Collymore unloads on Wrighty for great teeth and elite banter (seriously)

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I cannot love this guy any more than I already do. Sure, he had a shite season, but next year will be different. I’m very much enjoying his excellent attire here. The Arsenal tinted sunglasses are a deep metaphor for outlook on his career at Arsenal so far, the leopard print silk shirt is how he’s planning to connect with his inner animal next season, and after that, I run out of fashion metaphors.

Hector, never stop being you. A true champion and a fashion pioneer.

Stan Collymore doesn’t quite land my full-throated praise. The ex-Oviedo striker went for the full-on nuclear option after a Guardian interview on race, that was, for the most part, pretty ok. He called out average white men landing on their feet in the game, he spoke about racism still being a problem, and then he did what Stan does best… he used his well-crafted argument to ladder back to his favourite topic of conversation… himself.

“To be a black pundit you either need to be a comedian like Chris Kamara or Ian Wright – guys who have big pearly-white smiles and everyone loves laughing at – or Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott, who are completely inoffensive,” he says. “What you’re not allowed to do is call out the status quo, which is what I do.

“Opportunities have been denied to me and it’s got nothing to with what happened with Ulrika Jonsson because I’ve worked since then. No, it’s because I’ve become increasingly outspoken and that’s not allowed in this country if you’re not white.

“It’s not just me who is affected – look at that Sky Sports show Sunday Supplement; there are never any journalists from a BAME background on there; every week it’s a panel of all white men. That can’t be right.”

Poor old Stan, a blackballed genius paralleled only to Dalton Trumbo.

According to the enlightened one, you only make it as a black pundit if you are funny, have nice teeth, or you are totally inoffensive.

I LOVE that he thinks being offensive is what the world needs more of right now.

Stan eviscerated a whole group of fellow black professionals who have worked hard to make it to the top of their respective game.

Anyway, that wasn’t the worst of it, he had this to say to Ian Wright.



What a bastard thing to tweet. He’s trying to excuse his own failures by denigrating the achievements of others and in the process shown his true colours when put under the slightest of pressures outside the safe space of an interview. It reminded me of a really shite Vidal vs Buckley blow-up.

I can totally buy into Stan’s more interesting view that black managers don’t get the same chances white managers do. I don’t think Sol Campbell is the best example of a black man who can’t land a role, but it is telling that average thinkers like Stevie G can waltz into a job at Rangers with no credentials. Same for Joey Barton, a genuine faux intellectual scumbag who coasts through football life without a problem. The game should be merit-based, but if we’re being real, that’s absolutely not the case. Football is still the old boys club. Arsenal only just broke that spell and it took 10 years of wrangling.

However, when it comes to punditry, Stan is a dated bore trying to bring back lowest common denominator talkshow formats as some sort of revolutionary thought. He famously said Guardiola wouldn’t be able to play his way to the Premier League, there are countless examples through the years of archaic backward views dressed up in passionate grassroots thinking. His talk show, back in the day, offered up next to nothing in terms of analysis of the modern game and how it’s played now. It was always about him. His experiences. His aggressively delivered views, like a horrible Sunday league team talk from someone’s weird stepbrother (Jonathan Liew has a good take on it from 2012).

He even brushed aside the wife-beater issue, citing Gazza as a person who had also beaten his wife (and is still very much loved). I mean, two wife-beatings don’t make a right for starters, but Gazza isn’t pitching himself for punditry jobs. He’s a washed-up alcoholic who tried to feed fried chicken to a dangerous fugitive murderer. The only thing he’s afforded by the public is sympathy, he certainly wouldn’t be in the mix for a job on MOTD. A closer comparison might be Rodney Marsh who was fired for being offensive on air, Keysey and Gray who were ostracized to the middle-East for being sexist pigs, or Ron Atkinson for being a racist.

Rightly or wrongly, if Gazza is loved, it’s for what he did on the pitch (Stan really can’t compete here). Sadly, we live in a society that accepts flawed characters if they offer up something magical to sport or the arts. Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, R-Kelly to name but a few… that’s a deeper issue, but it’s not predicated on race.

The irony of all of this is Stan is rallying against privilege, whilst demanding it for himself.

He is Stan. He deserves the roles others have taken from him. Society is rigged against him. A rich ex-footballer who’d earn more in a week than most would in a year, bleating on about fairness.

Fuck you, Stan. Good riddance. I hope you stay in Russia.

Onto other news, Jack Wilshere is apparently being courted by Juventus. Now, I’ve no idea what’s going on here, but I have my doubts he’d get more money in Italy than he does here. I really struggle to see someone who took a loan move to Bournemouth heading to Turin to learn a new language and culture, with a young family in tow. Not just that, he offered next to nothing form wise last season, he couldn’t crack it under Eddie Howe, and Gareth Southgate dropped him. If he gets a new deal with us, I’d consider him lucky. Really can’t see him moving anywhere interesting if he leaves us.

