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After a pretty drab start to the World Cup, things warmed up nicely yesterday when we witnessed Ronaldo take his game to laser sharp levels of precision, carrying his Portugal team to a 3-3 draw. I have to say, who knows what the f*ck De Gea was up to yesterday, letting a fairly standard shot slip past him, then presenting one of the greatest with all the space he needed for that freekick was careless. I wish he’d play like that Against Arsenal.

This morning we saw France start with a win against Austrailia, goal line tech stepping in to make sure the good goals are counted. I took in the Iceland vs Argentina game. What a performance from the Europeans. Some of the most handsome warriors at the World Cup kept Messi and co at bay for the most part with a deep block so aggressive and tight, I think Tony Pulis may have fondled himself if he were watching. Messi looked very off his game. I don’t understand why a team as ripped with talent as his feels the need to play in such a subservient manner their star man. He was particularly listless. He doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying himself.

Back on home turf, Arsenal announced that Granit Xhaka has signed a new deal with the club, Emery called him a total baller with great hair. If the manager wants him, we have to give the Swiss a 3rd season to break through and shine. I’m not quite sure why there’s so much love for him. I mean, he passes well, but so did Denilson. I have genuinely never seen a player make so many unforced errors in a season. I think he lacks pace and he’s easily rustled.

Still, if Emery has a different vision for him, I’m game to be proved wrong. Xhaka is used to playing in a very disciplined system, he used to play under Favre who’d stop a session if you were half a yard out of position. Emery is that kind of coach.

Looking at the type of midfielders we’re trying to sign, I’m struggling to work out how we fit them all into a system?

Are we going to play a diamond midfield, Torreira at the base, Xhaka and Ramsey in front, with Ozil at the top? With two strikers? Or will we opt for something different, with Xhaka and Torreira? Or will Xhaka be a squad player?

I have no idea… I mean, it’s not like we need just one system these days…

One player rumoured to be off is Jack Wilshere. John Cross reckons he’s done and not part of Emery’s plans. He says he was offered £110k a week, that could rise to £175k if he plays and wins. Mad cash for a player who has stagnated over the years. Still, maybe he could find himself replacing Torreira at Sampdoria? Anyway, good luck to him whatever he does.

The young centre back we’re all yearning for looks like it could be Caglar. His old president had this to say.

“Caglar Soyuncu is set to join Arsenal,”

“Of course we would make a cut from the transfer if he joins Arsenal.

“Arsenal asked us for data on his time at the club, we have put something together for them which will be handed over.”

With his agent saying this…

“Sven Mislintat has been keen on Caglar since he was at Borussia Dortmund”

I hope young Caglar is cool with his data being breached like that…

Right, that’s all I have time for today, see you tomorrow!




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  1. Dissenter

    CC has the mute-tasking ability to keep 5-10 posters busts at the same time.
    That’s a remarkable skill to have.

    Are you an air-traffic controller in real life?

  2. Graham62


    You wally and a half.

    You do realise that Wenger was destroying the whole club.

    The players, the fans, the image……………..EVERYTHING!!!!

    Comparing my obsession with Wenger to your own with Xhaka, is totally illogical.

    I never criticised the players(except Per!) but I did criticise a deluded leader who was screwing with us all.

    You, my friend, are showing contempt to a player who had to try and perform in a dysfunctional set up.


  3. champagne charlie


    No air traffic for me haha but I work as head of a team by and large so maybe it’s carried over 😀

  4. Coach 15

    Guns SF
    Great Father’s Day to you.
    Just finishing off mine with a few ales and a nice 12 year old single malt.,mixed with 48 hours of great sport on the box ending with your Open golf.
    Enjoy the rest of your BBQ

  5. Guns of SF


    Got a number of beers in me as well…
    315pm in sunny California
    Xhaka biggest fault is his lack of athleticism. He is slow and his recovery speed is minimal. He also makes rash tackles as a result. He curbed thay last season by not even trying to stop his man!
    He is a good passer and that is all I will give him!
    Today he got spun by Jesus- punked!
    He also ducked a free kick shot near the box. A real man he is

  6. Ishola70


    There are obviously two camps on here.

    Those that want to discuss Arsenal players in what they see as in an honest way which includes criticism.

    Then there are those that want to defend the players from criticism at all costs. Like teenage girls crying over the slagging off of their pin-up poster pop stars.

    Such is Le Grove.

  7. Champagne charlie


    Interesting that at no point do you acknowledge the possibility that you’re simply overstating an opinion to the point of ridicule for being so narrow minded.

    Nope, just legends of le grove who discuss football matters with great sophistication, and apparent teenage girl imitators. Who conveniently come about in opposition of your POV….


  8. Bamford10

    Yeah, I’m definitely thinking of reshuffling my top four teams and picking Spain to win it all rather than Germany.

    Whereas my top four prior to the tournament start were:
    1. Germany
    2. Brazil
    3. France
    4. Spain

    My top four now are:
    1. Spain
    2. Portugal
    3. Brazil
    4. Germany

    While I am interested to see what changes Loew implements and how that affects things, I fear that something is just not right in the Germany camp and it may be difficult for them to regain the right frame of mind / spirit.

    Spain and Portugal are the favorites now for me.

  9. Bamford10


    1. Do you still like Neymar for the Golden Boot?
    2. Is Neymar still the first player you would select if you could have any player in the tournament?
    3. Do you still like Brazil to win the whole thing?

    I am not asking these questions, btw, with any “tone” whatsoever. I am not being snarky, and I am not implying that there are any good or bad answers to these questions. I am genuinely curious if you view things exactly as you did, say, 24 hours ago.

