Mesut rocks German FA – Is there an Ivan succession plan in place?

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via @arsenal

So, part III of the press release dropped from Mesut and he dropped the QUIT bomb on the German national team.

It’s very sad. His PR team has done an excellent job in conflating two issues for me. Firstly, racism from the right wing, which is particularly grim when the attacks come from a country most Europeans hold on a pedestal for their welcoming attitude and strong stance on integration. Secondly, posting a photo with a despotic leader.

There’s been some great writing on this topic. Rapha H made the point that sports stars who have bravely spoken out against Turkish rule have faced ramifications with their families. Turkish basketball player Enes Kanter said Erdogan is ‘the Hitler of our times.’ Turkey lobbied America to extradite him to face a 4-year prison sentence. Not only that, they also targeted his dad with an arrest warrant. Hakan Sukur is a man in exile in California in a slightly darker story where he was aligned to Gulenists who were blamed for a coup against Erdogan. When he didn’t renounce his allegiance, he was banished and his father imprisoned.

Maybe Mesut felt he had to take the picture, only he will know that. I guess you make the decision which side of history you want to stand on. He’s made his from a position of influence as a German immigrant (Merkel is his leader), other stars with a more direct link to the country made theirs and paid the price, but will live with the knowledge they stood up for their country. Also worth noting you can respect your ancestry without standing with a vicious tyrant.

Anyway, it’s sad that Ozil was hounded out of his national team. When history looks back on the journalists who sought to divide countries by picking on its immigrants, I hope it is cruel. We’re no better. Raheem Sterling was ravaged in the build-up to the World Cup. It was only the intervention of the fans that stopped a majority of the ill-will. Which is something special in my opinion. There’s a lot of talk it was Southgate that heeled the press wounds, maybe partly, but for me it was the fans utter disgust at the attacks on the team and the players that kept the rabble in check.

That said, caving to the racists sets a precedent. That’s a victory for online hounding. A real shame for the German immigrants coming through that needed a bit of leadership. Hopefully, the whole thing shames the German FA into taking necessary measures to protect players… then we’ll see the return of Mesut. I guess that’s dependent on how forgiving the German fan is feeling with regards to a photo that shits on their values.

Another hot button topic whilst I’m here. Karius is having a preseason disaster. His confidence is shot to pieces. I was a goalkeeper. A shit one. If you drop a howler, your mates are all disgusted, you’re nervous, every ball that comes near you is like a grenade. You have to work through it and build your confidence. It’s hard at Sunday league level. Harder as a pro. But that’s what you’re paid to do. You are where you are because of your mental resilience.

For all the amateur head doctors out there, stop saying he’s suffering mental illness. Stop saying he needs to go to rehab. Stop saying he should be dropped. You don’t know him, his state of mind, or what he’s going through. He’s in the top 0.0001% of keepers who made the grade, he’s a fighter, he’s resilient, he’s an athlete, those are all facts. No one at that level wants three months off. He’ll be desperate to find that form. I am all for deeper conversations about depression and anxiety, but I am not for projecting these issues on players who haven’t asked for that treatment. We’re layering a societal taboo on a sports player who is going through a confidence crisis because it feels contemporary to do so. I think that’s unfair without consent.

Finally, some are suggesting Raul S might take over from Ivan G if our CEO ducks out in September. The thought being that maybe he’s the succession plan. I’m not so sure here, Raul’s corp background at Nike was sales, marketing and Barca merch. Not normally where you seek a new CEO. Ivan is a lawyer, lots of CEOs come from finance or product. But we’ll see, I think a lot of City’s backroom guys are exNike. Tom Fox was also exNike, though the Villa project didn’t exactly go to plan.

Right, that’s enough from me today.

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  1. Carts

    Oh snap, if Barcelona has pulled an 11th hour then we’ll played.

    Chelsea have played themselves LOLOL. They should’ve bit Barcelona’s hand off with that outrageous 3rd offer

  2. Cesc Appeal

    The official Twitter account of Roma stated they had reached an agreement, if Barcelona have stepped in at the last minute I imagine there are going to be some words.

    Maybe Barcelona were priced out of the Willian move and decided it was better to go for a younger player if they are looking to buy Rabiot as well?

    Over £100 Million for Willian who is 30 and Rabiot does not look that great.

