Emery working on his English as Carcedo drops some prime banter

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I’m out in Oregon at the moment, without doubt, one of the most spectacular places in America. Highly recommended if you like being outdoors.

When I was out and about today, I had a realisation… I really have no tension point to riff off at the the moment when it comes to Arsenal. I’ve had ten years of being able to smash out content about how I’ve felt wronged by Arsenal, within 6 months, we’ve gone from 1800 word thought pieces on the demise of Arsenal, to having literally nothing to complain about at all bar an unsigned Rambo contract.

Not that this isn’t a good thing, it just feels really odd to come to the internet every morning and feel excited about something new that we’ve not seen before. The club is no doubt in full propaganda mode, but it’s the good kind of propaganda. This must be how the base feel when they throw on a bit of Sean Hannity… or how my dad felt when David Beckham got caught with his pants down.

Carcedo screaming at a player for playing a Mesut Ozil pass when he’s not Mesut Ozil. Absolute classic banter from someone who has spent 2 months on the language.

Watching the coach teach one vs one defending, then showing the players how that works tactically.

Seeing Petr Cech moving the ball short as the defence and midfield practice moving the ball out the back.

Just being able to see the training sessions feels so interesting. Apparently, Emery was the same when he was at PSG. He seems to be a very open manager. I can’t wait to hear him talk about his plans for the team when he’s a few months into the job.

I like that he’s been pretty blunt about Jack Wilshere not fitting into his plans.

‘It was a tactical, technical decision,”

“The conversation with Wilshere was a very good conversation. I explained to him my opinion and how I will want to create the team and not sure [I could] say to him he’s going to play in the XI.’

“I know this player is very important for the supporters, he grew up here with Arsenal. But I don’t give for him one post in the starting XI. It’s for that he chose to leave here and I respect this.”

I think Arsenal fans have lost their head over his departure and his omission from the England squad. The semi-final didn’t need him. This is a guy who has offered up nothing but average over the last 5 years for us and Bournemouth. Emery is right, he’s seeing the move through cold eyes and he’s made the right decision.

You kind of feel some sections of the press have a draft article titled…

‘What Arsenal miss is the FIGHT of Jack Wilshere’

… ready to roll when we get buried twice in the opening two games of the season. Seems weird that anyone is still asking questions about a bit part player from last season. If he were good enough for us, he’d have moved somewhere more interesting than West Ham.

Some things never change though, regardless of who the manager is. This is Emery on the next captain.

“My first idea is to have five captains in the team,”

“But at the moment, I don’t know the names. I need to know more and also, firstly, Koscielny is the first captain now and for me, I have respect for that.

“Then, we are looking at, looking for, who are the players whose personality is the best in the dressing room. We want to keep the respect for these players and to find the captain and choose very well the best player for that.”

Sooooo, the captain is a guy who won’t start the season. Been here before, amirite? Remember Wenger in 2008?

‘I don’t believe too much in leadership,’

‘I believe more in good passing than a guy who jumps around with the hands in the air and plays the leader.’

I can’t see past Ramsey myself. He’d also suit the mixer, always injured, a contract rebel, you know the deal!

Final piece goes to Mesut, who the manager has a plan for.

“We are here to help every player,” Emery said. “For us Mesut is a very important player. We want to help to be well, fine with us.

“Last year was a difficult year for all the team, not only for Mesut,”

“They finished sixth in the Premier League – not the position we want.

“Now it’s a new way. With all the players I want to give them confidence, to give them a chance every day in their work. With quality work it is very easy to arrive at the performance, individual and collective. Mesut is on holiday and I want him to be tranquil and calm.

“We want the international players to come back quickly and start practising hard with us. But it is also important for them to have holidays because the season is very, very hard and very, very long. They need holidays to come full of energy for the start and to give us this quality and this energy in the team.”

Hopefully, this time around, we’ll land all our international players back for the first game of the season, something Chelsea and City won’t be able to do.

Arsenal have also tried to quell my chat about language issues.

“For me and for my staff also, it’s very important, the communication with all of the club,”

“With Ivan, with Raul, with Sven, with the people who are working here and then with the players. The message is very quickly [to learn] and make ourselves very clear to help the relationship together and to communicate individually.

“Am I getting better? I think so, yes!”

