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courtesy @allthatchas

courtesy @allthatchas

Gooood morning!

Still coming down from cloud HARRY KANE.

What a win.

I mean, we really are in a strange world with the England team. I’m absolutely loving the fact that Gareth Southgate has managed to take this team through to the quarterfinals of the World Cup. The Colombia game was quite something, they really are a very good team even without James. What I particularly enjoyed was watching our boys engage in the dark arts and not give a fuck. I don’t like cheating, but if you don’t partake in it, you lose out.

Outside that, to see our heads drop after a late goal, then go on and win a penalty shootout was definitely that next level Wenger was talking about.

Still can’t help but think we’re waxing a little too much lyrical. We’ve scored a lot of penalties, we’ve lost to Belgium and we haven’t really been creating many chances. We look robust, but I’m not sure I’d say we’ve cracked anything, bar penalties. I just think sometimes to footballing gods look down on you and don’t present you with Brazil early on. It’s quite incredible to think that there’s a very good chance we could attain a semi final place against a beatable Croatia. I don’t think football is coming home, but a semi would be an incredible statement by Southgate.

The football hipster types need to pack in the patronising Gareth Southgate love in though. It’s a bit embarrassing. Almost as embarrassing as petitioning Harvard to give Lukaku a doctorate in Football Intelligence after that dummy the other night. People literally beside themselves over how likeable the England manager is.

‘I literally can’t find anything I don’t like about him. He’s a real football man. The most likeable thing since the conception of the Twister lollipop. More grounded than beans on toast. I like him so much, I think he could lose the next 10 games and I’d still talk about much I like him on Twitter.’

Honestly, get fucked with that type of carry-on. It’s embarrassing. Who cares if he’s likeable. Why is that part of the mixer? It’s such an odd thing keep banging on about. Roy Hodgson was a decent character, why didn’t people like him? I’ll tell you why… he wasn’t eyeing a World Cup semi-final. If Southgate dropped out against Colombia, no one would be celebrating how well he deals with the media.

Anyway, I find the way some of our media carry-on beyond the pale. The whole analysis that this squad is somehow special because they’re also likeable is an average observation trotted out by the sort of people who miss the football of the eighties.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 9.52.28 AM


Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 9.53.45 AM

Arsenal PR is churning out propaganda imagery from Arsenal training as they continue to really make hay whilst the Emery sun shines! I think it’s always interesting to read the message the club is trying to put forward. At the moment, for me, they’re trying to communicate that Emery is a boss, but he’s empowering others. You’ve seen Steve Bould smiling, you’ve seen Carcedo parading around the training ground booming instructions at players, you’ve seen the medical staff doing their thing. It’s the club trying to promote a united front, and them wanting to tap Emery as a man of the people.

It’s all very exciting. It’s odd to see a man other than Wenger rocking the training ground whistle. There’s so much work to be done over the next few months. But I think the energy that’s being drilled into the project is something else.

Check out what Puma would have given us IF we’d signed on as a client again.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 9.42.02 AM

What a beauty…

Right, I am deep in the woods work-wise, so I’ll just leave you with our latest podcast. We welcome Ash, ex 5Live reporter, and we talk England and Arsenal. Dive in, it’s excellent.


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  1. Bankz

    DM I’d have asked how you do it but seeing I’ve ruled these streets before, I can only tell you, I will bounce back**in Wenger’s voice**

  2. DM


    It doesn’t bother me one bit. I support 2 teams – Arsenal and England. The second the lads put on their England kits they are representing the country, and I will happily cheer them on. Just as I would hope Spurs fans would cheer on Welbz, or any future Arsenal players who make it to the national side.

  3. DM


    I first saw you state that around 3 years ago, I’m still waiting for the bounce… 😉

    Seriously though, I hope you do, it’s more fun when the competition is tough

  4. Bankz

    Funny how both Arsenal and the English squad haven’t missed “super jack” one bit.
    One of the most overrated player in overrated players history

  5. gonsterous


    hope emery got a new whistle. I don’t even want to think about the amount of germs transferred from le frauds mouth to the mouth piece 🙂

  6. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    Check out what Puma would have given us IF we’d signed on as a client again.

    A white t-shirt with red sleeves? Whoop-dee-do!

  7. Masterstroke

    This is your opportunity to put aside any prejudices and hate for other teams players & get behind the England team.
    I was never more proud than being in a Tooting pub back in the day when England beat Croatia under Sven and hearing Chelsea supporters chanting “Theo, Theo, Theo”. And I always joined in the “Rooney” chants.
    Try it: “Harry, Harry, Harry”. Yeah! Doesn’t quite hit the button does it? But it will have to do.

