Dembele rumours and dodgy sponsorship deals

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I tell yah, the worst addition to the world of clickbait is commentating on what fans are talking about.

Listen Google news, I didn’t tune in to read about what @Xhakalaka403 thinks about something he read on FootballFancast. Get me the real juice. The premium quality journalism. The elite inside take.

Oh, what’s that?

Aubameyang liked a AFTV post about Dembele!

That’s what I’m talking about…

The rumour won’t go away about the young expensive winger. Word on the street, which is basically word on FootballFancast, is Barca are open to an £87m deal. Now, on the face of it, that seems like crazy money, but is it really? The kid is only 21 years old, he’s in the same league as M’Bappe for talent, he’s massively suited to the Premier League and he’s already had a major injury which is perfect for Arsenal.

I’d love it if the new regime welcomed in a new era with a mega show of intent. If you make a move like that work with a massive player, you’ll make your money back when Real Madrid or PSG come calling when he’s 25. He could easily be a £200m talent buy then. It’s a risk, no doubt, but one that could very easily pay off if we have the guts to ride it out.

Wenger is easing those retirement slippers on. Here he is talking about whether he’d take on another challenge.

“Do I still have the desire to be a coach? Yes. Do I have the desire to throw myself into another crazy challenge? I don’t know. It’s a job that requires total commitment,”

That reads a little like ‘I’m not going to do the Madrid thing’, namely because no one would ask him to, but seriously, who’d bother taking that sort of challenge on in their late sixties? That’d be a total madness. Good for him.

Wenger should try and get a job at the FA. Some sort of sporting director role. We’d love that. Wenger is basically English anyway. Let him get in there, boot out all the dross, have all the youth teams playing irresponsible Wengerball. I’d be all about that for sure.

Interesting to see that Leroy Sane was NOT included in the Germany squad despite dropping absolute numbers this season. He’s a very special talent, not bringing him along is bizarre to say the least.

Also, there’s a horror story brewing that Arsenal are looking to man-up their midfield by hiring in Fellaini on a free transfer. I mean, I’ll take players who can give us a bit more fight, but that feels very much like a 2013 sort of signing. Still, he’ll give us something on those rainy nights in… errr… Huddersfield?

A lot of Arsenal fans up in arms about the shirt deal we did with Rwanda. Their leader Paul Kagame is one of the most successful war generals on the planet. He took over in 1994, ended a genocide. He was famous for doing a lot with a little, he took down Congo, a regime 27 times the size of Rwanda. Anyway, despite getting his country back on track, there are fears he’s overstaying his welcome, and that he’s oppressing his people. This gives a pretty detailed view of what’s going on.

It’s an odd sponsorship to take on, on the one hand, you want to be high and mighty about nations that don’t adhere to our social norms or our democratic values. On the other hand, Britain can hardly be held up as a shining light of love and kindness around the world. Not just that, Arsenal are part owned by an Oligarch, and the Premier League is littered with owners from kingdoms that have less than exemplary records on human rights. Not that a multitude of wrongs makes a right.

It’d be very interesting to hear your views on the shirt deal below. I understand both sides of the argument. You have an oppressive leader on one side, and someone who has turned Rwanda into a shining light on the other.

Anyway, I’m living in a country where the President has just asserted his right to pardon himself.

Back to England, big Iwobes banged in a goal against us. What a player. The young Nigerian had this to say on his AFC situation.

“[Wenger] has been there for me since I joined the club and has been very inspirational and influential on my career, but I am excited having our new manager next season.

“It has always been my childhood dream [to play for Arsenal]. I have been playing for Arsenal since I was six.

“The fact I am representing them now is like a dream come true. I am always proud to wear the Arsenal colours, and long may it continue.”

Hopefully, he can build on his game, he’s been a bit average over the past year, playing much better for Nigeria. I’d love to see what Emery can do for his game.

It’s interesting watching the press gun for Raheem Sterling with such aggression. Digging out a player for having a gun tattoo on his leg is odd, especially when it’s in memory of a shot father. The lateness issue was attacked with vigor as well. I’d be game for giving him a kicking if the press did the same for Harry Kane. But they didn’t and don’t. Harry gets full-page op-ed’s asking England fans to stop making memes for fear of disrupting his preparation. The FA was pilloried for making a joke about the star man. It’s weird that Kane, who won nothing again this season, would get such an easy run in the press versus a player who just played a key role in one of the greatest Premier League sides of all time.

