New centre-mid linked: Squad player, or Ramsey stop-gap?

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Listen, you don’t need to feel bad about it. We all did it yesterday. Yep, we all cheered a Spurs player because he took MIGHTY England to the land of 3-Glorious-Points. What an adventure. Say it quietly, but I quite like Gareth Southgate. He’s level-headed, he talks intelligently about the game and he’s managed to make the World Cup far less of a spectacle than it usually is.

Funny to watch our boys get the thug treatment. A quarterfinal would be exceptional, fingers crossed we can keep our focus in the next two games.

In Arsenal news, there are rumours heading out of Italy that Arsenal is in for Éver Maximiliano David Banega. The central midfielder is plying his trade at Sevilla at the moment. He’s been a bit of a journeyman, he’s played at Atleti, Valencia, Newells Old Boys and Inter Milan. At 29, he’s no spring chicken, so I’m not sure why we’re going after him. He’d certainly bring additional steel, experience and a touch of class to the middle of the park… my concern is we already have that in Aaron Ramsey?

There’s nothing the Argentine can do that Aaron can’t do better. You can’t imagine a player who dropped 50 appearances last season would entertain Arsenal as a sub, so it’s a bit of a mystery? He only had 5 assists and 6 goals last season. In fact, over 5 seasons, he’s never broken double figures for goals or assists. I could only see him as a back-up, or a panic stop-gap if Rambo decides he wants out this summer.

The mainstream press are reporting that Arsenal are close to doing a deal with Bernd Leno. Ornstein doesn’t know who is making way for him, but you’d have to imagine it’ll be David Ospina? Or maybe it’ll be Cech? Crazy that I can’t decide because both are unappetizing, even as number 2s. I think I’d prefer to have some exceptional kid as our backup. Regardless, having a keeper with cat-like reflexes dropping sweeper keeper for us next season gets me very moist.

Torreira is also hot on the lips of Ornstein, deal isn’t done yet, it’s being held up by the World Cup. No doubt his agent is waiting for a MoM performance so he can squeeze a few extra pennies for his client.

Also, someone needs to run this analysis over Ozil.

Right, short post this morning. MORE WORLD CUP to come.

See you in the comments.

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  1. Receding hairline

    @ Ishola

    He hasn’t fulfilled his potential.. We all hoped he was going to be the focal point of our midfield for years to come

    If he had signed on we will still be caught in that mode of hoping… Didn’t know the cool aid thing was interpreted as an insult by you but u can understand that I can’t be held responsible for your thought process

  2. Marko

    Right, power was taken away and distributed so we were efficient on all fronts. Don’t tell me that couldn’t have happened 5-10 years ago.

    Right but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that under Wenger we were shocking in the transfer market. That he was shocking in the transfer market.

  3. Akilan

    Welcome to the home of football, Leno. Hope you reach the heights of our previous German keeper.

    Sad to see Jack leaving in this manner. Its a real shame. But the right decision nonetheless.

    Nigerian chicken story is awesome. Shows how normal, reasonable people behave when it comes to football. Absolutely love it. Too bad it may not be true.

  4. Ishola70

    Ah right Receding got ya.

    I used to argue with the poster that got banned for racism the one that loved Lil’ Jack and told us last season that he would rule.

    I said nope that’s not true.

    Never been into the Lil’ Jack hype. Appreciated that he was a handy player at times but never into the full scale hyping of him.

    If he did sign on I’m sure you would be saying different to what you say now. After all all your thoughts are tied to the establishment decisions aren’t they.

  5. Marko

    I mean one can always say it was Stan’s for not doing more or not sacking Wenger sooner but that shouldn’t take away from how poor a job Wenger had been doing

  6. Champagne charlie


    So explain the good movement in January with Wenger still at the club?

    Are you honestly going to dismiss that… Sven and Raul have overseen Jan and this summer. It’s clear as day why the sudden upturn, and the manager is patently not the overriding factor.

  7. Ishola70

    Didn’t what happen in January was a signal that Wenger had lost control?

    They were making decisions over Wenger’s head so they said.

  8. Marko

    So explain the good movement in January with Wenger still at the club?

    Well because they finally hired a DOF and a scout against Arsene’s wishes obviously.

    Question for you Charlie explain the years and years of poor transfer windows when Arsene had complete control over everything that came in and out of the club?

