Bernd Leno lands, 2 medicals booked today, one leaves for West Ham

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So it appears the summer transfer dealings are coming to a close. Arsenal are welcoming medicals for Matteo Guendouzi and Lucas Torreira. That’s two DMs, one for now, with the other pegged for future greatness. Here’s a little snippet about the Frenchman, who comes with discipline issues.

On the pitch, Guendouzi’s lanky frame and floppy hairstyle have drawn comparisons to Adrien Rabiot, and while that seems overly simplistic, there are some similarities to the two. Not really comfortable as a six, but not so skilful on the ball or direct enough to be used as a relayeur, Guendouzi instead relies on a lovely range of passing to affect play. At Lorient, this often manifested itself as balls played out to the flanks, or over the top, allowing him to play almost as a regista, dictating play on the counter whilst another midfielder retained the responsibility of breaking up the opposition’s play.

Despite not having the dribbling acumen of Rabiot, Guendouzi has shown flashes of realizing how to use his frame when in possession. Not particularly quick, he instead relies on a wiry strength to retain possession, using his long limbs to shield against opponents. That said, this same lanky aspect of his build can make him a bit lazy or prone to fouling when defending, as he is wont to leave a foot in or be somewhat lazy with his positioning in hoping to rely on his size, exemplified by a horror challenge against Auxerre last season.  Too, while his inventiveness in terms of a range of passing is impressive, he can also be overly ambitious or seem to lack much in the way of a rapport with his teammates.

What a summer.

Most of the issues appear to have been addressed outside the new contract we’re hoping will head the way of Aaron Ramsey.

In 6 months, we’ve mostly rebuilt the core of the squad.

We’ve ripped out a fair chunk of the dross.

We’ve seen an elevation of some very promising young talents.

We’ve reshaped the coaching staff.

We’ve changed the manager.

We’re as ready as we’ve ever been to tackle the new season.

Everyone lands a fresh chance. Duff players might come good, key players might be relegated to the bench, the old style will certainly be canned, a new era for Arsenal is taking shape.

I’m not dreading the start of the new season. No one is battling to justify why we’ve only signed a Costa Rican 19 year old with a month until the start of the new season. No one is wondering why our manager is commentating at the World Cup. No one is under any confusion about what the new regime is trying to do the squad.

You don’t need to pick through a wreckage to retrofit a positive spin.

It feels good. From a writing perspective, it’s hard to know where to head. We’re all buckling up for a ride, unsure of the destination for once.

Bernd Leno has arrived at Colney, the club have announced he’ll be taking over the famous number 19 shirt for the new season. In his interview, it’s clear his English is up to scratch, he also knows a lot about the club. He mentioned Thierry Henry, Highbury, and Alex Hleb who used to pay for Stuttgart.

I’m very happy we’ve managed to bring in a keeper. He’s come with quite a hefty price tag for a keeper many said lost his way last season, but hopefully there’s a plan for him and we’ve brought him in because of specific skills we hope to bake into the way we play. My biggest gripe about Petr Cech is his lack of ability to play with intelligence out the back. The hoof has been the standard distribution method for years. To have a keeper that can break the lines with clever passing will add a different dimension to our game, it’ll also be good to have someone who can act as an auxiliary sweeper when needed.

Outside that, we need a keeper who can pull off stunning saves. We haven’t had a keeper who can do miraculous things since Fabianski. The Polish keeper had that part of his game sussed, just a shame that’d come with horrendous errors. He was a good keeper though, gone too early in my opinion. But hey, I’ll take a steely German manning the goal for the foreseeable.

Jack Wilshere made it official and joined West Ham. The most predictable transfer of the summer. Content here.

I think that’s about all I have for the day?

ENGLAND on Wednesday. On that, can you imagine being the guy that got naked in the bar and has a snap of his arse flying around the world on a Monday morning? How embarrassing. I’m dying just typing this. That is why I NEVER get naked at the pub, even after a strong win.

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  1. gonsterous

    I would love for bale to come to arsenal but we’ll have to spend stupid money to get him. Also, I don’t know if he is injury prone or not ? any one ??

  2. Marko

    Lots of rumours suddenly that Arsenal are working on one massive signing but there will be a lot of outgoings to fund it, lots of fringe players sold.

    Always had a nagging feeling of at least one significant marquee signing being made. Always thought it might be someone like Manolas or Rabiot though. Never believed that it could be like a Dembele or someone of that ilk. Interesting summer we’re having all the same. Still nothing to suggest that David Ornstein isn’t in fact talking out his arse

  3. Redtruth

    Martinez or Macey
    AkpomI reckon we could get £75m for them, which means we could buy a very good attacking player.”

    Ospina- £60m
    Martinez or Macey- Free
    Jenkinson- A packet of crisps
    Mustafi- Should retire
    Elneny- Skip
    Perez- Permanent loan
    Welbeck- Taxi!
    Campbell- 50p
    Akpom- Lol

    That still leaves us £15m short…..