We’re apparently going to land Sokratis very soon according to Jezza Wilson, the inside man at Camp Stan went out of his way to deny we were in for Fellaini last week dropped this bombshell at the bottom of his article.

Arsenal are aware of Marouane Fellaini’s availability but he is not currently a priority.’

Noooooo… the second time in a week. You know he’s going to join us, don’t you?

Let’s hope it’s not at the expense of Torriera or someone good! Though moves for the Uraguan aren’t looking that great as Napoli up their interest in adding him to the mix.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments.


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  1. HighburyLegend

    ” Jack Wilshere is apparently being courted by Juventus. ”

    One of the most dumbest and funniest rumour I’ve ever witnessed.

  2. Leedsgunner

    I can see why Jack Wilshere would be worth a punt on a free from another club’s point of view… but honestly, I think we would be better letting him go.

    Jack’s potential is not in doubt but goodness me, he’s 26/27… he’s long past living off the scraps of potential — and really he needed to be bossing it last season.

    Honestly, after one season of playing injury free for absolutely ages and he thinks he is in a strong position to negotiate? He is very fortunate that Arsenal offered him a new contract at all. He should have signed as a mark of thanks to the club for standing by him all these years, despite his injury problems.

    If he doesn’t sign an extension, I say good riddance. In spirit he’s a mercenary, just like RvP.

  3. Leftsidesanch

    Re: Torriera

    Sampdoria have secured the signing of Lokomotiva Zagreb’s Lovro Majer as his replacement and Napoli are being reported as ending their interest in him.

    Over to you Arsenal – get it done!!

  4. englandsbest

    Oh, my, if only we had Ian Wright right now (at his peak, of course). A great pro, a wondrous goal-scorer, a delight to watch. the most charismatic of all Arsenal players that I can remember.

    And nowadays, never boring, funny, joyful with a tinge of sadness, a guy who brings out the best in his old rival, Alan Shearer.

  5. Kevin

    whats everyones obsession with wanted Ramsey to be our main player and captain next season. I just dont understand what people see in him.

  6. Samesong

    whats everyones obsession with wanted Ramsey to be our main player and captain next season. I just dont understand what people see in him

    Agenda driven. You use the term ‘everyone’ like it’s constantly being discussed on le grove when clearly it isn’t.

  7. Graham62

    Stan Colleymore epitomizes the ‘chip on the shoulder brigade’ who continue to come out with the wrong stuff at the wrong time.

    Maybe Stan should take a good look at himself before criticising others.

    Remember him on Talk Sport. Can be an absolute plonker on occasions.

    Ott comments exude from him.

  8. Kevin


    Wasn’t referring to Le grove but most of the Arsenal fanbase. He is a rotation player at best.

  9. Kevin

    Yeah have to say can’t wait for Laca and Auba combo next year. They are going to destroy defenses and score goals for fun.

  10. Samesong

    Stan Colleymore epitomizes the ‘chip on the shoulder brigade’

    And who might the other ‘chip on your shoulder brigade’ be that you are referring to?

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Wilshere can’t spell Italy, let alone go there to live.

    We don’t need this little shit bag. Get rid ASAP.

    Do arsenal really need to waste energy and cash on this squirt when we have a squad to redifine.

  12. WrightIsGod

    I love Wrighty he’s the reason I’m an Arsenal fan, but older generation black men from London I speak to would always say they hated him. Remember footballers were more accessible in those days, local pubs and clubs etc. Terms like “coconut” and “bounty” were used.

    These are terms I despise and do not condone but it seems to be a common theme from former black players and people around that time when talking about Wrighty.

  13. DM

    I know you should never judge a player based on their youtube highlights, but it’s been a while since I saw a reel as impressive as Gelson Martins’. Looks like he’d be very useful on the wing – enjoys taking players on, skillful, with a keen shot… exactly what we could do with.

  14. Bamford10

    Good piece on Stephan Lichsteiner below. Emery’s comment on the signing is telling, I think.

    “Stephan brings huge experience and leadership to our squad,” manager Unai Emery told the club’s official website. “He’s a player with great quality with a very positive and determined attitude. Stephan will improve us on and off the pitch.”

    “If his Juve career offers any guide, Lichtsteiner could be the feisty, antagonistic leader Arsenal require”

  15. Marko

    Bellerin’s a hipster no surprising that Pedro’s a fan of his style we’ve seen the shirts he wears

  16. Bamford10

    If we’ve signed Sokratis and are in for Soyuncu for £35m, does this mean Mustafi is on his way out? Or do people see someone else / others departing? Seems like we would have way too many CBs (Koscielny, Mustafi, Sokratis, Soyuncu, Holding, Chambers, Mavropanos,) no?

