Crazy free transfer situation + Progress on dream defensive midfielder

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There are two approaches you can take to getting what you want in life. One is to work hard and make it happen with positive vibes, the second is to bitch, moan and palm off your failings onto things outside of your control. I demonstrated Stan C’s approach yesterday. Then this story crossed my lap yesterday by Sol Campbell. This is how he signed off the story.

Competition for jobs as a manager is fierce, I know that. So how do you get that first opportunity? I’ve asked myself that a lot.

Is it through friends? Is it through a good agent? Or is it down to timing? Maybe it’s all three.

One thing I know for sure is that I want to be in that environment – win, lose or draw. I want to build a new career. I want to compete again.

Yes, I’ve had knockbacks. But if it’s worth fighting for, you have to go for it. I’ve always known that.

That my friends is how an adult uses the media to deliver a message. Work hard, get your head down, and know that you’ll be rewarded with a chance at some point. It took me well over a year of knocking down doors to land in the industry I wanted to work in. Sol Campbell has a lot more security than most of us who chase our dreams do, and I’ve no doubt he’ll land his chance.

In other news, Sporting Lisbon is dealing with a nightmare at the moment. Fernandes, Carvalho and Gelson Martins are all applying to terminate their deals after being attacked by their own fans at their training ground (and you thought plane banners was the worst that could happen in football).

Arsenal have apparently offered twice this summer for the electric right winger, Sporting rejected the bids, now they might lose him on a free.

The guy did give me a hit of Gervinho to the veins when I first saw him, but look, he’s 23 years old, he has a lot to learn and he has some sexy tricks in locker. He scored 13 and assisted the same amount last season. Worth a punt on a free?

Torriera is still creating headlines in Italy. Sampdoria press reckon he’s Arsenal bound, so do the folk at The DM. Funny that they’re rolling with ‘Arsenal need to spread the cost’ because they’re on a budget. How folk who write about football for a living don’t know that nearly all clubs spread the cost of transfers over the period of the contract is beyond me. Anyway, he’d be a fucking amazing move for the club. I don’t even care that he’s 5ft5. He’s a proper defensive midfielder.

… latest is Di Marzio is now saying he wants Arsenal and he won’t be staying in Italy. GOOD TIMES.

Yacine Adli is playing games between PSG and Arsenal, nothing is done yet, so we’ll wait and see where that lands. He’d be a coup for Emery if he did opt for us, and there’s no doubt he’d get more chances in our first team than theirs. We’ll see though!

Right, quick one from me today, tune into our amazing podcast or I’ll send Stan Collymore round your house to tell you off about your lack of mojo.

We talk about transfers, Sol Campbell, and general excitement about where the club is heading.


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  1. WengerEagle


    Perhaps but I’d like us to sign another centre back that is likely to make an impact this season coming, Soyuncu and Mavro are kids and I’m not keen on us holding Mustafi past the summer.

    Koscielny is worth keeping but should be as a back up option, he’s lost that mobility that made him a must- start.

    Also not mad keen on Gelson, talented but heading mixed things coming out of Portugal on him. Very streaky and erratic in his end product although a good dribbler.

    You look at the calibre of players that our opponents in the PL are signing and it’s hard to be thrilled with links to Gelson and Soyuncu, especially with Sokratis already on the way.

  2. Nw9 gooner

    Ishola one more DM behind Torreira- you are just being argumentative- how do see the formation then?

  3. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t mind Soyuncu that much, apparently he is one that Mislintat has watched for a while. I see what you’re saying but Sokratis, Kozz, Soyuncu, Mavropanos and Holding has the right sort of look.

    I agree on the winger, I would like to see us really spend there. Someone like Guedes for £40-50 Million, or Bailey, or Martial or someone like that.

    A front line of Bailey, Aubameyang, Mkhitaryan would be great.

  4. Redtruth

    World Cup 2006- 1 goal v Iran
    World Cup 2010- 1 goal v North Korea
    World Cup 2014- 1 goal v Ghana

    World Cup 2006- 1 goal v Serbia
    World Cup 2010- NO GOALS
    World Cup 2014- 1 goal v Bosnia
    1 goal v Iran- 2 goals v Nigeria.

    Lol lol lol

  5. Sancho Monzorla


    I think you probably meant to send that last post via email to your mum, as it has nothing to do with what we are talking about right now.

  6. Bamford10


    I assume you saw that Neymar goal the other day against Austria. Pretty slick. If one is a Brazil fan, one has to be pretty darn excited and confident about them at the moment.

    However, for whatever reason, I often find that I can’t get behind Brazil during the World Cup, and this year is no different. As I said earlier, I’ll be pulling for Germany and France in all likelihood.

    As for Neymar, I haven’t forgotten that I said that I wanted to make a wager with you about him, and I think I have finally come up with something that might work.

    Now, before I propose this wager, allow me to make it clear that I rate Neymar. Very, very highly. In some ways I probably regard him as the second best player in the world (behind Messi, but in front of Ronaldo).

    However, my question about him is about whether he is capable of stepping up in the biggest games on the biggest stages and playing like the best player in the world. Maybe he is, and maybe he will show this in this World Cup. My point was only ever that I don’t know that we’ve seen this from him yet.

