Collymore unloads on Wrighty for great teeth and elite banter (seriously)

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I cannot love this guy any more than I already do. Sure, he had a shite season, but next year will be different. I’m very much enjoying his excellent attire here. The Arsenal tinted sunglasses are a deep metaphor for outlook on his career at Arsenal so far, the leopard print silk shirt is how he’s planning to connect with his inner animal next season, and after that, I run out of fashion metaphors.

Hector, never stop being you. A true champion and a fashion pioneer.

Stan Collymore doesn’t quite land my full-throated praise. The ex-Oviedo striker went for the full-on nuclear option after a Guardian interview on race, that was, for the most part, pretty ok. He called out average white men landing on their feet in the game, he spoke about racism still being a problem, and then he did what Stan does best… he used his well-crafted argument to ladder back to his favourite topic of conversation… himself.

“To be a black pundit you either need to be a comedian like Chris Kamara or Ian Wright – guys who have big pearly-white smiles and everyone loves laughing at – or Jermaine Jenas and Alex Scott, who are completely inoffensive,” he says. “What you’re not allowed to do is call out the status quo, which is what I do.

“Opportunities have been denied to me and it’s got nothing to with what happened with Ulrika Jonsson because I’ve worked since then. No, it’s because I’ve become increasingly outspoken and that’s not allowed in this country if you’re not white.

“It’s not just me who is affected – look at that Sky Sports show Sunday Supplement; there are never any journalists from a BAME background on there; every week it’s a panel of all white men. That can’t be right.”

Poor old Stan, a blackballed genius paralleled only to Dalton Trumbo.

According to the enlightened one, you only make it as a black pundit if you are funny, have nice teeth, or you are totally inoffensive.

I LOVE that he thinks being offensive is what the world needs more of right now.

Stan eviscerated a whole group of fellow black professionals who have worked hard to make it to the top of their respective game.

Anyway, that wasn’t the worst of it, he had this to say to Ian Wright.



What a bastard thing to tweet. He’s trying to excuse his own failures by denigrating the achievements of others and in the process shown his true colours when put under the slightest of pressures outside the safe space of an interview. It reminded me of a really shite Vidal vs Buckley blow-up.

I can totally buy into Stan’s more interesting view that black managers don’t get the same chances white managers do. I don’t think Sol Campbell is the best example of a black man who can’t land a role, but it is telling that average thinkers like Stevie G can waltz into a job at Rangers with no credentials. Same for Joey Barton, a genuine faux intellectual scumbag who coasts through football life without a problem. The game should be merit-based, but if we’re being real, that’s absolutely not the case. Football is still the old boys club. Arsenal only just broke that spell and it took 10 years of wrangling.

However, when it comes to punditry, Stan is a dated bore trying to bring back lowest common denominator talkshow formats as some sort of revolutionary thought. He famously said Guardiola wouldn’t be able to play his way to the Premier League, there are countless examples through the years of archaic backward views dressed up in passionate grassroots thinking. His talk show, back in the day, offered up next to nothing in terms of analysis of the modern game and how it’s played now. It was always about him. His experiences. His aggressively delivered views, like a horrible Sunday league team talk from someone’s weird stepbrother (Jonathan Liew has a good take on it from 2012).

He even brushed aside the wife-beater issue, citing Gazza as a person who had also beaten his wife (and is still very much loved). I mean, two wife-beatings don’t make a right for starters, but Gazza isn’t pitching himself for punditry jobs. He’s a washed-up alcoholic who tried to feed fried chicken to a dangerous fugitive murderer. The only thing he’s afforded by the public is sympathy, he certainly wouldn’t be in the mix for a job on MOTD. A closer comparison might be Rodney Marsh who was fired for being offensive on air, Keysey and Gray who were ostracized to the middle-East for being sexist pigs, or Ron Atkinson for being a racist.

