.

    Brutally got rid off Higuaín. I’m not even mad lol

  57. Carts

    “Dembele is already a far far better player than Perisic despite the 8 year age gap.”

    don’t agree with “far far”.

    An argument that he’s better is one thing, but even if he is, it isn’t by a big margin.

  58. Wallace


    “It’s a shame so much of Ozil’s sheer brilliance doesn’t translate into consistently creating good scoring opportunities or trying to even chase down, let alone tackle an opponent, when he’s given away possession.”

    he’s the fastest to 50 assists in Premier League history, and that’s while feeding Giroud & Walcott….what are you talking about?

  59. gambon

    Take away the 15/16 season and Ozil has barely contributed for Arsenal.

    I’m fact just take away the first half of that season and he has clearly been absolutely average for 90% of his time here.

    It’s also very noticeable that the only good season he has had was during the worst PL season in history.

  60. China

    If we sell welbz Ramsey Perez and Ospina that’s gotta be a solid 55m+. That goes a long long way towards a serious winger without touching our best starting 11.

    Do it Ivan. Do it.

  61. InsideRight

    @ Wallace

    So where is the queue to sign him? Or could it be the stats don’t tell the whole story? Perhaps they don’t break down the quality of the chances, or show where his touches were, or deal with tackles, tracking back, the graft of linking up play. Perhaps they just underline he is a luxury player who sits waiting for the ball to be given to him so he can send it across the six yard box hoping someone is there to get on the end of it?

    No matter. In his time here so far he’s not been a player that excites me and he has a short spell where he seems to get things right, then reverts back to left wing hermit, or declares injury and heads off to do something else while still getting paid more than a third of a million pounds every week.

  62. Marc

    Can’t wait for Redtwat to find out that not only has Ospina gone on a free effectively but he’s also going to be number 2 at Besiktas.

  63. mysticleaves

    ““don’t agree with “far far”. ”

    me three. I wouldn’t mind perisic at all. Dembele is more enticing because of age and potential to do even more

  64. Cesc Appeal

    Frosinone want to take Perez on loan apparently, we really have accumulated some shit at this club or just broken players through misuse or given them too much money making them hard to move on in the transfer market.

  65. Wallace


    “So where is the queue to sign him? Or could it be the stats don’t tell the whole story?”

    dunno man, some stats you can bend to suit your narrative, but goals and assists…they’re pretty much what it says on the tin. there are actual youtube compilations of quite serious length of Walcott & Giroud messing up Ozil through balls.

  66. Bamford10


    I hope Ozil has a good season and I think there’s a chance he awakens a bit under Emery’s regime, but those Darren Burgess comments do nothing to change the fact that Ozil: can’t and doesn’t shoot, disappears in big games, isn’t assertive enough and is ultimately a bit of a wimp.

    No one has ever denied his talent.

  67. Marc


    Spot on the Ozil argument on here always falls into either he’s shit or amazing, when it’s neither.

    The talent is there just need to get his head in the right place.

  68. Bamford10

    I have no problem with selling Ramsey for a decent sum, but we would need to replace him with a CM with similar attributes, i.e., a B2B CM. Aside from Ramsey, we don’t have one of these.

    Some will say that we could play two holding mids with Ozil in front of them, but if neither of the two holding mids is a B2B, then Ozil will be required to do too much B2B work and it will not work properly.

    So while it would be great to have a wide player like Dembele, it wouldn’t make sense to lose Ramsey without replacing him with someone comparable. IMO.

  69. Marc


    I think it comes down to the money. Do we have enough to get a winger and then use any money from Ramsey’s sale on a replacement?

    If not will the midfielders we have give us enough if we get a winger to replaces Ramsey’s goals etc?

  70. sanmi

    i can see why Barca want to bin dembele. I am not a fan myself. He is not a Barca level player. He is definitely an arsenal level of forward. He couldn’t even get into France’s 11 after 1st game.
    He is not that effective

  71. InsideRight

    @ Wallace

    Yes, stats can be made to do a lot of things. I don’t think Ozil is shit. I just don’t think he is what we need and I think we are paying way over the odds for someone who for the most part does a Lord Lucan in games where you need him to impose himself.

    I honestly had more excitement and buzz watching Anders Limpar than I do watching Ozil.

  72. gambon

    I think Ramsey is probably asking for a salary way too high for his ability level, c£250k per week or similar.

    Theres just no way we should be doing that, he isnt good enough.

    Hes a £100k per week player.

    We are already overpaying for the likes of Ozil, Lacazette & Mykhitaryan, who arent as good as their salaries suggest. We cant keep doing that.

    Auba is the only big earner we have that justifies his salary.

    The problem is we have left it to late. The club should sell any player that doesnt extend with 2 years left.

  73. raptora

    I think we’re just fked no matter what happens. If we really wanted a winger, my guess is that we’d be on it already long time ago.

    On a side note: Imagine Wenger doing his bit if he still considers himself an Arsenal guy, calling Dembele on the phone and telling him that joining us would be the best decision he could make in his career.

    Pretty sad that Arsene wasn’t that good at his job in the last say 8 years. Imagine that he and Arsenal had the same pull among the french players as they had during the golden years. Griezmann, Martial, Mbappe, Dembele, Pogba would have all dreamt to play for us. Sadly not the case at all.

  74. azed

    I think Ramsey is probably asking for a salary way too high for his ability level, c£250k per week or similar.
    Theres just no way we should be doing that, he isnt good enough.
    Hes a £100k per week player.