    So here is what I am thinking re a wager: I say that Neymar will disappoint in the semi and in the final — if Brazil make it that far — and that he will not be the decisive player or the MOTM in those matches. If Brazil win, they will win because of some other player or players, as Neymar will disappoint; and if Brazil lose, a player on the other team will outshine Neymar and lead his team to victory. Bottom line being that Neymar will not be the MOTM in the semi or in the final. He will disappoint.

    The wager, if you accept it, would be very simple and something like the following: if Neymar is the MOTM in the semi or final, you win the wager; if he is not the MOTM in the semi or final, I win. The reward for winning will also be very simple: the loser will say to the other in a post the following day: “Dear So-and-So: You were right about Neymar, and I was wrong. Congratulations. Sincerely – So-and-So.” That is all.

    What do you think? Will Neymar be the MOTM in the semi or in the final? Will he show that he can be the best player in the world in the biggest games on one of the biggest stages?

  7. Marko

    The two supposedly best strikers in the World can’t fire their respected Nations to World Cup glory lol

    It’s almost like football is a team sport. Who knew

  8. Champagne charlie

    Oh ffs #Neymargate returns..

    Big game is now being construed to be either a semi or a final of a World Cup. Funny that.

    Hope it’s clear to all that the resident Neymarian lecturer is defining a very narrow set of parameters to set up an “I told you so” moment.

    Who else is cringing? I’m cringing. Best of luck Weagle haha

  9. Marko

    So here is what I am thinking re a wager: I say that Neymar will disappoint in the semi and in the final — if Brazil make it that far — and that he will not be the decisive player or the MOTM in those matches. If Brazil win, they will win because of some other player or players, as Neymar will disappoint

    Very specific and defined scenario a bit unfair he’s literally just back from what 2/3 months out injured. But I suppose there’s no lengths you’ll go to no depths you’ll sink to before admitting you’re wrong.

    Dear So-and-So: You were right about Neymar, and I was wrong. Congratulations. Sincerely – So-and-So.

    Even months later and you’re still at it

  10. salparadisenyc

    That might be the most worst ‘wager’ ever presented, now please go outside and get yourself laid. Only after drinking several pints in quick succession.

  11. Champagne charlie


    How about a wager for us..

    If Neymar doesn’t score with a rabona in the group stages he’s not world class and you have to leave le grove.

    If he does, then I’ll leave….to make a cuppa and come back.

  12. Bamford10


    You really are a piece of work, mate.

    One, I’ve simply proposed a wager; WE is under no obligation to agree to it. If he doesn’t think it makes sense because Neymar is returning from injury — or for any other reason — he is free to say so. I have no problem with that; why would I?

    Two, Neymar may be returning from injury, but he has already scored two absurd goals in friendlies and he looks quite good. I imagine many observers think he is close to full fitness or will be there in the second or third week of the tournament. So it’s not like we’re looking at a hobbled or weakened Neymar. Far from it; we might actually be looking at a primed and rested Neymar.

    Regardless, I was being perfectly pleasant and just following up on my promise of a wager re Neymar and the World Cup. Why you have to be so unpleasant about everything is beyond me.

  13. Marko

    Wager Charlie if Neymar scores an actual hattrick with his penis I’ll do the hokey pokey and make a sandwich and just stare at it. But if he doesn’t if he only scores two goals with his dick and one with a testicle you have to do a cartwheel while holding a Starbucks. Either way he’s just not going to end up being decisive enough

  14. Bamford10


    Not that any of your comments really even merit a response, but no, I haven’t defined “big game” such that this means only a semi or final of a World Cup. It could also be a semi or final of the CL. Depending on who is playing, it could also theoretically be a quarterfinal match in the WC or in the CL. And depending on the league and who is playing and what the stakes are, it could also be a league match (though it would have to be a very, very big match and it would have to have title implications).

    The reason I am defining it as I have — i.e., the semi or final of the World Cup — is because the World Cup was what my original comment was about. My original comment was about whether Neymar would show up in this summer’s World Cup. And no, I don’t think a quarterfinal match is quite big enough as a stage, though if they’re playing one of the favorites, I guess it would be.

    And by the way, “big game” wasn’t my original formulation. That’s your formulation. I actually said “the biggest games, on the biggest stages,” which refers not to just any “big game” but only the biggest of “big games”.

    As for the rest, I’ll just leave it there.

  15. Receding hairline

    Bamford stop embarrassing yourself with this Neymar thing.. Guy is a phenomenal talent just let it be.
    I guess he isn’t athletic enough for you anyway.. You prefer the Bentekes of this world and that is your problem not ours.

    The wager you just put forward above is the height of desperation to be proved right.

  16. Receding hairline

    They say Leno is closer too… Seems a lot is being done behind the scenes.
    Red truth will have a fit when Ospina is sold.

    I like how the club targeted a goal keeper we can actually buy ..not deceive ourselves talking about Oblak or flavor of the year Allison

  17. TonyD

    same old: Great job Sven.
    Mirror reports ‘Arsenal ‘to miss out on starlet’

    Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Yacine Adli will reject a switch to Arsenal after being handed guarantees over a three-year deal at the Parc des Princes.