I’m fascinated to see if all these double sessions the team are doing will impact the team. We absolutely need to do them, because our players have a tactical IQ of a degenirate cave child and they need a lot of help to embrace the new ideas. The question is whether that impacts the injuries of the players. How will their bodies take the load? How good is the new fitness coach Darren Burgess reports into? Can those two work out a method that gives the coach what he wants without inflicting a 2010 like December collapse in energy?

We shall see… plenty to look forward to.

See you in the comment x

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  1. mysticleaves

    like 20 years now, forgive my little slips here and there. I love Mbappe but man is he starting to get overrated? Imagine picking Mbappe over Neymar. I was in fits as I read that.

    Someone compared him to de Lima the other time like wtf???

    Neymar at 17 and playing at Santos was nominated for world player of the year if memory serves me right

  2. Sanmi

    Mbappe fans should pipe it down. There’s nothing Mbappe is doing now that a certain Owen did not do too at a very early age.
    It’s all about pace and power.
    He’s nowhere the level of Lima at 18, there was a run he made yesterday and it was only him and Vida he already beat him for pace only to forget the ball in the 18. No way Lima loses the ball under no pressure in the 18.
    Mbappe hasn’t shown himself a consistent scorer yet. No 30 goals a season yet. And his close control is still under questioning.
    All he has now is pace and a football brain.

  3. Sanmi

    I see Fekir fan boys have gone quiet.
    Also it’s amazing that after Payet injury, Deschamps had to rely on griezmann for creativity and game control. He just couldn’t trust Pogba with it.

  4. Sanmi

    But still I will take Mbappe over Neymar. Granted Neymar is more talented but Mbappe doesn’t distract like Neymar does.
    As for Henry vs Mbappe. Mbappe will never hit that height. What Henry did for 8 straight years, a certain R9 did not even last that long (5yrs).
    Henry was consistent for 8 good years, carrying the entire club. Giroud made Mbappe play better, when he was benched for the 1st game, the attack was disjointed. Henry don’t need an occupier, he was the man. For national team= a world cup, an Euro, another world cup final (if Zidane had remained sane, they could have won). Mbappe wasn’t even the main guy for france. Griezmann is the guy

  5. WengerEagle


    Meunier Varane Umtiti Trippier

    Modric Pogba


    Perisic M’Bappe Hazard

    I know Trippier isn’t a LB but felt that he deserves a place in this team and was England’s best player, also didn’t find any of the LBs warranted a place over him with the exception of Lucas Hernandez/Marcelo maybe.

    Also was torn between Isco and Griezmann, thought Isco was the outstanding player of the group stages along with Hazard and that he played great vs Russia and was the only Spain player that turned up. Difficult to have him in there when he was knocked out in the last sixteen though so Griezmann probably deserves to shade him for a spot in the XI.

  6. Pierre

    I see nzonzi came on and played a perfectly assured performance in the world cup final,… How good would he be for Arsenal alongside torriera.

    2 central midfielders who know their job.. Perfect…

  7. Wallace

    M’bappe’s definitely ahead of where Henry was at that age, but Henry did improve markedly once he joined Arsenal.

    As for team of the tournament, loved those Colombian centre backs.

  8. Wallace

    enjoyed watching Neymar at Barca where he had to reign his ego in, but these days I can’t bear him. already rivalling Portuguese Ronaldo for most annoying player of all time, and still only 26yrs old.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    The World Cup is now over and we can refocus on Club Football and in particular Arsenal.

    So let’s start off discussing the goalkeeper situation, which proved a real problem last season with the decline of Cech and Ospina not good enough to take over as regular first string.

    The club has brought in Leno and one assumes that he will become our regular first string this season.

    That leaves three other gks in first team squad plus Macey who was attached to U23s was used as third string and was used mainly as a bench player for less
    important games.

    My view is that Ospina should be sold, because he is unlikely to become our
    regular first choice and still has a commercial value. We might get £3-5 million for him factoring in that he is in final year of contract.

    I am going to be controversial and suggest that if Cech stays at the club he should become the third choice goalkeeper and treated as the mentor of the
    others. For me he is at 35 no longer good enough to play top level football and
    should be used only in an emergency.