Rightly or wrongly, if Gazza is loved, it’s for what he did on the pitch (Stan really can’t compete here). Sadly, we live in a society that accepts flawed characters if they offer up something magical to sport or the arts. Michael Jackson, Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Kevin Spacey, R-Kelly to name but a few… that’s a deeper issue, but it’s not predicated on race.

The irony of all of this is Stan is rallying against privilege, whilst demanding it for himself.

He is Stan. He deserves the roles others have taken from him. Society is rigged against him. A rich ex-footballer who’d earn more in a week than most would in a year, bleating on about fairness.

Fuck you, Stan. Good riddance. I hope you stay in Russia.

Onto other news, Jack Wilshere is apparently being courted by Juventus. Now, I’ve no idea what’s going on here, but I have my doubts he’d get more money in Italy than he does here. I really struggle to see someone who took a loan move to Bournemouth heading to Turin to learn a new language and culture, with a young family in tow. Not just that, he offered next to nothing form wise last season, he couldn’t crack it under Eddie Howe, and Gareth Southgate dropped him. If he gets a new deal with us, I’d consider him lucky. Really can’t see him moving anywhere interesting if he leaves us.

We’re apparently going to land Sokratis very soon according to Jezza Wilson, the inside man at Camp Stan went out of his way to deny we were in for Fellaini last week dropped this bombshell at the bottom of his article.

Arsenal are aware of Marouane Fellaini’s availability but he is not currently a priority.’

Noooooo… the second time in a week. You know he’s going to join us, don’t you?

Let’s hope it’s not at the expense of Torriera or someone good! Though moves for the Uraguan aren’t looking that great as Napoli up their interest in adding him to the mix.

Right, that’s me done. See you in the comments.


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  1. Dissenter

    Pedro set up these divisive arguments to be honest with the post he put up.
    Now Red is weighing in with his genius- low self-esteem to blame.

  2. London gunner

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Red has a high IQ tbh he is a master troll not your common garden variety.

  3. Marko

    Dissenter sounds like they’re getting their contracts terminated nothing to do with the release clause. They were all attacked and the chairman is being blamed for the environment that led to it. Sounds like Gelson and Bruno Fernandez are are available for free

  4. Dissenter

    The chiarman can’t be terminating their contracts because he is losing the club a lot of money. These are their prized assets, the players they have been fattening up for big transfers.
    I suspect the players are exploiting some loop-hole in their contracts. I also think these will still be litigated upon for several years to come.
    TRhat said, we should be there with our shopping baskets grabbing up Cavallho and Martins ASAP.

  5. Elmo


    FWIW Hughton hasn’t taken any teams down. Newcastle sacked him in December 2010, while they were 11th in the PL, and Norwich sacked him in April 2014, while they were above the relegation zone.

    He’s led both Newcastle and Brighton to promotions.

    Good manager.

  6. champagne charlie

    Could do a case study on the Sporting chairman, ‘how to be so incredibly out of touch with the influence your words have to fanatical followers of a cult’.

    He stoked the fires and laid blame at the players with great disgust and anger. Amazing how naive he was to think the mongs of the Sporting tribe wouldn’t take his ramblings literally.

    Horrific situation he’s landed the club in now, even if they decide to sell them all they’re going for cheap. Incredible mismanagement.

  7. Graham62

    My World Cup memories –

    1962. 1 month old. Consumed with breast feeding and regular diaper changes, hence unable to give constructive feedback.
    1966. 4 years of age. Vague recollection of lots of people jumping around.
    1970. 8 years of age and gutted as England cock it up against the Germans. Would have probably got to the final.
    1974. Fell in love with the Dutch and total football. Destroyed the Germans in the final but lost.
    1978. Still wanted the Dutch to win. Robbed by Argentina. Archie Gemmils wonder goal.
    1982. Robson, 27 seconds, remain unbeaten. Out. Germans butcher the French. Altobellis memorable celebration.
    1990. Should/could have won it.
    1994. Shit tournament. Republic stun Italy.
    1998. Beckham and Campbells goal that never was.
    2002. Oh David, if only you had had shorter hair.
    2006. Rooney. Bloody penalties to Portugal again.
    2010. Shambolic and utter dross. That bloody vuvuzela.
    2014. A bit of a blur and we’re home early. Suarez!

