Do the numbers support a Ramsey mega deal? (long read)

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'But can he defend at the near post?'

Still the best Ramsey pic

Torreira sounds like a man who missed training, stayed in his hotel room watching Jay and Silent Bob, whilst dealing with 5-6 fat blunts.

‘Arsenal are a good team, one of the best in the world, but at this moment I am focused on playing for my country. Am I an Arsenal player at the moment? I don’t know.’

I can’t say I’m disappointed, man’s gotta relax.

You know who can also relax now? The whole Argentina team! The Croatians put in a masterclass yesterday, decimating the Argentinian’s 3-0 in a devastating second half. I mean, it could have been helped had Messi’s boys fielded a keeper who’d played extensive amounts of first-team football last season. Much like Colombia, they fielded an Ospina like figure in Caballero and he helped break the deadlock with some terrible sweeper keepering.

As for Messi, he’s taking a roasting in the press for not being able to carry his team. I don’t understand why people think he needs to support a side with Mascherano, Higuain, Aguerro and Dybala. Look at the state of the Portugal team Ronaldo is LITERALLY carrying on his back.

I also think the absolute hot take of ‘He can’t be deemed the greatest if he hasn’t won a World Cup’ is amongst the most appalling of opinions in world football. He’s been an incredible figure in the game over the last 15 years of his career. A man-monster of a player, his intelligence, grace, goals, assists, movement and penchant of the spectacular in big moments will cement him as the undoubted greatest for many years to come. I understand how Ronaldo makes the ‘maybe’ list, but as a friend said the other day, Ronaldo’s biggest compliment is that he’s even entertained in the conversation of GOAT. You can’t tell me with a straight face he’s at Messi’s level. No is or ever has been. I also can’t buy into going too far back in time. Messi is operating in a game that is more technical, fitter, faster, more powerful, knowledgeable and more analytical than at any time in history. He’s still dominating. Even Bergkamp was playing in an era where players had to be taught not to drink before games.

Gareth Southgate popped off at the press for publishing his team sheet.

“Obviously any time, if we were to give the opposition the opportunity of having our team it’s a disadvantage to us. So of course our media has to decide if they want to help the team or not.”

Amusing to see the press pop back saying that NO HUMAN MUST MAKE MISTAKES. Ahhh the hypocrisy of a press core that LAMBAST Sterling for turning up late and spoiling the team spirit, but are quite happy to reveal the team sheet to the world if it’ll generate some clicks for those ads everyone has blocked these days.

It’s also nice to read England coaches talking about tactics like they know what they are. This piece in the Guardian is really interesting.

“I spent a year with Antonio when Chelsea won the league with a 3–4–3, with [César] Azpilicueta, a full-back, in a back three, Gary Cahill on the left and David Luiz, as it was then, in the middle. The first time we’d tried it [3-4-3] with England, in the friendly against Germany [in March 2017], we lost the game, but it was a more than reasonable performance. So the next stage was how to get the midfield balance right. We had good forwards and if we played [3–3–2–2] we could get two on the pitch, rather than one. The only criterion, after that, was: ‘Do we have the wing‑backs?’ And the wing‑backs are the least of our problems: we have all sorts of different types of wing‑backs. So it made sense.”

When I read that, I thought, damn, this is exactly the sort of chat going on at Arsenal right now. Can you imagine how fucking great it’s going to be to see our coach experimenting with systems next season?

Then I started thinking about what still needs to be done at the club. Then I started thinking about Danny Welbeck saying goodbye to Jack Wilshere on the internet yesterday. Then I welled up, but held it together to write this post.

It’s clear we have our backroom team sorted. Rightly or wrongly the club has let the new manager import an entire team. A lot of people have been telling me that’s a normal thing to do, I won’t go into the details of why that’s not a modern approach when hiring non-Galactico managers, but just take a second to think about it if you’re having trouble… the manager brought in a fitness coach of his own. If we’re operating a decentralized corporate setup, you don’t bring in your own fitness coach.

Squad wise, we’re really shaping up. Banega and Torreira look like the final pieces of the jigsaw, then we’re good to move into phase two of the project.

Balancing the books.

We’ve added what looks like more than the £7m or so we’re allowed to add to our wage bill by the Premier League.

This was January-ish.

Wages Out:

  • Theo: £140k
  • Sanchez: £140k
  • Giroud: £110k
  • Coquelin: £80k

Total: £470k

Wages In:

  • Mikki: £200k
  • Auba: £200k

Total: £400k

Net Spend: £70k (£3.6m)

So far this summer if all the deals drop.