  4. Marc


    That was my point – it seems a strange link but has come up a few times. For the agent it’s about getting linked to what’s seen as a “big” move.

  5. gambon


    You dont seem to get it,

    If a player passes the ball 2 yards square on the half way line, and his team mate takes a ridiculous shot from 55 yards, that counts as a “chance created”.

    “Chances created” has no filter for quality, its the equivalent of “shots per game” which doesnt tell you anything about a players quality.

  6. Marko

    Marc that list you’re arguing with gambon about wouldn’t weaken us and doesn’t except for Welbeck have any relevance on our homegrown quota because most of the cunts on the list barely played for us the last couple years. You’re basically making an argument for keeping useless unneeded players around for the Europa league group stages instead of selling them and bringing in someone we’d actually need and use

  7. OleGunner

    “A manager who has always upheld humanitarian values over personal gains”

    And thus a new meme was born this day.

    On topic: if we are offloading fringe/secondary players to make some cash for a high profile mega signing, I really hope its towards a top class wide man.

    We are desperately poor on the both flanks imo. No one who can dribble, attack a full back and draw fouls/penalties.

    Would be a fantastic addition to an already very encouraging transfer window for us!

  8. Marc


    I’d love us to bring in a wide player – lose Welbeck no problem but Mustafi and Elneny. We want to rotate or if we get an injury it begins to leave us short. If we sold Mustafi (and he was linked with a move last summer) who would your first choice line up be, backup and cup team?

    I’m just making the point that it’s not a computer game.

  9. OleGunner

    The alt accounts on Le-Grove are getting ridiculous.
    We all know Uruguayan pitbull is just another moniker for Don/Aubergine.

    Makes the purpose of the ban hammer sorta moot.

  10. Marc


    There is one other factor – none of us really know how much we’d need to generate through sales we’re working on the quoted £50 million budget.

  11. Pierre

    “We are desperately poor on the both flanks imo. No one who can dribble, attack a full back and draw fouls/penalties.”

    Should have bought mahrez 2/3 years ago.

  12. Marc


    You’re a little bit late to come to that conclusion. Redtoss has been banned at least twice before and is back straight away.

  13. gambon


    How big exactly do you think our squad needs to be? Why do we need a seperate cup team exactly? No other team does.

    Even considering the changes I mentioned, we would still have

    3 x goalkeepers
    2 x left backs
    2 x right backs
    5 x centre backs (one injured)
    5 x central mdfielders
    5 x attacking midfielders
    3 x centre forwards

    25 man squad, completely standard.

  14. Marc


    My view is that keeping the “first team” fresh would give us an advantage over the other teams chasing CL places.

    If you were to go through the City or ManU squad you’d see something similar.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    The official Arsenal account telling people to put notifications on.

    Torreira is about to be announced.

    Great stuff.

  16. gambon


    Funny, because every time I saw Man City play in the CL last year, all their first team players were on the pitch.

  17. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    I believe the rumours of a huge signing were started by “The Football Mole” on Twitter

    Not someone worth believing, so doubt its true.

  18. Dissenter

    I am really excited about the Torriera signing too. Looks like we have a potential club legend coming in like a Gattuso.
    Hope we start building the squad around players like him.

  19. Dissenter

    Torrira is like an amalgam of Gattuso and Busquet’s. He won’t be pretty to look at like a Luka Modric for sure.
    He has a good free-kick in him too.

  20. Dissenter

    The shirt numbers are really messed up for this season.
    It’s understandable given the massive transition that’s going on right now.

  21. Sanmi


    You better get excited by lichsteiner, he’s a proper defender. Don’t be fooled by his age, he’s reasonably fast. If you want to see out a game, I want him not Bellerin there. Plus he can’t be targeted with crosses.

  22. McBright is Wright

    You are most welcomed to #NewARSENAL MR LUCAS TORNADO TORRIERA
    Look, Lucas, the cast made of stones. Tones have waited for you since we had Silver. Now that Gilberto gives way for Rock of Gilbratar, we hope to rock and cock Golden moments with you.
    We wished we got you in Denialson, but nope! Le Coquelin was dope? no! Song, play ping pong with our hearts!
    Arts cant carve the niche and yearnings we had for you. U-Tube could have burst searching for you!
    Now that we find you, please, show us the path, using you pathfinder. so that we’ll be kinder, and forget about Bender.

  23. Redtruth

    “Even considering the changes I mentioned, we would still have
    3 x goalkeepers
    2 x left backs
    2 x right backs
    5 x centre backs (one injured)
    5 x central mdfielders
    5 x attacking midfielders
    3 x centre forwards”

    3 x goalkeepers- In name only
    2 x left backs- Journey men
    2 x right backs- Lol
    5 x centre backs (one injured)- Really ?
    5 x central mdfielders- Xhaka, enough said
    5 x attacking midfielders- unproven
    3 x centre forwards- At best 1 x Forward