    What’s your WC memories?

  8. Samesong


    Having completed his UEFA Pro Licence, meaning he can coach anywhere in the world, the 42-year-old says he’s raring to go.

    “I’ve done all the badges. I’ve got a great history, but obviously haven’t got experience in a managerial job

  9. champagne charlie


    One of the article posted today states he has all his qualifications. Got them through the Welsh FA, and took 3-5 years to do so I believe it said.

  10. Samesong


    I like you no comment for the 1986 WC

    What about when Beckham tool that penalty against Argentina and he slipped.

  11. Sancho Monzorla

    “Pedro set up these divisive arguments to be honest with the post he put up.”

    He does so once in awhile. Tried maybe a couple weeks ago with the Rwanda warlord kit sponsorship thing, no one bit on that one though. Even the Arteta thing on the subsequent days after the first report.

    He’a a blogger and marketer, no foul play in any of that. Gotta keep that traffic up.


    Thank you for answering in such a ridiculous way that any discussion previous to your comment became a distant memory.

  12. Redtruth

    The last decent World Cup was 1986.
    Blokhin and Rats scoring for Soviet Union and the Denmark team introducing their brand of football to the World.

  13. Graham62

    86 could have beaten Argentina if Maradona hadn’t been on the pitch, or, should I say, hadn’t cheated

  14. Marko

    Rare I’d agree totally with Charlie but he’s right the Sporting chairman’s to blame for what’s going on. Dissenter they can cancel their contracts by going straight to the fa

  15. champagne charlie

    You wonder if Arsenal will engage with Martins or any of the other subsequent freebies. It could quickly develop into a motherfucker of a legal battle if Sporting argue their corner well.

    The players might well have “just cause”, which is the umbrella for which they’re seeking termination, but football clubs are inherently protected against contractual anarchy so what could seem bargain of the year may well come with a caveat.

    Imagine Arsenal (and other suitors) will weigh this up, because none of them are going to want to sign a player “for free” and then 6 months later have a court order overrule their transfer and demand X amount (likely inflated compensation). I’m fairly certain you’ll see Sporting sell some players with a substantial discount than go down that route personally. Hope we benefit of course.

  16. DeShorthi

    In terms of world cups: Brazil ‘s 1982 goals by Socrates, Eder, Falcao, Junior, Zico and Serginho. Absolutely fantastic, especially Socrates and Eder;s vs USSR. In 1986 Maradona ‘s second goal vs England. I also remember Denmark thrashing Spain and the Mexican Negrete getting his hair pulled after scoring a great team goal. 1990, Benjamin Massing taking out Cannigia and Omam Biyik goal for Cameroon to beat Argentina. Cannigia scoring past Brazil and Roger Milla robbing Higuita to score against Columbia. Great world cups

  17. DeShorthi

    I can’t believe I also forgot Josimar’s great goals vs Northern Ireland and Poland in Mexico 86!

  18. Marko

    You wonder if Arsenal will engage with Martins or any of the other subsequent freebies. It could quickly develop into a motherfucker of a legal battle if Sporting argue their corner well.

    As you say no way Arsenal or anyone moves for them unless it’s abundantly clear their contracts are cancelled.

  19. Jamie

    Rambo –

    “That’s right soldier, keep up the good fight against the imaginary-sorry,closet-evil men. The World would be a terrible place if it weren’t for a self-important, over-the-top Liberal twat with his head far up his own arse.”

    Thanks, I will. I can help you too. First, read a book. Any book. You need to educate yourself immediately.

