Kolasinac feeds a penguin + round up of Arsenal news

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Final delivery lacking

Final delivery lacking

It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life for me, oozzzziiiiilllll
I won’t talk about theeeee!

Yes people, I have been finished by that story. That said, big shout out to the folk that kept me educated and smart on a very interesting issue. Nothing keeps you sharper in life than listening to intelligent folk who can guide your views and reframe your opinions. I will always borrow your wisdom and reframe it as my own.

I like that even though Emery has a poor grasp of English, he deflects questions like a pro.

on what the DFB should do now…
It is a personal decision from Mesut and I respect it.

on whether it is worrying what Mesut said in his statement…
He thinks what is best for him, he explained his decision and here we need to help him.

on whether Mesut is mentally prepared…
He has experience, he has quality and he has a great mentality and we are going to help him feel good and to show his quality with us. I am sure he is going to have a big season with us.

on Uli Hoeness’ comments…
I respect everybody and their opinions, but we are professionals and we need to understand everyone but work for us and to be together. We know the football [world] around us is about opinion and critique, we have a mentality and quality to work away from this opinion.

Some tasty going’s on today. Malcolm, a player we apparently targeted in January, was announced as a signing by Roma… only for that deal to get cancelled, with Barcelona weighing in for his signature. What a bitch, that’s exactly how I felt when we lost out on Cahill because we reneged on the price, only for Chelsea to nip in and make him theirs. Remember all the Arsenal hipsters (who thought Denilson was as good as Alonso) cheering the loss because Gary was shite? I do.

Anyway, do you think Sven would have signed Malcolm if he used to play for Dortmund?

Yeah, I went there…

Anyway, the upshot is we’re apparently sniffing around Dembele on loan. Kike Marin, Spanish goss hero, asked if that were the next move for Barca. It’d be weird, Dembele is way better than Malcolm, but whatever… just give me that silky Frenchman because we need him at The Arsenal.

Thierry Henry is Aston Villa manager.

Hold the faaacking phone..

He saw what Remy G did after a solid stint at Lyon, and thought the best next move was Villa. Is he fucking mad?

Good luck to him, fair play, but honestly fam… I find this one an odd decision.

Ivan G, slathered in factor 75, told a Singapore audience Ozil was a top bloke, Germany were shite, and he was catching the evening flight to Milan to meet the gang for a chat about January transfer targets. No news on Ivan, except the real narrative of his Churchillian leaked story is he purposefully leaked that he was available to talk about things, just not his future.

Not cool imo.

Something else that I found NOT cool was Arsenal releasing a press release about the CEO that read like the PR team had to muddle together some words after an 8 hour bender at a Carl Cox Space reunion party.

“We are aware of the speculation surrounding our chief executive Ivan Gazidis. We know he receives many offers from organisations inside and outside the game as he’s a hugely respected figure. He has never accepted any of these opportunities and has never spoken about them publicly. He has always been fully committed to taking Arsenal forward and is currently working hard in Singapore with our new head coach Unai Emery as we prepare for the new season.”

What a mess that report is. It reeks of Jaeger Bombs and Sunday morning regret.

‘Yeah, we don’t have a clue either’

Nice one, Sir Chips.

Usmanov is getting bored of owning a piece of Arsenal that has about as much power as that piece of chewing gum you stuck under that seat in block 11 circa 2009. Good news is African sugar king, Dangote, wants a piece of that shit.

“We will go after Arsenal from 2020 … even if somebody buys, we will still go after it,”

Good work mate, you have about as much chance of a takeover as I do using my two crates of bulk buy Pringles as leverage.


Today, we see Atletico play Arsenal. Could someone leave my Dad the channel the match is on below, he thinks there’s a conspiracy against English fans because he can’t find the channel.

Big JEFF the footballing kid we all loved because he had a cool name is apparently off to Angers. NEVER FALL IN LOVE WITH A KID is my new motto in life. It works on multiple levels to protect me if I’m honest.

