Diamond Eyes close to landing DM and GK, but who is he selling?

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Good things come to those who wait, and f*ck me Arsenal fans, we’ve waited a long time for a good summer.

It hasn’t landed yet, but it feels like we’re making progress early in the window and it’s looking very exciting.

David Ornstein can usually afford to go on holiday for most oftransfer window when it comes to Arsenal, but he’s already out there tweeting that we’re in for Lucas Torreira and a goalkeeper. The good money is going on Bernd Leno to fill that position. That’ll mean we’ll have taken two targets from under the nose of Napoli.

The keeper is a very important signing. 2013-14, Leno saved 5 of 8 penalties, so that’s good news. He has sharp reactions, he makes some pretty spectacular saves, and through some extensive research I’ve been doing this week, he looks like he has a good range of passing. I’ve watched him take the ball around strikers, I’ve seen him dink chips over the press and he’s super fast at making decisions.

Petr Cech has been a great servant to the club, but we picked him up after his peak. The goalkeeping game has moved on and successful clubs need to have a keeper who is good with the ball at their feet. We don’t have to play sweeper keeper, but the advantage of having another outlet at the back is immense. How many times have we watched Arsenal concede possession because the only option for Cech is a monster hoof up the pitch?

There’s some scepticism around Leno, Bundesliga pundit Fjortoft had this to say.

“Bernd Leno to Arsenal seems to be just around the corner.

“Was a great talented keeper. It’s fair to say he hasn’t “taken the next step”.

“But a move to England can be good for him.”

I’m not sure we’re in the money leagues to compete for the best in the game. I’d love us to bring in Atleti’s Jan Oblak or Allison from Roma. Reality is, those names demand Champions League money, and sadly, we don’t have that this season. If we do sign Leno, we’re taking a punt on potential that sounds a little like it’s stalled.

On the midfielder role,Torreira is EXACTLY the sort of player Wenger used to pick up back in the day. On the way to being elite… a touch like the time we signed Freddie Ljungberg before he blew up. We’re signing the future of defensive midfield. Remember the days when Arsenal fans were telling everyone that the defensive midfield role didn’t really exist? Muppets. I’m glad we’re solving a problem we’ve had for years, with the right tool. We’ve been so bad at defensive midfielders. Denilson, Flamini, Alex Song to name a few. We signed Xhaka thinking he was box to box, then when Wenger realised he had the pace of a mobility scooter, he jammed him in the deep-lying role despite him having no defensive attributes.

I mean, there really are questions over what the club do with Xhaka. I’m not sure there’s much hope for him. In an Arsenal team that’ll be all about pressing and tactical discipline, I’m unsure how he’ll feet, especially if we sign Torreira. Hopefully, he’ll have a good World Cup, maybe there’s a path back to Germany for him. This is another great thing about the new regime, if something isn’t working on the pitch, we’ll just move the player on. One of the worst parts of the backend of Wenger’s tenure was his inability to own up to a mistake and make a tough decision.

Xhaka has been one of the worst signings of the last 10 years. He’s offered up almost nothing in midfield, and I’ve never seen a player make so many mistakes, so consistently. Give me Torreira, with cover from AMN and I’d be more than happy with that moving forward. Our midfield needs to be based on high energy, fast, powerful player. They obviously need to be technical, but one of the key things our starting 11 has lacked is power. That looks like it’s about to change.

Arsenal are doing a lot of work to bring players in, I’m very interested to see who leaves to balance the books? Ospina? Cech? What happens to Welbeck if he won’t sign? Do we keep Lacazette? Are the club keen on the bloated squad? This is going to be a very disruptive summer. Plenty more to come, and maybe even a shock to the fans at some point.

Some additional backroom news, Freddie Ljungberg is BACK at the club, managing the under 23 team. If you remember correctly, he took an ill-fated job with Joncker at Wolfsburg. He’s now back where he belongs. Good luck to him, it’s truly special to have so many explayers making their way back to Arsenal!

Finally, jump on our podcast. A few people have told me the volume is too low. That’s a power play. To make you concentrate super hard. I have rectified the issue though. So feel free to have another go. Next time, we’ll record it louder.


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  1. Bamford10


    So you know, I don’t read your posts anymore — at least not the ones that are addressed to me. I just skip right over them.

    You have been hostile, unfriendly and unpleasant to me from the get-go and despite my trying to reach some kind of peace agreement with you on more than one occasion, you have refused and continued on in an unfriendly campaign against me. So frankly, I have no reason to read anything you direct toward me. You are unfair, unfriendly and abusive, and I have no interest in bringing that negativity into my life.