  • Ozil: £210k
  • Lichtsteiner: £60k
  • Sokratis: £80k
  • Leno: £60k
  • Torreira: £60k
  • Banega: £80k

Total Spend: £550k (£28.6m)

Players Leaving:

Jack Wilshere: £100k

Arsene Wenger: £192k (net £96k)

Net Spend:  £406k (£21.1m)

Now, it looks like we’re massively over budget at the moment. We need to sell, and we need to do some serious cash juggling.

  • Ramsey £100k
  • Ospina £60k
  • Cech £100k
  • Nacho £90k
  • Welbz £100k

Where do the new deals go?

Here’s what we do know. Arsenal have very publicly stated that Ramsey is a priority, he was our best player last season, and he’s most suited to an Emery system. He’s going to be asking for Ozil money. Why not as well? It’s his last major deal. He’s at his peak. He’s fit. He’s on form. He’s rested. He’s our longest serving players. His agent will feel the leverage, especially as the fans universally love Rambo. Question is, how do the club drop another net £200k+ without blowing that wage limiter?

Where else can we save money this summer?

Now, I won’t pretend to be an expert, the above is very topline and it’s not 100% exact. I’m not considering the Rwanda deal impacting our ability to push the wage bill up. But topline, that’s not going to impact £21m worth of deals.

Are the club preparing for life without Ramsey, or do they have some deep cuts they can make that we’re not aware of?

All we do know is this: There will be a plan, because the club have proper people looking after it.

Let me know how wrong this assessment is in the comments below.

P.S. Someone fetch yer da a cup of water, Neymar just lost a penalty because VAR caught him cheating. If you’re not happy about that, football isn’t the game for you. Shame Costa Rica couldn’t hold on…



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  1. Marc

    Fucking hell can you imagine if Bamford lived in England – he’d get the ever loving shit beaten out of him twice before every match and 3 times afterwards. He doesn’t understand the concept of banter, piss taking etc etc. Crazy thing is for someone who portrays himself as being incredibly intelligent he keeps repeating the same actions that cause the abuse in the first place.

  2. Barking Arsene


    Still 26 – been around a while but was picked up by Bayern when very young.

    Did ok there for a couple of seasons but then moved to Inter where he had a bit of a nightmare to be honest. Stoke picked him up and he has played pretty well for them.

    He isn’t super consistent but definitely has ability. Although I think his consistently could be improved though with coaching and competition for places.

    Had it too easy at Stoke – coasted a little at times.

    Like I said a useful option to have in your squad for the money and in theory coming into his prime.

  3. Marc


    Do you mean a genuine bad decision or do you mean Harry Kane or Dele Alli getting a 2nd yellow for diving and then blaming everyone other than themselves?

  4. TheLegendaryDB10


    No need to bet. They hate us so much that this is bound to happen that the refs will give away a controversial decision against us in the last 16 and, most certainly if we go through, in the 1/4 finals.

  5. HillWood

    I mean something like Kane being rugby tackled in the box twice and it not being noticed by the ref or VAR even though the rest of the world could see it

  6. Pierre

    If xhaka(or any other of our 2 man midfield) spent half his time in the opposition box then I would have something to say.

    The fact is, Ramsey is a decent footballer but I don’t think he has a professionals football brain.
    He gets lost in the moment and doesn’t think logically and, of course, Wenger allowed him to play schoolboy football.

    Can he stop himself making runs into the box even if we are one nil up with 5 minutes to go, I’m not so sure… All he sees is a chance to get himself on the scoresheet without even a backward glance to see if anyone is covering for him.

    Xhaka is an OK holding midfielder, not as bad as some make out on here, but he is a team player… his mobility is the problem and playing with Ramsey in a 2 man midfield highlights his problem as he is often left to cover for him.

    I would be more than happy if Emery can install the discipline into Ramsey’s game whilst at the same time not take away his strengths which is making the runs from deep… But it is only Ramsey who can make the right decision when to go and when to stay and that will define whether he is a top class footballer… At the moment, he is not.

  7. Pierre

    “The problem is Ramsey is not good enough to play the Emery way….”

    Sadly, I think you’re right.

  8. Pierre

    You haven’t got back to me where you said “Arsenal publically stated that Ramsey is a priority”

    I have, as yet, seen no evidence of that.

    The club or Emery have not said one word about him being “key” or a “priority”.

  9. Marc


    It was reported that Emery highlighted Ramsey as one of two players he felt was critical to his plan – Pedro just repeated it stop trying to pick a stupid fight over fuck all.

  10. Guns of SF

    Dissapointed with Neymar. His antics
    I like Brasil but this is just too much. With that much talent why act like a Diva
    Let your game do the talking!!
    Such an ass

    You dont see Costa Coutinho or any others on that team acting like this dick

  11. kc

    Shaqiri for 12 million would be a good bit of business. My only issue with him would be his propensity to roam. He’s been allowed all types of freedom to move around at will by both Stoke and Switzerland. That’s definitely a luxury he won’t be given at Arsenal. My question is whether or not he can still be as effective on just one side of the pitch.