    Others as well: have people’s views changed at all regarding how this tournament might play out?

  10. WengerEagle


    -Never had Neymar to win the Golden Boot, Golden Ball was what I said. I stand by it, he was MOTM today even playing below his best.

    -Yes, in a heartbeat.

    – I do, thought they were a little unlucky not to win today. Had some good chances to win the match. Switzerland never looked like scoring barring the corner, which was very well taken even if Miranda was fouled by Zubar and it should have been a FK out.

    All of the favourites have been underwhelming so far.

    Brazil, Germany , Spain and Argentina all dropping points and France extremely fortunate to edge past Australia.

    Spain were probably the best performance wise but they shipped 3 goals and could have conceded more if Portugal were clinical.

    Very early to be completely altering your pre-tournament predictions so drastically.

  11. Redtruth

    BBC Player Rating:

    Squad number 11 Player name Philippe Coutinho
    Average rating

    Squad number 19 Player name Willian
    Average rating

    Squad number 12 Player name Marcelo
    Average rating

    Squad number 2 Player name Thiago Silva
    Average rating

    Squad number 20 Player name Roberto Firmino
    Average rating

    Squad number 9 Player name Gabriel Jesus
    Average rating

    Squad number 3 Player name Miranda
    Average rating

    Squad number 5 Player name Casemiro
    Average rating

    Squad number 1 Player name Alisson
    Average rating

    Squad number 14 Player name Danilo
    Average rating

    Squad number 15 Player name Paulinho
    Average rating

    Squad number 17 Player name Fernandinho
    Average rating

    Squad number 10 Player name Neymar
    Average rating

    Squad number 8 Player name Renato Augusto
    Average rating

  12. Bamford10


    You’re out of your mind: Coutinho was easily Brazil’s best player. Easily.

    Another six games like that and it will have been Coutinho’s tournament, not Neymar’s.

    I’ll have more to say about this, but for the moment that will have to do.

  13. WengerEagle


    Weird how you ignore rest of my post and fixate on the MOTM comment.

    Coutinho besides his wonder-strike did pretty little, not saying Neymar was the clear MOTM but for me he was the best player throughout the 90 mins.

    If a great goal is enough to get MOTM for you then fine, Whoscored would disagree.

  14. TR7

    I will stick with my pre tournament favorite Spain. Tiki Taka and a lethal Costa should get them over the line.

    As I had presumed France lack fluidity and cohesion and Germany are not good enough as they have a few pensioners in their line up.

    I expect Brazil to get better as the tournament progresses. I like the balance of Portugal although they might not have the personnel to go all the way.

  15. Bamford10


    There’s not much to say about the rest of your post. Golden Ball, not Golden Boot. OK. My bad.

    Other humdrum point. OK. Other humdrum point. OK. OK.

    There’s just not much there, mate.

    The real meat of your comment was your take that Neymar was MOTM, which he definitely wasn’t. Indeed, I’m going to look around for what various commentators and pundits have to say about this match in general and his performance in particular, but I think the consensus will be that he was largely ineffectual and disappointing and that Coutinho was Brazil’s best player.

    And the notion that all Coutinho did today was score a world class goal — which frankly would still have been plenty — is silly. He was the player most responsible for making Brazil tick when they were ticking.

  16. WengerEagle

    Lol, all right Bamford.

    Just find it strange how you asked me all of those qs and have no insight at all on the answers that I gave you.

    Re Coutinho, you’re going to have to watch the match back if you seriously think that he did a lot in general play outside of his goal. Sounds as well as if the goal was enough for you to award him MOTM, which is fine. I just disagree on that.

    Best moment of the match, sure.

    Re your take/re-shuffle based on the opening group stage match of the tournament, find it very knee-jerk. Don’t know if you remember, but Spain lost their opener vs Switzerland in the WC they won. You’re reading way too much into a single match.

  17. Bamford10

    As I say, I am going to try to track down a sampling of the professional commentary on the match and on Neymar’s performance in particular, but below is video of the ESPNFC crew (Stewart Robson, Steve McManaman, Stevie Nicol) discussing it.

    Robson and McManaman both make it clear that they didn’t think Neymar had a good performance. Robson says Neymar “had a poor game” and McManaman says he thought Neymar “was really disappointing today”.

    I guess it wasn’t just me. I’d love to know what Brazilian commentators are saying. If we have any Brazilian or Portuguese posters or anyone who knows a lot about Brazilian football, it would be great to get a bit more input on what the Brazilian punditocracy, newspapers, etc. are saying.

    “Brazil, Neymar stumble to disappointing 1-1 draw with Switzerland”

  18. WengerEagle

    Don’t know why you were so surprised by the Germans looking underwhelming btw, Muller has been playing like shit in front of goal for two years now, Werner is unproven and green at this level and they have weak-links in midfield in Khedira and Ozil.

  19. WengerEagle

    Yeah but Neymar had a poor game, just like Messi had a ‘poor game’ vs Iceland.

    Because they are held to a ridiculously high standard, anything short of a spectacular performance is seen as disappointing, doesn’t mean that they didn’t play well.

    Both were the sides’ most dangerous player in the games if you’re weighing it up on the 90 mins played.

    Couldn’t give a monkeys what McManaman or Robson said, pundit is always right? Do me a favour.

  20. WengerEagle


    Jesus played poor didn’t he?

    He had a couple of bright moments in the first half but he still looks pretty raw, I agree that Firmino is the better all-rounder.

    Hard to argue with Jesus’ chemistry with Neymar in qualifying though, expect a much better game from him against Costa Rica. Kid is a killer in front of goal.