    Adli, 17, is highly-rated in his homeland and Gunners chiefs were keen to take him on a pro deal – where they would pay less than £300,000.

    And he had looked set to move to the Emirates.

    But a fresh proposal from PSG sporting director Antero Henrique, featuring guaranteed playing time at the Parc des Princes, has reportedly led to a change of heart.

    According to L’Equipe (via Inside Futbol), he is now set to remain in the French capital.

  18. Leftsidesanch

    Shaping up to be a quite a good summer if we can get these deals over the line, I would love a natural winger in the side as well but I’m quite please with the murmurs so far.

  19. mysticleaves

    “You don’t have to be great physically or look good running around to play a sitting DM role and Arsenal seem to be signing a player that is going to be doing more than enough running around himself in Torreira.”

    Ishola you are so against Xhaka yet it seems you are making a case for him with this post above.

    Frankly Xhaka is not such a bad player neither is Mustafi (Campbell said as much about Wenger’s philosophy where’s he’s willing to give players two seasons of figuring out their own mess If you are not supremely talented, you aren’t making it in that system. Some people just need guidance and systems to perform).

    What this midfield needs is probably what they have got ie a better version of Coq in Torreira (if he eventually signs). We certainly don’t need a specialist DM now. Rather someone that can play make from deep and hold possession. Don’t forget we are a possession first team.

    True, we could improve on Xhaka but it will not be with a specialist DM but with a better version of a deep lying playmaker.

  20. Jamie

    #NeymarGate part II.

    Let this one go, Bamford. Neymar is the tits. By your own standards, he’s the 2nd best player in world football (better than Ronaldo?!!).

  21. gonsterous

    the same people that were shouting cause we are too slow in the market making the noise that the window is shaping up nicely.
    we haven’t bought anyone yet apart from lichtsteiner (light stone). how about we reserve that judgement for when the window closes ??

  22. Graham62


    “Campbell said as much about Wenger’s philosophy, where’s he’s willing to give players two seasons of figuring out their own mess”

    Really? If that was the case,it goes to show what a shit coach Wenger was.

    It’s a pity Wenger wasn’t able to figure out his own shortcomings.

  23. mysticleaves

    Bamford: “Now, before I propose this wager, allow me to make it clear that I rate Neymar. Very, very highly. In some ways I probably regard him as the second best player in the world (behind Messi, but in front of Ronaldo).
    However, my question about him is about whether he is capable of stepping up in the biggest games on the biggest stages and playing like the best player in the world.”

    It just seems weird that you have him as the 2nd best player in the world but yet want him to do those things you propose. What if Brazil are knocked out in the QF?

    Even Ronaldo hasn’t been that effective for Portugal in WCs or Euros (including the one they won) yet he’s still regarded as top two of best in the world.

    Messi has been in Argentina team that list 3 consecutive finals without him scoring yet he’s still in the top 2 of best in the world.

    I think everyone has Neymar as top 3 player in the world. Figure it out yourself bro

  24. Chika

    “Dear So-and-So: You were right about Neymar, and I was wrong. Congratulations. Sincerely – So-and-So.”

    OMG bumford you’re a real piece of work. FFS drop the shovel already!

  25. gonsterous

    I would give every player a chance under Emery apart from welbeck. He is the most over rated player. offers absolutely nothing , better to sell and be done with…never rated him at utd, never rated him here..

  26. HighburyLegend

    Adli finally chose to stay at Psg…
    “L’Equipe say he has been assured of playing time with PSG and will now stay at the club.”

    lol same old Arsenal ??

  27. Graham62

    OMG and people kept going along to cheer this guy.

    It took some of the fans ten seasons to figure out their own mess.

    Never mind, it eventually twigged.

  28. gonsterous

    messi, neymar, suarez, ronaldo.. the very best players can play any position in the front three. why can’t auba and laca ?? they may be the best strikers in the league…

  29. Pierre

    Aaron Ramsey(midfielder) has been at Arsenal football club for ten years…

    During that time our best midfield partnerships have probably been ces/flamini or coquelin /cazorla.

    As football is all about partnerships on the pitch I am struggling to think of a good partnership that Ramsey has had with any player in the ten years he has been at the club.

    Ces/Ramsey… Not really
    Arteta /Ramsey.. Not really
    Coquelin /Ramsey… Not really
    Cazorla /Ramsey… Not really
    Xhaka /Ramsey… Not really
    Wilshere /Ramsey… Not really.

    You could say that Ramsey’s attacking instincts mean that he may have built a good partnership with the attacking third of the team.

    RvP /Ramsey.. Not really
    Poldolski /Ramsey… Not really
    Giroud /Ramsey.. Not really.
    Özil /Ramsey…. Not really
    Sanchez /Ramsey… Not really
    Lacazette /Ramsey.. Not really
    Welbeck /Ramsey… Not really.

    So in ten years Aaron Ramsey has failed to build one worthwhile partnership with a team mate and in that ten years(since ces left) our midfield has been the weakest area of the team and yet people seem to think that Emery is going to build the team round him…… Sorry, I can’t see it.