  8. Danny

    I still feel sick cheering on the spurs players
    Yes it makes me very sick, at least they only had 3 in the starting 11 the other night, 4 if you include Walker.

  9. Leedsgunner

    Why does Pedro comment on shirt designs so much?

    He thinks it strange to wear one if you’re over 12 anyways!!!

  10. Northbanker

    Thanos – no concern although i have to admit the crowing of Spurs winning the World Cup might be a bit much (ala West Ham winning 66 WC)

  11. Danny

    What a win.
    What exactly was good about it? Ospina had nothing to save, it was decided on bloody penalties etc.
    Spurs playing against a pub team and letting them equalize in the 93rd minutes.
    Southgate got it all wrong. Watching Young take every free kick and corner was pathetic. Sterling, Deli Alli complete shit.

  12. TheBlaster

    They got the result but my god it was backpass central, playing backs to opposition goal. Kane , a supposed No9
    picking the ball up in his own half and Sterling, a short arse, being the one up for much of the match. Don’t get me wrong, Linford’s goal earlier in the tournament was a peach and I’m not down on Spurs players particularly, but IMHO Jack would have done this side the world of good, drawing a ton of fouls, but more importantly running in the right direction. Sterling has been running into dead ends and losing the ball over and over again. Nice feet no end product. Hleb all over again. Pickford has been good, and Trippier and Lingard decent, but Alli, the great ‘world class’ hope of Britain has been invisible.

    They need a bit of a rocket up their arse. Against a good team, if their ‘attacking’ mids haven’t got the confidence or means to lose markers and beat players, we are going to be reduced to long balls and set
    piece headers. Of course it would be great if England got a long way, but horrid if it was done playing like Chelsea v Barcelona.

  13. S Asoa

    Chambo might be the only guy who could have forced moves in right direction.
    Looking the way England played so indecisive and forever back passes , they would not get past Colombia without James.
    Croatia with Modric would be a wake up call unless the prima donas up their game.

  14. Marko

    why did lingard get corrected to Linford?

    Everyone knows you spend your time on Linford Christie forums

  15. raptora

    Not convinced at all that Engurlaand will win vs Sweden in the first place. Bogey team and a half. If they play the way they did vs Colombia it will be another dire fest. Ospina had close to no work the other day. Zero creativity in that side. At least Walker has top attacking play as a wing back and can run in free space, give good passes and even dribble pretty decent but bloody Southgate is playing him in the CB position?….

  16. Leedsgunner

    Each to their own but honestly Pedro’s taste in shirts are strange. Is Bellerin launching a new line? Does he have Pedro on commission? 😉

  17. Masterstroke

    I expect all the Kane hate on Untold & Positively because they’re a load of shites, but not here where the people are generally a bit more worldly.

  18. Pierre

    “I expect all the Kane hate on Untold & Positively because they’re a load of shites, but not here where the people are generally a bit more worldly.”

    Correct…. It’s normally only Arsenal hate on here.

  19. mysticleaves

    Really excited about Emery and Arsenal this season. I just hope at the same time people are able to mellow their expectations this season. Pep had to access what he inherited over a season before he knew what to actually fix and I guess it will be so with Emery too.

    So even if we don’t buy a winger and plug other holes this seaosn and don’t do as well as we expected and I am ready to give him benefit of the doubt.

    That’s why Xhaka and Mustafi staying won’t be such a bad thing IMO

  20. Cesc Appeal

    It will be a very up and down season, but what I want to see is where we’re headed, what Emery is trying to achieve with the side and the direction the club is going in.

    Getting back in the UCL will do for me this year, whether by league position or Europa though I think regardless of league performance Emery is pretty great in Europa anyway.

    The summer has started well, I will feel better when Torreira is official and then after that another CM and a winger will make it a great summer.

  21. N'Gambo

    Southgate’s ridiculous 1970’s waistcoats mean England won’t be going any further – unless of course he has another referee on his side.

  22. Akilan

    The official twitter account today posted a video of a bald Spanish coach teaching Mavropronos how to defend.

    Just saying.

  23. Danny S

    Engerlands current formation and 1st choice line up is way off of what it could be.
    Ffs playing our best left winger as a striker. Playing walker as a CB. Lingard?! He’s shit. And so is young. Rose looks twice the player. We have zero width and creativity.
    Play sterling and rash either side of Kane and all I just in behind and change to 4 at the back. Sterling has zero effect up front especially when Kane starts playing as a box to box.