  9. Receding hairline

    @ Charlie

    But surely you recognize the damage Wenger did to this club by not recognizing the time was right for him to move on.. Or even if he couldn’t move on at least attempt to compete.

    2016/2017 was a horrible season because we crashed out of the champions league places.. The man follows that up by finishing 6th .
    I mean I love Arsene but he didn’t do us any favors with some of his decisions or should I say indecision.

  10. Marko

    and the manager is patently not the overriding factor.

    For years under Wenger he refused to work with a DOF and he never acted on scout recommendations. He was a ditherer

  11. gambon

    Wenger wasn’t in control of the recruitment process by January.

    Just look at his quotes re Mavropanos.

    Look at who were out in Dortmund meeting Auba.

    You think Wenger wanted Auba 6 months after signing Lacazette.

    The signing of Auba was acceptance that Laca wasn’t good enough.

  12. Champagne charlie


    Why do I need to explain it? It was self-evident… one guy was trying to manage entire deals and make every related decision. It was a fucking asinine operational structure and the owner should have put provisions in place long before last summer.

    There was a balance in place when Dein was at Arsenal, when he left it was all on Wenger and it was shite. Shock horror the second we put a structure in place we look a professional business again.

    Absolutely some of his decisions were dire, but I’m not a believer that managers should ‘call time’ on themselves. It’s idealistic nonsense for me.

    Wenger has a boss, and the buck stopped with him. If I own a company and my manager is evidently not doing the business then I don’t wait for him to come to me and say I’m not doing what this place needs. I address him head on.

    Stan is spineless for that and waited until Wenger hit lows he should never have seen – entirely of his own doing btw. There was no due diligence from the top for years and years otherwise what we’re seeing now in terms of approach would be getting carried out as a CL club with potentially more money and pull to aid the next stage.

  13. Marko

    Why do I need to explain it? It was self-evident… one guy was trying to manage entire deals and make every related decision. It was a fucking asinine operational structure and the owner should have put provisions in place long before last summer.

    Yeah but that’s how HE wanted it he wanted all that power he said so himself always he set the targets they only signed players on his say so. I feel like you might be trying to rewrite history here Charlie it’s pretty evident how atrocious he was in the transfer market how bad this club was in the transfer market under him.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    It was the fact that Wenger fucked up another summer last year having slithered to Kroenke to get a new deal but with the board now vocally against him, he had decided to keep Sanchez and Ozil instead of selling them and basically risking about £80 Million, then had a shit EPL, Sanchez and Ozil were going to walk for nothing, the club was sliding into chaos in terms of football, money and the fans and that let Gazidis in January take power from him, finally and then sack him.

  15. gambon

    Wenger wasn’t doing everything.

    Wenger was doing what Raul is now doing.

    Steve Rowley = Sven Mislintat
    Dick Law = Huss Fahmy

    The team isn’t any bigger. Wenger just had his mates taken out of the picture and replaced by modern professionals.

    Wenger embedded himself into the club surrounding himself with yes men.

    Stop pretending Wenger was dealt a bad hand by the club. He wanted all the power but wasn’t good enough to deal with it.

    Just an incompetent, frightened old man.

  16. salpardisenyc

    Finally we’ve entered the ruthless era, a few more sentimentals we can cut shot of whilst were at it.

  17. steve

    Thank god Wilshere is off.

    Another freeloader of the books.

    Lol at that twat Vicuntious “true servant”. He offered fuck all for eight years. Good riddance.

  18. Receding hairline

    @ Charlie

    Yeah Stan fucked us over with those contract extensions for achieving very little. He has been a bad owner. I just hope we can claw our way back to respectability this season
    I’m tired of the silly Arsenal jokes that aren’t even funny

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger didn’t want to share control, I mean, this is dick slap in the face obvious the man himself has told you that umptigajillion times.

    The second Gazidis destroyed his power structure he was able to sack him, that’s why he never wanted it risked.

    Look at his juvenile comments about a DoF, it is the only logical explanation for his refusal to change any of his structures despite cyclical failures.

  20. Frost

    Imagine if you were told this time last year that Wenger, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla, Mertesacker, Chamberlain, Coquelin & Gibbs were gonna leave within the next 12 months. Crazy.

  21. Champagne charlie

    I don’t care the Wenger wanted it that way, he was manager not owner. Again, owners job to say the club is running THIS way and your role is this. He then stays or goes, irrelevant which because the owner would have the interests of the club as the priority instead of pandering to a manager.