    You are free, obviously, to continue to address comments to me, but I just want you to know that I won’t be reading them. For example, the two posts immediately above, I didn’t read those, and I won’t be reading those.


  2. Nw9 gooner

    You still don’t get it -Arsene was frugal, we had money, we made transfer profit last year, there is increased tv money this year so where is money we were all shouting we had and AW was not spending

  3. Akilan

    If manure are going for Bale AND we’re ready to cough up the millions, I don’t see why they wouldn’t sell to us.

    They would rather us getting him than any other top PL club. I don’t see juve or any other European club bar PSG spending 60+m on him. If we raise the money, we do have a chance IMO.

  4. Champagne charlie

    Guy reading this who is definitely Banford

    Just so you know, you addressed me directly yesterday when it was convenient for you to jump on the back of someone else’s comment towards what I’d said. As such, take your self righteous nausea and pop it between the crevasse of your buttocks for safe keeping.

    There’s no campaign, or venom, or harassment of you; your continued pity party is almost as cringeworthy as the bet you proposed to Weagle.

    Be less of an obnoxious tool, be open to debate, drop the keeper of knowledge routine. It’s stale, like that sock in your drawer. Amirite? But seriously…give it a rest.

  5. Bamford10


    Yeah, I explained that. And again, the financials are published every three months; they are a matter of public record. No one is hiding anything.

    If it turns out we have £150m cash on hand and yet they penny-pinch this summer and next, I will gladly criticize the new group just as much as anyone did Wenger.

    But there is no evidence of this. We are spending money. What is your deal? I really don’t get it.

  6. Thorough

    (All stats for League play only)
    33 – Shots taken in league play last season: 30 right foot, 3 left foot, 29 outside the box
    4 – Goals scored, all outside the box
    12 – Percent conversion on his total shots, 14% on his shots from distance
    2 – Percent conversion on Xhaka’s shots from outside the box last season (1/58)
    1 – Assist by Torreira last season (from a free kick)
    36 – Key passes by Torreira last season (16 from corners and 6 from free kicks, both stats led Samp)
    35 – Successful dribbles last season (of 44 attempted 80% success rate)
    148 – Attempted tackles (led Samp, 3rd in Serie A)
    47 – Number of times he was dribbled
    68 – Percent success rate of his tackles
    64 – Percent success rate of Xhaka’s tackles
    43 – Number of times Xhaka was dribbled
    13 – Number of times Xhaka adjusted his shin pads after the opponents scored and he had forgot to run back
    72 – Interceptions (led Samp by almost 40 over the second guy and was tied for 5th in Serie A)
    37 – Interceptions by Xhaka last season
    35 – Blocked passes by Torreira
    21 – Blocked passes by Xhaka
    46 – Fouls by Torreira
    57 – Fouls by Xhaka
    6 – Cards for Torreira last season
    1817 – Successful short passes by Torreira (led Samp, 9th in Serie A)
    206 – Failed short passes
    2520 – Successful short passes by Xhaka last season (led Arsenal)
    312 – Failed short passes by Xhaka
    90 – Percent completion of short passes by Torreira
    89 – Percent completion of short passes by Xhaka
    90/165 – 55% long ball rate for Torreira
    188/284 – 64% long ball rate for Xhaka
    35 – Successful dribbles (of 44, 80%)
    18 – Successful dribbles by Xhaka (of 24, 75%)
    22/56 – Aerial duels by the 168cm tall Torreira

  7. Pierre

    Why are you posting links of Emery’s apparent love for Ramsey when it is all bullshit… Those reports were 2 weeks ago, since then… nothing except Ramsey admitting that he has had no contact with Emery whilst AMN confirmed yesterday that Emery took the time to contact him in regard to signing his contract.

    There are no quotes directly from Emery or anyone close to Emery stating that Ramsey is “key” to his plans.

    I thought you would have the intelligence to realise that.

    A question for you Bamford… How many good partnerships has Ramsey had with team mates within the ten years at the club….. The answer is none because Ramsey plays for himself…. The club will not move forward if Ramsey stays at the club.

    People slag özil off but he has built good partnerships with team mates especially sanchez, cazorla and giroud and I have no doubt will do it with mkhitarayan and Aubameyang.

  8. WengerEagle

    Hahaha come on Bamford, you give as well as you get on here, don’t play the victim card.

    Do you not see the irony given how you have treated certain posters here on a daily basis?

