Arsenal welcome Leno and banish the ghost of mediocrity

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I mean, entertained is maybe the wrong word.

Are you not captivated by the ruthless efficiency of a well oiled Arsenal machine?

I am.

Arsenal is aggressively pursuing the goal of shaking out the mediocrity that’s hung over our heads for the best part of 12 years. Ivan Gazidis is finally demonstrating that he is a CEO with a vision. More importantly, his catalyst for change line from last summer wasn’t a PR soundbite, it was, in fact, the real starting pistol for life post-Highbury.

Inside 8 months:

  • We have someone sensible dealing with contracts (HUUUUUSS)
  • We have an elite Head of Recruitment (Sven)
  • We have the exSporting Director of Barca (Raul)
  • We changed our manager (#WengerOUT)
  • We ditched all his dross staff (Not including Colin Lewin or Jens Lehmann there)
  • We hired a new manager (#EmeryIN)
  • We let him bring in 5 of his pals (will talk on this another day)
  • We reshaped the spine of our side (Leno, Sokratis, Auba, Torreira)
  • We shipped out the deadwood (Theo)
  • We tied down Ozil (Should be a win)
  • We’ll likely tie down Ramsey (Could be SO good)
  • We binned Sanchez and he tanked (HOW’S THAT PIANO, MATE)

That’s how you say hello to the future. It’s how you shine light on the embarrassing carry on of the past. It’s everything we’ve been craving for ten years, achieved inside a single year.

Arsenal announced yesterday that Bernd Leno would be our new keeper. Sampdoria leaked to the press that Torreira is heading our way for €30m. The club said goodbye to Jack Wilshere, which was a shame, but a totally fair decision. One that I guarantee you would not have happened under the old regime. He’d be sitting pretty on a whopping £150k a week deal. Even more promising? It seems like we’re already eyeing a replacement in Banega.

I don’t want to enjoy this moment too much, but come on, how many years have we been castigated as the crazy ones? How many times were we told that it’s better to do deals at the end of the summer. That buying players wasn’t like going to the supermarket. That Brexit would make things difficult. That World Cups mean you can’t sign players. That only clubs like City can buy players. That it’s impossible to sell our shite players because they have big deals. That class, was the hallmark of rank amateur behaviour in the transfer market.

Didn’t we say that it was all nonsense?

The ‘careful what you wish for’ crowd are really eating a fat slice of ‘I didn’t have a clue’ pie right now. Even worse, the crowd of ITKs who faux-leaked that the issues were at board level and Wenger was just too honourable to rat them out. I told you at the time they were wrong, and fuck it, I feel vindicated. 10 years of having to listen to enablers talk bollocks about the real state of Arsenal and all along, the popular opinion was wrong. It wasn’t just a bit wrong, it was 1996-Gareth-Southgate-hide-your-head-in-a-Pizza-Hut-bag wrong. Each and every week that passes by, another nail gets hammered into the myth of yesteryear.

The banter era is over. At least from an infrastructure perspective. Sure the club will sign duff players, sure we’ll make mistakes, but the days of putting the club in the hands of total incompetents are long gone. We have the best minds our money could buy out there trying to prove they’re worthy of their status at the club. That’s exciting. The old boys club is over.

Can the playing side still go badly wrong? Absolutely. We have a horrendous start to the season. The players won’t know what hit them with the new management arrangement. There are still concerns about Emery’s ability to hit the ground running.

But it doesn’t matter. If he tanks, the club are now in the right shape to fix the issues. I honestly believe that outside a total disaster, we should give the manager two years. As long as we’re seeing a steady improvement as the months go by, I’ll be happy.

Fans won’t turn like they did before, the club is making a concerted effort to be better. They are serious about fulfilling Arsenal’s vast potential. This is what vision looks like. This is what strategic thinking brings to the table. This is how big clubs operate.

‘Careful what you wish for’ was an offence to progress. It was the talk of weak people happy with their lot. It was the death of curiosity bleated out by average thinkers who clung to the sagging teet of stale comfort. We were conned by positivity, fooled by stability, and held hostage by the past. That’s all over now. We’re about to experience the first season in over a decade where the feeling in the pit of your stomach before the start of the season will be butterflies. That’s something special.

I am so fucking charged to be an Arsenal fan right now. I hope you are too. There is no club more exciting than us this season, so enjoy it while you can

That’s me done, see you in the comments!


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  1. Bankz

    Arsenal moving in a direction and precision as never before seen under Arsène Wenger.
    There is just no way sacking Wenger was a bad decision.
    I laugh everytime I see his loyalists still trying to make it sound like it was a bad call or that Emery won’t live up to our expectations

  2. Bankz

    Jack Wilshere finally leaving is like music to my ears.
    Overrated piece of shit who got a career under the clueless Wenger

  3. raptora

    Wilshere gone feels good man.
    Cannot wait for the moment we will be a proper team where if you are not a good, healthy footballer you have no place at our club. Things looking better and better.

    Jeez… It kind of feels like we are opening our eyes for the first time in 10 years ( last 10 years of the Wenger era) after a deep, deep, winter dream of some sorts. I will never be able to forgive him the time of our lives as supporters that he wasted. If he was a proper “dad” and our club was his “child” he should have realized he’s no good anymore and backed off years ago. He didn’t. He grasped in our club like a power hungry villain. Feels great to be free at last.

  4. raptora

    Well our very own Oooooospinaaaa has 4 strengths listed on whoscored – Shot stopping (Reflexes) Strong/// Saving close range shots Strong/// Saving long shots Strong/// Concentration Strong.
    It’s not like he is a top keeper.
    I also checked Lloris for an instance and he “only” has 2 strengths listed. Anyways, pretty excited for Leno. Think he will do good for us. Germany have always had the best keepers in the world. Le(no)hmann number 2 please.