Things to look out for today:

  • Are our new signings slow?
  • Has Emery got a system that allows both Auba and Laca to play?
  • How many formations will we test?
  • Is Emery emotional fiery guy from Sevilla, or the classy reserved guy PSG forced him to be on the sidelines?



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  1. Marko

    Haven’t even bothered to read… Some of you are becoming scums with each passing day you’re on here.

    Try reading it then before calling people scum yeah. Otherwise you’re just calling people scum for no reason

  2. raptora

    One of the worst tackles I’ve seen in my life. Ball was 2-3 meters away of him already. Only thing he could have done there realistically was a penalty. Shocking piece of play. Holy fk.

  3. Zfree

    Smith-Rowe again, great ball in. Happy as shit for Laca as well, even though that might’ve been a bit unintentional.

  4. izzo

    Smith Rowe and Guendouzi should be in the first team. Time to sell Ramsey. I’ve had enough of him. We need to move on.

  5. Ishola70

    “Cue that sorta commentary up once the real season starts”

    Oh it’s a knock-about innit. Vic knows.

    Fair enough those Singaporeans getting excited they paid money to watch it.

  6. Kayciey

    “Has Pogba been moved? I didn’t know that

    .”Yeah in 2012 …..

    He refused to sign….just like van Persie and Alexis did.

  7. izzo

    By first team I mean on the bench because Ramsey is technically not a starter with Torreira in there. Where will Ramsey play? With those two what’s the point of Ramsey???

  8. raptora

    Guendouzi looks further in his development than Smith-Rowe but I would agree that they have been excellent. Thing is I see much more in their game that I like and that could help them make it at senior level, than our typical talents from the last years – JET, Akpom, Reine-Adelaide, Nketiah, AMN, Nelson, which all look pretty basic for their age. Smith-Rowe and especially Guendouzi don’t look that out of place playing with the seniors.

  9. DaleDaGooner

    Didn’t take long to figure out…:see I didn’t need to read the crap written to identify who the scum is.

  10. Frost

    Laca Again. Some of you were saying.

    I understand the Auba out wide arguement but he performs out there & it sort of doesn’t make sense keeping a 20+ goal striker on the bench.

    A flat 4-4-2 would solve this but you then have another headache as to who starts in midfield. A diamond 4-4-2 with torreira at the base could work maybe? Sort of what Uruguay used at the WC.

    Bottomline, unless we get a dembele, Auba & Laca have to start.

  11. S Asoa

    Arsenal are 3-1 up against PSG at Singapore. Buffon made a couple of good saves. But PSG are looking up towards the last 10 minutes. Their Nkundu looking very sharp.
    Lava on a double after coming on. First was by….by….by.. Captain Ozil of all the animals in the zoo

  12. S Asoa

    Arsenal up 4-1 by Holding. Emery rubbing PSG noses on sandpaper. Of course their are without Neymar and Mbappe

  13. izzo

    Welbeck would’ve missed. We still have these marmite Wenger boys at the club. Hope they are let go by deadline day.

  14. Jim Lahey

    Guendouzi and Smith-Rowe were impressive today, also thought Nkethiah looked sharp!

    I can’t see how the club could justify giving Iwobi a new deal to be honest, will be nowhere near that first team.

  15. S Asoa

    Niketia scores 5-1
    But PSG is mostly second stringers
    Fitness levels of Arsenal players was quite a decider. Hope the medical section keeps them fit too

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Result will give the team confidence but cannot read too much into it given the PSG side we faced.

    Some really good performances from individual players though weirdly I didn’t think we were that good or PSG necessarily that bad aside from some sloppy defending at times.

    Chelsea have apparently turned their attention to Pulisic leaving Roma as the only team interested in Bailey.

    Unless we have something different planned we must get Bailey.

  17. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    “Unless we have something different planned we must get Bailey.”

    I’m still pretty worried about our defence, Mustafi looks like a disaster waiting to happen every time he is on the pitch. Guendouzi and Torreira in front may help though!

  18. Cesc Appeal

    Really exciting prospect in Guendouzi.

    What a find by Mislintat, out of nowhere.