  12. Pierre

    Bamford reported it and then Pedro reported it and now you’re reporting it.

    I don’t seem to be able to find any comment anywhere that says “Arsenal have publically stated that Ramsey is a priority”.. Can you…

  13. Pierre

    A few Emery quotes.
    “a report says Arsenal have assured Banega he will be a key part of Emery’s plans and the club are now hoping to get a deal wrapped-up over the coming days as we prepare to meet his £17.5m release clause.”

    ” asked about Ozil’s role, the boss told the media: ‘He’s one of biggest talents here at Arsenal and I want talented players here.”

    “I’m delighted that Granit has extended his contract with us,” the Spaniard told the club’s official website.
    He’s an important member of the squad and is still young so will be able to develop even more.”

    ” it’s brilliant to hear from him and it gives me a load of confidence”

    “As yet I have had no contact with him”..

  14. Marko

    No idea of your agenda these days Pierre. Make people think Ramsey is shit and the sun shines out of Xhaka’s arse perhaps. I suppose Arsene’s gone you need a new narrative to get behind

  15. mysticleaves

    “I almost forgot about that. £210k for Ozil’s salary? That’s a far cry from the £350k figure that’s being usually being thrown around.”

    Pedro actually added 210 to 140 Ozil previously had making it 350k per week.

    Though I am quite shocked people really think Ozil is on 350k per week. Deluded stuff. He’s closer to 250k per week than 350k. quite like when people kept on saying Theo was on 140k even though he was on 110k per week.

    When fans want to bash you, common sense no longer is common

  16. raptora

    “Xhaka is an OK holding midfielder, not as bad as some make out on here, but he is a team player… his mobility is the problem and playing with Ramsey in a 2 man midfield highlights his problem as he is often left to cover for him. ”

    You want me to post 5 clips of opposition goals just from last season, where Xhaka, the team player, is in a position where if he runs back, he stops the goal but instead he doesn’t give a rat’s arse and is perfectly okay with guarding the air, instead of doing his job, and in result we concede, while he’s having his hand up his nose cleaning it? That’s the “OK holding midfielder” “team player” that only get’s shown up because of Hollywood Ramsey.

    Cannot believe that you have time for Xhaka, but not for Ramsey. From my observations probably around 90% of our fans don’t approve Xhaka and think he’s been a failure, while 90% like what Ramsey gives us. But no, Pierre thinks a different way. Funny coming from a guy vocal about supporting the players and not bashing them. Seems like all you’ve done lately is diss on Ramsey time and time again.

  17. Rambo Ramsey

    Lets be honest-At this point, Pierre is even more embarrassing than Redtruth with the blind hatred.

  18. Rambo Ramsey

    Also its funny how the Champion squad i.e the C-word guy, Hairline, Victorious et al have nothing at all to say to Pierre’s everyday bashing of one of Arsenal’s players.

  19. Receding hairline

    @ Rambo

    guess u and your squad can diss Xhaka and Ozil brutally on a daily basis calling them names and implying Ozil is castrated but can’t handle one poster doing the same for your beloved Ramsey eh?

    Pierre is just asking for proof that the sun shines out of Ramsey’s backside.. Give him one

  20. Emiratesstroller

    We discuss too much the so-called weaknesses of individual players at Arsenal, but football is a “team game” and sometimes you need to take a look at the whole picture and not just the individual performance.

    Arsenal were bluntly terrible last season. The “whole” team were frankly at fault and not just a few individuals highlighted far too frequently in posts on Le Grove and by pundits.

    If I take a look at our defence the real problem was tactical set up, ill discipline
    and the frequency of the changes in personnel. For a start we played something like TEN different Centre Backs during the course of the season. There
    was absolutely no stability.

    I am sure that when Arsenal played solidly in the 1990s and early 2000s we
    made very few changes to our defence. Messrs Winterburn, Bould, Adams and
    Dixon plus Keown played the majority of games.

    They had one huge advantage apart from being collectively a fantastic defensive unit and that was “communication”.

    Individually they were nothing to write about apart from Adams. Only Adams
    was a regular player at international level.

    Most of our defenders are good footballers. That is not their problem, but the
    question which is more important are they good defenders and also were they
    receiving tactical input/instructions?

    The same questions needs to be asked about our midfield and forwards as well. Frankly there was far too much individuality and too little collectivity
    in Wenger’s teams. That is okay if you have exceptional players like Henry,
    but not when you look at our current squad.

    I am prepared to wait and see whether there is an upgrade in performance under Emery. He is 100% correct in his decision to assess all playing personnel
    before making final decisions on squad.

    In the case of Wilshire he has made his own decision. He did not have to leave.
    He was offered a new contract that reflected his performance level and more
    importantly his injury and appearance record.

