Ramsey holds all the cards as suitor emerges

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So overall, you’d have to say the preseason is going rather nicely.

  • A specific style is emerging
  • No one is injured.
  • We have breakthrough kids looking VERY good
  • The morale looks excellent (noteworthy when you hear Mourinho squeal like a spoilt brat)
  • There’s still a chance we might sign another name

There are still a couple of worries, the main one being that Aaron Ramsey still hasn’t signed a new deal. The 27-year-old is coming off the back of an excellent season, he’s finally fit, and he knows he’s likely hitting the peak of his dealmaking powers. He straight up wants Ozil money, his agent knows the fans and the new backroom team love his player, but once again, Wenger has left us in a situation where all the leverage is with a superstar player. Like an abusive parent who leaves the estate to a cactus.

The way I’d be looking at the Rambo situations if I were his agent is:

  • £350k a week from Arsenal
  • A deadline day move to a team with title-winning capabilities (CFC lingering)
  • Roll into the final year of your deal and gamble on a FAT fee so you buy a nice flat in Cardiff town centre when you retire.

He doesn’t need to do anything else. He wins in almost every situation. Well, unless he breaks down with injury this season, but even then, people will take a chance on him. Maybe not on the £350k a week deal he thinks he deserves, because let’s be fair here, no club in Europe was prepared to give Ozil that until Ivan shit the bed. Aaron is a £200k week player in this market at the absolute tops, and he’d get that at Chelsea. Arsenal have the pay the premium to keep him, can we afford that after we went all in on Ozil?

I thought it was telling that Emery dropped Ozil the captaincy. Usually, I’d do a little vom into my mouth upon hearing a player with questionable commitment to the cause could be afforded such an honour, but if Ramsey says no to a deal, it wouldn’t be the dimmest move to focus Mesut with the captain’s armband. If we have ANY hope next season, it has to be with Ozil playing like he did vs Chelsea in the League Cup semi-final on the regular. It’s still a huge risk because you’re giving the armband to a player who gets tough away games off, you’re also giving it to a player who has questionable fitness in the backend of most seasons, but, a firing Ozil is unstoppable.

I’d be giving it to Guendouzi myself…

The second concern we have going into the new season is our center backs. Jury is still out with these guys in a new system, but I do have reservations about the desperate lack of pace across the board. Laurent K is not going to come back the same player, Sokratis looks very slow, Chambers is slow, Mustafi is fast but always a worry due to brain farts, Holding and Mavrapanos are the only two anywhere near where we need to be. A high line is going to be suicidal this season.

It looks like Emery is pushing for a 4-1-4-1 this season. We look to finally have two DMs in Torreira and Guendouzi. We have an abundance of bodies and names in Ramsey, Ozil, AMN, Xhaka, Elneney, and Smith Rowe through the middle. If we’re going to play a high-press, I’m not sure how Xhaka fits because of his lack of pace, but we’ll see. I really wouldn’t be surprised to see a breakthrough player as a mainstay by the end of this season.

We’re struggling with wide players, unless Auba is seriously being considered there, which feels like a huge waste of a world-class finisher. Mikki, Iwobi, Welbeck, Nelson and maybe Ozil feels a touch thin on the ground. We really do need to invest in an exciting wide player or at least a loan before the season is out. We still haven’t replaced Alexis, with a strong move there, we really will be looking formidable moving forward.

Striking options of Auba, Lacazette, Welbz and Eddie feels very comfortable. It’ll be interesting to see if the manager adopts a 4-4-2 at any stage this season, he certainly has an interest in trying it out.

“The 4-4-2 is designed more and more for zonal positioning. It’s less aggressive but is harder to get past. I am not ruling out the possibility of a 4-4-2.”

Hector Bellerin seems to be enjoying himself.

“As I said the other day, it’s all about learning the new system, about getting used to each other again and used to the new players,”

“It felt like things were clicking more today. Slowly we are coming more together – training every day with the new concepts we have is working better.”