  21. Bamford10


    Nah, I’ve acknowledged that Germany and Brazil will make changes, gel and improve from here and that each game will tell us a bit more about how well they’re coming together, how good of form they’re in, but I do think that Spain looked the strongest of those four and I think that means something.

    Now, if Brazil begin to combine better, begin to find a better rhythm, if Paulinho is replaced in the XI, if Coutinho, Neymar, Willian and Jesus (or Firmino) develop real chemistry, I agree they will be stronger than what we saw today. I don’t know if I see them being better than Spain, though.

  22. WengerEagle

    Spain conceded three times against a Portugal side not renowned for their creativity. And they were lucky Guedes had an off-night or it could have been four or five.

    Surprised that they impressed you so much.

  23. WengerEagle

    With you on Paulinho though. Guy is a chancer in CM, truly mediocre player overrated due to having a decent goalscoring record. Just like Tolisso.

    Frustrating to watch him continually disrupt Neymar-Coutinho-Marcelo’s rhythm once they go through the gears in transition.

    Also thought that Willian was poor today, big fan of his but you have a terrific like for like in Douglas Costa on the bench. Use him ffs when the former is struggling.

  24. Bamford10

    Oh, and because DeGea made an uncharacteristic mistake, one most assume he won’t make again.

    And it’s not that Spain so impressed me, it’s just that they look stronger to me than the others. They have way, way better chemistry and cohesion than a Brazil. Way better. Like, not even close.

  25. Bamford10


    Yeah, you’re right: I really like Willian, but he was quiet today. But you are also right that Douglas Costa is a great alternative option. It will be interesting to see what Tite does in the next match.

  26. WengerEagle


    Ronaldo played out of his mind? Do just goals matter to you when weighing up performances?

    He did next to nothing for the vast majority of the match, his FK was incredible but De Gea should have easily saved his 2nd and Nacho was an idiot to indulge him for the PK in the first half, wasn’t running anywhere near the goal out wide before he inexplicably dangled his leg out like a lazy fucker.

  27. TR7

    The only weakness with Spain is getting caught on counter attack. With Alonso in their they had a great balance. Now it’s all on Busquests.

  28. WengerEagle


    Fair enough, I love Diego Costa but I don’t see him meshing with Spain’s midfield in the latter stages once the knockouts come, if not they’ll find it difficult to score goals.

    Also don’t rate their defence all that much, cannot believe that he favours Nacho at RB over Carvajal.

  29. WengerEagle

    Yeah TR7 they can definitely be had on the counter, shit even Mexico would give them problems with their forwards never mind Brazil if they’re clicking.

  30. Dream10

    Germany looked unbalanced defensively while lacking thrust in the final third. They need to add verticality and legs in the centre to the complement the passing quality of Kroos and Özil. Khedira is not even half the player he was five years ago. It hurt me to see him so laboured. Might need to go for Kroos with Rudy as a pair. Bring in Goretzka as well to break lines with his movement. He did it to great effect last summer in the Confed cup last summer when Germany battered Mexico.
    Then Mesut on the right and Gomez/Muller as the #9. Might need to use Werner on the left to free him up like the Aubameyang role with Lacazette. Not sure he’s comfortable playing as a #9 in a 4-2-3-1/4-5-1 right now. He usually plays with a partner for Leipzig.

  31. Bamford10


    Ronaldo is on the field to score goals. That’s what he’s there for, and that alone. And he did that in ruthless and world class fashion. So yes, he had a fantastic game — one for the ages.

    What exactly did Neymar do? He rolled around on the ground a lot. He was beaten off the ball by Behrami a couple of times. He did little to nothing, as I remember it, from the set pieces he took. He didn’t score; he didn’t get an assist. He didn’t energize his team; he didn’t encourage his teammates to lift their game when they clearly needed to; and he didn’t dominate the game. In all honesty, he didn’t do much. He certainly didn’t do enough to help Brazil beat a fairly ordinary Swiss side, and he definitely didn’t do enough to convince me he’s going to win the Golden Ball. For what? Worst hair in the tournament? Come on.

    If he’s going to win the Golden Ball, he’s going to have to play a lot better than that.

  32. Dream10

    We got a blockbuster of a goal from Coutinho. Seeing a player cutting in from the left and unleashing a shot like that is my drug. It was the second great strike yesterday after Kolarov’s beauty. Ball striking ability is one of the most disappointing things in the modern game. It’s so refreshing to see players who can shoot with purpose and technique

  33. WengerEagle

    Knee-jerk stuff as I said Bamford.

    Today clearly wasn’t a Golden Ball performance but he wasn’t half as pedestrian as you’re making out, he played well just not great. And it’s the opening game, there’s plenty more left that will decide.

    Re Ronaldo you’re basically treating it as if you missed the game but saw that he scored a hat-rick in a 3-3 draw on a newspaper headline. You yourself said that De Gea made a howler, and he slotted home a penalty. Not exactly mind-boggling brilliance.

    His FK he deserved full props for, which I gave him after he scored it. But you’re having a laugh if you think that he played a great game besides literally one isolated moment of brilliance.

  34. Bamford10


    Good points. I think Germany really need to mix things up, go younger, go quicker and play faster. If they want to use some of the older hands, they should use them later in games.

    I would think about starting Reus and Brandt wide, with Goretzka as the CAM. Play Kroos and Gundogan as the midfield base, and play Werner up top.

    Bring in Ozil or Muller in the 60th or 70th minute if you need guile, experience, intelligence, and bring in Gomez in the 70th if you need physicality and a goal.