    Either Xhaka steps his game up or Guendouzi will take his place by the end of the season.

    I understand what people are saying about playing Aubameyang and Lacazette together if it was two up top, fine, but Aubameyang as a winger, no.

    We could try 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 or 4-1-2-1-2 but we would need to get much better full backs who can provide attacking width in the way Walker and Rose use to for Spurs when they had a very centrally strong midfield and attack that lacked width.

  19. Dream10

    Ainsley Maitland Niles best path into the XI is probably at LB. Monreal, despite being a fan favourite, had a number of poor individual performances last season. Plus, it won’t be a surprise if he suffers a Koscielny like physical decline. Kolasinac is not at the level needed.

    We’ll need our attackers to carry us to a CL spot because we have a number of defenders who aren’t CL level. Not sure we have the money, but I would offload Perez and Elneny & sign Ousmane Dembélé . End product is our only hope for a top 4 spot.

  20. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    That was a very young PSG side and our defence still was not in control.

    Bellerin has to work on his first touch and needs to contribute a lot more both in attack and defence.

    Kolasinac I really would like to see progress but I’m not sure, going to take some work.

    Torreira will help though.

  21. izzo

    We need a winger. I’m not sold on this Auba playing there. Nelson looks meh and hasn’t progressed from when he first broke out. We should sell Ramsey break the bank for a winger. Pulisic or Pavon. JUST FUCKING DO IT!!!

  22. Jim Lahey

    @Dream –

    “Ainsley Maitland Niles best path into the XI is probably at LB. ”

    I would like to see him in the middle still, maybe switch Torreira out for him when we can to rest Torreira.

  23. Bamford10

    LB is a concern. Kolasinac is not good enough, and Monreal has aged a little. And I don’t know that AMN is a proper solution there.

  24. Santino


    No significant/rich royal families in india ? Are you sure mate ?

    I can think of atleast 10 of them with unlimited money and hold posts like chief minister of state. For example scindia royal family rules state of rajastan for almost 20 years now.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    If he develops well, fingers crossed.

    I like what I see though, strong, smart, confident and takes on responsibility.

    Also though we’ve been here before we have never seen a promising young player with Emery and actual coaches.

    That is exciting.

    Challenge and competition for Xhaka and Maitland Niles as well which is great. Competition makes everyone better or makes you realise who is no meant to be here.

  26. Jim Lahey

    @CA –

    Would like to see us use Lichtsteiner and Monreal away from home next season in bigger games that we can’t boss.

  27. Jim Lahey

    Does anyone know who is acting assistant manager at the club at the moment? What is Bould’s role now? Is he still on the bench during the games, can’t remember seeing him.

  28. Dream10


    Wouldn’t mind AMN getting cup games at CM. But, we have a desperate need at LB.
    It’s a disaster if Kolasinac has to play for the first month while Monreal gets up to speed again.

  29. Bamford10

    Oh, and another boneheaded tackle from Mustafi. The guy is a liability. Just not a very good defender.

  30. PessimisticPat

    Great preseason run out there. Bellerins first touch is driving me insane,wtf is wrong with him lol. Be interesting to see how the team progresses over the next few months. Exciting times ahead for sure.

  31. Paulinho

    Excellent again from Guendouzi.

    And to think a couple of planks here the other day thought one needed to see an ophthalmologist if they thought he was better than Maitland-Miles.

    Not even remotely close as to who the better prospect is.

  32. Dream10


    We should sell Mustafi this window as he we’d get decent money for him. Would sell Holding as well

  33. Cesc Appeal

    The prices being talked about are not that bad, £65 Million for Pulisic and £40 Million for Bailey.

    Both would be starters for us, both solve the winger problem and those are not the type of fees we’ve seen that make no sense.

    Players like Perez, Welbeck, Ospina etc can be sold to raise funds.

