Emery/Sven set younger tone with exciting signing

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I’d given up on Diamond Eyes. Written the man off. Decided he was the next Giles Grimandi, playing Fortnite in the stands instead of focusing on what’s happening on the pitch.

The man couldn’t see past Dortmund I thought. He rode the wave of luck. His diamonds were imperfect.

Then he goes and nicks the best kid out of PSG in a deft move that broke the hearts of Madrid and Bayern Munich.

It’s quite amusing in all the group chats I have going.

‘Wenger’s last stand!’

‘Emery’s pulled one out of the bag’

‘Sven’s gearing up!’

I’m not really sure where the move has come from, but I’d be leaning toward Sven and Emery. The Spaniard because he has a relationship and the German because there’s no doubt if Madrid were looking, he’d have been there months ago.

Regardless of how it went down, if it drops, that’s a very positive move for the club. Picking up elite young talent hasn’t exactly been our strength over the last 5 years.

The club need to start building out our 17-23 year olds. Add some freshness to a squad that’ll no doubt need resetting in 3 years time. This is something Arsenal fans won’t be used to… succession planning.

A proper club, with proper people looking after it will be planning a squad 2-3 years at a time. They’ll know when Koscielny is going to break, so they’ll have someone in place who can step it up. Versus our old strategy of waiting until someone was sold or broken before we’d make a decisive move in the transfer market. Sometimes, we’d just not replace. How long did it take to replace Robin Van Persie? Or Patrick Vieira?

Those shabby days are well and truly behind us…

Talking of those days, Zinedine Zidane quit Madrid like a true champion, ducking out a hero after dropping 3 Champions League wins in a row. Tears were rolling down my cheeks seeing that news. That is total confidence. Absolute self-awareness. A legendary decision.

Things are getting very tasty in the names linked section. Obviously, Allegri is a name that’s been raised. I struggle to see Madridistas going for a manager who plays negative football, it’ll be Mourinho all over again. Poch has been linked, which would be utterly delicious in my opinion. Then there’s Arsene Wenger.


Arsene’s caterpillar coat isn’t even cold yet and Arsenal fans are working on overdrive to re-remember his skills and talents. It’s quite a sight to behold.

A manager who mustered 3 points away from home this year, parachuting into Madrid’s winning machine to take them to a 4 CL victory in a row.

Get me that ticket, I’ll take a front row seat.

I almost want it to happen, just so we can put to bed the notion that Wenger could have done it at the highest level.

Wenger couldn’t manage egos, that’s why he didn’t sign players who had strength of character or opinions in the latter years.

Wenger doesn’t do preparation, which is unacceptable at elite levels.

Wenger can’t make players better, just look at Chamberlain.

He has absolutely none of the characteristics you need to manage an elite operation.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s see if Wenger puts his hat in the ring.

It would be spectacular. The first 3 months would be fine, then the muscle memory would wear thin, then we’d see what he’s made of.

Arsenal are apparently going to offer Aaron Ramsey a new 5-year deal to stay with the club. Emery wants to build a team around the powerhouse midfielder. If your game is about pressing, the energetic Welshman is a must. If he can be tamed, coached and focused, he could be immense for the club.

It sounds like Aaron is up for it as well.

“I haven’t spoken to him [Emery] at all yet, but I think it’s an exciting time for the club and I can’t wait to get back there now,”

I did have suspicions that the club was playing a bit of a PR game. We know his agent is going to want Ozil money, we know he has a year left on his deal, and it seems unusual to announce we want to give the player a deal. The Times said it’d be a tough negotiation because it’s Aaron’s last year and he wants to be paid like a king. Can we afford to give him Ozil money? Does it actually make more sense for the player to see out his final year? How long will we give negotiations?

Arsenal are also presenting themselves to his agent a with skirt fully over the head. We’ve told him the squad is going to be built around his player. If I were negotiating that deal, I’d be asking for 20% more.

Maybe I’m just being cynical. Aaron is our longest serving player, he has a young family who probably like London, he’s about to be made captain, and central to the new Arsenal.

Could be worse, right?

Ok, see you in the comments. Check out the French kid below.

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  1. Bamford10


    Emery generally plays with a three-CM midfield and if he regards Ramsey as important — you’re free to regard this (bizarrely) as merely paper talk — then I think it’s pretty clear he sees him as the more advanced CM. That we were in for Fabinho also indicates this, IMO.

  2. Emiratesstroller


    Leno is a decent goalkeeper, but he is not remotely in the same class as Oblak
    based on what I have seen.

    As I have said the issue is whether Arsenal are prepared to spend that sort of
    money on a single player when there are so many other positions which need

    If we get Ramsey to renew his contract I think that it is highly unlikely that
    Arsenal will be spending £30-40 million on a new midfielder even if Wilshire
    leaves. Maitland-Niles will come into calculation to replace Wilshire next season.

    As has been discussed many times Arsenal need to spend their money in the
    first instance on goalkeeper and centre back[s].

  3. Sancho Monzorla


    I am genuinely curious now as well. Is your issue with Emery? With Ramsey? With the media? Or do you just want to disagree with Bamford? I can’t see why you are dismissing the reports so flippantly, would you at least acquiesce that you are as likely to be wrong as right too, since no one really knows what happened?

