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After a pretty drab start to the World Cup, things warmed up nicely yesterday when we witnessed Ronaldo take his game to laser sharp levels of precision, carrying his Portugal team to a 3-3 draw. I have to say, who knows what the f*ck De Gea was up to yesterday, letting a fairly standard shot slip past him, then presenting one of the greatest with all the space he needed for that freekick was careless. I wish he’d play like that Against Arsenal.

This morning we saw France start with a win against Austrailia, goal line tech stepping in to make sure the good goals are counted. I took in the Iceland vs Argentina game. What a performance from the Europeans. Some of the most handsome warriors at the World Cup kept Messi and co at bay for the most part with a deep block so aggressive and tight, I think Tony Pulis may have fondled himself if he were watching. Messi looked very off his game. I don’t understand why a team as ripped with talent as his feels the need to play in such a subservient manner their star man. He was particularly listless. He doesn’t even look like he’s enjoying himself.

Back on home turf, Arsenal announced that Granit Xhaka has signed a new deal with the club, Emery called him a total baller with great hair. If the manager wants him, we have to give the Swiss a 3rd season to break through and shine. I’m not quite sure why there’s so much love for him. I mean, he passes well, but so did Denilson. I have genuinely never seen a player make so many unforced errors in a season. I think he lacks pace and he’s easily rustled.

Still, if Emery has a different vision for him, I’m game to be proved wrong. Xhaka is used to playing in a very disciplined system, he used to play under Favre who’d stop a session if you were half a yard out of position. Emery is that kind of coach.

Looking at the type of midfielders we’re trying to sign, I’m struggling to work out how we fit them all into a system?

Are we going to play a diamond midfield, Torreira at the base, Xhaka and Ramsey in front, with Ozil at the top? With two strikers? Or will we opt for something different, with Xhaka and Torreira? Or will Xhaka be a squad player?

I have no idea… I mean, it’s not like we need just one system these days…

One player rumoured to be off is Jack Wilshere. John Cross reckons he’s done and not part of Emery’s plans. He says he was offered £110k a week, that could rise to £175k if he plays and wins. Mad cash for a player who has stagnated over the years. Still, maybe he could find himself replacing Torreira at Sampdoria? Anyway, good luck to him whatever he does.

The young centre back we’re all yearning for looks like it could be Caglar. His old president had this to say.

“Caglar Soyuncu is set to join Arsenal,”

“Of course we would make a cut from the transfer if he joins Arsenal.

“Arsenal asked us for data on his time at the club, we have put something together for them which will be handed over.”

With his agent saying this…

“Sven Mislintat has been keen on Caglar since he was at Borussia Dortmund”

I hope young Caglar is cool with his data being breached like that…

Right, that’s all I have time for today, see you tomorrow!




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  1. Steiner

    I just don’t get what Xhaka can bring to the team, as Pedro said he’s slow and easily flustered.
    He has the turning circle of an oil tanker, is completely 1 footed, and is an incredibly slow decision maker.

    If we have a midfield diamond of Torreria, Ramsey, Xhaka and Ozil, then where’s Miki going?
    Again Xhaka has no speed and no engine, he’s just too pedestrian for midfield.

    Pedro please put Discus in this site so I can read the football comments without having to scroll and scroll and scroll through all the negative bitching from the same grumpy bastards that come here to insult each other.

    We were chatting down the pub last week about different online sites, so many of the guys said they don’t come here because of the comments.
    Consensus was that it’s boring trawling past the bitching to find football comments, and even then there are no threads!
    With a proper comments system we could all swerve the grumpy shit and read some decent comment threads.

  2. KAY Boss

    surprising to see Jefferson Farfan still playing . used to like h back in the days when he came to the emirates with shalke and made us suffer our first CL defeat @ he to a foreign club.

  3. Sancho Monzorla

    I don’t think I”m a fan of VAR, it really disrupts the flow of the game. I didn’t think it would bother me.

    All it did this time round was kill the confidence of one Peruvian player.

  4. Dissenter

    VAR is still new so it’s going to have teething problems obviously.
    VAR has nothing to do with the Peruvian player launching a ball into orbit though. The Russian space agency are still looking for that ball as we speak.

  5. Bamford10


    I missed the first 15 minutes, and I like Cueva (penalty aside,) but I haven’t seen that much from Peru to make me think they will be all that relevant in this World Cup.

