Great start for Emery, but is pace an oversight?

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A couple of days out the mixer and something massive happens, best described by Boreham Wood’s boss Luke Garrard.

“They’re the best team I have ever faced in my career. You look at the two side they put out, they’re frightening. They were here to put on a show for their new manager. Killer, ruthless – they were ready to hit us with every blow they could.”

GET IN FUTURE, here we are!

I didn’t watch the game, but I can tell you, I watched the goals and they were fun. Nelson and Auba dropping a couple of pearlers. Amazing that Emery took the squad back to training for a session after.

Someone asked me about the hammering Wenger took for overtraining, asking if it were the same for Emery. Absolutely, our new manager is taking the same risks as our old manager did when it comes to overloading the players in preseason. The difference here is Emery has complex ideas he needs to communicate to his players and he needs to do that on the training pitch. He can’t really afford to do that slowly because he has to keep himself in the job and he has to prove to the world he’s great.

We might see the impact of the preseason with injuries, particularly because his strength and conditioning coach is an unknown quantity and one would expect he’s likely as crazy to deal with as Carcedo. Keeping players fit heading into December is imperative. We’ve seen Wenger bollocks seasons time and time again because he’d use the same players over and over again at the start of the season, then they’d die in December, get ravaged by injuries, then recover in March for the top 4 chase. Hopefully we’ll avoid that.

I guess that’s where my main concerns lie with Emery and the whole of the new setup. No one has Premier League experience. Players run faster for longer in our league, pound for pound the quality is superior to the other leagues in Europe, there are also more games played over a longer period of time. No break either. No one has really experienced that in the new regime bar the old players he kept around.

That’s why I worry about Sokratis, Lichtsteiner and the new contract for Xhaka. Those are three players who are dreadfully slow. You can’t get away with a lack of mobility in the Premier League, so it’ll be very interesting to see if those moves were an ‘experience’ oversight, or I’m just not clued into the new plan.

Anyway, a great start for Emery, with plenty of hard work still to come. So good to see the players showing off for the new coach.

The World Cup was quite the spectacle. Olivier Giroud bagged the biggest trophy without landing a single shot on target through the whole tournament. Good for him, fuck the haters, we still love him even if he is CHELSEA SCUM. The game wasn’t quite as one-sided as the score, but when it came down to it, France just has an incredible squad of talent who can sit in second gear and still score 4 goals.

The big news for me is Mbappe is now the new king of world football. He scored in the final as a teenager, he looks unbelievably comfortable on the biggest stage, and I think he’s just seen off Ronaldo and Messi. He’s the new king in town. It was funny listening to commentators talking about his rise in the World Cup like he was some unknown dropping a worldie from the second division.

‘You’ll remember the name’

… for fucks sake lads, he went to PSG for £163m last summer, we’re pretty fucking aware of who he is.

I’m pleased for him regardless, and furious at Arsenal for not paying off his parents with the big dollars.

Interesting that France win the World Cup without a single Arsenal player. A sad indictment of the banter years.

There’s not much else in the news about Arsenal, we hired a new physio from Port Adelaide, Darren Burgess hiring in some friends after unfairly firing Colin Lewin. Sociedad is in for Monreal, a move I hope doesn’t happen. Lucas Perez wants to stay at Arsenal to work under Emery. Ospina is in the sights of Napoli, let’s pray that goes through.

Right, that’s me done. See ya’ll tomorrow.

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  1. Receding Hairline

    “You really think its impossible to find a genuine winger willing to come to Arsenal at an affordable price?”

    As good as Sane??

    Can i have names ??

    Kingsley Coman is one i think would work, i have already been told the other guy i fancied was a mid table bum.

    Do you also believe Pavon can come over here from South america and be an instant success??

    Lozano..well he is a winger who likes to cut inside an awful lot and score, and i do not think he is that much of a dribbler, mostly quick which many mistake for having dribbling skills

  2. Rambo Ramsey

    Our immediate need is another CB.

    Sokratis, Mustafi, Chambers, Holding, Mavrapanos.

    One a proven-error prone dummy
    Second a player new to English football
    and three largely inexperienced youngsters

    Yeah, I am not filled with confidence looking at this set.

  3. Emiratesstroller


    I may be a bore in your eyes but at least I am broad minded enough to try understand how other people think and operate.

    You on the other hand are a small minded bigot.

