Ozil back in the mix early?

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Sooooo… I broke my arm yesterday, and typing has gone from a breeze to a farce. Bear with me people, all I want to do is make sweet long-form content.

Press are going hard that Ozil asked to come back to AFC early after his WC abomination. If true, that’s great news, I mean, let’s be real, he used his vacation days through the season, so it’s no surprise he wants back early. He also didn’t play that much in the WC. Good news if he wants to fight this season, we’ll need him consistently at his best if we’re to progress.

… but, make no mistake, he hasn’t given a fuck up until now, regardless of what the Oziltoligists will have you believe. He needs to do some work this year to bring the fans back onboard.

Jezza W broke the story that Arsenal will be hiring in a Russian game maker to oversee data for injuries.

Zhilkin’s remit will centre on analysing injury and physical data rather than recruitment or technical performance. Injuries were a significant problem for Arsenal across a series of seasons in the second decade of Arsene Wenger’s reign as manager and an issue that was the subject of several internal reviews.

It all also follows a huge overhaul in the club’s medical staff under Burgess, who was appointed in July 2017, following Wenger’s departure as manager earlier this year. As well as Colin Lewin leaving his job as head of medical services, physiotherapists Andy Rolls and Ben Ashworth and osteopath Dr Philippe Boixel were all let go.

Zhilkin has described himself as a “data scientist interested in rational thinking, automation, data visualisation, machine learning, association football”.
Sounds like a mental hire if you ask me, but fuck it, I like the ambition. Also, get some of that Russian dark arts in the dressing room. I want to see Petr Cech dropping numbers in the distance run category this season.

Joel Lopez, the 16 yr old Barca left-back will join when he’s 17.

“It will be the club that I always carry in my heart for all the wonderful moments that I have lived.

“It was a difficult decision but after contemplating it with my family I made the decision to go and start a new stage as a footballer with great enthusiasm.”

Watch your back Nacho and BIG Kol, the kid is coming for your living and your self-esteem.

Sad news about The Ox being out for the year, but, you can’t say its not the exact same issue he had with us. We wish him a swift recovery!

Right, I’m done, that was rank, see you tomorrow!


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  1. Emiratesstroller

    I have just seen the list of players travelling to the Far East which is published
    on Arsenal website.

    There are 25 players travelling including 5 who are U23 players i.e. Osei-Tutu,
    Nelson, Willock, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah.

    Missing from the first team squad by virtue of World Cup duty are Ospina,
    Lichteiner,Xhaka, Torreira and Welbeck.

    Also not travelling are Jenkinson, Reine-Adelaide, Campbell and Akpom so
    you can safely assume that none of these players are included in Emery’s plans for next season.

    I think it is fairly clear that both Mustafi and Ramsey are part of Emery’s plans
    for next season as well as Lichsteiner, Xhaka and Torreira.

    We can assume that Ospina will be leaving the club so the only player apart
    from him who might leave is Welbeck assuming that Perez who is travelling
    is retained for next season.

    The 5 youngsters are unlikely to be registered as first team squad players, but
    will be probably used in European League and League Cup before Christmas.

    Koscielny is not travelling, but I assume will be registered as member of squad.

    So my maths tells me that there are 23 places already allocated to squad for
    next season and unless we bring in additional new players both Perez and
    Welbeck will be part of the squad as well

    In the event that Welbeck were to leave we could only add one new home grown player and if Perez were to leave there is a place for an overseas player.

    My view is that there are no plans to add to squad this summer.

  2. Marko

    Basically challenging his view that our CL qualification was average

    Never said that. Just more was expected after the success of the early 2000’s and the stadium move.

    Anyway apparently we might be looking at a LB any chance you have an opinion on one you’d like to see targeted

  3. champagne charlie


    I’m responding to Raptora having a nibble at me, feel free to go about your day I’m not rehashing anything with you. Left back wise idk honestly, I like Gaya but he signed a new deal last month or something. Ghoulam is another player I’ve felt would make a big move but I think he got crocked over xmas.

    Tbh I’m not sure what type of fullback Emery likes to see, but with the Banega and Nzonzi links I get the impression we have some scouts out that way and perhaps it’s actually for their fullback Escudero who had a rock solid season for them. Personally I’d sooner we held off a season on that one, I like Monreal and I’m curious to see Kolasinac under Emery.