    But they need more energy, more youth, more enthusiasm, more pace, IMO. They were like dead men today.

  35. WengerEagle


    It’s why I had time for Podolski back in the day even though he was a shit CF in the traditional sense of the position role and liked guys like Cardozo, Quagliarella and Miccoli.

    Dutchies last golden gen in Van Persie, Robben, Sneijder, Van Der Vaart all were great strikers of the ball.

    Modern day Kolarov is hard to beat, only Asensio has better range for me.

  36. Bamford10


    My drug as well. Absolutely love screamers and well-taken longer strikes. Nacho’s strike against Portugal was another good one, btw.

  37. WengerEagle

    Gomez is finished at the top level, wouldn’t start him.

    Don’t really trust Werner in crunch moments to stick the ball in the net, I’d bank on Muller rediscovering his nose for goal if I were Loew and play Brandt wide, he was lively when he came on today and is well capable of beating his man.

  38. Bamford10


    Sorry, I was a little too radical re my changes for Germany above. In the next match I would still start Ozil as the CAM, but I would bring Goretzka on in the 70th or so to see how he does. Ozil would stay in the XI for me for the moment, but I’d definitely replace Khedira with Gundogan, and I’d definitely try to get some quickness and pace wide via Reus and Brandt.

  39. Dream10


    Some journaliists are saying that Gundogan and Reus aren’t fully fit/not sure they’ll be the same players they were three or four years ago. Yeah you’re right that Germany need to mix it up. Younger legs who can dribble and more off the ball movement. Perhaps the guardiola influence is a little excessive. Kroos and özil are terrific passers, but you don’t have six or seven of those in your squad. It becomes a little static. Need more dribblers aggressive runners and a sprinkling of shooting. More forceful players to shake things up.

    Wenger Eagle

    Spot on. Asensio can sure strike a ball.
    Never been a big fan of Alexis, but he can hit them as well. RvP, Sneijder are great strikers of the ball. It’s a great skill to have.

  40. Ishola70


    “it would be great to get a bit more input on what the Brazilian punditocracy, newspapers, etc. are saying.”

    Globo which is one of the biggest press in Brazil gave Neymar a rating of 5.5

    Another Brazilian commentary remarked on his hair and said they wouldn’t be surprised that along with his new hairstyle he also turns up in high heels for Brazil’s next match. Joking aside the commentary goes on to say that they question Neymar’s overall maturity of play on a consistent basis to see him as the player that will lead Brazil to a world title. No question about his talent and ability the say but question marks over maturity of play. More than enough Brazilians have this viewpoint.

    I don’t think he had a stinker but he did lack real focus and intensity during the match. The game did start with promise for him when he easily beat Xjaka in the middle of the field but he didn’t kick on from that. Bit disappointing from him but he needs to show better focus and intensity games coming up.

  41. Emiratesstroller

    I am sick and tired of reading the constant negative criticisms of Arsenal players posted on Le Grove and elsewhere.

    Yesterday it was the usual turn of both Ozil and Xhaka to be subject to abuse..

    In reality Ozil did not play badly. His passing was on the whole up to his usual high standard. The only real criticism that could be directed towards him would have been to have failed to prevent the goal scored by Morocco. Realistically it was not his job to be there. The failure was that the full-back was out of position as he was far too often during the game.

    Ozil is a gifted technical player who depends on the players behind him to
    provide the solid defence. His natural game is not to defend.

    Conversely Xhaka provided a disciplined performance and remained on station for Switzerland for most of the game. He started some excellent counterattacks.

    The new manager/head coach at Arsenal needs to build on our strengths and
    weaknesses and not listen to everything negative that is being said about our

    Arsenal’s weaknesses over many years was the lack of leadership from the bench and not their technical ability.

  42. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Reading into the reports that Napoli are looking to take Cech on loan.
    Do you think this has come from arsenal because Leno may have doubts that’s he would bee the arsenal no1 ?
    Liverpool are looking at nickingnhim so I think this is the clubs way to secure his signing.

  43. James wood

    My word has Deputy Dawg finally gone to sleep.

    I have the right to change my selections
    Try doing that in a bookmakers.
    The guy moves the goalposts to suit.
    One flew of the cuckoos nest comes to mind.
    Sleep tight .

  44. Dream10

    RSPC Arsenal

    I’m not buying a lot into those Cech to Napoli rumours. Seems he’s happy in London and is on a considerable wage. Not sure he’ll want to take a pay cut. Would expect Cech and Leno to split playing time next season with the German becoming the clear #1 the following year. Cech can then transition into a coaching or executive role if he chooses.

  45. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Dream 10

    Was commenting cos Liverpool are looking at Leno now , in a straight fight I guess we would lose to them.

    I like the look of the lad six 5 good shot stopper.

    Let’s hope it happens .

  46. raptora

    “Ozil is a gifted technical player who depends on the players behind him to
    provide the solid defence. His natural game is not to defend.”

    Sure, I agree.

    But what did he create for his teammates? If you have card blanche to not defend, you are the best assist/passer of the ball in the 21-st century, aren’t you supposed to be judged by the assist/ clear chances created? What did he create?

    Did Germany have the ball more than Mexico? Yes – 61 to 39%. So he had time on the ball and a bunch of touches. How many clear cut chances or through balls, or dangerous crosses did he make?

    If you imply that by giving 5 meter passes to the closest player most often Kroos or Kimmich, he had an okay game, then okay.