  9. WengerEagle

    Champagne Charlie is a smart chap, he more than a hint of Keyser about him and I don’t know whether it’s that you are unable to engage him in debate day after day or if you’re just getting lazy and don’t want to dig deep anymore but he’s not abusive towards anyone where I’m sitting.

    Wind up merchant? Sure, but it’s pot and kettle given that you’re the one calling him out on it.

  10. Nw9 gooner

    B10 what money are we spending? Even if all the rumoured signings take place we will be spending about 70 m so after sales we may be spending less than £ 50 m – my point was that you have changed your views – we are the same even post AW

  11. Sancho Monzorla


    Can you tell us how you know Emery hasn’t spoken to Ramsey? If you’re going to claim the fact the reports are 2 weeks old as a reason to think it’s untrue (which makes absolutely no sense), you can’t possibly be referring to Ramsey saying something like he hadn’t spoken to Emery weeks ago, I think it was around the day of or the day after the new manager had signed?

    You have proof they haven’t spoken since then?

    You’re so full of shit and agenda.

  12. Akilan

    Messi and CR7 have not met the standard set for Neymar in international semi/final.

    Reason is not because they’re crap. In a semi, teams tend to prepare extensively for the biggest threat. It creates space/opportunity for the teammates and they outperform you. This is true especially in international football.

  13. Pierre

    All nw9 is asking is how come that if we made a profit on transfers in the 2017/18 season then surely there should be more than 50 million to spend this season.

    We made a profit of about 20 million last season which effectively means that for last season and this season our budget is 30 million which equates to 15 million a year despite the fact that we made another cup final and a European semi final.

  14. Marko

    Apparently Torreira’s nickname in South America is Pacman…because he just eats up all the space

    Love him already

  15. Sancho Monzorla

    We made a profit of about 20 million last season which effectively means that for last season and this season our budget is 30 million which equates to 15 million a year despite the fact that we made another cup final and a European semi final.

    This is the stupidest math…no this is just in general the stupidest shit I’ve ever heard.

  16. Akilan

    Lol Pierre. Ramsey and Giroud had a decent “partnership”. He assisted two cup final winners.

    I have forgotten the number of times Ozil assisted Ramsey, not least the goal of this season. And Ozil and Ramsey don’t hate each other. You just made that up.

  17. Marko

    So you know, I don’t read your posts anymore — at least not the ones that are addressed to me. I just skip right over them.

    I bet he doesn’t. Bet he reads the fuck out of em

  18. WengerEagle

    World Cup SF and Finals are notoriously close affairs, look throughout history.

    Spain won the WC in 2010 winning every match 1-0 and being taken to ET by the Netherlands after a 0-0.

    In 2006 Italy squeezed by Germany in ET after a 0-0, France edged out Portugal with a Zidane penalty, Final was 0-0 and went to pens.

    Last WC SF was an anomaly given how shocking Brazil were. Messi fired blanks against Netherlands and Germany, I don’t think that anyone barring Red who’s for the birds would suggest that he’s not a big stage player.

    Ridiculous standard to judge Neymar on. He’s already displayed on dozens of occasions at club level that he’s a big game player and he was by far and away Brazil’s best player in qualifying.

  19. Pierre

    Sancho monzorla
    Without wishing to go over the top on this matter, I would be grateful if you wouldn’t address me in your posts as, although people like marko and Tony d think it is ok for you to make a “joke” about a father sexually abusing his daughter , I’m sorry but I regard it vile and totally disgusting.

  20. Marko

    I never said it was okay to joke about that I said people could clearly tell it was a joke. Big difference.

  21. WengerEagle

    ‘although people like marko and Tony d think it is ok for you to make a “joke” about a father sexually abusing his daughter , I’m sorry but I regard it vile and totally disgusting’

    The fuck? Context?

  22. Dennis

    Perhaps Arsenal medium terms may be a CLUB, where players of he invivinsble, considered ins ome areas as having been leaders, variously, are in positions of ifluence…. Bergkam Vieira perhaps medium term.. Perhaps Henry..
    Bergkamp gotta be there ,

    Pires Ljungberg now.. People leader with attitude, leaerships capacity in and of thmnselves who could perhps influence youth relative to adults – Mertesacker ( norms issues’… )

  23. WengerEagle

    Russia are complete wank, honestly wouldn’t put it past the Saudis pulling off the upset. Very generous odds on a SA win/draw.

    Will be murder if they lose to SA in Moscow though.

  24. Marko

    Apparently reports tomorrow are going to be Gelson has terminated his contract. Shouldn’t be an issue cause Rui Patricio and Podence have already cancelled theirs. Oh and Torreira is having his medical in Russia

  25. WengerEagle


    Is Patricio really any worse than Leno?