  17. Countryboy


    All four can start in a 4231 pressing machine. Laca up top, Auba wide, Ozil center and Mikhi wide.

    Behind them two workaholic DM/B2B mids plus a back four.

    The defensive work of the top four is to press and get the ball back high up the field.

    Goal Rush

  18. Leedsgunner


    We haven’t signed anyone yet, and if the Liverpool Fekir deal teaches us anything, a deal isn’t done until it’s done.

    If Sokratis is signed we are basically buying a replacement for Koscelny aren’t we? His contract is up in 2020 so I can see him going for £2m to somewhere like St. Etienne next summer. Shame he’s injured because if he wasn’t we could have easily sold him for £8m-£10m this summer to one of the lower midtable clubs.

    One of Wenger’s last decent latter day buys although he took time getting there…

  19. Bamford10


    Yeah, I don’t like the idea of shuttling Aubameyang out wide. He’s better through the center and better than Lacazette through the center, IMO. Lacazette doesn’t have the pace to get in behind and worry back fours, so he makes our attack less dynamic, IMO.

    Further, if you have Ozil playing CAM, that means you’re playing Ramsey as a holding mid, which very few people here are going to like. You’re going to be pairing Ramsey with Xhaka or Torreira, which might work, but again, most people here do not trust Ramsey as a holding mid and prefer him as a CAM.

    For me Lacazette is a back-up and substitute. I’d start Aubmeyang through the center, with Ozil and Mkhi as wide creatives. Torreira, Xhaka and Ramsey as the three-CM central midfield.

    But I realize some here rate Lacazette higher than I do. Cheers.

  20. Ishola70


    “Behind them two workaholic DM/B2B mids plus a back four. The defensive work of the top four is to press and get the ball back high up the field. Goal Rush”

    Who are these two workaholic DM/B2B mids who are going to press high up the pitch?

    Torreira? Who else?

  21. Leedsgunner

    Listen to Auba and allow him to play in a 4-1-3-2 formation with Lacazette as a secondary striker is what I would do.

  22. Bamford10


    Fair enough, but articles I’ve read say Sokratis is done and dusted but Dortmund simply want to hold off announcement for accounting purposes.

    As for Soyuncu, you’re right, just stories at the moment, but the links do seem pretty strong.

    Another thing that hasn’t been mentioned yet here is the fact that newspaper links to Arsenal may mean something different now (under the new regime) than they did under Wenger. Because of Wenger’s peculiar approach to squad-building and the market, we were ripe for a million such stories. The new regime is different. I’m not saying that every link in the newspapers is solid, but I do think things have changed and that stories in the newspapers are more likely to have substance to them.

  23. Countryboy

    While Auba is our best striker, anyone who bothered to watch Arsenal games in the latter part of last season quickly discovered he was lightweight and couldn’t hold his own ALONE against the hyperphysical prem defenders. Back to goal, he was an African Ozil. But given freedom to start out wide, he was stretching defenses and still scoring goals.

    Compare to Auba, Laca may or may not score as many goals but we know he is not Welbeck who contributes physicality without goals.

    Henry always started in the middle but had to adapt by vacating the position and drift wide to score.

    My point is that if you are fixated on a static position of a striker you are just another Wenger extreme who doesn’t care about the opposition not bothering about tweaking to neutralize the opposition while being able to punish them

  24. Eduardo

    Great take on Collymore. What a pathetic failure of a man. Highlight of the last 20 years for him was getting rubbed off by Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct 2. (Tbf, that’s more than most of us can aspire too.)

    Wrighty was twice the footballer Collymore was and he’s 10x the man he is.

    Wilshere to Juve is a larf, surely he’ll end up at West Ham or… playing for Granny at Palace?

  25. Chika

    I reckon there are certain games where we would have to play with two strikers. It doesn’t necessarily mean Auba has to play from the wing. It could be a 4-1-3-2 or 4-3-1-2. Even when Auba plays from the wing, he’s not static.

    I trust Emery to have a way around it.

  26. Receding Hairline

    “My point is that if you are fixated on a static position of a striker ”

    I thought i was the only one who noticed the fixation, Aubameyang played many games with Lacazette and they assisted each other well..but some want him static through the middle forgetting he can actually drift in from wide depending on the phase of play

  27. KAY Boss

    true ‘blacks’ ain’t opportunities in leading sporting clubs. but there’s big question is “have they prepared themselves for the roles they desire for. wisher thinks he deserves more from the club, but he should have shown it on the pitch the season just past. Re keepers, had it not been for age, I’ll have preferred handanovic of inter. but he’s 33. looking forward to the WC and next season. good luck to the African countries.