    He didn’t create even though they desperately needed some creativity. He didn’t lead even though they desperately needed that. They needed someone to come up with something interesting. One would think that the person that doesn’t score but leads all kinds of charts for assists and chances created would be that person. They needed someone to carry their team but he was more than happy to pass the ball to the nearest free player. He let Kroos and Kimmich, even Khedira go adventurous with the ball, while he was doing the safest of plays.

    Germany had close to zero chances throughout the whole game. Isn’t this what Ozil should be judged based on. Plus he wasn’t playing for Arsenal vs Man City. He was playing for Germany vs Mexico. Which is Goliath vs David.

    So how is he supposed to get a free pass if he was absolutely distinctively average at the core. He did zilch for the whole game. A Denilson like performance.

  47. gambon


    Have you ever considered that the criticism may be completely justified?

    We just finished 6th, nearly 40 points off the champions. We have been slipping season upon season, havent won the PL for 14 years, and have players in our team that Crystal Palace fans wouldnt be happy with.

  48. Emiratesstroller

    Ishola 70

    Just because someone in the press or media says the same thing does not mean it is right.

    Most of the media pundits are up their arses and bluntly lack brain power above their waist.

    It was refreshing to listen to Fabregas this weekend. His TV performance was
    a marked improvement on the mindless crap of ex players like Rio Ferdinand
    and Paul Merson.

    It will be interesting to see what career path Fabregas takes once he retires from playing football.

  49. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal’s overall performance was poor last season and I think that everyone
    was aware what were the reasons.

    The club was rudderless.

    Hopefully there will be a marked improvement this season with an improvement in management, coaching and leadership as well as playing performance.

  50. Ishola70

    Oh I agree about most pundits.

    What people don’t realise sometimes about pundits is that they are pandering. They say things to camera which they think garners them kudos with the watching viewers. They can have different views away from the camera.

    Didn’t see Fabregas punditry so have no views on it.

  51. Receding hairline

    There is objective criticism and then there is bandwagon jumping and looking for an obvious scapegoat.

    This is an Arsenal blog but you lot have somehow found a way to make Germany’s loss about Ozil… Swiss got a draw inspite of Xhaka not with his help left to you.. Nigeria lost because Iwobi is crap.

    Yeah you lot love the club. The ones keeping these players are the ones that hate the club

  52. Ishola70

    tbf Mexico are no little insignificant Davids.

    They can give the better teams a game more often than not.

    They are no football minnows.

  53. Rambo Ramsey

    “Woman Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Injures Two With Blade In France”

    Christ these psycho Muslim cvnts

  54. Receding hairline

    Unai Emery..a man who has managed five professional football clubs…has had his judgement “questioned ” by the great footballing minds on Le grove. Some even go as far as saying he will soon realize his mistake.

    This is a man that we have all been told watches players tapes in place of meals but hey he wants Xhaka around so he must be a fraud.

  55. Ishola70

    For example I saw someone on here rating Peru at this World Cup.

    Mexico will do more damage than Peru in this tournament because they have more nous, more know how and more pedigree than Peru.

  56. Emiratesstroller


    Sorry have to disagree with you.

    As I wrote Ozil’s performance was not remotely the worst. You have to put it in
    the context of the rest of team.

    Khedira had a stinker of a game. Kroos was totally uninfluential and the two
    full backs spent most of the game bombing upfield like Arsenal full backs did
    most of last season leaving the centre backs exposed.

    Whatever you and others may think Ozil is a skilful player whose main function is to unlock defences. When you watch him play in most games when fit
    that is precisely what he does.

    If that is not considered enough then get rid of him. However, I would remind you that most of his teammates at Real Madrid and Germany don’t hold the
    same opinion about him as you do. They include Ronaldo.

  57. Rambo Ramsey

    Then again, why would a criminal shout in public and why always France? Is there politics at play here, you have to wonder.

  58. raptora

    So it’s a bit like Arsenal vs West Ham or Watford. It’s a country that I’m very well aware of since my wife is Mexican. I know they haven’t went past quater finals in their history. It is a highly footballing nation with 130 million people not being able to produce even a semifinal team. Ever! Not the point of this convo though.

    You tell me if you’d be happy with Ozil’s performance vs those teams if he played like he did yesterday.

  59. raptora

    “Whatever you and others may think Ozil is a skilful player whose main function is to unlock defences. When you watch him play in most games when fit
    that is precisely what he does.”

    Now we go with the “when fit” argument.
    I stop right here.

  60. Ishola70


    They may not have made it past the quarter finals in their history but you know they consistently progress to the second stages and they don’t really get whacked too many times by the better teams.

    They can be a stubborn opponent for any team in the competition.

  61. Graham62

    Morning all

    “Wenger obsessive” back in the mix.

    Today’s the day.

    Will England win?

    Will England fans behave themselves?

    Will there be more of the daily Arsenal player abuse on Le Grove?

    Who’s next I wonder?…………… David Ospina?

    Ah well, let’s wait and see.

    Prediction(gulp!)……….2-1 England.

  62. Victorious

    and have players in our team that Crystal Palace fans wouldnt be happy with.”

    any yet they’re balls deep into Wilshere who’s at best a sqaddie for us.the length at which posters on here discredit and undermine the club makes me honestly question their fanhood

  63. Ishola70

    Yes Graham the vast majority of England fans will behave themselves.

    Only a very small minority would look to cause serious trouble in Russia and they would be loons and we really don’t care about loons do we.

    The more pressing question would be will the Russian hooligans behave themselves because they can cause real distress to the travelling England fans.

    As for the team no-one knows what happens with them in this game.

    This is England national football team after all.