  4. gambon

    Yeah Rambo, I think theres an obvious need for:

    – A starting CB
    – Another CM
    – A top class wide player

    I would sell Mustafi, Elneny, and a whole host of attacking players to fund this.

    I think we have done our budget now, and to be honest dont think we will be signing anyone.

  5. azed


    I’m not a big fan of Pavon. I think he and Lozano are currently overrated.

    Bailey, Pulisic, Thauvin are good dribblers, they are young and they are gettable.

  6. WengerEagle


    Head to Head only accounts for six points a season, means quite little in the grand scheme of things if you’re not winning over 30 of your other 36 matches.

    And that’s like saying that Barcelona should win the league title every season as if they don’t have Real Madrid to contend with.

    City literally have 50 plus million pound players sitting on the bench.

  7. Dissenter

    I’ve often wondered why Mavrapanos is readily mentioned as a credible CB defensive option. Some even rank him above Chambers and Holding.
    The lad has only played 3 games for Arsenal, with one red card…yet people keep dropping his name over and over again.

  8. Receding Hairline

    “I’m not a big fan of Pavon. I think he and Lozano are currently overrated.”

    Overrated is putting it mildly

    What do you think of Kingsley Coman??

    And isn’t Pulisic more of an attacking midfielder ??

    I like Thauvin but he has tried this league before and couldn’t cut it if i am not mistaken.

  9. gambon

    “I like Thauvin but he has tried this league before and couldn’t cut it if i am not mistaken.”

    Could say the same about Salah.

  10. Receding Hairline

    “Could say the same about Salah.”

    You could but Thauvin played more regularly and did not have a manager who believes all 10 outfield players should be accomplished defenders.

    Like i said i like Thauvin, just pointing out a fact that he has been here before

  11. azed


    Coman is good but he suffered lots of injuries last season.

    Thavin played for Newcastle but I won’t rule him out yet. Rumour has it that he has an attitude problem ala Nasri but that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. Also he older and now and should be wiser now (keyword should).

  12. WengerEagle

    I’d be wary of Thauvin because he’s already had a failed PL stint at Newcastle.

    He’s a talented lad and has just had a great season with Marseille but we can do better.

    Bailey, Malcolm, Pulisic, Guedes, Coman, Brahimi, Perotti are all one vs one specialists with the first five players all being under 22.

    Brahimi and Perotti could be short-term solutions if none of those five are gettable with both being elite dribblers and good all-round forwards too.

  13. WengerEagle

    No RH but it’s daft to call Klopp a failure unless he beats that City side to the title.

    That City side as in Pep’s record breaking best PL side of all time that has just added Mahrez to it.

  14. Bishop

    For me,
    we can start the season like this
    Bellerin Sokratis New CB Monreal



    Micky Auba

    Bench : Cech, Lchtner,Kola, Xhaka, Mavro/Chambers, Perez, Elneny/AMN

  15. WengerEagle

    I worry about Monreal’s mobility, he played most of last season as a LCB and is only getting older at 32/33.

    Kolisinac is complete shite who we should be moving on really.

  16. Arse&Nose©

    How many top-level wide players are there who can consistently beat a man and stick a dangerous ball into the box? And how many of these would come to Arsenal to play in the Uefa cup?

  17. Leedsgunner

    I reckon we could raise another £40m to £50m from offloading our fringe players.

    Plus if we pick up a couple of smart “free” acquisitions like Bernard, we should be able to add to attack without too much outlay.

    Welbeck and Mustafi alone should bringing in £30m.

  18. Dream10

    Steve N’Zonzi links not going away. City in need of another CM as well. Not sure they’re willing to spend 70-80m on Pjanic, Kovacic

  19. WengerEagle

    Suarez went to Liverpool when they finished 7th the season before and were sitting closer to mid table than the top four in late January/early February.

    Pogba left Juventus to join United when they were in the EL.

  20. Arse&Nose©

    I take your point WengerEagle, but the main question is WHO?

    Who is a top-level wide player who can consistently beat his man? It seems to be a dying art.

  21. WengerEagle

    Just named a bunch AN, not top level yet but huge potential in Bailey, Malcolm, Guedes, Pulisic, Coman.

    Coman depends on whether or not Kovac prefers Gnabry to him.

    Other four are very attainable although Guedes could be tricky as he’s owned by PSG.

  22. Receding Hairline

    So what would would be success for Liverpool Wenger Eagle since you are ruling out league titles….if they follow through with all this spending what should be termed as success??