Football is just like your day-to-day. If you have a manager who challenges you and keeps you thinking, the work becomes more interesting. Our players have been sleepwalking in a very comfortable environment, they’re now being pushed to their limits physically and they’re being stretched mentally. Emery is having to upgrade the way the players see the game, which is basically 10 years of neglect from the manager. I think that’s why he’s been so keen to bring in old heads, because they can help carry the message in the dressing room (and calm it when it goes wrong).

In other news, City lost Laporte, Mahrez and Foden to injury in Miami yesterday. I also watched Chelsea vs Inter yesterday, they had a great half in a very nice canary yellow kit, but looked quite average in the second half. Really hoping they start the season with Cabellero in goal. Two very winnable opening games… for once, being utterly shite could pay dividends.

Anyway, all very exciting. Let’s just hope we don’t lose Aaron to Chelsea. I’ll leave you on Arsenal playing out the back like heroes.

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  1. gambon

    Bob N16

    How are your posters of Jeff Reine Adeleide, Yassin Fortune, Wellington, Kyle Ebecilio, Oghuzan Ozyakup, Fran Merida, Nacer Barazite, Ryo Miyaichi, Jon Toral, Nik Bendtner, Arturo Lupoli, Jeremie Aliadiere & Gilles Sunu?

  2. Receding hairline

    I mean Ndombele joined Lyon on loan from Amiens just a year ago. If everyone was urging calm the way u have been for virtually all our players will u now be soiling yourself over him Marko.

  3. Childish Gambino

    Rumored Opsina fee of £2m is a loan fee.

    I would mutually terminate Jenks and Campbell’s contracts.

    We sell terribly. If someone can pay £20M+ for Bentekes and Mitrovics, then surely we can get £15M+ for Perez and Welbeck.

    Need to cash in on Elneny as Guendouzi is better than him.

  4. Marko

    Big clubs Receding heard we were heard Spurs Barca Dortmund a few others. I mean there’s no rush he’s only been on the scene a little over a year. Point is big clubs are tracking the lad irrespective of whether or not a couple dumbasses on le Grove like yourself and Vic don’t rate him. Just barely missed out on a France call up for the world cup apparently

  5. Marko

    If everyone was urging calm the way u have been for virtually all our players will u now be soiling yourself over him Marko.

    I can’t tell if you’re being purposefully stupid or what. A player makes 28 appearences mostly as a sub and only 3 in midfield for a club that finishes 6th yeah I’d urge caution. Whereas another player makes 47 appearences mostly as a starter and impresses for a team that finishes 3rd well he’s a different kind of player obviously

  6. Receding hairline

    I can say anything and put apparently at the end. Doesn’t make it true. I have no issues with Ndombele just that your attempts to calm everyone down on players you don’t like while hyping to the heavens the ones you rate is irritating.

    Keita he is that good!!

    Ndombele one of the best young midfield prospects!!

    Yet when someone else admires a player u turn up with ice cold water to advise caution

  7. Bamford10

    Add me to the list of those who are not all that impressed by AMN. Way overrated by certain folks here, IMO.

    A “special player”? Sorry, I haven’t seen that.

    Indeed, I’ve seen more in Guendouzi and Smith Rowe already than I’ve ever seen in AMN.

    Plus, I’ve never liked his attitude and body language. He seems arrogant and ultra-casual — despite the fact that he has accomplished nothing at this point.

    Could he make for a serviceable left-back? Maybe. But he’ll need to change his attitude. You can’t be casual and cocky and be a good fullback.

  8. Bamford10


    “Yet when someone else admires a player u turn up with ice cold water to advise caution.”

    Maybe because he doesn’t think said player is as good as said person thinks he is? I don’t know; just a guess.

  9. Marko

    Receding it’s not just me who thinks Keita is that good or that Ndombele is one of the best young midfield prospects in Europe. Whereas it’s only a couple of numpties on here who rate AMN on par or higher than Ndombele for example. I mean it’s kinda pathetic. I actually like AMN but I’m not stupid enough to overhype him when he’s barely done anything. I guarantee you had we signed Keita or Ndombele these same people would be saying how amazing they are and no one would be talking about Ainsley Maitland Niles

  10. Cesc Appeal

    It is an absolute joke that Jenkinson is still an Arsenal player.