    Weird how Rowley and Law were replaced, almost like they were fucking average ehh?

    Sven, Raul, Wenger, Ivan did plenty in Jan to suggest the same restructure would have yeilded better results 5 years ago as it is now. Wenger isn’t the deciding factor in our upturn. He is for you because you need a pantomime villain, that’s how simply you operate.

  22. KAY Boss

    jack overstayed his welcome. it’s long over due. all the best in your next endeavour. still remember u for that game against barca when u taught xavi some footballing lesson. sad u couldn’t keep it going on a consistent basis.

  23. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Imagine if you were told this time last year that Wenger, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud, Cazorla, Mertesacker, Chamberlain, Coquelin & Gibbs were gonna leave within the next 12 months. Crazy.’

    It is better than a cold beer on a hot afternoon isn’t it?

    It feels great to support an actual football club again.

  24. gambon


    Rowley and Law were Wengers yes men.

    Wenger didn’t want them replaced.

    Remember how he tried to embarrass Sven? Saying he may know one or two German players that Wenger doesn’t know.

    Backfired on the old prick when he got sacked a few months later didn’t it.

  25. Hitman

    What I don’t understand is that in the end it was fairly easy to sack AW. He didnt put up much of a fight. So why not do it many years ago? The change is palpable. We now have hope where there was none before. All those lost years….
    Wasn’t difficult was it.?

  26. gambon

    Jack hasn’t been good enough for AFC for over 5 years. It’s been pure sentimentality that’s kept him here.

    The bonus of a new manager is that he has no sentiment, he just looks at things objectively.

  27. Marko

    I don’t care the Wenger wanted it that way, he was manager not owner. Again, owners job to say the club is running THIS way and your role is this. He then stays or goes, irrelevant which because the owner would have the interests of the club as the priority instead of pandering to a manager.

    And they did do that eventually but again none of this should take anything away from how bad in the transfer market he was. Shouldn’t take away from the failures in the transfer market. It doesn’t lessen the blame on him that Stan should have sacked him years ago. That’s not how it works

  28. Champagne charlie


    That’s such a shit argument and every utterance along those lines further condemns Stan Kroenke. How can you be so blind to that?

    So let me flip the lense on you…

    Stan kroenke, as owner, didn’t restructure the club because Wenger didn’t want to. He also didn’t hire the best available talent for technical roles, because Wenger liked he ones already there.

    How ridiculous does that make Stan sound…

  29. Champagne charlie


    We can agree to disagree on the influence in the transfer market then.

    In my eyes, Wengers poor decisions or not, we functioned as a proper club in Jan with a competent staff system in place. That was with Wenger as manager. I’ve no doubt you could’ve changed the structure 5 years ago and reaped the rewards in the transfer window.

    Essentially Wenger is a moot point when compared to the trio of Sven, Huss, and Raul. They replaced the old guard and it’s no surprised to me we’ve seen such an upturn.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I think Kroenke stopped backing him, Wenger completely fucked up having slithered to him to get a new deal.

    He fucked up the summer, he decided to hold onto Sanchez and Ozil because it was the lazy Wenger thing to do, that backfired massively, he fucked up the season, the fans were not even protesting anymore they were just staying away.

    Wenger was costing the club on the field and off it.

    That allowed Gazidis to finally get his way, Mislintat arrived, Sanellhi was hired as well, Wenger no longer had total control, his power base was destroyed, these professional football people started to highlight how rotten the club was and in need of change and Wenger was left open to being sacked.

    Everyone always said once you had competent people at the top who were not Wenger’s yes men he would end up gone very quickly.

    As long as Kroenke backed him that could not happen, thankfully, Wenger is his own worst enemy, in refusing to share power it meant the fuck ups were his.

    Gazidis actually played a very smart game, hurt badly last summer, but did he ever get his revenge less than a year later.

    That is the kind of calculated ruthlessness I want in a CEO, destroyed Wenger.

  31. Marko

    I’ve no doubt you could’ve changed the structure 5 years ago and reaped the rewards in the transfer window.

    Not with Wenger they couldn’t they only took away the power and influence after 5th place finish, yet another fuck up in the transfer market and the fan unrest. Once that happened he was finished. For years despite the fuck ups he was “successful” and Stan not being a football man didn’t know any better but people on here could see where we were heading

  32. luke

    @Receding hairline – one could make the argument Wenger ruined Wilshere by playing him in every game on that breakout season even though everyone and their mother knew he was out of gas (and only 17-18). Was anyone really surprised when the slew of injuries came?