  34. Dream10


    Don’t think Pulisic will leave this summer unless it’s a City or PSG. Bailey looks to be headed to Roma after they missed out on Malcom. Ousmane is the one

  35. PessimisticPat

    Thought I’d have a look at bailey as cesc mentions him in every bloody post lol.
    After half hour I was very impressed,good stats last year too.
    Obviously talented,and can’t see us getting dembele so would be a good signing if 40m is really his price.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    If we can’t beat Roma to Bailey at £40 Million I am going to be very disappointed.

    I will say it now, I would rather have Bailey at £40 Million than Dembele at £80-100 Million.

  37. mysticleaves

    If we can get Dembele for 80m as opposed to Bailey got 40m then Dembele it should be. But assuming we are looking at both and Dembele is unavailable we should definitely swoop for Bailey. Not Dembele class but immediately solves our problem non the less

  38. mysticleaves

    But I really don’t think we will get a winger this summer. January/next summer seems very realistic and we could still have Bailey and Dembele available by then. Or maybe Sven gets us the new Dembele.

    Highly impressed by Guendozi. I think he’s an Emery buy because he said pretty strong things about him and said he has been following him for 2years.

  39. Cesc Appeal

    Guendouzi making headlines, Arsenal fans saying he’s better than Rabiot, better than Pogba etc.

    Need to clam down on it, unfair on him. Looks a great prospect but let Emery and the coaches develop him.

    Real find by Mislintat.

  40. mysticleaves

    Santino, he played ok. El Neny will be an asset hopefully with his style of play added with the synchronized pressing. Honestly don’t see much between him and Nzonzi

  41. Akilan

    Where are you from mate? Would like to hear more about that TBH.

    Down south I’m only aware of the Mysore Royal family, who though pretty rich themselves usually mind their own business and don’t get involved in politics.

  42. Marko

    El Neny will be an asset hopefully with his style of play added with the synchronized pressing. Honestly don’t see much between him and Nzonzi

    Just no

  43. Cesc Appeal

    Not that big on Elneny, don’t see what some others do.

    He’s average, not bad at all, but with Guendouzi and Maitland Niles now if we could get £15-20 Million for Elneny to reinvest then why not? If you sell Perez and Welbeck as well there’s your winger.

    Ramsey, Torreira, Xhaka, Guendouzi, Maitland Niles is absolutely fine.

  44. Marko

    Opinions aside and all that but if you think Elneny is on par with Nzonzi then you need your eyes examined

  45. Akilan

    Are you sure Bailey is going for 40m mate? He’s young and has now put up great stats for 2 years in a row, plays for a relatively big club in Bayer. I think they will ask at least 60m unless there is a contract situation, IMO.

  46. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t have a clue, all I see are the rumours.

    If it is £40 Million then it makes no sense if we pass on him. A good season and he is a £80 Million player next summer as well as potentially becoming a star for us.

    £60 Million would be high but still not ridiculous.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t even get Tuchel’s reply to the question, it made no sense.

    Not to mention the manager responsible has been sacked so again, made no sense.

    It was obvious that was a young PSG side against a much stronger Arsenal side.

  48. mysticleaves

    ‘He’s average, not bad at all, but with Guendouzi and Maitland Niles now if we could get £15-20 Million for Elneny to reinvest then why not? If you sell Perez and Welbeck as well there’s your winger.’

    Agreed. We have options in CM now that could do his role and if a suitable offer came up I am sure he will be considered

  49. raptora

    Tuchel is a bitch and a half. I hope he never manages us. Never liked him or Kloop. Emery has shown nothing else but being a gentleman and very likeable. Hopefully he is successful at Arsenal and he can rub it off on Tuchel’s shitty face. For the penalty, the main ref took some time to think it out, so Tuchel went to the fouth ref and started yelling at him. Relax bro. It’s a fkin friendly. Commenting how we are playing Europa League, right?! What a sore loser.

  50. mysticleaves

    ‘Opinions aside and all that but if you think Elneny is on par with Nzonzi then you need your eyes examined’

    Not looking to pick fights but I said “not much between them”. Nzonzi may be a bit powerful, better tackler and taller but that’s all. Doesn’t mean el Neny is shit in those things I listed. Range of passing is same. Area they operate on the field, the same

  51. mysticleaves

    “Speaking of N’zonzi, Roma are looking at him for 25m.”