  28. Bamford10


    You could do that. Two CFs through the center is the one arrangement I like if people want to start Aubameyang and Lacazette together.

    But that means 4-4-2, which would probably mean a midfield as follows:


    This could work, especially if we have two pacy, young fullbacks in Bellerin and Klostermann to provide width.

  29. Brooklyn

    Just running behind does not makes our attack more dynamic. Striker should be comfortable to come deep and pull CB’s out of position and receive ball under pressure as well as make run in behind to make attack more dynamic.

    Sure Aubameyang is better at making run in behind, in which Lacazette himself is quite decent, but Lacazette is far better at coming deep and holding the ball and overall mixing in terms of coming deep as well as running behind opponents backline.

    Just to clarify I think, Aubameyang is better striker especially with his finishing and positioning along with his pace. But I think Lacazette is far better player, in terms of first touch, bringing others into play, and creating shooting chances for himself by doing little dummy or drag back etc. And I think Lacazette could have easily scored 5-6 goals more last season, with some easy miss.

    In the end I think we should keep both and rotate between Miki, Laca, Ozil, new winger and Auba for front 3-4 position.

  30. Bamford10

    (cont. from 12:54:29)

    Or it could mean 3-5-2, obviously, but then one of the four above (Ozil, Ramsey, Torreira, Xhaka) would have to go to the bench.

  31. Leedsgunner

    These are the retained players for the next season. IMO, we could be raising at least £10m-£20m of fringe players without effecting the first team at all.

    Selling well is just as important as buying well. A sad indictment of the Wenger era was he held on to players for far too long despite them not being good enough. We need to strike the right balance between patience and ruthlessness.

  32. Bamford10


    I agree that Lacazette is better showing to the ball than Aubameyang is, but the questions are (i) how much better is he in this respect? and (ii) how important is this variable relative to the other (getting in behind and stretching back fours)?

    Different people will see this differently, but for me, Aubameyang’s relative strength is more important than Lacazette’s relative strength. So I personally prefer Auba over Laca.

  33. Ishola70

    Bit too much fixation with race politics/issues on here.

    What is a “true” black man?

    What does the authentic black man have over the “coconut”, “bounty” black man?

    Anyone who has travelled extensively around Africa knows this is all bullshit.

    Very worrying recent interview with Niall Ferguson. Basically saying that he was shunned at Stanford for being very small minority conservative there. All the classics history professors from previous decades dying out and not being replaced with similar. Instead replaced with academics who specialise in gender history, native american history.

    Overdone fixation with race and gender from so many now.

  34. Champagne charlie

    What is with the incessant chat about Auba being “better” through the middle than Laca or being shunted our wide.

    The guy scored 10 in 13 from wide, it’s just a starting position from a defensive point of view. What absolute piss rags we have following this club, Jesus.

  35. Samesong

    true ‘blacks’ ain’t opportunities in leading sporting clubs. but there’s big question is “have they prepared themselves for the roles they desire for.

    Is not a question of being ready for the role blacks as you call it’s being given an equal opportunity like their white counterparts being made to feel welcome. Clearly there is a big social undermining taking place and people of colour are not given the opportunities. Even if you drop down the leagues the opportunities are not there in management.

  36. Leftsidesanch

    some clowns on here constantly looking for an argument, if someone subscribes to a different view you can’t get across your points with the childish verbal wars?

    its not even mandatory that you respond to anyones point either

  37. Ishola70

    A lot of people get afforded favouritism because of who they know, who they integrate themselves with and this is of course not exclusively a black man issue.

    But let’s make it a black man issue eh.

  38. Leedsgunner

    With the plethora of CBs at our club I think we should look at look playing with 3 CBs.

    In attack we can play 3-5-2 with the wingbacks joining the attack when we have the ball and providing the width, and off the ball play an attacking 5-3-2… with the same wingbacks running back and supporting the defence.

  39. Leftsidesanch

    Interesting to see where Martins would fit in if we are actually in for him and do obtain him also. Any ideas?

  40. gonsterous

    this gelson martins looks like a great investment. pacy, intelligent, and for the lot of yah, he’s young. Just hope he doesn’t get injured and ruin his career, which seems to happen to a lot of young wingers…

  41. gonsterous

    What absolute piss rags we have following this club, Jesus.

    hahaha never heard it phrased like that before. made me giggle like a girl…

  42. Ishola70

    “Tell that to pro black footballers then eh?”

    If the pro black footballer has the necessary desire, the correct credentials and integrates himself with the right people then he can reach those oh so lofty heights of being a football manager.

    But he might be termed “coconut”,” bounty” by his black brother.

    Such is life.

  43. Graham62


    You mean to tell me you’ve never come across anyone who is self opinionated/disrespectful/patronizing/condescending/offensive and, significantly, feels the world owes them something?