    That contract he was given should have been a sacking right there.

  11. Northbanker

    My God you lot are really down on a young player. AMN had a really promising season – ever though that his nightmare of a Mum might have hindered his earlier progress?

    Give the lad a break – he’s had a promising season and half the posts here are slagging him off. FFS!

  12. Receding hairline


    I have heard it all.
    Bamford dislikes someone for being cocky and arrogant. Guess now u know why many on here don’t like u then.

    Marko I repeat Maitland Niles is not a special player.. He is a confident utility youngster who has forced his way Into first team reckoning and has done well when called upon. No one needs your words of caution.

  13. Sancho Monzorla


    This point has been made several times but no one has insulted nor slagged off AMN, I think almost everyone has said he’s at least decent. It’s just not glimmering praise but how is that immediately bad? All that’s been said is that he probably won’t become a world class midfielder.

  14. Marko

    Funny thing is no one is really down on the lad it’s just some are getting way ahead of themselves with the praise and hyping of the lad. Everyone acknowledges that AMN Mavropanos and Nketiah were bright spots in the last season that Smith Rowe and Guendouzi have been bright spots this preseason but let’s not lose ourselves just yet yeah. I mean if we get the opportunity to sign Nzonzi or Kovacic we should do it if we get the opportunity to sign up a defender again we should do it.

  15. Bob N16

    ‘How are your posters of…’ I’m not very clever Gambon, you need to be more explicit. You have listed lots of players who didn’t make it. Am I suppose to respond with all the players who made it and say touché?

  16. Michael24


    Asked you a legitimate question earlier this evening.

    How old are you?

    Can I assume you’re under the age of thirty?

    You display the hallmarks of a Wengerized supporter.

  17. Sancho Monzorla

    “Am I suppose to respond with all the players who made it”

    That’s a much lonelier wall.

  18. Sancho Monzorla


    You kind of sound like you are searching for underage boys right now, I’d tone it down with the age stuff.

  19. Bob N16

    Bamford….Re. AMN…you suggest he’s arrogant, another way of saying very confident….I’m impressed when a 20year old isn’t intimidated and acts like he belongs.

  20. Michael24

    KAY Boss

    Thank god for that.

    £2m for a loan deal sort of makes sense.

    I would have preferred it to be Cech though.

  21. Receding hairline

    Kovacic is world class yet failed to make it at Madrid..was bit part for Croatia and didn’t really do anything noteworthy. But he will cost north of 50m so he must be mustard.

    What exactly is he supposed to be good at?

  22. WengerEagle


    Real Madrid have had the best CM unit in world football for the last three seasons, not like Kovacic is some slouch.

    James couldn’t buy a start towards the end of his time there and he was arguably the Bundesliga player of the season in his first year at Bayern.

  23. Marko

    What exactly is Xhaka good at? What exactly is Maitland Niles good at? I mean our midfield is wide open with the exception of Torreira who has attributes we need

  24. Bob N16

    Sancho, ‘lonelier wall’. I assume you’re implying the list is shorter. For sure, the top of the pyramid is undoubtedly pointy!

    I’m not the only person to question, why the negativity?Of course most exciting youth team prospects don’t make it to the very top, only a few do. But obviously some do and when a player comes along who has a chance to do it, a lot of supporters get excited. This excitement has no effect on whether he makes it or not. Whether he is over hyped or not, it makes no difference. But surely the focus should be on the possible and not on the ‘he’ll probably turn out to be shit’ rhetoric?

  25. Sancho Monzorla


    Don’t think Kovacic can be branded as a failure just yet. I might be wrong but I think Isco didn’t get much game time for a couple years while at Madrid. Never was not talented though.

