Emery’s magic finger + one player out and a new Sevilla name linked

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Football is BACK in the mixer today and I am very excited because our yet to be announced defensive midfielder is about to face a seriously stern test against the sometimes irrepressible France. He had this to say on his ascension.

“It all happened very fast, a few years ago I was playing in the fifth division of Wanderers and now I’m 22 years old at a World Cup representing my people and my family.”

What. A. Game.

Then in the afternoon, we’ll get to see the most intelligent striker on Twitter, Kevin De Fraud and Eden Hazfraud face off against the ramen haired whinger from PSG and his boring crowd of non-Samba melts.

What a day.

This World Cup has been a lot of fun, but I’m glad we’re finally landing in a place that feels like some quality football is about to happen. Not quite sure England vs Sweden is going to have the same appeal, it’ll be a bit like watching Burnley take on Everton, but who cares, I’m only there for the memes a the GOD BLESS GARETH SOUTHGATE after.

It’s interesting thinking about this World Cup so far, like, be honest, who are the star players who’ve ratcheted up their value 7x? There aren’t many, are there? Pavard from Stuttgart looks like he might land a good move after hitting the purest of strikes last week. Golovin has done his value no harm, looking an excellent player. Outside those guys, I’m struggling to find hidden gems. Have we simply become to amazing at scouting for a real surprise to land on anyone these days?

I don’t really have many Arsenal updates. Kelechi Nwakali, the Nigerian U20 captain, is close to moving to Porto for a season. That’s a very exciting move, hopefully, he’ll land some game time over there.

Jack Wilshere is close to making a move to West Ham, kind of predictable, I think I said as much a few months back. It’ll be an easy move. The club has low expectations, he’s close to his family, he’ll probably get a lovely salary and the faithful over there will love him. Good luck to him.

Gelson Martins will apparently move to Atleti. I mean, he looked exciting in those videos, but he also gave me severe Gervinho flashbacks. Not a lot of end product there.

Marca reckons Banega is going to reject Arsenal. Gut feel tells me we were never in for him. He’s a 29-year-old who took a pay cut to go to Sevilla for his mate, you could see right through all that nonsense. He just wanted a new deal. N’zonzi is now supposedly trying to push for a move out of the club, but again, do we need another 29-year-old look for an epic payday? I’m not so sure.

It’s very amusing to read around people meme-ing the new regime that has come in. People gearing up for the new season, semi-hoping that the horse they aggressively backed for 11 years was actually still a brilliant manager held back by kryptonic like forces that came with the stadium move. The wounds of the #WengerOut war will never heal, it’ll be interesting to see how the positioning works out next year. #CantWeJustBeHappy

That said, I do find the new trend for shite observations packaged up as deep insider insight quite amusing. Usually comes from the type of people who put ‘UEFA B LICENSE’ in their bio accompanied by a Sun Tzu quote about counter-attacking.

‘The lack of sharp bone structure inhibits aerodynamics in the final third, but more importantly, it manifests in a lack of confidence in front of goal. A man who cannot score off the pitch is doomed on it.’

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 20.56.35


But be honest, did you ever see Wenger raise his finger with such authority?

Right, enough rambling from me.

See you in the comments, jump on our damn podcasts.


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  1. BacaryisGod

    Ornstein said Torreira is wrapped up and that will be it for first-team buys. Sky is more responsible than most so this could be coming from N’Zonzi’s people trying to get him some more money in negotiations.

  2. gambon

    Ornstein has never been connected.

    Absolute fraud. He comes in and confirms a deal 2 weeks after it was common knowledge.

    The only thing I’ve ever seen him call early was Emery….but I’m sure you could find others that were ahead of him.

    Last summer he said we were going to spend 100-150m net…..then said we had no money left after we had made a profit.

    Then 3 hours later we bid 92m for Lemar.

    Just another one that guesses and confirms what is public knowledge.

  3. WengerEagle

    Prediction for tomorrow lads?

    Think Sweden will make it tough for yous but just can’t envisage a way that they knock England out unless yous totally freeze up and bottle it.

    Actually think it’ll be relatively comfortable, 2-0 England with the hideous one scoring again, probably from the spot.

  4. TR7

    Nzonzi, Torreira and Mikhi midfield will be very good. If Emery is serious about us competing, Xhaka and Mustafi should not be anywhere near the starting 11.