    @Pedro even highlights a few such characters in his post.

    Irrespective of ethnic background/skin colour, once an asshole, always an asshole in my eyes.

    Collymore’s comments on IW were way out of order and only serve to highlight one thing.

    He is an obnoxious prat.

  44. Ishola70

    Think of the poor Hutu in years gone by.

    Discriminated and victimised against by the minority Tutsi.

    Black on black discrimination and victimisation..

    White on white discrimination and victimisation.

    Yellow on yellow discrimination and victimisation.

    But all we fvcking hear every day, every week is black discrimination. Non-white discrimination.

    White people are pissing on white people every single day, every hour.

  45. Samesong

    Ishola not debating the name calling let’s be clear on that.

    But here you go if the black man has the desire bollocks, how do you know these guys dont have desire? How do you know that? This is something you’ve been programmed with. I speak to a former footballer regularly and he tells me the opportunities are not there so who are you to argue against that?

    Do you know their struggles in finding work? Doubt it

    So stop with the if they had desire bollocks cause we all know that the hierarchy has to stay that way.

    I have no interest in debating with you as you are very ignorant when it comes to these things.

    Collymore a dick yes. But he is right when it comes to lack of opportunities.

  46. Graham62


    IW is an Arsenal legend/sporting icon/national treasure and much loved pundit.

    Stan Collymore isn’t.

    See the difference?

  47. Graham62


    You must have lived a very sheltered life to have never come across such people.

    How about Eddie Jones?

    What’s your take on this fine upstanding gentleman?

  48. Samesong

    Graham62 don’t embarrass yourself.

    Coming from a person that had to escape to Alcatraz. Yeah jog on.

  49. Ishola70

    Desire was only one of the things mentioned Samesong.

    Who you know and who you integrate yourself with is more important and this matter of fact way of life is not exclusive to the black man.

    I was in Nairobi when black tribal shit was going on right in the city centre before election time. Black man attacking black man. Black man cutting up black man with machetes. And this had to do with feelings of persecution and feelings of discrimination from black man to black man. One tribes dominance over the other. Who is going to be top tribe?

    So forgive me for getting absolutely bored with white/non-white middle class greiving and fixation with discrimination against black, minority races. These poor sinned against races are discriminating against each other and within their races every day, every hour.

  50. Samesong


    My argument is very clear I don’t give a shit who cutting up who in what tribe what does that have to do my argument?

    I am telling you ex-pros that I speak to are not given the opportunities and it was mentioned in Pedro post so I am discussing that topic. Many of these guys have the contacts. have the qualis but always get the door closed on them. Surely you being bored with it adds to my frustrations as to why this is the case.

    I don’t care for Collymore comments as I have reiterated several times.

  51. Chika


    “Who are these two workaholic DM/B2B mids who are going to press high up the pitch?
    Torreira? Who else?”

    “I want to know who these DM/B2Bers are.”

    As usual this dude can’t wait to get the Xhaka bashing going

  52. Samesong

    See what I mean something so simple has to turn into some African tribal bullshit even CC a few months ago hit the nail on the head about people of colour not given the opportunities.

    Don’t get all trident on me now.

  53. Leedsgunner

    Well done Patrick! I hope all the best for you as Nice manager. Let’s hope his spell goes well. I hope we can facilitate a good working relationship between the two clubs.

    With Patrick now at the club, I just wonder if negotiations with Arsenal for Nice players will go ahead of the queue… I know earlier in the summer we were linked with Seri and Balotelli. I wouldn’t mind us going for Marlon Sarr (CB) or Allan Saint-Maximin (Winger) who are the other stars at Nice!

  54. Jamie

    Ishola a UKIP voter. “All the black man has to do is pull his socks up and integrate himself with the correct white men and he’ll succeed in life.”

    Staggering ignorance.

  55. Ishola70


    Who you know and who you integrate yourself with is not an exclusively white/black issue.

    It is a matter of fact way of life within all races.

    That you see it as an exclusively black/white issue shows your naivety and insular view.

  56. alexanderhenry

    Collymore can go and jump off the edge of a cliff.
    I like Wrighty as a pundit and Collymore is just jealous. He is an egomaniac and always was, on and off the pitch.

  57. Jamie

    No insular view here, Ishola. I don’t dismiss institutionalised racism like you seem to have done.

    Institutionalised sexism is boring too, right?

  58. Guns of Hackney

    It’s a full on race war!

    I miss the days we just bitched about Wenger.

    Keep it frothy guys.

  59. Graham62


    I’ve had enough of all of this.

    Let’s all agree on one thing.

    Collymore’s comments were inappropriate and grossly offensive.

    As @Pedro highlights, he is showing his true colours.