    Seems a good bit of bargains are available out of SL, be well interested in any of Gelson Martins, Patricio, Fernandes, Carvalho on frees.

  26. TonyD

    First you should never have revealed that personal information on this Blog.

    2nd you reap what you sow as you’re always baiting people with your quips (knobs) and aiming personal insults at people when their opinions don’t reflect your own.

    Maybe just sticking to all matters football without name calling and insults will serve you better.

    I’m pretty sure you’re able to counter opinions with objective reasoning if you put your mind to it.

    The Wenger baiting days are over for most of us.

  27. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I would most definitely like to see Martial come to Arsenal, although there
    is no likelihood of that happening.

    He is an excellent player and clearly undervalued by Mourinho.

  28. TonyD

    Guess that will be budgetary and Mourinho reasons for not getting him, but we could always offer Ozil or Ramsey to try. At least MU can afford Ozil’s ridiculous wages.

  29. Graham62

    Tony D

    Good Morning.

    How’s the workout going?

    “The Wenger baiting days are over for most of us”

    True, but some of those days will go down in history.

    Ah the memories.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Would Maureen sell to us?

    Well it depends on whether he considers Arsenal a rival under the new manager.

    Chances are he won’t sell Martial to us unless we’re willing to pay way over the odds… say £70m or so. As much as I like the lad and the potential he represents for that kind of money I rather see Ousmane Dembele at the club.

  31. Graham62

    Fancy Saudi Arabia may get something out of it today.

    I can hear some of you saying………….Who cares!!

  32. TonyD

    Good morning

    Just finished a 90 minute advanced abs program I wrote, so training is going well and body fat @12%.

    Agreed the Wenger banter was memorable, but I would rather it hadn’t been necessary for all the pain it caused.

    Still a new era to look forward to. You and I have seen many in the last 50+ years.

    Enjoy the WC.

  33. champagne charlie

    “I bet he doesn’t. Bet he reads the fuck out of em”

    Not sure why but this really tickled me haha kudos Marko.

    Have to wonder how United are going to play the Martial situation. Is he angling for a mega deal to stay, or is he genuinely saying fuck this place I’m out (wouldn’t blame him)?

    United might say no to him staying in England, but who outside of it is paying his circa 80 mil transfer fee, even as a swap? Madrid won’t have him, Juve won’t, Bayern?, PSG have no room. The money bags in waiting are all English in Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal (hope).

    You wonder if relations between us and them are good enough to engineer a proper transfer like that. I don’t mean, best of a pants down situation like RVP/Alexis, I mean guy has 3 years to run and doesn’t want to be there but is obviously mega. That’s a bitter one to swallow. I think he’s someone we’d find money for if I’m honest.

  34. champagne charlie

    “Just finished a 90 minute advanced abs program I wrote, so training is going well and body fat @12%.”

    What an enormous waste of time.

  35. Radio Raheem

    Martial is the wide forward we should go for. Although I’d be surprised if he moves before January. He’d be too expensive before then. Got a year left on his contract.

  36. champagne charlie


    I actually meant physiologically speaking, of course you’re more than welcome to do as you please for whatever duration you please. But 90 min ab workouts are, physically speaking, redundant to the body.

  37. Radio Raheem

    Is Leno better than England’s goalies at the world cup? For the amount reported we could get either of the other England goalies apart from Pickford.

    Just curious

  38. champagne charlie

    Radio Raheem

    I thought he had two years left, that forces their hand a bit more than I realised. He should 100% be a player we target this summer, I don’t care how good value Gelson Martins appears.

  39. Radio Raheem


    I thought that too ’till I read he’d spent three years at ManU having signed a four year contract initially.

  40. TonyD

    I agree but my program treats the abs as primaries but also utilizes compound exercises that conditions the various parts of the body, such as renegade dumbbells

    At almost 63 I work to a HIT tempo with longer rests between reps and exercises to also keep calories burning long after the workout.

    As I said each to their own. Every body is different and being an endomorph keeping fat off is not easy even with a healthy diet.

    When doing weight training for specific muscle groups, such as chest I keep my work outs to 1 hour with some cross trainer and treadmill fat burning at the end for fat loss and calorie after burn.

  41. TonyD

    “He should 100% be a player we target this summer, I don’t care how good value Gelson Martins appears.”

    Also agree but would prefer Dembele if that was an option.

  42. Leftsidesanch

    Really interested to see our fixtures for the upcoming season, got to start well and get abit of luck in there. If we can avoid a top 6 side early thats a plus too.