  4. Marko

    Yeah but at 32 if someone was willing to spend money on Monreal we should at least consider it. Best Arsenal player the last two seasons but he’s off sooner rather than later at least this summer we might get more for him

  5. Northbanker

    Cannot see that we will want to sign a left back at all. Montreal needs to stay and fight with Kolasinac for the position. There’s only so many problems you can solve in one summer

    Personally I’m happy wth that – one for summer of 2019

  6. Marko

    Gaya or Grimaldo of Benfica are the only ones screaming out at me. Maybe Martin of Espanyol or the Villarreal LB who’s name escapes me

  7. Northbanker

    Pedro – I only turn up every now and again but your comments on Ozil are remarkably at odds with previous quite strong defence of what Ozil does on the pitch. You produced a quite compelling argument then, on a number of occasions, to show why his contribution is so often under-estimated.

    Ok he had injuries ast year (what evidence have you lot got that he wasn’t – you cite his reasons behind absence as if its fact!!) but its a dramatic change of opinion

    As with a number of players, I’m very happy to see his performance under Emery. He is still a world class player in my view and would be very difficult to replace in that no 10 role with someone of that quality

    If Emery can get consistency from him then we could have the signing of the season

  8. Victorious

    Everton are been mugged off here

    How do you go from almost bringing Malcom for 30M to splurging 50M on Richarlison? insane fee to be spending on an average winger here

  9. Victorious

    What would Zaha,Coman, who are far better players now go for?

    Bayern might as well now tell us to do one if the rumour going about we are interested ina £44M deal for Coman true,Insane stuff

  10. Marko

    13 million to 50 million. He started off very well and is decent but he went the second half of the season without scoring once. Something ridiculous. Just not worth it

  11. Kayciey

    My take on some businesses done by our rivals in EPL.

    Jorginho: I have watched this Jorginho guy and I can confidently say that he’s nothing special. He just Xhaka ……..a fast one though. His long passes are nothing special. The £57 million paid by Chelsea got Arsenal Leno and Toreirra.

    Alisson: He was Szczęsny’s deputy and thus the Jury is still out there. After his breakthrough season, Roma were very eager to cash on him. The crazy money (£67 million) Liverpool paid to Roma is robbery. He was never worth £30 million.

    Man City:
    Mahrez: City got themselves a gem. The player is priceless and far better that Alexis.

    Man United:
    Fred: Good player. Worth every money

  12. Victorious

    Been far more impressive with West Ham who are quietly building something special there..

    bringing in Fabianski,Diop from Toulouse(young and energetic defender) Yormonleko from Dortmund,Wilshere and the ice on the cake in Anderson,who’s really a baller.

    Not sure about Pellegrini but that squad is capable of causing headache to any of the top 6 IF managed well

  13. Terraloon


    If you think Jorginho is just Xhaka with faster feet the sorry you are a million miles away. His greatest ability isn’t in long passes it’s through the lines or indeed chip passes over the press. Alongside Kante and possibly either a fully fit Barkley or maybe Golovin the that’s possibly a formidable unit.
    Alison maybe way over priced but his all round game is far more effective than Szccheney.
    Fred is an interesting one . On his day he looks a player but has never played more than 2/3 of a season anywhere and reading his CV suggests that he is far from easy to manage.
    Mahrez. Is used to being the start turn and at Leicester everything went his way. At Man City he cant have an off game nor will he be guaranteed first choice. On paper a good signing but it will be interesting to see how he intergrates at Man City

  14. Pierre

    Good to see someone talk a bit of sense on here.
    Under Emery ozil /mhkitaryan will be able to concentrate on what they do best as the midfield will at long last be better balanced with the emphasis on giving protection to the defence and allowing the attacking third to play with more freedom.

    I agree with wallace remark… “water carriers” are what we need in midfield at the moment.

  15. WengerEagle


    With you on Anderson, guy is a legit player. Really surprised that West Ham have got him but like Payet beforehand they have just been opportunistic getting a player that ability-wise is out of their league but has alleged attitude issues and is temperamental. Fair play to them but expect him to explode there and move on to a better club soon after.

    Yaromalenko on the other hand I don’t rate, very cumbersome and uncoordinated player, struggled at Dortmund where he looked out of his depth.

  16. Dissenter

    I’m with Victorius regarding Westham.
    They have had the best summer window relative to all the other teams, when you consider where they started from. They still won’t be in the top six but they will give the big teams a very good game.

    To go from Moyes to Pellegrini is like upscaling your measly VW Golf to a new Range rover
    They’ve signed many players above their station this summer.

    Anytime I see Boris Johnson whining about Brexit, all I remember is that stadium gift he gave Westham.