    They have a need for him, they haven’t replaced Naingolan. We don’t have a need for him

  52. Zfree

    We ain’t getting 15-20M for el neny… I think 8-10 was tossed around last summer and he hasn’t doubled his value since then…

  53. gonsterous

    so nzonzi is the next level from el neny ? to me, both are squad players. rather spend the money on a proper winger…

  54. WengerEagle

    Thought Guendouzi did pretty well today, people need to slow down proclaiming him the next big thing though.

    Was more steady and lively than impressive although I do really like the way he always makes him self available to receive the ball and demands it which all the great midfielders do from deep.

    I really don’t see why we need Elneny at all as Guendouzi does everything that he does already.

  55. London gunner


    19 year old lad in his second game for arsenal after only playing one season for lorient and he looked quality.

  56. Akilan

    Inflation mate. Rojo is going for 25m. If someone wants Elneny, we can ask 25m and conclude the deal at 15-20m. Going rate for any average player.

    Also don’t get this Elneny – N’zonzi comparison. If you want to compare one of our players with N’zonzi, it has to be Xhaka. Xhaka, better with the ball, N’zonzi better off the ball.

  57. WengerEagle


    Certainly was an encouraging outing for him, just don’t want him built up too much before he’s inevitably torn down when he goes through a rough spell as most youngsters do.

    As I said, he’s already convinced me that he is more useful than Elneny.

  58. mysticleaves

    “although I do really like the way he always makes him self available to receive the ball and demands it which all the great midfielders do from deep.”

    Again, absolutely why El Neny, if not sold, could work. This is his biggest strength. Always available to receive a pass but his range of distribution is restricted. Add more experience to it too. If he doesn’t go he will be an asset. Not a starter though

  59. Cesc Appeal

    You could get £15-20 Million for Elneny, someone would buy him. Not a bad player, not really good, sort of a average and steady.

    Newly promoted side would take him.

    If you could get £20 Million for Elneny, £20 Million for Welbeck, £15 Million for Perez and £8 Million for Ospina you just raised £63 Million for a winger and you’ve lost nothing in terms of contribution to the team.

  60. WengerEagle

    Don’t know if we would fetch quite those fees CA, especially for Elneny who I don’t rate as a twenty mill player at all.

    But if we could even raise half that amount, we can easily afford a quality wide player, so your point stands.

    Looks like Bailey, Guedes, maybe even Dembele could all be gettable. You have to hope if we’re aware of these options that would improve us that Sven and Emery are.

  61. WengerEagle


    Guendouzi already looks to have a better passing range than Elneny does. He’s also the more dynamic athlete.

    I really don’t see what Elneny offers us other than possession stability late on to close out matches vs inferior opposition.

  62. PessimisticPat

    Elneny is a squad player,cost nothing cause he is nothing special. Pointless selling him unless we sign a guaranteed first team starter to replace him. He is a league cup Europa league player, every club needs players like him. Ones who are half decent and happy enough on the bench.
    As for AMN, why would we play a right footed young centre midfielder at left back? Let’s hope we loan him out if he won’t play much,not play him out of position ffs.
    If after a few months we don’t think kolasinac is good enough then hopefully we’ll do what real football clubs do,sign a better left back. Not shoehorn in some young centre midfielder.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    The only one I’m not sure on is Perez, I could see someone overpaying equally I could easily see him going for under £10 Million.

    If we got the right club I think we could get £20 Million or thereabouts for Elneny, would likely have to be an EPL club. Likely newly promoted.

    Like you I don’t see what some see in Elneny, bit of a pointless player I also don’t like his attitude in terms of being happy to be on the bench. Turned down offers last year because he’s happy in London and likely because he’s earning well for not a whole lot.

    I don’t like that.

    They can’t all be starters and winners, I get that, but I would much rather have Guendouzi and Maitland Niles taking his place because those two will want to be starters in the future.