  43. champagne charlie

    “At almost 63 I work to a HIT tempo with longer rests between reps and exercises to also keep calories burning long after the workout.”

    Conflicting ideas there Tony if you’re suggest HIIT but talking about extra time resting. HIIT is predicated on less time resting and constant movement, strength training is where longer rests occur.

    “Every body is different and being an endomorph keeping fat off is not easy even with a healthy diet.”

    Unless you have a genetic condition of some kind then I’m afraid this is very much broscience, simple thermodynamics is at play with everyone and it doesn’t discriminate. Calories in vs calories burned = fat substrates the body maintains.

  44. Steiner

    This website needs Discus for comments.
    Articles are generally good, but the comments are like watching paint dry.
    A load of guys who sit down to piss whining at each other.
    @Pedro get discus on the site so those of us who don’t sound like we accidentally buttoned a bollock into our jeans, can enjoy the football talk instead of having to trudge through these old ladies bitching!

  45. TallestTiz

    Martial wants to leave the boring shit hole…

    Let’s get him please?

    If we can get Gelson on the cheap too or we squeeze ourselfs and Malcolm too, that’s our wings sorted for the foreseeable future

  46. raptora

    A real conundrum is if we had the choice between Ousmane Dembele or Martial. Now that’s a close match.

    Would liked both ofc. Sell some players like Lacazette, Ozil, Welbeck and have a extra fast, super skillful attacking line of those two and Aubameyang. Add to it a solid midfield and the defence we are looking to strengthen. Would be a sight to see.

  47. TallestTiz

    artial wants to leave the boring shit hole…

    Let’s get him please?

    If we can get Gelson on the cheap too or we squeeze ourselfs and Malcolm too, that’s our wings sorted for the foreseeable future

  48. Guns of Hackney

    After the first two games, piss easy until Liverpool in November.

    If we start 6 points down, season done in first two games.

  49. Buckhurst Gun

    Can someone please go back and find my comment where I said ‘ you just know it’ll be city or United opening game ‘ !!!!

    It was back when we were discussing how bad emery’s record against pep and Jose is

    Was always going to happen HAHAHA

  50. Guns of Hackney

    Let’s hope our geriatric defence can handle sane, aguero, de bryune etc. Sheesh what a stinker of a start.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    That should focus everyone at the club, not the easiest of starts but Emery should also be looking at it as a chance to make a statement in the first two games if we get out transfers right and he gets the team organised.

    At least it means Ozil gets a longer break after the World Cup though, absolutely no place for him in the first two games, Emery is going to be under pressure as it is no point handing City and Chelsea the advantage by voluntarily playing with 10 men.

  52. TallestTiz

    Sorry about the repeated post.
    Meanwhile, the fixtures list is really trying to fuck Unai.

    Very disadvantaged. New Ideas, some new players, new system, facing Man City, Chelsea and West Ham in succession. Quite awkward

  53. Leftsidesanch

    Looking for positives here, they have a lot more players at the WC – if they return late then maybe it could be in our favour.

  54. gonsterous

    athletico madrid, psg, and chelsea in the preseason tournament. not a bad warm up, before the city game.. if we lose all three of those pre season then we may just see a dejected squad…

  55. Cesc Appeal

    We should be doing everything we can to get Martial as well, his contract situation and the fact his agent as basically confirmed he wants to leave means United are in a more difficult position although I doubt they will have a lack of buyers.

    Martial, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan would be some attack.

  56. raptora

    “If we start 6 points down, season done in first two games.”

    Not true because this season the goal is not to become champions but to get back to winning the tr4phy and we could still do that with two losses in first two games.

  57. Buckhurst Gun

    Let’s hope city have a WC hangover – at least wenger is gone now , if he was still here he would have rested the whole starting 11 for that opening game even if they just sat at home and watched the WC , he would have been on bein sport up until the day before the game then he’d pop back and tell the reserves to go out and express themselves like a pack of wolves – ahhhh I miss those days 🙂

  58. Emiratesstroller

    You have to ask some questions about the allocation of fixtures.

    We have back to back fixtures against Manchester City and Chelsea at start of
    season and then at beginning of December we play Spurs on weekend followed
    by midweek game against Man Utd.

  59. Guns of Hackney


    Mate, I know we aren’t getting anywhere near the league but even the race for our trophy…six down is pretty bad. Remember, we finished 12 off fourth last season.

    It’s about confidence. Lose the first two and everyone is pissed again. Players go on holiday and Emery under immediate pressure.

    Not great.