Cannot put my finger on the difference between the two players…

Watching the old boys network line up their targets before the competition starts is par the course. But, you only have to go to one press conference to see how it works out. They’re like a union, which is why the narrative is so consistent across all the pages. Hopefully, we can get some solid independent thought as the tournament goes on, and less sensationalist scapegoating. It’s a shame we’ll probably have to look to the foreign journo’s for a fair assessment. But we’ll see.

Ok, see ya’ll in the comments… x


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First point is that 100k a week extra isn’t going to cause any meaningful damage to our transfer budget My only issue is that he hasn’t shown himself to be a 200k player or even close of we’re honest. Many people aren’t even convinced we should keep him or that he should be a first 11 starter so 200k is a lot. My only other concern is that it sets the bar for other less than amazing players to earn similar money when they don’t deserve it. I don’t think it’s an enormous problem one way or another. It’s doable… Read more »


Regardless of whether he stays or goes, Ramsey should be earning more than 150k absolute maximum. He has his uses and with coaching may do well but he’s not a special footballer. He’s mid/late 20s now and has achieved a grand total of one great season. We know wenger was shit and sucked for young players but it still never stopped genuine class like Cesc from staying elite even when the players around him and manager weren’t. There aren’t many elite players who manage a single great season by the time they’re about 26 (and that was ages ago). It’s… Read more »


*ramsey should be earning no more than


I would say 150k for Ramsey. Take it or leave it.

Realistically he won’t be missed if he’s sold because he spends half the time injured anyway and we’re used to not having him around. He’s not really good enough for us to need to stress about this.

Set him a fair price and a deadline. If he doesn’t take it he should be shipped out ASAP and replaced with a better footballer

Freddie Ljungberg

Wellbeck is in the same boat as Ramsey but is less important to the team, he’s on around a 100k a week and 1 year left on his contract.

Why should we give this guy a new deal and increase his wages when we could sell him for 20 mil and add that to the transfer pot?

Just to see if Emery can make him into a footballer? Makes no sense. He’s 27 and an English international, plenty of mid table teams that would take him off our hands.


Guns of SF

So you want Emery to be more “ruthless”.

Two weeks in the job and fans are already telling him what to do.

Fudge me, whats got into some of you?

You do realize that Wenger created systems and structures that will take time and considerable effort to break down.

You’re ” worried we won’t sell anyone”………………..REALLY?

I’m STILL elated that Wenger has gone and that we have a young and intelligent man in charge, who’ll see’s all these things you worry about and will, I’m convinced, get the club competing again.

Chill out and enjoy the ride.


It’s weird that Kane, who won nothing again this season, would get such an easy run in the press versus a player who just played a key role in one of the greatest Premier League sides of all time.”

Kane is a fantastic player. Spud or not. Taking shots at him every chance you get is bordering on obsession.


Strange that Sane be left out but it’s an embarrassment of riches at the moment for them. Good to see Reus finally fit enough to make the squad after missing out on the last few major tournaments due to injury.


My money for the WC is Brazil/France. The French have an easy road should they not choke.


Haha christ, anybody else read Yaya’s comments on Pep?Ibrahimovic all over again, nearly verbatim.”

You have to take that kinda stuff at face value. One thing Pep is is ruthless. Ribery was thrashing him after he left Bayern Munich as well despite him winning doubles(at least) just about every season with Semi finals in the UCL.



Unfortunately it’s a British trait to try and find faults in others.


“Pay Ramsay the salary he wants and keep him. Sign Fellaini on a free, why not? Buy three experienced hunk defenders. Sell Bellerin and Ozil (if someone will take them..)”

After a dumb comment like that, you should change your name from “englandsbest” to “englandsclueless”…. Much more apt.


So Germany have an “embarrassment of riches” do they.

Yet özil (remember him, the lazy one who has apparently had a shit season) will walk into the side and no doubt be their most influential and important player and show a large percentage of you on here how ignorant you are on what makes a quality footballer.

Fellaini is about your level for most of you.. Yep a midfield of Ramsey and fellaini… That’ll do the job won’t it.