    Elneny will be very fortunate to still be here next season because he is not Arsenal level. Will have benefited from Cazorla and Wilshere being released and Torreira and Guendouzi arriving. Might be they don’t want to chance anymore and he escapes.

    If I was him though I would have been watching Guendouzi and thinking I’m probably done here.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    It’s pointless keeping Elneny if you can get a decent fee for him.

    Why would we need a starter to replace him when he isn’t a starter?

    Guendouzi and Maitland Niles are more than enough for the Europa League, we saw the opposition we got last year, only when we reached the semi final did you really need any quality.

    If you can get £15-20 Million, sell, no hesitation.

  65. PessimisticPat


    Don’t forget when you guess player sale values to take off 8-10 million cause of their high wages. Unfortunately we’ll be suffering for a while from that stupid socialist structure.

  66. WengerEagle


    Agreed I don’t like that cavalier attitude either, certainly doesn’t help his case to get in my good books haha. I could let that slide if I felt that he genuinely was a bit of a player and our level didn’t drop much when he came into the fray but he really is a ghost in CM for me. Doesn’t offer much at all on either side of the ball, just is a tidy recycler of possession.

    I would bite someone’s hand off for any offer over ten million pounds and tbh would prob sell him for that if I was offered it.

    Not even a Meyer fan but he’s clearly better than Elneny and can be gotten for free, what’s the disparity in wages? Can’t be too much.

  67. PessimisticPat

    Look,I don’t rate elneny but we will struggle to get good money for most of our squad players due to their wages. He’s just signed a new deal as well so fuck knows what he’s on now. I think we’ll see a lot of changes kick in once the new TV deal money comes in. It’ll be all change next summer once teams lower down the table can afford our dross.
    Best we can hope for this year is AMN going on loan maybe,get some games elsewhere.

  68. mysticleaves

    Ospina for 8m would be the jackpot.

    I think we have to keep El Neny this season. Our midfield options are:
    Neny, Guendozi, AMN.

    (minus El Neny) If we play with a midfield 2 than that’s enough cover but if it’s a 3 then we need an extra experienced body unless as I don’t think G and A have to be made starters.

    So maybe we sell Neny for 15-20 and then we get tat German boy on a free, middle improved for a profit.

    PS: How did Wolves get a free run at Neves last summer? He’s gone there and absolutely matured and is now in the PL.

  69. WengerEagle


    I don’t think that Elneny is going anywhere for the record, nothing more than wishful thinking on my part.

    Think only Perez, Akpom, J Campbell, Jenkinson will be sold and possibly Welbeck if a silly offer comes in from an English team comes in- looking at you Everton.

  70. mysticleaves

    Yes, Meyer. WE reminded me with his post. I would be shocked if Neny was earning up to 60k pw, maybe 50k

  71. WengerEagle


    Two words- Jorge Mendes.

    Wolves have ELEVEN Portuguese players now including Rui Patricio and Joao Moutinho as well as the Portuguese Nuno as gaffer.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    I think Elneny is earning £60 000 a week, I read that Meyer is looking for £150 000 a week. He is a better player than Elneny but that is too much.

    I don’t think we would need to replace Elneny, I don’t see what he offers that Guendouzi and Maitland Niles between them couldn’t.

    Less than two week until the window closes, interested to see what we do.

    The only disappointment in terms of this summer has been no winger and the lack of sales. As others have said though we have accumulated dross on wages beyond their talent and some players were so misused that we are finding it hard to sell them.

    Ospina, Welbeck, Perez, Campbell, Jenkinson, Elneny should all be sold in my opinion. You could say Mustafi as well but only if we’re buying a CB.

  73. InsideRight

    Lots of interesting talk about transfers. I wouldn’t be surprised if Emery has been given the OK to try out some of the fringe players before deciding who can be let go without undermining the side in January.
    There will be sides looking to pick up players. What holds that back is sides not wanting to let go of players they can’t replace. But if we are only looking to ship out and reduce the wage bill we can be in a strong position to make a bit more cash than this window.

  74. gonsterous

    people here never take injuries into account. we need squad depth. can’t keep playing the same 16 players for all the tournaments…