  24. steve


    “Ramsey is the top dawg at Arsenal
    Ramsey, not Ozil”


    If that’s the case then we’re in trouble. He’s a bog standard player.

  25. mysticleaves


    Either you mean that it you want to start the next round of Ozil vs Ramsey. Either way I seriously smh

  26. Cesc Appeal

    There shouldn’t be anyone who is the most important player, everyone should have to get by on merit now.

    If Ozil carries on the way he is he should be dropped, same for Xhaka and anyone else not performing to the standard required.

    Put in the effort and the performances or be dropped and sold, that is finally what we should have at Arsenal because Emery cannot afford to behave like Wenger did, Emery will be judged as an actual manager should be.

  27. mysticleaves

    It is interesting to note that Ever Banega linking up with Emery was the spark his career needed. Before Unai he was at some sort of a Xhaka crossroads.

    Emery also revitalised and brought the best out of Nzonzi.

    Hi Hi Xhaka and El Neny

  28. Michael24

    Kane, Ali,Rose,Dyer and Trippier are heroes when playing for the country.

    To hate them because they are all Spuds players is petty and rather narrow minded imo.

  29. mysticleaves

    Michael 24

    From the evidence of the match against Colombia and even the Belgium and Tunisia match, a Jack Wilshere was needed badly. Maybe not Jack but someone that has his skill set would have done good for this England team.

  30. azed

    “To hate them because they are all Spuds players is petty and rather narrow minded imo”

    Sports fandom is pretty petty and narrow minded. Its why we all look at people who say “they don’t support any team but enjoy good football” as weirdos.

  31. Michael24


    I get where you coming from but I wonder if he would have been able to control himself against the Columbians.

  32. mysticleaves

    Michael 24 I get what you saying too. Passion sometimes gets the better of our Wilshere.

    In other news, Marotta says he THINKS, based on calls he made, that Ronaldo has already signed with Juve. At first listen it didnt make sense but thinking more about it now it’s very very possible even for the money talked about.

    Juve signed “king of the north” Higuian at 29 years for 70m. They can sign the “king of the seven kingdoms” at 33 years for 88m.

  33. BacaryisGod

    Arsenal can have no excuses for not competing next season in the Premier League.

    All our rivals (and I use that term generously for us) will have exhausted squads. The only player we have left competing in the World Cup is Welbeck. While that’s pretty shameful on its face, it’s also positive to have a rested team.

    The fact that we can rotate our squad in the Europa League is also a positive. The top 4 last season won’t have that luxury.

    As for signings, if we bring Torreira in then we’ll have covered our most glaring needs. We’ll just need all the new signings to work out. Sure a winger and another CB will be great but as it is we have 6 CBs with one injured and one probably going out on loan. I expect that we’ll stick with the two older heads (Sokratis and Mustafi) starting with Chambers, Holding and Mavrapanos getting tested in the cups. Maybe Holding goes on loan when Kozzer returns.

  34. Michael24

    Supporting your country and supporting your club are two completely different ball games.

    Those that find it difficult to distinguish between the two may see themselves as being hardcore gooners, but in reality they are only being unpatriotic prats.

  35. BacaryisGod

    Let’s not forget that we let Kane go when he was a young boy. No blame attached there as it’s impossible to guarantee at that age who will make it. Regardless, I’m happy to support him for the summer.

  36. Michael24

    I am confident Arsenal will compete in the PL next season.

    The whole ethos is changing.

    For the first time in ten years I am genuinely excited.

  37. Marko

    Reports we’re interested in Pavard also reports Bayern are close to him. I personally would love the signing because he looks like he’s going to be one of the best around in the not too distant future

  38. Jay

    Can’t believe somebody like harry kane can win the golden boot, absolutely disgraceful, three penalties and one goal he didn’t even shoot, what a joke

  39. mysticleaves


    Let’s hope Eddie Nketiah is our “hallelujah” for the fuck up we did on Harry Kane.

  40. Pierre

    Michael 24
    “For the first time in ten years I am genuinely excited.”

    You should exchange comments with Graham62….. You have so much in common.

  41. Kayciey

    “get fucked with that type of carry-on. It’s embarrassing. Who cares if he’s likeable. Why is that part of the mixer? It’s such an odd thing keep banging on about”

    Exactlywhat I was about to say

  42. Nw9 gooner

    Pierre You are not excited? New season- different set- up ? Even if AW had been there I would look forward to it.