  3. Marko


    Deulofeu was sold to Watford and Alcacer is likely to be sold. But I get you. Could be good for us though possibly Dembele loan?

  4. WengerEagle


    Talking from watching him mate, never looked threatening for me off the bench for Roma in the CL or the Serie A matches I saw him in.

    Was Monchi the Sevilla bloke btw?

  5. WengerEagle

    Pretty stupid for Chelsea not to accept a 55 million pound offer for a moody thirty year old wide man as good as Willian is.

    Think his best years are behind him personally and Chelsea will rue that one.

  6. Marko

    He was WE. He’s a very shrewd DOF one of the best around especially for a club who likes to pick up young talent and sell for eventual profit

  7. Leedsgunner


    Monchi was Emery’s director of football (or equivalent) at Sevilla, they had a great partnership.

  8. Duzie

    The squad still seems incomplete.

    I hope to see Nzonzi, Kovacic, CB and Brandt at the club before the close of the transfer window. Which CB do you reckon we chase?

  9. Carts

    I think Chelsea probably would’ve sold had Barcelona made one more bid. That way they’d be looking close to £70m.

    More worryingly is that Barcelona were about to go full Chygrinsky.

    I’m sure even at €40m Malcom we be a sound investment. I mean, there’s a 9 year difference between he and Willian

  10. Carts


    that’s fair enough, bud. Wasn’t insinuating that you haven’t watched him.

    But we’ll see. Roma also pid good money for him

  11. WengerEagle


    You reckon Dembele is still in Valverde’s plans? I think that it was way over-stated how much he ‘struggled’ to settle in last season considering the injury he suffered, he still put up very good creative numbers on his return and began to look like he was gelling with Messi and friends.

    I reckon he slips Coutinho into Iniesta’s role in midfield and Malcom/Willian would play wide opposite of Dembele behind Messi and Suarez, then one of the wide players would be dropped for a CM in the bigger matches where they need to combat the better opposition midfielders.

  12. Carts


    It would be nothing short of myopicness if Barcelona give up on Dembele.

    He’s got Plenty n his locker: just needs to stay fit and get minutes.

    I think Arthur will take iniesta’s place. Or at least that’s my understanding. So you’re looking at Arthur—Busquets—Coutinho, I reckon. Front line picks itself

  13. Dissenter

    Barca’s transfers have been quite pathetic for a while now.
    Messi has carried that club for so long.

  14. Guernsey gunner

    I can see all this oil nonsense being a real distraction this year, the last thing we need trying to bed in a whole new approach. I hope emery approx the club are ruthless with him if he doesn’t deliver immediate results on the pitch. His salary demands that he must.

  15. Kay

    Yeah, Ozil is so shit but he managed to land only 92 caps at only 29 because there is no one better than him in his role for 10 effing years for arguably one of the most talented squads after spain of 2010?

    Just dont get the hate.

  16. Pierre

    “Just dont get the hate.”

    Simple really…. It’s le grove and he plays for The Arsenal =hate.

  17. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal will start next season in 3 weeks and the Ozil saga has been frankly
    a distraction, which whilst important should have been best avoided.

    Ozil is a very talented player, but he has underperformed in recent times with
    too many offield distractions including the contract saga alongside Alexis Sanchez.

    He has been offered a very generous new contract with Arsenal and it is now
    time for him to find his best form and deliver for the club under a new head

  18. TonyD

    “Just dont get the hate.”

    Simple really we just want value for money and more importantly value for the team.

    No one hates ozil, we’re just fed up with the lack of effort and him wasting his potential ability.

  19. TitsMcGee

    No one hates ozil, we’re just fed up with the lack of effort and him wasting his potential ability.”

    Sentiments echoed by Uli Hoeness lol

  20. mysticleaves

    Schick is a white little bit better Sanogo so far. He can improve though.

    As for the new “Ozil was good for first 5-6months of his career” line, wasn’t it in his second season he almost broke the EPL assist record?

    Ozils first season was very good, 2nd season excellent. 3rd till now meh. I expect this season to range from good to excellent and every one SHOULD be happy.


    When one doesn’t like someone it means they hate them right? CA and Gambon have often stated they don’t like Ozil in the course of their discourse

  21. mysticleaves

    ‘They all have flaws but you don’t make a living out of your weaknesses, you make a living out of your strengths. Therefore the coach must emphasise the strengths as much as possible and put players around this person who hide his weaknesses.’