  5. edu

    Totally agree man. Great to see club and new structure being pro-active. Do wonder if plans are to do additional business through additional sales(if we sign caygar..chambers and mustafi) ospina, lucas perez, maybe owobi/wellbeck to go?. Would be good to see some younger singings to flesh out squad(think adli deal is off?) plus players from youth team. If his contract is ripped up, would be good to sign Willy Carvalho after being linked with him for the previous 10 summers. Hoping we get Gelson Martins.

  6. HighburyLegend

    Certainly not with the WC lol

    “We tied down Ozil (should be a win)”
    Not really sure about this one…

  7. Ashwin Gunner

    Am sad we lost Jack. Could have been a legend at Arsenal. We lost him at a time when I thought he was getting to his best.

  8. Leftsidesanch

    it’s looking like 4 in atm (2 confirmed, two on the way) – I’d love to see another CB come in, another midfielder and a winger and we are cooking!!

  9. HighburyLegend

    “Manchester United have slapped a £100m price tag on Tottenham target Anthony Martial.”
    Not even funny.

  10. raptora

    I think I have time for Mustafi. He reminds me a lot of Otamendi with his rash decision making. But Otamendi was top class in his season with Valencia and went back to his best this year under Pep. Feel like Mustafi can be worked with and he can be a proper center back with the right guidance. So I will be okay with just Sokratis coming and no Caglar. Not sure what do we do with Kos. Not sure if he has a place in the starting lineup anymore and if Emery thinks the same, would he be okay to be a squad player… Tough one.

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Wilsheres best was 45 mins 10 years ago. He has been a passenger forever.

    This is absolutely no loss. A footnote in Arsenal’s history.

  12. Leftsidesanch

    We never got the best from Jack, partly because he wasn’t fit enough to play for much of the time. Then he leaves because he can’t be guaranteed a regular starting spot. Last season was his opportunity to show that he could contribute effectively to the team and he didn’t pull up any trees. When you take the sentiment out of it you’ll see its the best decision for all parties involved.

    Better players have came and left.

  13. gambon

    Remember when John Cross ran a piece saying Wilshere and Arteta were due to sign deals imminently?

    Absolute fraud of a man.

    Still, Receding Hairline believes him when he says Emery loves Lacazette.

    Guess the AKBs have to cling to whatever they can.

  14. steve

    “Am sad we lost Jack. Could have been a legend at Arsenal. We lost him at a time when I thought he was getting to his best.”


    Lololol please stop. The guy couldn’t stay fit so save his life and when he actually could he was average at best. Good riddance.

  15. Coach 15

    Absolutely the right decision to let Jack go. There was a player in that injury plagued physique,dont think those bandy legs and being wengerised helped the lad,that’s a shame on all fronts.

  16. Guns of Hackney

    Somewhere in the middle of a field…hundreds of Wenger’s little lads are running about free range. Jeffers is there…Wilshere is on his way. Diaby and Denilson are there.

    It’s like utopia but with shit players.

  17. HighburyLegend

    “We lost him at a time when I thought he was getting to his best.”

    Quote of the summer so far.

  18. englandsbest

    Today we lost our mosy naturally gifted home-produced. player. Watching England’s win against Tunisia, it was quite clear that a fit, at his best, Jack Wilshere would have transformed the laboured unimaginative midfield.

    Not too much criticism of Gareth Southgate, Jack has not been at his best.

    Wilshere praises Wenger but IMO the Club’s recently departed dictator takes a huge part of the blame for this disappointing finale. Too much praise too early on. An exuberant youngster he needed words of caution from Wenger. Insrtead he seems to have been encouraged to take risks.

    I hope Jack goes on and proves what an outstanding player he is.

  19. Coach 15

    John ‘kinda of,sort of’ Cross.
    For a journalist he slings these phrases into most sentences when on radio or TV,very annoying to listen too.
    Can’t stand the fella,he’s right up there with the enablers who have talked bollocks about Arsenal over the last 10 years.

  20. raptora

    “Wilshere praises Wenger but IMO the Club’s recently departed dictator takes a huge part of the blame for this disappointing finale. Too much praise too early on. An exuberant youngster he needed words of caution from Wenger. Insrtead he seems to have been encouraged to take risks.”

    I don’t want to be a Wenger defender, but Cesc emerged at an early age, under Wenger as well, Messi emerged at an early age, Michael Owen and all the rest.

    Jacky had problems with injury and probably mainly with himself. Busy being bad boy off the pitch and a thug at the ground. Never really put his everything in to being as best as his talent allows him to. Whatever happened/happens is mainly on him.

  21. Up 4 grabs now

    Great post Pedro,

    The optimism from you and most fans is brilliant.
    It honestly feels like waking up from a seven year nightmare, and finding out things will finally change for me.

    Signings being done early instead of a late supermarket dash for the reduced items nobody wants.

    I’m sure tactics will be reintroduced instead of just go out and express yourself.

    Over to emery now to work his magic.

  22. gonsterous

    Jack like bellerib got totally wengerized and thinks he’s a world class player that needs to start every single week. He still hasn’t woken up to how average he is. At least I feel that welbeck knows he’s average and can’t compete with the likes of Auba and Laca…

  23. gonsterous

    “We lost him at a time when I thought he was getting to his best.”

    joke Friday’s come a bit early this week…

  24. gonsterous

    I have this feeling that Jack will go to a mid table team and then one week he’ll put up a performance against the relegation threatened team (maybe get 2 assists ) and then then the AKBs and le grovers will jizz their pants and proclaim how it was wrong of us to let him go…

  25. raptora

    Talking for the “once was” Jacky Wilshere, he was a top talent. One of my favorite players from that after Highbury time. Great touch, great close control, vision, tricky, smooth on the ball, lively, always looking to be involved. Was close to Cesc level for a short while with potential to as good as him. Sadly, it didn’t turn out the way it could have. Good memories as a whole. Decision was a couple of seasons late.