    I wouldn’t hire him.

  60. Leedsgunner

    Have announced Sokratis yet? Or are we waiting to make a double announcement with Fekir?

    Get Agent Lacazette on the phone and tell him to work it!

  61. Samesong

    Ishola you are right on the one hand but refuse to accept that this type of discrimination happens. So no person of colour ever knew a chairman of a club, football Manager. Yeah ok then!

    You do know people of colour have to work so much harder to get jobs then their white counterparts with the same qualifications in SOME organisations.

    That’s go nothing to do who you know. And who you integrate with does it?

  62. Jamie

    Collymore’s comments are completely offensive, and completely without substance. Collymore is where he is because he’s a fucking moron. That he blames his race for his lack of success pushes back advances made in racial equality.

  63. Ishola70


    “I don’t dismiss institutionalised racism like you seem to have done.”

    Oh yeah completely dismissed it. Oh hang on didn’t I refer to Rwanda on a previous post? No couldn’t have done.

    Oh yeah I did. You probably missed it though because it doesn’t tally with your narrow edged and caricature view of racism.

  64. HighburyLegend

    “Or are we waiting to make a double announcement with Fekir?”

    Considering the insane price (for a player who had serious injuries) that Lyon are demanding, better forget him.

  65. Samesong


    I’m done too.

    Collymore a dickhead and his comment were unjust.

    But I will not ignore blatant ignorance from Le grovers that there isn’t no discrimination in the game when it comes to management.

  66. Ishola70

    “you are right on the one hand but refuse to accept that this type of discrimination happens”

    lol of course I accept it. That’s what all the replies have been about. Accepting that this shit happens in life and has done since year dot and more important institutions than football management.

  67. Jamie

    Ishola –

    “If the pro black footballer has the necessary desire, the correct credentials and integrates himself with the right people then he can reach those oh so lofty heights of being a football manager.”

    Yeah, not at all dismissive of the disadvantages black people face when searching for elite professional careers.

    Women must be demotivated, under-qualified, and not aligned with correct standard of men as the reason for them occupying so few boardroom-level roles in business.

    The irony of you labeling my views ‘narrow-edged’ isn’t lost on me.

  68. Graham62


    Being “jealous” is what it’s all about.

    Collymore has clear issues.

    Cheers to all Le G’s.

  69. Ishola70

    It’s not just black people Jamie. O r women for that matter.

    You are just so narrow focused.

    This shit has been going on since year dot.

    Discrimination, people having their foot on another’s head to stop them advancing. Persecution, you name it. Within all races, race upon race.

    But why are you fixated on blacks and women only for?

    Only Jamie can tell us that.

  70. Carts

    Collymore has some deep rooted conflicts going on. I’m not prepared to fully dismiss his argument, but from what I know and read, he’s not anyone’s cup of tea for a number of reasons.

    His stab at Wright seemed vindictive and, to me, came from a place of envy. I’ll be curious to know what other ex-pros share his sentiments.

    I feel as though Collymore wishes he had the platform to exercise the same straight talking controversy Roy Keane is afforded.

  71. Doublethink

    Ishola you seem more annoyed by people talking about being discriminated against than the actual discrimination itself. So you’re argument is as long as there is ‘black tribal shit’ going on the world then blacks can’t be being discriminated against by whites or if they are they should the fuck up because there is black on black crime?

  72. Countryboy



    Re Midfield, a well coached Ramsey works as an ideal partner for Torreira. Coached to pick his runs forward in a timely manner he is exactly what we need as a box to box.

    About Laca, I agree that he doesn’t have Auba’s pace, I think his physicality is essential to the press. Firmino is essential to Liverpool special press because of his tenacity. Laca is a player like that

  73. Jamie


    Discrimination is not how you describe it, at least not in full, in the context of Collymore’s comments.

    A white man, for the most part, doesn’t ‘put his foot on another white man’s head to stop him from advancing’ based solely on a racial prejudice. The racial prejudice is the key component of the debate, something most white men are isolated from.

    Your remedy for racial discrimination is for black men to start showing [more] desire, to add to their [existing] professional qualifications, and to align themselves with [more] correct men (who, incidentally must not have any racial bias.. ) in order to further their careers.

    Got it.

    We’ll unlikely agree on how rampant racism is at every level of business, so let’s agree that Collymore is a cunt, regardless of his skin colour.

  74. Champagne charlie

    “Sky sources understand Liverpool are unlikely to make an approach for Alisson this summer.”

    Hope Marko is ok the poor fella…

  75. Champagne charlie

    Is Ishola actually trying to diminish discrimination against blacks by talking about general discrimination including that of whites?