    When will Liverpool actually win the premier league in it’s present format if apologies continue being made for them year in year out??

  23. WengerEagle


    It’s not black and white, challenging for the league title alone would be a huge improvement for them because they have done that since Suarez had them up there over four years ago.

    It’s not making apologies, nobody was killing AW for not winning league titles every season it was the fact that we were never seriously competitive under him after that season a decade ago.

    Even the Spuds have put in a title challenge since we have.

  24. Pierre

    Why don’t we just go and buy sane….how much.. 150 mil
    Then make a bid for salah.. Another 150 mil.

    There you go…. Sorted.. Now aubamayang can play in the middle.

    Easy this football management lark innit.

  25. Redtruth

    “That City side as in Pep’s record breaking best PL side of all time that has just added Mahrez to it.”

    That was more down to inept teams than City’s quality.

  26. azed

    A good defence could easily neutralise Sane.

    10 Goals and 15 assists doesn’t support your argument Red.

  27. WrightIsGod

    I’m not sure if it’s been spoken about but I find it quite interesting that Steve Bould has kept his job.

    Surely he was muzzled under Wenger and has now been set free. I understand it’s in emery’s interest to keep an old arsenal head about…. but when most have been shown the door you have to wander if Bould sat waiting playing a blinder… Gazidis’ insider maybe?

  28. Ja_Gunner

    Since we have so many numbet 10s and 2 strikers why not play a 4-4(diamond)-2 formation. So two centre forwards in tandem with Ozil or Miki floating behind them. With a three man midfield of Xhaka Torreira Ramsey

    We still need a winger to come off the bench to change the shape.. But 4-4-2 diamond could work for the majority of games where teams tend to park the bus…i rather have all my goal scorers on the park

  29. Henry Root

    Good list of wide players developing but maybe one omission – Douglas Costa.
    At Juventus who will need to shift players. Costa regularly impresses me

  30. Sanmi

    Park chu
    Said as we were spiralling downward, klopp and poch are spiralling upwards.
    Isn’t this same guy that all through the top 4 years of Wenger was saying all that matters is trophies? Wenger has 3 major trophies in his last 4years, and 3 community shields but poch and klopp both had zero!!
    What’s your definition of upward mobility? Wenger was 2nd, 3yrs ago in epl

  31. TonyD

    If the DM report is true, then Emery isn’t finished in the TW, although I can’t see Chelsea wanting Cech back, but it will alert other clubs.

    Maybe Emery doesn’t fancy Ramsey after all and the longer a contract isn’t signed/offered, the more it looks like Ramsey will be sold.

    I’d rather Ramsey move on. Too injury prone and not a player to help us win major trophies. Certainly not work £200k+ a week and, if a team were to be built around him, then Everton/Burnley would be that level of club imo.

    The post earlier about Gazidis to Inter is an interesting thought.

    I’m not unhappy about the way Gazidis has navigated Wenger’s firing (for WOBs)/departure (for AKBs), and what he’s amassed in behind the team, but I just can’t get over his ‘Over achieving’ and ‘We couldn’t find a better manager’ statements.

    For me it took Gazidis far too long to stand up to Wenger and his allowance of Wenger’s transfer dealings, and he wasn’t anywhere near strong enough to convince Kroenke of our clubs steady decline.

    I’d rather a CEO who is in it to win it for the club first and himself second. I just ultimately see Gazidis as NOT that type, but again that is just my opinion.

    “Chelsea have been offered the chance to re-sign Petr Cech as they ready themselves for a Real Madrid raid for Thibaut Courtois.

    Emery is still keen to sign Steven N’Zonzi, who won the World Cup with France this summer. The manager worked with N’Zonzi at Sevilla.”

  32. Emiratesstroller

    The departure of Cech and his return to Chelsea would not be a complete surprise.

    Last week I made the case that following arrival of Leno the club should sell
    Ospina and keep Cech. Ospina has some commercial value, but Cech at 35
    does not.

    However,I went on to suggest that if Cech stayed it would make sense to keep him as our third string goalkeeper next season and consider promoting Martinez as second string.

    Martinez has always looked a fairly solid performer and at 25 should be now
    challenging for promotion in squad. The fact that he is Spanish speaking might also be a factor in decision making as the goalkeeping coach is Spanish.

    Cech is clearly in decline and it may well be that he has more of a future at Chelsea beyond his playing days.