  4. Emiratesstroller


    Manchester City offered £60 million for Sanchez and not £80 million. Also
    we sold Coquelin, Walcott and Giroud for £50 million in New Year. In summer
    transfer window we sold Szczesny, Gabriel and Ox for around £55 million.

  5. Bamford10


    I think Cesc has it right: Pierre’s ilk can’t imagine the manager would mention Ramsey and Aubameyang but not their beloved Ozil.

  6. Sancho Monzorla


    That can’t be it. Pierre is feigning to know how Emery would approach his players during his first week of employment, so obviously he has intimate knowledge of how the man operates. And knowing how he operates and thinks, Pierre would know immediately that Ozil is not the type of player Emery would base a team around.

    So no that can’t be it. But then again I’m just trying to make sense of things from a logical standpoint so I might be taking the wrong approach considering the audience.

  7. salparadisenyc

    Sven should be sharpening his knives with Milan creeping further into FFP issues, Donnuramma would do nicely along with Bonnucci who deserves to be a Gooner if I’m honest.

  8. China

    Regardless of who is right or wrong, at least 75% of all reports are entirely made up nonsense just to fill column space and get attention

    There used to be a website many years back which tracked all of these reports saying we’re bidding for this or that player and it totaled over 50 players we were supposedly bidding for over the space of about 2 transfer windows

    The media has very little to lose by making any random shit up because

    1) the thirst fans have for news in insatiable and they’ll click on just about anything relating to their team for their fix
    2) football is a fast changing and dynamic environment so almost every source is wrong half the time. There’s no shame in also being wrong because none are held accountable for making shit up and pretending to be ITK

  9. Emiratesstroller

    Here is an interesting stat published in Sun Newspaper.

    The number of £20 million+ players purchased by each club in EPL

    1. MAN CITY 29
    2.CHELSEA 25
    3.MAN UTD 19
    4.LIVERPOOL 17
    5 EVERTON 9
    6.SPURS 6
    7.ARSENAL 5

    I think that this provides a clear reflection of Arsenal’s current status and ambition under regime of Messrs Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger.

  10. Pierre

    It’s quite simple….

    1)Ramsey’s contract is under discussion… Probably renew or leave are the option unless we want another sanchez /özil situation.

    2)it is being widely reported (without foundation I may add) that Emery regards Ramsey as a key /important part of the team going forward..possible captain as reported.

    3) Ramsey has stated that he has had no contact with Emery.

    4)on 21st may the story broke on Emery has coming to the club.

    5)that gives Emery ten days to make contact with Ramsey to discuss his importance to the team and persuade him to sign so unless Ramsey has already Agreed the new contract (which is a possibility) then I find it very unprofessional for Emery not to have had a discussion with him about the future.

    6) so either, Ramsey is lying, the club is holding back the contact news or the report on Ramsey being key to the future is fabricated bullshit or Emery is being unprofessional.

    Personally, fabricated bullshit is the favourite for me.

  11. Pierre

    S. Monzorla
    Why mention özil or mkhitarayan or anyone else.
    They have just signed new contracts so Emery has no need to have any discussions with them.
    Ramsey, whether he stays or goes is 50/50 so from a managers point of view wouldn’t it be wise to reassure him of his plans…

    Nothing to difficult to understand, is there.

    There are either some pretty stupid people on here or they are just being deliberately stupid…. You choose.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    There is no question that Arsenal will negotiate with Ramsey this summer. Not to do so will be folly in the light of recent financial mess with Sanchez and Ozil.

    What is abundantly clear is that over last 10 years the club has failed to be proactive in its contract and transfer negotiations. We have been last minute
    dot com.

    In the event that Arsenal fail to achieve a deal I would expect Ramsey to leave.
    For the club to keep him would be folly.

    What has shocked me today are the stats published by the Sun Newspaper.
    I knew that we were uncompetitive with both Manchester Clubs and Chelsea
    in transfer market.

    However, I did not expect it in case of Liverpool. There is absolutely no logic
    for this. Fenway Sports and its principle shareholder Henry are light years
    away from net worth of Kroenke.

    Arsenal’s asset value and revenues are also considerably higher than Liverpool. More importantly Arsenal have the second largest bank balance in EPL
    and Liverpool have amongst the smallest and have also a significant overdraft
    facility which presumably they use.

    The club’s lethargy both in transfer market and wage contract negotiations needs to be redressed. Otherwise the club will become a depreciating asset and will decline in its support base.

  13. Graham62


    So we lie 7th in the league table of 20m purchases.

    I wonder where we stand on salaries and the fees fans have had to pay to go to games?

    Not lying 7th in those categories.

  14. Graham62


    Just a shame that so many fans sat back and accepted it.

    Yeh, but we’re supporting the lads!


  15. Pierre

    The figures tell a story that’s for sure but be prepared for many on here to throw stats at you showing the club to be big spenders.