  60. Cesc Appeal

    We are looking at it from the negative which is understandable given we are all use to Wenger running the club.

    But if we get our transfers in order, less players at the World Cup, if Emery can have the effect we think he can, those first two games could give us a massive lift going into the season. Imagine beating City opening day, the champions, what a lift that would be to take into the game against Chelsea who are, right now, in a real state.

  61. Emiratesstroller

    To clarify we play Spurs at home on Saturday and Man Utd away on Tuesday!

    It would not surprise me that TV Stations shift us on Sunday afternoon giving us
    a 2 day break!!!

  62. TonyD

    Ok Charlie you do love an argument, don’t you? I think you and Bamford share the same DNA

    I never said HIIT I referred to HIT both types are different but designed for a longer fat after burn after training ends as an end goal.

    You missed out an important part that is metabolic burning rates. These vary is people and especially they slow down as you go through your 50s and more so in your 60s.

    Endomorphs, Mesomorphs and Ectomorphs all burn calories at different rates; therefore, their metabolisms are different. This also changes fat retaining durations and difficulties of burning fat. Then there is the BASAL metabolism to take into consideration for burning calories when resting. These also vary.

    Furthermore it’s not just as simple as you’re suggesting with calories in vs calories out. The principle is right but the actual outcome can differ with the 3 groups mentioned above along wit diet and ALA & CLA and other forms of fats eaten, as well as genetic abnormalities.

    I use a form of HIT when doing certain work outs and when I’m training with my 80kg punchbag. I use a different HIT time format when on the cross trainer and treadmill.

    I run my HR up to 90% for one minute and drop the HR to 60% for 3 to 4 minutes; this works for me at my age and coronary arteries’ condition.

    My XT One cross trainer does 30/30 HIT but that is not possible for me in the way it is for my wife, son and daughter.

    This enables the following:

    I maintain between a 10% & 12% body fat thus keeping a decent 6-pack in my 60s.

    I’m 172cm and weigh between 74kg and 78kg depending on holiday trips.

    I maintain 15 inch biceps and tricep arms , a 45-inch chest and 32 inch waist.

    My legs are in ratio with my upper body.

    That is exactly what I am happy to maintain; equally my HR recovery rate is always under 2 minutes from 90% to 60%, but because I had bypass surgery at 35 and 2 stents 5 years ago, I rest a little longer.

    That spell it out enough for you Charlie?

    Fat loss and muscle growth is a science, but not an exact science for everyone.

    I’ll leave you to snap at Marko’s and Banford’s ankles now.

    My apologies to the other posters here for going off the football subject.

  63. HighburyLegend

    LOLz first game at home against Man City to start the season, the former manager would have done some “panic buy” on August 31.

    (thank God he’s gone for good)

  64. Marko

    Might be a good thing to play City and Chelsea early. Even though probably a perfect time to play us generally don’t start the season off well.

  65. HighburyLegend

    I didn’t see that Chelsea away was right after Man City game!!

    Is Emery has what it takes ?? we’ll find out soon and quickly….
    (but please Unai, FORGET ABOUT PLAYING OZIL !! lol)

  66. Khalid

    We need to get rid of some trash and this includes Eleny, Xhaka, Wellbeck, Perez, Mustafi…even if it’s a bit below their market value, at least we’ll get them off the wage list.

    It’s a bit crazy but I would keep Wilshere, he’s got talent and I hope a new coach can boost him, injuries withstanding.

  67. Daz


    Yeah i agree, playing city first game could work out nicely we could catch them with a world cup hangover, and Chelsea seem to be in abit of turmoil at the moment

  68. champagne charlie


    Nothing to do with arguing you precious twat, and what an incredibly rich POV to take with your incessant hounding of Pierre. You’ve spent numerous times talking of your business building acumen and wives ventures in Thailand, well show and tell time….I’m more than qualified on the wishy washy stuff you commented, hence I replied. Get over yourself.

    “Furthermore it’s not just as simple as you’re suggesting with calories in vs calories out. The principle is right but the actual outcome can differ with the 3 groups mentioned above along wit diet and ALA & CLA and other forms of fats eaten, as well as genetic abnormalities”

    It actually is, and you’re being disingenuous to omit this as a given when discussing thermodynamics – which always accounts for the variances in people. The rest of your usual self-adulating commentary is arbitrary.

  69. champagne charlie

    Mario Gote interesting Arsenal, Everton, and West Ham according to Sky… odd one that.