  21. Graham62

    Guns of SF

    Agreed, Neymar is a prick and “acts like a Diva”

    I can only imagine what it must have been like for Emery at PSG with this brat in the team.

    I bet he was all cosy with Qatar Sports Investments and it’s owner, Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Trips to the middle east/luxury yachts/Rolex watches etc, as well as causing general unrest in the changing room.

    Looks like a drag queen and acts like one.

  22. Graham62


    No disrespect, but I think what you highlight has been obvious to us all for many years.

    It’s called stating the bledding obvious.

    How long are you “prepared to wait” for an upturn in fortunes?

    Ten years seems to be the norm

  23. Leedsgunner

    Ramsey has his strengths and weaknesses like any other player, looking forward to seeing what the new coach will do to get the most from him.

    Has he signed his extension yet? We need to give him a deadline to do so and stick to it. If he doesn’t we need to sell him to the highest bidder… and reinvest the money into squad. We just can’t have a repeat of Sanchezgate and allow a contract situation to overshadow the squad…

    The success of the new Sven Raul and Hus triangle shouldn’t be gauged on who they bring in only but also on how effectively we sell our players in the market.

  24. Graham62

    Lovely morning down here on the South Coast.

    Interesting to see how Belgium get on today against Tunisia.

    England, no doubt, will lose the Rugby and Eddie Jones will be shown the door asap.

    Will be rooting for the Irish down under.

  25. Leedsgunner

    Hopefully we will see the return of the confident, long range screamer shooting Xhaka at the Arsenal. As much as he is derided on here he looked great last night.

    There’s a good player there… Emery by giving him a new contract obviously thinks so too. Intrigued what he has in store and whether the players will step up.

    I suspect those who don’t will be shipped out promptly, we have the infrastructure in place to do so.

  26. Graham62


    I also thought GX had a very good game last night.

    He is a team player.

    Lichtsteiner also had great game. A real leader.

  27. Leedsgunner


    Our new Swiss RB seems like a player other opposition player hate to play against… good.

    We’ve not had too many of those types for a while. Too many nice guys who want to shirk away from fighting for the team. Wilshere to his credit was one who loved the shirt but he was nowhere near fit enough to rely on him!

  28. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    It may be stating the bleeding obvious, but I doubt that we are going to make
    the wholesale changes to our squad this summer as some hope/assume.

    If I was betting man the following players will be definitely staying:
    CMF RAMSEY [If signs new contract]/MAITLAND-NILES

    Under Review
    W IWOBI [possible loan]
    CMF REINE-ADELAIDE [possible loan]

    Possible Promotion or Loan

    CB MERTESACKER [retired]

  29. Graham62


    I actually do like your detailed appraisals.

    Ignore my sarcasm. It sometimes gets the better of me.



    Shaquiri played really well last night and most of the blog warmed
    to him on that game.?
    Fact is he has been putting in consistent performances like this
    for a good while and yet he has been hardly mentioned on here (crap was mentioned.)
    Shaquiri has been better than Jack for a long while .
    Shaquiri in a more technical side would be a revelation.

  31. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I do accept criticism and sarcasm if as it is sometimes warranted.

    There are only two or three posters who I am absolutely infuriated with mainly because they seldom contribute anything of note. They want just to be “clever dicks”

  32. raptora

    James Wood,
    I watched quite a lot of Shaqiri’s games last season. He was literally the only spark in that somehow dead team. Game in, game out he was the only person putting above par performances.

    Re Wilshere, I know that they re different kind of players. Shaqiri definitely more offensively oriented than Jacky boy. Still though, the Swiss has shown great leadership qualities. I do like him a fair amount.

  33. Graham62

    Shaqatak is an exceptional talent.

    Technically gifted, strong, fast and can score goals.

    Far superior to JW.

    Sorry Jack.

  34. Graham62

    The way he takes the ball, turns on a sixpence and moves off like a scud missile, is very impressive.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    Graham 62

    I am not personally a fan of Shaquiri. He may have fantastic skills, but I sometimes question his brain and propensity to overelaborate on the ball.

    There is no point making a comparison with JW. They are completely different players. Wilshire is at the moment a very average player.

    Shaquiri would not be a player that I would choose to buy. There are much better players in the market who I would want ahead of him.

  36. gonsterous

    better wingers out there than shaqiri. But at the mention that klopp wants him, watch how the people here will be wanking off to him…

  37. Sanmi

    The problem with shakiri over the years has been bad decisions in the final 3rd.
    He still plays exactly the way he played when he was 19.
    You just don’t know what you are gonna get. If pool gets him, he’s not bad for a bench player. But starting 11 isn’t gonna happen.
    He moves has always been, great control, great dribble then when he gets to the point he’s to pass or shoot, then it becomes hit and miss