    In recent years spurs and Liverpool have used money from the Sales of saurez, Coutinho and bale,without that money I am not so sure their figures would be so high…

    In a way it highlights our transfer policy and shows how difficult to get it right if the club does not have an unlimited funds like city, United and Chelsea… If a mistake is made by Arsenal in the transfer market we can’t just go out and spend another 50 million unless we sell players.

    City and united have made many mistakes over the years but it has no consequence for them.

    The problem is, the gap in spending between us and city and united is widening and will only get bigger.

  16. Thenry

    yku seriously need to let go of this Wenger hate and of your inflated opinion of you being some kind of football know it all
    You talk so much shit it’s funny to read
    Are you the fro of where you work ? If not the why are you such a failure is what you should focus on and leave professional football to people who know the game
    You have mad so many bad calls its a joke that you deride people who have actually achieved things for Arsenal
    You need to re and the blog ” le total moron “

  17. Leftsidesanch

    Thenry if your going to be abusive at least make sure your grammar is up to scratch. That was woeful.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    Arsenal are not big spenders when it comes to transfers. Bluntly we have not
    punched our weight for a very long time.

    I don’t expect Arsenal to compete with two Manchester Clubs for different reasons i.e. City have access to resources outside football which no-one else can match and Man Utd generate much higher revenues.

    However, outside these two clubs we should be competitive.

    Yes I agree that Liverpool have sold two players for mega bucks, which has facilitated their inward transfer policy, but you have to ask the question why a
    club with limited financial means have managed to do so whilst a club of
    Arsenal and Wenger’s so-called status have failed to do so.

    In the time that Wenger was at the club we have not managed to sell a single
    player on a remotely comparative basis to the likes of Liverpool and Spurs and
    that includes sales of Henry and Vieira.

    Part of the problem is because of our wage policy. We are paying inflated wages for mediocrity. Also the wage being paid to Ozil is a consequence of
    mismanagement of contract negotiations. We were at risk of losing our two
    most talented players on bosman. That could have been avoided by better

    What concerns me at the moment is that the club is taking a long term view
    in its recruitment of youth, but it is unclear whether there is a short term policy to get us back in top 4.

    Hopefully Emery will improve the performance of current players, but I don’t
    see us closing gap to top 3-4 teams unless the club unlocks transfer funds.

    Bringing in Sokratis and Lichtensteiner may improve defensive performance
    in short term, but if we want to hold onto our best players we need to have
    a regular influx of at least two world class players coming in every year.

    There is no evidence of that likely to happen.

  19. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal’s two largest sales were:

    FABREGAS £30.60M

    These are hardly earth shattering when compared with what our competitors
    have achieved.

  20. gonsterous

    watching clips of maxi Rodriguez, I would say, sell welbeck and get him as our 3rd choice striker. slow but has got great technique. kinda like a Harry Kane, but could become a peak RVP… would use him in cup games when get rested…

  21. Dissenter

    “Low’s assistant coach Thomas Schneider, meanwhile, is quoted as saying: ‘We expect him to challenge himself in training to build up his resilience. Mesut is always receiving treatment”

    He’s used to the easy street at Arsenal. The Ozil deal is possibly one of th worst sporting contacts ever signed

  22. Dissenter

    “Arsenal’s two largest sales were:OX-CHAMBERLAIN £34.20M
    FABREGAS £30.6
    These are hardly earth shattering when compared with what our competitors
    have achieved.“

    That’s immensely rich coming from the individual who argued all through the summer so 2017 that we shouldn’t sell Alexis. You repeatedly stated it was a loss worth taking.
    Sometimes I wonder if you forget what you post here so quickly or you just hope that we’ve forgotten.

  23. Pierre

    To be honest ,it would make no difference if j.o.e bloggs was the clubs owner as Arsenal only spend the money they generate so don’t expect anything to change too soon unless we get a new owner .

  24. qna

    “Arsenal only spend the money they generate ”

    If only that was true. We have been hoarding cash reserves year on year. It has been reducing every year. According to Swiss Ramble it’s about £180m now. It’s within Arsenal’s power to spend all of this, yet it maintains this reserve at an extremely conservative amount. They refuse to invest this in their football department and our on field results and commercial revenues suffer because of it.

    The lowest figure I have heard us maintain was around £130m. Which is why I believe 100% the £50m transfer budget figure. This figure may not have even come from the club, but from people that monitor our financial practices who have extracted this number from our reported financials.

  25. Pierre


    A piece of advice for you ….do not believe everything you read in the newspaper or on line.

    Do you really believe that the German coaching team are going to openly criticise their most influential player a couple of weeks before the tournament begins.
    It’s another little bit of shit stirring for the gullible ones or a misinterpretation of what was said.

    If a player/ person does have a bad back ,there is a good chance they will “always” need treatment .

    Do you honestly think that ozil, 2 weeks before a tournament would think to himself ,” nah I can’t be arsed to train today ” and put his World Cup place in jeopardy . ..

  26. Emiratesstroller


    Please identify any club who was prepared to BUY Ozil. I don’t recall any club
    making an offer. So I made no comment there. The club was forced to meet
    his demands in January by necessity. Losing two of our best players on Bosman would have been catastrophic.