    Welcome to England Emery with those fixtures 😀 whats the betting EmeryOut is trending 2 weeks in? lol

  70. Graham62

    Tony D

    I think what we should be highlighting here is certain moral and ethical principles in respect to why you continue to promote things that are basically irrelevant and sort of patronizing to the rest of the posters on Le Grove.

    Material gain and wealth is all well and good, Kudos to you,but it doesn’t necessarily define you as person. As you are seven years my senior, I personally feel I shouldn’t need to highlight things like this to you.

    Nevertheless, I am doing so.

    Please don’t take offence.

  71. Chika

    Signing a Martial/Pavon type winger will be the icing on the cake. The major attraction about signing Gelson Martins is the possibility of getting him for free/cheap.

  72. champagne charlie

    Wtf is with us playing United and Spurs within a week of each other TWICE during the season?

    The pre season friendly with Chelsea just got more interesting by all accounts.

  73. Marko

    Probably just as well he’s actually getting his signings in before preseason like an actual smart manager. None of this waiting around shit anymore

  74. TR7

    I really hope we get another DM/CM presuming Parreira is done and dusted. I don’t trust our midfield at all. Against any team of good quality, it looks stale and bereft of ideas.

  75. champagne charlie

    “I don’t trust our midfield at all. Against any team of good quality, it looks stale and bereft of ideas.”

    Not a personnel issue for me, it’s here where Emerys influence (or lack thereof) will shine through I’m hoping.

    I’m very content with the mooted incomings, and now the excitement/curiosity is turning to how these additional players will integrate and be utilised by old Unai.

  76. Vintage Gun

    If we can find a way of boosting our kitty, i’d be all over Martial. Starting from yesterday.

    Sell Welbeck and Perez. That should raise £20-25m

  77. Carts

    Martial would be a massive signing. For him to move to another domestic team will come with a hefty premium that Arsenal, imo, won’t match.

  78. underrated Coq

    Each and every day I see this Champagne Charlie character getting into fights with someone or the other and ruining the quality of discussions. Does this Champagne come with a lid so that we can shut it tight and throw it in some dark corner?

  79. kc

    Those first two fixtures are going to be a real baptism by fire for Emery. Glenn Thompson must have been an AKB. Not cool!

  80. underrated Coq

    Re Soyuncu and the mooted fee- Not a fan. 30 odd million on a prospect, is that something Arsenal should be doing at this time? What’s the success rate like when it comes to prospects fulfilling their potential? With GKs and CBs, it gets even trickier.

  81. Samesong

    Vintage GunJune 14, 2018 10:41:11
    “Martial not coming to Arsenal end of.”Ok Stan

    Someone’s been playing FIFA 18 Ulitmate team this morning.

  82. underrated Coq

    I think beginning of the season is the perfect time to play the strongest teams. They won’t have hit their strides yet-both mentally and physically, could easily salvage a draw or even sneak a victory if we play a tight game.

  83. Dream10

    Not a big fan of Martial. Would love Dembélé, Guedes or a Mané type instead.
    Less ball to feet types, rapid, quick decision makers and complement goal scoring c ntre forwards much better. But we’re not stocked with enough talent for me to turn down players right now

  84. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    If Wenger was still at the helm he would give all our World Cup players an extra week or two off. Leaving us without Elneny, Iwobi, Monreal, Campbell, Xhaka, Lichtsteiner, Ozil, Welbeck, Ospina and potentially Torreira for the citeh and chavs games.

    God, I’m glad he has finally gone!

  85. Guns of Hackney

    Martial will end up at PSG or something. He’s still a £50m player and we ain’t in that league this season.

    Good shout for selling off Pérez and Welbeck though. I’d also consider lacatalent if it got us £40m. Perhaps if we got £60m for the lot, we could start shopping in Argos and not Poundland.

  86. Steveyg87

    Realistically, we can’t expect anything from the 1st two fixtures of the PL, I would be happy with 2 draws, maybe even a cheeky win. No coach, not even Pep could get their team to gel that quick, the guys need to play together for a good couple of months before we start seeing proper changes, maybe sooner, who knows? But yea, we’ll probably see Wenger’s disciples appear soon enough when things get tough. Just remember though, 99% of us would have kept the team as is this summer just to see Wenger leave, that has happened, our best business has been done, we are trying something new, if it goes to s**t, still beats having Wenger in charge

  87. champagne charlie

    A good two games could light a fire under us next season.

    Could be worse, look at Newcastles first five:

    Spurs (h)
    Cardiff (a)
    Chelsea (h)
    Man City (a)
    Arsenal (h).