    Torreira (if signed) will replace him and unless Emery signs another holding midfielder, It will be AMN or xhaka playing with torreira…

    Ramsey will be sold… The problem will be trying to find a buyer for him as I don’t think an elite club will touch him with a barge pole and Ramsey will not want to go to a mid table club…

  30. Dissenter

    There are cray scenes in the Spanish camp at the World Cup.
    Real Madrid stupidly appointed the Spanish National team manager, Lopetuigi as their manager on the eve of the World Cup and the Spanish FA is livid.
    There’s talk Lopetuigi is set to be fired ina few hours.

    The Spanish FA have no choice really. Real Madrid and Lopetuigi have been insanely stupid with the selfish move they made. There’s bound to be a hell storm
    Coming for both parties.

  31. gonsterous


    Just put the news out that Ramsey is an option and see the number of clubs that will come and get him. I’m not saying he’s good but he’s a lot better than most of the dross out there.. I do think he will stay one more season with us. also, the team will be built around ozil, who is lazy but also the most talented player in the squad…

  32. mysticleaves


    Yea, that’s what Campbell said and Campbell was cool with it because obviously Campbell was supremely talented and had the self awareness to improve on his own.

    Another ex player who has worked as a coach (unofficially) for us, can’t remember his name (Parlour or Keown) said he wanted to show a player his mistake on video once, Wenger objected. Seeing it could shatter his confidence.

  33. gonsterous

    Argentina may fall in the quarters. I have a friend that I’ve known for almost 15 years. die hard Argentina fan. saw him just the other day, told me he’s just had his Argentine jersey washed and is ready for the WC. He swears Argentina will win it this time. nice to see some things never change 🙂

  34. Sanmi


    The best offensive partnership arsenal had in the last 6 yrs is ozil+Ramsey. I watched a documentary that explained how when both played arsenal always have flurry of chances.

  35. gonsterous

    Another ex player who has worked as a coach (unofficially) for us, can’t remember his name (Parlour or Keown) said he wanted to show a player his mistake on video once, Wenger objected. Seeing it could shatter his confidence.

    well you can’t have anyone hurting Wengers babies. If I was a professional, I would be more grateful if someone pointed out what I’ve done wrong instead of pat me on the back, when the team loses…

  36. mysticleaves

    If Bale had been fit enough over the years and consistent enough then maybe he could be considered on the scale of Neymar but really even then, Neymar beats out Bale. Talent, production, star turn, appeal, style all check.

    And if anyone was interested in Ramsey there’s no better tiem to start sounding him out for a move. The fact there’s nothing on the media yet shows that Ramsey might not be as in demand as we think.

    Though Pierre, Ramsey has a good partnership with Ozil and for 1 seaosn and half that included Arteta

  37. Pierre

    I can’t see city, United, Chelsea, Liverpool or spurs wanting Ramsey, can you.

    In Europe… Psg, bayern, barca, real no chance.
    So he would probably interest a team like Milan, valencia, dortmund, Monaco.. That’s it.

  38. Pierre

    Özil and Sanchez hate/hated playing with Ramsey…

    Arteta was maybe the closest he had to a partnership in ten years.

  39. Buckhurst Gun

    So who gets dropped from the PSG team , to ‘guarantee ‘ the 17 year old his playing time ?

    Never heard of him before this month so I’m not really bothered if we dont get him , he might get rave reviews but how many of our academy get rave reviews ? Fran Merida got rave reviews

  40. Pierre

    Are you seriously saying that the özil /Ramsey partnership(though it wasn’t one) was better than özil /sanchez..

  41. Graham62

    Just saw the highlights on Sky of the Scots girls epic 3-2 win against Poland in WC qualifier.

    4 stewards and a few ballboys. No spectators!!

    Sorry, no disrespect intended, but I’ve had enough of all this PC bullshit.

  42. mysticleaves

    Really wish Morocco gets the world cup hosting rights. USA/Canada/Mexico is a bit of a journey around the world than a football tourney and would be too expensive. Plus everyone knows what’s obtainable in USA and Canada already. Mexico might be the only appealing place to visit and want to have fun.

    Morocco on the other hand, lots of things to find out and will be cheaper for people like me. #winks

  43. HighburyLegend

    Yesterday evening Arsène was managing a “veterans team” (including Vieiri, Stoichkov, Davids, Kluivert, Klinsmann among others) vs. the 1998 French team who won the WC…
    Of course, he lost.
    Title of his next autobiography : “Being paid well to lose”.

  44. Leedsgunner

    If Lemar has indeed signed for Atletico Madrid surely that means Griezemann is off?

    Where though, that is the question.

    Most likely Barca, but where does that leave Dembele? As Griezemann’s understudy? I doubt he will want to stay there in that capacity. If that does happen, why don’t we offer to Dembele on a loan to buy deal similar to what PSG did for M’Bappe? Hopefully next year we will be in the Champion’s League to help make our case to the player to stay. He won’t be cheap though. To buy him I would imagine we would need to pay at least £70m. It will probably be more like £100m.

    If a player like Dembele WAS available now, I would be more inclined to sell Ramsey to fund this purchase. If Sven/Raul are as good as good as people say they are we could probably get at least £50m.

    Griezemann could go to Man City, Pep has admired him for ages, and tried to sign him before.