  33. HighburyLegend

    Just saw the news, Wilshere won’t stay.
    Another step in the demolition of this stupid “british core project”, and more money for us for buying players. Thanks a lot lil’ jack, hope you’ll have fun in Vegas.

  34. Marko

    I don’t even know why we’re talking about Wenger he’s gone good riddance and it’s no surprise or coincidence that now that he’s finally gone that we’re acting like a professional and properly run club in the transfer market. We don’t have to wait until August for signings thank fuck

  35. Emiratesstroller

    It was very clear that the club was in urgent need of reorganisation both on and off the field of play.

    Arsenal have been in a rut for a long time and the decline in performance and
    lack of Champions League Football would have had long term implications both in finances and also recruitment of top quality players.

    The cull of staff at the club appears to have been completed today. The one surprise is that Steve Bould has kept his job as assistant manager and football
    coach. In view of the awful performance of our defence in last two to three years you have to ask why.

    Jack Wilshire is on his way out of the club and one presumes that either Ospina or Cech will follow suit. There are still questions about the careers of
    Messrs Mustafi, Ramsey and Welbeck.

    These players could be sold this summer if the club needs to generate additional transfer funds.

    The four players who one assumes have agreed to join the club if not actually
    completed their transfers will be good if not exceptional signings.

    My guess is that we are aiming to be competitive next season and at least achieve qualification for Champions League in 2019-20. If we are successful
    in that quest then hopefully we can then compete for higher level of acquisitions next summer.

  36. Frost

    Sampdoria’s president just confirmed they’ve sold Lucas Torreira for 30m euros.
    [Via SportItalia]

    Doesn’t say to arsenal but it I think we can all hazard a guess.

  37. Ishola70


    “My guess is that we are aiming to be competitive next season and at least achieve qualification for Champions League in 2019-20”

    At least?

    As it stands atm the more realistic way for Arsenal to get back into CL is via winning the Europa League.

  38. Marko

    Talking about Wenger because you couldn’t help but take a dig….

    No one is forcing you to stick up for the man

  39. Frost

    Sampdoria president – “#Torreira left at for €30m. I bought him from Pescara when no one knoew him. We bet on him and we won, buying him for just 3m”

  40. salparadisenyc

    Loving it were finally doing the necessary required not basing decisions on sentimentality, spirit or some other form karmic faith we’ve been sold.

    Torreira replaces Wilshire, assuming Leno’s signage ends Ospina. Looking ahead my guess is we sell Welbeck, Perez and bring in an attacker to take over the left side who can find the net.

    Biggest question left is Ramsay, curious to see where that goes.

    I’m cracking a beer this eve to spine building, salut amigos.

  41. Cesc Appeal

    Leno and Torreira with Wilshere gone in the same day.

    We have earned this though, all Arsenal fans have suffered in recent times.

    You can only have positive things to say about the club right now, behaving exactly right.

  42. Dissenter

    Jack is tying to push the burden of his exit on Unai Emery.
    He’s saying “he had no choice”, really?
    Little cun*
    I guess it has nothing to do with the prospect of a mega pay day on a free transfer with a lump sum to start with.

  43. Champagne charlie

    Banega being touted for 12 mil. That’s a drop in the ocean and could be a very smart buy for us.

    Replaces a non-event in Wilshere, as clearly comes as a request of Emery who has worked with him for a while. Spanish speakers throughout the midfield

  44. Cesc Appeal

    Banega would make things things interesting in terms of midfield choices.

    Would it mean Xhaka, Torreira, Banega, or would Ramsey still be in the midfield and Xhaka misses out?

    Ramsey, Torreira, Banega, Xhaka, Maitland Niles is a lot better as midfield options.

    We would just be missing a winger and it would be a great summer.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    Lichtsteiner, Leno, Sokratis, Torreira, Banega, Soyuncu and Pavon or Martins and that is the best summer I can remember as an Arsenal fan

  46. Nw9 gooner

    Dissenter Wilshere has said that he had accepted a pay cut in a new contract and decided to leave after meeting the manager and told his playing time would be limited. So a pay check was not on his mind then. Now of course he is in for a jackpot

  47. Dissenter

    It’s beginning to look like there will be a clear-out of the midfield.
    Ramsey till hasn’t signed an extension too.
    He’s going to be leaving as well. The Wenger boys are leaving.