  26. GillespieRoadNoMore

    Loving the news coming out of Arsenal on an almost daily basis – points to joined up thinking and a vision for the future, we have to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day but what we are seeing suggests strong foundations for the future.

    Can’t wait for the new season.

  27. Up 4 grabs now


    Iwobi, welbeck, Elneny, Kos and mustafi next please.

    Unfortunately mate with the home grown rule we will need to keep a few around.
    With Jack off the books, would be amazed if Iwobi and Welbz goes as well.
    Elmo signed a new contract a few months ago so would be surprised if he goes.

    With koz out till December he won’t be going anywhere. which leaves mustafi unless he wants go, I think emery will want to take a look at him and pair him up with our Greek beast once he comes.

  28. Jim Furnell

    Best review for ages Pedro – There comes a time when the pain of existence must transcend the fear of change. We have suffered the pain of existence under the old regime for too long. There comes a time for change, the time is now.

  29. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have planned this summer major changes to the club’s coaching staff
    and that was absolutely essential in view of the culture which existed under
    Wenger. The only question mark is why Steve Bould has been allowed to stay as Assistant Head Coach?

    Sofar the transfers agreed or signed are what can be described as solid rather than spectacular.

    Leno is an experienced goalkeeper reaching his peak. The club needed urgently to find this summer a first string. The question is now who will be retained as second string. Will it be Cech or Ospina or indeed could Martinez
    or Macey be promoted to understudy role?

    Lichsteiner has been brought in at right back presumably to understudy for
    Bellerin. He has effectively replaced Debuchy who left in January.

    Sokratis is a safe pair of hands with by all accounts leadership quality to play
    at Centre Back. The club now has a lot of Centre Backs on its books with none
    absolutely convincing or a shoe in certainty to play alongside Sokratis at the
    back. Time will tell whether the club finds a solution within squad or goes out
    and buys a second cb.

    Assuming Torreira arrives this summer he is undoubtedly brought in as a replacement first string central midfielder to replace Wilshire and Cazorla.
    Assuming that we are keeping Xhaka, Ramsey and Elneny plus Maitland-Niles
    all of whom have signed new contracts I see absolutely no point in recruiting
    additional players in central midfield position whichever formation we play.

    Beyond this summer the club will need to focus on recruiting a specialist
    left back, because Monreal is now 32 and there is uncertainty as to whether
    Kolasinac is good enough to replace him.

    The wing position has been much discussed. Nelson is clearly one for the
    future so the club needs to bring in a more experienced player. Somehow
    I doubt this is on agenda for this summer. The club will rely on Aubameyang,
    Mkhitaryan, Welbeck and Iwobi to fulfil the wide role.It may not be ideal,
    but if we are going out and bringing in a world class player it is going to cost
    mega bucks, which we don’t have this summer.

    The club has made a lot of mistakes in recent years holding onto unwanted
    players and allowing them to run down their contracts resulting in low transfer fees, loans or bosmans.

    That culture has now changed. If a player is not good enough he needs to be
    culled and if possible sold for the best possible price. The club cannot keep on
    making annually net transfer acquisitions above and beyond a realistic budget.

  30. Rob The Goon

    Great post.

    Feels so good to be an Arsenal fan.

    It’s been a long time coming but we’re acting like a big club again.

  31. Freddie Ljungberg


    Torreira, Licht, Sokratis and Leno is about £60 million.

    We can sell Perez, Ospina, Welbeck and Mustafi or Chambers and get 50 back.

    That leaves us with £60 million left out of the reported 70m budget with no loss of quality in the team.

    Pretty sure we could get a decent winger for that…

    Then there’s Ramseys contract, we’ll have to see how that goes.

  32. Rob The Goon

    EmiratesstrollerJune 20, 2018 10:18:22

    Me personally, I would’ve got rid of Steve Bould but I can see why he was kept on. I reckon Bould will be Emery’s mouthpiece until he perfects his English. After that, who knows.

    Maybe Steve Bould will find his voice

  33. Up 4 grabs now

    If we need to recoup some money now we’ve had a a small spending spree, we can keep cech for the last year of his contract.
    And sell ospina which may get 8-10 million.
    Jenkinson 3-4 million
    Kolasinac (built well but not enough pace for this league) 8-10 million
    That’s 20plus million to balance the books.
    Plus wages saved 200k to go with per, Santi, Campbell, and jacks wages another 300k
    Gives 500k for the boys coming in.

  34. Bamford10


    Good post re Jack at 10:13:36. Fully agreed. Great and promising player when he was young and fit. A shame that injuries and other things got in the way.

  35. Jamie

    Jack should’ve signed whatever terms were offered up without hesitation.

    It’s clear he wanted more money, so he puts out a statement citing footballing reasons for his departure in an attempt to appease the fans.

    He’s an average-to-good footballer, nothing more. He could’ve stayed, fought for his place, like all good players should have to be doing, and cemented himself as a fan favourite in the years to come.

    Good luck at West Ham, Jacky boy. How many Spurs songs is he going to be able to sing on open bus tours now? Plenty, I guess, if he’s on an open-top bus sightseeing tour with a bunch of tourists.

    Absolute dickhead. Completely Wengerized, resulting in him having ideas way above his station. He’s been made a millionaire several times over whilst collecting his sick pay from supporters and sponsors. Take the 40k a week new deal, shut the fuck up, and play for the shirt. Instead, he’s publicly crying about how his playing time isn’t guaranteed.

    Maybe he could join Wally at Everton. Gibbs should be available to them on a free. Jenko can drive them both to merseyside and stay up there with them.