    They seem quick, feisty and athletic, and Cueva is definitely skillful, but they don’t have the overall or individual quality, IMO, of an Uruguay or even of a Chile.

    (Yes, I know Chile are not in the tourney, but they’re useful,I think, as a South America comparison.)

    What do you think of them?

  6. Dissenter

    They aren’t as good offensively as Brazil and din’t have elite players like Uruguay, Argentina or Uruguay.
    There do have this knack of being very hard to beat. This game is more difficult for them because there’s a lot of emotion involved for them. It’s their first World Cup since 1982 and 100,000 fans have travelled to Russia to see them.
    I’ve seen them play with a lot of passing and creativity in the South American qualifiers. I don’t know why their captain and talisman isn’t playing. They fought tooth and nail to have Paolo Guerrero’s drug ban nullified.

  7. Sancho Monzorla

    VAR or not, Peru probably should be up a goal.


    Yes it’s been a bit annoying so far. The number of penalties given is going to go up compared to past tournaments, most likely. The affect on stoppage time will be an adjustment. I just hope enough people get caught diving that it’s worth it.

  8. Leedsgunner

    Love the pace of the Peruvians! Despite missing the penalty they haven’t let their heads go down, still full of desire!

  9. TheBayingMob

    Can I ask … Who the absolute fuck is the MONSTER COCK of a commentator in the US of A covering the Peru v Denmark game for Fox Sports!?

    I’ve rarely been more annoyed by a commentator since Jonathan Pearce and his fucking shameless and incredibly irritating faux passion/shouty shouting appeared on MotD.

    He kinda sounds Mexican / South American. He’s an absolute fucking monster twat …

  10. qna

    BayingMob it’s not Moreno is it. He is one of the biggest wankers in the media. Can’t stand him. He is ESPNFC.

  11. Bamford10


    I don’t know who either of them are, but apparently the two commentators are Jorge Perez-Navarro and Mariano Trujillo.

  12. englandsbest

    Xhaka is a dlemma: people see a lot, but it’s hard to know what.

    One reason might be that Wenger didn’t know what either. Let’s hope Emery does.

  13. TheBayingMob

    One of them is reasonable and seemingly knowledgeable. The main one is over doing it big time. He lost his suit at kick off!! I thought there’d been a goal straight from it!! Hahaha … He wants to save a bit back, there’s a whole fucking tournament to go yet!! Lol …

  14. Bamford10

    I think it’s this guy Mariano Trujillo, a former Mexican National Team player. I’ve never heard him, but he’s listed as the color commentator for this game.

    Funny you don’t like Moreno, QNA. He’s definitely arrogant, but I think he’s pretty smart.

  15. Dissenter

    The baying mob
    He’s Mexican. He’s from Fox sports deportee.
    I agree that he’s very aggravating. He just called Ajax – AJAX [with a “J”]

  16. Dissenter

    It’s very difficult for anyone to live up the big standards set by a famous father.
    Schmeichel has done very well for himself.

  17. qna

    Bamford. Can’t stand Moreno. All of those ESPNFC guys are wankers to be honest. But Moreno is the worst.

  18. Barking Arsene

    Peru don’t deserve to lose this. Should be winning to be honest.

    Although Eriksen should score there.

    Delaney finally getting booked.

  19. Receding hairline

    Alejandro Moreno is not smart.. arrogance isn’t same as smart.. Dude speaks like he played at the highest level generally dismissing anything he doesn’t fancy out of hand.

    only Gave Marcotti and Craig Barley are worth listening to on ESPN FC…Steve Nicol and Moreno are wankers

  20. Dissenter

    The Fox sports commentator is the classic motor-mouth. I din’t think he weighs anything before uttering it.

  21. qna

    Yep. Ref was good. I think it has been good in general. If we are not talking about them, they are doing their job.

  22. karim

    Need to listen to some good ol’ Arsene Wenger commentary in the coming days on bein France.

    ” Zis player iz qualidee, we had been following him for a long time and, believe it or not, we were very close to signing him ! “

  23. Dissenter

    Fox sports production is sub-par.
    The annoying thing is they have the rights to the next two world cup as well.

  24. McBright is Wright

    If the manager likes Xhaka’s two left legs, then am ready to buy him a pair of shoes without a lace. Because i neither have the patience, nor time to wait on him. he better performs or else…

  25. karim


    Were you tryin’ to say you don’t see the French get any better and more generally flopping at this WC ?