  48. Champagne charlie


    Yea this has the makings of a busy early window, with a big late departure. Rambo seems a possibility.

  49. Frost

    Think it’s just rumors, but Banega really is uninspiring. Literally cannot remember saying to myself after watching him play “there’s a player I wouldn’t mind having at arsenal”

  50. Dissenter

    We are beginning to look like a top-4 team again
    Either way we need an excellent pre-season, get the players in early and have them spend 3-4 weeks with the new manager.
    Exciting times ahead.

  51. Bob

    Jack wilshere rejected by he’s country and now by he’s club. What a overrated British core toilet crap

  52. Sancho Monzorla

    For those using the failure of the board/owner to act as a means to defend Wenger, I don’t think it would have been nearly as easy as some people say to sack Wenger years ago, the support for him from the majority of the fans was massive until probably 2016. That support has nothing to do with his competence at that point, mind you. Even though a section of the fan base saw through his incompetence since years ago it would still have been unfathomable for an American owner to come in and sack a manager who was widely considered synonymous with the club.

    It was a shit circumstance, whose fault it is, whose fault it more is, I don’t think anyone can answer that. The board should have acted, the owner should have acted, Wenger should have done better. It’s all true and everyone is right.

    The only ones who are wrong are those that think Wenger wasn’t a shit manager over the last ten years.

  53. Bob

    No top 6 team in the world would want a shit like wilshere even on a free. From day one he’s a average championship player.

  54. Elmo

    If Ramsey does get sold late in the window to balance the books, it really will have been a total revolution and de-Wengerisation at the club over the past year. At the end of the 16/17 season, no-one would have believed that within 13 months Wenger himself, all his back-room dinosaurs, Sanchez, Giroud, Wally, Wilshere, Cazorla, Oxlade, Gibbs, Coquelin, Gabriel, Mertesacker, Debuchy, and Szczesny would ALL have left the club. It truly is a new era at Arsenal.

  55. Leedsgunner

    Only a complete spoilt brat would try to paint himself as the victim even though the club stood by him year after year hoping he would turn around form.

    ” Woe is me, the club left me no choice…”

    Twenty seven, millions in the bank and he has the audacity to blame the club?

    What about thanking the club?

    What a ungrateful little prick.

  56. emmanuel nwaneri

    Bye bye Jack, thanks for the memories.
    In all honesty, Jacko’s departure isnt the shock most ppl make it out to be. Despite being injury-free all season, Jacko hasnt really cut the mustard; hasnt made the grade. He doesnt really bring anything special to the table….except of cos, starting a fight.
    Bye Jack, but in truth u’ll not really be missed!

  57. Freddie Ljungberg

    The good news just keep rolling in:)

    First Leno in then Jack out and now Sampdoria has basically confirmed that Torreira is done too. Why did it take so long to start acting like a proper football club again?

  58. TonyD

    “Don and all you down the pub Jack wilshere fans come out and defend him Now??British core crap”

    Just need Jack to take Ramsey, Xhaka, Mustafi, Ozil, Elneny, Jenkinson and Chamber’s with him and the revolution will be really in full swing.


    Appearances: 150

    Premier League appearances: 92

    Goals: 14

    Premier League goals: 7

  59. Akilan

    I thought Jack’s message was classy and non controversial? It didn’t look like he’s blaming Unai at all. He says he’s leaving for playing time and was ready to take a pay cut. He says it as it is. All are facts.

  60. TonyD

    Prepared by his agent no doubt.

    He got playing time at Bournemouth and last season.

    He wasn’t prepared to stay and fight for his place against much better players and kids coming through.

    Let’s see how he does in his next club.

  61. raptora

    “If Ramsey does get sold late in the window to balance the books, it really will have been a total revolution and de-Wengerisation at the club over the past year.”

    Just because obviously a lot of people think that Ramsey was a Wenger Yes man, and he was super close and loyal to him.
    Mind you that he is the one who wrote shambles after Ox left for Pool even if afterwards some story came up.
    In my eyes he unquestionably purposely played bad in the second leg vs Atleti so that Wenger doesn’t get a royal send off.