  17. Dissenter

    I’m not surprised Everton are making all these fundamental footballing errors.
    They replaced Steve Walsh, the DoF who did an excellent job at Leicester with Marcel Brandt from PSV.
    Watch as they burn through the Moshiri’s money.

  18. Marc


    I’m convinced that it’s Usmanov who’s behind Everton, think he realised he’ll never get control of Arsenal and has looked for an alternative.

    We might just all be happy that he didn’t get control if they carry on like this.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    That’s the thing though, you can have all the money in the world but you need the football brains.

    If Everton don’t have a good DoF you’re going nowhere.

    Usmanov’s money backing Mislintat, Sanellhi and Emery is a different proposition altogether.

    It could well be that Usmanov has seen his opportunity go by, at the height of fan apathy he should really have tried to rally support and give a vision of the club he wanted going forward, fans might actively have tried to push Kroenke out as well then.

    Not that I think Kroenke is necessarily that bad, the one thing of his that was that bad is gone now.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Pessimistic Cat

    The maximum number of foreign players that can be registered is 17 and we
    have more than that number in our first team squad list.

    The company has currently on our books in first team squad just nine players
    who are home grown and over 21.

    Jenkinson,Akpom and Reine-Adelaide are clearly not in Emery’s plans as they
    are not travelling to Far east. If you promote Maitland-Niles then we will meet
    the eight home grown player limit. If we offload Welbeck then we have to buy
    a Home Grown player or recruit from U23s.

  21. KAY Boss

    True Westham have done in my view the deals of this window. Never mind these big transfers going on from other teams. L’pool will be next as having a solid window.
    Richarlison for 50m, holy crap! Everton will soon become Leeds.
    we need to get a good winger. Bailey, Coman, and why haven’t we gone for Malcom.
    Based on our budget and our need to sell before buying now, I think a quality player of Alfred Duncan of Sasuolo (will be good to partner Torreira in midfield base instead of Nzonzi mainly bcos of age) who is of a good age of 22. He may not be popular but having watched Serie A, I was impressed with his play especially his break up and start up play(s). my view though.

  22. Emiratesstroller


    There is not a remote chance that the Arsenal Board would sanction the sale of the club to Usmanov. More importantly Kroenke will not sell his shares to him.

    Usmanov is in a similar situation to Roger Levitt who was several years ago
    the largest shareholder in club, but was also refused a seat on the Board.

    My guess is that Usmanov would probably like to sell his shares in the club if
    the opportunity arose. The problem for him is that no-one is going to buy those shares at the market rate apart from perhaps Kroenke when they don’t
    take control of company and be offered a seat on the Board.

  23. Marko

    Under Emery ozil /mhkitaryan will be able to concentrate on what they do best

    Are you suggesting that Ozil’s offensive play suffered because he was putting in a defensive shift? Might want to rethink that. Honestly Pierre the lengths you go to. He ought to be paying you at this stage

  24. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So brentford beat us 2-1
    An Leno makes a mistake

    Behind closed doors game

    So maybe Leno ain’t the answer

  25. PessimisticPat

    Jesus one practice match and Leno’s no good. I think he deserves a bit more of a chance than that no?

    Stroller, i bow to your superior knowledge on the subject. Heres hoping we flog some deadwood before season starts. I think we may still make one more signing yet. Then again if richarlison is going for 50m we may not. Lol everton

  26. Dissenter

    Emirates Stroller and his boring anti-Usmanov tripe.
    The man has more class in his prepuce than you.

  27. Dissenter

    Emirates has been making unsubstantiated allegations that impugn Usmanov from the get-go. He’s never produced any evidence, just 3rd-100th party hear-say.

  28. China

    Nice outright racism Uruguayan pitbull

    @ Pedro – I’m not sure what you think is a line crossed in terms of messages on here. People argue and insult each other a lot there’s also obviously banter tho that seems to be quite accepted as part of the free speech – fair enough

    But the prevalence of outright racism that goes on in here unchecked is pretty concerning. ‘All Chinese people look the same’ said at all but especially to a guy with a chinese wife and kid is beyond pathetic.

    But hey this is like the 10th case of open racism from pit bull in recent times. I’m not sure why you’re such an angry little man pit bull, were you fisted by your father as a child? All that pent up rage and needing to try and sound like a tough guy on the internet to make up for the years of helplessness with daddy elbow deep inside you? Try therapy, it should help

  29. Emiratesstroller


    Unlike you it is not my habit to criticise or abuse people either on Le Grove or indeed elsewhere.