  64. Victorious

    “I am sick and tired of reading the constant negative criticisms of Arsenal players posted on Le Grove ”

    absolutely spot on, I thought the Wenger’s departure will halt the incessant bashing of the club by the usual suspects.could’nt be more wrong

  65. Emiratesstroller


    The main points about Wilshire are his injury track record and recent playing

    He was offered a contract commensurate to that performance, which he has
    apparently declined.

    Also he wants the club to guarantee him a starting place in the team.

    On all three counts it is rather difficult to hold onto such a player when there
    are clearly other players in squad or available to buy who are better than him.

  66. Victorious

    although a small chance but I sincerely hope pompous Engerland have their arses handed to them on a plate by the Tunisians today,woud’nt it be lovely.

  67. Graham62


    I put five pounds on Peru in family sweepstake @ 200/1.

    I know they lost to Denmark but they could and should have won.

    Based on games so far, can see them beating Australia and with a bit of luck, get a draw against the French.

    It’s all a bit of fun as far as I’m concerned.

  68. Victorious


    agree with you on everything said there,Wilshere bright career has been painfully blighted by injuries

    just a shame to see to see him leave like this, the club now has a modern structure in place and wouldn’t be put over the barrel not by a player like Wilshere who although very talented but sadly had’nt got the legs anymore for the EPL

  69. Ishola70

    Yes betting on Peru is a fun bet.

    As you say they could have got a result against Denmark and the Danes are not a very good team really themselves but the penalty they missed will probably sum them up in this tournament. Can beat Australia but if France seriously turn up for the last match should only be one winner there.

    I’d have Mexico beating Peru if they met in the second stage for reasons already stated.

  70. Graham62


    As you well know, I only bashed Wenger.

    Players I will defend based on what they had to deal with over these past few years.

    For me this is a new dawn, but I will not sit back and accept constant player bashing based on systems and structures that were ground into them by Wenger.

    I can’t wait for the new season to commence but will still continue to promote my anti-Wenger opinions if and when it is justified.

    If this makes me a “Wenger obsessive”, so be it.

  71. HighburyLegend

    Great performance from Switzerland last night, Licht and Xhaka were pretty solid.

    Ozil in full “Arsenal mode” with Germany lol
    I am seriously wondering if the guy still want to play football…

  72. Victorious

    Tbf the new contract terms offered to Wilshere was slightly insulting,no way he accepts a performance related package with less playing time when he could easily go to a mid table club like palace/westham and earn king’s ransom

  73. raptora

    How big of a luck for England to be on the weakest 1/4 of the whole tourney.
    If the top teams win without surprises quarters will be:

    Portugal – Spain
    Argentina – France
    Germany – Brazil
    England – Belgium

    What a chance to reach the semis.
    Probably though they lose 1/16 vs Poland and that’s that.

    Really bad luck that Germany and Brazil are going to play either at 1/16 or 1/8. Terrible because no matter the results of yesterday they are top favorites in my eyes. But since they are on the same 1/4 of the scheme it makes it a tough one for both teams.

    Can kind of see Argentina reaching the final. And losing it. Again.

  74. Victorious


    For me this is a new dawn, but I will not sit back and accept constant player bashing based on systems and structures that were ground into them by Wenger.”

    let me get this straight, according to you it’s ‘a new dawn’ and the club has a new manager to usher us into a new era but you’d rather still continue to bash a manager who brought in players who might in the long run be a contributing factor to what makes the new manager a success,i’m afraid you’ve got urself twisted in knots there

    the bulk of the squad going into the season were brought in by Wenger, so if they manage to deliver and be successful then Wenger’s got to take some credit for that, no?and this also..

    ‘If this makes me a “Wenger obsessive”, so be it.’

    I advice you seek the help of a professional,obsssesion nothing to be joked with.

  75. Graham62


    I think you’re jumping the gun a wee bit.

    The next round of group matches will be key to who gets through to the knockout stages.

    The fact that Brazil/Argentina/Germany/Spain/Portugal didn’t win, makes it all the more interesting.

    There could be a surprise or two in the 1/4 Finals.

    Let’s hope it’s not from Englands group.

  76. Guns of Hackney

    Lichtensteiner was shit last night. He looked every bit of his 34 years and struggled to keep up. He reminded me a little of Grimandi is the sense that he was niggly and made a bit of a nuisance of himself. Other than that, zero.

    As for Xhaka. Bullshit.

    Ozil. Wasterel.

    It has not been a great World Cup so far for the arsenal boys.

  77. Victorious

    I’ve got Belgium as dark horses to win the whole thing,at least some one got jump out the bandwagon and make a bold prediction

    looking forward to see how they fair against Panama later on…

    Hazard, De Bruyne,Dembele,Lukaku,Witsel,Meetens,Aldelwierld,Naigollan..thats some talented bastards right there.

  78. Graham62


    That’s like saying lets congratulate David Cameron(another deluded individual) for allowing us to vote for Brexit,when he was totally clueless as to what to do and what was happening right infront of him.

    Your perceptions are not my perceptions.

    My conscience is clear.

  79. HighburyLegend

    “If the top teams win without surprises quarters will be”

    Well, considering the surprising results of yesterday, I say let’s wait a little before betting on the last 8 of the tournament…

  80. Paulinho

    Xhaka made just one tackle and 1 interception while his passing accuracy was a poor 85.3%. Of the seven long balls he attempted, only two found their target.

  81. gambon

    “Tbf the new contract terms offered to Wilshere was slightly insulting”


    £100k pw rising to £175k if he plays and we win……insulting?

    He is a bang average player, who has already been paid way too much by AFC.