    It is unlikely to be Real Madrid, considering the rivalry the two clubs have but I guess anything is possible, especially if Bale goes to somewhere like Man United… and we all know how much Real Madrid like signing Galacticos.

  45. Sanmi


    World Cup in North Africa? I suppose you want people to get blown up.

    I’m an African by the way.

    Since Gaddafi was ousted, North Africa is so unstable you’d be nut to go there for tourism

  46. Pierre

    He and Wilshere need to move on for the club to progress..

    If either of those 2 left the club tomorrow the team would not miss them.

  47. Buckhurst Gun


    I agree with you on jack but I would keep Ramsey , I think emery will improve him even to your standards 😉

  48. mysticleaves

    Or go to US and see people shot at in bars or concerts? No evil is lesser.

    Morocco is a very safe country by all accounts. Maybe one or two issues that is obtainable everywhere else

  49. Guns of Hackney

    Anyone know if this son of a bitch, Leno is any good? The £18m asking price seems low for a world class keeper…not to mention he didn’t make the squad for the Bavarian overlords.


    I went to Morocco in 2005…it’s a tough country to go to. Really hard work. The hagglers are aggressive, the food is toxic and the weather is nuclear. I’m glad I went, but it’s the only place I never want to go back to…except Liverpool and Manchester. Those places plain, suck!

  50. Marko

    Also I get that some have scepticism about Leno he has somewhat stalled in recent years because much like Ter Steven he should have moved on the last couple years to continue his progress. Should have moved to us only you know who was in charge. 100 clean sheets in 303 games seems like a good return to me I dunno

  51. Leedsgunner

    So Wilshere is holding out for a loyalty payment?!? After all the injuries he has had?

    Didn’t we show him loyalty by sticking with him rather than jettisoning him years ago?

    What a knob. He’s a mercenary like the worst of them if this is true.

  52. Pierre

    We’ve had ten years of Ramsey, it hasn’t worked with him in midfield, it’s time to move on… I may be wrong but I dont think Ramsey is technically good enough or intelligent enough for Emery to play him in midfield
    Ramsey’s strong point is making runs into the box and trying to make things happen in and around the may be a straight choice between Ramsey and özil as cam though I happen to think that mkhitarayan would be our best cam as he offers a bit of everything for the role compared to özil and Ramsey.

  53. Jamie

    North Africa is much safer than, say, Chigaco Illinois.

    Go to the Four Seasons Marrakesh and come back with your ‘stories’ of how dangerous it is in Morocco.

  54. gambon

    “Sorry, no disrespect intended, but I’ve had enough of all this PC bullshit.”

    Womens football is just complete rubbish.

    I know a girl who plays semi-professionally. She always moans that she gets £100 per game, when the men earn £100k pw.

    Doesnt occur to her that she is absolutely shit at football. I am better than her, and im an overweight 36 year old that hasnt played for 10 years..

    The best womens team in the world would lose 20-0 against a League 2 team.

    PC bullshit indeed.

  55. Leftsidesanch

    The hagglers are persistent, you just to politely but forcefully tell them to leave you be, the weathers been good to me on both times as the food.

    Found that the people were very friendly as well.

  56. Emiratesstroller

    It is absolutely essential that Arsenal keep Ramsey if we are going to offload
    Wilshire as I hope will be the case once Torreiro’s signing is completed.

    Torreiro is a specialist Defensive Midfielder, Xhaka is a Defensive/Central Midfielder and Ramsey is a Box to Box Midfielder.

    All three will get plenty of game time next season if as anticipated we play something like 55 games. For a start we are likely to play something like
    20 games in midweek.

    Last season Xhaka who is seldom injured played more games [40+] than any
    other player in the squad.

    I anticipate that there will be occasions when we need to play a dedicated defensive midfield alongside a central/box to box midfielder. On other occasions
    the team can play two central midfielders.

    Elneny if he stays will become a bench player and Maitland-Niles with his
    versatility can play in midfield as well as in full back positions.

    The attacking midfield options are Ozil and Mkhitaryan with Iwobi also able
    to play there.

    So the club’s midfield options look suddenly far more fit for purpose than we have seen for a very long time.

    Moreover the departure of Wilshire and Cazorla will reduce the number of midfield players at club who are injury prone.For too long the club’s midfield has been clogged with injury prone footballers aswe saw previously with Rosicky and Arteta as well.

  57. Leedsgunner

    In an ideal world I would hope we would keep Ramsey, sell Xhaka and bring in Torreira but if Ramsey doesn’t sign his extension the sale of Ramsey allows us to bring in a WC winger imo, it’s a choice we going to have to make. We just cannot afford to have a saga like Sanchex gate last year.

    Unless we’re going to expect Reiss Nelson to shoulder the responsibility which is a big ask for a kid, we don’t have any out and out wingers at the club at all.

  58. Emiratesstroller


    Torreira is a specialist DMF. I suggest that you take a look at his profile elsewhere
    and I am not talking about press.

  59. Freddie Ljungberg

    We want 22m for Chambers apparently, if we can get that kind of money for him we should take it and run.

    We’re still ok with the english quota and he’s not good enough to start for us, get someone that is for that money instead.