    I do have some solid information about Usmanov, which comes from sources
    outside football despite what you suggest.I am not suggesting that Usmanov
    does not conduct himself professionally today, but he has a known past.

    For a start he is persona non grata in USA. In 2015 he needed a special visa to
    attend IOC Conference pre Rio in USA. The conditions allowed him to stay one week in Washington and not travel elsewhere. This had nothing to do with being Russian.

    Despite his attempts as President of FIE [Federation International Escrime] to
    be elected to Council of IOC he was always unsuccessful. For the record he is
    the only Russian to Head an Olympic Sport.

    Third I do know that he has been refused a seat on the Arsenal Board. That
    goes back to the time when Danny Fiszman was the largest shareholder and
    Hill Wood was Chair. It is highly unlikely that the Arsenal Board would have
    refused a seat to a Shareholder with 25-30% of Equity in pre Kroenke era unless there were solid reasons to do so.

    For the record I know for a fact that Roger Levitt was refused a seat on Arsenal
    Board when he was Arsenal’s largest shareholder. That decision was made before his criminal conviction. That came from a direct source and is not conjecture.

    During 1990s I understand that he was refused a financial loan from a major
    Bank which specialises in Russian Market.

    Those statements are based on facts and not heresay.

  30. Sanmi


    ‘All Chinese people look the same’, how’s that racism, you need to stop all these fake outrage. An evidence of following liberal principles. If that statement is not enough to make you laugh, you need therapy! Jeez!

  31. mysticleaves

    Allan Saint Maxim could be the next big star out of France. He needs a big club. Playing style similar to Zaha’s but even better in one on one. Bag of tricks (that will later become unnecessary) and a speed demon. Wouldn’t complain much if we sign him.

    The ultimate wing addition though will be Dembele, at so young he already knows how to combine wing play with an eye for finishing plays too.

  32. Dissenter


    -Usmanov was denied a visa for POLITICAL reasons as per of the squeeze on billionaire Russians close to Putin after the Crimean “referendum”in 2014. It had nothing to do with his personal morality. Get your facts straight-IT HAD EVERYTHING TO DO WITH BEING LINKED TO RUSSIA.
    The rest of your post is made up conjecture and petty gossip.

    “During 1990s I understand that he was refused a financial loan from a major
    Bank which specialises in Russian Market”
    The dude is one the top 120 wealthiest persons in the world. Being denied a loan is not an evidence or poor character. It’s actually an indictment of the silly banker who denied him the loan since he’s gone on to make more money than the UK bank is worth.

    Usmanov is actually celebrated globally for his charity works. He once bought James Watson’s (co-discoverer of DNA structure) just to return it back to him. The esteemed scientist had auctioned it at Christie because he fell in hard times.
    “”In my opinion, a situation in which an outstanding scientist has to sell a medal recognising his achievements is unacceptable,” he added.
    “James Watson is one of the greatest biologists in the history of mankind and his award for the discovery of DNA structure must belong to him.

    That’s the type of person Usmanov is.
    He’s a billionaire that has no biological children so he’s devoted himself to charitable goals around the world.

    You have a tendency to casually drop innuendoes and hear-says around like it’s fact.
    The fact that you do don’t even know Usmanov’s visa was denied for political reasons says a lot about you. That didn’t stop you from using it to slime hi though.
    There’s a word we use for people who don’t know what they don’t know. I won’t use that word here but you embody those vain characteristics.

  33. Leedsgunner

    “Don’t all Chinese people look the same”?

    What was this a joke? A joke in extreme poor taste.

    Racism against white people by other races is wrong and vice versa.
    Racism against black people by other races is wrong and vice versa.
    Racism against oriental peoples by other races is wrong and vice versa.
    Racism between people of the same race is wrong.
    Racism against indigenous people by immigrants is wrong.
    Racism against immigrants by indigenous people is wrong.
    Racism against mixed people is wrong.

    Racism is wrong.

    China ignore him, don’t give him the attention. As far as I’m concerned you’re welcome here and I enjoy your insights from your corner of the world. Keep them coming.

  34. Freddie Ljungberg

    If we continue to needlessly limit our spending and go with the cautious, slowly slowly approach when it comes to squad building we’re not just going to get left behind by the top 5, but possibly by teams as west ham and Everton as well if they sustain their spending over a couple of seasons and we sit back and wait.

    Realistically we need 3 top players more to compete, another defensive minded b2b, a CB and a goalscoring winger.

    If we get a winger and either a CB or CM this summer it might be enough.
    They need to be absolute top though, no more bargain bin or over the hill players.