    What Wilsheres stance tells us is that he’s basically given up. No desire to fight for a place, no desire to actually succeed, just wants to be paid to put in shit performances.

    We’re far better off without the fat little loser.

    He is a far worse player than he seems to think he is.

  82. Guns of Hackney

    Just what the fuck was that prick Emery thinking offering Xhaka a new contract? Surely he must see what we see as he hasn’t had time to assess him while in the job.

    Utterly pathetic. Emery is starting to worry me and the twat hasn’t even managed a game yet.

    Xhaka and Ozil in the team is basically 9 v 11 every game.

  83. Guns of Hackney

    I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with vitriol for Wilshere.

    A disgusting little chav.

  84. gambon

    Guns of Hackney

    Tying players down to contracts means nothing, certainly doesnt mean Xhaka is his favourite ever player.

    Frankly there is too much to be done this summer to be replacing mediocre players like Xhaka, Elneny Ozil, Bellerin etc.

    This summer will be about addressing the real glaring issues.

    The players I would expect to see sold are Ospina, Jenkinson, either Mustafi or Chambers, Perez and Welbeck if he doesnt sign a contract.

    Everyone else will get a chance under Emery.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look I understand the the doubts on ozil…

    He is a leading assist player.

    He does duck out of games to regularly.

    As I have posted before … let the new man give him an xhara a fresh start.
    Incidentally the signing Lichtsteiner may well be a move that ignites the best out of xhara.

    Give dick a chance …. ooooeeerrr

  86. Guns of Hackney


    But tying garbage like Xhaka down is suicide. Haven’t we learnt anything from the Ozil debacle?

    I’ve never seen Xhaka have one good game. Not one.

    All that concerns me is that fundamentally this is exactly the same bunch of shits that have stunk up the place for the last five seasons.

    I hope Emery weaves some magic, I really do but I’m concerned that the guts of the team are still there. And that’s the problem.

    The players are too cushy and I’d find it hard to see them giving a fuck after the mollycoddling Wenger gave them. Will they take orders? Do they even have the brains to listen and implement an idea? Highly unlikely when you look at the squad. Mouth breathers the lot of them.

  87. gambon


    Yeah, but not every contract extension means £350k pw.

    Xhaka may not even have a payrise, but its good business to have as many players on long term contracts as possible.

    The Ozil contract was just terrible, terrible judgement.

    The 2nd best paid player in the PL, probably not in the top 20 PL players.

  88. Guns of Hackney


    If Arsenal pay Xhaka more than £250 a week…it’s too much.

    This guy Emery better have something going on. That’s for sure.

  89. gambon


    The team showed against Atletico at home that they can play serious football when theyre motivated.

    The problem has been Wenger is a tired, frightened old man, and he hasnt had the ability to motivate them for a number of years. He also fostered a culture of laziness, with no accountability.

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Ozil resigning was silly, especially when the club must have seen how little other clubs didn’t come in for him.

    Maybe they saw him walking for free as a fact that they were losing money on the 40m they paid for him.

    Maybe a good World Cup will see him sold

  91. Graham62

    I personally think the final straw for Wilshere was when he was excluded(rightly) from the WC squad.

    He needs to reinvent himself and that should not be at Arsenal.

    Wherever he plays, his fitness will always be an issue. The contract was not “insulting”. It was a reflection of where Wilshere stands in his career.

    He hasn’t done enough over the past year to justify a more substantial contract.

    I wish him the best of luck.

  92. PessimisticPat

    Guns of Hackney
    I disagree on lichtsteiner I thought he was solid enough. Xhaka wasn’t terrible either. I understand lichtsteiner seems an underwhelming signing but as a back up cover for bellerin I am more than pleased with him.
    As for Xhaka I will give him a chance to prove himself like everyone else as we will have a coach who employs tactics this season.
    Also let’s all lay off blaming emery for any contracts that get signed when clearly that will not be down to him.

  93. Dissenter

    I think Germany may be in a bit of trouble if Lows doesn’t change his ways and quit his sentimental approach.
    There are too many players out of form or beyond retirement.
    It’s almost like yesterday was August 2014 and Brazil was still starting Hulk, Jo and Oscar.
    They have to beat Switzerland which is no easy feat and hope Mexico unravel against South Korea and Switzerland (very likely)
    Germany may be knocked out in the first round. It wouldn’t be the biggest upset ever, stranger things have happened in football.

  94. HighburyLegend

    “that prick Emery”
    “This guy Emery better have something going on. ”

    @GoH : don’t you worry, AW will be coming back soon. 😉

  95. gonsterous

    if I’m being honest. This world cup is super boring atm.Maybe it’s the group stage or maybe it’s that the good teams aren’t playing well or maybe it’s cause I don’t give a toss who wins. Can we get this over with quickly so the new season can start??

  96. Marko

    You can always tell when Ozil knows he’s had a bad game cause he’ll put up a sponge like Facebook post about the next game. The game against Sweden is their first final apparently

  97. S Asoa


    Prejudice is a greater disease than Ignorance.
    Ignorance is curable
    Prejudice seeks to infect their flawed judgement on others..Very irritative like scabies.
    So understand ish

  98. gonsterous

    Maybe you’re still suffering from Wengeritis

    this is a real disease. I haven’t enjoyed a football game for almost 2 years now…

  99. raptora

    Nvm my post of potential semis. Thought that the scheme keeps same teams in the same side of it.

    Way it is, nothing is certain.