    Sanchez was a different discussion. Had Arsenal found an equivalent player last summer I would certainly not have objected to his sale. Bluntly Lemar was never a replacement in my book.

    Hopefully policies at the club will now change. The first test will come with
    Ramsey whose contract expires in June 2019. I believe that the only other sub
    30 year old at club whose contract expires next year is Welbeck.

    So decisions need to be made about both these players.

  27. Receding Hairline

    “Low’s assistant coach Thomas Schneider, meanwhile, is quoted as saying: ‘We expect him to challenge himself in training to build up his resilience. Mesut is always receiving treatment””

    @ Dissenter

    The German camp moved swiftly to discredit the quote above.

    I am no Ozil defender just stating the facts, those were made up quotes. The irresponsibility of the media is getting out of hand.

  28. Graham62

    It is 50 years tomorrow that I stood with my father for the first time on the Highbury steps and officially became a Gooner.

    I was six years old and although my father passed away last year, the image is as clear as ever.

    So many memories.

  29. qna

    “Losing two of our best players on Bosman would have been catastrophic.”

    The way it turned out was a catastrophe. Don’t you see. The catastrophe was not avoided. We essentially bough Mkhitariyan for £80m (this is the figure I read was on offer and we held it because we wanted to secure Lemar first). We also ended up paying Ozil £200k more than any other club in the world would be prepared to pay. So if over 3.5 years, we essentially were forced to buy Ozil again and pay him the transfer fee over 3.5 years.

    So to recap – we buy Mkhitariyan for £80m and Ozil for £36m.

    Neither of these decisions we would have made if not forced. It was an unmitigated disaster. Absolute shambles.

  30. Emiratesstroller


    As I posted before Man City were highest bidder in summer and they offered
    £60 million. Their offer in January was about £20 million.

  31. Graham62



    Yep, my Father never went to the Emirates. Highbury was his home.

    He would have been delighted that Wenger has finally left.

    As we all should be.

  32. qna

    Emirat s. As you not I know the true figure, I will beleive what I read from people I think have more of an idea than you. They met our asking price but we were playing games trying to sign Lemar before letting Sanchez go. The deal didn’t go through because of pride and not business. Our ego stopped the deal. We didn’t want to be left red faced losing Sanchez and not replacing him.

    Of course you would like it to be the lower amount because you were advocating for keeping him and of course you look stupid now. I was arguing with you that it will turn out exactly as it would and that we would not make top 4 either way. Even worse than I imagined we now get stuck with Mkhitariyan for what is effectively £80m.

  33. Black Hei


    If we bought Mik for 80m; this means United bought Sanchez for 80m as well…….

    Of that isn’t the reality.

    It was just a swap for expensive players who were not performing.

    BTW, City offered 50m, not 80m. Where did you get 80m from?

  34. qna

    *not sure what happened there. My phone typing is going to shit with random select and deletions going on and auto corrects.

    Basically Emirates. You and I will not agree on what happened. I will beleive those who I beleive and I am sure that you will beleive only propaganda approved sources.

  35. qna

    Black Hei: BTW, City offered 50m, not 80m. Where did you get 80m from?

    Lol. Ok. It doesn’t really matter, £50m, £60m, or £80m. Mkhitariyan isn’t worth any of those figures. It was an absolute horror decision for the club.

    It wasn’t two failures either. It was one failure – Mkhitariyan and Arsenal’s most successful purchase and most productive player in over a decade. He was our crown jewel. He threw in the towel, understandably, when we back tracked on selling him to the best team in England to save face.

  36. Receding Hairline

    “So to recap – we buy Mkhitariyan for £80m and Ozil for £36m.”

    Except that was not what happened

    You have been told this before…Ozil was not paid the full lump of his new contract in one go…so i do not know why u keep making it sound like he was

    Two…u do not loose what u never had so Mkhi did not cost 80m because we did not pay that for him and we never had 80m in cash from anyone for Alexis Sanchez.

    It’s like a punter who places a 5 pound bet to return 16k and looses the bet then goes around telling peoplr he just lost 16k when in reality he only lost 5 pounds

  37. Pierre

    Just what I thought.. All fabricated..
    In my eyes, If it don’t make sense then it’s not true.

    Though I am and always will be a defender of özil (because I understand and recognise quality) I do also realise he is not perfect and is a wimp at times.. But for a wimp he has done pretty well for himself.

  38. Emiratesstroller


    No-one came close to £80 million for Sanchez particularly when you factored in his agent and wage demands. Several clubs pulled out and if you take a look at Man City’s transfer policy they have not exceeded £60 million for any player
    they have purchased.

    In the case of Ozil we are paying him approximately £200K pw week more in
    wages and that translates to just over £10 million pa. So paying that amount
    translates to equivalent of £30 million transfer fee spread over 3 years.

    Whatever is the opinion of Ozil you are not going to buy in the current market a player of his standing for less than £40-50 million.

    The same calculation also applies when you discuss contract negotiations for
    Ramsey. He is valued by transfermarkt currently at £40.50 million. Any wage
    increase below £100K pw is a good deal.

    There will be of course plenty of posters who disagree.