    Well, to be honest, you may have been right earlier on when you said this competition was coming 4 years too early for them but I do think today will serve as a serious warning and that they will gradually get better.

    As young as they may be upfront, they need to learn patience and stretch defences more than they did today, that’s for sure.

    Still hopeful of a very good tournament overall for les bleus.

  26. Masterstroke

    You guys commenting on the Fox commentators; are you based in the USA?
    If so, how are you feeling about the joint award award of the 2026 World Cup?
    I’d like to see a GB joint bid some time in the future.

  27. Champagne charlie

    “Again Xhaka has no speed and no engine, he’s just too pedestrian for midfield“

    This is nonsense. Xhaka consistently ranks among the most distance covered and plays every fucking game, his engine is fantastic.

    Could those persistently staying Xhaka makes loads of errors provide empirical evidence of this? I think the facts would be interesting, as opposed to a bunch of echoing opinions.

  28. Champagne charlie

    Moreno makes Burley appear an intelligent student of the game.

    Says it all really, Venezuelan twat.

  29. TitsMcGee

    Still think France are co-favorites with the Brazilians.

    I really hope we don’t see a negative playing Argentina in the final again. With all that talent and still playing so drab.

    The fact that the offer is still on the table for Wilshire is surprising. Need to get the Wenger Generals out of the club.

  30. Dissenter

    The Nigerian team is another one that over-performed and is four years too early.
    There’s a pipeline of good talent from the recent youth team exploits. the future is bright for them.

  31. Alex Cutter

    “Fox sports production is sub-par.”

    Most of their commenting teams are calling the matches from studios in the U.S.

  32. Dissenter

    Alex Cutter
    They are cheap skates. They even limited internet access, unlike ESPN who made everything available .
    I hate anything with the “Fox” label attached to it.

  33. Alex Cutter

    “They are cheap skates.”

    It’s unclear whether they would have been as cheap if the U.S. had qualified.

  34. Dissenter

    The Nigerian team will show a lack of know-how art this level. Croatia have too many heavy hitters.
    Stranger things have happened though like Nigeria beating Spain in the 1998. That team was very experienced though.

  35. Bamford10

    I’d much prefer watching this Croatia team if we added a young and healthy Eduardo to the XI. That would make them a lot more interesting.

  36. Dissenter

    People who don’t follow Nigeria are always surprised to see John Obi Mikel playing effectively in an attacking position.

  37. Bamford10


    Based on what you’ve seen so far, who do you think is better: this Nigerian team, or the Peru team we just watched? For me, Peru.

  38. Dissenter

    Rakitic has been nasty. I wonder why it’s taking so long to get him a yellow card.
    Disgustingly nasty and very slow as well.

  39. Dissenter

    This Nigerian team is truly young, as in very young and obviously inexperienced.
    That’s their biggest undoing.

  40. qna

    Doesn’t look likely we will see a good run from an underdog like we saw with Senegal a few world cups ago. World Cup is looking pretty predictable so far.

    I don’t understand why they are going to ruin it by adding more teams. I think overall the number of good games will actually decrease in the tournament.

  41. Receding hairline

    Kramaric didn’t touch the ball for the goal… he just missed a decent header too not to mention countless misplaced attempts to link play dunno how he looks a pretty good player

  42. Dissenter

    “‘I don’t understand why they are going to ruin it by adding more teams. I think overall the number of good games will actually decrease in the tournament.’

    FIFA is run by the dumbest of the dumb.
    Have you read about the changes FIFA is proposing to the World Club competition?

  43. Coach 15

    You watching the golf fella,those greens are beginning to speed up,should make for even more interesting golf this evening.

  44. qna

    Dissenter. Yeah the biggest corrupt boys club in the world. I hate them. Don’t care about the Club World Cup. FIFA doesn’t get that it is irrelevant in club football.

    You seriously expect me to believe that Infantino wasn’t as corrupt as the rest of them. Worse than politicians the lot of them.

  45. HillWood

    The World Cup is only 3 days old and you are moaning
    Did you expect Iceland to get a result against Argentina ?

  46. Bamford10


    I was talking about his play in general with that remark. I just combined it with the goal comment.

    Do you do anything here aside from troll other posters?