    Some positive news at least that we’re looking to sell up to 7 players, although it should probably be more.

    Ramsey should only get another week maximum to sign or he has to go, not much time left of the window now.

    Decent work done so far but more needs doing to clear up the mess left by Wenger.

  35. Leftsidesanch

    Crikey, this UruguanPitbull keyboard warrior is a real piecd of sh*t. How your still allowed to come on here flexing your keyboard muscles is beyond me.

  36. Emiratesstroller


    No you are wrong and my sources are not press, media, Facebook or twitter.

    They originate from the organisations that I refer to.

    He was not barred for political reasons and indeed the decision to allow him
    to go to USA was taken at political level on appeal by the Organisers of the

    It is well known both within FIE and IOC as to reasons why he has not been
    elected to IOC Council. For the record the current President of IOC is Thomas
    Bach who is an ex Fencer.

    I was supplied with information about the bank from someone who worked at
    time on Russian Desk and I believe was involved in that decision.

    The statement about Roger Levitt is 100% correct and came from a very senior
    source at Arsenal who would have been involved in that decision.

    Yes it is conjecture that Arsenal have rejected Usmanov’s candidature as a Director, but the explanation would be exactly the same as for Roger Levitt. He was considered unsuitable to join board.

    Your points based on his wealth and charity demonstrate your stupidity. I am
    sure that the Mafia are also extremely charitable.

    The point that he was extremely wealthy or even financially low risk had absolutely nothing to do with the Bank’s refusal. For the record there are plenty of
    wealthy individuals whose wealth is investigated under money laundering

    As I said if you reread what I wrote Usmanov may well be considered today a serious and well respected businessman in some quarters, but does not mean
    that he does not have a past.

  37. Dissenter

    Yes Usmanov and Abrahmovich are such evil men
    Yada yada yada
    Yet you all let them bring their wealth into your country to buy up mansions, private jets and U.K. companies . They pay U.K. taxes and employ thousands of Britons.
    At what point do you become complicit in all the dirty money?

    UK bankers with the backing of the U.K. government help corrupt despots and tyrants to move money to UK banks. The proceeds are used to support your way of life.
    Spare me your uninformed and condescending outrage.

    Capitalism has its own share of oligarchic monsters too. Not all billionaires emerged from innovation like google, Microsoft or Apple.
    You don’t need a lane Chihuahua. Get a book and read it.

  38. Dissenter

    Uruguayan Chihuahua aka Aubergine is on his 100th moniker.
    He changes monikers because he’s a disgusting piece of floating turd that’s been banned over and over again for making bigoted statements.

    The last time he was banned he cried like a baby. I know that because Champagne Charles and myself helped console him.

  39. Pierre

    “Are you suggesting that Ozil’s offensive play suffered because he was putting in a defensive shift? Might want to rethink that”

    As you probably haven’t played the game then you would find it difficult to comprehend that as an attacking midfielder / playmaker you would be more relaxed in playing your normal game in the knowledge that behind you in central midfield you have protection .

    If you believe that the set up at Arsenal in midfield in recent years gives players like Sanchez,mhkitarayan or ozil the freedom to play their natural game then fair enough but I am of the opinion that our flair players will benefit from having a much more disciplined midfield …..obviously you think different.

    Would you really want players like ozil,aubamayang or mhkitarayan having to put in defensive shifts when it is obviously not their strong point when you could have 2 sitting midfielders who’s main job is to defend and are specialised in defending the midfield area.

  40. Sanmi

    Anyone that thinks, comment about Chinese people looking alike is racist needs his head rechecked including the Chinese man. It’s as obvious as it can get.

  41. Sanmi

    Still complaining that we need another midfielder? Sorry Where’s he gonna play? He said defensive minded b2b, lol. Torreira and xhaka are your 1st choice. AMN can deputize for anyone of them. Ramsey can for xhaka, the new 19 year old kid, can as well. Elneny too. I’d say, we are done for both CM and DM. A winger is the only opening is see left. Assuming Emery doesn’t rate Perez, Iwobi and Mkhi. I want to see Iwobi under Emery, before I conclude

  42. Dissenter

    “As I said if you reread what I wrote Usmanov may well be considered today a serious and well respected businessman in some quarters, but does not mean
    that he does not have a past”

    We’ve been having these spats over Usmanov for years
    Some of the things you have said about him are worthy of defamation.There are based on hearsay and a viscious whisper campaign. It’s certainly not based on fact.
    You once cited the financial charges that he was jailed for by the Uzbeks communist party as proof of his bad character. At the time you conviniently left out the dodgy practices that communist governments use to punish dissenters. How do you think they filled up the gulags under communism? They made up charges all the time.
    . You also left out the fact that the sentence was overturned in 2000.