    As for England Vs Sweden, I have a sneaky feeling Sweden will edge it. It’s been such a weird world cup, it wouldn’t surprise me if they won the title.

  5. WengerEagle

    You think so TR7?

    Would be underwhelmed by N’Zonzi, I know that he’s popular on here but just think that he’s an extremely basic player and lacks any sort of gear shift. He’s a poor man’s William Carvalho for me who himself isn’t even the level of player I would be hunting down for us.

    Miki has a lot to prove in my book, so far has been an utter flop in England.

  6. TonyD

    Game of the WC last night. Happy to see Belgium win and they must be favorites for the cup if they have enough left in their tank for the semi.

    Yellow cards are going to influence games with big name players missing.

    Maybe Neymar will find some humility in his life – probably not.

    I think we stand a reasonable chance of beating Sweden today even if we don’t have the quality players, we seem to have a great unity.

    Either way Southgate has proved himself a worthy England manager and deserves to be around for the Euros and WC qualifiers for Qatar.

  7. gonsterous

    I’m not comfortable paying anything above 15m for nzonzi. Will be a good signing but I have a feeling, he’ll make more appearances off the bench than start a game.

  8. Receding hairline

    William Carvalho is only mentioned on here because unlike Yann Mvila and Morgan S he no one has actually bothered paying for him to expose how much of a nothing footballer he is.

    At least the other two got moves off their hypes

  9. Rambo Ramsey

    As I predicted, Brazil superfluous and flaky.

    Eagle, with you on N’zonzi. Better than Xhaka I suppose but still nothing impressive about this player. Just another Elneny.

  10. Victorious

    Like to restate quite boldly I had Belgium winning the whole thing,just the small shame I didn’t lump in a sizeable sum on it,they’ve been the best side of the tourney

    i see them beating France in the semis also which at this stage would be the unofficial final

    Beginning to have doubts about the ambitions of Emery…

    34M on 29yo Nzonzi? wtf,and that’s for a player that failed badly at both Blackburn and stoke, been OK for Sevilla and now he’s suddenly taking us to a new level,ffs

  11. Receding hairline

    Blackburn were relegated and he got a move to Stoke.. Ran down his contract at Stoke and moved to Seville.
    I am yet to see the failed part as he has been an automatic starter in all three clubs

    In fact I was very pissed at Wenger for letting him move to Seville on a free..that’s how much I rate him. I won’t pay his buy out clause now though simply due to his age and not his ability. Fantasticks midfield player is Nzonzi.

    We are not buying flashy players this window but functional ones who have been there and done that. Don’t know why many are still clamouring for their hipster choices. Emery has worked with Nzonzi so trust he knows what he is getting

  12. Pierre

    Looking at our centre midfield, Just out of interest vic, would you prefer to keep Ramsey in there rather than bring nzonzi in, taking into account that we could sell Ramsey for a decent amount and use the money to buy nzonzi.

    Or would your option be to play Ramsey as the CAM…. Our other 2 options at CAM are mkhitarayan and özil

  13. Emiratesstroller

    Assuming that Torreira is finalised this week the club has more or less spent its net budget.

    So I would not get too excited about bringing more new players to the club UNLESS we see some movement in the outward direction which has not happened sofar.

    As usual there is a lot of speculation about players that Arsenal are supposed
    to be buying. Most of it is generated by agents, media pundits and wishful thinking posters. Most of these are pure fiction.

    Yesterday there was speculation that we were interested in N’Zonzi yet another player who is shortly 30. The question I pose is where is he going to play if
    he comes to us? He would be competing with Torreira, Ramsey, Xhaka, Elneny and Maitland-Niles for a Central Midfield slot.

  14. Vintage Gun

    “Kondogbia and Kovacic One failed at inter the other us rotting on the bench in Madrid
    Wonder what’s so special about them that makes u rate them so highly”

    Bergkamp failed at inter and Robben used to sit on the bench at Madrid.

    Just saying

  15. Victorious


    He was on a Blackburn side that got relegated,therefore u can’t be far off the point if you described players in that squad that season as failures, he was so good he then managed a move to the neanderthals who are SHIT
    Been a starter at both those sides has got nothing to do with his abilities,Bellerin has been SHIT for us the past 2 years and he has the rb position on a lock

    What are really the outstanding qualities of Nzonzi?i see a merely stronger version of Elneny anytime I watch him,we surely can do better IMO

  16. Pierre

    Nzonzi has always been a player that I rated very highly and watching him boss the midfield for sevilla v man u at Old Trafford in the champions league confirmed it.