  39. Pierre

    Are you sure you’re not falling into the category of gullible by believing all the negative media bullshit…

  40. Dissenter

    Black hei
    Regarding Sanchez and Mykhi
    “It was just a swap for expensive players who were not performing.”
    That’s rationalization on steroids
    Sanchez was our best player for two seasons whilst Mykhi was a good for nothing United player
    Sanchez was worth at least 80-100 million had we handled his exit properly, Mykhi was certainly not worth that.

  41. Dissenter

    So what Ozil wasn’t paid the full worth of his contract in one lump, what difference does that make?
    It’s still going to come out of our purse, a limited one at that.

  42. Dissenter

    Just because the media story is “hegative” about Arsenal doesn’t make it untrue.
    Can anyone show me where the German team stated that the initial quote attributed to the assistant manager was falsified.

  43. Dissenter

    I’ve lost count of the times that my government denies something publicly only for facts to emerge that it had always been true.
    Sometimes a d public denial does not disprove some information.

  44. Marko

    You only have to look at sick note Ozil to know that he has serious problems with effort. Believe reports don’t believe reports believe your eyes instead

  45. raptora

    Manure overpaid for Mikki’s services a £38m but after the year and a half he made for them, this amount surely dropped a decent bit. Probably to £30m. If Alexis had a fresh contract with us, red hot property player in the EPL, I would valuated him for around 80m. That 50m difference is huge. And you could clearly see it in their play. Then again, Alexis didn’t really set Old Trafford alight and was a shadow of the player who was a superstar for both us and country, not only after he made his move, but since summer 2017. I wonder if he can recreate his form, after a very poor year by his standards.

  46. Pierre

    Sanchez or mkhitarayan… At the moment mkhitarayan is winning hands down.

    Is sanchez a spent force.. I doubt it, he’s just playing for a crap manager who doesn’t know how to get the best out of him compared to when he was at Arsenal.

    Mkhitarayan.. Will prove a lot of people wrong this season.. We saw enough of him in a few months to realise that he will score, create and assist plus work for the team..quality player who should play as the CAM.

  47. raptora

    Mikki will never become a star player or a fan favorite. He is no Nasri, no Hleb, certainly not Cesc or Rosicky. I’m willing to make a bet that he will not score more than 10 goals and he will not give more than 10 assists in the EPL next year.

  48. Bamford10


    Your financial figures for us are way off. Our cash on hand at the moment is probably closer to 80m.

    And yes, we had massive cash balances for a number of years, but that was not because “we” don’t spend what we generate; it was because Wenger wasn’t spending what we generate.

  49. Receding Hairline

    “So what Ozil wasn’t paid the full worth of his contract in one lump, what difference does that make?”

    It makes all the difference in the world Dissenter

    The dude just stated “we spent 34m on Ozil” ..that statement implies that indeed 34m has just been handed to Ozil and his reps. That is simply a falsehood.

  50. Marko

    Mkhitarayan.. Will prove a lot of people wrong this season.. We saw enough of him in a few months to realise that he will score, create and assist plus work for the team..quality player who should play as the CAM.

    What about Mesut?

  51. Dissenter

    You always talk about believing your eyes and assume everything else you read/ hear is false.
    Has it occurred to you that your eyes may be jaundiced by intense bias
    Mykhi is winning “hands down”?
    Based on what
    At best, you can argue that it’s too early to tell, Sanchez hasn’t proven his class or Sanchez hasn’t justified his mega wages.
    Mykhi has yet to take off too.

  52. Dissenter

    We spent “34 million on Ozil” …could also just mean that we will be paying him 34 million over athe next 2 years.
    We have a limited budget so it doesn’t make any difference. It’s going to cost us 34 million either way. It’s 34 miliion we won’t have to use on other things.

  53. Marc

    It’s being reported that Madrid want Poch as their first choice. That and what’s going on at Chelsea is far more interesting than reading people on here constantly slagging off our own players before anyone has seen who and how the new manager will use them.

  54. T

    Really interesting video.
    Adli looks like a player who still has a kids presense about him but looking at his technique, movement, frame and understanding of position and flow he probably has the basic ingredient to become the best holding midfielder in the world.

    Even better than casemiro or busquets.

  55. Bamford10

    Oh Jesus; now PIERRE is claiming the owner doesn’t allow us to spend what we generate.

    This in addition to his coming totally off the rails on the story about Emery saying he sees Ramsey and Aubameyang as important players for next season.

    Apparently that story would have been more believable to Pierre if Emery had identified Mkhitaryan and Ozil as the important players.

  56. Rambo Ramsey

    ‘Adli looks like a player who still has a kids presense about him but looking at his technique, movement, frame and understanding of position and flow he probably has the basic ingredient to become the best holding midfielder in the world.Even better than casemiro or busquets.’

    Christ almighty. . .

  57. Bamford10


    He looks more box to box than pure holding. Casemiro and Busquets do not get involved in build-up play in the opposing team’s half. This kid definitely does and will. For me he looks more like a Rabiot.