  20. MuddyGooner

    Michael Owen doing an Elvis the Pelvis impersonation and snapping his knee ligaments in the process against Sweden in Germany 06

  21. Bamford10


    I hope you’re kidding. Yes, Maradona used his fist to score the “hand of God” goal, but he later dribbled through the entire England team to score the greatest goal in the history of the tournament. I think Argentina deserved both that win and the ’86 trophy.

  22. DeShorthi

    MuddyGooner, hahaha yes remember Rijkaard’s spat with Voller and then West Germany winning the match. Also a dodgy hairstyle of Marius Lacatus! Diana Ross in 1994 lol. Romania v Argentina was a great game and that great goal by Al-Owairan for Saudi v Belgium

  23. Akilan

    Sol thinks he owes a stint in a PL side? Nah. He was rejected by fucking Oxford bridge or some 4th tier shite, whereas the likes of Barton gets themselves a job in league 2.

    I just hope Sol gets a job in a Welsh team at least and turns out to be a decent manager.

  24. Leedsgunner

    Martins, the winger that we have been heavily linked with has asked for his contract to be terminated after the team was assaulted by their own fans in their training ground after they missed out on the Champions’ League. He has been joined in this by William Carvalho and others. Shocking!

    Huge news if true. Doesn’t this mean that they become free agents? If so, we should pick them all up!

    Can any Portuguese Grovers collaborate and confirm this report?

  25. TonyD

    I don’t normally follow England in World Cups because of the historical obvious, but we looked to maybe have something when I watched the Costa Rica game.

    I generally select matches to watch with players I want to know more about or like.

    Still don’t think we have a prayer to win but maybe reach the semis.

    The time difference here will make it difficult to see matches without knowing the results; first from the media and secondly from well meaning friends on social media.

    My biggest WC memory was walking 5 miles home from my TV less grandparents home to watch us win in 1966 on a black and white TV.

    Everything else pales into significance.

    Really happy for Paddy to pick up his first real management job although his MLS time will have given him valuable people & football management lessons.

    I hope he’s successful as I believe he could be.

    Maybe 3 years later he can succeed Emery if needs must at that time. Depends on successes of both managers as well as many other contributing factors, such as Gazidis, Sven & Raul and no doubt their continuing power plays.

    I still have no trust in those people, especially Gazidis.

    Always happy to be proved wrong, though, especially if it means success for The Arsenal.

    Next 3 seasons are going to be very interesting as we try to become a great club again and really mix it up with those above us.

    On a different note.

    Good to see Graham Potter get his chance after severely punching above his weight with Ostersunds. I believe he deserves a chance to further prove his credentials in the PL.

    He could do well and no doubt Swansea will become a difficult team to beat this season. He had no money to spend in Sweden, so it will be interesting to see what he can do with the improved budget he’ll have at his disposal.

    As for us?
    Not really going to comment until after our first 10 games. By then we should have a good picture of how ambitious Gazidis/Kroenke verses profits are and whether Sven and Raul are really the messiahs Pedro would have us believe, and lastly how Emery sets out his stall.

    The World cup can’t finish quick enough for me!

  26. gonsterous

    there aren’t enough black managers in the EPL for the same reason, there’s not enough Asian managers in the EPL.. they are shite…

  27. Dissenter

    “there aren’t enough black managers in the EPL for the same reason, there’s not enough Asian managers in the EPL.. they are shite…”

    How many Asian players are in the league to begin with?
    How many black players in the league?

  28. Rambo Ramsey

    The English FA needs to step up. From the next season on, install rules and regulations such that

    Two managers must be White(English)
    Two black(English)
    One brown(English)
    One LGBT
    One woman
    Two Europeans
    Two SouthAmericans
    One Australian
    One American
    One Asian
    One African
    One pure Vegan
    Two hippies
    + Two ethnic/religious minorities

  29. gonsterous


    the real question is, how many good successful black men in the EPL ? hell, In all the division in England ?