    “I will give you a good national team” – A. Wenger c.2013

  36. Emiratesstroller

    Freddie Ljungberg

    Yes we can do that assuming a] Emery wants to offload all these players and
    b] we get the sort of transfer fees you are anticipating.

    However, whilst Arsenal have done remarkably good value transfer business
    sofar this summer I don’t think that finding a top quality winger will be easy
    to find and come cheap.

    The player that I would want to bring in is Martial, but somehow I don’t see
    Man Utd selling him to us.

  37. Ashwin Gunner

    May be I was a bit sentimental with Jack, because of the promise he brought in as a young lad. Being home grown just added to that sentiment.

    Agree that he couldnt do much in the last 10 years of his time at Arsenal where he was given a free run by the manager. Mostly due to his fault of not being fit enough. I still believe a fit Jack can walk into any team in the world. the main issue was with his fitness. But with the new regime which is known to instill discipline in the players he could have been the wonder we were hoping he would be. Hence the sadness part in my earlier quote.

    He has Arsenal DNA. with right coaching and focus he could have been the main man in the mid field. But, hey, I am happy that the new regime does not have any strings attached and hence are able to take ruthless decisions void of any emotions.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Jack Wilshere ended his career at Arsenal, like he spent most of it… making excuses for himself rather than showing what he was capable of on the pitch.

    This, “the club gave me no choice” line that he’s bleating on about is so weak and devoid of reality. The club gave him 17 years to prove himself. Here’s the thing before you feel sorry for Jack Wilshere, imagine where we would be right now if we had let Jack go and Harry Kane stay. Instead of blaiming the club, he should be thanking the club without any caveats.

    If he believed himself enough, if he was indeed back to his best physical best, why not stay, sign a new contract and fight for your place, especially at a club that you say runs in his blood?

    The truth is he doesn’t want to put the work in. He can’t handle competition, and he feels entitled to a starting place in the first team, just because well, you know, just because he’s Jack Wilshere, so-called future Arsenal captain. He’s lazy and knows that the gravy train is over.

    Why does the club, should the club, owe these underperforming idiots anything?

    The air of entitlement brought by some of our former players is really really pathetic.

  39. DM


    Re the winger – think we should go for Gelson Martins. I know I’m committing the cardinal sin of judging a player based on his youtube highlights reel, but boy it’s an impressive reel lol. Add to that the fact that we could probably get him on the cheap… what’s not to like?

  40. HighburyLegend

    “I will give you a good national team” – A. Wenger c.2013”
    lol another promise he won’t have keep.

    (among so, so many others…)

  41. Emiratesstroller

    Professional Football is an “unsentimental” business. It has taken Arsenal a long time to recognise this.

    Whilst Arsenal’s loyalty to its traditions, staff and players was endearing there
    comes a time when you recognise that club had become stagnant and the staff
    and players did not punch their weight.

    Wilshire was a good footballer, but his career had become stunted through injury. He was frankly not good enough to play in the starting lineup of a top
    4 EPL Club.

    He is good enough as a squad player but at 25 it is understandable that you want to be playing regularly and at Arsenal clearly that was not going to happen.

    Wilshire has himself understood the situation and acted with good grace. Leaving on a Bosman will afford him the opportunity to find a club, where he
    can play at his level and be paid a decent wage without the club being encumbered with a transfer fee.

    Good luck to the player and his new club. I don’t begrudge either. He was a loyal servant to Arsenal and will be always welcome as an opponent or visitor.

  42. DM






    Something along these lines, if all the moves come off (inc Martins, who I’d quite like). The other CB could be a new one if he comes, or one of Kos/Mustafi/Mavropanos. I’d be interested to see how well we could work Lacazette and Aubameyang together, so gone for this. Also dropped Ozil for now.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    No-one is going to bench Ozil at £350K pw.

    For all the negativity about this player from posters, the media and press he is
    a wonderful footballer albeit a sensitive soul.

    He needs to get his head in order and that has to be the priority for club. There
    is plenty of mileage in this player if we build the right structure to play around

  44. Rob The Goon


    I think Ozil will struggle under this new regime, Kos is finished and I’d take Pavon over Martins

  45. qna

    @DM, swap Mkhitariyan with Lacazette and bring in another CM.

    Lacazette to come on as a sub. Clearly we don’t want a £18m a season player who can’t make the first team. Ideally we sell Ozil for whatever we can get and use the wages for the other CM or Martins.

  46. Leedsgunner

    “For your love, for your commitment and fighting spirit, for THAT Norwich goal, for the FA Cups, for the 2013/14 goal of the season, for the 2014/15 goal of the season, for the 197 appearances, for the 17 years and for just being you…”

    The club’s quiet dignified reply to Wilshere’s “Woe is Me…” statement.

    Well done Arsenal.

  47. Black Hei

    I will have to give kudos to the new administration; they get deals done very quickly and very efficiently.

    Torreira, Lich, Sokratis and Leno are still however very much mid table signings. Leno is not even in the World Cup as backup.

    Let’s not kid ourselves; if Wenger signed these bunch, the tune would have been very different.

  48. Black Hei

    But I am glad that we are realistic and efficient.

    Arsenal understands that we are still unconvincing, so the club dives straight into the signings they want…..and with a lot of conviction.

    Let Emery work his magic on this group of players.

  49. Pedro

    Black H, reaction would have been just as exciting. The cloud would have come from knowing he was incapable of making it work.

  50. Rob The Goon

    Let’s not kid ourselves; if Wenger signed these bunch, the tune would have been very different.