I don’t get the animosity towards Fellaini, yep, he’s no DM but, we are absolute pony in the air. He’ll sort that shit out straight away, don’t you guys watch the games?? We f**king suck in the air and on set pieces My only reservation is that he is a replacement for Ramsey, who seems to be staying. Both of them propped in one team is a no go. Still, I’d take N’zonzi for he’s aerial ability and he could cover for Ramsey, Fellaini is not going to give you that. Should Ramsey go though, I would take him in… Read more »


Let’s hope Feillani is just bullshit rumour. Poor signing he would be. If Emery and the team are only looking at his physical attributes then they are making a big error. The player is undisciplined. You don’t add a player like Feillani to a team that already has players in it like Mustafi and Xhaka who are also undisciplined. If this did go through then again it means there is no real thought behind these signings. All they are doing is bringing in players that are of a certain standard, are internationals without looking deeper into the players on- field… Read more »


Feillani and Xhaka would be a disaster together.

Not only does Xhaka need a runner beside him he also needs a player that is calm. mature and disciplined.

Feillani is the opposite to all the mental characteristics you would want for a player to play alongside Xhaka. He can be the runner for Xhaka but that’s not enough when Feillani has these negative mental traits.


Fellaini and N’zonzi in one team with xhaka playing the pirlo role might just work for us,but, no situation is ideal with xhaka in the team though, the EPL is too fast for him plain and simple


Complete no to Fellaini.

He shouldn’t be signed full stop.

He is one of the most undisciplined players in the EPL.

If this did go through the new team are bonkers themselves just like Fellaini is.


now we are linked with fellaini. just no creativity by the journalists. and why would they need any when we have fans believing every thing they read…


by the end of the window, we will have not have signed 90% of the players quoted, most notably, nzonzi and fellaini..


RIP to my English…



Media and player links are part of football fans discussion.

We are all hoping it’s bullshit but any links are talked about

Get off your high horse.


Media and player links are part of football fans discussion.

fans discussing it, I get. but why would newspapers or internet posts bring anything up without any credibility ? as most people say, the media face no repercussion for saying anything that they can write anything. credibility out the window. nothing to do with being on a high horse. just something to do with common sense…



Players that are linked by the media have always been part of football fan discussion.

No-one in their right mind would want Fellaini as a signing but trying to police and insinuate that fans should not talk about players that are linked through media is silly.

Always will be discussed and talked about by fans.



I do agree ozil is quality, but for 350K a week, we can’t have him disappearing instead of contributing to the team when we face big teams.



“and why would they need any when we have fans believing every thing they read…”

Discussing a player link does not automatically mean the link is believed.

Get off your high horse.



but trying to police and insinuate that fans should not talk about players that are linked through media is silly.

stop being blinded by your dislike for me. When did I say fans should be policed or should not talk about players. all I said was people believe things too readily when they read it in the papers that the papers can just about spout anything they want. I said use common sense, not don’t talk about it…


I’ve just quoted you above when you state that fans believe anything they read.

So you have put in fans being deluded. Not just about media themselves.

It’s not about delusion gonsterous. Fans have always talked about player links.



so you are honestly telling me you think not one person thinks that the fellaini signing is really going to happen ? you are saying no one is going to go, “why are arsenal going after him ?” or thinking “finally, we are making a move on someone ?”
everyone according to you is just going. this is bullshit but let’s just discuss it, cause that’s what fans do…



You came in with the silly quote that fans believe anything they read.

I can understand though that most would be disgusted with the Fellaini link and wouldn’t even want to talk about it lol.

But it is what it is. Fans will talk about a player link even if they do not believe it will happen.

N’Zonzi looks good now though eh?


no real source from the club stating we were going after fabinho but the minute the news drop that we were in there to hijack the Liverpool deal last minute. which was fake news, everyone believed it. that’s what I mean about people believing the media…


fans do believe everything they read, or else there would be no discussions.. how is that so hard for you to comprehend ??


No gonsterous.

I do not believe Arsenal FC will sign Fellaini but that does mean that I won’t discuss the link.

There have been more than enough occasions when something that is not believed at the time does in fact happen. Never say never as they. But at this time I don’t believe he will be signed but I will still discuss the link.

And I am not unique in this.



Never say never as they.

you are not going to break into song, are yah ??



I can’t think of a lyric that fits. Maybe it’s a newbie song. Don’t listen to much newbie stuff.



You were talking yesterday about the possibility of the signing of N’Zonzi and said that you would have serious misgivings regarding the new team if it went through.

Well if Fellaini was signed fans may as well throw the towel in.