    He bossed fellaini in the air from start to finish, rendering him totally ineffective.
    His passing inbetween the lines was sharp, precise and astute.
    His defending at set pieces was spot on.
    His reading of the game and his discipline in the role were near perfect.
    The main thing people have against him is his age but I believe that could be a positive as well as a negative as with age brings experience and knowledge.

    In my opinion, he is the type of player we have been missing for years in centre midfield.

  17. gambon

    Ha ha

    Arsenal get strongly linked with a player and a few posters immediately start cheerleading him as if they have always rated him highly.

    Will be funny if it comes to nothing and they all back track and say they never really rated him.

    Then the deals back on and he’s the best DM in world football again.

    Absolutely no shame.

  18. Victorious


    Ramsey is a far better player than Nzonzi,they are not even on same postcode,Ramsey’s major issues under Wenger was INDISCIPLINE

    Emery might bring out the best from him as a CM, he has all the traits that is to be an outstanding CM, a box to box CM,he could run for days,has a decent stamina,an eye for goal, good control etc.. but has got stay back a bit more and halt going gun-ho in everymatch

    I don’t like him as a CAM,too rigid,not enough guile, limited dribbles and wont even been a starter there with both Ozil and Mikki there

    personally if Ramsey ain’t signing on, I would sell for 50-60M and go for Kovacic or Rabiot who could potentially elevate our midfield to a world-class level,in saying that a Xhaka-Torreria-Ramsey trio ain’t bad with Ozil been a wide play maker.

  19. Rambo Ramsey

    Holy shit, N’zonzi dominated Mourinho’s midfield which contains the maestro Fellaini? Say no more, I’m convinced

  20. Pierre

    R Ramsey
    Of course your are being deliberately dumb..but that’s your choice as man Utd also played matic and pogba in midfield and were also made redundant during the game.

  21. Rambo Ramsey

    Ramsey’s major issue isn’t indiscipline. I think this is pure bs. I’ve watched him play a very reserved role in big games plenty times. I think he always played to Wenger instructions.

    The same thing Alex Song with some fans convinced he flipped a switch and suddenly started playing a more forward role. I don’t think so.

    Remember Coquelin? How he did nothing other than screen the defense in his first season. Then started playing a completely different game next season, high up the field?

    Yeah, there’s a clear pattern here and its not all players suddenly becoming selfish.

    Anyway, back to Ramsey- His biggest weakness is the inconsistencies in his passing, a problem he shares with Mkhitaryan. These guys are capable of hitting worldly passes every match but they are also capable of missing 2 yard passes. And it happens way too frequently.

  22. Emiratesstroller

    We have 5 players currently or expected to arrive on books for 2 central midfield
    positions. All these players apart from Ramsey have signed new contracts.

    So I do not expect Arsenal to bring in a new CMF unless Ramsey is leaving the

  23. Pierre

    The way I look at it is, the manager has to make a decision on what he believes makes a strong, balanced midfield.

    How he deploys Ramsey or not is crucial to how the team will set up.

    If he plays Ramsey in a 2 man midfield but doesn’t allow him to make runs into the box then you are taking away his strongest attribute.

    If he plays Ramsey further up the pitch and gives him a free role (similar in what he plays for wales) then I would imagine he would play a couple of holding midfielders behind otherwise we will be back to having no protection for the defence.

    Maybe without özil and torreira available for the start of the season it will give Ramsey a chance to cement a place in the line up further forward.

    If the nzonzi rumours are true then I believe Ramsey will be on his way as he has just awarded new contracts to AMN and xhaka and would have bought torreira and nzonzi.

    Will be interesting to see how it pans out.

  24. Pierre

    We are also lacking in height throughout the team.. Set pieces could be a major problem next season which is also a reason I would prefer nzonzi or a player of similar physique.

  25. Receding hairline

    My rating Nzonzi has nothing to do with him being linked to Arsenal

    There are hundreds of other players I rate who will never play for Arsenal.. I watch football as a game not just arsenal games. Football does not start and end with Arsenal

    The only shameless person here is you Gambon with your know it all remarks like you know better than everyone else.

    I rated nzonzi at all his clubs because he is good at what he does. I don’t rate Ramsey as a midfield player because he doesn’t play like one and when he does looks painfully average. Remove the goals from his game and he is left with nothing at all.