    Spot. But I wonder why the speaker always neglected the weaknesses of his teams. Does my head in…

  22. HighburyLegend

    “No one hates ozil, we’re just fed up with the lack of effort and him wasting his potential ability.”

    Amen to that.
    (p.s. : even if we must admit that his “potential abilities” are not the same anymore since, let’s say 3 years now…)

  23. TonyD

    ‘I wish I was smarter but I’m really dim’ Pierre

    Here’s a stat for you.

    50 goal assists in 5 years
    = 10 assisted goals in a potential 198 games = 0.05% return

    Ah I hear you say he didn’t play in all 198 games we have to allow for holidays and all injuries imagined and real.

    Perhaps then you can give us the total he played and the the % return.

    We await your conclusion.

    As you’re alway knocking Le grove then why do you keep posting?

    Why not just keep with your buddies on Untold who will lap up your stats and ref’s conspiracies?

    Then you can be with real fans not us fans you despise who saw Wenger for what he was at least 10 years before you did.

    Back to Ozil I’ll repeat what I said yesterday and before, I really hope Ozil has a stand out season, we need all the help we can get during the next 3-year transition from all the players, but especially players who have the talent but lack the winning mentality.

  24. mysticleaves

    “50 goal assists in 5 years
    = 10 assisted goals in a potential 198 games = 0.05% return
    Ah I hear you say he didn’t play in all 198 games we have to allow for holidays and all injuries imagined and real.”

    Total tosh. lol.

    Who has better assists since 2013 in the PL?

    Ozil needs to score more goals though and the people will attack him less. Goals cloud alot of people’s judgement. That’s why Ramsey is a star and Ozil is shit

  25. Pierre

    “No one hates ozil, we’re just fed up with the lack of effort and him wasting his potential ability.”

    This perceived lack of effort is just a stick to beat him with.

    No one ever said that Alexis Sanchez had a lack of effort or was lazy but it has been reported that ozil’s work rate was consistently higher than sanchez.

    Let’s be honest here… Not much is going to change . Ozil is never going to go flying into tackles or win countless headers.. He will carry on doing what he is doing but Hopefully Emery will encourage him to be more ruthless in front of goal and not take the easier option.

    The perception of ozil will change if the strikers take the chances he creates… If he scores a few more goals and if the team is more successful on the pitch….. Fans and media are very simplistic in how they form an opinion of how a certain player is performing.

    For instance, if Germany had taken 3 of the 7 chances that ozil created in the korea game then Germany would have qualified from the group and ozil would have been a hero and probably man of the match.

    Another simplistic view is regarding ozil and Ramsey..
    Ozil hardly played in the last third of the season and ramsey had a very good last third of the season so the simplistic view is to say that Ramsey is a more valued member of the squad… The view could change by november if ozil starts the season well (the strikers convert his assists) and ramsey picks up an injury and struggles for fitness and form…

  26. Jamie

    Pierre –

    Define ‘work rate’. Not as simplistic as distance covered, although you like simplicity like ‘chances created’ without any context.

    There is no one in world football who thinks Ozil’s effective work rate is higher than Alexis’. Citation required.

  27. TR7

    The problem with Ozil for me is not his work rate or his attitude on the pitch but rather the way he plays. Drifting wide and putting crosses in is all he does which makes our attack very predictable and easy to deal with. Give me a Rosicky or Cazorla over him any day who play through the middle and get in the box more often and in doing so they often take two to three opposition players out of the game.

  28. InsideRight

    Ozil was dropped by the German team manager because he did his disappearing act at international level in a team that couldn’t afford passengers. What he expected was to be treated as special, like when Wenger dropped £350k a week on him without any justification at all.

    All racism should be condemned. It’s unacceptable. But Ozil chose to put heritage over nationality for whatever reason and didn’t like the reaction after he compounded it with a lack of effort for Germany. People in Germany can be forgiven for thinking he would prefer to be playing for Turkey when he does things like that photo op and then doesn’t pull his weight on the pitch.

    For me this racism thing is just an excuse for bowing out before he gets overlooked permanently. He only has himself to blame for justifiable criticism of his performances, which is what the overwhelming majority of what was directed at him.