    Wenger wouldn’t have signed these players – Instead, Jack would’ve re-signed, Ramsey would refuse to sign and we would be celebrating the signing of Jonny Evans

  51. Carts


    Wenger must be flipping table right now. The man who refused to properly invest in a GK for plenty of seasons. I’m waiting for Wenger to come out and say that there were no available GK until Cech was deemed surplus to requirement by Chelsea. A fucking rival.

    But yeah, I’d be lying if my optimism hasn’t increased, some what. I feel that a SWOT analysis, of some sort, has finally been done.

    We’re now taking a thorough approach in addressing gaps in our team. There’s a few players I still need to see the back of (Welbeck, Cech, Ospina, Chambers and Iwobi) but I’m sure this will be completed by January.

  52. Jamie

    Emirates –

    “He was a loyal servant to Arsenal…”

    I respectfully and completely reject this notion.

    He was compensated for over 10 years at a rate which far exceeded his ROI. At his first ever opportunity to show some loyalty (after finally regaining some fitness) and give a little back to the club, he slaps away the handshake. He isn’t prepared to graft for a starting spot. Acts the hard man, is soft as shit.

    He could’ve been a fan favourite, instead he’ll probably end up a journeyman. No sympathy for such shortsightedness.

  53. raptora

    “Leno is not even in the World Cup as backup.”

    It’s not that shameful to be benched by Bayern Munich’s number 1 and Barcelona’s number 1.
    Trapp being the third keeper, after 4 games in Ligue 1 for the whole season, is a complete joke and it shows how weird and clueless in a way, Loew’s decisions have been.

    Anyhow, I’m happy that he was left behind, so that we can make this deal nice and easy. Good job Loew.

  54. qna

    BH: Let’s not kid ourselves; if Wenger signed these bunch, the tune would have been very different.

    Nail. Head. Sokratis and Lict in particular. I am not excited about Torriera but I am comforted that it was definitely NOT a Wenger signing. Sven has an excellent track record. I expect Sven to be able to spend £25m on a young player wisely. Not that excited by Gelson Martins either, but if we do buy him, then same story. Trust Sven until he gives us a reason not to.

    I am fully on board the Leno train. Liked him for a long time. He isn’t going to be a keeper that Real Madrid will be trying to sign off us in a few years time. But he will match what the other big clubs have, maybe apart from De Gea. Courtios hasn’t looked what he once was, neither does Lloris. Leno will be around that mark, which given his price tag is a great buy for now. Hopefully in 5 years time we will be in a position to buy a £60m keeper to replace Leno.

  55. Carts

    Ever Banega is a classy player. Sure he has a couple seasons in his legs before who fucks of to San Lorenzo, or some shit, to retire.

    I think someone like Banega has the ability to dictate the pace of the game. Something we’ve struggle with since Cazorla was having a dozen operations on his ankle.

    I think Banega will be a £10m signing. Not the worst, I guess.

  56. OleGunner

    Excellent transfer window so far! I’m quite happy with the singings made and further potential arrivals of Torreira and hopefully a direct ricky winger. Shifting on the deadwood like Wilshere is also a plus (sad but necessary) and jokes like Campbell need to happen.

    Really feels like we are unshackled from Wengers horse shit approach to transfers involving pissing around with paltry offers, waiting eons for deals to happen or waiting till the final days of the window.

    Also the total shake up to the backroom team announced yesterday was great. All the Wenger holdovers have been booted and Unai’s drafted in his hardened coaching team as well as smartly keeping someone like Bould around (who I believe was limited exceptionally by Wengers maniacal tyranny) to give that much needed Arsenal/EPL understanding to the new coming players and staff.

    Just overall, it feels really good man 🙂

  57. Ishola70

    Good balanced post by Pedro.

    Like everyone else pleased that moves are being made but also tempers this reminding people that these moves do not automatically mean instant really marked improvement i.e. top four or title challenge.

    As CA said at least the club look like they are trying.

    Arsenal are shopping in a certain store within a certain price range. Although these players are shiny and new doesn’t mean that they are nailed on to be successful for Arsenal. The signings of Leno and Sokratis come under the let’s wait and see category. Both have positives about them but also weakness that could arise. Licht is a back-up signing. The most exciting signing from an individual viewpoint is Torreira.

    The poster DM put up his side. The side he posted tells you that this cull is far from over. But it’s a case of having just too much blood on the floor if all of the teams weak link/perceived weak link players are culled in one go.

    But as CA said at least the club are trying.

  58. DM

    “Let’s not kid ourselves; if Wenger signed these bunch, the tune would have been very different.”

    But this says far more about Wenger than the signings. Wenger signed Ozil, Sanchez, Lacazette, even kind of Aubameyang… and then let’s go back to the Podolskis, Arshavins, etc., etc., and has proven that he can’t make them work. So sure, these signings under Wenger WOULD be very different. But under Emery, I’m delighted, and very happy to give it a couple of years and see how it pans out.

  59. Leedsgunner

    If you want to blame anyone for Wilshere’s departure, blame Wenger for treating him like Peter Pan and not requiring the boy to grow up into a man…. and constantly making excuses for him rather than holding him accountable.

    The first opportunity that he has to repay the club for standing by him for all those lost years what does he do?

    He throws his toys out of the pram and says “I’m out of here if you won’t give me what I want.”

    News for you Wilshere, Arsenal made you, you didn’t make Arsenal. No one is greater than the club… certainly not you.

    Good bye, Jack, don’t let the door hit your bloated head on the way out!

  60. Paulinho

    Mixed feelings over Wilshere. On one hand he is physically not up to running the distances needed to compete at the top level, but he is still by quite a distance our most talented ball player.

    He purposely draws players towards him in order to create overloads. In comparison, Xhaka bricks it and runs a mile backwards into space before checking whether the coast is clear so he belatedly turn and face the play.

    Time will tell on that one.