    Think of it.
    You’re actually suggested that being denied a business loan is indicative of poor character?
    The banker/bank who denied him ought to hang their heads in shame given that they could have exponentially grown their business had they established a relationship with a client who went on to be worth $15 billion.
    You however didn’t see it that way.

  43. Dissenter

    For someone who claims to be well travelled, you often throw ideas that are entrenched in the stone ages.
    Have you been traveling from under-one-rock to under-another-rock?

    You don’t seem know what constitutes offense?
    If the Chinese say it offends them, then it offends them, end of.

  44. Pierre

    Of course marko will say that I am advocating that our attacking/flair players have no defensive responsibilities , which I’m not.
    It’s all about getting back into shape as soon as you lose possession and that includes all ten outfield players and again I would say that it is easier to keep the shape of the team if you play with 2 predominantly holding midfielders instead of one sitting and the other being basically a free spirit..

  45. Freddie Ljungberg


    I said if we want to compete.

    Neither Xhaka or Elneny is good enough to start for us then. AMN and Guendozi isn’t ready and I’m not sure Ramsey has the discipline to play there.

    Sure, we have a lot of midfielders, I’m not denying that, it’s the quality that’s not there.

    I don’t mind Iwobi and Perez as back ups, neither is good enough to start though.

  46. Pierre

    “You don’t seem to know what constitutes offense?
    If the Chinese say it offends them, then it offends them, end of.”

    The poster going by the name of China ( who I don’t think is even Chinese)does not speak for the entire Chinese population .

    Anyway I found china saying ” were you fisted by your father as a child” much more offensive than the original comment of ” Chinese people all look the same” though it is not a term I would use.

  47. Freddie Ljungberg

    Who died and made you the topic police?

    It’s silly season, what is there to talk about except transfers and the occasional preseason game?

    I’m genuinely worried that we will be left behind if we keep penny pinching, so if I want to express that I’ll fucking do it.

    No wonder you get into so many arguments, smh.

  48. Receding hairline

    Whatever Freddy… The blog is for arguments so don’t worry about who I argue with..that’s the whole purpose.

    And talk about being left behind when the league starts and you are not happy with what you see on the pitch… Don’t start panicking just because other teams sign players…football is not always about who wins the transfer window. The manager still needs to get his team playing like a team.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    As I said the only matter, which is conjecture relates to his non appointment as
    a Director of Arsenal.No doubt you have a different interpretation of his non

    His imprisonment is a matter of record. I have never commented on the veracity of his conviction.

    The matters which I have raised are only defamatory if untrue.

    1. I stand by my statement that he was originally refused entry to US
    2.I stand by my statement that he has attempted to be elected to IOC and that
    despite being President of FIE that has not happened.
    3.I stand by the statement that he was refused a loan by a major bank in 1990s.
    4.I stand by the statement that Roger Levitt was refused a place on the Board
    at Arsenal
    5.I stand by the statement that Usmanov has not been offered a place on the Arsenal Board despite having 30% of the shares which in normal circumstances would entitle him to have a seat on Board.

    In isolation these matters mean nothing, but as a collective they do suggest that an awful lot of people are wary about him.

  50. Receding hairline

    You just listed off six players.. Five of who are pretty young and just labelled them not good enough to start even before they have played their first game under the new manager.

    A manager that got the job by showing an impressive knowledge of our existing players and how he hopes to improve them which funny enough is one of the job responsibilities of a manager.. Improving players. When he now tries and they don’t improve he can make the call if they are good enough or not

  51. Freddie Ljungberg

    Ah, the blog is for arguments? I thought it was a football blog about Arsenal…

    Well, hopefully Emery can make the team better than it’s parts, but I don’t expect miracles from him and ultimately the team with the best players wins the title in 9/10 cases.

    Wenger didn’t just lose it in tactics and planning. He completely lost touch with the transfer market and we’re paying the price for that now with a pretty poor and unbalanced team. Even after all the signings done this summer we’re still so far behind the top 2-3 teams in quality, maybe Emery can make up for that in tactics but it’s not 10 years ago when we were up against pretty shit managers in most teams.

  52. Receding hairline

    The premier league is still a pretty shit league.. City’s dominance last season should tell u that. All it takes is for a team to show a little consistency and every one drops their pants.