    Kovacic is a very well rounded midfielder, has all the tools. Kind of on the smallish side, might take some time acclimating to the physicality of the English league though.

  26. Michael24

    FFS, why are we even discussing/arguing what players were or were not doing over the past few seasons.

    It’s totally irrelevant, as we now have a qualified and inspirational coach at the helm.

    For all we know Nelson and AMN could both be major stars by this time next year and Arsenal may be champions.

  27. Sancho Monzorla

    Bob N16

    In all honesty Gambon, Marko, et al went out of their way NOT to slag off AMN, trust me if they thought less of the lad they wouldn’t be bashful about it. Gambon said he thought AMN could be a top class LB even, that’s more praise than insult.

    Even if the discussion was solely regarding him in midfield, most have said he could be a good squad player. That is FAR higher regard than the loads of other young players that have come along have received. It’s not to say who is right, who is wrong. But the proof is right there, some fans go overboard and cream themselves over the likes of Chris Willock while some are more composed and rightly have said that the likes of Akpom, Gelalem would never be good enough to make it here.

    Objectivity in analysis of the players in the club you support is not a sin.

  28. Michael24


    You obviously haven’t been reading the posts.

    Anyone that uses statistical analysis to justify the merits of a player is “Wengerized” as far as I’m concerned.

  29. Bob N16

    Sancho, not sure Gambon needs you to speak for him.

    I probably shouldn’t rise to it but when someone like Gambon, who is always quick to try and take someone down a notch with a negative viewpoint, comes out with spurious ‘facts’ and calls it being objective.

    If I’m in a certain frame of mind I’ll try and pick him up on it.

    We all pretty much agree AMN is a prospect but Gambon will come out with some line like, ‘nobody can say what he’s good at’ …he’s only got 1 goal, 2assists as if this ‘fact’ gives credence to his half empty perspective.

    Rant over, it’s nothing personal- just a blog…..

  30. Michael24

    And anyone that states that, and I quote –

    “Wenger realised pretty quickly he made a mistake by signing him(Walcott) because he didn’t scout him properly”

    has definitely been drinking the Wengerade.

  31. Black Hei

    Does anyone here thinks that AMN is a better left back than Kolasinic?

    I actually think he IS better than Kolasinic.

    A little worried by our hulking LB.

    I think Kolasinic can only play as a wing back and not a left back.

  32. TonyD

    What concerns me most about Ramsey is that Raul, our contract specialist, has had ample time to sort out Ramsey’s contract.

    That said, what do you do with a player no other clubs are making bids for?

    Chelsea are sniffing around but Sarri is reported to be waiting to see what happens with Ramsey’s contract and is also looking at Kovacic.

    I don’t see Ramsey as anything more than a squad player worth £100k a week at most. He’s injury prone and will need to be rested during the season.

    I’d prefer Ramsey was sold and a replacement found now or in the January window.

    That said, I agree with some posters here that Mikki is too inconsistent and not a big game player as proved against the Spuds last season. I wasn’t happy regarding Mikki being a swap deal for Sanchez in the way Pierre and some others were.

    For me we have 5 supposedly key players who will hold us back this season:


    I think our only way back to the CL is through the Europa Cup as I can’t see us making 4th unless Chelsea and United implode.

    All we can do is enjoy the new impetus Emery is driving through the team and hope that Mourinho continues to disjoint and unsettle United and Chelsea have to face up to losing Hazard etc.

  33. Thorough

    “Plus, I’ve never liked his attitude and body language. He seems arrogant and ultra-casual — despite the fact that he has accomplished nothing at this point.”

    As derided ad this statement is that boy does my head in with his ultra-casual body language. I think he’s very talented but he should be coupling that with some level of grafting. People spoke about Ozil’s shitty body language and we’re lampooned but see how that panned out.

  34. gonsterous

    the ospina loan deal sounds perfect. this season on loan and the next when cech retires, ospina will be no.2. Leno I think is the long term solution atm. He May just be another klarius in disguise though, only time will tell…

  35. TonyD

    Gutter boy AKA Pitbull back to show your lack of intelligence again, but what else can we expect? Belligerent stupidity and crass insults and nothing else really.