  61. Emiratesstroller


    You cannot blame Wilshire when a club pays him an inflated wage.

    He has acted in good grace with reality of his current situation and that should
    not be criticised.

  62. Emiratesstroller


    I don’t think that Wilshire has acted the way you suggest.

    To be brutal I think that Wilshire was left with no misunderstanding by Emery
    that he was no longer viewed as a first choice player at the club.

    The money on offer and terms reflected that fact.

  63. Receding Hairline

    Wilshere was made an offer …he was not released , he decided not to take that offer and try elsewhere. The last time he did that he ended up dropped from the Bournemouth starting eleven.

    Unai Emery should not guarantee anyone a place in the starting eleven, let alone a player that spent most of last season doing nothing.

  64. Dissenter

    “Wilshire has himself understood the situation and acted with good grace. Leaving on a Bosman will afford him the opportunity to find a club, where he
    can play at his level and be paid a decent wage without the club being encumbered with a transfer fee”

    You’re the king of long hand prose here
    So Jacky boy wasn’t been paid a decent wage. The 100k plus generous bonuses didn’t seem lavish enough for you?

    This was solely about getting more money.
    No manager will guarantee him more time. He has to fight for a place anywhere he goes.

  65. Paulinho

    Mesut Ozil should be benched for Germany’s second World Cup group game against Sweden, according to Stefan Effenberg.

    Arsenal midfielder Ozil played the full 90 minutes as Germany slipped to a 1-0 defeat to Mexico in their Group F opener – the side’s first competitive defeat since their semi-final exit from Euro 2016 when they lost 2-0 to France.

    Effenberg questioned Germany head coach Joachim Low’s decision not to include second-half substitute Marco Reus in his starting line-up, calling for the Borussia Dortmund man to be in from the outset against Sweden.

    “Low should put Ozil on the bench and bring in Marco Reus instead,” Effenberg wrote in his column on “I could not understand why Reus did not play against Mexico from the start.


  66. Dissenter

    Do you think Jack should disclose the private conversation he had with Emery.
    He was trying to peg the “blame”of his exit on the new manager.
    He’s presenting is as being pushed out and that he “had little choice”

    No manager will guarantee Jack more time. He’s a bench player everywhere h goes. If the make the ,intake Eddie Howe did by starting him initially they will correct t quickly (like Eddie Howe did by dropping him on the bench promptly.

  67. Savage

    “Remember when John Cross ran a piece saying Wilshere and Arteta were due to sign deals imminently?”

    Wilshere confirmed the new deal was agreed. Basically he just needed to hear confirmation of his value from Emery and he never got it.

    I agree with Pedro – nobody to blame in this story. Wilshere might still have a successful career.

  68. Dissenter

    Germany have to beat Sweden to give themselves a chance.
    A draw and they could be on their way out.
    Stranger things have happened in football.

  69. Leedsgunner

    Wilshere would have a ground to complain if the club didn’t make him an offer. They did… with a reduced basic wage but highly incentivised to reflect his injury plagued background.

    If Jack loved the club so much, he would have stayed, still making a living money denied to most mortals, and fight for his spot… and forcing Emery to play him because his standard was good.

    He didn’t want to fight for his place, he wanted it to be handed on a plate.

    Why? What makes him so special? Last time I checked, his name wasn’t Neymar, Ronaldo or Messi. He couldn’t boss it at Bournemouth, and he wants a guarantee of playing time?

    Why? I really don’t get why Wilshere’s feels so entitled? He should earn playing time with his performances not demand it as a matter of course. Everyone else earns a living, why can’t he?

    He’s a spolit millionaire, trying to attract sympathy from Gooners… for doing nothing nothing for at least 5 years if not more.

  70. Dissenter

    Marco Reus is anothe player who’s a shadow of his youthful form.
    Injury has blighted him beyond recognition.
    To many players in the German squad are there on reputation.
    They better hope they get off the rust quickly.

  71. Cesc Appeal

    Leno and Torreira will cost us £29 Million this summer, we will just have to take £9 Million out of our budget for the next two summer windows after this one for Torreira.

    Having said that, we will also be adding a lot of money to the club in terms of the new kit deal, new commercials and I think the TV money is being changed a bit.

    The summer window in a years time should see us with a lot more money to spend when you think just as one example we go from £30 Million a year from Puma to about £60-70 Million a year from Adidas or Nike. In February we went from getting £30 Million from Emirates a year to £40-50 Million as well. I still feel that was a bit low as we give them training kits as well, add on £12 Million a year for sleeve sponsors now and then whatever the amount is for the stadium a year.

    It still is not top levels but it is good, add in UCL money and in a years time we should look much better in the transfer market.

    When you look at how competent they have been with already with a club ruined by Wenger, it is great to think of how they might be with twice the money.

  72. Receding Hairline

    @ Dissenter

    With you on Marco Reus, the injuries haven’t been kind

    Reus did come one pretty early against Mexico and apart from a wild shot over the bar i can’t remember anything of note he did.

    The two center backs had nightmares as they were both slow and got caught under the ball

    Draxler did not beat a single man 1 v 1 nor deliver any half decent balls into the box.

    Mueller , a poacher went out hiding in the right wing and kept whipping in balls above everyone’s head

    Yet all i have read since that game is the need to drop Ozil

  73. Receding Hairline

    Ozil’s body language, and the sad look he seems to always wear on his face has caught up with him

    He is now the official scapegoat for club and country and i am pretty sure he no longer enjoys his football.

    He has to man up and show his worth or quietly seek an exit to China.

  74. Carts

    I get it: players wan’t to earn as much money as possible during their careers. Football, in the grand scheme of things can be a short career, indeed. I have no problem with that.

    I think Axel Witsel surmised this perfectly when he was headed for China.