  53. Dissenter

    Do you stand by the innuendoes you casually dropped about the denied bank loan?
    You were insinuating that his character was shady because your buddies in the “Russian desk” denies him a loan.

    I’m pretty sure he’s a good a man as you based in all the whisper campaign you’ve used here to impugn him.

  54. Dissenter

    Emirates and I have been having these Usmanov arguments for years.
    He throws slimes at him, I try to correct the record.

    We got the more slimy character who happens to be American.

  55. Emiratesstroller

    Please read my statement about the loan refusal. It could not be clearer and as
    I said the refusal is not innuendo but fact.

    The bottom line is that as a longterm supporter of Arsenal I would be concerned
    if Usmanov became its owner.

    Clearly you are not concerned.

  56. Dissenter

    Aubergine moron
    “Just because the government let shady cunts like usmanov and abramovich in the country it doesn’t mean they are squeaky clean and innocent of any past charges or indecent behaviour”

    Who’s squeaky clean?
    I merely pointed out your hypocrisy with all the “dirty money”nonsense.
    The U.K. has been allowing .blood thirsty African tyrants, Russian oligarchs, South American despots and middle eastern sheiks (who also support religious tyranny) to stash away their money in.your economy forever.
    My point is at what point do you become complicit?

    Abrahmovich’s billions, however the shady means it was obtained has benefitted the U.K. economy enormously.

    Your job is probably dependent on those “dirty” foreign deprived money that you so decry.

    Who’s talking about “squeaky clean.”
    It’s no wonder why you’re only capable of yapping like a chihuahua here. You’re a doofus.

  57. Dissenter

    Not to worry. You’ll move unto your next moniker like the insecure doofus that you are.
    I recall comforting you, along with Champagne Charlie the last time you thought you were banned
    “He banned me, he binned me”
    I’ll save a towel for your tears. You never learn.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    My issue with you is not that you disagree with me or that you challenge what I wrote. That is your prerogative.

    However, there are some people including yourself who come on Le Grove and personalise your attacks on other posters and on occasions are abusive.

    That is unacceptable.

  59. Dissenter

    No one ever said Usmanov is a “good man”
    The point was that he’s no worse than the bankers who denied him a loan since the same bankers will gladly deal with despots from all over the world for a commission.
    Anyone who thinks that an American billionaire is more innocent that a Russian oligarch billionaire is a fool.
    Not all American billionaires made their money from innovation like the founders of google or Microsoft.

    Usmanov was soooooo bad, right?
    Enjoy Kroenke, then enjoy Kroenke junior and good luck while they slowly do you in.

  60. Dissenter

    Spare me you faux outrage.
    Did you think you will get away with suggesting that being denied a loan by the Russian desk of a bank is an indication of poor character?
    Where was the abuse?
    I’ve been reading you maligning this man over the years and provided a counter argument while pointing out the fallacies you like to peddle in.

    Are you surprised someone challenged you so brazenly?

  61. Emiratesstroller


    You misinterpret what I wrote. It was not faux outrage and I am not remotely
    upset about what you said in response to what I wrote today.

    The point I was making is that there are some people including yourself who think it is smart to play to the gallery and abuse other posters to make your point when you disagree with them.

    Everyone is entitled to express their opinion, but please try and avoid abusing
    them when you disagree. If you want to put across and win an argument it is
    much cleverer to do so without the put me downs that you frequently do.

  62. Marko

    Would you really want players like ozil,aubamayang or mhkitarayan having to put in defensive shifts

    Ozil has never put in a defensive shift. He’s a lazy bug eyed twat who doesn’t want to be here but loves the money.

    People need to just ignore Sanmi and Aubergine.

  63. Dissenter

    Reposted for the benefit of the Chihuahua
    Wrote this one hour ago
    “Anyone who thinks that an American billionaire is more innocent that a Russian oligarch billionaire is a fool.
    Not all American billionaires made their money from innovation like the founders of google or Microsoft”
    Yes I’m comparing Kroenke and Usmanov

    Do you think Kroenke is any more ethical that Usmanov?
    You people never learn.
    There are thugs in the capitalist system too for your benefit.
    Uzbek thug vs American landlord, either way you’re screwed.

  64. Dissenter

    How did I insult you?
    You don’t like anyone challenging your fallacies that’s all.
    You said things like they were facts when in fact they were hearsays.
    Have a nice day and stop the faux outrage of accusing me of abuse when in fact I didn’t abuse you.
    It’s like you got caught with your hands in the cookie jar.

  65. Emiratesstroller


    You have in the past.