  60. gambon


    I have been talking about Torreira for months as an ideal signing.

    If you think he is a “specialist defensive midfielder” you have never watched him play.

  61. Leedsgunner

    Can you imagine if Wenger gets hired by Spain and he brings to Spain the Jules Rimet trophy?

    We would never hear the end of it!!!

  62. gambon

    Leno would be an awful signing.

    We have a real issue with individual mistakes, and he makes a lot of individual mistakes.

    Not a good idea.

    Can only hope Sven has reason to believe he will improve.

  63. Paulinho

    Funny how people keep mentioning Cazorla -Coquelin as some great midfield when it was hugely dependant on Ramsey on the right putting in a huge shift to add some balance.

    Cazorla and Coquelin were a pair of paperweights. Put Wally on the right and you would’ve seen one giant sieve.

  64. Emiratesstroller


    In an ideal world the club should bring in an experienced world class winger,
    but I don’t think that is going to happen this summer on three counts.

    1. I doubt that we will have the budget once we recruit a goalkeeper, centre
    back [possibly 2] and midfielder.

    2.The club has several forwards and attacking midfielders who need to play
    regularly and despite all the negative comments expressed about Lacazette
    and Aubameyang playing together I think that will be on offer next season.
    It will add FIRE POWER.

    3. Arsenal will be playing a Right Wing Back in Bellerin. He is not short of
    pace. Yes he had a poor season, but that had more to do with the chaotic
    situation at the back of our team. At 23 he has the capacity to improve.

  65. Carts

    I’m happy with the Torreria signing. With that signing, I think we’re going to go 4-3-3 or 4-2-2-2.

    As for Wilshere, his time has well and truly come to an end.

    Torreria, Xhaka, Ramsey, AMN, Elneny is plenty of midfielders. 1 more MF won’t hurt, but for what it’s worth, I don’t see how Wilshere adds value.

  66. gambon

    “Torreria, Xhaka, Ramsey, AMN, Elneny is plenty of midfielders. ”

    A distinct lack of quality though.

  67. Paulinho

    Spain would’ve have done much anyway. They are back to the bland Spain that flattered to deceive in the nineties, early 2000s.

  68. Marko

    To be fair he moves around too much to be a defensive midfielder specialist I assume you’re being purposefully vague with the specialist part. Good passing stats around the mid 80% top 3 for tackles last season top 5 for interceptions. Looks a good signing but imo he doesn’t quite solve our defensive issues in midfield he probably needs a partner. The worry is that he moves around too much and Xhaka moves around too much and Ramsey moves forward and stays there. Pull off a Danilo or Kondogbia and we’d be sorted

  69. Bamford10


    “I may be wrong but I don’t think Ramsey is technically good enough or intelligent enough for Emery to play him in midfield.”

    Allow me to confirm it for you: you’re wrong. Ramsey has been extended a new contract (and this after Emery’s arrival,) and Emery has stated that Ramsey is “key” to his plans.

    Not to mention that while he is far from perfect, Aaron Ramsey is both quite technical and quite intelligent. Aside from a couple of posters here, pretty much the entire football world would reject your claim above.

  70. TR7

    What a dirty club Real Madrid is, should have waited till the end of WC to make managerial announcement. Let’s see how do Spain respond to the crisis. I had them as the favorites for the tournament.

  71. mysticleaves

    Torreira is not a specialist DM. He’s a central in your face midfielder with high defensive action and moderate offensive action. He goes everywhere, certainly doesnt stay at a position

    I am half sure more people will be more intrigued going to Morocco for 4 weeks than going to US. At least I am.

  72. gambon

    I dont know……I think Spain could put out the best XI players in the tournament.

    Only thing theyre missing is a true world class talisman a la Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Bale etc.

    Best GK in the world, good CB combo, good full backs, an abundance of world class midfielders.

    If Costas knee holds up, he plays, and he plays well they could win it.

  73. Marko

    Gambon Leno has stagnated of course a move will be good for him though. Probably would be saying the same thing about Ter Stegen had he stayed at Gladbach instead of moving

  74. Paulinho

    AMN should be be out on loan for a year to see whether he can actually play consistent premier league football.

  75. TR7


    Come on man! You are one of my favorite posters here but I don’t get your constant criticism of Santi and over the top praise of Ramsey.

  76. Bamford10


    Agree (more or less) re Spain. Not enough goal-scoring for me. Plenty of midfield talent, obviously, but less sure about the forward line. I still think they’re good enough to reach the semi, though.

  77. Emiratesstroller


    I have watched Torreira play several times. His role at Sampdoria is to play
    behind the other midfielders in team and that by my definition means that
    he is the Defensive Midfielder.

    Yes he is a good footballer and by all accounts started off in his career as a
    forward, but that is not how he plays now.

    If you read carefully what I wrote I made the case for Arsenal having more
    flexibility in our midfield than has been the case for a very long time and
    also fewer injury prone players.

  78. Paulinho

    Gambon – Yeah they will be no pushovers but they are bit one-paced and don’t have that freakish Xavi-Iniesta combo to allow them to dominate games and take a rest almost at the same time.

    They are more susceptible to getting exposed by the more high energy athletic teams like France and Germany.