  43. Nw9 gooner

    Ali has been poor and I don’t like JW but his play would have helped England in this world cup

  44. Pierre

    Always look forward to the new season with or without Wenger.

    One things for certain is that we will be better prepared for the start of the season than in recent years.

  45. Henry Root

    Wenger did many stupid things RSPCA but I doubt he realised Harry Kane was even at the club. It was a decision taken by a youth coach at Hale End.

  46. mano'gunner

    Anyone remember the time Pedro linked some blogger’s shirt designs to convince us he had good taste in shirts? YIKES

    This is a horrible Marseille shirt tho.

  47. Akilan

    I’ve been watching the training videos shared by the official account.

    In one of the videos, a coach(probably Juan) is seen explaining how to track runners when they are about to play a 1-2 pass. It is a fairly common technique which even I was aware of.

    On comes Mustafi and he turns exactly the other way around while tracking the runner.

    This is from a player who has won trophies with his national team. Painful to watch.

    On the other hand, it does show there is still hope for our him. Defense IMO is by far doing the basics and organisation. When you’re getting them right, then it makes the forwards work extra like dribbling and shooting from distance and all, which is what you want.

    Can’t believe Mustafi didn’t get that right.

  48. mysticleaves


    Those videos, and indeed every other thing happening in the club now, is a massive indictment of how the club was being run.

    Whenever IG gets opportunity to talk he stresses that things have changed now and all that. People (fans esp le grove readers) always seen it as attack on Wenger but to me it’s an attack on Stan.

    Make no mistake, the club was rotten from top to down and one man had that much control all stems from the mismanagement from the owner. Imagine hiring a CEO and constantly taking the word of a coach over him?

    It was striking that when the power changed hands, a footballing structure was first erected before the coach (who deserved to be gone anyway) was sacked. Stan really messed up by indulging Wenger for so long. Let’s hope going forward he doesn’t hinder us much.

  49. Michael24

    Sometimes a PR video can be used to rub salt into the wound.

    Maybe this is Arsenals way of promoting change and saying goodbye to Wenger one last time.

    Fake news can work wonders.

  50. Akilan

    Mystic & Michael ,
    I wouldn’t read too much into the videos actually. Bayern apparently telecast their training games on FB. Liverpool often upload the videos and it is a growing trend.

    I don’t see it as a dig from the club. It is just PR. We’re well accustomed to seeing the training pics from the Wenger era. It is just natural to share a playful training video.

    Our defenders are getting drilled right from the beginning. Assuming Torreira is in, we will need may be 1 or 2 more signing(a dribbler/winger and may be a CM, not a must). A new defender if Mustafi goes and I wouldn’t even mind if Emery decides to keep him.

    Almost 50% of our transfer business is already done. Can’t wait for the new season.

    If Wenger was still our manager, we would be writing the first two games off. We were never properly prepared for the start of the season. Now here we are. As many as seven starters are already in the training.

    Most of the city’s starters are still in the WC. Quietly optimistic about the season opener.

  51. TitsMcGee

    What a win.
    What exactly was good about it? Ospina had nothing to save, it was decided on bloody penalties etc.
    Spurs playing against a pub team and letting them equalize in the 93rd minutes.
    Southgate got it all wrong. Watching Young take every free kick and corner was pathetic. Sterling, Deli Alli complete shit.”

    You want some eggs with all that salt?

    Colombia a pub team? lol

  52. Akilan

    Would love “Chucky” Lozano to be our winger. Remembers me of a certain Chilean guy. Pace to burn and has got a wicked shot as well.

    Has good stats for a 22 year old. 17 goals and 8 assists in 29 Eredivise appearances. Has a bit of temper as well. Got sent off twice. PSV wanted 25m euros before the WC. Wouldn’t be surprised if his valued doubled now. Has been loosely linked with everyone from Everton, Valencia to Chelsea, us and barca.

    Would be a good piece of business if we get him for around 40m pounds.

  53. Chika

    Yeah Lozano is a good shout at £30-40m. Pavon is another one we’re continually linked with. A winger would cap off a really good window.

    Bring it on!

  54. OleGunner

    Maybe I’m falling for the Arsenal propaganda, but the recent training videos have me hyped. Simply hearing Juan Carlos barking all throughout training at players, hearing SOUNDS in training unlike AW days, assistant coaches saying “we train hard every day”, the all new training regimen/drills being clearly implemented, the focus on defence drills.

    Just gives me that feel good factor with a fresh start. Sure we will cock up many games and lose, but by god we will go down swinging a few fists y the looks of it!