    Also there is not a remote comparison between Usmanov and Kroenke in their way of doing business.

    Kroenke has a lot of faults as have been frequently discussed on Le Grove,
    but there has never been any suggestion of financial or criminal impropriety
    and he was accepted on the Board before he took control of the club.

    For the record I have made it clear on many occasions that I am not a Kroenke
    fan, because he is a distant landlord and treats the club as purely a business with very little evidence of any genuine passion for football.

  66. alexanderhenry

    For the record, I’d be singing from the roof tops if Usmanov owned arsenal.

    Also, our current owner is no Saint. Look.at how he treated the St Louis rams and tenants on his ranch in Texas .
    Then there’s that blood sports channel he owns.

  67. Marko

    Pretty sad when you have to keep changing your moniker to come back to a place that doesn’t even want you.

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Barcelona still going for Willian it seems.

    Good to see young English players starting to make a name for themselves abroad, Sancho is well thought of at BvB and had a good game against City last night.

    Hopefully this is the product of the FA changing how we train youngsters that means European sides who seem to have traditionally shunned what was viewed as little quality for too much money are now looking at them as prospects.

    Great for the national side if we can have a mix of experience, EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A etc like most national teams.

  69. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Diss – stroller

    Leave off the arguing
    We are approaching the most anticaped season in a long time…

    We all need to be together

    The time for slaughtering Stan will be later in the season , hopefully not but if he is at faul5 it’s cos he held on to wenger too long…..

    But don’t get me started,,,

    Happiness the ken Dodd record get that in yer head….


  70. Marko

    Great for the national side if we can have a mix of experience, EPL, Bundesliga, Serie A etc like most national teams.

    Absolutely agree with this. If more English players especially at youth level took a chance and got some experience and education in some of the other academies it’s only a good thing. Of course you run the risk of them staying over there getting dual citizenship and playing for whoever but you also risk them learning more than they would at some shit first division club. I mean Lookman did well at Leipzig Sancho seems to be doing well at Dortmund and Mason Mount had a great season at Vitesse and this will do them and potentially England a world of good

  71. Cesc Appeal


    The FA changed how children are taught over here. Smaller pitches, more about quick passing, control, dribbling, technical ability etc and I think we’re starting to see it pay off.

    Our youth sides are world champions and we seem to have quite a good amount of young talent coming through. The fact that European sides are starting to pick them up as well is a good sign.

    Hopefully the good World Cup run will really invigorate fans to want to give young English players a real chance and to see them progress. Certainly I want to Maitland Niles, Nketiah and Nelson get a good chance this year. Smith Rowe is likely too young still.

    We haven’t produced anything in a while.

  72. Marko

    Those things take time though. I mean the kids being trained now will only pay dividends in the next 10 years. That was always the solution to England’s footballing problems not blame Johnny Foreigner. Teach the kids better at youth level

  73. Marc


    I worked with a couple of guys about 20 years ago who were doing their coaching badges for kids football. Whilst chatting to one of them about it one day he said the guy running the course had told him that England was decades behind Europe in coaching methods for kids.

    Personally I also think ref’s have a lot to answer for – allowing oinks to kick anything that demonstrate any modicum of skill out of the game is criminal.

  74. S Asoa

    For all the moaning about Usmanov and what middle class defines as moral…
    We ultimately got Kroenke. Who kept on Wenger although he was destroying the Club, will not help out with a dime , no sporting ambition, only collecting assets as if they were pornography …..
    Now this is a greater reaso to cry… UAUI

  75. mysticleaves

    “However, there are some people including yourself who come on Le Grove and personalise your attacks on other posters and on occasions are abusive.”

    I am not sure that is how you describe dissenter.

    Look, no one is a saint. History seems to be affecting Russian billionaires negatively but truly no one is a saint.

    Africa’s richest man Dangote, that might soon make a play for Arsenal is in bed steady with the government and has crushed and is still crushing many businesses in Nigeria that threaten his market.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    Zaha to BvB would be a weird one.

    Grealish looking like he might go to Spurs as well, could be good for England if that does happen. Pochettino is good at developing youngsters and he would be playing with Kane, Alli, Dier and Trippier week in week out.

  77. Mark


    Just an observation!! Fuck right off with that Shit. Shoulda gone to Specsavers you racist Cunt.

    Then trying to play the .. don’t be a snowflake… Free speech shit. Like I say stuff about Irish people too. !

    You’re an ignorant cock ,who thinks he’s clever. Sound like the perfect EDL supporter.


    Just an observation.