  79. Dissenter

    Real Madrid are really full of shite
    How can they announce the appointment of the national team manager as their coach days before the competition starts?
    I commend the Spanish FA for their courage and swiftness.
    Sacking him and putting his name into permanent ignominy is the right thing. Next time,use your better judgment as a manager before you jump into another job.
    Spain will be fine.

  80. Marko

    Funny how people keep mentioning Cazorla -Coquelin as some great midfield when it was hugely dependant on Ramsey on the right putting in a huge shift to add some balance.

    Only certain types talk about that midfield partnership like it was great it wasn’t it worked for about 4 months and never against the decent sides in the league. Also that’s kinda bullshit about Ramsey putting in a shift on the right he barely does anything on the defensive side and when he was on the right he usually drifted into the CAM position

  81. Paulinho

    TR7 – Just being objective mate.

    I remember very clearly White Hart Lane 2015 when Ryan Mason and Bentaleb ran all over Coquelin and Cazorla and Cazorla was panicking under any sort of pressure. Also a month later at Old Trafford they put in similarly poor performance, barely able to circulate the ball and giving it away numerous times. Remember Neville kept mentioning how surprised he was that Cazorla kept giving it away.

    Against teams that sat back or attempted a moderate press(United at home) they could be effective and Cazorla could play like the talented individual he was.It’s when a team is pressed you see the reality though.

  82. Dissenter

    I hope the World,Cup goes to Morocco. I dont think the US deserves it and certainly not with this insular pseudo-patriotic and nationalistic administration in charge.
    Morocco doesn’t deserve to lose to the US twice.

    That said money trumps most things. The northAmerican bid shields the bid from the Trumpian nonsense, they offered more money and the joint American/Canadian/Mexican bid will win it.

    I’m not sure Morocco can handle 48 teams. Most countries can’t handle 48 teams.

  83. Bamford10


    Sure, but that was six years ago, when their golden generation was in its prime. I mean, I’ve argued what you’re arguing in the past — their goals can from midfielders — but the question is whether this group is as good as the 2012 group. Maybe it is, but I’m not sure.

  84. mysticleaves

    “The worry is that he moves around too much and Xhaka moves around too much and Ramsey moves forward and stays there. Pull off a Danilo or Kondogbia and we’d be sorted”

    Guess what, Kongdogbia moves around too much and Danilo hasn’t got the passing game to complement Torreira. Torreira himself will bring everything Danilo will bring expect height.

    Xhaka was moving around too much because Wenger thought he was a b2b and told him to move around too much. Xhaka is a deep lying playmaker with moving midfielders to aim at.

    in a midfield 3 with pressing and awareness system installed, Xhaka, Ramsey and Torreira will be very good at least on paper.

    Ramsey is intelligent but he’s not that technical. Most of his intelligent moves fails because of his lack of technicality.

  85. Marko

    Allow me to confirm it for you: you’re wrong. Ramsey has been extended a new contract (and this after Emery’s arrival,) and Emery has stated that Ramsey is “key” to his plans.

    Emery has nothing to do with signings or contract negotiations. The Ramsey key to his plans stuff well as an Arsenal fan you better hope that’s bollox because if Ramsey is a key player for this club then this club ain’t competing for major honours. If he’s someone we build the squad around then the squad is not good enough. He’s been here nearly 10 years pretty clear that he’s not all that

  86. Pierre

    “Allow me to confirm it for you: you’re wrong. Ramsey has been extended a new contract (and this after Emery’s arrival,) and Emery has stated that Ramsey is “key” to his plans.”

    Extended a new contract… that true ?

    Stated as “key” to his plans ……is that true ?

  87. gambon


    GKs are in short supply I guess. I also dont really watch them much.

    Every time I have seen Leno play (maybe 5 times ever) he has made a mistake. He also has the second most mistakes leading to goals in Germany in the last 3 seasons.

    Cech had the most in Europe last year, so I guess theres improvement, but not much, and we will still be conceding absolutely ridiculous goals.

    Jiri Pavelenka for me has been much, much better than Leno this season. He isnt available at the moment though from what I hear.

    Bearing in mind we have been economical so far, and if the Martins thing is true, I would be all over Oblak.

    Try a £70m bid, and see what happens.

    Alternatively, I said a few days ago, I would try to get agreement with Pavlenka for next summer, and sign Lukas Fabianski for £5m.

    He has had a few good seasons, would be an improvement, and would be an ideal number 2 from next summer, when he would be 34.

    Perfect age to be number 2 for 3 seasons.

  88. TR7


    Spain absolutely routed Argentina last month with the same team that’s going in to the world cup. They have goals in them.

  89. Marko

    Guess what, Kongdogbia moves around too much and Danilo hasn’t got the passing game to complement Torreira. Torreira himself will bring everything Danilo will bring expect height.

    Should have been more specific Ramsey moves around too much and stays forward Xhaka moves around too much and struggles to get back. Kondogbia moves around yes but he rarely gets ahead of the ball and knows his defensive duties. Danilo Pereira would be good because he sits and is a DM

  90. Emiratesstroller

    Bamford 10

    The goalkeeper Arsenal should buy is Oblak, but it would cost our entire annual
    budget plus.

