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After a pretty drab start to the World Cup, things warmed up nicely yesterday when we witnessed Ronaldo take his game to laser sharp levels of precision, carrying his Portugal team to a 3-3 draw. I have to say, who knows what the f*ck De Gea was up to yesterday, letting a fairly standard shot slip past him, then presenting one of the greatest with all the space he needed for that freekick was careless. I wish he’d play like that Against Arsenal.

This morning we saw France start with a win against Austrailia, goal line tech stepping in to make sure the good goals are counted. I took in the Iceland vs Argentina game. What a performance from the Europeans. Some of the most handsome warriors at the World Cup kept Messi and co at bay for the most part with a deep block so aggressive and tight, I think Tony Pulis may have fondled himself if he were watching. Messi looked very off his game. I don’t understand why a team as ripped with talent as his feels the need to play in such a subservient manner their star man. He was particularly listless. He doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying himself.

Back on home turf, Arsenal announced that Granit Xhaka has signed a new deal with the club, Emery called him a total baller with great hair. If the manager wants him, we have to give the Swiss a 3rd season to break through and shine. I’m not quite sure why there’s so much love for him. I mean, he passes well, but so did Denilson. I have genuinely never seen a player make so many unforced errors in a season. I think he lacks pace and he’s easily rustled.

Still, if Emery has a different vision for him, I’m game to be proved wrong. Xhaka is used to playing in a very disciplined system, he used to play under Favre who’d stop a session if you were half a yard out of position. Emery is that kind of coach.

Looking at the type of midfielders we’re trying to sign, I’m struggling to work out how we fit them all into a system?

Are we going to play a diamond midfield, Torreira at the base, Xhaka and Ramsey in front, with Ozil at the top? With two strikers? Or will we opt for something different, with Xhaka and Torreira? Or will Xhaka be a squad player?

I have no idea… I mean, it’s not like we need just one system these days…

One player rumoured to be off is Jack Wilshere. John Cross reckons he’s done and not part of Emery’s plans. He says he was offered £110k a week, that could rise to £175k if he plays and wins. Mad cash for a player who has stagnated over the years. Still, maybe he could find himself replacing Torreira at Sampdoria? Anyway, good luck to him whatever he does.

The young centre back we’re all yearning for looks like it could be Caglar. His old president had this to say.

“Caglar Soyuncu is set to join Arsenal,”

“Of course we would make a cut from the transfer if he joins Arsenal.

“Arsenal asked us for data on his time at the club, we have put something together for them which will be handed over.”

With his agent saying this…

“Sven Mislintat has been keen on Caglar since he was at Borussia Dortmund”

I hope young Caglar is cool with his data being breached like that…

Right, that’s all I have time for today, see you tomorrow!




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  1. Marko

    Xhara was on a ‘long’ contract before extension so it wasn’t hedging really.

    He was two years into I think a 4 year deal so without a new contract we’d be trying to sell him next summer with just a year left so not ideal. Clearly learning from our previous contract fuck ups

  2. Marko

    Chances are that Ozil will have 1 or 2 decent games and several people in here will have saliva dripping from their mouths. He should be the leader of this German team based on his name, followers and stature. But yesterday when his NT needed him badly, he was nowhere to be found. Again. And again

    Exactly rap. It’s not unfair criticism he was that bad. And what are we to forget the bad games when he has the occasional good one?

  3. Zfree


    I can’t stand having a player who’s not good enough anyway, walk and trot around the pitch, mope and complain. Hopefully Ozil is sold, if not hopefully Emery has the nuts to sit his ass on the bench.

  4. raptora

    Tbh I wouldn’t say that the Worlds so far has been a borefest. Not at all. At least to me that is. All of the games were intriguing, all of them close. From what I’ve watched Portugal v Spain and Germany v Mexico were played with intense and quality fitting enough for a knockout game further in the tourney. Pretty happy with the games thus far in general.

  5. Zfree

    That was such a foul and pen. What’s the point of VAR if they don’t look at that, even when it’s a stoppage in play for a corner

  6. Dissenter

    Thanks for giving me the courtesy of a correction, Sweden vs Germany.
    Normally people roll out the guillotine out here for errors like that.

  7. Akilan

    Ozil did play out of his skin for Germany in the Euros. Was their best player and was the only one capable of opening up the French.