    Pretty much white privilege, or earth shattering stupidity at work there. Bravo

  76. Ishola70

    “A white man, for the most part, doesn’t ‘put his foot on another white man’s head to stop him from advancing’ based solely on a racial prejudice”

    He puts his white foot on a white head for a reason though doesn’t he. There has to be a reason for it.

    Just like there must be a reason why a black foot is put on a black man’s head.

    This is not just about racial prejudice. It’s prejudice in all it’s forms. There are so many prejudices other than race. So many more. Infinitely more.

  77. Paulinho

    Collymore is right about Wright being a sycophantic media drone. Never says anything of any interest or insight and willingly jumps onto any narrative that will ingratiate himself to the perpetually offended.

  78. Ishola70

    White privilege?

    What a ridiculous sweeping statement.

    White privilege.

    Tell the French Huguenot Protestants about “white privilege”

    And nobody is diminishing prejudice in whatever form that prejudice takes.

    Prejudice in all shapes and forms has been with us since time begun and will continue to do so. It’s what happens.

    Question and challenge it by all means but don’t expect it to disappear. It is within human nature. It is within everyone one of us to certain levels.

  79. KAY Boss

    I like the debate going on here regarding discrimination. will gelson martins. just hope we bring in the right players to help the course. but we should sell the dross.

  80. Jamie

    Ishola –

    The Huguenots were religiously persecuted. It had nothing to do with race, and in fact, were given the opportunity to convert to Catholicism.

    Not sure how you expect a black man to convert to becoming white.

  81. Carts

    If BAME want to be vocal about issue pertinent to BAME, why would you say

    “White people are pissing on white people every single day, every hour.”

    that doesn’t make sense. Surely you should be bringing light to the above then.

    If I wanted to raise awareness for prostate cancer, are you then going to castigate me for not showing that same emery toward breast cancer?

  82. Samesong

    Let just stick to the football manager discrimination you lot are going in way different directions.

  83. Champagne charlie


    Ther s nothing sweeping about white privilege, an incredibly high percentage of whites are guilty of it – often through ignorance.

    To bring discrimination “of all forms” into a debate that was origins about black prejudice is wildly dim at best. It’s akin to saying “all lives matter” at a “black lives matter” protest.

    Missing the point massively.

  84. Doublethink

    Tell the French Huguenot Protestants about “white privilege”

    The idea of whiteness as a collective identity wasn’t even a thought in that time period.

  85. Samesong

    The idea of whiteness as a collective identity wasn’t even a thought in that time period.

    So to conclude racism didn’t exist from day dot. That’s a myth.

  86. Ishola70

    It’s not missing the point at all.

    My original point was that there is for some reason a fixation with racial prejudice against blacks and to a lesser extent women.

    Why is that?

    Is it because these certain peoples are shouting and shouting the loudest against the prejudices they face?

    Just remember these people who shout the loudest in most cases are not the ones who are facing the most serious prejudices out there. Serious in the sense of how it affects your daily life and to what extreme.

    As a few of you are such budding Mother Theresa’s perhaps you may consider to focus more on those whose daily lives are affected the most seriously in the prejudices against them. Or is that out of your bubble?

  87. Samesong

    Actually wrong again Ishola you do not know what is like to be a black person most people are happy to keep quiet but when something goes on and on then sometimes the beast is awoken. You are twisting yourself up today mate.

  88. Ishola70

    The persecution of the French Huguenots was an example of prejudice.

    That some of you seem incapable to look beyond race prejudice or gender discrimination/prejudice is your own narrow perspective.

  89. Jamie

    Ishola puts the racism argument down to black people ‘shouting the loudest’ then proceeds to accuse others of having a ‘narrow view’ of the situation.


  90. Ishola70

    “The ones that are shouting loudest are I. A position to that’s why”

    Shout for the ones that are not in a position to Samesong. I think our western black brothers and sisters of all shades are pretty well covered now.

    Shout for the ones that are not being heard.

  91. Ishola70


    You have already shown your naivety and blinkered narrow basic view on the matter.

    No need to back that up again and remind us.

  92. Samesong

    Ishola thinks he right on every topic on le grove and when he’s losing starts his sarcastic shit. Let’s be having you lol

  93. Jamie


    Who is ‘us’?

    “I think our western black brothers and sisters of all shades are pretty well covered now.”

    Translation: “If you’re black, the reason you don’t have as many opportunities as whites is down to your level of motivation, your qualifications, and the company you keep (ie, your street ‘gang’). There is no racism in western countries.”

    Very astute, open-minded, and in-depth view of institutionalised racism. Straight out of the Putin playbook.

  94. Ishola70

    Not being patronising.

    I’m just trying to convey to you there is more serious prejudice going on in this world right now and it does not involve the ones who scream prejudice the loudest and are being heard more than others.