  91. Champagne charlie

    Caglar mooted to have agreed a deal with us, Leno about to sign, Torreira about to sign, Sokratis signed, and Gelson Martins being flirted with…

    Marko, thoughts? You can’t grumble at that level of work getting done. All in “problem areas” and varied profile of talents.

  92. Marko

    Pierre, they offered him a new contract two weeks ago. Do keep up.

    They also gave Elneny a new deal and offered Jack a new contract. It basically doesn’t mean Aaron is this great midfielder it just means we’re stupid enough to give him a new contract

  93. Bamford10

    “Speaking at a hastily arranged press conference in Krasnodar, Russia, the president of the Spanish Football Association, Luis Rubiales, detailed the decision to fire Lopetegui. ‘I don’t feel betrayed. Lopetegui, while he’s been with us, has done impeccable work. Another COA is how this has been done, without knowledge of the association. I admire Julen very much, I respect him very much. He seems to me a top trainer and that makes it harder to make the decision,’ Rubiales said.”

    Am I the only person who thinks that firing Lopetegui might be more “disruptive” to the Spanish team than the news that he’ll be taking the Madrid job was?

    I mean, I guess I get that the latter would be disruptive, but is it really that big of a deal? I don’t know. I’d love to hear more about how the Spanish players themselves responded to the news that Lopetegui would be taking the Madrid job.

  94. Marko

    No Charlie no complaints. Even though I still think that we need another midfielder and I’d prefer Pavard to Caglar but we’re doing work. Seems Sven has been hitting the PlayStation a bit don’t it

  95. Dissenter

    It’s the Canadian and Mexican inclusion that carried the bid through. Anti-American sentiment would have sunken it.
    I’m not sure Morocco can handle the enlarged format for 48 countries.

  96. Bamford10

    Yes, Marko can’t grumble about the amount of transfer work that’s getting done, and Wenger apologists can’t point to our inactivity and say, “you see, it wasn’t because of Wenger.”

  97. Bamford10


    Is the expansion to 48 teams already decided upon? If so, I am really not a fan. Why don’t they just invite everyone?

  98. HighburyLegend

    “Leno would be an awful signing.”

    Ok, he’s worse than Cech so… a real performance in itself.

  99. Guns of Hackney

    So Leno is a pile of dirt, then?

    Oblak costs more than Iron Man’s suit.

    …and Cech is shite.

    Anyone think it would be worth taking a cheeky one on Fabianski? Perhaps just for the season until someone good becomes available. I hear he’s a free.

    We still need a proper beast midfielder and a winger or two.

  100. Dissenter

    The Spanish FA position was based on principle and it was the right one.
    How can you let him stay on when he conducted transactions with another employer in total secrecy and didn’t even give his current employees the benefit of knowing until 5 mins before it was announced?
    I would have fired him in the most painful manner.

  101. Pierre

    The headline says that he has been offered a new contract but the report is just bullshit as it says that Ramsey said he has had no contact with the manager and it doesn’t even mention the terms of the supposedly new contract or give any details….. He’s going

  102. Dissenter

    Leno is a very good keeper…and he does make mistakes because that’s what all keepers do, especially young keepers.
    He was the fourth in line on the German squad. I didn’t know how he’s suddenly become shite
    You still haven’t said who will get in place of Leno.
    Neither Oblak not Alisson are coming, we can’t afford them and we are not a CL team.

  103. Dissenter

    I see Pierre is still waging war against any tabloid that’s does not support his favored positions.

  104. Bamford10


    I remember that. You might be right; maybe they do have plenty of goals in them.

    I just looked at the starting XI they featured against Argentina. The front three were Isco, Costa and Asensio. I really like both Isco and Asensio, and Costa on his day can be a load.

    Yeah, maybe they could be more potent than I was thinking.

  105. Receding Hairline

    A National team coach who just signed a new deal agrees to take on a new job after the world cup without having the decency to inform his current employers and some are asking why he was sacked ??

  106. Dissenter

    I suspect that the club is about to announce Ramsey’s new contract.
    Arsenal twitter feed has been solely committed to Ramsey’s record at Arsenal for the last few hours.

    Pierre is about to do some teeth gnashing.

  107. Pierre

    Paulinho….here is your supposed confirmation of Ramsey’s new deal ….all bullshit if you ask me

    “Aaron Ramsey: Arsenal offer Wales midfielder new deal

    The 27-year old Wales international is entering the final 12 months of his deal at the Emirates and could leave on a free transfer next summer.

    Ramsey joined the Gunners in 2008 from hometown club Cardiff City and has scored 36 goals in 234 Premier League appearances.

    Former Arsenal defender Martin Keown has said Arsenal should be ‘desperate’ to keep hold of Ramsey.

    The Wales midfielder scored 11 goals in 32 appearances for the club last season.

    Ramsey featured for Wales in their 0-0 international friendly draw with Mexico on Tuesday.

    Speaking following the draw in Pasadena, Ramsey said he was excited by the appointment of the former Sevilla and Paris St-Germain boss Unai Emery to replace Arsene Wenger.

    “I haven’t spoken to him [Emery] at all yet, but I think it’s an exciting time for the club and I can’t wait to get back there now,” said Ramsey.