    I agree. I also think we should have used the summer to do spring cleaning. Any player on wages above their ability should be on the out list.

  75. Marc


    I think that’s what you’ll see begin to happen now. I’ve always felt Ramsey saw himself as being a “top” player who fancies going out to Spain to play alongside his mate Bale. One thing though would Madrid go for him even on a free – bearing in mind his wage demands would definitely hit £250k plus.

  76. sanmi

    ‘The problem is we have left it to late. The club should sell any player that doesnt extend with 2 years left’

    And if you have 5 first teamers in that category every year? you sell 5 every year?
    Be reasonable

  77. azed

    “Lacazette is better than Gambon gives credit for. He will surprise u this season”

    Lacazette didn’t make the French team. If you Dembele isn’t that good because he didn’t start for France, why would think Lacazette is any good?

  78. Marc


    No but you try and get contracts staggered so you don’t have half the team in that position. I’d also expect us to be able to retain some players. You make it sound as if every player is going to force his way out on a free.

  79. azed

    “And if you have 5 first teamers in that category every year? you sell 5 every year?”

    That’s impossible in a well run club. You typically sign a player to 4 or 5 year contracts, the first year, they acclimatize, by the second year, you should know those that have long term futures with the club and those that should be sold.

    For those with long term futures, you give an improved contract with either an additional two or three years depending on age and other factors. The others, you listen to bids.

  80. gambon


    You wouldnt sell 5 every year, because most would probably agree to extend.

    You would sell the ones that dont agree. Unless they are 30+ years old, then you can let them leave for free when their contract expires if it makes financial sense.

  81. Carts

    Frosinone? fucking hell.

    I thought I read Lazio were sniffing, but this one has taken a wicked turn.

    Great signing from Wenger.

  82. WengerEagle


    As did many on here. Wanted him simply because he was free, last thing we need is more bodies though without upping the quality, so I as never on board that train.

  83. WengerEagle

    AC Milan finally with a top class CF again after securing Higuain on a year loan.

    Will make a huge difference to them. Carried Napoli a couple of years ago.

  84. Wallace


    ‘No one has ever denied his talent.’

    this was the post I was responding to…

    ‘It’s a shame so much of Ozil’s sheer brilliance doesn’t translate into consistently creating good scoring opportunities or trying to even chase down…’

  85. azed

    “Meyer won’t be at palace for more than a season.”

    $50 box says he will.

    Payet left WestHam to Marseille and he spent more than one season there despite his talents.

  86. Marc


    I don’t know what he was asking for but I doubt Palace can pay serious money. Just look at what some of the Spud players are on.

  87. azed


    Rumour on here was that he was asking for 150k.

    Then again, 22 and free and none of the big clubs take you means there’s a big question mark unless he was asking for playing time.

    Players with a year left on their contracts are going for insane rates so when a supposed talent becomes free but ends up at Crystal Palace, something is amiss.

  88. Akilan

    Would still have Meyer over every CM we have bar Torreira. People forget one of Xhaka/Elneny is a guaranteed starter, unless you trust a 19 year old to step up from French league 2. Funnily enough, I do think he’ll be better than 2 of our senior CMs.

    I’d rather have Meyer in the squad than Elneny or Xhaka, which was the point.

  89. Receding Hairline

    @ Akilian

    How many times have you watched Meyer play??

    They say familiarity breeds contempt …i think that is what we see with some of our players , watching them week in week out you know all their faults.

  90. KAY Boss

    The fact that a player touted with huge potential (Meyer) makes a move to a ‘small ‘ club doesn’t erase his quality. Meyer’s been a victim of a club who weren’t willing to let ‘be’ and wanted to paint a good pic about themselves and therefore highlighting the player as the problem.
    Meyer could also have priced himself way beyond his value.

  91. Marko

    Ousmane Dembele is an outstanding talent. Was brilliant at Rennes that got him his move to Dortmund. That season he was incredible and a major part in Aubameyang getting 40 goals that year and even through his injuries last year he still looked good. And still 21 years old. Absolutely shits on Perisic. Rebic over Perisic even

  92. Rambo Ramsey

    “Max Meyer signing for… Crystal Palace.”

    Lets all laugh at Marko.

    Imagine now if Ramsey moves to Barca, who according to Marko is not good enough to clean their toilets let alone play for them.

  93. Chika

    “I’d rather have Meyer in the squad than Elneny or Xhaka, which was the point.”

    For all his faults, I still think Xhaka is a more suitable partner for Torreira than Meyer.

  94. Marko

    Max Meyer’s struggles to find a club doesn’t really tell the whole story I mean it can happen. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s an excellent player. He’d be an upgrade on about 3/4 midfielders we have right now.

  95. Nw9 gooner

    We have been talking of low wages of Spud players but remember most of them were very young when first started , now that they have been successful and older almost all heve been renewed at much better rates. It’s going to hit them, that probably explains their lack of signing till now

  96. Rambo Ramsey

    “Max Meyer’s struggles to find a club doesn’t really tell the whole story”


    All the top clubs have made midfield signings and your boy finds himself at Palace

  97. WengerEagle


    Milan probably move on Kalinic, much older than Silva, not as large an investment and he acted like an arsehole at the World Cup refusing to back-up Mandzukic, no chance he gets a look-in ahead of Higuain who’s even better.

    Kalinic is good though, was quality for Fiorentina. Although they are his level.