    My gripe with Wilshere, is how he seems to think he’s worth more than what’s on offer considering his blighted Arsenal career. He’s not throwing up super-max salary stats. lol.

    So you’re offered £100k (basic) p/w. It’s alleged that there’d be top ups on the basis of us winning and him being in the team.

    So this goes two ways:

    – he get’s himself up to a standard whereby he’s unplayable;


    – he continue throwing up shit stats while squaring up to players that are over 5’8 while pounding the ground, when dispossessed, in frustration.

  75. Emiratesstroller


    So you don’t take at face value what Wilshire has said himself.

    If he had stayed at Arsenal he would have been a squad player and nothing else.

  76. Chika

    Physiotherapists Andy Rolls and Ben Ashworth, osteopath Dr Philippe Boixel and travel manager Paul Johnson have left Arsenal. – BBC

    More backroom changes.

  77. Bamford10

    Muller and Draxler should be replaced by Reus and Brandt. Ozil should remain the CAM, but should be replaced by Goretzka in the 60th or so. Bring Muller in in the 70th or so for his guile. Bring Gomez in late for a goal.

  78. Receding Hairline

    “Muller and Draxler should be replaced by Reus and Brandt. Ozil should remain the CAM, but should be replaced by Goretzka in the 60th or so. Bring Muller in in the 70th or so for his guile. Bring Gomez in late for a goal.”

    Spot on

    Brandt did more in the little time he spent on the field than Draxler who was a complete waste of a starting spot

    Mueller is a poacher..does not create anything just finishes off balls bouncing around in the box..never understood the hype around him,

    Bring Ozil off once it’s past the hour mark and he starts feeling sorry for himself

  79. Paulinho

    I can see Ozil bouncing back in style with a few top notch assist creations against Sweden. He might even drop double figures in key passes if he’s really feeling like proving the doubters wrong.

  80. Emiratesstroller

    It is interesting that so many former players who are so-called experts and pundits slag Ozil constantly.

    Yet current footballers who play with Ozil have been always speaking highly about him including the likes of Ronaldo.

  81. Marko

    For all the negativity about this player from posters, the media and press he is
    a wonderful footballer albeit a sensitive soul.

    Pathetic comment

  82. Marko

    So Wilshere and Cazorla are gone two players who define the word Deadwood the last couple years. This to me suggests that we shouldn’t be one bit surprised if Welbeck and Mustafi and a few others are gone this summer too. And I can see something happening with Özil. No way that poor kind hearted sensitive soul with lovely eyes and a constant tickle in his throat no way he can completely turn his game around at nearly 30

  83. Barking Arsene

    I’m not scared to say I really like Ozil and when his head is in the game he is a special talent.

    But he was dismal the other day – even by the poor standard set by his teammates.

    He needs a proper kick up the backside at the minute and regardless of what he earns with us if he isn’t up to the required standard then bench him. No player should get a start based on salary.

  84. Dissenter

    Can you imagine what Ozil’s fate would be if he hadn’t got that mega contract.
    If he had decided to wait until after the world cup to make up his mind regarding his free transfer, he would be royally fukced.

  85. Barking Arsene

    I’d like to see Germany start with Brandt centrally – direct, will take people on, can shoot and would be difficult to deal with. Won’t happen but would be good to see.

    Ozil will get the nod and probably play ok.

    One day it will be Brandt centrally flanked by Draxler and Sane with Timo up front.

    That will be super exciting.

  86. Chika

    Ever Banega would be a great deal especially at the reported price, a seasoned pro who will hit the ground running. However, he shouldn’t come at the expense of a winger.

    This summer is shaping up quite nicely.

  87. alexanderhenry


    I’m with you to an extent but my optimism is. cautious as opposed to rather wild like yours.

    If things go wrong on the pitch, then all the ‘told you so, it’s all on wenger, Gazidis is a god’ diatribe from you falls apart like a gluten free cheese cake.
    If arsenal finish out of the top four, that’s a failure regardless of whether we made transfers early or not.

    It’s way too early to gloat my friend.

  88. InsideRight

    I’m sorry to see Jack go because he is one of us and loves the club. But his performances are not up there with what we need, so the bit part Emery said he would have was generous.

    Sure Jack had so much potential. But like so many promising youngsters he was hamstrung by Wengerism. Jack came back from injuries that have finished lesser players but it doesn’t mean we owe him a place at the expense of more reliable players.

    He’s a Gooner and I’ll love him for it always. But if you think we were wrong to let him go, stick him in your fantasy team for next season and see how many points you actually get from him.

  89. Bamford10

    The curious thing is that while I am a critic (generally) of Ozil, I actually don’t think he was one of Germany’s problems the other day. I mean, I’m not saying he was an energetic dynamo, but he was far from one of their under-performers. Frankly, he looked fairly up for it. There was even a play where Ozil tracked way, way back to make a tackle or defensive action when frankly this was Khedira or Kroos’s responsibility.

    The real weak spots the other day, IMO, were Muller, Khedira, Draxler and frankly a little bit Kroos. All were ineffectual in one way or another.

    I am all for criticizing Ozil when he deserves it, but I think some of this criticism at the moment is a bit lazy.

  90. Carts


    I agree with you on that. Never been an Ozil fan. Ever. But there were several players that performed badly.

    Draxler is playing how he does for PSG. Kid is just stuck in 1st gear.

  91. InsideRight

    I can only hope Emery moves Ozil on.

    He’s an over-hyped, under-delivering expensive luxury we can do without. We need a player who at least gives 100% effort and wants to go to war for the team. Ozil does nothing close to that.

    He was a panic buy to begin with, and his £350k pw contract was a fuck you very much to the club as Wenger saw the writing on the wall. Let him make another club his beast of burden and free up space for someone who will show up for more than six games a season.