  58. Rambo Ramsey

    I’ve got a mental image of Pierre stealing his grandkids’ dolls, dressing them up in mini Arsenal shirts/shorts, knocking down the Ramsey doll with the Ozil doll while giggling in uncontrollable excitement.

  59. Bamford10


    I personally think the Madrid job is too big for Pochettino. He has developed a big reputation, but what has he really done? Sure he has Spurs playing pretty good football, and I guess you could point to his Spurs beating Madrid in the CL, but I don’t know, I’m not convinced. I don’t think he’s that caliber of manager, but I guess we’ll see (if he goes there).

  60. Receding Hairline

    “We have a limited budget so it doesn’t make any difference. It’s going to cost us 34 million either way. It’s 34 miliion we won’t have to use on other things.”

    Neither do we have the 34m now. If he had walked on a free we would not have 34m either.

    I suggest you check up Man United fan’s reactions when they thought they were getting Ozil and get back to me. Or i guess u would not have come on here to moan if he had transferred over there on a free. You would have been first in line to moan the first good pass he makes there and slam the club for letting him go.

    Give me a freaking break with the “we hate Ozil” parade

  61. China

    I don’t think we should be focusing on a player of ozil’s ‘standing’ because ultimately he’s over-rated and slowly but surely more and more are coming to that realization

    His value is based on his name and a single great statistic. His name was built on his prestigious early career and his killer passes are obviously legit but clearly don’t show the negative impact he has on the club by so regularly disappearing and providing no stomach whatsoever when he’s needed

    Ultimately there are less talented and less famous AMs who are capable of contributing more overall for less and that is far more important than his standing which as I said is not justified

    The re are two legit reasons for keeping him left imo. One are that emery might be able to get more out of him and the other is that outside of the UK, people still don’t seem to realise how over rated he is. In China ozil is our king regardless of how undeserved that may be. Because of that we should also factor in the marketing value he brings to the club off the pitch (which must be quite substantial).

    Im confident that especially in Asia, ozil and auba are the only two marketable names in our whole squad. The rest totally lack star dust.

  62. China

    When I watched the arsenal Chelsea game at the birds nest stadium in Beijing last summer, *everyone* was wearing an ozil shirt

    That is a value which we are not able to see the data for, but it must substantially offset his wages compared with if we replaced him with a less ‘star’ (but better quality) player who struggles to sell shirts

  63. alan B'stard M P

    well, looks as though so far, Sven and the new boss are as as slow to react in the transfer market as that last idiot. Can’t do much witrh bugger all money I suppose. KEEP PEREZ

  64. China

    Kinda like how players like Ronaldo and Messi can earn such ridiculous wages – they basically pay for themselves by selling shirts and attracting an audience

  65. gonsterous

    mhiki could be our salah.. was sceptical when he joined but he’s contributed to the team nicely..

  66. Dissenter

    “We hate Ozil” parade????
    Those are your words, not mine. You’re the one projecting all sorts of things into this issue.
    Ozil certainly isn’t hated here. Many including myself just think he’s grossly overpaid now and wasn’t exerted under the previous regime.
    United fans were excited when they got Sanchez. They were also excited when they got Bebe until they discovered he was a nobody. The excitement of the fans is not a good barometer to assess the quality of the player.

    Regarding Ozil, can you provide the links to,the denial from the German FA that these quotes were made up.
    It’s unusual for tabloids to actually quote a named individual

  67. Bamford10


    “mhiki could be our salah”

    Huh? You see Mkhi getting 42 goals, 14 assists and the PFA player of the year award?

    I think he’s a decent player, but he’s no Mo Salah. He doesn’t have the pace, for one. He’s also more a creator than he is a finisher (though he can finish a little bit).

  68. gonsterous

    well, looks as though so far, Sven and the new boss are as as slow to react in the transfer market as that last idiot.

    window just opened. get me a list of clubs who have done serious business atm…
    as long as they know which players they want and need in the squad, I’m more than happy to give them time… more PlayStation talk from posters here..

  69. Bamford10

    I like when certain posters selectively disbelieve stories in the newspapers.

    “Oh, that story? That says something negative about one of my favorite players or something positive about a player I don’t like as much, so it must be poppycock.”

  70. HighburyLegend

    “Mkhitaryan and Ozil as the important players.”
    They are not ?? (lol)

    Our ex manager could be the only manager available for Madrid…
    God help them if it’s the case lol

  71. Dissenter

    Is anyone here familiar with Kike Marin
    He’s a Spanish journalist who is regarded as being close to Unai Emery when he was in Sevilla and was his”get-out “ voice at PSG when he needed to push back on the club.
    He’s been suggesting certain things cough…clears throath… that Unai Emery sees Ozil as his biggest problem
    He wrote on Twitter: “Ozil, which in the absence of offers in February renewed with the #Arsenal until 2021, is the player that most worries Emery. No one doubts his talent, but his commitment to a team that will require maximum involvement. Quite a challenge for Unai.”

    Kike Marin is also a big fan of Mesut Ozil and was a fanboy of his when he was at Madrid.