    As deluded as I might sound, imo the following things happened:

    Before the FAC final vs Chelsea, Wenger has told the players, that he is leaving. He asks them for one final go, one final trophy before he leaves to pastures new. Team hears him and plays out of their mind, especially Alexis, Ramsey, Ox and basically all players. Surprise, surprise – team wins Wenger the trophy, but afterwards Wenger doesn’t keep his promise to leave, but instead goes directly to the owner to vouch keep being an Arsenal manager. Certain players in the team get more pissed than others, mainly Chambo and Alexis, Ramsey sucks it up to a degree. Chambo leaves, Alexis doesn’t want to play, Ramsey decides to stay alert. Atleti semifinal comes and he sees his chance for a payback for the unkept word and the wasted years in averageness. Wenger puts his whole faith on him as one of his generals. Ramsey plays a game with close to zero impact, full of unforced errors, bad passes and lost possession. He would not allow Wenger to leave on a high this time around. And he succeeds.

    As unbelievable as this might sound I truly believe it.

    My guess is that Ramsey will be desperate to play under a manager not named Wenger. And he will try his best to stay at the club. If Emery doesn’t like him as a player is another subject.

  62. raptora

    On a sidenote: Extremely happy with Leno. Torreira deal looks 99.9% ready but cannot wait for the announcement. Let me hear about the goalscoring winger now. Thank you!

  63. raptora

    Sidenote 2: Sick and tired of reading about Harry effin Kane and how he wants to be the best and will try to reach Messi, Ronaldo and why not get better than them. Jesus lord almighty. Stop! Enough!

    Sidenote 3: If Manure want 100m pounds for a reserve player who didn’t even manage to start half of their games being healthy all season, they are crazy. Martial is a great talent but based on his last seasons should not be worth more than half of the money they are looking for.

  64. TonyD

    I wouldn’t call it deluded thinking. Creative perhaps.

    My problem with Ramsey is he never replicated his great goal scoring stand out season and his positional discipline.

    Maybe has a great engine but also injury prone that will get worse with his age and not a player we need to build a team around.

    Ditto Ozil and Xhaka

    We just have to wait to se what Emery has in his locker and how it all fits together with the incoming players as well as more game time for Nelson, AM-N and others.

  65. Freddie Ljungberg

    So with Leno, Sokratis and Torreira our spending is up to around £60m before sales.

    If we can sell Ospina, Mustafi or Chambers and Welbeck that makes it a net spend of around 10 million.

    Next priority for me is a goalscoring winger. Then another CM.

    Feel we should only bring in another CB if it’s a clear upgrade on what we have, not sure Soyuncu is that, especially at the mooted price.

    If we can get Gelson Martins on a free/cheap it would be great, think it’s to our advantage that we were interested in him before his trouble with sporting.

    Fekir would still be the dream signing for me, would complete our attack. There’s money for it.

    A new CM depends on if Ramsey is staying or not, hope that decision is made asap.

  66. karim

    ” There are only two African teams at the World Cup . Senegal and Nigeria. ”

    North Africa is Africa, whether you like it or not !

  67. GalaxyGooner

    The only reason Kroenke stopped backing wenger ,
    He looked around at our rivals and saw them selling players for 100 million + while still having one or two 100 million plus players in their squad .
    Arsenal was bleeding money and not performing on the pitch as well.
    As for Wilshere, overrated and not built for the top tier of the league .
    Cazorla ,diaby bring out the best in the other players , Wilshere plays for himself .
    Always been average ,forever average.
    7 goals in 135 appearances says it all.

  68. Graham62


    You don’t seem to comprehend the true core values of the club, infact any club for that matter.

    Is that because you decided one day to pick Arsenal as your team because of a certain individual?

    Wenger did not make Arsenal FC.

    Arsenal FC made Arsene Wenger.

    That’s not taking a “pot shot”.

    That’s stating a fact.

  69. Guns of Hackney

    I’m starting to warm to Emery…although the resigning of Xhaka and keeping Bould is weird, the sacking of Jack is very nice.

    Lichtsteiner and Sokratis are a bit underwhelming but I get the methodology behind it. I just hope he manages to shift a few more on and redifine Arsenal’s playing philosophy.

    Getting rid of Jack has made my morning. I’ve never rated him and never liked him. An angry lad who could never accept himself for himself.

    Next: Iwobi and Elneny. I know we are stuck with that amphibious looking motherfucker but hey…jacks gone!!!