  92. Marko

    If things go wrong on the pitch, then all the ‘told you so, it’s all on wenger, Gazidis is a god’ diatribe from you falls apart like a gluten free cheese cake.
    If arsenal finish out of the top four, that’s a failure regardless of whether we made transfers early or not. It’s way too early to gloat my friend.

    Disagree my friend even with the potential 4+ players coming in even if we fail at least we tried and that’s more than you could say of the club under Arsene the last few years. Signing up one or two players when more was needed and hoping for the best and continually rewarded poor performances from players was what Arsene was known for. At least now we’re trying and that’s all you can ask for as fans

  93. Marko

    he was far from one of their under-performers

    He underperformed therefore he wasn’t far from one of their underperformers. He doesn’t get a pass because others performed worse. They’re all sharing in the criticism if it seems like he gets more criticism than say someone like Kroos it’s because with Kroos it’s something of a rarity that he’d play that had whereas with Ozil it’s becoming all too familiar

  94. Bamford10


    Except that it WAS all on Wenger, and as long as the club is making an intelligent and sincere effort to improve the squad and its performances — and compete with the best teams — we will be headed in the right direction.

    Yes, we obviously want to finish top four, but doing so is not going to be easy both because of the competitiveness of the PL today and because of the hole Wenger has put us in. Therefore, even a fifth place finish will not necessarily constitute “failure”; we will have to look at who was bought & sold, how well the team was organized, how well the team seemed to be prepared for matches, how players were brought along, instructed, coached, etc. to determine success or failure.

    Yes, much remains to be done before anyone can say we have accomplished anything, but we have definitely replaced a poor manager and a bad regime (i.e., the Wenger-as-manager-and-DOF regime) with a modern, intelligent and ambitious one. That is something to be pleased and optimistic about.

  95. Graham62


    You have to be able to distinguish between an AKB or WOB.

    I was Wenger out from 2008.

    I like Lacazette and feel he will be a major asset to the club.

    If Emery feels the same, that’s a bonus as far as I’m concerned.

    Also, who gives a shite what John Cross says.

  96. Marko

    Have a goalkeeping issue and continue with the goalkeeper isn’t trying but signing up a 26 year old from Germany is trying. Conceded 60+ goals the previous season and you don’t bring in a CB isn’t trying but bringing in a two new CB’s and a terrier mix from Uruguay is at least trying.

  97. Emiratesstroller


    Give it a break you rabbit along about Ozil underperforming against Morocco
    as though he was entirely at fault for what went on in that game.

    Actually Ozil’s personal contribution to that game was a lot better than most of
    the other German players.

    If you want to slag an individual player then be at least constructive. Most of
    the so called German ex players are focussing on Ozil not because of his performance, but rather because of what went on with Erdogan. That is obvious
    when you read comments by them about him not signing the National anthem.

  98. WengerEagle

    Leno, Lichtsteiner confirmed and Sokratis and Toreirra all but confirmed with Soyuncu looking like he’s on the way too.

    Have to give props to the club, addressing problem areas in the team and adding a nice blend of experience and young potential in there.

    If we can add a wideman and someone like Banega onto that I’ll be pretty damn excited about the new season.

  99. Up 4 grabs now

    I’m sort of glad Jack’s left.

    But at the same time think having him in the squad could have been useful.

    He admitted that he would have signed a reduced wages contract, so the cost for us would have been no worse than keeping elneny or xhaka.
    If he played well, we have a useful player on a reduced wages contract if not we have a player to sell in a year’s time that would probably still raise 10-15 million, that teams could afford as his wages aren’t to high. So we actually make money from him.

    I’m pretty sure between the Hi caramba cup, fa cup and Europa league, some sub appearances as well, he may have played 25-30 games.
    If he regained his form we would have a highly motivated player.
    Part of me thinks maybe it’s not the best deal for both parties?

  100. gambon

    Who is this awful commentator on BBC?

    SO desperate to be ultra-liberal that theyve hired the worst possible person, probably because she was available.

    Sounds like a cross between Katherine Hepburn & Boycie from only fools.

  101. OleGunner

    Yeah agree with others about Ozil.
    We have properly fucked ourselves giving him 350k per week.

    Literally no one will every buy him on those wages unless we ship him off to China.
    I’ve cut Ozil a lotta slack the last 3-4 years but I’m thoroughly over him as a player.

    Lazy, self entitled, pompous and a proper shirker of responsibility. Turning it on once every six months for a fancy goal against shit opposition like Ludogrets.
    Its almost laughable.

  102. Dream10

    The Wilsh isn’t giving us all of the details. He turned a contract extension three times I believe. His wage offer was not reduced. Injuries are a bitch. But no reason for the Arsenal to make him the second highest paid CM at the club when he’s the fifth option.

  103. Champagne charlie

    Kike Marin saying we want Banega next for less than we got Leno which he considers a fantastic move.

    Guy called Emery, Torreira, Leno….

  104. HighburyLegend

    “We have properly fucked ourselves giving him 350k per week.”

    There’s only 2 persons who have fucked us on this case.
    But yep, they did it in style.

  105. WengerEagle


    Yeah balance wise don’t see him and LT working too well given both like to drive forward and are very diminutive, I just think that Banega is too good a player to turn down for a low sum which is being touted and he’s a top class baller as you say. Experienced too.

    We’re actually very short on numbers in CM so it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that we sign LT, Banega and another player.

  106. Marko

    Give it a break you rabbit along about Ozil underperforming against Morocco
    as though he was entirely at fault for what went on in that game.

    Merely pointing out how he underperformed yet again. No one’s blaming him for the result just blaming him for another lackluster showing. You see he leaves himself open to criticism because it’s becoming the norm. People like you are just burying your head in the sand and ignoring it. And that’s fine