Gonsterous At Arsenal, fans always focus on what players are earning and make it performance related. . It doesn’t happen at any other club… City, Chelsea, United all have players on massive wages and you don’t hear endless comments on how much they earn. No one knows how much özil earns, but yes he did manage to get himself an excellent deal which was down to the clubs failure to deal with the contract situation earlier, hopefully they won’t make the same mistake with Ramsey…. It’s either sign the contract or sell immediately. As for özil underperforming, I personally think… Read more »


All these inflated wages are the fault of Wenger All the players speak about before Perez Campbell to an extent ox where never given time The poor management of Wenger will take a long time to erase He spent 100m in transfer fees plus 60m in wages on Mustafi Xhara Perez Add in a sparkling of Chambers 20 m Elnenny 10m Welbeck 18m Plus 60m in wages You get to see what a poor club we are in giving Wenger an economics genius to much control . That shows wgphere a lot of the money went But where did the… Read more »



“Lets see how the team performs under a new manager”



Is it worth giving a few youngsters a chance from the off?

Throw in mainland niles

From the off
Ensuring they play 15 / 20 games plus this year
If behind the scenes S&M want to give project youth a re boot then go fo it hung ho?

Danny S

No one should be expecting miracles in the first season. Stabilise the ship, bung the biggest holes with whatever is to hand then start to work on the finer details. After that, concentrate on the upgrade. I think Emery firmly believes he can get a lot more out of the current players than wenger did. I also think he can. Top 4 should be our absolute best hope this season. Then expect to see bigger and better names coming in next season. If Wenger got the current players to 6th then a better manager will push them up the table… Read more »


It is a reflection of Arsenal’s decline that we have so few players participating in the forthcoming World Cup. The Daily Telegraph publishes today the number of players by league and club. LEAGUES EPL 124 Spain 81 Germany 67 Italy 58 France 49 Russia 36 SaudiArabia30 Turkey 22 Mexico 22 Portugal 19 BY CLUB Man City 16 Real Mad 15 Barcelona 14 PSG 12 Spurs 12 Chelsea 12 Bayern M 11 Juventus 11 Man Utd 11 Arsenal are of course not mentioned in list. By my calculation we will have just 6 players at World Cup [Ospina,Monreal,Xhaka, Elneny,Ozil and Welbeck]… Read more »


Danny S “If Wenger got the current players to 6th then a better manager will push them up the table with a few savvy additions.” Wenger had a poor last season. Really fans should be expecting improvement on that and it shouldn’t be difficult to improve upon. If the new team end up 6th again but have better points total and less defeats and less goals conceded then fair enough. But if they are lagging in 6th yet again like season just gone the new team should be seriously questioned even after just one season. I t wouldn’t be seen… Read more »


Fellaini is an all-purpose player, he has special qualities that work all over the pitch. Comments that he might not work with this player or that player are simply not applicable.

He was outstanding for Everton, fearsome. At Man U he is lost in the gold rush.


How can it not be applicable?

Fellaini is a loon and is one of the most undisciplined players in the EPL.

You want to sign a player like that?

Forget his physical attributes and this so-called all purpose play. The guy has discipline problems in his play and has done since day one of his career.

The last thing Arsenal need atm is yet another undisciplined player to go along with Xhaka and Mustafi. Like a hole in the head.

Vintage Gun

My take on the Fellaini links are this, Fellaini and his agent have had talks with foreign teams and none of the are willing to agree to his financial terms or are dilly dallying over them. Agent offers him to Arsenal, we say “No thanks” and the agent tells the media that his client is in talks with Arsenal in a hope to force any interested clubs hand and also to make his client seem more appealing to the mid table teams. the good old “Well if Arsenal want him he must be worth it ” Fellaini is a good… Read more »


Fellaini just reeks of a Wenger signing. Hope we pass.


Pedro Interesting Podcast. MANAGER Speaking to journalist who has followed Emery’s career he made point that in Spain he had track record of maximising potential of three clubs he managed and improving the performance of players. If that is correct then it is precisely what Arsenal needs at moment. We finished 6th last season and bluntly have not punched our weight for a few years. The priority has to be to get in top 4. TRANSFERS As I posted yesterday the club will recruit Sokratis and Lichsteiner two experienced players. Also the young French kid who will join the First… Read more »


Ref Telegraph published list.

I omitted Iwobi so we have seven players going to World Cup.


I find it difficult to understand how a coach would ask a player to apologize when he has a problem with the player’s agent. Yaya’s mojo was in a decline but I still believe Pep treated him shabbily. He surely had something against him. Though an excellent coach, Pep is a proud man who is so full of himself!