    😀 Best of luck Rafa

  88. Marko

    Keeping a player who wants to leave is always a good idea. He’ll leave if he truly wants to United are just postering

  89. Marko

    Rafa is a better manager than Emery. He’ll do okay.

    Arteta will be fine too… who’s he managing against again?

  90. Guns of Hackney

    Well look…the first game against the best team in the league and the best manager in the world will determine how good Emery is.

    At least we’ll know.

  91. Dream10

    Want to see attacking, cavalier football against Man City & Chelsea. A lot is always made about our dodgy backline. But when we play decent sides, especially away from home, we’re nailed on to score less than two goals. One of our strikers misses a chance early.on & we create.very.little for the rest.of the encounter. Our lack of threat up front is why we lost to Atletico Madrid.

  92. gambon

    Would try hard for Martial if I was Emery.

    Martial & Auba is a MUCH better pairing than Lacazette & Auba. Martial is actually a wide player, scores goals, creates goals.

    UTD are just posturing. They wont let a £50m player walk for free in 12 months. Especially when Jose isnt his biggest fan.

  93. Marc

    Sky are reporting that the Spud’s are going to play their home against Fulham at Wembley and then move to the new stadium. I thought it was expressly against PL rules to play fixtures at more than one home ground?

  94. gambon


    I think Aubameyang is a much bigger name than Martial and we got him.

    Its about selling a dream.

    Chelsea signed Kante, City signed Aguero, Silva & Toure, UTD signed Pogba all without CL football.

  95. Marko

    Don’t you think Martial will want to play Champions league football?

    I would say given the last couple seasons just playing consistently and starting games would be more important.

  96. Marko

    Gelson on a free and Martial and you’re talking about one of the best forward lines in Europe. Frightening pace

  97. Marko

    Of course some people would argue Auba on the wings with Ozil and Laca through the middle is as good as mine good but it’s not

  98. Dissenter

    Is Leno better than England’s goalies at the world cup?

    Leno is most likely better than all the England goalies at the World Cup. He’s certainly more experienced because I don’t think there’s any England goalie at the World Cup who has played much in the Europa league/CL.

    England has a very inexperienced group of goalies at th WC….that’s a fact.

  99. gambon

    You have to think about where Martial could realistically go.

    Man City – they dont need him, wouldnt happen anyway
    Liverpool – not remotely possible
    Chelsea – possible
    Spurs – possible
    Arsenal – possible
    PSG – they have Neymar in his position, and FFP issues
    Barcelona – not sure they are after him
    Madrid – possible, maybe not a big enough name for them
    Bayern – could definitely see this
    Juve – could definitely see this

    So really, youre looking at Spurs, Chelsea, Arsenal, Bayern, Juve with maybe a spanish team.

    Chelsea are the only team that will realistically pay more out of these teams.

    We have to get in there with him and his agent, and make our pitch.

    UTD cant go around signing players from Arsenal and Chelsea then refuse to do business the other way.

  100. gonsterous

    wouldn’t mou see spurs as more of a rival than us ?
    forget martial, get bale. Will guarantee us the title this season.

  101. gonsterous

    mou would definitely want big money for martial. that’s what clubs like utd and chelsea do, they invest in good players who will still fetch them decent money if they have to resell…

  102. Bamford10


    Fair enough re that proposed wager. I’ll try to come up with something different.

    Disagree completely with your take on how I behave here versus how Charlie does, but that’s not all that important.


  103. Vintage Gun

    @Same song

    “Someone’s been playing FIFA 18 Ulitmate team this morning.”

    Show me where i said we’re going to get him.

    Now be quiet

  104. Bamford10

    We have to play City eventually, obviously, so I’m not really bothered that we open with them. In some ways, it’s actually better, as it forces everyone to focus on the huge challenges that face us this season. No one can pretend that he or we can “ease” into the season.

  105. Samesong


    This is how it works. It’s a blog so I’ll speak whenever I want!
    You call me Stan what’s was that supposed to mean even? explain and then now want to tell me to be quiet. Ok then, you had your Weetabix this morning?

  106. Carts

    “Sky are reporting that the Spud’s are going to play their home against Fulham at Wembley and then move to the new stadium. I thought it was expressly against PL rules to play fixtures at more than one home ground?”

    Extenuating circumstances..

  107. Dissenter

    The fixture list has a silver lining, once we get past the initial flurry we will have more time to settle down and play like Emery wants.
    Next season is going to be very difficult though. Too many teams below us have gotten stronger.
    Westham is quietly having a revolution in the types of players being brought it.

  108. Carts

    City game would be an early gauge as to how Emery expects to go on.

    I’d take a loss; but not an embarrassing one