Santa delivers 4 summer gifts that give me life!

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When Father Christmas and I had a meet up last December, he said he had nothing for me, but if I kept the faith, good things would come.

‘Father Christmas, I shall follow your ten commandments in the hope of a ripe harvest next summer’

Follow those commandments I did, and now the fruits of committment are starting to bloom. Blossom? What’s the word? Bear?


1. Arsene OUT + the stodgy backroom team

2. New coach IN

3. Abramovich OUT. NO VISA. No way in, even on an Israeli passport. LOLOLOLOLOL.

This story is giving me goosebumps. Firstly, Chelsea has shelved their plans for the rebuild of Stamford Bridge. Roman ain’t putting his blood billions into a ground he can’t attend. Secondly, the club are fretting over Conte. Basically, he wants them to sack him and put him on a £9m a year sabbatical. Chelsea don’t want to pay that. Thirdly, Chelsea won’t pay to free Sarri from his Napoli deal. FOURTHLY, they’re not sniffing around Avram Grant.


4. Real Madrid moved on Zidane

Firstly, I LOVE watching the Arsene apologists trying to will on Wenger to land the job, like he’s somehow deserving of a humiliating half season at Madrid to cap off a nightmare 10 years. Anyway, the really interesting story and more realistic candidate is THE POCH. Now, I didn’t think the Argentine would move from Spurs before the new stadium move. I don’t know why I thought that, he was talking about Spurs like it wasn’t part of his future after they Spurzed out of the semi final of the FA Cup. Anyway, Joachim Low has ducked out of the job saying, “I rule this out totally.”

Poch had this to say: “When Real Madrid call you, you have to listen to them” 💉💉💉


Anyway, good bless the Patron Saint of summer gifting, for he has delivered.

If Spurs lose Poch, they are in some serious fucking trouble. Whatever you think about the trophy record down there, Poch has turned a solid squad into a very classy outfit. That team is more than the sum of its parts. It’ll be very hard to replace a man of his talents. Hopefully, they’ll do something stupid, like give it to Eddie Howe.

In other news, Kike Marin, master of the ITK game, reckons the biggest issue Emery has at Arsenal is Mesut Ozil. Not because of his talent, but because of his commitment. Damn, I hate be so right about players, but I’ve been kicking this narrative to everyone for a few years. The man doesn’t care about the club, which is why you sometimes see all guns blazing Ozil, but mostly a bit of a wet flannel.

Trouble is, we can’t sell him because no one will pay the wages his managed to con out of a club desperate to save face.

Will Emery go hard on a player of genius? He certainly didn’t with Neymar. Ozil is a bit different, but he’s still a big name who could cause problems for him. You can’t ostracise a player on that sort of money, you also can’t allow someone not to work in a system that demands all 10 outfield players to bust a gut.

It’ll be interesting to see where he plays him, how he deals with the usual half season of fitness you get from the German, and what he does in big games. It’s amusing how Arsenal fans speak out of both sides of their mouths. One of the issues cited for our failings last season was a lack of service to our forwards, whilst on the other side we’re celebrating Ramsey and Ozil as kings of the midfield. Something is broken there because on paper we have the goals and the service.

Oh Emery, how we wait for you solve all our problems…

Right, see you in the comments!

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Leeds Felaini is indeed on a free doubt we are after that lumbering oaf though it’s just click bait


Any news regarding Rabiot?

Freddie Ljungberg

What’s up with all this talk about project youth as soon as someone isn’t on board with buying yet another 29 year old? CB I can understand since we have a couple of younger players there and it’s a position where experience is important, but it’s not exactly like we’re loaded with young players. It’s also not a choice between a 29 year old and a 18 year old that people are proposing when they’re against N’Zonzi for example. How about a 22-26 year old instead that can give us more than 3 years of service? We can’t keep throwing… Read more »


We’ll have to wait and see, regarding the German NT. I watched them play Austria and they looked very drab. Everyone knows Germany are the quintessential competition team and the friendlies aren’t indicative of anything really.
This WC is really unpredictable; it’s being played in Euro-Asia [Russia can be viewed as either Asian or European] and VAR will play a big impact.
May the best team win. I have no horse in the race. My money is on Brazil/Argentina.


At the rate we are going, we are well on course to be have the oldest starting 11 in the league.
I am yet to see the “best scout in the world” do anything special.


*No horse in the raced means I really don’t emotionally give a rats arse about who wins what.
I has to add this because of trolls like Aubergine jumping on what may seem to be a confusing remark.


Get a guest writer to pen a new post for you.


‘TR7 is a chick?’

Fucking hell, No!


‘TR7 is a chick?’
Fucking hell, No!

That’s ant-female discrimination 🙂
Take the statement as a compliment

Danish Gooner

Marco Reus anyone ???? If we get him the transformation from Arsenal to Dortmund would be complete.


Maybe Ivan has whisked Pedro away to make up for not signing Arteta as manager after he pushed him so hard on the blog…. lol. 😉

I wouldn’t mind seeing a guest post… what about the graham fellow, the tactical genius on Arsenal Fan TV? (Unlike the rest of them he knows what he’s talking about.)



Will take that as a compliment if Guns proclaims ‘Nobody respects women more than I do’ a la Donald Trump 🙂


Are you aware that your boy, Benteke missed out of the final Belgian WC team?


Draxler in for Sane is a shocker and a half. Objectively speaking, Neymar, Mbappe and Draxler all player relatively the same amount of football in France this year. Neymar 1788 mins, 19 goals, 13 assists, 12 MotM, 8.95 rating on whoscored Mbappe 2097 mins, 13 goals, 8 assists, 7 MotM, 7.54 rating Draxler 1706 mins, 4 goals, 5 assists, 0 MotM, 7,04 rating Just a bunch of numbers but picture is kinda clear to me. If we add the cup games it get’s even more depressing for the German. Now let’s add Sane to the equation. Sane 2423 mins, 10… Read more »


Benteke was always rated too high in this space.

Incredible Sane left out, up there with Rabiot missing Les Bleus.


Sorry TR7, my mistake. 😉


Common point between Sane and Rabbid ??
Both excellent in clubs, but both very poor in their national squads.

Guns of SF

Funny how some seem to think we can nab rabiot. Why would psg let him go and we simply cannot afford him or if we do will take a good chunk of our budget He has cl with psg. El with us Nzonzi is good for about 2 years and it will give more time to develop a cdm or buy one if we get more funds being in the cl I don’t think dembele is coming after the reports from Barca We still need a winger with pace and another keeper and cb. I hope we get the Turkish… Read more »

Freddie Ljungberg

For 35 million pounds that’s an expensive 2 years.

Rabiot has 1 year left of his contract, wants to leave and has been linked to inter for 27 mil. You’re saying we can’t top that and offer better wages than Inter?

N’Zonzi would be underwhelming af. Even for 15 mil I wouldn’t go there, just buy a player that is going to play for us long term, enough stop gap bullshit.

Filling the team with average players are going to get us nowhere


new post

Freddie Ljungberg

Saw Soyuncus highlighs against Iran, very error prone, had 2-3 mistakes that could have been costly, not sure anymore that he’s the solution.

Guns of SF

I highly doubt rabiot will go for less than nzaoni that figure is utter bs

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have him and a younger cdm but we need to sell to buy and I have my doubts we are selling anyone this summer!


Think if we signed Fellaini I’d stop supporting Arsenal. The thought of him and Xhaka in a midfield together makes me want to die

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