    Said that this German side looks like a familiar English club we all know. Their CMs were nowhere near their defenders. The game resembled a classic Arsenal – man utd game. Loew did a Wenger and his subs were even more wengerish.

  8. Steveyg87

    I’m all for calling out under performing players but Ozil was NOT s**t yesterday. It’s not his fault he gets paid 350k a week. Yesterday the Germans faced a formidable Mexican side who were just more up for it than they were, these things happen in football. Its a clean slate for everyone at the club, including Mesut.

  9. raptora

    Dunno about the Son situation, but this one that they just awarded through VAR was absolutely 100% pen and I didn’t see it in any if the first replays or in real time. Afterwards they showed 2 camera angles where you could see that it was 100% without a doubt a pen. Also no way that we see an offside goal again. I’m pro VAR.

  10. Akilan

    From their last campaign, Germany missing Schweini in the midfield. They can upgrade khedhira with Goretzka. Who is going to replace Schweini?

    Arguably their biggest problem is replacing Lahm. Ozil played on the right and they still were NEVER threatened defensively thanks to Lahm & Schweini.

    Upfront they’ve got better with Reus and Werner. This German side needs to replace Lahm & Schweini to be as good as the previous one, which IMO they won’t and honestly can’t.

  11. Marc

    Am I the only one who doesn’t understand why someone (either at the Spud’s or in the England management setup) to tell Harry Kane to shut the fuck up?

    He constantly mouths off – goading Leicester in the run in a couple of seasons ago, challenging Salah on the golden boot next season and now talking about going after Ronaldo after his hat trick.

    When you’ve won something it’ll be one thing till then shut the fuck up you mong cunt. I really want Tunisia to win tonight just to make him look even more of a moron than usual.

  12. Carts

    “Reus really isn’t the player that he was in 2014 anymore.”

    He only got fit in March, it think.

    Guess it makes the Sane decision all the more bizarre.

  13. Marc

    If Sweden win today it’ll make the group interesting. I can see Mexico beating Korea – get a draw against Sweden and they top the group (assuming Germany get their act together a bit).

  14. Marc


    Don’t care if you think it’s petty. England has been an embarrassment for years for one reason or another but at least with former players any hype at least came with having won something major.

    If England want to start performing the only comment is “we’re focused on the next match”.

  15. Zfree


    I’m for VAR as well, and they got it right in the second half. But in the first half there was a very similar challenge in the box followed by a stoppage in play (a corner)that wasn’t reviewed. Odd I thought

  16. Dissenter

    Wenger Eagle
    “Reus really isn’t the player that he was in 2014 anymore.”

    That’t the story of half of their starters
    The Neuer of 2014 would have saved that shot easily
    Khedira shouldn’t be starting
    Ozil is….freaking Ozil
    Boateng is half the player he used to be

  17. Marc


    Nah I’m English but the way I see it I’m more of a patriot than the idiots who blindly follow the team without calling out things that could be easily improved.

    Strange how if you didn’t call out Wenger you weren’t a real Arsenal fan but if you dare criticise England you unpatriotic.

  18. Zfree

    I just hope either of these teams can take their game with Germany to the wire. Scoreless after 60 minutes and I’ll enjoy watching the Germans squirm

  19. gambon

    re Xhaka Contract

    Also, contract renewals are important from an accounting point of view.

    If Xhaka extended on the same money, that alone would give us the ability (from an accounting POV) to sign a £25m on a 5 year deal with no accounting cost.

  20. Graham62


    Sorry mate but irrespective of how shite England have been over the years, as an Englishman, Ive never wanted them to lose.

    Comparing Wengers systematic destuction of your club…………..Oh deary me!

  21. Graham62

    What if Kane scores tonight and England win?

    Will you cry, or will you put your Arsenal hat on and abuse him left, right and centre?

    I wonder.

  22. Carts


    “If Xhaka extended on the same money, that alone would give us the ability (from an accounting POV) to sign a £25m on a 5 year deal with no accounting cost.”

    I’m not doubting the accounting logic, but I simply don’t see the correlation.

    Little explanation, G?

  23. Texan Gunner

    Denilson did not pass well. He may have had a high completion percentage, but there was almost no penetration to his passes. All lateral.