    Personally I was surprised that Arsenal did not promote Martinez to the second string role, because on the evidence of his rare performances playing in
    first team he looked quite solid. At 25 he is now at an age where a decision needs to be made about him. He adds value also as “home grown”. So I would
    promote him for next season to second string and play him in less important
    games as we did with Ospina.

    Macey is still too inexperienced to be promoted to that role, but could perhaps
    be promoted to first team squad when Cech finally leaves or retires at end of
    his contract in June 2019.

  10. Wallace

    and think it’s safe to say Pogba, at 25, is never going to approach the levels of domination that Vieira enjoyed at his peak.

  11. China

    Peak Henry was absolutely better than current Mbappe. Not 1% shadow of a doubt. Clear difference.

    Henry was relentless goals and assists. Unbelievable control and skills, vision and team work. I fully expect Mbappe to fulfill his potential as a player in that category of quality though.

    Mbappe has a huge ceiling and I do expect he’s going to be one of the obvious greats of this era. I’m very very impressed with him.

    Peak Henry was quite clearly a different animal though. Would be cool if Mbappe can match or better him though. Age for age he’s ahead of Henry. As good as young TH was, at 19 he wasn’t regarded globally as a world beater and heir to the throne of best player in the world.

  12. Pierre

    Though I can understand (sort of) why some fans would want to carry on with Ramsey after ten years at the club, in the thinking that his discipline issues on the pitch were all wenger fault which, of course, could be true,I personally am hoping that for the good of the team that Nzonzi is brought in as his replacement.

    If ramsey does stay I am sure he wont be so gung ho if he plays in a 2 man midfield..
    If Emery plays a 3 man midfield then this could benefit ramsey as it could give him more freedom to attack…

    At the weekend it looked like he prefers a 3 man midfield.

  13. China

    I’m not a fan of Ramsey’s as I think he’s vastly overrated and has only had one serious season and he’s in his mid 20s which is not really good enough

    We can blame wenger for not getting the best out of him for sure but genuinely top talent like cesc didn’t really need tones of coaching to be elite so I doubt he has it in him

    Regardless I’m happy to just give emery the benefit of the doubt. I am not really sold on Sokratis either but emery is going hard at our weakest areas and we absolutely seem to be moving in the right direction.

    With that in mind I’ll happily cut emery some slack and trust in him to handle the squad and players like Ramsey properly provided we don’t have an absolutely dismal season – which I really don’t think will happen

  14. China

    Tbh it’s no great shame if we sell Ramsey though. We’d get enough money from the transfer fee to buy a consistent and for replacement.

    The irony is that he is one of our best players but I’m seriously not convinced that he should be in our starting 11. He’s not a DM, that belongs to Torreira. Can he sit next to Torreira? He lacks discipline and his n1 strength is bursting into the box so that doesn’t seem wise.

    That leaves him either as a winger (no.) or taking ozil’s place. He’s a much harder worker than ozil and will score many more but his passing isn’t in the same league.

    As much as I dislike ozil, if we sort out the CM position behind him, he might finally be better covered to do what he does best and make a better impact. I’d still start ozil ahead of Ramsey in AM.

    That just leaves the bench. He’s a good bench player to have and I’d be fine with that but considering his contract situation I doubt he would be.

    I don’t think there’s a likely ideal outcome whichever way we role so I’m gonna say if he does get sold and we reinvest properly it would be no terrible shame. If he stays, cool, but who is he replacing? For me it’s ozil or no one and I’m not sure he’s really all that despite being good

  15. China

    Honestly speaking, ozil might be a little less annoying if the squad around him is much improved

    With Torreira, hopefully someone else disciplined in CM, auba and laca, ozil will practically be able to shit assists and his lack of effort will hopefully be outweighed by the improvements in our mf and attack.

    I might be wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised to see ozil have a comparative good season for us this year

  16. karim

    Commiserations Josip and Ivan, Croatia proved they were worthy finalists and could have won it on another day given the circumstances.

    Been drinking and partying all night, great atmosphere ( no hooligans where I was ), only shiny happy people, great times !

    Now I can forget that damn 2006 final !!!

    Thanks all for the kind words !


    The French may be arrogant and snobby at times but you definitely deserve the ” muscular cunt ” tag you once got, you’re so full of shit it’s not even funny.

    Champions du monde, mon frère !