    Believe what you already know and throw away everything you read in the media.
    Stay away from the “we hate Ozil parade”people 🙂

  72. HighburyLegend

    “window just opened. get me a list of clubs who have done serious business atm…”

    Liverpool ?? Sorry, that is not a list lol

  73. Receding Hairline

    @ Bamford

    Gervinho’s forehead…nope,,awesome moniker though but that wasn’t me

    @ Dissenter

    Everyone is quoting a source called FZ on that German quote…all tabloids are essentially quoting just one source i read that it was denied on espn.uk but i can’t trace the actual news story now, it has been moved from the front page

  74. Marc


    I didn’t say Poch would do a good job! Just it will fuck up the Spud’s, with Levy’s recruitment record it could be a disaster just as they move into a new stadium.

  75. Bamford10

    I also want to know where these writers / editors get their bogus stories from and why they select these particular angles to take.

    “Hmmm, what would be an interesting bogus story to invent? I know: Emery rates Aubameyang and Ramsey. That will sell newspapers. Or how about: German assistant coach thinks Ozil could be working harder in training? Clickbait!”

  76. Dissenter

    Very well
    Don’t forget that note story QUOTED a NAMED source in the German coaching staff.
    That’s unlikely to be false.

  77. Bamford10


    I didn’t say you thought he would do a good job. I was just stating my opinion on him. But I agree that that would upset things at Spurs, which would be nice to see. Although who knows, maybe they find an even better manager.

  78. S Asoa

    Yacine Adli plays like Ramsey style. Needs quick understanding forward /striker alongside. Needs polishing his skills, but as yet is young and at that age the vision he produces is very good

  79. Pierre

    “Oh Jesus; now PIERRE is claiming the owner doesn’t allow us to spend what we generate.”

    Bamford…. Fabrication

    My original comment
    “To be honest ,it would make no difference if j.o.e bloggs was the clubs owner as Arsenal only spend the money they generate so don’t expect anything to change too soon unless we get a new owner .”

    A grovelling apology will be acceptable.

  80. Receding Hairline

    @ Dissenter

    If you believe Ozil essentially retired from football at the age of 29 , its your opinion.

    I for one will wait and see what a new set of coaching staff will get out of him before throwing him to the wolves.

    When he is on song we play better, he is no one man wrecking ball like Sanchez but an actual team player who makes things easier for his team mates, Ozil has a few more gears he can go up to if he decides to apply himself.

    If and when i see him being a detriment under the new manager to what the team is trying to achieve…then we can declare open season.

    For now your issues seem to stem from what he is earning..well that wasn’t his fault, he found himself in an advantageous position and made full use of it. i would have done the same in my own line of work so i will be a hypocrite calling him out for it

  81. Pierre

    “I’ve got a mental image of Pierre stealing his grandkids’ dolls, dressing them up in mini Arsenal shirts/shorts, knocking down the Ramsey doll with the Ozil doll while giggling in uncontrollable excitement”

    You need to get out more dumbo!!

  82. Bamford10


    My bad. I was just waking up and I misread that. Good to know you don’t think that. My apologies.

  83. Pierre

    “Apparently that story would have been more believable to Pierre if Emery had identified Mkhitaryan and Ozil as the important players.”

    More fabrication from Bamford.. You will not find a comment where I implied that.

  84. Bamford10


    Get a grip, mate. I was poking fun at you there given that you seem to like Ozil and Mkhi.

    Your take on those two news stories is embarrassing, btw, so I will not be retracting anything I’ve said against you on that front.

  85. Freddie Ljungberg

    Bernard is linked on a free today, remember when he was close to joining us before he went to Shaktar, still only 25. Anyone seen him play over there?

  86. qna

    Bamford: Your financial figures for us are way off. Our cash on hand at the moment is probably closer to 80m.

    You could be right. I just did a quick google search for the Swiss Ramble and saw the 180 figure for early in 2018. And it was as low as 130 in those figures. I didn’t check it thoroughly though as I was short on time. Could easily have made a mistake there.

    I have been so depressed by Arsenal I’m the last 2 years that I have failed to keep up with these things. In particular I haven’t read a Swiss ramble properly for years.

    Is it really down to £80m. Shocking.

  87. gonsterous


    maybe not score 42 goals but be a nuisance for other team defence for a whole season..

  88. qna

    Receding: It makes all the difference in the world Dissenter

    No it makes no difference as transfer fees are paid over time. Ozil signed a 3 1/2 year deal. (Better than the 5 I thought a few days ago). If I take it that he is being overpaid by 10m a year, that’s 35m. If we equate that to a transfer fee for a player that is paid over the same period, then the cash outflow for the club is exactly the same as if we paid a club 35m for him.

    What don’t you understand about this?

  89. Bamford10

    Still need to see how these teams look in their early matches, but my personal “power rankings” for the World Cup remain:

    1. Germany
    2. Brazil
    3. Spain
    4. France

    A few questions:
    1. Who would be better as France’s CAM: Pogba or Griezmann?
    2. Would you start Fekir if you were Deschamps?
    3. Would you play with one or two CDMs if you were the Brazil manager (Tite)?
    4. Would Willian start for you? If so, where?
    5. Would you start Douglas Costa or Firmino?