    I want to know why certain peoples are not focusing more on those who prejudices against them are more serious in nature. Are they themselves being prejudiced in who they focus on in terms of prejudice? I have more affinity with this person therefore I will speak up/shout for this person. I have no affinity with this person so I will stay silent in prejudices against him/her.

  95. Samesong


    Football blog
    Pedro talks about black managers in the game

    That’s what I hoped we focused on but you went into a tangent about your travels in Africa with the mumbonjumbo tribes (sarcasm is rubbing off on me). We don’t need to talk about what’s going on in over parts of the world. The strongest indication you applied was blacks need to know integrate more which is bullshit.

  96. Ishola70

    Not bullshit Samesong.

    Integration helps everybody. Whatever race. And plenty of people find it hard to be accepted to the levels of integration to get where they really want and think they should be. Again all races, all shades.

  97. Leftsidesanch

    I know this is off topic, always thought Ishola was black (know quite a few Isholas of Nigerian descent).

  98. Samesong

    Erm Ishola we are not talking about some one that’s just come off the boat mate.

    We are talking people that have played the game got the qualities the badges

    Married into other cultures etc.

    Why are they not given the opportunity?

    British black managers?

  99. Samesong

    Barton went to jail – still was accepted as a manager

    Who’s the other one some sex offender Bowyer get a management job

    Sol is still looking lol. He’s even gone to the Welsh FA now because they are the only ones that have accepted him.

  100. Jamie

    I always thought Ishola was black too. Until today. Clearly a white simpleton. Thinks blacks need to better ‘integrate themselves’ into white culture in order to get promoted.

  101. Ishola70

    Doesn’t matter if you have just “come off the boat”

    On football why are so many managers past and present white men in charge and managing African national football teams?

    Who are selecting these white men to manage African national football teams on so frequent a basis? Black men? Are those selecting the white man showing prejudice or the complete opposite?

    Are there so few African men who can manage their national football teams?

  102. Ishola70

    Get back to the footy innit.

    Nice debate except for the one that was implying I was racist.

    If only he knew lol.

  103. Samesong

    I don’t think that a fair thing to say Jamie about Ishola you don’t fight fire with fire.

    I knew from our last debate what he was but that’s irrelevant at the moment.

  104. Rambo Ramsey

    Jamie Lannister

    You sound like a proper social warrior. Go up to Gazidis and demand answers I say. Why was Vieira disrespected?

  105. Park Chu-young's left testicle

    I always thought Ishola was black too. Until today. Clearly a white simpleton.

    Racist! Why is just not a simpleton? Why does he have to be a ‘white’ simpleton?

  106. Ishola70

    “I always thought Ishola was black too. Until today. Clearly a white simpleton. Thinks blacks need to better ‘integrate themselves’ into white culture in order to get promoted.”

    White/Black? Black/White? Which one is it Jamie?

    It’s not about white culture. It’s about power. Who has the power. There are black men who have integrated themselves into a high network and got where they want to be and think they should be. Sadly inevitably it seems when this happens that man is accused of not being a real black man. He has sold out they say. He is white inside. How can the black man ever win with this attitude?

    The Hutu would have had to try to integrate himself with the Tutsi minority rule if he really wanted to get on in past Rwanda. The Tutsi’s held the power you see. You can bet there were plenty of other Hutus that despised their Hutu brethren when he had to do engage in this integration to get where he wished to be.

  107. Ishola70

    Jamie is really showing how thick and basic he is with these continuous claims of racism on my part.

  108. Rambo Ramsey

    Jaime a racist? Heavens, no. He’s a Xs Liberal Champion, fighting unseen or unheard oppression in the evil corners of the Internet, the Keyboard his weapon of choice. He’s got a sidekick too, I see.

  109. Ishola70

    “I knew from our last debate what he was but that’s irrelevant at the moment.”

    Yes I remember that debate.

    I thought I did pretty well tbh considering that you held an obvious advantage being “closer” to the subject of debate than I.

    And quite a few posters seemed to agree.

    I always remember a term that you said was never used in regards to the debate and then come up with articles with that extent same term relating to exact same subject.

    Can’t remember the term now though.

  110. Chika

    calcionapoli24 exclusive (they were first to break Ancelotti news): Given the difficulties faced by Napoli in their pursuit of #Torreira, the club has tabled a €25m offer for Zenit’s midfielder Paredes.


  111. Graham62


    Back again.

    I agree with your take on Barton.

    An animal and a thug and yet, amazingly, can just walk into a job.

    Talk Sport gave him a platform to promote his views which, on occasions, were actually quite good, but the underlying truth about Barton is that he is a vicious character just waiting to snap.

    Of course Collymore is right about the ongoing discrimination in Football, but his appalling outburst against IW will not win him any friends.

    I think though, like Barton, he actually enjoys being seen as the villian.