    “Raul is the head of football relations”

    So he should be telling Huss to get Ramsey’s contract sorted out.

    “Considering the number of players that needed renewals, he’s done well to only have Ramsey and Welbeck left to sort.”

    How many other important renewals has Huss done? Elneny, Xhaka, Iwobi? You expect us to win titles and CL trophies with those players?

    When you consider the 4 pages of the Ramsey debate here, which you have also posted, don’t you think Ramsey should have been first contract to be sorted out, especially as he wants the biggest deal after Ozil?

    As you seem to bring up ladyboys so much here, I can only assume you have a lot of experience with them. You must be missing them.

    Was wondering how often you’ll be getting down from Newcastle to watch games. Then you can’t be a real fan because you don’t have a season ticket, right?

    Was also wondering what you’ll be like when you grow up? One thing for sure, it won’t be intelligent.

    All this pent up anger must be because your ‘Besti’ Pierre has disappeared. Why don’t you take over his latest moniker V ANGRY? If you add ‘IMBECILE’ it would sum you up perfectly.


  36. Michael24

    Although I realize this blog is based on everything Arsenal, one of the things I like about it is that we are sometimes able to discuss other football related matters, as well as non- footballing issues, in a way that is both constructive and informative.

    In the case of the controversy surrounding the 2022 Qatar WC bid, I feel the entire footballing world should be standing up and questioning things far more vehemently, as the consequences on the game we all love could be affected forever.

    The fact that so many Arab based consortiums are now overseeing modern day football makes this issue, imo, even more significant.

    The governing bodies, FIFA and UEFA, consumed by greed and power have allowed the ethics of the game to be distorted and, in many instances, destroyed, by allowing the “product”to be bankrolled by those who don’t have the genuine good of the game at heart.

    Without getting into politics and cultural beliefs, the fact that Qatar were even allowed to make a bid for the 2022 tournament just beggars belief. Having lived there for six years, I should know.

    Apart from the fact that the infrastructure is not geared to delivering a huge event like the WC, the weather factor has meant the entire footballing calendar has had to be altered to accommodate the event.

    Of course the whole thing is corrupt. That’s always been the name of the game in the middle East. Turning a blind eye to things is what it’s all about.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone by highlighting this.

  37. mysticleaves

    “This excitement has no effect on whether he makes it or not. Whether he is over hyped or not, it makes no difference. But surely the focus should be on the possible and not on the ‘he’ll probably turn out to be shit’ rhetoric?”

    Bang! BANG!! BANG!!!

    Marko who is Gbamin?

  38. mysticleaves

    “The governing bodies, FIFA and UEFA, consumed by greed and power have allowed the ethics of the game to be distorted and, in many instances, destroyed, by allowing the “product”to be bankrolled by those who don’t have the genuine good of the game at heart.”

    what’s this about? How do you know who has the genuine good of the game at heart? Football shouldn’t be controlled alone by Europe. Just like people that weren’t happy the world cup came to South Africa .

    I actually big up FIFA under Sepp for globalizing the game. Legend

  39. Northbanker

    That Tony / Pitbull “debate” above does highlight to me the ‘what does Raul do’ question

    When I raised it before Pierre slammed it by saying negotiating contracts which then leads to what does Fahmy do?

    One too many chiefs I think

    Maybe if Gazidis does leave then Raul could do that job, whatever that is

  40. mysticleaves

    “the weather factor has meant the entire footballing calendar has had to be altered to accommodate the event.”

    Ever asked yourself how difficult it is for people from middle and far east, south America and Africa adapt to European weather an culture?

    It’s a one month event, not to season long. Any country that doesn’t want to go should cede their place when they qualify

  41. Northbanker

    Mystic – yes Blatter did help globalise but there again why wouldn’t he? That was how he held on to power and corruption all that time. How he managed to produce a Swiss based empire that no one properly audited for years

  42. mysticleaves

    Northbanker, really ain’t no saint in power. Whatever you do must be criticised one way or another. If another person was there, other agendas will be brought forward.