  90. Receding Hairline

    “I have been so depressed by Arsenal I’m the last 2 years that I have failed to keep up with these things. ”

    I think this is the juncture where i stop replying to u.

    Depression is nothing to joke around with. it is a game of football played by millionaires who carry on with their lives win, lose or draw.

  91. Graham62


    As already stated, different players, different qualities.

    They both have a lot to offer.

    If push came to shove…………………….AUBAMAZETTE!

  92. qna

    Bernard would upset the anti-midget mafia. Sell Welbeck, sign Bernard. I’m down for that.

    But seriously, I am YouTubing him now. 😉

  93. Bamford10

    My bad: scratch that first question. I was trying to think outside the box re Griezmann, but I’m sure he’ll play as a forward of one kind or another.

    My replacement questions are:
    1. If you’re Deschamps and you’re playing three forwards, who is your third forward (in addition to Mbappe and Griezmann)?
    2. If Pogba is the CAM, do people see him overall as a strength for France or a weakness (relative to Germany, Spain and Brazil)?

  94. WW

    The “new broom” emery will be “sweeping clean”. Expect some deadwood leaving and the existing squad players to seriously “up” their game. Players like the very gifted ozil will know clearly they need to add a bit of workrate and spirit into their game. Its all positive, at least for the foreseeable future.
    This new 17y old prospect is great news. normally I would get an image of sanogo,diaby etc when we were linked with these”young stars”…….but that was in wenger-time…….this is different, and he was wanted by the BIG CLUBS.

  95. qna

    Receding: Depression is nothing to joke around with. it is a game of football played by millionaires who carry on with their lives win, lose or draw.

    I didn’t say I have depression. Using the word depressed is still allowed. It can exist in sentences without offending people with mental health issues.

  96. salparadisenyc


    Kike is the only one who called Emery to Arsenal of all the supposed itkr’s none had clue. Marin threw a tweet out 3 days before news broke that Arsenal were down to 2 candidates and Emery was one of them.

    He’s been quietly tweeting away with many hints as to what Emery’s/clubs approach could be.

  97. qna

    Dissenter. Kike Marin may be on to something. There is only one problem. Nobody wants Ozil. As talented as he can be, he is not worth the headache that comes with. I honestly wish we had let him leave on a Bosman. He is just holding back the project that we have to undergo now.

  98. WW

    The definition of depression is prolonged, or extreme sadness..it also has a clinical definition…obviously.
    We are becoming an intensely sensitive society…..a nation of nervous insecure androgenous robots…….or have I offended robots???

  99. salpardisenyc

    Like Kike’s take on Dembele, saying its not Emery’s idea but Svens. Goes on to say seem an impossible transfer but reinforces concept of whose bringing players in.

  100. Bamford10


    So why did you get so upset when I said that you seem to think the two are of similar quality? Did you mistake this for my saying that the two have similar QUALITIES? Or do you simply not like someone telling you what you think, even if it is in fact what you think?

  101. Receding Hairline

    it was the decision of Ivan , Sven and Raul to offer Ozil a new contract. Like any other footballer he was within his rights to get what he can during his playing days ( Ozil does not look like a character that will have any role in football once he hangs up his boots)

    if those three who we now call the new era …an era of change ..bla bla bla ..decided to keep him at what you call outrageous terms maybe you should direct your anger to them.

    And if Emery cannot get Ozil to play to the best of his abilities he should make it clear now, not drop hints through a journalist on twitter the way u are implying he is doing, that points to a weak mentality, giving up on a player before u have even met him.

  102. WW

    If emery is as shrewd as rumoured, he will play ozil till January and assess him then.
    keep or sell at the jan window.
    Ozil IS a superbly gifted goal-assist merchant. Worth giving him a run in a new shaped team.

  103. Graham62


    Not upset at all.

    Are you like this with everything?

    If you believe Auba is the superior player, that’s up to you.

    Auba still has to prove himself as far as I’m concerned. Infact, now that we have a new manager, they both do

    What I find “hilarious” in all of this, is that you want to prove yourself all the time.


  104. Bamford10


    Yeah, it’s definitely not a big deal. And my question to you actually had nothing to do with my own view on the matter, nor was I really trying to prove anything — other than the fact that I was correct about your view regarding the two (despite your denial). I was just trying to figure out what you actually think and why you would’ve reacted the way you did.

    As I say, not a big deal. Cheers.

  105. qna

    Hate these click bait stories that hit where it hurts. Sven inquiring with their respective clubs over Dembele and Tolisso. That’s just cruel.

    I still haven’t seen is linked with a DM that excites me. Do these click bait journos have no imagination for this position or is there simply no options out there. Emery is on a hiding to nothing if he goes into the season with Xhaka as his DM. May as well not bother to unpack his bags if it’s Elneny.

  106. China

    Being ‘depressed’ by Arsenal’s shittiness is either literally true in his case or just a figure of speech. Either way it’s not offensive or a big deal to say it in either case.

    My eldest brother was depressed and committed suicide 5 years ago so if anyone can be triggered by ‘depression’ conversations it’s me – and his comment doesn’t bother me at all. Arsenal were pretty fucking depressing for the past 5 years. I agree.