  70. Leftsidesanch

    Arsenal fans crying that we’ve become too ruthless with these (necessary) cuts are a snapshot of what we’ve become over the last 10 years. Weak, feeble and happy to ccept anything given. Its not a popularity contest, this is a results based business. Jack didnt deliver.

    Its the same with this whole rewriting history in regards to Giroud since he left. He was a decent option to have but not one who we needed to challenge for major honours. He served us well – lets not make it more than that.

  71. Leftsidesanch

    Attempts are being made to fix the gaping holes we have in the squad, nice and early aswell.

    No talk about two or three top quality signings. None of our intelligence being insulted with quotes that the transfer business doesn’t occur till the end of the window.

    Get the players in now, let them bed in and lets hit the ground running. If we don’t start well at least it won’t be through a lack of thorough preparation.

  72. shaun ellis

    “I’m starting to warm to Emery…although the resigning of Xhaka and keeping Bould is weird, the sacking of Jack is very nice.”

    agreed but I think xhaka is a money thing think they must be being smart …sign him up to a long term and get some of that horrendously overpriced 35 million back if he shows even a little at the world cup but to be honest from what I saw same old xhaka(total shite) can only hope the same applies to elneny no time for Iwobi either

    “amphibious looking motherfucker ” which one ?

    cut welbeck , iwobi, elneny,and mustaffi and yes we are begining to look a lot more balanced

    only the le cunt lovers are the ones questioning Wiltshire leaving , have a friend who up until two years ago was wenger all the way and I am serious as well and he is still saying Wilshire should have gone to the world cup and it’s wrong to sell wilshire ………………………these are the types that have kept arsenal in the dark ages under le cunt for so long …….you literally have to beat him with a cricket bat , piss on him then spit at him before he see’s sense , why is it these people can’t see the obvious

  73. gonsterous

    utd can have wilshere. we’ve been taking their duds for too long, about time they took one from us…

  74. qna

    Good week. Welcome Leno.

    Its better for everyone if Jack leaves. We should have moved him on 12 months ago for whatever fee we could have got. More money thrown down the drain by Wenger on his way out. Stuck with Mkhitariyan and wasted wages on Ozil. Just a few more years to wait out until the lingering effects of Wenger’s reign.

    Next couple of years we will be out of the top 4, but I am confident that we will be back in a few years. Look forward to the new journey.

  75. Guns of Hackney


    To be out of the top four for a “few years” will be devastating. However, that’s where we are. I’m not sure Emery will have a few years to get it right but at least we are trying to address our glaring issues.

    We badly need a couple of beast midfielders to match the beat in the league. A proper winger might be nice as well.

    Ozil’s wages are basically tying up potentially three players at £100k pw. Imagine that. Fucking Wenger and his bullshit.

  76. gonsterous

    wilshere < welbeck and if anyone knows me, they know I dislike welbeck as a footballer so much, it boils my blood that he's still in the squad…

  77. Chrispy

    What a great summer this turning out to be.

    It may go tits up but that’s better than KNOWING it will go tits up.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Can anyone else see the irony , jack is leaving because he won’t be playing regularly. .

    He ain’t been playing regularly for years.

  79. Guns of Hackney

    I’m in a minority I’m sure but this u r gay guy is tiny. Like really tiny. I know Kante isn’t a monster but this lad is diminutive.

    Let’s hope he’s a positional master because muscling players, he won’t do.

  80. HighburyLegend

    “jack is leaving because he won’t be playing regularly.”

    And maybe also because we refused to give him the same “kind” of salary than Ozil ??

  81. raptora

    “that amphibious looking motherfucker”

    Wilshere gone feels good man.
    Cannot wait for the moment we will be a proper team where if you are not a good, healthy footballer you have no place at our club. Things looking better and better.

    Jeez… It kind of feels like we are opening our eyes for the first time in 10 years ( last 10 years of the Wenger era) after a deep, deep, winter dream of some sorts. I will never be able to forgive him the time of our lives as supporters that he wasted. If he was a proper “dad” and our club was his “child” he should have realized he’s no good anymore and backed off years ago. He didn’t. He grasped in our club like a power hungry villain. Feels great to be free at last.

  82. UTarse

    “you literally have to beat him with a cricket bat , piss on him then spit at him before he see’s sense , why is it these people can’t see the obvious”

    Shaun , you made me laugh with this… harsh but so true