  47. Receding hairline

    @ Bamford

    Read what I wrote before seeking sympathy.. Kramaric has had a poor game.. misplaced passes.. poor shots.. poor heading… can’t actually see what he has done tonight to be called a pretty good player

  48. Dissenter

    Redtruth thinks all those names on lion king are true.
    How’s the view from your momma’s basement?

  49. Bamford10

    Marble isn’t getting much attention these days, so he is beginning to make racial / racist remarks in the hopes that someone will pay attention to him.

  50. Victorious

    Wonder what Red has to do before going to the bin,seems like Aubergine has be binned again..poor taste when the likes of Red turns the place into dog turd

  51. Bamford10

    On ITV, Slaven Bilić just said that Kramaric has been effective every time he’s had the ball at his feet.

    But this “Receding Hairline” character is trying to call me out for saying the same.

    Go away, guy; you’re nothing but a troll. You add nothing to the discussion here.

  52. Dissenter

    I really thought Croatia were better than I’ve seen. It’s no wonder they finished being Iceland in the qualifying group.

  53. Henry Root

    Your Comment Herecriatia did very well to finish 3rd in 1998 if they’ve never won a group game! In fact they’ve won a number over the years.
    Nice to see Ronaldo play so brilliantly last night. There was no comparison between him and Messi based on the two games. Messi really needs to come to the party in a World Cup. He was very poor today

  54. Dissenter

    Victor Moses needs to stop diving very time. He gets fouled but he’s making it hard for the referee.

  55. Victorious

    Rohr does make some ridiculous decisions,Musa should be starting on the left with Iwobi coming in.. we look slow and lethargic,needs some pace, how does Ighalo starts ahead of Iheanacho mystifies me.

  56. Receding hairline


    Yeah Itv agrees with you.. how sweet

    I do not need TV pundits to tell me what to think thank you..he has been busy alright with little quality

    wonder what you believe u add to this blog to give u the clout to keep asking posters you do not agree with to go away… grow up dude u arw not a kid. Drop this playground mentality of forming camps and taking sides

  57. Champagne charlie


    About to park up and watch it mate, sounds like it’s getting baked and quick. That spells massive trouble on them greens!

    Koepka is such a baller, definition of power fade.

  58. Dissenter

    I agree
    Rohr has improved the team a lot though. They just have to keep him [or someone like him] for four more years]
    You know this team is very young, even by Niger standards.

  59. Dissenter

    Incase into this game thinking hot was mission impossible but it seems Croatia don’t have an extra gear. This is as good as they get.
    Rohr needs to throw pace into the team.
    F-it and go for it.

  60. Coach 15

    Mickelson having a Turkish with that explanation for hitting a moving ball.

    Zac Johnson roasting the USGA for loosing the golf course @ US Open.
    “Sheer carnage is what your going to see”

  61. alexanderhenry

    So far all I can say about this game is that Iwobi hasn’t been quite as bad as his team mates. Come on Iwobi.

  62. Dissenter

    Alex Cutter
    “Tv just said a bunch of Nigerian supporters tried to bring live chickens into the stadium.”

    First things first
    It’s nothing new.
    ‘There was a time French fans used to bring chickens spray painted flue into live games. I saw it at the 1982, 1986 and 1990 world cups
    Secondly, how come it is the fu*cking FOX sports crew that are the only ones to report this story. Its not on the wires at all, even as soft banter which gets covered a lot.
    I don’t believe anything Fox, they are freaking liars.

  63. Coach 15

    No haven’t seen it yet,just the interview and the zac Johnson outburst.
    There’s a couple of 66 today so making a good score is out there.
    It’s fuckkng brutal but it’s going to make for great viewing.

  64. Dissenter

    It always looks worse on replays
    Are they going to call every similar hold a penalty in this World Cup?

  65. Bamford10


    It’s one thing to hold; it’s another thing to wrap both of your arms around the player’s shoulders/neck right in front of the referee. That was just dumb.

  66. Bamford10

    I find it hilarious that anyone thinks Iwobi was doing anything of note for this Nigerian team. Moses, Ndidi and Mikel have been the only players worth mentioning for them, IMO. Iwobi did nothing — except for meaningless, sideways, 5-yard passes.

  67. Dissenter

    It was an obvious hold
    My point is that are they going to call every time there’s a hold in the box. They can review with VAR so it’s not a case of referee didn’t see it.
    Has the marching orders for referees changed.?