Arsenal linked with more youthful names

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Horrible to read yet another high profile person has gone to such tragic lengths to escape their mental demons. Poor health of the mind is such a vicious predator and it doesn’t give a fuck who you are, how much you earn, or what your life looks like to the outside world.

That’s why Danny Rose is such a hero, I only just caught up on his big reveal in the press (big, because it’s football).

“It led to me seeing a psychologist and I was diagnosed with depression, which nobody knows about.”

“It’s no secret that I’ve been through a testing time at Tottenham this season,”

“It led to me seeing a psychologist and I was diagnosed with depression, which nobody knows about. I had to get away from Tottenham.

“I’m lucky that England gave me that opportunity to get away, refresh my mind and I’ll always be grateful to them. I was on medication for a few months – nobody knows about that apart from my agent – but I’m off the medication now, I’m good again and looking forward to how far we can go in Russia. ”

I’d love to crack a joke about Spurs being an obviously depressing experience, but I won’t, I’ll just say it so you know I was thinking it.

It’s heartening to see that people are starting to talk about important issues with more compassion. The more we normalise it, the more people will come out and deal with it through the proper channels. Macho industries like cooking and sport can make talking about things feel like a weakness. It’s not. I’m glad the conversation is moving in the right direction.

Don’t bottle it up, call someone up.

Samaritans – for everyone
Call 116 123

In other news, I have Liverpool envy.

Why are their transfers so damn good?

Fabinho, Keita and Fekir… rumours are they’re after Allison from Roma in goal. What a fucking powerhouse side they’re building.

I mean, I know I’m out here defending our transfer policy, but there’s no doubt it’s fucking boring compared to theirs. But, you know, this is year three of the Klopp project. He had to get Liverpool back into the Champions League, he had to deal with the exit of Coutinho. Their fans had to deal with a lot of ups and downs. But ultimately, success is allowing them to go big… as well as moving on players at peak value.

There have been some sexy rumours floating around. Sampdoria’s Uruguayan defensive midfielder Lucas Torreira. I don’t know much about him, but having a south American enforcer at the base of our midfield is a delightful proposition, he’s fiery, can play with both feet and he seems to have a good number of gears pace-wise. He’d certainly excite me more than Fellaini.

We’re also being linked with Savic, the main issue being the £100m price tag… which is, you know, kind of a non-starter.

Let’s hope the club have some additional targets to add this summer, I think we have a pretty exciting group of players, a few more youthful names with a bit of experience would really raise our levels.

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Are we certain that Emery is going to go with a 4-2-3-1?

well the players we are buying/looking at

says we are going 4-2-3-1

New Ball playing keeper (Cillessen)
Bellerin, New Passing CB (sokratis), New Passing CB (Soyuncu, Dakonem), Monreal
New DM (Torreria, Nzonzi), Ramsey
Mikki, Ozil, New Winger (dembele, martins)

Rambo Ramsey

What is this about the Rosicky testimonial I see?

Fabregas, Hleb, Flamini, RvP all in the Lineup!


“So what can possibly go wrong?
Errr…money? Which brings us back to Stan the Man.”

Arsenal will never prosper under while that reptile Kroenke remains owner. He has no interest in our club and has not interest in football. The sooner he fucks off back to TrumpLand the better.


Thunder strike!


No one else watching the testimonial?


who is jean phillipe gbamin ? and why are we being linked to him ??

KAY Boss

Denis Suarez, sergi Roberto, Ramsey, wilshere are all average players. Xhaka n mustafi, I hope they come good if not and we can get some quid from them, they should go thru the door asap. I wish my midfield base will be torreira n Thomas partey or nzozni (never mind the age)/and partey. maybe I’m in wonderla. please ooo, no cillesen. fabianski will b better.


seems Like he plays DM for ivory coast but CB for Mainz 05…


RVP still got it.


TR7 – They would probably still give the current midfield the runaround.



Haven’t seen Hleb play for a long while but Cesc and Rosicky still have got it. Those two alone will dominate our midfield if they turn up.

Feels so terribly bad seeing these players now , they should have achieved great things for Arsenal. That midfield along with mad Jens, RVP, Sagna, Edu deserved to win the league at least once. Sad for Wenger as well, he was building something very special on a shoestring budget.

Coach 15

Anyone watching the U21 final. Typical we concede in the first minute,and have looked really ordinary fir the first 30 mins.
Tammy Abraham missed a tap in.but apart from that not been to impressed.
Get in just equalised through Fry the centre half,very scrappy goal from a throw in,bad keeper error.

Coach 15

That’s more like it 2-1,eddie nkieta making the goal with a great run to the byline and cut back cross to the edge of the box.


Fuck off with the sad for Wenger bollox.
He didn’t utilise the players properly…


New post

Coach 15

Exactly red,the bloke got into bed with the yank to make money. Bullshit values smokescreen for making each other a fortune.


englandsbest I am not, and never have been, a supporter of Kroenke and his silent methods, nevertheless, to now point a finger at him when drastic changes are being implemented within the club and Emery hasn’t even got going is, in my opinion, ott. Money has NOT been the main cause of Arsenal’s regression over recent years, that has been down to substandard management/coaching. However, the amount of money invested by fans since the clubs move to the Emirates, should have resulted in a far better return than what we have witnessed. Would I like a more dynamic and progressive… Read more »



What is really “sad” is that you think that Wenger failed because he was on a “shoestring budget”



Wilshere is utter trash. An embarrassment of a footballer. The hilarious thing is that he tries to play the tough midfield enforcer but ends up on the deck because he is made of glass. Unfortunately it looks like he will sign a new contract. 120k per week for a piece of sh’t