    Looking at it after yesterday’s results, it looks like Engurlaaaand would not do bad if they finish 2-nd in their group. This way they play first placed team in group H (potentially Poland) on the 1/16 while on the 1/4 they would face the winner of 1-st placed team from group F (possibly Mexico, dodging Germany) and the 2-nd placed team from group E (possibly Le Swiss or Serbia, dodging Brazil).

  100. Bamford10

    “I am sick and tired of reading the constant negative criticisms of Arsenal players posted on Le Grove.”

    Ummm, maybe, I don’t know … read a different blog?

    Skip the comments section?

    Make an argument in defense of the criticized players?

    All of these options are available to you. I have other things I would like to say, but I’m trying to be nicer these days.

  101. Bamford10


    Did someone hack your account, btw? The Xhaka criticism is groupthink? A nice thing to say about Charlie?

    I can only hope your account was hacked. Otherwise, poor, my friend; poor.

  102. Receding hairline

    @ Bamford

    Let me get something straight

    Are u saying this blog’s comments section only exists to be negative towards arsenal and it’s players even those on international duty?

    Because if that is your view you might be the one who needs to go read another blog. Emirates Stroller has been posting here as long as you are if not longer. He is a season ticket holder…if anyone reserves a right to a comment it’s him. So you asking him to go elsewhere or threatening to say nasty things to him isn’t on

    You guys spent last night dissing two Arsenal players.. Xhaka and Ozil.. It’s boring and irritating

  103. Receding hairline

    Yes Dissenters account was hacked because you called u and your boys out on his incessant criticism of one particular player

    You really are a very irritating and annoying individual. Really your behavior here at times is disgraceful

  104. Bamford10

    Lichsteiner on the defensive effort the Swiss made against Brazil—

    “It was very good teamwork on the right side: Behrami, Schar and me. It was almost a perfect game. It’s important to have this teamwork in the next game because we’ll have new situations.”

  105. Receding hairline

    * He called you and your boys out on your incessant criticism of one particular player

    Bamford no one needs your validation of what they post here. You are just another poster . This blog will not cease to exist if you stop posting

    Drop the pompous act… You are embarrassing yourself

  106. Bamford10


    Please highlight something I have said that is “disgraceful”. I would love to hear about this.

  107. Bamford10

    “You are just another poster.”

    I have never for one moment thought otherwise.

    “This blog will not cease to exist if you stop posting.”

    You don’t say.

  108. S Asoa

    Hold your horses.
    My convoluted piece was about some other called Ishola . Just carried on about what you said

  109. Graham62

    Sweden 3 Soth Korea 3.

    Remember, I’m crap at predicting these things.

    We’re due another six goal thriller.

  110. Bamford10

    One of those bot-like Arsenal twitter accounts (@Gunnersc0m) is still spitting out Wenger quotes. I thought some of you would find the one below entertaining.

    “If any team had 20 players like Elneny, they will not even need a coach. He is always close and available on the pitch which makes it much easier for the team to buildup in attack.” – Arsene Wenger

  111. Marko

    You guys spent last night dissing two Arsenal players.. Xhaka and Ozil.. It’s boring and irritating

    And bullying according to you. Yeah they’re Arsenal players and we’re Arsenal fans so obviously we’re going to comment on them and they happened to have bad games. Also you must have missed where people were criticizing Kroos and Draxler and Khedira and Kimmich. You need to grow up

  112. Redtruth

    “Ronaldo is on the field to score goals. That’s what he’s there for, and that alone. And he did that in ruthless and world class fashion. So yes, he had a fantastic game — one for the ages.”


  113. Graham62

    There is a very clear agenda on here to criticise certain Arsenal players at all costs.

    Like vultures circling a carcass.

    Oh look, it’s him again. Goody goody gumdrops, I can lay into him yet again.

  114. Marko

    I think another reason for the Xhaka criticism last night was because of how obvious it was compared to that of Behrami. He was excellent last night good positioning good tackling recycled the ball well. Basically if Xhaka did or was able to do the things that Behrami did last night for us there’d be no problem. We need that kind of player.

  115. Marko

    There is a very clear agenda on here to criticise certain Arsenal players at all costs.

    That might be true if Ozil for example had a good game or if Xhaka wasn’t let’s say okay or meh compared to Behrami

  116. Victorious

    ‘You really are a very irritating and annoying individual. Really your behavior here at times is disgraceful’

    spot on there about Binford and his ilk,not sure what kind of fan thrives on negativity and jumps in on anything to put down a club he claims to support…i mean it’s not afraid if the criticisms of said players are fair,odd way to follow a club, me think

  117. Bamford10


    Sorry, I forgot that great football stopped being played in 1997 or so, and that everything and everyone since has been overrated.

  118. useroz

    Xhara was on a ‘long’ contract before extension so it wasn’t hedging really. Just hoe he’s going to improve. Xhara shouldn’t be near 150k let alone 250k pw. Or God helps Sven, Uni, et al.

    Performance from last couple of seasons would suggest that most if not all of our squad should be nowhere near 150k pw base.

    Wenger did a COTS (cnut of the season) on Ozil’s renewal. Hope IG wasn’t party to per se.

  119. raptora

    Chances are that Ozil will have 1 or 2 decent games and several people in here will have saliva dripping from their mouths. He should be the leader of this German team based on his name, followers and stature. But yesterday when his NT needed him badly, he was nowhere to be found. Again. And again.

  120. Victorious

    I guess posters like Binford,gambon,marko,dissenter,g.o.b,Red,qna,ishola..etc are are a special breed or something,its funny and disgraceful in equal measures how this set of fans suck off LITERALLY any player as long as they don’t play for Arsenal but turn the heat on Arsenal players,a club they seemingly claim to follow, odd