    Down the line Infantino will still be washed for changing the format admist other things.

    Thanks Marko, never heard of him though.

  43. HighburyLegend

    A question for you guys : we play the chavs twice for the ICC, one game on august 1th, the other on august 4th…
    Is it normal ??

  44. TinyD's mum

    Tony can’t come out to play. He’s got over excited running around in his Tiny Batman costume and had to have his diaper changed. He’s in bed with his pacifier and favourite teddy.

  45. Northbanker

    HL – no we don’t. We play Lazio on August 4th, a rearranged friendly. The second supposed fixture v CFC is a mistake and think this is still on SkySports – listed next to the Lazio game. Not on AFC site though.

  46. Terraloon

    Tony D

    I thought I had written 05.12 post.

    For me too many are expecting everything to click from day one. Ok the WC has handed an advantage in terms of far more players having their pre season delayed but for me it’s the lack of quality in signings that is the concern.


    They are in trouble, they aren’t admitting it but as the clock ticks down and no signings nor come to that departures that tells you something.

    Everything for them starts and finishes around their stadium rebuild.

    It’s not been talked about but the first test takes place this weekend. Ok that event is very low level but everything I see and read suggests there is still a lot of work to be done. The fact that the NFL have put contingency plans in place to move their October game to Wembley says something as does one of Levy’s underlings coming out to defend Levy himself and try to dis concerns is no coincidence.

    Man Utd.

    Ah the fabled three year itch from Mourinho. He can’t help himself and just like at Chelsea x 2 and Real his ego and arrogance eventually causes chaos.
    I cant see any of their players making a significant improvement to their starting eleven so any improvement will have to come from players already there.

    If Mourinho is still manager come the October International break I would be very very surprised.

    Man City

    There is no doubt that their squad is rammed full of quality but as we have seen time after time defending the title is a greater challenge and whilst you have to applaud Peps loyalty to his squad there is and always been the view that the best time to add significantly to your squad is after success


    Every time people point to the chaos and issues they create for themselves they confound and pop up with a trophy.
    Sari probably will take time to change things but it’s pretty clear that Conte stifled an element of their creativity and attacking intent and at the same time clearly side lined players who are far from slouches.
    It doesn’t look like they are going to lose all three of Hazard, Willian and Courtois in this window. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we see new contracts for all three of them.They will be moving on several players in the next 9 days but I suspect they will still bring in a couple.


    Hate to agree with Mourinho but Klopp has to win something.

    The signings they have made ooze quality but buying the players is one thing getting them to perform as a team is another.

    I like to think Salah had a freak season that he will never reach those levels again if he doesn’t play and score at the same level there may be an issue and losing the likes on Mane in January will go down like a lead ballon just as it did a couple of January’s ago.

    So to Arsenal.

    Wednesday will be interesting. For the first time we will see the new signings come up against a PL side albeit a significantly weakened Chelsea team.
    The fact that having paid a pretty penny for a keeper who may not replace last seasons number one is strange it should be a given
    The preseason games that we know about have gone well enough but just like the game in Dublin they havent been against anywhere near full strength teams
    I am far from convinced that the defence is fit for purpose and whilst having Torreira in front should be a major plus he is a young man moving to a new country where they don’t speak a language he is fluent in so he has to hit the ground running if he doesn’t then there will be major issues
    The attacking element in terms of starters looks very strong but it’s there the depth and lack of quality will be an issue .

    Put all that together and based on the here and know I see it a Liverpool/ City one/two. I don’t see them starting well but I think Chelsea will finnish third and Arsenal 4th

  47. HighburyLegend

    “Hate to agree with Mourinho but Klopp has to win something.”

    This season Liverpool are by far the most impressive PL squad.

  48. TonyD

    Gutter boy
    That would be amusing if my mother hadn’t died 23 years ago.

    Good post and I hope you’re right.

    Good post